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My Sexy sister-the later years

This is a true story of consensual incest sex between teen siblings, if you are offended by underage sex or incest, leave now. I don’t make any apologies for any of it. And to the flamer who keeps sending me offensive messages including the imaginative use of a tree, please sign into your account next time, and stop hiding behind anonymous, that way we can have a nice cozy chat about your ‘difficulties’. Due to the amount of adverts and Idiots looking to get 'kik'ed', I have disabled comments except from registered members.

This is a continuation from the previous series. I respectfully suggest you first read My Sexy Sister-The early years- it will explain how it all started.

At the end of the previous series, we had just given our cherries to each other and had now started into a full sexual adventure.

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Linda was an adventurous girl, although only a year older than me, she had a streak of daring and more balls, which I had yet to grow. I was led a lot by her and she was both horny and curious, facets she shared with her best friend, Margaret.

Unknown to me, Lin had shared all of our sexual exploits with Margaret and, they had also done some exploring of their own. A fact that Lin decided to surprise me with while on the annual family holiday.

The two families, Margaret’s and ours, were on the annual beach holiday when on the second day Lin asked me to go with her for a walk to the old ruined tower on the headland. We set off with a small picnic and a few stolen cans of my Dad’s best beer. Once out of sight of the house, Lin took my hand in hers, looked at me and said; “I miss us being on our own together, I’m so horny I’m dripping, do you want to play?”

Of course I wanted to play; I’d been beating my cock raw for 2 weeks by this stage thinking of my last time to have sex with Lin a few weeks earlier. Her body and ‘playing’ were all my fevered imagination could think of.

“Yeah Sis,” I managed as she swept into my arms and kissed me, her tongue sliding between my lips. The warm taste of her was magic to me and I held her tightly to me, savoring her scent.

“Mmmmm…nice, let’s go” she said, teasingly breaking away, and pulled me by the hand along the narrow path.

We reached the Tower, an old remnant of the Napoleonic wars, and after a scary climb up the side into the old doorway, which we had done many times, we went up the internal stone stairway and onto the flat roof overlooking the whole bay and coastline.

She scooted over to the curtain wall and leaned out over the edge looking around at the fantastic view, I embraced her from behind, cupping her breasts in my hands, no interest in the view or anything else but her.

“That’s nice” she said pushing her firm tight ass back against my growing hardness, “will we take off our clothes, it’s a lovely day?” she invited.

Like I needed much invitation.

She stripped off exposing her tanned body to my hungry eyes, not that we had much on as the day was hot and sunny and we were in shorts and T’s.

I embraced her beautiful body to me, her firm breasts pressed into me and we went into a frenzy of kisses, I leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth sucking and teasing with my teeth. She gasped, her hand reached down and found my erect cock and gripped him firmly.

“Hello little man” she smiled and without any further foreplay, she turned around, leaned her elbow on the wall and presented her ass and pussy to me.

“Get in me now Bro, I can’t wait” she said and cocked one leg up to give me access. Gripping my shaft, she guided the tip in between her wet lips and after stroking the enflamed head up and down her slit several times she plunged back hard taking me into her waiting cunt.

I slipped into her easily, the wetness dripping out of her swollen lips and down my length lubricating me perfectly.

“I love you lover, this is heaven” she beamed at me pushing her hips back hard against me, taking me again into her heat to the hilt.

I almost shot off there and then, the feel of her; the warmth of her pussy and the feeling of love for her almost overwhelmed me. I froze and gripped her hips tightly until the moment passed.

“Sorry Sis, it’s been 2 weeks and my balls are full to bursting” I apologized.

“Well now, let’s see what I can do about that” she grinned as she pulled forward and released my length from her tight cunt. She dropped down onto
her knees and gripping my cock in her hand, slipped her lips over the engorged head, sucking me deep into her mouth.

Her tongue slid around the underside and her other hand went under my balls, gently squeezing and massaging the heavy sack.

“MMMMmmmmmmmm” was all I heard from her as she sucked on me, her hand slowly pumping the length of my painfully hard shaft. There was no way I was going to last, and she knew that. I think I managed 3 minutes of her now expert mouth, when I felt the surge in my balls that said “game over dude.”

I managed to gasp “Cumming Sis” a second or two before I blew a hot gush of cum into her waiting throat. She had learned to deep throat me at the moment of orgasm, that way she got all of my cream down her throat rather than choking while trying to hold my cock in her mouth and swallow at the same time.

I came for about 10 seconds in the most powerful orgasm of my young life to date, it felt like I pumped a gallon into her but she gulped it all down like a seasoned vet. Her lovely eyes shining up at me throughout.

Slowly she released me, licking off the few tiny drops remaining.

“That was unbelievable” she grinned, you should have been a fireman with a hose like that”, she giggled.

I was weak at the knees and light-headed, the usual result of her oral ministrations.

But Lin was horny, and she jumped up onto the walls’ edge, opening her thighs wide exposing her dripping wet lips which shone in the sunlight.

“Come on Bro, kiss my puss, I’m dying for it” she said.

I manned up and went down on my knees, opening her sweet lips to my tongue with my fingers. I ran my tongue into her slickness, drinking in her lovely, musky aroma. Her reaction was intense, she gripped my head and powerfully
pulled me deeper into her folds while pushing her hips forward almost cutting off my air supply. She was already very near to cumming before I started and only lasted a few minutes.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck” she cried out, and at that I drove my tongue as far into her as I could reach, lapping at the inside edge of her cunt walls. That drove her crazy and she started shivering and spasming as she went into an orgasmic frenzy.

I kept on licking her, drinking the copious flow of her juices just as she had mine but using less and less pressure. I had discovered that if I used less pressure after the moment she had cum, it lasted longer and was more intense for her.

She was breathless and holding me tightly against her, slowly she released me and I stood up.

“Oh god Bro, that was gorgeous, now lets see if Cocky is ready again” she grinned reaching down between my legs. I was so engrossed in kissing her clit that I didn’t even notice that my cock was fully up and ready again. She was quicker on the uptake, and she again turned around presenting her dripping cunt for my attention

I slipped into her waiting pussy and this time we were more relaxed. I started a nice pumping rhythm which she joined by pushing back against me taking me balls deep into her. We fucked each other with pure passion, loving each other and the fun of it all.

I reached around her hips getting my fingers into the gap between her thighs and finding her erect clit, started rubbing it in small circles.

Covered in sweat, we started to move faster and faster until without any warning at all, she stiffened, her pussy muscles gripping down hard on my thrusting shaft taking me with her and we came together in a wet pulsing rush, (Lin was a squirter but we thought this was normal for all girls not knowing any better).

I was still spurting when we heard a voice down below the tower calling our names.

“Jeez, get dressed quick” she whispered hoarsely, pulling my dripping shaft from her juicy pussy. She pulled her shorts up barely managing to get a tissue into her pussy to catch the overflow.

We dived into our clothes, giggling and listening for footsteps until a minute later her friend Margaret came up the stone stairs onto the roof.

“What you guys up to?“ she queried.

“Just setting up a picnic” I replied innocently

“Yeah?” Then why have you got a stiffy and a wet patch in your shorts” she pressed with a grinning flourish.

My sister rescued me from mortal embarrassment.

“Mags, leave Brian alone, you already know the story, you can join us if you want” she invited calmly.

I was in shock, my sister never told me that she had told anyone about us and I was aghast, red-faced and speechless.

“Relax brother” she explained “Mags and me started playing together last year, how do you think I know so much about sex?” she finished.

“Lin told me all about you guys, I think it’s really cool, and I’d like to try too if it’s OK with you both” she said with a hint of anxiety.

I was in a whirlwind of teenage lust and excitement. I had only just had sex with a one beautiful woman and here was another gorgeous girl looking to play with me.

And Mags was gorgeous.

She was small for her age, about 5’1” or so but she had an elfin beauty face and a small but beautifully formed body and small but perfect breasts. A fact I’d noticed many times previously.

“OK, so what now?” I enquired.

“Let’s eat” came from Lin who was suddenly in charge again.

So, out came the food and the illicit beers and we all got stuck in until we were stuffed, (Lin had the ability to cater for Armies on her picnics).

By now the beer had loosened up our talk and Mags came straight to the point.

“Guys, I don’t want to fuck up what you have but I’m dying to try stuff and have no-one to try it with, will you let me join in if I keep my mouth shut?” she asked.

I suspected this was for my benefit, but hey, who was I to say ‘no’ to the new arrangement. However, as always I deferred to my older and wiser Sister.

“What’s your opinion Sis” I asked cautiously.

“So long as we keep it between us and no-one gets jealous or silly, what the fuck, lets have fun and the only rule is, anything goes so long as no-one gets hurt, Right?”

“Ok, right” we both agreed and all three of us hugged, giggling like the college kids we were.

“So where do we start” enquired Mags excitedly.

“Lets get naked again” from Lin and both girls started to strip.

Now, I had seen Lin naked many times but never another girl so I watched with intense curiosity as Mags removed her T-shirt and bikini top. Her ripe firm tits were beautiful, tipped with large brown nipples, disproportionately large for her small B cup size. But when she started to wriggle out of her shorts and panties, my cock got all interested again despite our fun earlier.

“You too” ordered Lin, and I pulled my shorts off revealing my aroused cock to Mags curious gaze.

“Wow, it’s all hard already” she exclaimed moving towards me for a closer look. Lin was not to be excluded and stepped in between us.

“First we’ll show you how, then you try” she explained to Mags as she gently gripped my cock and started to stroke me. She ran a commentary as she massaged my balls and then dropping to her knees, she engulfed me, sucking and licking my length. Mags was excited and nervous in equal measure, she had never touched a guy before so this was a first for her.

“Your turn” Lin said as she rose to her feet and Mags moved in placing her hand on the hard flesh of my throbbing cock. As her hand touched me, a shiver of excitement ran down my back and I took the initiative and pulled her to me kissing her neck and then her sweet lips.

The only girl I’d ever kissed was Lin and Mags tasted so very different, but the difference was nice. My already hard cock swelled even bigger and my tongue found it’s slippery way into her mouth. Lin came into our huddle and Mags broke her kiss with me and started kissing Lin in the same deep and passionate way.

I slid my hand in between Mags legs and found a small area of soft hair which when I parted, allowed me access to her small wet pussy. Mags groaned into Lin’s mouth and thrust forward against my fingers which had by now located her clit and was rubbing it gently.

It was obvious she was close and after a few minutes Mags grabbed my hand and forced it deeper between her lips pressing her clit against me. But Lin again took control.

“Now suck him” Lin said pushing Mags down and away from my thrusting hand.

By now I was very high and although Mags was inexperienced, she took the engorged head into her hot mouth, her small warm hand started stroking me firmly. It didn’t take long when I felt the pulse deep in my balls and gripping her tightly, I unloaded into her what little was left in my balls. For a first timer she was great, she kept me there until the spasms stopped, then she got up, smiled and said proudly

“How was it,that was my first time?”

“Fantastic Mags, nearly as good as Lin” I answered diplomatically.

Lin just grinned and said “Come on Mags, we’ll give you one now” and guided Mags to the edge of the wall. She sat down opened her legs and displayed her tiny pussy to us. It was beautiful, smaller that Lin but with darker lips and a neatly trimmed triangle of hair.

I dived in wanting to be the first to taste her, Lin had taught me that I loved the taste of aroused pussy. I opened her tiny lips with the tip of my tongue and swished it around her opening, then upwards to her erect clit. She moaned again and Lin, not to be outdone, sucked one of Mags nipples into her mouth sucking and nibbling, slowly driving Mags towards her first 3some orgasm.

Mags came off like a bomb, she tried to stop the rush but we were too good and overwhelmed her. Her pussy leaked but not as much as Lin, I drank it all in anyway, it was delicious. Sweet virgin pussy, nothing tastes like it.

By now we were all played out and decided it was time to be getting back so we packed the picnic and returned to the house and parted to our rooms with hugs and sly knowing grins.

Two days passed uneventfully, we didn’t get any time to ‘play’ and on Friday, my best friend Erik arrived. He was staying with us for a week and so we went off for a day and did ‘guy stuff’ fishing and canoeing around the bay.

While we were fishing, I pulled out some beers I had ‘acquired’ from my Dad’s supply and we started talking.

“Mags is some babe” he said finishing a beer, “Wonder if she’s free” he mused.

I was in a quandary, if I answered honestly, I risked messing up my new fun arrangement, if I didn’t I risked losing my friend. As a compromise I said,

“Don’t know, but I’ll ask”

“Cool” he replied leaving it at that.

That night getting Lin alone was nearly impossible but we managed. I kissed her, holding her to me. “Love you Sis” I whispered afraid of being heard.

“Love you too Bro” she said squeezing my cock through my shorts.

“Sis we have a problem, Erik fancies Mags and wants to get acquainted, what do you think?” I asked

“Well he is kinda cute and I sorta had a eye on him myself” she answered. What if we bring him into our ‘Club?” she replied with a mischievous grin.

Wow, this was all happening faster than I was expecting, here I was with a harem for just under 3 days now and Lin wanted to bring someone else in?

To be honest I was just a little possessive and maybe even a tad jealous. I didn’t want anyone but me to have access to the delicious treasures of my beautiful sister and Mags.

And it showed.

“Ok Brian, I know you’re being protective but we have to have choices too and Erik is our friend, he’s a nice guy and I think he’ll know a good thing when he sees it, anyway we can’t do anything while he’s here unless he’s in on it” she finished with a flourish.

That was the end of my feeble resistance and so I agreed to tell Erik our little secret.

“No fucking way man” he exclaimed when I told him.

“You’re bullshitting me, this has got to be a wind-up” he continued. “If this is true then you are the luckiest guy in the world, they’re both gorgeous and you’ve fucked them both?” He asked incredulously.

“Yes, and you’ll get your chance tonight if you promise to keep your mouth shut and play the game. The girls are in charge, we do what they want, especially Linda, she’s the boss” I explained,

“Wow man, fucking Wow” he laughed.

The day dragged in, little glances passed between all of us and we agreed to meet at the tower later that evening. Each group was to leave separately so as to avoid any suspicion.

The guys arrived first and joked nervously about what we expected from the girls

They arrived half and hour later, having been caught to do some chores.

Lin started the conversation by asking Erik if we had had a chat to which he answered that we had.

“Great” said Lin, “I want to play with you, and Mags, you play with Brian, lets get naked” she laughed.

Me, Lin and Mags were stripped in seconds, poor Erik was a bit slower having never been in this situation in his life before. All his bravado evaporated at the thoughts of getting naked with two beautiful young girls, the stuff of all guys wanking fantasies, naked and willing to play.

I playfully grabbed Mags and hugged her to me, she responded by kissing and snuggling into my body. Her hand went immediately to my erect cock and she started pumping her hand up and down the shaft. Her touch, while very welcome was very inexperienced and after a few murmured directions and adjustments she found a less robust method. (it had felt like she was attempting to start a lawn mower)

My hands were on her small firm tits cupping and massaging the soft flesh to her obvious pleasure. I looked over to where Lin and Erik were and to my surprise Lin had Erik’s cock in her mouth and was sucking the life out of the poor guy. He looked astonished and more than a little pleased. I was very turned on by the sight and pleased that I felt no jealousy at all.

"Can you lick me?” Mags asked innocently, “I really liked it the last time”
I couldn’t wait so we switched roles and I was between her legs lapping at her honey in seconds.

“Oohhhhhh there” she cried as my tongue flicked over her clit “That’s fucking gorgeous” Lin looked over and said,

“That’s so horny, Erik do me”

And so Erik got to kiss his first pussy, and guided by Lin’s instructions, he eagerly complied.

(Later that night Lin told me that if his technique was as good as his enthusiasm she would have cum, but it didn’t really work for her.)

Mags, meanwhile, was starting to gather herself towards cumming her head off, and soon the tell-tale trembles started in her thighs and her hands went to the top of my head, pushing me into her as the first wave of orgasm rushed through her. She shuddered and humped my face like a woman possessed as she came, “OOOhhhh fuuuuuck” she moaned and pushed me hard into her wet pussy. I lapped up her juice until she pushed me back as the orgasm subsided

I was quickly on my feet and gently pushed her down on the old gun mount in the centre of the tower. She lay on her back spreading her lovely thighs, opening her pussy to my gaze.

“Do you want me to?” I asked softly looking into her big brown eyes.

“Yes, but be gentle” she smiled “it’s my first time”

Lin and Erik had stopped to watch and Lin came over and took Mags hand.

“Don’t worry, you’ll love it” she said and kissed Mags full on the lips to Erik’s utter shock.

Slowly and carefully I pressed the tip of my rock hard cock into her soft lips which opened and started a firm gentle pressure forwards and into her. I hit a tight point and she stiffened, it was obvious she was a virgin.

I had no experience of what to do never having deliberately taken a virgin before (Lin had no hymen) but as I waited she whispered “push into me”

And so I pushed forward and suddenly something gave way and I slipped all the way into her until I was fully sheathed. Again she froze but now she pushed upwards against me.

“OOOhhh that’s nice” she smiled and we started rocking against each other. She still had a grip on Lin’s hand and she pulled her into an embrace, their lips met in the most erotic display of female affection I’ve ever seen.

Erik was standing off to one side watching in awe, his cock at full attention. I smiled at him and he just shook his head like it was all a dream.

Linda noticed Erik’s situation and broke away from us. She went to him and drew him into a clinch, kissing and caressing him.

“Mags just lost hers, do you want to lose yours with me?” she enquired with a sexy smile.

“Yeah, I guess” was all he could manage.

If you had hit Erik across the head with a four by two at that moment he couldn’t have looked more startled. But Linda knew what she wanted and she pushed him down onto the plinth and straddled his hips. Taking his cock in her hand she guided it into her now very wet pussy and sliding forward slowly, she took his length into her to the hilt.

I was still in the depths of the lovely Mags but watching my sexy sister slow grinding her hips into Erik and seeing his cock glistening in the sunlight as it slid into and out of Lin was a mix of eroticism and jealousy rolled into one. I really loved my Sis and seeing her fuck someone else momentarily threw me off balance.

Mags soon brought me back to reality with a hard thrust burying my cock as deep into her juicy tight cunt as was possible.

“ Ohh that’s good, but faster” she commanded. I responded by gripping her hips and building up the pace, fucking her hard and deep. Mags was loving this and I could feel the ripples of her tight cunt walls as she started to edge towards orgasm. She tried hard not to cum and when she failed, she came really hard.

This time was no exception; she rocked her head from side to side and let out a loud scream.

“OOhhhhh GGOOODDD” she howled and clenched me to her shaking from the intensity which served to finish my staying power also. I erupted into her clenching depths, filling her tight pussy with many spurts of hot cum.

We stopped moving and just lay there in each others arms for a moment.

“That was fantastic Brian, I'm officially a woman, thank you” she said smiling up at me.

“Thank you too, you’re a fantastic lover” I replied and then kissed her deeply.

I had forgotten about the other two, but was reminded as Lin cried out in orgasm, riding Erik like a bronco to the finish. Poor Erik had only lasted a few minutes (it was his first time) but had stayed hard enough so that Lin just fucked him silly for herself.

I now realized that I loved watching Linda fuck, she was such a slut when aroused.

We were all feeling a little self conscious now as passions cooled and we quietly got dressed and headed home, each couple holding hands on the way back.

On arrival, me and Lin sneaked away outside for a quick chat.

“Well, what did you think?” I asked.

“It was fun but not as good as when we do it together, Erik’s smaller than you and very shy. What about you?”

“Same, it was fun but I prefer you any day, I'm much more comfortable with you” I said kissing her and hugging her to me.

“Good, then we’ll have as much fun as we can get away with” she finished kissing me fiercely and squeezing my waking cock. We then hurried back inside to join the rest of the gang.

All throughout the rest of the holiday we fucked each other, swapped partners and generally had a great time but Mags and me never really had the chemistry and Erik eventually ended up as her boyfriend.

They still see each other now, many, many years later and although married to other people, they’re still occasional lovers.

Although Lin liked Erik, and fucked him several times that week, she never fucked him again afterwards she said it wasn’t as enjoyable as with me and Mags.

Loving each other and being siblings was the extra spice that can’t be found elsewhere.

I was more fortunate, I had Mags and Lin together many times until Mags met some other guy and started going out with him. But that didn’t slow me and Lin down, not even a bit. We had many more adventures, but we never forgot our first ‘group’ adventure and still speak about it to this day.

I’ll continue with the series if you like--------let me know.


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