Niece learns about blowjobs
I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 3

From Shy to Brazen: Witness the Transformation

By billy69boy

(At the end of Part 2, Hailey talks Uncle James into showing her his cock. She was quite impressed, and asked him if she could touch it.)

I was flattered, sure, but I didn't want to admit to her that there were a lot of cocks out there bigger than mine. After all, she had no other cocks to compare with mine, so I just let it be.

"You can touch it if you want. It won't bite," I laughed rather weakly. Hailey moved in closer, innocent curiosity lighting up her eyes. She touched the engorged head gently, with one finger, and giggled her sweet teenage giggle.

"Wow, the top is really smooth and silky!" she declared. She ran her finger up and down the shaft a few times, and cupped my swollen balls in her slender hand, as if her hand was a scale, and she was weighing them.

"I guess you store your ammo in these," she mused as she squeezed them gently, smiling at her own joke. Finally, she wrapped her delicate hand around my girth and instinctively began to move her hand up and down.

"It's really hard, like it's made out of steel!" she observed. Looking closer, she inspected the small opening at the top of my dick head. She ran a finger over it, and twisted up her face. "It's leaking something," she announced, as she put her wet fingertip to her lips. Her reaction was mild; she just shrugged her shoulders.

"It's called precum," I told her. "It acts as a natural lubricant for when a man makes love to a woman."

"Well, let me tell you right off the bat, Uncle James, don't get any ideas about fucking me with this weapon of yours. I'm not ready for that. I'm not interested in intercourse right now. I was just hoping maybe you could explain how cocks work, and give me a few pointers about blowjobs," she explained.

"Okay, sweetheart, whatever you like," I told her as calmly as I could, while she absentmindedly played with my steaming member. "So tell me about your interest in blowjobs."

"Well, Rachel and her friends are weird: they like to lick each other, and they even take turns using all kinds of dildoes and strap-ons, but none of them want anything to do with real cocks, for some reason. I like all the stuff they like too, but lately I've been obsessed with cocks!" she admitted. "But, whenever I mention boys, they give me a hard time about it, like I’m the weird one."

"That's interesting, cupcake, but I'm rather curious how I got involved in this," I answered. I really didn't have a clue, to be honest, and I wasn't prepared for her answer.

"Well, after I noticed you adjusting the car mirror, I got an idea: if you were so interested in watching me play with myself, I thought maybe I could get you to show me some things I've been dying to know about," she confessed. I was speechless for a few seconds, as I processed this revelation in my mind.

"So, you knew all along about the mirror?" I was completely shocked, and more than a little embarrassed, that my subtle maneuverings had been so obvious to my young niece.

"Oh, sure, Uncle James, that part was easy. But getting you to take me here, back in the woods, was a challenge. I tried to give you a good show, without being too obvious. When we drove through the woods on the way to dropping Rachel off, I knew it would be a great place to stop on the way back. I wasn't sure if you would ever take the hint, though. I finally had to resort to putting my leg up for you, because it didn't seem like you were paying attention to my hints. When you finally asked if you could help, I was really relieved! But, you can be so dense, Uncle James!" she admonished.

Wow, I thought, I guess she was right! I thought back through the sequence of events, and I was puzzled by one thing:

"Why did you seem like you were having a change of heart when we first got here?" I asked, "That kind of scared me to death!"

"Oh yeah, sorry about that…it was just that I was feeling guilty about manipulating you into this in the first place. I didn't think about your feelings at all. I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity about cocks, and I thought you would be pretty safe, and that you would help teach me. Then I thought about your genuine offer to "help" me, so I finally decided it was be okay," she admitted, her voice trailing off, " I'm sorry for taking advantage of you."

I was even more flabbergasted than before: such a sophisticated explanation from one so young. I didn't have much time to think about it, because Hailey was once again fondling my erection. I thought the least I could do would be to answer her intimate questions.

"Apology accepted! So tell me what you would like to know," I offered. She shifted around onto her belly and drew her face close to my crotch, studying my "thingie" intently.

"Well, I plan to start giving blowjobs soon, and I want to learn how to do it right: find out what feels good to boys and what doesn't. Blowjobs are very popular at school, and now that I'm going to be a freshman in high school in the fall, I want to be prepared," she said matter-of-factly, "so, tell me what you like in a blowjob."

To be honest, I don't know how I didn't shoot my entire armory of ammo right then and there. But, I was determined to teach her a lesson that would last a lifetime. I slid down towards her, so she could get a good look. I pulled my shaft back and showed her the underside.

"Okay, honey, first of all, see this line under the head? Well, that's the most sensitive area of a cock. It's kind of the same as your clit. It feels good to be stimulated there, but too much friction can make it very sensitive," I explained, and she nodded. The smooth head can also be aroused, especially when a hot, silky tongue swirls around it. You can also create excitement by gliding your wet tongue up and down the shaft. All of those moves can be considered foreplay. With guys, they usually don't need as much foreplay as girls do. Follow me so far?" She shook her head and smiled sheepishly.

"Some guys like to have their balls licked and sucked too, but others find it to be too sensitive. Now, would you like to try giving me foreplay?" She inched forward, and stuck out her tongue. She went right for the underside of my cockhead, and gently licked it. I almost jumped out of my skin, it felt so good. It was incredibly exciting to know that my cock was the first one that Hailey had ever tasted. As her tongue slowly moved up and down my shaft, I was in heaven. Finally, she wrapped her two hands around it and squeezed, as her tongue swirled around my head. It was really too much for me to take, and I slid back while lifting her head up. She greeted me with a huge grin, her eyes twinkling with excitement.

"Was that okay?" she asked innocently. I shook my head, and let out a long sigh. I tried my best to gain control of myself. I certainly didn't want to ruin the next part of the lesson.

"Okay, you've got the idea of foreplay. That felt great! Now for the actual blowjob: That's the part where you take the cock in your mouth, wrap your lips around the shaft, and work your head up and down. You will find that most guys will want you to swallow their cum. That's the sticky stuff that squirts out of the little hole. Some girls don't care for that, but swallowing cum won't hurt you. You might have to get used to the taste, but it's not horrible. It's a little salty and tangy, and some girls really love it. I'm sure you know from Sex Ed classes that cum, or sperm, is the stuff that gets girls pregnant if a guy ejaculates into her vagina, if the couple isn't using protection. But there's no worry of that if a boy comes in your mouth. Does that make sense?" I asked my eager niece. She smiled and shook her head up and down enthusiastically.

"Would you like to give it a try?" I offered. She edged back and started to lean towards my lap, but I stopped her:

"Oh, here's something else: some guys don't like the girl to use her hands when she is taking his cock in her mouth. They consider it kind of cheating, and they prefer for the mouth to do all the work. Here, I'll help you with that part," I said, as I reached around on the floor for her tiny thong. "Lean forward towards me, and put your hands behind your back," I instructed, "yes, that's good." I wrapped the thong around her clasped hands, and tied them together.

"Okay, now we're all set! Are you ready to give your first blowjob?" I asked.

"Oh yes Uncle James! I am dying to swallow your cum down my throat!" she exclaimed with alacrity.

I leaned back, and guided her face towards my love rod. She opened her mouth and wrapped her hot wet lips around it, and gently sucked on it. I let her head go, and just watched her. She began bobbing her head up and down, up and down, just as smoothly as a veteran. She gagged slightly at one point, when my cock head brushed against the back of her throat, but she recovered quickly, and didn't miss a stroke. I reached out and fondled her rock hard nipples, causing her to groan passionately.

After all this prolonged stimulation, my explosion quickly became inevitable, and my love weapon pulsed in warning. I knew I was about to lose all control. I grabbed her head in both hands, and thrusted forward at a rapid pace. My body actually lifted up off the seat, and my cock jammed into her mouth, as she groaned, wide eyed, and panicky. We both knew what was about to happen, and she hung in there with me, as I fucked her mouth relentlessly, and then I let out an involuntary grunt, and hissed: "YESSSSSSS!! I'M CUMMING!!!!

I held her head tightly, and pumped what seemed like gallons of my seed into her mouth. She valiantly tried her best to swallow it all, but it was too much, and she choked and gasped, and some milky liquid actually ran out of both her nostrils, and down her chin. I eased my rhythm some, but I continued to pump her mouth until the very last drop of jizz drained from my body. As I slumped back in the car seat, I could feel Hailey busily cleaning me up as best she could with her willing tongue. I was totally satiated, and I wondered to myself if I would ever again experience such a wonderful feeling as this.

My reverie was broken by Hailey's voice:

"Could you untie my hands now?" she pleaded gently. I jumped up and removed her thong from her wrists, and I gently cleaned up her face with it. As she pulled her arms around and rubbed her wrists, she asked her own million dollar question:

"So, how was it, Uncle James?" In between gasps of air, I managed to tell her what I thought:

"Sweetie, that was the absolute best blowjob I've ever had, and I mean EVER!" I exclaimed delightedly. She beamed brightly, her wide smile displaying her pride in a job well done.

"I'm glad you liked it so much!" she answered, as she pulled herself up and sat back against the car door, "but I'm sorry I couldn't swallow all of your cum."

"Honey, you did great, especially for your first time!" I said, "You are certainly a fast learner!" I finally calmed down, and regained my composure. I looked at my watch. It was getting late into the afternoon. Time sure flies when you're having fun, I thought to myself.

I needed some cool air by now, so I leaned over the front seat, started up the SUV, and put the A/C on high.

"So, what do you think, honey, should we get going soon?" Hailey just folded her arms and shrugged, looking silently out the back window.

"What's wrong, cutie?" I asked her, not immediately picking up on the cause of her obvious discontent, "is there something else you'd like to do?"

Her face immediately lit up, and she became animated and lively once again.

"It's just that, giving you that blowjob made me really horny again, and I was thinking that maybe you might have some other pointers that you could teach me," she explained.

"Well, personally, I'm pretty much spent right now, thanks to you, but I could show you a couple of other things, I suppose. She sat straight up and clapped her hands several times.

"Oh, goody goody!" she exclaimed, "Tell me what you want me to do!"

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