A story of two people connecting
This was written quite a while ago, as what started as an erotic email exchange. Although marked as fiction, it is based on a true encounter. This first part, covers my first two emails I wrote.

Although, feedback is always greatfully received, and I look forward to reading your comments, the first few parts are already written, and are published here as a means of sharing. Subsequent parts of the story, that are as yet unwritten though, I hope to develop as I go along.


I'd start with us both kneeling on the bed. Me behind you, my arms around you caressing your breasts, brushing over them and around them. My fingers would dance over your nipples, occasionally stopping to play with each of them in turn. One would cup underneath one whilst the other grips your nipple, and softly pulls and tweaks it.

My lips would plant soft gentle kisses around your neck, up your cheek, and gently end on your ears. Your arms would reach behind me and pull me closer to you, our naked skin touching pressing up against each other. Both of us feeling the heat from the other.

My right hand would softly stroke down your side, slightly tickling you, around your buttock and down your thigh. Moving Ian small circle it my fingers would caress up the inside, almost to your pussy, but just about avoiding it as they moved up your belly once more, and resume their attentions on your breasts and nipples.

After some stroking and playing your nipples, I'd take both my hands down your belly to your legs, and gripping them gently but firmly, I'd spread them apart some more. Whilst still kissing your neck, you turn your head back and our mouths meet, our tongues on fire as they connect and play and entwine with each other. My fingers slide your thighs once more, and gently brush up and down the sides of your pussy lips, not quite venturing to part them. I then bring my middle finger up inbetween, parting your lips, and I feel your warmth, and your wetness. You gasp slightly as it brushes over and circles around your clit. 

My middle finger of my right hand now moves down between your lips and and finds your warm moist hole and slowly it finds it's way into you, curving round and up, as the tip looks for that right spot.

My left finger begins to flick over your clit, it's pace beginning to rise, and find its right place, my right finger begins to probe and stroke at your inner spot sending warm spasms up through you.

Your body rises slightly on your kness, and being so close to you I rise up too. Riding my fingers, you grind yourself down, push yourself forward, trying to get as much pleasure as you can out of me, but I sense you starting to get close to the point of no return, I slowly, and gently remove them. A slight sight of disappointment breaks out of your mouth, and I whisper "Don't worry baby, the time will come. Trust me" and I grin.

Staying behind you, you feel me grasp your hands together behind you, and with my other hand pull forward a scarve, which I delicately, but firmly tie around your wrists. You're now at my disposal.

I whisper in your ear, "Do trust me." and help you raise up and fall forward, your head landing on its side, on a pillow in front of you, your beautiful part arse and delicious pussy pointing right at me.

"Oh what to do with these?" I think, chuckling a little, as I already know the answer. ;-)


Looking at the beautiful sight before me, I move my head closer to you, and breathe in your scent. With both of my hands I grasp your buttocks firmly, and move in to kiss your glistening pussy. I put my tongue out to taste you, and gently lick you as you let out soft moans of desire. My tongue probes into your hole, circling around, and pushing into you as far as I can. I force the stud in my tongue further outward, the hard surgical steel being dragged up your slit, from front to rear. You try to push back onto it, and in a move to reaffirm my dominance I give you a firm strike on the bottom and an order to keep still. The palm of my hand then gently massaging the red mark on your behind to take the sting away.

I return my attention to my previous actions, and start to run my tongue around your clit, it now more aroused and harder than before. My two fingers easily slide deep inside you, in one go. Confused between your natural reaction to squirm around, and my orders to keep still, I can feel you, ever so slightly trying to remain in one position. Your delicate and hardly audible moans, coinciding with my fingers stroking, and stimulating your special spot. Bringing my tongue up and around my fingers, to the little opening of your anus, I announce to you my intentions of "having this tonight", before I start to move my tongue around it, and over it, stimulating it vigorously. I feel you trying to push back again, trying to force my tongue into you once more, and again, I strike you on your behind. You flinch, and it catches your breath. "Once more, and I will need to administer stricter punishments" I tell you, "Do you understand?" You respond with a simple yes, and I carry on, licking you, enjoying your taste in my mouth.

I slowly let my fingers, coated in your gorgeous juices, slip out of you, and one of them I use to draw circles around your other opening. You sigh gently, as you relax into the pleasure you're receiving, and I start to apply some pressure to my actions. Very slowly you start to open up, and my probing finger begins it's journey into you. I can feel your muscles working against it, twitching, contracting and relaxing as I get deeper into you. "How does that feel?" I ask you, "mmmm, it's wonderful." you whisper in return.

When I feel you are ready, I start to slide my finger in and out of you. Drawing it out until only the tip is left inside now allowing you to fully contract, before sliding back in, right past all of my joints, feeling deep inside you. After a little while, and believing you are ready for the next step, I lick my other finger, tasting the drying remains of your juices on there, and applying some of my own saliva to it. Then being careful, not to cause you any distress, I start to slip the second finger in along side it's neighbour. Stretching you, little by little, stopping briefly to allow you to become accustom to it. Your breaths increase, and become shallower, and I read these to judge how much to pressure to apply, and how much to push in. Eventually, you are lying there, and I have two of my fingers into you, and I can tell you are relaxed, and as I gently twist my fingers around I hear your moans returning as you allow yourself to be taken over.

"Are you ready for the next level?" I say to you. Your lazy, quiet and soft "mmm hmmm" tells me all I need to hear. I reach behind me for the bottle of lube, and with one hand, flip open the top. I let the contents to drip onto the valley between my two fingers, and gravity takes over as it descends into you, and I twist them around to make sure you're well coated. After a good amount has gone in, I withdraw my fingers, and gaze at you as it takes it's time to close, with no sense of urgency. Taking the bottle again I pour some more onto my very hard member, and with my already covered fingers, make sure it has a good covering.

Kneeling up behind you, I direct my swollen head towards your rear, and rest it against your waiting opening. "Now princess, now you can push back, just take your time." And with that I feel you starting to rock backwards. You start to force yourself onto me, your breathing becomes shallower and faster again, and with one final deep breathe you give a forceful push back, and my head slips past your muscle.

"Good girl" I say to you, "now the fun really begins"...

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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