Giving up on being away from home, from my daughter, I returned...Life continues....
(I had begun fantasizing as a substitute for real sex; no names, no faces, but they were all young - well, girls….just fantasies….but my own daughter and her school friends began turning those into a new reality…. And now my Fantasies were turned into Real situations so fast, I was consumed by them and not sure where I should follow, what Path, anymore….)


The Opening
Seeing Maw, the 12y.o. with the hidden magnificent breasts I dearly loved making love with, as my first young lover on my return home, told me I had accepted the facts as they were: I love younger girls and women and that is that.
(The cuckold episode was unfortunate, but would never happen again).

We exited the elevator together, Maw’s big grin as she headed to her apartment and I to mine, a cause of cock groaning; Maw turned suddenly and said “My Mum will be pleased you are home also…she has sex dreams about you, Mr Steve – a lot!”
Her mother was Mien with identical breasts to her daughter: big, and so glutinous, though I hadn’t ever touched her Mum, just seen her and ‘those’ on Skype when her daughter pretended it was her when really her mother’s tits were staring at me from my laptop.

Ming, my housekeeper, was inside the apartment; she greeted me with respectful words and a Wai, a big smile on her face also – and another flash to my cock and my mouth of the tangled web of her very hair cunt….
She knew I was back, of course, as I had already dropped my bundle of dirty washing out in the laundry basket, and now I emptied my arms and began putting away the remains of my few days away.
“You bought some new clothes, Khun Steve – wow, did you go shopping for yourself!”
“Very funny, Ming; yes, I managed to buy for myself – never again, but I did go shopping for clothes just this one time!”

She came close to me and opened her lips over mine while she reached for my hand to feel her bushy cunt under her dress; “Yoni and I have missed you, Khun Steve.”

Life continues, indeed…..

Part 1

Samantha rushed in the door, “Daddy – I saw the car, so I knew you would be home!”
She flew at me, her school bag bouncing on her shoulders and threw her arms around me; Sam was 10y.o., but worldly-wise and she and her Daddy – me – had fucked already, and surely would do so again as my cock responded to her hug, with her slim young body pressed against my chest, abdomen and groin.
She turned her face up to me “You missed me too, Daddy” and she squirmed against my probing cock.
I could only nod; she skipped away, calling back “I want a swim, coming Daddy – please come.”
I yelled at her retreating back disappearing into her room “ok” and turned to head to my room to change; Ming was just coming out, after putting clothes away; she glanced at my groin, “Nice to have you all home, Khun Steve.”
She brushed past my body, closely, deliberately slowly….well, anyone can guess how my cock responded; she smiled.

Ming had already put my costumes away – they were clean from yesterday, and I covered them with the remaining unworn new shorts: Large size, and went out to wait for Sam, getting a beer and my cigarettes.
“Where is Yoni, Ming, and how is her mother – better?”
“Thank you, Khun Steve; yes, Yoni has gone home as my sister has recovered and can care for her now; your money gift helped also, thank you, Khun Steve.”
I accepted her Wai, but didn’t mention it further; I miss Yoni not staying with us….”Come on Daddy, I am ready….” And Sam grabbed my arm and dragged me out of my chair, barely letting me grab my t-shirt to put on.

Outside, I realised this wasn’t just a dad-daughter swim; waiting, ready to go were Maw, her mother Mien, and also Linh, the 14y.o. from the apartment upstairs and her 9y.o. sister Moni – both of whom weren’t virgins when I met them (thanks to their father and his brothers) and both of whom I had some form of sex with, yes even Moni but she had dominated me and would have raped me that first time, I swear, if I hadn’t stopped..
Oh my, maybe ‘I have a headache’ I thought of pleading as my cock twitched and jumped at the ‘swimming party’ ready for me.

But Sam was waiting for me, so I had no choice but to get into the elevator with all these womanly bodies my cock was just trying to get re-acquainted with, or in mother Mien’s case: start a new acquaintanceship.
Something about water – pool or ocean – is intoxicating when allied with sexual prospects - at least it is to me.
I decided to give my cock every chance to remain cool and calm, and go and stay down, so stripped first, took off my glasses and dived in the refreshing water and away across to the other side, whence I turned to peruse those following.

Knowing what it would do to me, I shouldn’t have looked, should I?
Almost every young girl I see now (and even some ‘older’ but young like Maw’s mother Mien) comes into my orbit fantasy world, adding another ring to swirl around me, adding to the confusion in my Life, and the lust which rules my cock. The bodies on the other side of the pool, ready to get wet – outside, possibly inside also – were all ‘known’ to my body: they weren’t Fantasies any more, they had become so Real in my life that dreams of them were a superfluous waste of new fantasy times!

Across the pool 20m, I distinctly heard Sam say “He is mine first” as her beautiful, lithe, golden brown body dived in and flashed through the water over to me, coming up from underneath, rubbing hard against my groin and raising her head up even as her hands pulled my cock from my costumes.

“Has this been busy, Daddy, for the past few days – doesn’t matter, it is going to be very busy again now you are home: with me mostly!”
“Sammy….” But she leaned her mouth up and cut off words of restraint which were now lodged only in my brain as she took my hands to her jutting young nipples before taking her hands to her groin, one hand dragging her costumes aside and the other grabbing my cock - and with lightning speed she had jumped up, held my cock upright, and let herself buoyantly sink straight down on to the pole she held ready.
“I missed you so much Daddy” she gushed out of our mouths and then returned to having the water aid her mission, the floor of the pool just right for bouncing, yet deep enough to hide us perhaps – though how can one possibly hide a fucking taking place anywhere!

[Sam had been last of her group to get her way and make love with me, that weekend not so long ago, when I had been their “Happy Daddy Project” – the ‘Happy’ seemingly to be given to me by overwhelmingly enticing me into some form of sex with her friends, aged 10-12y.o. Sam, my own daughter, I had tried to reason with – but, in truth, I wanted her more than any other woman anywhere: she knew it, she wanted her Daddy, and we did, making the most blissful love imaginable that first time….
But that had been the real reason I had run away for a few days: incest fantasies were one thing: incest reality quite another, and with a 10 year old!
Now I was home and within 30 minutes, we were fucking again, with 9-14 year olds, and one mother, knowing a Dad and his Daughter were doing just that: fucking in the pool.]

Sam was moaning and had to take her lips and tongue from mine to breathe; “Sam, there are people with us” I began, but just then she writhed on my cock, jammed herself down by holding my hips and pulling – and, yes, I helped her reach her orgasm by pulling harshly on her buttocks and hips so my cock was reaching the furthest heavens of her cunt.
She squeaked and groaned, rolled around my cock’s rod, as straight and hard as a piece of steel it felt, and came and whimpered and came again, before limply clinging to me with nails dug into my bony hips.

“I had to have that feeling again with you Daddy; I love you in all ways, but being your Lover is the best!” She had recovered in the past 2 minutes while I cradled her, glancing around: Maw, Linh and Moni were playing a game towards the other end; but Mien was sitting, legs dangling in the water, watching Dad and Daughter from the other side of the pool.
She was smiling, nodded her head when she saw me looking; this little action she did as she straightened her upper body and her breasts jiggled in her tight, one-piece swimming suit, black colour as most of the girls seemed to wear, and those breasts called to me, I swear!

Sam saw where my attention had wavered to, lifted herself off my still hardened cock and said “I’ll go and play with the ‘little girls’ Daddy; nice to have you home – in here” and she took my hand and cupped her puffed lips cunt.
Mien then slipped into the water; but just then I noticed Linh and Moni’s mother come to the side of the pool and speak to her daughters; they complained, it seemed, but to no avail and they sadly swam to the side and climbed out, waving to Sam and Maw and then to me and Mien as they left with their mother dejectedly.

This wasn’t the time to fondle a new pair of bulging breasts; I shook my head to Mien and swam across to Sam; “What happened Sam?”
“They forgot they have to go and stay with their Dad this weekend; they don’t want to, well Linh doesn’t, but Moni was ok, and it has something to do with their mum and dad’s divorce rules…I would hate that, Daddy: I know Mum is not much of a wife or mother, but I would hate to be pulled one way and another – can we just stay together and put up with it please?”
“Oh Sam, I feel for Linh and Moni, but I promise: you keep your mother and me together, and I don’t think she, and certainly not I, even consider divorce really. Please don’t worry; it won’t happen, Sammy, I promise.”
I hugged her and she hugged me as Mien swam over and Maw hugged her as Sam was doing and she explained to her Mum what had happened with the other girls, but I didn’t know if she knew their story: that their father had first molested them and then allowed his 3 brothers to have them for sex.
Maw and her mother also had a less than wonderful family life, I knew this too, and both young girls now looked equally sad; Mien looked at me “These girls need a night out – well, at least dinner, are you ok with that, Khun Steve, the 4 of us, or 5 if your wife will join us?”

“Hmm” I mused until Sam punched my arm; “Yes, good idea Mien; let’s go and shower and change and do that, go out.”
4 of us swam to the side where our towels were; I watched as 3 bottoms climbed out and, in the case of 2 of them, hanging breasts as they put their hands on the side and lifted up – oh my!
My desire for the female body was easily centred on their chests: button nipples waiting to swell with globes pushing them up and out as they matured – as my Sam’s development; through the spectrum to the superbly enormous, over-flowing-mouth-sized of young, 12y.o. Maw and her mother.

Part 2

Back in our own apartments, allowing an hour for 3 women to get ready – I would take 10 minutes or maybe 15 maximum – Ming was sitting with nothing left to do.
“Do you need me to make dinner, Khun Steve; I can go shopping again, just that we weren’t expecting you today….”
“It’s fine, Ming, we are going out, you can go home anytime.”
Just then Sam’s phone rang; it was her mother asking Sam if she would be ok for dinner with Ming as she would be out late.
Sam said little, pulled faces as she listened, smiling at my wagging finger, and just said “I am fine for dinner, Mum, don’t worry, bye.”
She hadn’t told her mother I was home, that Ming was going home, that we were going out for dinner – none of that; “She didn’t need to know, Dad, don’t you worry either: we know her, even Ming knows her so well; I am going for a shower.”
A kiss to my cheek and she ran off; Ming hesitated and came to kiss my other cheek, “See you in the morning, Khun Steve.”

I had time and had a beer, then showered and dressed: ready - and Sam had just turned off her shower I could tell!
“Which dress Daddy?” She was standing in the balcony doorway where I was sitting having another beer and cigarette outside; she was holding a satin material black dress in one hand, and a white silky one in her other: she was naked.
I choked on a mouthful of cigarette smoke; spluttering, I said “Samantha, don’t do that! You can’t just walk out to me with nothing on – where’s your towel or something?”
She sighed exasperatedly, “Daddy, we just made love in the pool; don’t you think my naked body is beautiful enough for you to look at? Isn’t it rather natural I let you see it after fucking with it?”
She turned, her slim body presented from the rear, before she stomped back to say “Which dress, Daddy – that is all I asked!” I was still blushing at her frank descriptive language.
“The black one honey, it will look beautiful on your beautiful body, but, ah, Sammy – best to wear some panties also.” I smiled to take the edge out of the atmosphere, and now she giggled and her bottom turned again to face me as she skipped away, leaving me moaning and my cock hurting.
In the car, I drove as directed by Mien; not far and we entered a nice-looking yet simple Thai restaurant in a side soi, away from the main road’s crowds and noise.
As the waitress led us to a table, Sam stopped behind a girl seated at another, put her hands over her eyes and asked “Guess who Lisa?”
When she took her hands away laughing, the girl turned; yes, indeed it was her friend Lisa, and I knew her well….

[Lisa was one of the 12y.o. friends of Sam who had come to our apartment for a sleep-over, part of their ‘Happy Daddy Project’. She had the largest breasts of the 5 girls, magnificent cherry-sized nipples - and these I recognised on my back when she came into the shower with me and I deflowered her, at her request, while the other girls were still asleep – all in my bed that morning.
It was a glorious making of physical love we shared and when I told her “I loved what we did, and I love you” she had been teary as she responded “Love you more”.
In the pool later she had dived under with me and held my hand to her breast, over her heart really, and pointed to me: giving her heart to me. When we dropped her home that evening, she kissed me and said “I love you”.
It was my feelings for Lisa particularly which gave me concern that I was playing with emotions not yet mature enough to this sex at early ages and, combined with my incest with my Sam, what had driven me to go away for a couple of days and try and work out my Life and where it might or should be heading….
Now Lisa was in front of me, on my first day of return after I had decided I truly was now a lover of younger woman/girls….]

Lisa stood when she had spent some seconds looking at me; she gave me a deep, respectful Wai and said “Sawasdee Ka, Mr Steve; I am so happy to see you back – Sam has missed you so much.” Her eyes pleaded with me to understand she also meant herself I bowed in return and greeted her and then her parents and older sister at the table eating their dinner.
Our waitress was urging us to our table, so we all mumbled ‘excuse me’ equivalents and we filed between the now-crowded areas. I apologised to Lisa as my hand ‘accidentally’ brushed her shoulder in the confined spaces, and she smiled up at me, understanding my more personal greeting to her.
‘Don’t hurt her’ I berated myself, “Think logically: she is 12, I am 58 – oh damn, 59 now – what can I offer her that is special enough to bridge 46 years – right, nothing! So stop playing games with her heart, Daddy.”

But I sat at our table where I could sneak looks straight across to her right through their dinner until they finished, paid and waved ‘bye’ and left.
Sam said “Finally! Daddy, did you hear anything of what I just spent 5 minutes telling you, while your mind wandered ah, ‘over there somewhere’? I was just telling you about the 5 day Excursion to HK coming up – can I go please?” “Yes, Sam, of course you can, when?” But I was dreaming of Lisa.

Seemingly also helping to bring me back from my Fantasy to the here-and-now Reality, a hand caressed up my thigh and ran fingers up the length of my Lisa-dreaming hardened cock.
It had to be Mien’s – unless someone was hiding under the table – as she was sitting to my right, after I had chosen the best spot to look at Lisa; Sam and Maw were opposite.
When I glanced at her, she said very quietly “You like the young ones, don’t you Khun Steve – no attraction for slightly older girls?”
I moved my hand on top of hers on my cock’s straining pulse; “Oh, indeed I do at times, nong Mien; sorry I was off daydreaming, but I am here now.”
“Oh indeed you are, Khun Steve, indeed you are…” and she squeezed my bulbous cock’s head one more time before returning to her dinner food.

“Ok, Sam, sorry; now, who is going on the HK trip, what will it cost me, who is supervising?” I also wanted to ask: ‘’will Lisa be going too?’ – But that might not have been very tactful!
So Sam rolled her eyes and, I took it, repeated what she had already been saying while I fantasised about Lisa; I ate some food listening to her, while Mien’s hand returned to my crotch.
Suddenly Sam’s voice squeaked – in the middle of a phrase – and I looked; she was dreamy-eyed; then I looked at Maw, and she was smiling. Not as experienced as her mother at hiding her actions, I saw her right arm moving and knew she was also moving her hand under the table – presumably between my daughter’s legs, causing Sam’s reaction.
Mien clamped her fingers around my cock and jerked – she had noticed and understood also; gosh a busy dinner party of 4 this was: eating and foreplay!

I noticed a group of teenagers close to us and also noted their interest; it was time I did something to cause a halt to proceedings: I stood, carefully shielding my groin by a loosely held tissue wiping my hands and said I had to go to the toilet; Maw quickly had 2 hands on the table busily eating, as did Mien and Sam squeaked “So, all that sound ok to you, Daddy?”
I ruffled her hair very lightly as I walked past; “Yes, honey – as long as the supervisors keep a close eye on you, especially in busy restaurants where you might get carried away with ah, the delicacies on offer; trust me, I know the feeling.”

When I returned, the girls/well, the 3 women, seemed to have finished, so I swallowed the last of my beer and we drove home.
It was still early so I invited Mien to our apartment, prompted by Sam who had already invited Maw back for a while; they disappeared into Sam’s bedroom while I offered Mien a drink; she surprised me by asking if a beer was appropriate – “anything I have you are welcome too.”
She asked first for the bathroom and I steered her to the one at the end of the hall, while I went to get the beers and glasses.
Suddenly, several clusters of cosmic matters collided at the same time: one moment of Time:

I came back to the lounge room with the beers;
Mien came down the hallway, half hiding and half twirling her bra, her large breasts bouncing noticeably and provocatively;
Sam’s door was wide open and I heard her shower turned on and 2 young girls squealing – getting in together perhaps?
My wife opened the front door and stepped in, stopped, stared first at me and then her head swivelled and she stayed staring at Mien (her breasts probably) and opened her mouth….

Finally, words came:
“Yes, I came home this afternoon; Sam wanted to surprise you. This is Mien - her daughter is in with Sam…”
“Sawasdee ka, sorry – we just came home from dinner – the 4 of us – and my bra is too small, so I hope you don’t mind but I had to take it off, even though we will be going home very soon.”
“I’m surprised to see you, husband; nice to meet you Mien, ‘Sawasdee ka’; yes, I know the feeling – in fact, I need to go to my room and take off my own bra – it is also too tight, you and I should go shopping for new ones maybe? Come with me, we can plan it together….”

They headed up the hallway to our bedroom; the girls were still squealing at times, and I took one beer back to the fridge, one glass back in the cupboard and took my beer out to the balcony: 5 people and I am alone.
Now, the thing about my wife is: she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend that I know of, but she did confess to me she has a girlfriend and likes girls – this made, and makes, no difference to me, she actually initiated sex between us just a few days ago, and she and Sam had already had one close female-to-female experience in my bed - and the way she had looked at Mien, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t about to start a new relationship….
As long as I got Mien’s breasts sometime soon…. And not only on Skype!

It seemed hours but I had dozed off, my beer was still cold, so it could only have been minutes, when someone was shaking my shoulder; “Daddy, wake up, Maw and her mum need to go home before her husband gets home.”
I stirred and shook myself, standing up and accepting Sam’s hand as we went inside to the lounge room; both departing women looked dishevelled and flushed; I looked down at Sam and saw she was the same as Maw, and no doubt my wife was equal to Mien’s composure – not.
I bid them ‘good night’ as they did and they exited quickly – I felt sorry for them needing to beat a hasty retreat, but I was also selfishly thinking: 4 wonderful breasts have just disappeared from my night!
Sam sensed my thoughts or feelings – perhaps via the cock her hand was holding; “they’ll be back, Daddy; I am sure.”
Sam said “Good night, Daddy – I am tired; it is wonderful to have you home Dad.”
She kissed me and went into her room; ‘tired?’ I wondered – what were they doing before?

I went into my own bedroom after putting things away, locking doors and turning off lights; my wife was on the bed, on the duvet, but not under it.
Her body glistened with moisture, water from a shower or moisturising cream, I wasn’t sure, but she was displaying it for me – of that I was sure; ‘welcome home husband’ is that what this was to be?
She did have magnificent breasts – my first attraction to her – and they had remained the same: big and firm, they had never sagged one cm. in my eyes and they alone could still hold my attention.
They did now, but I went to the bathroom, toilet, jumped into the shower and washed quickly and cleaned my teeth and mouth: if I was going to suck her breasts, I wanted a fresh clean mouth at least, and cock if it was destined to be used also.

I left on my bedside light, turned off all others and slowly climbed on the bed, pulling the light duvet up and over us – the a/c was on and it was a little cool – and picked up my book.
It didn’t even get opened, before the door opened and Sam put her head in “Daddy, can you come and see something in my room please?”
I threw the duvet back, thought about Sam looking, and climbed out naked anyway, then picked up my shorts from the chair and put them on, heading out quietly to her in the dark hallway, but she reached back in and turned off my side lamp, smiling at me as she closed the door.
Her light was still on as I followed her in; she had a baby-doll nightie top on, but the light soon showed she had no panties on; she threw the top off after closing the door behind me and said “You didn’t need to put your shorts on, Daddy, you can take them off again now.”

She twirled her long black hair around as she bounced across to her bed and lay on her back, spread-eagled and waiting, watching as I dropped my shorts, smiling more broadly when she saw my cock bounce up to greet her.
I came to the side of the bed, but stopped short of her arm’s length as she reached to feel the pole growing out of my body; “What was it you wanted me to see, Sam?”
She put her hands up to her nipples, bunched the skin around them in her fingers and asked “Do you think these are growing now, Daddy – they feel bigger to me somehow, but after playing with Maw’s before, I feel depressed and wanted you to check them for me….well, Daddy?”

“They certainly seem bigger than a couple of days ago, Sammy, yes I would agree. Now can I go – wait: Maw has beautiful breasts, I know, but you can’t compare yourself to other girls – it is like everything about people, and as I always say: if we were all the same, same colour, hair, body size, weight, breast size and shape…how boring that would be!”
“No, I don’t want to go, Sammy, I would rather stay with you, but not tonight ok – tomorrow night perhaps we can?”
She pouted but opened her arms sitting up for a good night hug at least; I obliged and kissed her, rather too passionately and she and I both knew my cock was straining for her cunt.
Looking into my eyes, she cocked her head, wondering if I would change my mind now, but she saw I wasn’t going to and sighed resignedly.
I kissed her forehead and stood upright, putting my shorts on; “sleep well my baby…. my big girl.”

As I was about to close her door, Sam said “Oh, tomorrow night! Not sure we can Daddy; Lisa called before and she is going to stay over tomorrow night – so perhaps you won’t come to my bed….?”

Manipulated as I felt, I made no response, but perhaps she saw, as I felt, my cock twitch mightily at the mention of Lisa staying over, in Sam’s room, in Sam’s bed; I closed her door and tugged my shorts off to relieve the strain against the material and lightly re-entered my own room.
“You went to Sam’s room like that and no shorts on?” My wife must have seen enough of me from the faint lighting to see the aroused state.
“No, no, I had shorts on; just took them off in the hall so as not to make noise and wake you” I whispered, sliding into bed and immediately feeling my wife’s hand curl around my shaft.
“And why is it so big? Did this just happen in the hall too; did you want to wake me with this, husband, or does our 10y.o. daughter rouse you like this?”

To avoid more questions and principally to avoid truthful answers, I put my mouth down to her cunt and slurped at very wet lips, sucking her juices in; she moaned and pulled my cock harshly to get on her body and up to her mouth, sliding it between her tits, exciting my cock further doing that.
I may not want to actually fuck with her, but she was aroused and in need of some sexual activity, and my truthful answer would have been “Yes, Samantha, our daughter arouses me to this” so I was in need of some sexual activity also as the thought continued “Lisa also arouses me….”

She is my wife; I love her, because that is the ritual of marriage, but emotionally and physically my Love lay elsewhere: down the hallway actually was where most of it resided, with small pockets left over, nameless fantasies in them - but begging to have real names added, like Lisa for example, or Lindy, or Toy, or Maw the younger, or Ting….

So what we did in bed this night was fun between a husband and wife and she climaxed and that made both her and me happy; so that’s that.

Part 3

My wife kissed my cheek, smiling, as she said ‘bye’ and left for work in the morning and I rolled out of bed, smiled ‘bye’ at her and went to the bathroom.
Finished there, I went to Sam’s room for the obligatory first ‘wake up’ call of the day, only opening the door a little to call, and went to the kitchen to make my café, just as Ming opened the front door to start her day’s work; it was all routine, on time and comfortable – even if not very exciting.
Back to Sam’s room, going in this time to turn off the a/c, open the blinds to the morning sun and turning to stare at her naked body as she tossed the immediately too-hot duvet off herself.
“Yes, you are beautiful and sexy, my baby girl, and yes, you do turn me ‘on’ and my cock even faster than I can say it; but now is the time to display yourself under the shower and get ready for School.”

Her eyes had remained shut but her mouth grew into an ever-widening smile as I spoke; now she laughed and jumped up, standing on the bed and jumping around my body, letting her bare bottom slide down enough to rest on the pole in my shorts she knew was there.
“Good morning, Daddy” and she leaned in for a kiss; “Ooh, you need clean your teeth before we kiss, thanks young lady; scoot!”
Sliding down my body, her legs around me, she sat on the floor at my feet; her pelvis wide open, her cunt bared to my view – except for the continuously growing erection getting in my eye-line as I looked down.
“Samantha, we need to talk about this; you will give your ‘not so young’ Dad a heart attack; how will you explain to the doctor when I collapse with a large hard-on frozen in my shorts?”

I went back to the kitchen slowly, and dashed for the balcony with my café to sit in hiding from Ming while my cock subsided in the morning air.

Sam came out, ready for breakfast and School; Ming had ready the former and when she was finished, I was ready to walk her some way/all the way to School, re-dressed with underwear.
She only wanted me to walk as far as our corner when she met a friend – one I didn’t know – but the way Sam bent her head to talk with her, before they both looked at me, I turned away fairly sure Sam would introduce her to me before much longer.
Back in the apartment, I made some toast and a new café and took it to the balcony to read my daily paper, delivered to the door and picked up by Ming as she arrived for work.
I had shed my t-shirt so sat only in my house shorts as was my daily want; piece of toast in my mouth, my laptop beeped: a Skype welcome.

There weren’t many who had me on there, nor did I, having only had it setup recently by Ting, who lived in the apartment down and across the hall on my floor; indeed, it was now Ting, the 13y.o. overly mature young woman who had become like a drug to me within minutes of meeting, a dominating woman who completely mesmerized me and took me as her ‘sex toy’.

It had been Ting who ordered my first homosexual experience, getting one of the pool bar men to suck me off – but actually she had taken over and finished me off - so I wouldn’t ejaculate too fast when she and Mon and Maw, her friends from other apartments in our block, ‘had their fun’ with me.
And Ting also who had decided to defy her father’s order she remain a virgin he could ‘sell’ and she got me to fuck her and start to become her own woman.

“Hi Ting, haven’t been around, but haven’t seen you either….”
“Hi, Mr. Steve, not there; my father sent me and Mum away when I refused to obey him on any more sexual favours to him or friends or relatives. Don’t worry, I didn’t mention you and haven’t told him yet that I am not a virgin – I will keep that for a day I am ready to walk out.”
Well, I really let her, helped her, open a can of worms there, didn’t I?
“Should I say ‘I am sorry’ Ting, or did what, ah, we did help you?”
“No, never ‘sorry’ Mr. Steve; you – well, and your cock – led to me to choose to decide for myself what happens with my body, so I need ‘thank you’ for that.”
“So, can I help?”
“Yes, Mr. Steve, I need your help with these….which ones do you like?”
She stepped away from showing her screen on the phone and stood up, in all her naked glorious beauty, holding a black bra and panties in her right hand, a purple set in her left.
She had done this to me the first time she used Skype to connect from her apartment to mine; when I was too overcome to choose for her and could only say ‘both of them’ she chose to wear none when she came to my apartment a few minutes later….

I was stronger now; I only stared and groaned and grew for perhaps a minute before answering “Either of them are beautiful, nong Ting, but to cover that superb body of yours with anything….well, that seems almost sacrilegious! But of course, you do need to wear some underwear, so I would say: the black set would be perfect.”
“Thank you, Mr. Steve – see you tomorrow, same question! Sweet kisses to your cock, Mr. Steve, ‘bye!”

My toast was cold and hard, my café cold and awful; I disposed of them both, washed my mug and plate and decided it wasn’t too early for a beer after such an encounter.
I was bending down to get a can of Heineken from the bottom shelf when a hand came between my legs and stroked my still hardened cock; “Oh, what a shame I have work to do, Khun Steve, seems like you might need some relief from tension!”
Obviously, it was Ming, carrying a load of washing in her arms but able to free one hand when she came up behind my bottom bending over; I whacked my head getting out from the fridge quickly and she looked concerned.
“Ming, you scared me – apart from molesting me! You could give an old man a heart attack doing that – just like Samantha!”
She laughed heading to the washing machine area outside; “Not much ‘old’ about you just yet, Khun Steve – to me or to Sam.”

Well, so far this morning had begun rather like I hadn’t even been away for a few days!
I went back outside to continue – well, start reading my newspaper, have my beer to calm my cock and a cigarette to (kill me) go with it.

The doorbell rang before I had finished page 3 and my second can; Ming went to open it and came back – with Lisa!
“Sawasdee ka, Khun Steve; I am staying with Sam tonight, you know, but we went to School and they sent us all home – seems there is to be a Teachers’ strike and demonstration this afternoon, so no School; didn’t they phone you – I have no-one at home so I came here early, is that ok?”
Too many questions….”Yes, of course you can, Lisa; so, where is Sam? No, nobody phoned me at all….I will complain about that, the School can’t just send students home!”
“If I can borrow your phone, Mr. Steve, I will find them; my phone needs charging.” I went inside and gave her my phone from the sideboard: no, no missed calls.

I looked at her as she began finding Sam’s number in my phonebook; Lisa had been the first of Sam’s group who had turned my fantasies of holding a young woman into a reality, and her young, form breasts with their cherry-sized nipples had captivated me then as renewed thoughts of them did now, and I remembered the orgasm she had as I first sucked them and she first felt my shorts-covered prick sliding along her pyjama-clad cunt.

I was in serious trouble yet again: my cock was bone hard, my shorts were soaked with oozing pre-cum, and my mind was in a whirl of lust and romance and indeed Love for this young 12y.o.
And that was after 2 minutes in her company!

“Sam will be….Mr. Steve….Mr. Steve….” I shook my head; “Mr. Steve, Sam is on her way with Lindy, they won’t be long, buying some snack foods. Sam said I could borrow a costume and you and I should go swimming and they will join us, ok?”
In the face of women, I am turned to the proverbial jelly, so my head bobbled and bobbed in something of a ‘yes’ and Lisa called out ‘Sawasdee ka’ to Mien and skipped off to Sam’s room.

[Lindy was coming too….she was the only one of the 4 friends of Sam I had not ejaculated in, though had given orgasms to, and Sam had told me Lindy was feeling ‘left out’ because of that – so she would have to be ‘first’ next time they came, and I was expected to fill her as I had her friends….Meanwhile, Lisa was the one to whom I had uttered sincere words of Love that first time in the shower, and who had responded “love you more” piercing my heart as only Sam did otherwise….]

The pool; yet again I was being told/summoned/ordered to that location which had already seen some tempestuous frivolity and more, couplings and sexual games, introductions to new people who then became part of the fantasies and the realities….perhaps I shouldn’t go, should beg off, sick, tired….?
Lisa came out modeling one of Sam’s costumes; too small and tight-fitting on her older, voluptuous body; “How does this look, Mr. Steve – are you ready to go?”
“I will be 1 minute, Lisa; it looks, ah, perfect, and….” I hustled my lusting body to my bedroom – to get changed to go to the pool, of course.

It was hardly mid-morning, I had only read to page 3 of my paper, but already my mind had been flooded with sexual objects, views, thoughts, touches and kisses…a normal man cannot take too much of this every day – perhaps I really should leave again and find a different path by driving a different road?

Lisa called out “Coming, Mr. Steve?”
Maybe I wouldn’t go anywhere today – except to the pool for starters….

She was beautiful and desirable, wrapped in a towel over the too-small costume, but delectable and mesmerizing and she had my love clenched in her small hand, yet she was too young to truly know it: the words I had said that first time, yes – she knew them like everybody knew them; and she had responded with an equivalent declaration of love, words, words…were they meant?
Meant to signify ‘special’; to sow confusion to both; to mean nothing, to mean something?

This is why I wasn’t suited to this life: I always asked questions, of myself and others, and often they were questions better left un-thought.
But Lisa was here, expecting me to walk out the door with her to go to the pool; Sam, my daughter, my only, was coming home soon, with Lindy, who also had a place in my heart; perhaps it was that my heart had grown stronger also and there was now room for several ‘loves’ inside, each truly felt, each truly believed, each truly offered.

Part 4

Covered by my new, long-style shorts and t-shirt, my cock contained within my new, stronger-material costumes – all new clothes now washed or rinsed and dry and available to me (‘thank you Mien’) – I headed out to grab a can of beer and my cigarettes, joining Lisa as she waited, impatiently, in the open doorway.
She made a sound of exasperation and went to call the elevator as I closed the front door.
Once inside, she dropped all pretence – and her towel – walked almost into my body as she moulded herself against/in me and pulled my head down to suck my innards out via my mouth!
She broke off to say very calmly “When I said ‘love your more’, that was serious, Steve – and you disappeared with that Love! Now: Welcome Home, Lover!”
Her mouth went inside mine – well, of course not really, but it felt like she was trying – even as the elevator stopped at the Pool’s floor and ‘pinged’ open the doors.
Fearful of what might lie outside the doors, I backed off and ushered Lisa’s back out, picking up her towel and lightly pushing her forward and around the corner to the pool-side area.

I steered Lisa towards a far corner, under the shade and put our towels on some lounge chairs; she turned to me expectantly, but I had also seen there was no-one else present, so I picked her up in my arms and took her to the pool’s edge – and dropped her into the water.
When she came up, spluttering a little, I was crouched down to say “I know what we said, and meant, my Lover Lisa, but the elevator is not the appropriate place to show it – understand?”
She brushed her hair back, wiped her wet face with her hands, studied me for a while and smiled, “But the pool is appropriate, right Steve - so, are you coming in… me… with me now, or do I get out?”

Why postpone the inevitable, I asked myself, and dropped in beside her, vaguely hoping the instant cooling effect on my body might render my cock unserviceable – Lisa’s instant hold of it nullified the water’s coolness.
She had ripped it from my costumes within a few seconds and it was twice the length of her small hand’s clenched fist around it, pulsing at her, my balls already preparing themselves.
“You know Lindy is to be the first Mr. Steve, now you are home – I will just prepare you for her – and I really do need a fuck - but I am feeling a little jealous: of her, of Sam who has you all the time - and this tells me my Love is Real; do you feel it also?”

This was the dilemma I ran away from: how to not play around with the emotions of such young women, and here it was the same tormenting question: how do I answer without hurting Lisa, but without taking her where she wanted to go?

“Yes, young Lisa, I do feel it also; there must, however, be a ‘but’ Lisa. But: from the age and development you are now, even tomorrow will be different, a year from now far more so, a few years from now your womanhood will be attracting so many boys/men more your own age and development, and you will be overwhelmed with new ‘love’ every day or week, and it will be so exciting and sometimes beautiful for you, just as it should be.”
Did that work?

“But today, do you Love me?”
“Then just fuck me, Daddy Steve and let me feel your physical Love.”
She was so mature, as was my own Sam: at 10 and 12 years old.

I made slow love to her then, in the shallow end of the pool so it was easy for me to support us, and the buoyancy in water eased her weight when she came down on my rigid manhood with wide-open thighs and pelvis and her cunt bubbled, expelling the water as she sucked in my cock to displace it.
“Oh, just filling me up as I wanted, as I remembered; now, bang it in there, Daddy, I want it all!”

I held her hips and lifted her to my cock’s head and then pulled her through the resisting water now, down for her and up for me and into the smaller parts of her body, so far inside she bit into my shoulder as I did exactly the same action again, before slowing and easing the pressure for some short, easy strokes inside her, then a quick full-length and I knew where I was heading and I had so many strokes in me, slow and fast, deep and shallow and I gave Lisa all of them as we climbed the Mountain, and she was screaming against my shoulder as she shuddered and climaxed and sobbed for deep breaths and bit me again and then we broke through to the top and we were up among the Clouds and the Rain and I couldn’t stop – my balls wanted to shower her insides and nothing would stop them erupting like a shooting star up into her cervix and womb and she almost bellowed into my ear as she tried to find my mouth to kiss and suck and bite and writhed in my arms for the time it took for Heaven to be revealed to us Both.

“Now that was sex! When will you make love to me like that, Daddy?”
It was my daughter, sitting on the edge of the pool at the side; for how long I didn’t know, but when I turned to face her, she said “Lucky Lindy didn’t come yet – she would have been disappointed seeing you fuck Lisa first through to the end, and how can I compete with Lisa if she makes you do that?”

Turning my face towards Sam had torn Lisa’s mouth from my own; she heaved and sucked and clung to me, my cock still throbbing it’s last inside her, not wanting to let those minutes escape, perhaps never to be found again by either her cunt or my cock.
“Oh” she moaned, struggling to raise her head to focus. “Oh, Sam, you have to get your Dad to take you there! I don’t know where, but I was on a mountain top and we went through the Clouds and I was swirled in a Rainbow and it was Heaven, Sam, I swear!”
I was in awe of Lisa and her Love at that moment; never had I had a lover feel exactly as I felt at the very few sublime moments of pure bliss which can come from making true, pure Love – and she not only saw the Mountain, she glimpsed Heaven just as I had, though she had even been enveloped by a Rainbow, surely the epitome of a Heaven: all the colours….

“Awesome” was the highest accolade Sam could muster, as she dropped down into the water and came to our sides; I now slipped my cock from inside Lisa’s costume and re-arranged it within my own.

“And Sam, I am sorry for not waiting for Lindy – but truly, I made Daddy Steve do this; I said I would get him ready for Lindy, but, well, I couldn’t stop….I had to have it all again!”
“It’s ok, Lisa, I know how you feel; I didn’t give him a chance yesterday either before I was on his cock. We are just lucky his cock works non-stop and every time, aren’t we! Lindy will get what she has been waiting for, trust me, but she had to stay home for a while, said she will try and come later.”
I might as well not have been there, or been deaf, the way they talked ignorant of my presence, so I said, “Let’s go up for lunch, girls, maybe we’ll have a conversation I can join in!”
“But I just got in the pool, Daddy – a little longer with Lisa; you can go if you want….” Well, that was a dismissal, not an invitation, so I swam across closer to our towels and climbed out, hearing Sam ask Lisa to tell her ‘more about Heaven’….

Upstairs, Ming had gone out so I had a shower, dressed in shorts, then decided underwear might help a little, and went into the kitchen as Ming came back.
“I see Sam is home, Mr. Steve; would the girls like lunch? Will you make your sandwich or eat a proper meal?”
She smiled but I knew she didn’t approve of my sandwich lunch, after only café, maybe toast, for breakfast; she thought I should eat like Thai people: non-stop all day, but I was satisfied each day with my main meal of an evening, at home or out, and my weight varied all of 1kg, between 50 and 51 always, so I must be eating enough I always told her.
“I think the girls need to be fatter, Ming, so you could make them lunch please, but my body will be perfectly satisfied with my sandwich, thank you. Perhaps, if I am really hungry, I will have – hmmm, ah, an apple also!”
She bustled herself off to the kitchen laughing “My food will put meat on your bones, Mr. Steve – sometimes your bones hurt; next time, I will show you which ones!”
‘Next time’ – I could imagine what Ming had in mind, so I busied myself making my own lunch.
The girls came up soon after, laughing as young girls do and rushed off for a shower as Ming called to them “Lunch in 10 minutes, ladies.”

I was comfortable on the balcony, eating my sandwich with a beer, when Lindy breezed into the house, a thin pink blouse and white shorts on, a huge smile on her face; she bounded out to the balcony, said nothing, just grabbed my face in her hands and stuck her tongue into my mouth, something she had previously shown an inclination to do a lot of.
When she removed it, she showed me the tiny piece of bread stuck to it; “Thanks for the snack, Daddy Steve, but the beer smells yik! Welcome home, but we missed you – I missed you.”
She ran off to find the girls and then they all began talking together at once, noisily, as Ming began setting the table; “3 for lunch now is it, Mr. Steve – no problem, you know me, I will always have enough.”
“Thank you, Ming; yes, 3 of them now – I’ll finish this and give them a ‘hurry up’.”

I poked my head into Sam’s room, about to open my mouth when I saw the screen on Sam’s laptop displaying a sex scene; a few seconds viewing and I recognized enough to back out, up the hallway a few paces before calling “Sam, bring the girls for lunch now, Ming has it ready” and I poked my head back in her room, only to find 3 girls bustling towards me and the door.
They all sheepishly passed me and headed for the table; the computer was showing Sam’s photo of her and I she used as a screen saver. A minute before it had been a naked man on a table with a mob of naked young women/girls crowded around in various stages of enjoying sex with him and with each other: an orgy one might say.
Not quite the conversation I had envisaged happening at the dining room table over lunch.

The girls settled in to eat and talk – doing both at the same time, as women seem able to do – and I just relaxed in a chair across from Lindy, Sam to her left, Lisa at the head of the table to her right and my left. Lindy could look at me as she swiveled her head from Sam to Lisa and her tongue kept coming out a fraction when she faced me, baiting me, agitating me and getting her known reaction in my shorts - even though she couldn’t see the bulge, she knew it would be there.
I hadn’t said a word in this conversation, not that it was necessary as it was all ‘girl talk’ anyway, but Sam pulled back my dreaming of Lisa before, Lindy, Maw’s breasts, her mother’s, and Sam, dearest Sam….”Daddy, can we? Daddy, where do you go when you are not here? Because you are not here now, are you?”
Ming was standing across the table, smiling at me, 3 girls doing the same; “Sorry, Sam, ladies, guess I need an old man’s afternoon nap.”
“Oh, Daddy Steve, stop that” said Lisa as the others guffawed, even Ming; “You swam in the pool like a young man, I know, so stop with the ‘old’ crap, please.”
“That’s not a nice word, young Lisa, but anyway: a short afternoon nap always rejuvenates people – just look at a Thai office: everyone comes back after eating lunch and goes to sleep!”

“Now, Sam; ‘can we?’ what?”
“Go out with Ming while she does the shopping, come back later and have another swim, then go out for dinner – we don’t have anything to do, and, I promise, no homework because they didn’t have time to give us any this morning, and it is Friday anyway; so ‘can we’ Daddy?”
“If Lisa and Lindy’s parents ok, then I am ok; Ming, take a big stick with you and you have my permission to use it on Sam, perhaps just threaten the others first, ok?”
“Of course, Mr. Steve, I always do” Ming said laughing with the others; “Oh Daddy, you can be funny at times!”
Lindy said quietly “Maybe I won’t go; can I stay here Sam, is that ok Mr. Steve?”
My cock lurched even more, but Sam and Lisa vetoed Lindy’s idea, saying they’d all be home later and go out for dinner, do it all together all afternoon and night – huh, I wondered?

So off they eventually went, kisses from each girl; I didn’t even offer my cheeks today, knowing in advance they would be spurned and a mouth joined to my own, but Lindy’s was longer and she whispered “Oh, no more sandwich for me, Daddy Steve!”
Lisa’s kiss was softer and she whispered “See you later my Lover, who loves you more.”
Sam’s kiss was short, “I am feeling left out here, Daddy; am I your ‘one’?”
I nodded and patted her beautiful bottom as they all left – thankfully without Ming wanting a kiss also.

I went for a new beer, new cigarette, and, after cleaning my teeth, a nap to try and wake up a ‘new’ me.

Part 5

I did in fact feel refreshed on waking and the clock told me I had slept 2 hours, wow.
Freshened, teeth cleaned, hair brushed, a café and a note from Sam ‘at the pool if u want to cum down….’
‘Very funny, Samantha’ I thought, smiling as Ming came from putting ironing away and asked if I needed her more as she would like to go home, headache she said. “Of course, Ming, you should have said; take an extra day off, have the whole weekend off and I hope that sees you better, but let me know if you don’t feel well. Oh we’ll be fine, Ming, don’t worry, just feel better or go to the Doctor.”
She smiled ‘thanks’ and headed out, leaving me single and alone for now.
I was beginning to think – yet again, but went inside and turned on some Rugby to put my mind on a different track; can’t watch Rugby without a beer, so I was on my second bottle and the game was in its final 2 minutes when the girls surged through the door like a summer storm and paraded past me.

Sam was in her black one-piece nylon costume, all lithe, slim, olive brown, with (yes, those ‘bigger’) breasts developing and showing; Lindy was slightly more along the budding process but equally slim and smooth toned skin over finely-defined muscles, and clad in a similar one-piece nylon suit but in a rich red.
12y.o. Lisa was a magnificent looking young woman, slightly taller, slightly more rounded in her development and with the largest breasts in the group of friends with cherry-topping nipples I well-remembered; but it was her shocking pink bikini – where had that come from since this morning - which showed her off to perfection by grabbing one’s attention to all the right places, all the erotic places just hidden behind a thin strip of material on top and a bottom, high cut to accentuate her long, glorious legs, and pinched in her crotch to show her mound and, as she cat-walked and sashayed past me, her buttocks were outlined by the pants hugging the crease.
She said not a word, only looked back to be sure I was indeed watching her.
“You didn’t want to swim with us, Daddy?” Sam asked, stopping by my legs and looking at the cock stretching in my shorts, “Can’t be trusted with us, huh?” Laughing, she skipped her own beautiful body away, out of reach of a playful swat I aimed at her; “Off for showers Daddy to go for dinner!”
“Want to play now, Daddy Steve?” Lindy kept up the banter at my expense, “Or did you get too tired this morning – oh no, I don’t think you did” and she leaned down to lay her hand along my cock’s outline.
“Where did Ming put her stick when she came home from shopping; I might need it myself with you girls!”

An hour or more later, with my own shower and getting dressed finished ages ago – and with jeans I had decided, for my own protection, though I usually only wore them when long pants were absolutely necessary, or when flying – perhaps they were necessary these days, even around the house….the girls all came out together, announcing they were ready.
3 gorgeous beauties presented themselves, as if for my inspection; identically dressed, albeit different colours: Sam’s pale pink blouse and a way-above-the-knee frilly purple skirt, Lindy a white blouse and frilly deep blue skirt, and Lisa’s long legs in her ruffled bottom black skirt with a body-hugging, breast and cleavage displaying light green blouse.
I almost came 3 times in my underpants as I did inspect each, one by one.
Could have come even more when they all twirled together and I realized they had no bras or any support for developing boobs.
I had a momentary near heart attack when a new thought crossed my mind, and I beckoned Sam over to whisper “Sam, please tell me the 3 of you do have panties on – you wouldn’t play that trick on your old Dad would you?”
Sam doubled over with laughter and rushed back to reveal, certainly, what I had asked her; I stood and headed to the kitchen for a quick glass of beer so they wouldn’t see my red face.
When I turned from the fridge, 3 bottoms were facing me, 3 skirts pulled up as their wearers bent over away from me and on each of 3 posteriors was the bold message “You Want This?”

I was in shock! How do 10 and 12y.o. girls buy this sort of stuff? I quaffed my beer, picked up my ne, keys, money, cigarettes and said gruffly “Let’s go” as I tried to adjust my cock to any comfortable position its hardness and length would allow.

In the car, 3 girls in the back thankfully, sitting demurely and quiet, I turned before starting the engine to say “You girls look so grown up and so beautiful; I am very lucky to be escorting you to dinner.”
“Oh,” I added facing forward but looking at Sam in the rear view mirror “but we did forget one thing, Sam: to ask your mother.”
“No, Daddy, she phoned when we were at the pool; I told her we were going out because Ming isn’t well and she said she is going out for dinner anyway, so no problem, Daddy – you have us, all of us.”

“And it is Friday, Daddy Steve, so we can have a sleep-over with Sam, if that is ok; Lisa is already staying here, so I asked my mum and she said ok if you agree – I told her I was sure you would, was I correct, Daddy Steve?”
Lindy was caressing the back of my neck as she made this unnecessary speech; I shivered at her touch and pulled my head forward to concentrate on driving as I answered hoarsely “Of course, girls; now, where am I driving to?”
As if I could or would say anything different about having the 3 girls all stay!

Why I drove I am not sure, as we ended up at the same restaurant as the other night, where Lisa had been with her family, and as it was basically around the corner from our apartment, we could easily have walked; then again, a fatherly concern at walking with these 3 beautiful young women on the street and I was happy we drove and could park off the street at the back of the restaurant.
We walked in – well, the girls sort of waltzed and paraded inside, and I brought up the rear like the chauffeur, or maybe the dog on the leash they wanted to show off to high society; what I needed to be was their bodyguard, given all the stares and smiles from males at every table they breezed past.
We were seated close to the open air so I could easily move a little to smoke; the girls surrounded me on 3 sides and animatedly rifled through the menu while I quieted them to ask what drinks, adding my own beer to their plaintive request for ‘just one cocktail’ and I nodded to the waitress while also telling her ‘almost no alcohol please’; the girls moaned, but smiled at another victory won over me.

Dinner was a raucous affair, well for the 3 ladies it was and mostly at my expense….
“Daddy, don’t you think we are all a little bigger?” They sat up straight and pushed their chests out towards me from 3 directions; “Yes, ladies, at a young age, you are growing every day” – I thought that was quite witty!
“Daddy Steve, we saw a video today – totally accidental – and thought you might like to see it with us after we go home tonight – so you can give us parental supervision, just in case?” ‘Just in case what’ and did they mean the video I had seen them watching of an orgy?

“Well Lindy, let’s see how we feel when we get home, maybe we’ll all be tired and just need to go to bed.” I was squirming in my chair; jeans are no good when a hardened cock becomes so uncomfortable.
“You mean all of us go to bed, Mr. Steve?”
Now I was blushing and squirming; “Well, yes, Lisa; maybe it will be late, we might need sleep – I might need sleep…who knows? Oh, and let’s not forget Sam’s mother will be home sometime, and I have to take the dog for a walk, and….”
I was babbling for anything to hide my increasing faux pas, digging my own holes every answer.
They were all laughing and spluttering food everywhere; “Daddy, we don’t have a dog – what are you trying to say, Daddy?”
I took a deep breath, “That you girls should eat more - Ming says so - and talk less; I am going over there for a smoke.”

I left them giggling and all talking at once; they were way out of my league when it came to baiting and catching their prey.
There was a woman also sitting at a table smoking, but she had a young girl with her; I didn’t like smoking so close to minors, so I moved further away and the slight breeze would blow my fumes still further away from them.
The woman smiled as I sat and glanced across, while lifting my beer to my lips; “I don’t like smoking with her here, you are right, but equally I couldn’t let her sit at our table inside by herself, so Alice puts up with me for 5 minutes now and again when I need one.”
“I hope you weren’t offended that I sat over here, but I know what you mean and I try and stay away from my daughter too, when I am smoking – best if we gave up of course!”
She laughed and nodded; she was older than me, I was sure, yet her daughter/niece seemed only Sam’s age perhaps, that cute, budding age and I felt the tingle of a fantasy beginning…I shook my head and drank and smoked as the woman replied.
“Oh, is that your daughter in there, with 2 friends?”
We could see them at my table; “Yes, mine is in the middle and 2 school friends, staying over tonight; I am Steve, by the way.”
“Sawasdee ka, I am Clara; ah, your wife is not here also?”
“No” I shook my head, “She often goes out after work; she likes her social life.”
Clara nodded agreement also; “I know what you mean, my husband - Alice’s father, does the same very often, so we are very often alone for dinner, and can’t always stay at home.”
I stubbed out my cigarette as she did the same; “Would you and Alice like to join us for the rest of dinner? My daughter, Sam, is 10 – going on 20 – and her friends are 10 and 12 years old; Alice must be about the same, right Alice?”
“I am 12, Luong Steve; Sawasdee ka, nice to meet you.” She smiled, calling me ‘Uncle’ already….
I went with them to their table, asked a waitress to transfer their dishes and drinks to ours and then introduced them while extra chairs were brought and some re-arranging took place; Alice sat on one side of me, pulling her chair closer to me I vaguely noticed, Clara on the other, as we went back to the business of eating and drinking (me another beer, while Clara was drinking a glass of red wine) and the girls questioned Alice for information, and she them, between mouthfuls; what a happy table, I thought.
I hadn’t truly looked at Alice out in the shadowed courtyard, but now I saw beside me - she was – well, a well-budded 12y.o. youngster.
Until a small questing hand caressed my thigh, up and down, higher every up stroke until it encountered that which was growing down my jeans leg.
I didn’t look at Alice; I looked at Clara – stupid really: her hand could not reach across to my left thigh and up to my prick from her seated position; plus her hand would be larger – clearly it was a right hand from the smaller person on my left, i.e.: Alice.

I could have reached down and pushed her hand from my leg; I didn’t. I could have stood and made some excuse to – well, go to the toilet is an easy one; I didn’t. I could have glared at her, made her scared so as to stop; I didn’t do this either – I didn’t do anything to stop her as she grasped me and stroked me and made me yearn for her hand on my bare skin.
What I did was moan; Sam, Lisa and Lindy all looked at me sharply. A tug on my cock told me Alice understood.
“Oh, I am full” I spluttered, reclining backwards and patting my stomach as I put down my spoon, as if I couldn’t eat another half-mouthful.
“Daddy, you have hardly eaten anything at all!” Sam threw the words at me, and I sensed she knew what was happening under the table. “I ate when you girls were at the pool, Sam; I was hungry then, now I am well, full.”
But that was a lie – and I don’t lie; “Well, I didn’t eat food, per se, Sam: I drank a little too much beer perhaps, but I am still full.” That was true: my cock was damnably full, clasped in a little 12y.o. hand!

Just as I stood and said “I need to go to the toilet”, the next dishes arrived; Alice said “Mum, can you take me to the toilet –I need to go very fast”, but Clara has just put her spoon into some food and whined “Oh Alice, this is beautiful, can’t you go by yourself – you know where it is; oh, Khun Steve, if you are going: could you chaperone her, please, this is my favourite dish?”
I let Alice walk ahead of me – well, she knew the way, but in fairness it was quite a walk from our table, past a lot of leering men also – and watched her hips swaying, developed already on her young frame; she stopped abruptly, I wasn’t looking and walked into her from behind, cock hard and all, my hands reaching for her shoulders to support us; she turned in them, pressed against my body, looking up into my face with a smile, which turned into a look of fear, “Luong Steve, I don’t want to go in there alone, can you please come with me?”
I looked up at where we were: Ladies to the right, Men’s straight on.
“Alice, I can’t go in there – I can wait outside for you, how about that?”
“No, I am scared; please….ok, can I go with you?”
There were less men heading our way than ladies, so I grabbed her hand and headed to the Men’s; “Quick, go in a cubicle and do what you need; I will go out here and wait for you Alice.”

I unzipped my jeans, not needing to empty my bladder, but needing my cock to have some air and some room to move, while Alice went inside behind me.
Then there was a hissing call from her cubicle, “Luong Steve – there’s no paper!”
I bowed my head and sighed; “Ok, here, I have a new tissue, Alice; I will throw it over.”
“No, Steve, please just come in and give it to me: I am scared!”
She sounded frightened, so I looked around – ok, if I am quick – and I jumped in, finding her sitting on the toilet, her black skirt pulled up, her pink panties down around her ankles – why am I noticing these things, my mind asked – as I reached into my jeans pocket, cursing my cock for squashing the tissues in there, but dragging one out and offering it to her, while averting my eyes.
“Luong Steve” her voice began, so gently and enticingly, “wouldn’t you like to wipe my cunt with your tissue, and then put it back in your pocket for later? You can, it’s ok, and it will help me while I hold my skirt up, ok, Steve?”

Now it was just ‘Steve’; she knew what I was, what I am like, how she could so easily ensnare me and then do as she wanted to me, with me.

So I knelt down in front of her, made my obeisance, and opened my mouth to slurp at her cunt and lick up her drops of urine and clean it for her, before using my hands to pry her lips apart and probe my tongue inside her vagina, mopping up, so to speak, as I intruded inside her body.
With my tongue busy, I roamed my hands up towards her breasts, outside her blouse – but she swatted them away!
“Not yet, Steve; you can have those, and me: after you satisfy my mother – that’s the deal Mum and I have: first you do her, then I am yours.”
“But, put your mouth back: I want a climax before we go back to the table.”

I steered Alice back to the table 5 minutes later; either my jabbing tongue or the thumb I jabbed at her clit from above at the same time had brought her off very fast: I had to jam that same thumb inside her mouth to stop the banshee wail she began, and she sucked my thumb like I expected she would a cock: perhaps my cock sometime.
Her mother said “Are you feeling ok, Khun Steve, you look a little flushed?”
I smiled, sat down and had a mouthful of beer; “I am fine, thanks, bit warm in the toilets, quite steamy in fact.” No lie was told there, that’s for sure.
Alice managed to sit and move her chair even closer; I countered by moving my own a little right, bringing me closer, naturally, to Clara, who had clearly received a signal or some sign from her daughter and now it was her left hand caressing my leg: like daughter, like mother it appeared.

I looked across at Lisa; she was glaring at me, her eyes throwing barbs – of jealousy? – I blushed, I know, feeling the heat in my cheeks rising quickly and changed my eyes’ focus to Sam and Lindy; all 3 of them appeared equally upset with me, glaring, silent, and accusative.
Clara didn’t seem fazed at all, and Alice was back eating her food, 2 hands clearly evident, whereas one of Clara’s was very busy filling itself with the ‘food’ – the sausage-like dish she was busily devouring even through my jeans’ “Oh my, this is just heavenly” she swooned, spooning from the dish of food she had said was her ‘favourite’; “I will be so full after eating this!”
Sam stood; “Daddy, sorry to interrupt you – and your feeding Khun Clara - but I need you to ‘chaperone’ me to the toilet please; right now.”
Her tone brooked no nonsense, no retort, no refusal, and no alternative, so my 2 human legs stood and twisted so my 3rd ‘sausage leg’ was hidden from the 3 opposite, but not from Clara, who choked on her food seemingly from staring at what she had been feeling. I bent and patted her on the back to help her coughing ease: no bra straps, hmmm; I hadn’t looked at her front, but now I saw jiggling breasts as she straightened from coughing: I do like breasts my mind reminded me, and my cock pulsed, as it does too.

Sam made a noise and I followed her meekly; at the corner where she needed to go right, she took my hand and dragged me with her – into the Ladies.
“Sam” I whispered urgently, “I can’t come in here!”
“Too late, Dad” as we entered over the threshold, her hand holding mine painfully tightly; “you are in here; now, in there” and she literally pushed me into a cubicle ahead of her, followed, and locked the door.

“Daddy, what is wrong with you? You spend 1 minute with a bimbo old lady and her young daughter seduces you? What did you do with her when you ‘chaperoned’ her to the toilet? Tell me, Daddy, I want to know!”
“I didn’t really….” I began haltingly, but Sam’s look knew if I was about to lie; “She said she was scared to go by herself, Sam: I promise; then she said there was no paper, but she wouldn’t let me just throw a tissue over the door….” “What happened, Daddy; that’s what I asked?”
“She wanted me to dry her, ah vagina, after she peed, but my tongue cleaned her off better….”
Sam now had her skirt pulled up and her panties down as she peed in the bowl; “Do it, Daddy, exactly the same as you did her.”
I didn’t argue, didn’t pull out a tissue; her body was so incredibly beautiful and arousing, my mouth just delved for her cunt and began lapping her juices.
“Is this what you did to her, Daddy?”
I nodded my head but didn’t remove my mouth from swallowing her vagina’s lips, or my tongue from digging inside her, so frantically did I want her then, right then.
“Only what you did with her, Daddy – now is not the time for more.”
I reached up for her small breasts, no bra I knew; (I didn’t say Alice wouldn’t let me play with her young breasts) as my hands went under her blouse and found her nipples hard and yearning, my tongue drank from her as she released and whimpered and pulled my hair and head tighter into her as she climaxed and dug her fingernails into my scalp.
“Did she get an orgasm, Daddy, like me, like this?” Sammy was breathless and panted out the words as I reduced the friction of my sucking to let her come down from her peak.
“Only you can get an orgasm like that, Sammy; accept it for being yours only.” I licked a final time and pulled back and up to her mouth for a long, soaking wet kiss; “I love you, my Sammy.”
“Not as much as I love you, Daddy; you have to share your love, but mine is only for you.” It wasn’t meant as a barb, but I felt somewhat stung by her words and my fears for their emotions began anew.

I couldn’t have emptied my bladder even if I had needed to – my cock wasn’t going to relax any time soon, I knew, but I sneaked from the cubicle, around the corner like a burglar hiding in the shadows and gave Sam a few minutes to clean up in the Ladies before brushing my hair into shape before the Men’s mirrors and went out to find her waiting for her chaperone back to the table.

All eyes turned to Sam and me; “Just going for a cigarette, girls, can I have one more beer please, as I see you have ordered even more dishes, but I am full enough with food.”
I went out to be alone, glass in one hand, cigarette in the other, as I looked back at the table; Sam was waving to me, beckoning me. I left my glass and unlit cigarette at the table, expecting a quick question, answer, and I would return.
“Daddy, Lindy is a bit scared to walk to the toilets, nobody else needs to go, so: could you….chaperone one more time, please Daddy?”
I was responsible for them (even if not in control of them) so what response was there except an affirmative nod as Lindy stood and smiled; she came around behind Alice and took my hand, tugging us away from the table.
“Thank you, Mr. Steve; maybe you haven’t seen these men all looking at us, but some of them are creepy. I needed them to see that I am with you.”
I squeezed her little hand held in my hand, “of course, Lindy, now they can be jealous that I have such a beautiful young woman and they don’t!” I gave a little chuckle and she squeezed my hand tighter, moving her body right against mine as we walked - like a daughter, but like a lover also.
“I can just wait here at the corner, Lindy; I don’t need to go again.”
“Oh, can you come to the Ladies’ door please, Daddy Steve, be there for me?” Nobody was right there, we were screened from the tables as she hugged her body to mine and looked up at me with pleading eyes, eyes showing a want and need….I went with her.

It was inevitable; we went into the same cubicle in the Ladies which Sam and I had been in a few short minutes earlier.
Lindy told me to do exactly what I had already done with Alice and Sam – clearly Sam had told the events of before to her friends!
She sat on the toilet, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and peed in the bowl, and then waited for me….but my cock had waited and was in need of its own for so long this evening, it drove me quickly to her cunt to replicate what I had already done this evening, and then….

I dragged my mouth away against her protests and whimpers, stood, stooped, picked her up and turned her around as I sat down on the toilet seat she had just been on; I ripped at my jeans zipper, cursed at the time it took to get it down, get them down from my waist, my briefs stuck with the pre-cum of hours of oozing lust, and I caught myself just before I might have jammed Lindy’s body down on a raging, starving pole sticking up from my groin.
“I didn’t do this, Lindy, not with her, not even with Sam – are you sure?” And I offered my cock to her body; she squatted slightly and we accepted the invitations we were offering each other, and thus we joined again.
But this time I gave Lindy what I had withheld before: all the offering of my body which ended by coming from my cock and filling her. While she did what she loved, twisting her head around to French kiss me wantonly, I held her hips and let my cock drive up and inside her body, stretching for the furthest reaches and being satisfied at every ‘ugghh’ Lindy burst forth with when we were as close to stuck together as it is possible to get.

As the last time, the first and only time, Lindy and I had fucked, she climaxed quickly and again, and her long vaginal tunnel was slick with our excretions, but my cock was big in her small body and rippled along her walls, spurring her to bounce even harder on me and feel me hitting up towards her abdomen – I swear I could feel my cock’s head near her body’s outside walls near her belly button!

She was holding my head to hers, my mouth to hers, but she was moaning and screeching into me at the same time as she was trying to swallow my tongue; she was a magnificent kisser – easily the best I had ever had the fortune to lock mouths with; it was her forte, whereas mine was normally to be able to hold myself back these days, prolonging my own climax: not now, not this moment of euphoric love-making and when Lindy broke away for a moment to pant “Remember I said: I love you, and it would only be you who fucked me again? Do it now, Daddy, show me what you gave the others….”
I couldn’t hold back and did jam her body down as my balls mixed up their offering and my cock went as straight and tall as it was possible to be and then released a burst dam full of me up into the body of Lindy.
She could feel it, clearly: her mouth came off mine, stayed open as she just stopped as if time was suspended; her cunt walls clenched around my cock as it pumped hours of pent up desire into her.
“Oh, oh….yes” was all Lindy could manage, and then she smiled and I knew she had hit her peak and my pumping man-stick began to wind down as it drew in her happiness and knew it had done its job of satisfying the woman it was inside.
When I wilted and slipped through a torrent of juices and out, she swiveled on my lap and began a new, long mashing of mouths and tongues; when she was sated, she said “that was making love, I am sure, Daddy Steve; nothing can compare to that – until tomorrow and the next day, and the next time, and again….I love you.”

She hugged me a last time on the walk back to the table, before demurely walking ahead; her smile was so wide I swear I could see it from behind her, stretching her mouth around to the sides of her head!
When Lindy sat down, a cocktail appeared in front of her; Sam and Lisa were laughing, I was blushing, knowing what they assumed had happened and why the ‘celebratory’ drink for their friend.

I glanced at Alice, smiled, and then did the same to Clara, who leaned across to me, hand on my thigh as she whispered “Did you just have a fuck – is this why you smell of sex? Oh, you have made me so wet for hours, any chance for me tonight, Khun Steve; I need a ferocious, hard fucking!”
She grabbed my right hand and violently pushed it between her thighs to a bushy, sopping wet cunt: no panties, no bra – did she always go to dinner like this?
“I had to go to the toilet; I heard her” she motioned her head towards Lindy; “and I need the same.”

Alice was having a taste of Lindy’s offered cocktail; Lisa and Sam were leaning their heads over to Lindy and all 4 girls seemed to be in the same conversation – and not watching Clara and I, as I stretched 2 fingers and opened her thighs and plunged inside, my thumb angled up to find her clit.
It took less than 30 seconds before she was slumping down in her chair, heaving her breasts, nipples very, very big and poking out her material, and panting a very fast orgasm around my hand.
“A starter for the end of the meal” I whispered to her, removing my hand, quietly wiping it on the dangling tablecloth and taking my beer bottle out to the table to my glass and unused cigarette, needing them both more than ever.

When I returned, everyone appeared happy and satisfied – so I asked for the bill.
Alice slipped her hand to my groin, but this time she pushed some paper between my thighs and withdrew, smiling at me, but only saying “Mummy is happy, thank you.”
The waitress came and I waved away Clara’s offer, told her she could add a generous tip as I counted out the money – after Sam had taken the bill and checked it item by item and agreed it was correct: a Thai womanly trait that.
I slipped Alice’s paper in with my remaining money to put in my pocket, but I saw enough to know it was an email or Skype address, probably a phone number also.
They had their own car, told us their address, barely further than my own apartment, only 1 soi past in fact, and invited us all around the next day for a BBQ lunch.
I was accepting and smiling when said interjected “Daddy might not be out of bed for lunch tomorrow – perhaps a late afternoon one, Khun Clara, would that be suitable?”
Sam had a beatific smile on her face, but an impish air about her as Lisa and Lindy hid giggles behind their hands; me – I was horrified!

Clara seemed about to say something else – perhaps ‘what would your Dad be doing in bed until lunch-time?’ – But a puzzled look changed to a grin and she said “Oh yes, I see; shall we say 3.00pm, have a swim, then an early BBQ; would that give you enough time, girls?”
“Perfect, thank you, Khun Clara, Alice; we all had a wonderful time tonight and hope you feel the same.” Sam was (almost) the perfect hostess bidding honoured guests ‘good night’ but I knew otherwise.
“Samantha, perhaps we should let our new friends head off now, and we will do the same….” ‘Good nights’ all around, kisses between the girls, as we headed for the parking area, where they had a BWM waiting. Alice pulled my head down for a straight tongue inside my mouth fleetingly and then whispered “I am not feeling as wonderful as others it would appear….my turn tomorrow.”
Clara kissed me on each cheek very politely; “my fingers will be where yours were all night – I am so hot now!”

Whew, home!

We walked in the door to the apartment, Sam cuddling an arm around me, Lindy walking in front, wriggling her bottom and making us laugh, and Lisa behind scratching long fingernails up and down my spine, causing involuntary shivers.
My wife, Sam’s mother, was sitting on the couch with another woman, about her age, her build – large breasts – and quite beautiful Thai face and hair.
She had her arm draped loosely around my wife’s shoulders; they both had wine glasses held in their hands.

“Oh, hi Samantha, Steve; I thought it was time you met my, ah friend Nut; we came back after dinner, but have had a little too much wine, so I told Nut she can stay the night, hope that’s ok Steve, I didn’t think you would mind….” She was starting to bluster, “ah, perhaps you could sleep in the spare room tonight, would that be ok – I might snore, Nut and I might both snore with all this wine, so you wouldn’t get any sleep….”
The 2 women began giggling, and cuddling.
It was clear to Sam, and me, and I am sure Lisa and Lindy, what was happening; Sam took over “Sawasdee ka, Khun Nut; don’t worry Mum, I will take care of Dad; I am getting very good at it.” She grabbed Lisa and Lindy’s hands after they had both given their wai greetings to the Ladies, and they were off to Sam’s bedroom, noisily closing the door.
I also offered a wai and greeting to Nut, told my wife I would be fine and Nut was welcome, and then left them to empty my pockets on to the sideboard, seeing and remembering Alice’s crumpled piece of paper: it was all her contact numbers and addresses.
I headed to the bedroom to change my clothes, noting the ruffled bedclothes, grabbed my toothbrush and hair brush and towel, and returned with only my shorts on after putting the items on the hall bathroom.
But I went straight to the kitchen for a beer and out to the balcony for a cigarette. I took my phone and sent Alice a quick text “Happy 2 meet u; c u again young A”
Less than a minute passed and my phone beeped; “My mum is so horny from u, she is my father now, never does this. I want u 2 fu.k me now/2moro. Mum 2 Khun S”.
“Get ready A, all good things come to those who wait – just a little bit! Sorry not now with u – have 3 other girls who need me!”
“Not fair” she replied “I am dripping, might even fu.k my father too, thinking of u, Khun S, but he is 2 small, not enough 4 me like u”
“My co.k is dripping 4 u 2 young A. Your father does u?”
“Since 9, I like Khun S, don’t worry.”
“Your Mum ok?”
“He has a lot of money, Mum likes that, she thinks that is fair.”
“She lets u!”
“Because I like sex, even with him – watch….”

In a minute a video came on my phone, and I was watching porn on it for the first time: I knew it was Alice riding the cock up and down, so guessed it was her father she was sitting on, naked, her hair thrashing around – who is holding the phone I wondered, as I saw Alice’s body, ignoring the man (whose cock was quite small really) and she clearly did like what she was doing.
“Wow, yes I can c u enjoy - but have u had bigger than him, because I am!”
“Only my Mum’s dildo – can u send pic yours, then I can tell u?”
Though I had never done this, it was a wonderful fantasy I was living through, and it was a very good time to show my cock, aroused to the heights by this text conversation and now video…I took several photos with my shorts down, turning and shooting quickly lest someone appear.
It took me 5 minutes to get them added and sent….I waited for an appraisal from a 12y.o.
“G.d, wait….”
5 minutes; I went for another beer, saw my wife and Nut in close-quarters, hands on each other’s breasts, and left them alone, back to the balcony as my phone beeped.
“I had to fu.k myself with the dildo! Yours is bigger, I need get ready. G.d u make me horny Khun S, I came 2 in 2 minutes just looking at your pics! Now have to go and fu.k my father, u did this 2 me! C u 2 moro, early please!”

5 minutes later, my wife and Nut came out; “We are going for a shower and bed, husband, good night.” She kissed me, pressing her lovely breasts against my shoulder and head before backing off, Nut replacing her with the same action, the same, bra-less breasts pressing into me, a similar mouth and tongue entering my own for a minute’s tousle; “He does love breasts, Nut – if you want, he can do amazing things with them….” Nut reached down to my cock, hard and wet in my shorts; “Oh yes” she said – all she had time to do and say….
“I think it is time you and Khun Nut went to bed, Mum; we are going to watch a video with Daddy now.” Sam’s voice from behind her mother was firm and resolved; her mother knew the tone, as did I, and she and Nut left, saying ‘good night’ to Sam and the other girls sitting in the lounge room.
Sam took my hand, making me get up, leading me to the lounge, sitting me down next to Lisa and plopping herself down beside my other leg. “Whew, I thought they wouldn’t ever go.”
“Ah, girls, remember when I said ‘I might be tired’? Well, I am tired; I would just like a shower, clean my teeth and make my bed for sleep.”
I rose and did all of that, poking my head out of the spare room door, after throwing a duvet over it, to see if they had left the lounge; they hadn’t, but clearly they had all changed into night clothes – but they were still there, waiting.

I went out, cock rising of its own accord, but they knew me too well for me to hide myself anymore; someone had the remote and pressed ‘play’ – they must have as the screen sprang to life and showed 3 girls with an older man….
“Girls, let’s just go to bed” and I went into Sam’s room, took my shorts off and climbed into bed, accepting the next inevitability.

They were there within 2 minutes, and I didn’t need to open my eyes to see what they were doing: hearing the rustle of clothes told me they were disrobing and next was a small breast hitting my left side, an even smaller (getting bigger) pair lying atop my body, and a larger breast with cherry nipple cuddling up to my right side: Sam on top, Lindy to my left – surely she is tired, I thought – and Lisa to my right.
“Now I will do what you didn’t do with her, Daddy; to me.” Sam didn’t have much to do: she opened her thighs each side of my body and just flopped her cunt straight down on the pole waiting for her; she squeaked, perhaps I had never been this big inside her, even considering how emptied I felt from gushing into Lindy a short while ago.

That young lady was, meanwhile, asleep, head on my shoulder – bony as it was – and her hand across my chest, holding my man’s breast and nipple; Lisa was anything but asleep and she took my right hand and plunged it down inside her thighs, and my fingers up to the wetness of her cunt, where she left it alone, assuming it knew what she wanted.
Just as Sam did, riding me as if she was the bull and I was her cow to be plundered with the shaft of life; she was hitting down on me so hard, I feared her bed would crack in the middle, but who cared?
Lisa didn’t either as she writhed around my fingers, but once she had her first climax, I took my hand away and did what I wanted with 2 hands: reached them up to my daughter’s breasts and grasped them – yes, they were big enough to grasp, like cherry tomatoes; “Oh Sammy, these truly are bigger! You can’t imagine how much I want to make love to them too!”
Something in my words made Sam convulse and spasm and twist and turn on my cock (rather painfully) and I only hoped it was an orgasm rather than an attack of some kind!

Her squeals told me it was the former and she wailed until I pulled her body down swiftly to stick my tongue in her mouth and grope inside her mouth, and then to transfer one hand to her buttocks and pull her pelvis hard against my thrusting cock, while understanding and sinking my other hand back inside the soaking wet cunt of Lisa, waiting for another climax I knew, even as my mouth muffled Sammy’s orgasm as my own body built to a quite amazing repeat – to me anyway – of the feelings experienced with both Lisa and Lindy earlier today/tonight.

“Daddy, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me….oh….” and I complied, reaching up inside her as she pushed herself down on me and I wanted to pleasure Lisa but wanted more to have at least one hand on Sammy’s tits as we did indeed fuck!
Lisa seemed to know and she took the hand covering mine in her cunt and she reached and groped for Sam’s spare tits, and I reached under her buttocks and rubbed her clit as my cock went in and out, and Lisa’s cunt pulsed on my other hand as she must have been twisting and playing with Sammy’s nipples between our bodies.
Sam screamed in my mouth as a wave of orgasms hit, but I had to pull my tongue out, fearful she would either bite it off or suffocate herself, so violently was she writhing!
“oh….oh…” was all she could repeat when she had sucked in air as I continued to push her body hard against mine and then I felt sparks – from where I had no idea, but they burst in my eyes and my brain and I came into Sam with at least the forcefulness I had shared with Lisa this morning and Lindy tonight, and my daughter swooned and - well, she just fainted against me, her cunt and her heart both beating, the only physical signs of Life as she became a collapsed blow-up doll-like thing on me as my life juice pumped hard into her, each spurt a cascade of fireworks to me….

It was a very different kind of Mountain I had just leapt from, but the Paradise below was the equivalent of the Paradise above.

Sam didn’t move for perhaps 5 minutes; Lisa did as she got herself off again on my still working hand in her body; then Lisa decided she couldn’t wait more and she shook Sam, “Well, Sam, did you go somewhere – where? You must have, your orgasms were so strong; your nipples almost burst in my fingers! Come on, Sam, I have to know!”
She rocked Sam to and fro on top of my body, effectively dislodging my aching cock; this woke Sam enough and she murmured “g.d, what a fuck Daddy” but I shushed her and said “No Sammy, that was ‘making love’ and I had sparks I have never seen or felt before now, with you right now; I love you Samantha” and I cradled her head to my breast even as my now free hand went between us to caress her breast.
I felt a wetness on me - on my nipple in fact, under Sam’s head: she was crying, so I hugged her breast tighter, opened my legs so she dropped between them, and then curled my legs back on top of hers, locking her to me, joined without the sexual union of before, but united just the same, more than ever.
She turned her head to mumble “Lisa, I went there, where you went: I went there.”

Lindy moved her head further up my shoulder, to my chest; I disengaged my arm from Sam and pushed it under Lindy’s head and shoulders, long enough to cup her small breast as I squeezed her into the group.
“I went there too Sam, Lisa – I can’t give it a name, but Heaven or Paradise is what I thought of, way up high somewhere, Mt. Everest maybe, or even higher….can we go there again, Daddy Steve; it was so beautiful, wasn’t it?”

Part 6

Such feelings put us all to sleep, though I did need to roll Sam off to the side, towards Lisa; they quickly cuddled, and I heard kissing, so I just had Lindy in my arm and we went to sleep – well, perhaps 5 minutes later, maybe more, after Lindy had her fill of my mouth, and I hers to be fair, and my fingers found her nipples rising with each suck of my tongue she made - and my cock was rising with every breath she and I shared and it yearned to be strong enough to couple with her again, but alas, even my cock needed rest….as we all did, and we all did.

I woke in the night to go to the toilet, considered leaving the girls and going to the other room, but then found myself climbing in behind Lisa and spooning her as she was spooning Sam, who was spooning Lindy; I woke Lisa enough so she opened her thighs and my cock easily entered a still-wet vagina; I pushed right in, she moaned and I just stayed there and fell asleep.

When I woke again, no-one had moved, though my cock had slipped out and there was a pool of wetness between it and Lisa’s buttocks and thighs and the bed – had I cum inside her even though we slept?
The light was evident behind the blinds, so I slipped out of bed, covered them all with the light duvet and silently opened the door, went to the spare room to ruffle the bed and duvet as evidence of using it, and went up the hallway to shower in the bathroom there, cursing myself for leaving my shorts in Sam’s room, but guessing there would be some in the washing basket.
Teeth done, hair and body washed, I went to the kitchen, still naked, and crept outside onto the balcony to the small washing area to find some shorts; I scrabbled through panties and bras – quite a pile Ming had yet to wash, I thought – and was standing there holding all these when a voice called “Don’t think they will fit you”.
I dropped everything in surprise and looked behind me: nobody. I turned and found a girl leaning around the ‘privacy wall’ between my apartment and the next smiling at me; “Hi” she said, “I am Candy; we just moved in yesterday; nice to ah, meet you and ah, see you. Lost your bra and panties?”
“Um, hi Candy; I am Steve; no, well, yes I am, but no, haven’t lost those; left my shorts in my daughter’s room and they are asleep and I needed to find some in the washing basket…no, not a bra and panties….” Hell, babbling away with a cock ready to show the newcomer what was next door to her, and it began to show her as I had to bend and scrabble in the basket to, finally, find shorts.
I pulled them out and stumbled to get them on – oh no, back to front, off again, stumbling again, pulling them up but finding my hardened cock left out of the waistband until I could stuff it inside. I puffed a breath out, flushed, hot, embarrassed as I attempted to calm down and see if young Candy had witnessed all that discomfort: she had, and was still looking and smiling.

“I am sorry about that, Candy; I can assure you, and your parents, I do not normally walk out here naked; sorry.”
She shrugged her shoulders, drawing my attention to the olive skin of her arms, her black hair falling down long, and her breasts propped up on her railing as she stretched around the wall between us.
“It’s just me and my Dad; Mum left us a while back so Dad decided to change apartments and chose here; good choice so far, I think – I like the view I had. Don’t worry Mr. Steve, we often walk around our place with no clothes on – saves a lot of washing for our housekeeper too” she added laughing.
I was feeling flushed and overwhelmed already by this very confident…”How old are you, Candy?”
“13 years old, but very mature, Mr. Steve; that’s what my Dad says about me.”
“I have to say: I agree with him already, young Candy; you do seem very mature. Ok, I am in need of a morning café, guess I will see you again, and again, now we have met – and, again, I am sorry about the way we met.”
“Why did you leave your shorts in your daughter’s room? How old is she?” She was disarmingly direct – had she remembered this tiny piece of information for the past 10 minutes, waiting to ask?
“Her name is Sam, well Samantha and she is 10y.o. I will introduce her to you later; she has 2 friends who stayed over last night – maybe you will come to the pool later….?”
“Sure that will be fun; and your shorts?” She wasn’t going to let go, was she!

“Well, it’s not really important, is it; I was going for a shower and I looked in my daughter’s room to see if they were still sleeping; they were, but it was cool, so I put my shorts down to cover them with the duvet, crept out quietly – but forgot my shorts until after my shower; there, just like that.”
“So you went into your daughter’s room, where 3 girls were asleep, covered them and left, right?” I nodded; “And you had no clothes on, Mr. Steve, is that right?”
I nodded; “Do you keep all your clothes in Sam’s room?” I shook my head; “So, why didn’t you go and get new shorts from your wardrobe – don’t you sleep in another room; do you have a wife, was she asleep too?”
“Look Candy; yes, I have a wardrobe; yes, in the main bedroom; where my wife was asleep, but she had a friend stay over last night and they were asleep, I think, in there, so I didn’t go in there, so my only shorts were left in my daughter’s room; enough questions, young lady – I need a café.”
“One more, Mr. Steve, and I will stop; where did you sleep last night then, because it seems you didn’t sleep with your wife – perhaps in the room where you left your shorts; is that where you sleep?”
I blushed bright red; how to answer without lying, but without telling my Life’s recent story to this new neighbor – 13y.o. – who was interrogating me like a terror suspect?
I nodded “Sometimes Candy” and turned away and went into the kitchen, dragging my eyes away from my inquisitor’s all-knowing own eyes; I pushed my cock down in my shorts.

I prepared a café, put it in the microwave for a minute, and my phone beeped a message. I went to the sideboard and opened a new one from Alice “U want 2 c what I did thinking of u” and a link took me to a new video where she was being fucked, by Clara, with a big dildo, while her father, I assumed, was behind her mother stuffing his cock in her cunt, I assumed.
A beep “U made me this horny Steve; c u later”. I replied “What did I do?”
“You fucked those girls, but not me!” “It was your choice last night - remember Alice?” “I was wrong!”

The microwave now beeped a second reminder and I went into the kitchen, leaving my phone on the table, replaying the video.
When I turned, a towel-wrapped Nut was staring at the images; I spilled my café, had to put it on the sink while I grabbed the dishcloth to wipe the floor, washed my hands, wiped around my mug, before turning again to face the new invader.
“Friends of yours, Khun Steve” she asked with a smile.
“Just met the mother and daughter at dinner last night” I knew I would babble if I said more, so shut my mouth.
“Which is Alice?”
“Alice is the daughter.”
“She sent these to you – wow - she certainly must want your attention! Looks like she has it, too” and her gaze dropped to my shorts where a rampant cock was bobbing and nodding agreement.
“Mr. Steve – are you still there?” A loud call from outside – it must be Candy; hell’s gates were just opening wider every minute or so!
“Excuse me a moment, nong Nut – new neighbor next door.”
I went through the kitchen and poked my head out; “Can I borrow some sugar, Mr. Steve, just until we go shopping later.”
I grabbed a plastic cup, spilled the sugar with shaking hands and carried it out to her; she was staring at the tent in my shorts.
“Thanks; hmmm, I will have to measure you against my Dad’s cock when he is excited - but they look about the same….see you” and she jumped back inside her own apartment.
I rifled through the clothes basket for underpants; none of mine, but I had to get something to put my cock down, so took 2 pairs of my wife’s panties, wrestled my shorts off, wriggled into the double layer of panties, pulled my shorts up; whew, I was relieved my prick was now contained somewhat better.

When I went back inside, Nut was pressing buttons on my phone; “Hope you don’t mind, I just sent it to my phone; it’s very exciting, isn’t it, but don’t worry, no-one will know it came from you – not even Samantha…well, not if you promise to share your cock with me one day, soon….”
Anyone can promise such things, without lying, especially when hiding in the towel were large breasts; I nodded acceptance and she handed my phone back; I deleted the 2 videos and Alice’s messages, took my café out to the balcony – this one hidden from Candy – and slumped in a chair as Nut chuckled and was about to go inside; “Oh, just curious: is it the daughter or the mother, or the man who interests you – my guess would be Alice, right?” Seeing my flushed face, she chuckled again and did go inside – Heaven was out of the question now, Hell was beckoning more and more!
I ran in and got my phone; “Alice, u can’t send any more – friend of my wife found!”
“Did she like?”
“Yes, but she sent them to her phone too. I only met her last night, don’t know her. Be Careful.”
“So, she liked, she is ok; bring her to BBQ, might be interesting! Gotta go and diddle my Mum 4 u. Byee!”
“Alice - who is it holding the camera for your videos?”
“Oh, my little brother – don’t worry, he gets his sex 2.”

Part 7

Eventually, the girls all woke and came out to the kitchen, disheveled and tired looking all.
Sam came out to me and sat on my lap; “Oh Daddy, not already – who did this to you so early this morning?”
What do I say: Alice, her mother, Candy, Nut – hell, I haven’t even finished my first café!
“Lots of things do this to me, Sam, sorry.” Hell, I hope she didn’t put her hand inside my shorts and find panties down there too!
“Oh, don’t be sorry, Daddy; it is just really quite amazing, considering the night you had, we had!”
“Can you tell me why I was full of spunk this morning, Daddy Steve” Lisa asked; “I thought we all went to sleep – didn’t we?”
I was blushing by now, “Ah, yes, I went to sleep, I know – did you rape me young Lisa?” There, I thought that was a good way out!
“In your sleep, Mr. Steve” Lindy joined in “don’t you think you might have felt something, fought with your rapist, yelled for help, the police….something like that?”
“Maybe I was powerless to resist, Lindy, maybe it was a gang rape, maybe I was drugged….”

The girls were laughing too much now, at my discomfit, and Sam ruffled my hair –only Sam do I let do this to my hair – and she cooed soothing sounds to me; “We are going to wash up, make toast and go down to the pool Daddy; can we go out for lunch somewhere later?”
“Sure Sam, but 2 things: one, need check with your mother – it’s just the right thing to do, Samantha and, two, there is a new 13y.o. girl in the next apartment, just moved in yesterday; I said you girls would probably go to the pool and invited her to join you, ok?”
“Ah” 3 girls said at the same time, “Now we understand, Mr. Steve – fresh flesh is it, arousing you so early?”
They saw my blushing cheeks, and had their answer and trooped back to Sam’s room, but I distinctly heard Sam say ‘…new competition girls…’

Lisa returned a few moments later, waving my shorts around in her hand; “Forget these, Steve, perhaps?” She came to me, pyjama-clad only and wrapped her arms around me, her breasts pushing into my back, her hands twirling through the sparse hair on my chest and fondling my tiny nipples hard.
“It was a beautiful fuck, Steve, and silent and almost motionless, it was incredibly romantic; I could hope you do that with me every night, my lover, who loves you more.” She kissed me tenderly on one cheek, stroked her nails lightly on my other, and held my head back to the middle of her breasts.
I loved her so acutely then, and I said it “I love you, Lisa.” She stared into my eyes from above and behind, “I know, and I know I have to share that, but I will take all I can get, my lover Steve, remember that.”

I made a fresh café, retrieved my newspaper from outside the front door, and settled back outside – for all of 5 seconds before I jumped up, ran out to the laundry area, checked Candy wasn’t hanging over her railing and took shorts off, over a painfully erect member of my body, and panties off, throwing the panties and shorts back in the washing basket and pulling on my shorts from last night, from Sam’s room, from Lisa’s hand.
I was a mess.
Then I remembered lunch, but more clearly remembered a BBQ later, remembered Alice and her mum….”Alice, my girls want to go out for lunch later; could I be a pain and u ask your mum if we can put BBQ back to say, 13.00 for lunch, swim later…cum early?”
I waited for a reply; 2 minutes and she sent me “Mum said even better, Dad going to golf; 13.00 fine, bring costumes, condoms if u need we have! Bring yr wife and her friend, I want 2 meet. C u”. She followed that with another message with address details, but I had that from last night anyway, so close we might walk I thought.
Never been to a BBQ orgy before!

Yet, after the day and night, and already this morning I had had, I really should have a quiet day; when the girls finished and changed for the pool, Sam saying they would knock and ask Candy to join them, I didn’t look at them, engrossed in my paper to keep my eyes from telling my brain lust was on its way.
5 minutes later, I gave up and had to go to my bedroom to get new, stronger shorts to cover my costumes, which had been out on the drying rack.
When I walked in, my wife walked out of the bathroom, naked, drying her hair; her breasts, in fact her body, was as beautiful and sexy as all those years ago.

“I need some clothes” I explained as I turned then and found Nut with panties on, but nothing else.
Naturally, my eyes feasted on her breasts, bigger than Maw’s of course, and Mien’s, but somehow so strong, they were upright and erect, without sagging – like my wife’s – but they did indeed have a natural jiggle as she took 2 steps towards me: no implants there I was sure.
My costumes immediately tented and I quickly went for shorts and a long t-shirt, taking long moments to put them on facing away, before turning and saying to my wife “By the way, we have a BBQ lunch invitation just one soi over, all of us, if you would like….” And I explained we had met a family last night, etc. etc.
“Sure, might be fun” my wife said after looking at Nut; “Pack your costumes they said, lunch is at 13.00 ok” but I saw no need to mention condoms to them, and I left them alone, requiring another 5 minutes to calm down again.

Suitably strong shorts covering my costumes, I found ‘my’ 3 girls in the water already, but new Candy sitting on the edge dangling her legs in.
“Not getting in, young Candy; hi, I am Steve, nice to meet you – again.”
She stood to wai, perhaps also awaiting my inspection, which I was undoubtedly undertaking; she was breathtakingly beautiful in her one-piece, high-sided, low cleavage black costumes.
Gosh, did an extra year’s age sometimes make breasts seem almost womanly grown (excluding Maw who was an entirely special size, I am sure)?
If so, Lisa might have this growth to look forward to – and me!
Candy was smiling when I glanced at her, after I had moved my eyes from her breasts down to her long legs and back up again; she was taller too, strikingly lovely everywhere.
The images and fantasies in my imagination began a kaleidoscopic invasion of my brain; I grew flustered under her stare and needed her to speak to break the thought train roaring inside me.
“I was waiting to meet you dry, before we get wet, Khun Steve.”
What a choice of words: I was wetting inside my costumes already.

She turned away, gave me a few moments to admire her from the rear, and then made a splash-free faultless dive into the water, stroking underwater and across to the girls, who were all looking at me; I sat down, opened the beer I had brought down, found an ashtray and lit a cigarette – I needed the time to recover.
Sam was calling me out of my reverie, so I took my shorts off, suitably unexcited, and dived across to them.
Sam quickly wrapped her arms around my neck, facing me; “Isn’t Candy beautiful, Daddy?” I nodded, “She certainly is, honey.”
“Aren’t I lucky she prefers girls to men, Daddy?”
Well, that was a surprise, but I nodded again “You certainly are, Sam.” “Sorry Daddy.”

Lindy and Lisa came over, bringing Candy with them; “You have your hands full with us, Daddy Steve, but Candy told us you look good in the nude!” Lindy was laughing telling this, but Lisa saw my face and she caressed my cheek, whispering “You do look good with no clothes on, Steve, and feel very good also.”
Candy chipped in “I thought it was ok to tell the girls how we met, Khun Steve, considering it was all because you left your shorts in the bedroom with 3 naked girls….”
I smiled and accepted there were never many secrets between young girls, irrespective of an old man’s feelings. “It’s ok, Candy; my daughter and her friends do this to me all the time – I need to find my big stick again for discipline sometimes, get some proper respect from the young women.”

I disentangled arms and legs and went for a swim to the other end, stopping as the cigarettes yet again told me my lungs were not as strong as when I was 10 or even 30y.o.
Sam followed me, “What are we doing for lunch, Daddy?”
“Oh Sam, BBQ time with Alice and Clara has changed back to 13.00, so we can go there, ok with you; they also invited Mum and Khun Nut, and they would like to go also – all ok with you, Sam?”
“Yes, ok, Daddy, but tell me: how do you know about the details and invite to Mum?”
“Oh, ah, Alice thought I might need her, their, phone number, so she gave it to me last night.”
“Hmm, just find out one competition is not really and it seems I have another one to handle – is that right, Daddy, is Alice new competition for me with you, apart from Lindy and Lisa of course?”
“Sammy, no-one is in the same league as my daughter.”

“Prove it, Daddy; a quickie, right here; I know you are ready” and she pushed her pelvis against the cock which had risen and not gone down since she first cuddled me at the other end.
I looked around; it was Sunday and there were quite a few people, albeit not that close to us just then. “Just a quiet, gentle fuck, Daddy, just a daughter swinging on her Daddy’s neck….” She pulled my cock out into the open water and pushed it inside her held-open costumes at her groin, slick and already the same as myself: ready.
So I entered her and she covered her screech by kissing my cheek, pushing her lips hard against me as my hands pulled on her hips to drive my cock upwards.
‘Gosh, I love this pool’ I said to myself as I slowly raised and lowered her on my rod, her cunt expanding at first and then clutching around me, an effective way to also slow my strokes as I felt almost every ripple along her walls inside.
I turned around a few times - to fool people into thinking we were just playing a game of sorts – as if!
When Sam climaxed, I whispered to her “Sammy, my Sammy, I feel like I could go all day inside you, but we can’t, not here, not now, so when you are happy we should stop, ok” but her response was a push on my shoulders to raise herself up and then she dug fingernails into my shoulders, gripping me to pull herself down on my cock hard, so that she had another immediate orgasm.
I dug into her and she thrashed her head; I held her buttocks against me – one hand could almost hold them all, such a slim body she had – and my other hand to hold her head still, and let my cock just throb inside her, exciting her without my balls getting ready to burst, but she wouldn’t let go – until Candy swam over to us.

“Oh, that is so awesome, you two! I am so glad we moved here and met you – sex in the pool! I have got to get my Dad down here!”
“Sammy, we have to stop – if Candy knew, others might know, we could get thrown out; we have lots of times, Sammy….”
She whimpered but accepted I had to pull out; Candy immediately grabbed my cock in both hands, one on top of the other!
Before I could open my mouth, she said “Ah, almost a perfect copy and size of my Dad’s; I knew it!”
She was smiling, her white teeth flashing in the sunlight as she took Sam’s body from my embrace and held her in her own arms, giving Sam’s neck and face little kisses – well, my daughter did like both sexes, so that was nothing surprising.

But what was Candy saying about her own Dad, if she had measured his cock at full erection?
Lisa and Lindy swam over and clapped me under the water, like seals can do at a show! I swam to the other end and got out, calling back “Lunch at 13.00 girls, invite Candy if her Dad is busy, or invite him too if he is home and wants to – just as long as I can confirm numbers and buy stuff to take, so come up soon.”

I dried off, wrapped the towel around me and waved to the girls as I went back upstairs, taking my towel off as I went through the kitchen and hanging it on the drying frame outside.

When I turned, my wife and Nut were sitting quietly on the sofa; “Shower” I smiled, “Girls will be up soon; we need to take something for lunch or buy something…any ideas please, seems we are taking a lot of people!”
When I came out, they were in the kitchen; my wife said “We are making a big salad; have wine, and beer already getting cold, only need to buy crackers and dip, snacks – don’t worry husband, we’ve got it; here take a beer and go and relax.”
Before I could, 3 noisy girls came in; Sam ran to me and jumped up, her legs wrapped around my waist “G.d Daddy, I will never get tired of sex with you, but I do get very, very tired from it! I love you!” It was all so fast and then her mouth was on mine before I could say “your Mum is in the kitchen”.
“You must really love your Dad, Samantha, that’s wonderful” was all Nut said, standing in the entrance between the kitchen and the main rooms, stirring something in a bowl.

“Shower, Daddy; oh, Candy has gone to ask her Daddy, but he works with France overnight, so normally sleeps in the daytime.”
They ran off for showers, Lisa coming out with her towel wrapped around her, looking out at me still standing there, waiting for my cock to subside so I could walk past my wife and Nut; Lisa’s smile was enticing and inviting as she headed up the hallway to the shower there.
She was loosening the towel every step, so that the last few steps to the doorway had her with no towel at all and her body seductively swaying in my sight.
At the doorway, she turned: full frontal, draping her body around the door as she closed it slowly, and pursed her lips in a kiss to me; then she clearly said “Who loves you more, my Lover.”

Maybe 2 pairs of underpants….I ran for my bedroom, put on exactly that, plus a good going-out pair of heavy material shorts and a nice casual shirt; then I took the shirt off – not needed for an hour or so, whereas the confining pants were, right now.
My beer had grown hot in my hand, so I went into the kitchen to exchange it for a cold can; “Oh, that looks all very good, thank you” I said to the ladies, just as a call came from the balcony “Are you there, Mr. Steve?”
“Yes Candy, hang on” as I went out, seemingly to our own ‘special’ meeting place.
“My Daddy wants to sleep, but he said I can go – if you wouldn’t mind meeting him first; is that ok?”
“Of course, Candy, very sensible of your Dad; you mean now – I will just get a shirt to cover my skinny body! 1 minute and I will knock at the door – or would he like to meet me out here too” I laughed and Candy choked a response in her laughter.

Donning my shirt, I put my unopened beer back in the fridge and went to meet the new neighbour; Candy was waiting in her open doorway, took my hand and said “Khun Steve, this is my Dad, Mike.”
He and I exchanged a wai greeting; “Candy hasn’t stopped gushing about you all morning, and now she has been thanking me for moving here, and telling me about her new friends, your daughter, and the pool…non-stop chatter so I am behind with my work!”
Candy moved to hug him and he leaned down and kissed her on the lips, and more, very passionately.
“So, you have invited Candy to a BBQ….”
“Yes, it is only in the next soi – I will give you the address, and my phone number – and we’ll be home, I am sure, later in the afternoon. Just a mother and daughter we met at dinner last night and they invited me and my girls to have lunch today with them – you are welcome to come….”
“Your girls….?”
I chuckled “just a short way of saying ‘my daughter and her 2 friends’ who had a sleep-over with me, ah in my apartment, last night….they are like 3 daughters when together.”
“Ah, I see; yes, Candy said you seem very ‘close’ to them all” and he gave me a smile which might have been asking ‘do you fuck them all?’
I kept quiet, but he continued “Girls at their age, like Candy and ‘your’ girls, need to explore the new world opening to them, do you find that, Steve?”
I nodded, unsure what he was saying or what I should say; “Candy told me your daughter is very beautiful and sexy and they could become ‘very good friends’, would that be ok with you?”

“Sam is choosing her new world also, so whatever, whoever, she chooses to be part of that world – yes, that is fine with me, as long as she isn’t hurt; she can include whoever she wants as a friend, very good friend, and she has done already, so a nice young lady like Candy would be welcomed I am sure already – Sam already said how beautiful your daughter is.”
“Then we are like-minded people, Steve, allowing our daughters their own expressions in Life; I am happy to know that and hope to meet your Sam and girls – let’s have our own party here soon: new apartment, new life for Candy and me, with new friends, ok?”
I nodded “yes, that will be fun, I am sure; now, may I ask if Candy can come to the BBQ – are you coming too; as I said ‘you are welcome’?”

He nodded and then shook his head; “It’s very kind of you to invite Candy and me, but what Candy didn’t tell you is she is supposed to be with her mother today – part of the divorce. I have already had phone calls from her complaining, so I am sorry but Candy can’t go this time.”
Candy ran off crying “I don’t want to go to her!”
“Not a nice mother, but this is Thailand – I was very lucky to be granted custody at all over her mother, but I, we, had to accept sometimes Candy would see her, but she hates having to; I don’t know what to do, but the Court won’t accept my plea to re-consider….it breaks her heart and mine, every month.”

He was being so honest with me and I understood; “Just yesterday, 2 other girls on this floor also had a scheduled visit with their father through a divorce agreement; one girl likes to go, the other not, but they had to go. My wife and I don’t have the best of marriages….But yesterday, my Sam asked me to stay together because she would hate to be pulled this way and that way – I understood her and agreed we wouldn’t, so I do understand you Mike.”

He came and gave me a hug, sobbing almost on my shoulder “It isn’t easy being a single Dad, so I am glad we moved here and Candy has already found friends, and I have too, thank you, Khun Steve.”
I patted his back, not sure what to do really, but then he pulled me in tighter and I could feel his cock growing and jerking at me; mine gave an automatic jerk in response, but I stepped back, away from contact and decided to be direct: “This cock was in a woman’s cunt just a short while ago, nong Mike; that’s where it belongs I am sorry.”
He smiled, “I am sorry, you are just a sexually attractive person – Candy already told me, and my body reacted of its own accord, but I wasn’t trying anything. Actually, your body seemed to react also, Steve, so maybe we are kindred spirits because my cock prefers to be inside a lady also. Good, now we are on the same wavelength; we can be friends” and he hugged me again.

I was leaving 2 minutes later, Mike showing me to the door, when he asked “By the way, which cunt were you inside a ‘short while ago’?”
I blushed and left him grinning.

Part 8

The girls all complained at the heat of the day when I said I wasn’t driving – “it’s only about 150 metres for goodness sake!”
But my wife said she and Nut would go in Nut’s car, and true; they had the food, and there was the drink, and I needed to go to buy dips…the girls all came in my car….
We were just waiting for the elevator when Candy’s door opened and she rushed out, Mike behind her; Candy was beaming, “My mother cancelled, so Daddy said I can go if it is still ok, Khun Steve, please?”
My wife and Nut let the elevator go, and Mike was introduced all around; he was shirtless, much bulkier than me, and his shorts were tight and brief, and quickly bulging I could see – as I am sure the girls could also, given they were so much closer to his groin at their eye level. Everyone gave a wai to everyone, but I noted Mike’s eyes on Sam for quite a few moments, “So this is Sam; Candy keeps talking about you – I can see why now!”
I said to Candy, giving her a little hug as she looked up pleading with me, “Of course, Candy; sure you won’t come too Mike?”
“I would love to, but Candy has been, ah, at me all day and my work is behind for tonight – best times for me to correspond with our office in France – and I need a rest and some sleep, while Candy is out. Party next week everyone, ok; now off you go and have a good time; be good Candy.”

He turned, his body in profile, his cock stretching out his shorts; Candy leaned up to me to whisper “I measured him again: you are bigger, Mr. Steve – only a little, but I know you are bigger.”
Oh my; just what a man needs to hear about his cock: comparisons!
But what does Candy do to him to be able to make said comparisons?

Candy came with us; my wife had directions and went first with all the food, and I drove to the closest 7-Eleven and bought what else we needed and then to Alice and Clara’s apartment, unloading and finding them at the pool as Alice had told me they would be.
Lucky I had worn 2 underpants, and I hadn’t trusted myself enough to bring my costumes: Alice was a dream doll in a bikini; the breasts she wouldn’t let me touch last night made my fingers itch, while her mother’s much larger ones were only in a blouse, without a bra, and they were as natural as Nut and my wife’s and all the girls with me: Mike should have come, even if only for a slight lessening of one man versus the world of sultry women I was facing.

The adult women did the food – I am useless at cooking BBQs – and Alice took the girls to change into costumes, as Clara said they had time for a swim first.
I opened wine for the 3 women, left them alone and took a beer to the table under a shady tree; the girls ran out, threw their towels at me all together and ran off to jump and dive into the pool laughing.
“You are lucky I forgot my costumes” I called out to them; Clara said “Alice and I wouldn’t mind if you want to skinny dip, Khun Steve – if your wife doesn’t mind….we do sometimes.”
3 pairs of underpants would have been even better! “Ah, might not be a good idea, thanks Clara; a sunburned bottom is always rather painful!”
The women laughed and returned their attention to getting everything ready, Nut carrying paper plates and plastic cutlery over to my table; she looked at my groin “Cold water helps, I am told” and she chuckled: she had a sense of humour, I grant her.
I drank my beer, moved further away to have a cigarette – and did my best not to look at the water nymphs displaying themselves before my fantasizing imagination….

….then I was jerked from those by a hand on my shoulder; Clara was leaning down over me, her buttons well undone and displaying her erect nipples and big breasts just a few centimetres from my eyes (and tongue, and not far from my cock either); I groaned and she said “Sorry, lunch is ready, if you are, Khun Steve; dreaming were you….” And she was looking at my shorts poking something hard up at her.
“Ah, guess so, Clara; thanks for everything today” I said what came into my head, just for something to take her attention elsewhere.
“Oh, the day is just beginning, Steve – let’s eat first” and she held her hand out to me as I stood, rubbed my face to clear my head and followed her across to a buffet table, Nut having moved the plates and cutlery away from my table it seemed.
The girls were all wet and dripping from their long hair; even my wife and Nut had changed into one-piece costumes, though they were still dry; only Clara and I in clothes.
How could I concentrate on food with so many tantalizing bodies to feast on instead, but Sam came to rescue me and she put a hamburger and sausage on my plate while Alice spooned salad on and Nut got me another beer.

Candy came over and whispered “Not as big a sausage as some I have seen today” and she took one and popped it into her mouth, whole!
I groaned and quickly thanked the girls and turned off to sit down and put the plate heavily over my groin.
With the bread Lisa brought over to me, bending down to ensure my eyes looked where she wanted them to, I made a sandwich and found I was very hungry, devouring it all very quickly, and the beer nearly as quickly.
But no sooner had I finished and wiped my mouth with the tissue serviette, than Lindy came for her turn at serving me, another meal on another plate for me and a new beer; I groaned “Lindy, I will get fat if I eat another one” but she laughed that away and took my empty plate from my lap and pressed the new one down on my cock, her fingers underneath having a quick feel, “Fatter is always good, Mr. Steve.”

I struggled through half of the second burger, but I was full and slumped in my chair, until my bladder told me what was next.
I excused myself to the toilet and Alice offered to show me the way, understandably being the hostess, as she lived here.
Of course, directions would have sufficed but Alice pointed me to the Men’s and said she was going anyway; I left her behind me and stood over a urinal, endless beer eventually coming out when my cock relaxed enough; I sighed and Alice asked from next to me “Finished – then follow me” and she took my dangling, dripping cock in her small hand and pulled me into a cubicle, closing the door behind me; “my turn” was all she said before she sat me down and put her mouth around my cock’s head and slurped it dry of urine, swiped it up and down until the hardness returned and then sank her mouth down and down, swallowing half of me the first time, then ¾, but that was her maximum and I stopped her head when she gagged.
“I want it” she moaned around my cock; “perhaps next time, young Alice” and I stretched my long arms down and, this time, inside her costumes to play with her breasts and thin but long nipples; heavenly it was, even if wrong to some.
She had me as hard as it was possible to be, but I stopped her again and gently said “Alice, we should wait for another private time – there are others out there, remember?”
“I don’t want you to cum, Khun Steve; my Mum said she wants to fuck you first, then I can, so ok, we should go back; but please fuck my Mum soon, so I get you soon also – I don’t want to be left to have to fuck my father again tonight, just because you made me horny and empty again!”
“Oh Alice, you don’t have to do either – me or your father, I am sure; you need to be yourself first.”

“Fucking you would be being myself – it’s who I am” she said emphatically, and I stood her up, used a tissue from my pocket to wipe her mouth and then kissed her, deeply and strongly and longingly; she whimpered and swooned and I broke apart, held her shoulders, away from her nipples, as I stood and pushed my cock back in my underpants and shorts.

Clara was the one I looked at as we reached the tables – knowing Sam would send barbed eyes at me if I looked that way; Clara nodded once and smiled, “Another hamburger, beer, Khun Steve?”
“Ah, just a cigarette – but I will go over there, thank you Clara I am full.” I quickly took myself away from the girls and sat and lit up, but Clara followed me with her own cigarettes in hand.
“You must be busy with a wife and daughter, friends of them both….a strong man are you, Steve?”
I blushed immediately, she smiled acknowledgement, but I had to disabuse her of her ideas; “Not like that, Clara, not at all! My wife and I are, well, not quite like you and your husband I guess; ah, and nong Nut is my wife’s ‘friend’ – I only met her last night after we went home for dinner; ah, she and my wife went to sleep while I slept elsewhere…” I looked at her for understanding; she nodded ok.
“But my husband just wants what he wants, Khun Steve; when he wants, me or Alice – so we are not so different in our marriage relationships, really. But Alice and I are very close, and I can see you are very close to your daughter, very close I can see.”
“Yes, we are; she is my whole life.”
“By the way, Clara, Alice said she has a younger brother – he is not home with you today?”
She grimaced a little, “He does everything with his father, so he went to golf with him.” It seemed clear she didn’t really want to talk about him, so I didn’t ask further.

“Room for 1 more here” Nut asked, before looking at me with a questioning look for one of my cigarettes; I handed the pack and lighter to her and she sat, her breasts facing me in all their glory.
Finished cigarettes, my wife called Nut for a swim and Clara and I went to where the girls had begun cleaning up after lunch, leaving cold sausages, snacks and drinks for any after-takers, but removing all rubbish and trooping behind Alice carrying the items to go up to be washed in their apartment.
Clara went with them, said she would change into costumes and would enjoy a swim herself; I was told to relax here, so I did.

30 minutes later or thereabouts, the ladies had finished fondling in the pool and were out drying their hair when my girls came running around to us, rather breathless.
“Daddy, you’ll never guess what happened! We had just finished washing up and Clara was going to change to come back here. But then Alice’s father and brother came home – oh it was scary, Daddy, the way they looked at us!”
Lindy chimed in “He ordered, not asked: ordered Alice and Clara into the bedroom! Clara said ‘not now – Alice and I have guests at the pool’ but he waved that away and said again ‘in there – unless these young ladies would like to replace you?’”

“Clara told us to go, said ‘I am sorry to your parents’ and we ran out!” Lisa was as excited as the other 2, as if an adventure had just enveloped them, but it was very distressing to me to hear.
But Candy was quiet, perhaps scared more, and I pulled her to me for a hug, stroking her hair and cheek.
“I should go up there and tell him he has scared my young girls” I began, but my wife interrupted “Clara said to go; we should go and not interfere Steve. Come on girls, let’s pack up, you go home with Daddy, Nut will take me.”

Thus ended an afternoon of fun, until that fateful point; I drove the girls home, all quiet and the atmosphere sombre. Candy asked to stay with us for a while longer in case her Dad was still asleep; no problem I assured her.
In the apartment the girls headed for showers while I hung out the towels and went for another shower myself, dressing in my standard house shorts afterwards and discarding the extra underpants and heavy shorts into the washing basket; I sat on the sofa to watch the News.
Lindy was out first, dressed in a simple shift, her hair still dripping down wetting her – wetting her puffy mounds of young breasts and raising her nipples with the coolness of the water.
She flopped herself down in my lap, then curled her legs up and laid her head on my bare chest; her shift rode up her perfect young legs, her chest was staring at me – and my cock was pushing up at her through the thin material of these wrongly-chosen shorts, and equally thin material of her dress.
I stroked her nipples and lower abdomen, just gently; “Ah” she sighed “Now this would be nice to do for the rest of the day, just you and me, Daddy Steve, well, until it is love-making time again, like last night – the trouble is: you have too many girls and there’s never enough time for me!”

“Well, Lindy love, perhaps you need more boys!”
“I don’t want boys, not after you, and it is you I want and love, Steve” she paused, thinking, “but perhaps that man we met this morning, Candy’s Daddy….he seemed to like us girls, didn’t he?”
It was a mischievous tone she was using, trying to arouse jealousy perhaps; “perhaps you should ask Candy for an introduction, young lady, and find out if he does – if that’s what you want….”
“Wouldn’t you be upset and jealous if I did?”
“Oh, I guess Lisa and Sam, maybe Alice and Amy, oh and April…perhaps they would comfort me and make me feel better after you left; oh, I would get over it, I suppose….”
She punched my arm hard, “I know you are just saying those things!”

“What things?” asked Lisa coming to join us, same shift-like dress, same dripping hair, but no bra and bigger mounds and those cherry-sized nipples already hard without water on them; I moaned and Lindy pushed against the jerking under her bottom.
“Lisa, his cock is aching for you, under me, and he said I should ask Candy to meet her Daddy, see if he likes young girls like me, because you would comfort him then!”
“Khun Steve said that to you?”
“Wait, wait Lisa; Lindy is not telling the conversation as it was. What I said was….” and I told her my version, the truthful one.
“Well, Lindy, that man, Mike – he did seem to like us this morning, did you see how horny he got there in just a minute!”
“And Lisa, I heard Candy say he is about the same size as Daddy Steve – but Steve is a bit bigger; yes, so he might be fun mightn’t he, for us; let’s go and ask Candy about him!”
Lindy took Lisa’s hand and they ran back to the bedroom and closed the door; what has been started now, I wondered!


(I couldn’t stop writing this Chapter, hence the length….but it isn’t finished….

Candy told the girls [and Sam told me later in bed] her Daddy had kicked out her mother when he found his wife in bed ‘molesting’ Candy – that’s what she said he called it – yet Candy had enjoyed what her mother and she did, and had done for a long time.
After, she was lonely in bed by herself, so she crawled in with her Daddy one night; he sleeps nude, so she took off her nightie and cuddled him the same.
When he found her there, his cock had grown and he said it was better for Candy to know a man, not a woman, and he very gently, over a few days, began having sex with her….
They still do, she told them, and she likes it with her Daddy, but can’t picture another boy ever and gradually her Daddy has come to understand she really does like it with other girls – she would with her mother, but she knows this upsets her Daddy so much, so she pretends she doesn’t want to see her – like today when she really did want to come to the BBQ this time, so she was happy her mother cancelled her visit.
Would he like Lindy and Lisa, they asked her; she said what they had about him getting horny when he met them, so she was sure he liked them….did they want her to take them over and say “hello”….

Chapter 7 is in my imagination as I finish this….

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