Daniel and I had been friends since we were five. He was fourteen when he got sick and found out he had cancer and only had a year to live. I spent a lot of time with him and the few treatments he had made him violently ill. His dad left and his mom tried to make it up but she was stressed. His sixteen year old sister became a lot nicer.

Both of them had trouble sleeping and took sleeping pills every night. When I slept over we would wait and then go watch movies or play video games until early in the morning. It was almost six months and Daniel was very weak. It was the start of summer and a time when we would normally run around at night, his mom and sister had gone to bed an hour before.

We were watching a movie that was rated and he looked at me during a scene with a woman showing her breasts, “I can not get hard anymore.”

I bit my lip and then shrugged, “it is not like we have a girl to fuck.”

He looked at the hall and then grinned, “want to see and feel a naked woman?”

I looked at the hall, “um... your mom?”

He stood slowly, “or Emma.”

I stood and grinned, “they will not wake up?”

Daniel shook his head and started walking and I hurried to catch up as my cock got hard. He went to his mother’s bedroom and glanced at me before opening the door. We snuck in and to the bed and he turned a dim yellow light on the night stand on. I hissed but he grinned and pulled the sheet over his mother down, “she and Emma sleep naked.”

I stared at her body and absently straightened my cock. He chuckled and reached out to cup a breast, “she has great tits.”

I nodded but was looking at her bald pussy. He grinned, “she does not shave so it is permanent.”

I grinned and reached out to feel her pussy. She sighed and spread her legs and I looked at her face before looking at Daniel. He grinned and reached out to slip a finger into her. She moaned and her hips lifted and he looked at me. I began feeling her pussy and rubbing and he bumped me.

I looked at him and he shifted, “would you fuck her for me?”

I looked at him and then at his mother before nodding. He grinned, “lets turn her onto her side and move her butt closer to the edge.”

I looked at him and he grinned, “you can fuck her standing and I can watch.”

I grinned as I helped him turn and move his mother. I pushed my pants down and Daniel grinned, “I hope your mule dick does not wake her up.”

I looked at my big thick cock, “um...”

He hit my shoulder, “do it.”

I moved closer and bent my cock before slowly sinking it into her. Her pussy was hot and slippery and felt like the best thing in the world. I sighed before I pulled almost out and began to fuck her while he stared. I tried to keep going slow so he could see but she became very wet and slippery. Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and she began to moan and shift.

I started fucking her firmly and her pussy took every inch and I was shoving against her cervix. I finally buried my cock and pressed as she shook and spewed cum. I shivered and grunted as I unloaded huge spurts and gushed sperm into her. When I was done Daniel grinned and pulled me back and we looked at her pussy to see a little cum begin to leak out.

He gestured to the door and I pulled my sleeping pants up and covered her. He shut the light out and we closed the door before heading down the hall. He chuckled and bumped my shoulder, “that was awesome.”

I grinned, “she felt so good I wanted to do her again.”

He stopped and looked at me before moving to Emma’s door. He opened it and peeked in before pushing it wider and gesturing. I grinned as I walked into the room and crossed to the bed. Emma was a brunette with short hair. I pulled the sheet back and looked at her naked body as Daniel turned her desk lamp on. He came to the bed as I carefully moved her.

I froze as one leg slipped off the bed but he grinned and reached between her legs. He fucked a finger in and out and looked at me, “she is really wet.”

I grinned as I pushed my pants down and moved closer. I pushed into her and her pussy was tighter than Gloria’s. She was very slippery as I slowly buried my cock and she shivered and moaned. I hesitated and looked at Daniel and he gestured for me to fuck her. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I felt her cervix open.

I groaned as her tight pussy began to grasp my cock. I kept fucking her and she started to shift and wiggle. She tilted her hips as I slowly began to fuck her firmly. I kept it up as she began to grunt and moan with each deep stroke. Daniel grinned as he pushed a finger into her ass and started to fuck it. She shuddered and wiggled as she began to moan louder.

Her pussy was grabbing and clenching my cock and I grunted and shoved as I buried it. I held her hips as I gushed cum into her and she squirmed and sighed while her pussy constantly tightened. When I was done I pulled out and we moved her back onto the bed and covered her before leaving. Daniel was tired so I helped him to his room.

It was a month before I found out Gloria and Emma were pregnant. Daniel could not even get out of bed and I was trying to comfort him. We were watching a new movie when they came in and sat on his bed. His mom bit her lips, “um... honey?”

Daniel sighed and smiled as he turned his head, “yes?”

She blushed, “have you done things with us while we sleep?”

I looked at them and Daniel looked back and forth, “things?”

Emma took his hand, “did you fuck us while we were asleep?”

He grinned, “I have felt you a few times.”

He looked at me as I blushed, “I made Alex fuck you. I tried but couldn’t.”

They looked at me and his mom cleared her throat, “why?”

He looked down, “I wanted to feel what it was like before...”

I shifted, “next time around Dan.”

I could not stop the silent tears and turned so he would not see. He grinned, “next time I will start as soon as my cock can get hard.”

I looked at his mom and she smiled and hugged him. He touched Emma, “would you fuck Alex for me?”

She blinked and looked at me as she blushed and then smiled, “the reason we came to talk about it was we are pregnant.”

I was stunned and looked at my friend and he was grinning as he looked back, “cool. I bet they are girls though.”

I hit his leg, “I was trying for boys.”

He laughed and coughed which made me stop teasing. He looked at his mom and sister, “maybe you can give him boys next time.”

Emma stood, “do you want to watch?”

He grinned, “yeah. You and mom are hot.”

She grinned and began undressing as she walked around the bed, “undress Alex.”

I looked at Daniel and he gestured, “do it so I can see your cock in her.”

I stood and turned the chair before I undressed. His mom had stripped and was sitting beside him and had pulled his hand to her pussy. I hesitated before sitting and letting Emma straddle me and slowly sit on my cock as she leaned against me. She groaned and wiggled, “damn you have a big cock.”

I blushed as Daniel laughed, “it is amazing to see you take his mule dick.”

I blushed harder and she wiggled and looked into my face before giving me a kiss, “it is just the right size.”

She started to rock and I held her hips, “thrust back and forth so he can see.”

She hesitated and then grinned as she tilted her hips and started rubbing on me. She shuddered and looked at me before kissing me as she bounced and twisted and rolling her hips. Her warm pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing and she began to shake and shudder. The feel of my cock slipping in and out of her was just like I remembered.

She was breathing hard as she kept shoving down while her slick pussy contracted. She began to shake and moan and kissed me passionately as I began to thrust up and into her. It was several minutes before she began to wail and spasm while her wonderful pussy massaged my cock. I was shivering and shuddering while lifting my hips to get my cock into Emma deeper.

She twisted and rolled her hips as her slippery pussy constantly squeezed and grasped. Her eyes had rolled up as she convulsed and I groaned and held her down. My balls churned and my cock throbbed as it pressed against the back of her pussy. I grunted a moment later as my cock erupted and I spewed a geyser up and into her.

She jerked and shoved down hard when she felt the warm sperm, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her as she turned and twisted and rubbed on me while her pussy massaged and milked my cock. When I was done I slowly relaxed as Emma leaned against me panting. I looked around her at Daniel and saw him asleep with a smile on his face. I looked at Gloria and she was watching him and looked at me before she smiled, “he fell asleep.”

I hugged Emma, “I am sorry.”

She looked at me and then at her brother before she sighed and gave me a kiss, “I am not. You felt very good, a lot better than the three boys I have had sex with.”

She stood and moved back before looking between her legs at the cum leaking out of her. She giggled, “I think you just came more than all three too.”

Gloria laughed as she stood and tucked the blanket around Daniel, “come to the kitchen Alex.”

I nodded and started dressing and checked my friend once more before leaving. They were both still naked as they sat at the table with glasses of tea. I sat and blushed and Gloria reached for my hand, “the doctor says he does not have much time.”

I looked at her and then at Emma as she looked at the table. I did not want to cry but it was hard not to, Daniel and I were like brothers. Gloria cleared her throat, “I will need to speak to your parents.”

I looked at her quickly and she smiled, “to be honest I am glad it was you and not Daniel.”

Emma chuckled, “we should have asked you first.”

I blushed, “I can not blame it all on Daniel. I wanted to see you and... well, when I did and he wanted me to... I wanted it too.”

Gloria squeezed my hand, “boys are boys Alex. They see pussy and they want to fuck it.”

Emma laughed and wiggled, “well he has a lot of stuff to get out.”

Her mother grinned and then laughed, “after your brother wakes Alex can fuck me on the bed beside him.”

I looked at her and knew my mouth was open. She stood and bent to kiss me softly, “if Daniel wants to see this I do not mind.”

I looked at Emma and she nodded. I looked at the table, “how long?”

Gloria sighed and rubbed a shoulder, “maybe a week or two.”

I looked at the table and Gloria bent to kiss my cheek. I stood and went back into Daniel’s room and sat to watch him and realized how much drugs he had to take just to keep from hurting. I turned to look at the window and it was awhile before he cleared his throat, “mad?”

I turned to look at him, “no.”

He grinned, “and you got to fuck Emma again.”

I smiled, “yeah. You know I have always had a crush on her.”

He nodded and glanced towards the door before looking at me, “Alex... after I am gone do not leave them alone.”

I nodded and tried not to cry, “I will tie them to the bed every night.”

He grinned, “I knew you were a perv.”

He coughed and gestured, “could you let mom know I need another pill?”

I moved quickly and walked to the door and looked out, “Gloria?”

She was there in a moment and smiled, “need something?”

I shook my head, “he needs another pill.”

She frowned and looked at her watch before nodding. I went back inside and sat in the chair, “want to watch a movie or a game?”

His mom walked in and he shifted, “Alex wants to tie you to the bed every night and fuck you.”

I looked at him and opened my mouth before grinning, “blabber mouth.”

He laughed and coughed but kept grinning at me. His mom had looked at me and then at her son and grinned. After he took the pill Gloria sat and grinned, “want him to fuck me right here beside you?”

I looked at her and Daniel grinned as he looked at me, “do you know the only thing hornier than a rabbit?”

I grinned and he looked at his mother, “Alex.”

She grinned and then giggled and finally laughed. She laid beside Daniel and wiggled as she pushed her butt towards the edge of the bed, “Alex?”

I smiled as I stood and undressed before walking around. I caressed her hip and looked over her at my friend feeling her breasts, “suck on her nipples.”

He grinned and shifted before latching on. She groaned and shivered and I looked at her slit before slowing pushing my cock into her. Her pussy was very warm and felt just as good as before. I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes and watched Daniel sucking and nibbling on her nipples.

She shuddered and her pussy tightened to grasp my cock, “ooohhhh!”

I was careful not to push into her to far as I kept fucking her. It was not long before she was panting and shaking. Her pussy became very wet and slick as it kept grasping my cock each time I pulled back. I began to fuck her firmly and she wailed and shook and Daniel laughed. I watched as he moved up and kissed her on the mouth.

Her pussy clenched and she jerked and spasmed, “baby!”

I fucked her with deep thrusts and planted my cock each time as she clung to her son. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I began to spew sperm. She gasped and shuddered as her pussy milked my cock. It was several moments before I was done and Daniel chuckled, “nice fuck mom.”

She giggled and gave him a kiss, “yeah.”

Three days later Daniel died in his sleep. It hurt and I did not really want to see him put in the ground. After he was buried I was lost and stayed home. It was a week before my mom came into my room and sat on the bed as I stared out the window. She finally sighed, “he is gone Alex and you are not the only one he left. Gloria and Emma need you.”

I looked at her and she caressed my face before handing me a prepaid credit card, “take them to an amusement park before they are to far along. Make love to them and try to enjoy being with them.”

She walked out and I looked at the card before I packed a small bag. I walked across to Daniel’s house and hesitated before I opened the door and walking in like I had been doing for years. I found Gloria in the kitchen staring out the window and looking lonely. I slipped my arm around her waist and she smiled at me, “hey Alex.”

I turned her and gave her a kiss, “I was reminded that you need me. Daniel would kick my butt for not being here with you.”

She caressed my face, “he is gone.”

I felt the pain again but straightened, “not for me. He wanted me to take care of you and Emma and I am going to. Now go pack a bag for a couple of days.”

She blinked and then smiled, “really?”

I nodded and turned her and gave her a push towards the hall, “you will not need night gowns or sleeping pills.”

Once she was gone I went looking for Emma and found her curled up on Daniel’s bed. I sat and reached out to roll her onto her back, “hey lover.”

She smiled, “hi Alex.”

I caressed her pelvis through her dress, “we are going to an amusement park and then I am going to fuck you with your legs up and spread wide so Daniel can see.”

She grinned and then giggled, “he would like that.”

I leaned over her and gave her a kiss, “after you have the baby can I get you pregnant again?”

She hugged me, “if it is a boy we can name him Daniel.”

I grinned, “and Danielle if it is a girl.”

She laughed and I stood and helped her off the bed, “you really want to go to...”

I pushed her towards the door, “go pack for a couple of days.”

When she was gone I looked around the room and could almost feel my friend. I sighed, “I will not forget.”

Alex had a girl and Emma a boy so we named them Danielle and Daniel. It was almost a month after they had the babies. I had moved in with them and we had boxed up all of Daniel’s things. They were no longer using sleeping pills but with the two babies they got little sleep even with me helping.

For a change the babies were asleep. I had been watching them so Gloria and Emma could sleep. I slipped into our bedroom and looked at the two sleeping on the bed. Gloria was on her side with her butt close to the edge and I heard my friend whisper, “I hope your mule dick does not wake her up.”

I knew it was in my mind but grinned as I stripped and moved to the bed. I pulled the sheet back and shifted her before I slowly pushed into her. She moaned and shifted and pushed back, “baby?”

I smiled, “yes mom?”

She sighed, “go ahead and fuck me baby.”

I have for many years and Emma too. I have gotten them both pregnant several times and each time I go visit my friend and let him know.


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