The long cylinder rose a hundred kilometers and spun slowly while it turned around in orbit. Each level on the station was one kilometer high and twenty across. Each level had four or sometime six sub levels and either had farms or animals. My parents had seven levels with a total of thirty six sub levels. At least they did before they died in the shuttle accident.

I had been working in one of the farm sub levels when the station constables came to tell me. It was a day before aunt Brandy arrived. She was not really my aunt, she was my godmother. She was different, when she kissed me it was always on the mouth and she always pressed against me. Her two daughters came with her, Goldy was sixteen and Snow was fourteen.

There was not really bodies since the shuttle had exploded so I just had to endure the legal hassle. I am a little different than other guys, my testicles were twice the size of a normal guy. I also had three and not two so I tended to cum a lot more. Our quarters looked like a log home beside the huge barn on the top sub level.

I came back from moving the cattle and checking the feeders for the sheep and pigs. The chicken houses would be next after I had breakfast. I walked into the kitchen to see Brandy in her robe as she poured coffee. She looked at me and smiled, “hey Sweetness.”

That was what she always called me and I smiled as I crossed to the cooler, “want cream in your coffee?”

She caught my hand and pulled me after her to the table. She set her cup down and sat as she opening my pants, “I have been waiting to have proper cream with my coffee.”

I was stunned as she pulled out my cock and gave it a stroke, “Brandy?”

She stroked my cock and smiled before bending to lick it and then put it in her mouth. Even if I had wanted to I would never have pulled out. She began bobbing her head while using her tongue and I groaned as I slowly thrust into her mouth, “I cum a lot.”

She did not stop or even slow down as she took my cock deeper until I was fucking into her throat. Several minutes and I shuddered and grunted before suddenly gushing a stream of cum. Brandy had taken the first huge load down her throat before pulling back as I pumped and spewed huge spurts into her mouth.

She swallowed as I continued to cum until finally I was done. I sighed and relaxed and she pulled her mouth off before licking my cock clean. She sat back with a smile and picked up her coffee to take a sip, “that was the best cream ever, better than your father’s.”

I looked at her as Goldy slipped an arm around my waist, “and a waste. That kind of cream belongs in a pussy.”

Brandy grinned as Snow pressed against my other side. She stroked my still hard cock, “deep in a pussy.”

I shuddered, “carefully or you both will get it deep in your pussy.”

Goldy grinned, “we are not using implants.”

I looked at her and Brandy chuckled, “and who said they did not want one and wanted to fuck William?”

Snow laughed, “we did.”

Goldy turned and kissed me, “how about a double feature tonight?”

Her mother smiled, “or a triple feature.”

I looked at them and grinned, “sure.”

I was pulled to the table where we had breakfast. The two girls left to help me after we were done as Brandy started looking over all the records. Most of the farms were automated and only needed to be checked and new schedules set. I sent fresh eggs out with a couple of harvests using the new distributor mom and dad had just started using.

The girls seem to enjoy what we did and stayed close. We had lunch together and Brandy joined us to work on the produce farms. We returned to the house in time to clean up and start dinner. I came out wearing just pajama bottoms like Snow and Goldy. I was talking to Brandy when the personal lift chime went off.

I frowned since I did not expect anyone and went to see who it was. There were three men, two large men that shouted muscle and a third that was fat. I opened the door as I unlocked the lift and waited. They came out of the lift and headed towards me with the fat man in the led. He stopped a couple of feet away, “you should have taken the warning farmer.”

I frowned, “Mr Edwards.”

He looked around, “I warned your parents using another distributor would be dangerous.”

He looked right at me, “you could have an accident too.”

I ignored Brandy as she stopped behind me, “are you threatening me?”

He snorted, “did you think the shuttle exploded all on its own?”

My eyes narrowed, “you killed my parents?”

He smiled, “slow but you are...”

I snapped a kick out and into his groin before moving forward. The two men lunged and reached for me as Mr Edwards went back and down. I moved to the right and caught the man’s fingers that was reaching for me. He screamed as I grabbed, squeezed and yanked them back and to the left.

I kicked out and to the right into the other man’s knee to hear it snap as he screamed. I let the one man go as I moved after Edwards, he was trying to pull something out of his jacket as I stepped and brought a foot down. He screamed as I broke his ribs and bent to yank the pistol he had started to pull.

I moved to the other men and kicked them before searching them and taking weapons. I stood and was thinking of the lower airlock. Brandy put her hand on my shoulder, “the station constables are his.”

I looked at her before grinning, “but the imperial inspector here to find the cause of the shuttle explosion are not.”

She grinned as she turned to go make a call, “and I had the porch surveillance switched on.”

Thirty minutes later four space marshals and the imperial inspector followed the float to the lift. They had the vids of Mr Edwards making his threats and really wanted to question him under a truth scan. I closed the door feeling a little better. Brandy and the girls were quiet as we ate dinner and I cleaned up after and headed to bed.

I tried to relax and looked at my door when it opened. Goldy was the first through and then Snow with Brandy behind her. They dropped their robes to show they were naked and I lifted my hips as I pushed my pajamas down and off. Goldy moved onto the bed as I threw the covers off and she straddled me.

She laid on me and gave me a kiss before sitting up and lifting. She positioned my cock before wiggling and pushing down. Slowly my cock was forced all the way into her. She sighed and wiggled while her pussy tightened, “now when you cum it will go where it belongs.”

Brandy and Snow laughed as I grinned and reached up to cup and feel her breasts. She began to roll her hips and rub her pussy back and forth. It did not take her long to shudder as her pussy tightened. She twisted and moaned as she began rocking and almost pulling off my cock before shoving back and down.

She began to breath harder and pant as she shook and moaned. I was thrusting up to push my cock into her deeper. Goldy shuddered and jerked while her slick pussy kept gripping and grasping my cock. She wailed and spasmed a minute later as she fell on me. I hugged her and rolled before I began to fuck her with deep strokes as I tried to cum.

She kept lifting her hips and her pussy constantly grasped my cock. Several minutes later she wailed and spasmed hard while her pussy became slick and gripped my cock tight. I continued to fuck her and started to press and grind. It was a couple of minutes before I shoved into her and held her while my cock erupted and I gushed cum through her cervix.

Goldy jerked while her pussy tightened and kept squeezing my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept pressing into her and spewing cum as she shuddered and her pussy milked my cock. When I finished I sighed and kissed her and she shivered and gave me a hug, “that is where cum belongs.”

I grinned as Brandy and Snow laughed and pulled out. I turned to push Snow back as she reached for me and her mother moved down between Goldy’s legs. I moved over Snow and gave her a kiss and moved down. She spread her legs as I moved to her pussy and licked through it. She shivered as I kept licking and pushed my tongue into her and then covered her clit.

I sucked hard and began wiggling my tongue while she humped and shuddered. I continued to use my tongue on her clit and suck while she began to jerk and writhe around. She finally pushed me away as she tried to close her legs and I moved up and over her. She reached between us and then pulled on me and my cock pushed into her.

She sighed and wiggled as I pushed deeper and then pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She lifted her hips and put her legs over my thighs while her pussy began to clench and squeeze. She was tight but slippery and started to shudder quickly. She jerked and spasmed a couple of minutes later as I buried my cock.

I rode her as she bucked and thrashed around while her pussy constantly contracted. She wailed and shuddered while kissing me and I finally pulled back and began fucking her with deep thrusts. I used firm strokes and rubbed against her each time I buried my cock. Her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed as I kept fucking her.

She wiggled and screamed while clutching me and bucking. I buried my cock and kissed her as I humped and rubbed against her. I continued to jab into her and rub as I tried to get deeper and cum. Snow was clinging to me while her slippery pussy contracted. I pulled back and started to fuck her hard and deep and a minute later shoved into her quickly.

She was thrashing around as I pushed and began gushing spurts of cum. She yelled when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

She wiggled while her pussy squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock. I humped and rubbed against her until I finished and kiss her before pulling out. Goldy snickered as Snow groaned and shuddered and I stalked onto Brandy who laid back. She put her arms around me as I pushed into her and gave her a kiss and started to fuck her.

I used deep strokes and paused to rub or grind each time I buried my cock. Brandy shook while hugging me and her pussy contracted, “ooohhh!”

I started to fuck her firmly and she began to jerk while her warm pussy constantly tightened. It was not long before she was writhing around and thrusting up while crying out. Each long deep strokes was planted before I pressed and rubbed and then pulled back to do it again. Several minutes and she started convulsing and thrashing around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I grinned as I kissed her and then fucked her hard and deep. I kept it up as she began to buck and spasm while she squirted and her pussy gripped my cock. I finally shoved into her and tried to push deeper before I began to pump cum into her open cervix. Brandy screamed and clutched me when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her, “YES!”

When I was done I looked at Goldy rubbing her pussy and pulled out before stalking towards her. She grinned as she spread her legs and held out her arms while her sister giggled. I woke to my alarm with Snow on me and Goldy and her mother against each side. I caressed her hips before carefully shifting to lay her on the bed and moving over Brandy to climb out.

She caught me and I smiled as I settled between her legs, “I have chores.”

She humped and I grinned, “start that and you will not get any cream with your coffee.”

Brandy grinned and I kissed her before moving off her and out of bed. First was the bathroom and a shower and then I got dressed and went out. I went to check the cows being milked and then the egg collection for the different types of birds. I watched the scan as the eggs were scanned to see which were fertile.

I went to a sub level to make sure the auto feeders were working. It was a couple of hours before I returned to the house. The girls and Brandy were in the kitchen naked and I put fresh eggs and milk in the cooler. I turned at Goldy’s touch and she grinned and kissed my cheek, “Snow gets your cum with her coffee.”

Brandy grinned as I started for Snow who turned and bent over the table. I rubbed her pussy, “it looks like she is still a little cummy.”

They laughed as I opened my pants before slowly sinking my cock into her. She wiggled as I started to fuck her with long thrusts. Her pussy was tight and very warm as it kept grasping my cock. I continued to fuck her and she began to moan and shake. She tried to push back and her pussy was clenching harder.

I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes and she began to howl. She screamed a minute later as I buried my cock and she started to spasm. I humped and kept pushing against and then into her cervix. She wiggled and squirmed while her pussy gripped my cock, “YES!”

I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She shook and jerked as I kept planting my cock all the way inside her. It was several minutes before I shoved into her and grunted as I gushed cum. She twisted and pushed back while warm sperm was pumped through her cervix, “oooohhhhh!”

I held her as I spewed and spurted and when I finished I sighed and slowly pulled out. I rubbed her butt before heading towards the coffee maker. I drank a cup of coffee while Brandy made me breakfast and the girls cleaned up. I smiled as I headed for the door and Brandy ran to catch me. She put on an old pair of mom’s overshoes and put her arm though mine.

I shook my head since she was naked but took her with me. Snow and Goldy found us a couple of hours later, they had new overshoes and nothing else. It was nice to have company as I worked and they seemed to enjoy being with me. I was checking the water at one of the tanks on the fish farm when Brandy began rubbing my crotch.

I looked at her as Snow and Goldy laughed, “horny?”

She grinned and nodded and I pulled her to the side of a tank and bent her over it. I opened my pants and pushed them down before slowly pushing into her. She pushed back as her pussy tightened and I began to fuck her with long strokes. Each time I buried my cock I pressed to get deeper as her pussy grasped.

She wiggled and then began moaning and shuddering. I started to fuck her a little harder and she clung to the side of the tank and began to wail. She was constantly shoving back as I kept plunging into her. When she came she stiffened as her pussy clenched and then she would shake and shudder hard as she screamed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

After the fourth time I was fucking her hard and deep and finally held her as I shoved into her and grunted. I shivered as I gushed a huge solid stream of cum. Brandy spasmed and jerked as I kept spurting until I was finished. I caught my breath as her pussy continued to pulse and massage my cock. I pulled out and stood her up before turning her and giving her a kiss.

It was lunch time before Goldy turned me and pushing me down on a stool. We were in one of the barns and she bent to open my pants and pull them down before straddling me. She wiggled down my cock and hugged me before she began to rock and bounce as her pussy seemed to ripple. She wiggled and thrust back and forth and kissed me hard.

I smiled as I held her close and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing. She wiggled before starting to rub her pussy back and forth again and moaned. It was a minute before she shuddered and howled as she began to twist and turn. Her pussy was a lot slipperier and she was breathing hard.

A little while and she was lifting and shoving down onto my cock as she yelled. She jerked and spasmed while screaming and struggling. Each time she came she would scream it out so any and everyone heard. Finally I grabbed her and pulled her down hard before my cock erupted.

She stiffened and spread her legs and lifted them off the floor before the geyser of cum was pumped through her cervix, “aaaaahhhhh!”

She hugged me as I gushed and spewed and finally spurted sperm into her. When I was done she was panting and wiggling as her slimy pussy milked my cock. I relaxed and she gave me a kiss before shifting back and standing, “right where I needed it.”

I grinned as I stood and kissed her and pulled my pants up. I went back to work and when I finished and sat to eat all three were there. After I ate I fucked each of them and came in Brandy before I went back to work. I have gotten all three of them pregnant many times over the years. All three help me and still only wear the boots.

Of course all my daughters tend to do the same thing. Every morning one of them gets cream with their coffee.
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