Mom and Dianne were best friends and lovers. Dianne had twins girls that were teenagers. We did everything together, go to movies or camping or take vacations. I was a year older than the girls and doing all the man type chores for both houses. I knew mom and Dianne were lovers because I had walked in on them last year by accident.

It was the start of summer and I had slept in before mowing the yards. It was the weekend so mom and Dianne were home and Holly and Kayla were whispering together with them. I cleaned the mower and edged before going out back to use the hose to wash off. Mom stepped out, “Billy?”

I hesitated as I shut the water off, “yeah mom?”

She smiled, “come in the house.”

I used my tee shirt to dry off as I followed her in and back to the guest bedroom. Holly and Kayla were wearing robes and sitting on the bed. Mom looked at me, “the girls were playing doctor and needed a patient.”

I opened my mouth to protest but mom pushed me into the room, “you get to play and explore them too.”

I looked at her as she closed the door and turned to look at the girls, “um...”

Holly walked to me and pulled me to the bed before opening my shorts and pushing them down and off. Kayla pulled me onto the bed, “lay back so we can examine you.”

My cock was hard as I did what she said and the girls started feeling me and giggling. They teased as they caressed my arms and legs or chest. When Kayla cupped my balls I sucked in a breath, “not to hard.”

She grinned and looked at Holly, “they feel really full and need to be emptied.”

Holly grinned as she wrapped her hand around my cock, “his penis is leaking and swollen. We need to help him reduce the swelling.”

I groaned as they giggled and Holly slipped her robe off. Kayla bent and swallowed the head of my cock and I felt her tongue licking and teasing before she pulled back, “salty, he needs help.”

Holly was naked and straddled me before leaning forward to rub her breasts on me, “want to give me an injection to help the swelling go down?”

I pulled and rolled before ending between her legs, “my swelling may go down after six or eight times but you girls might have a different swelling.”

She grinned as Kayla giggled and I lifted to look between us and push my hard cock against Holly’s pussy. I pushed harder and slowly forced my cock into her. She groaned as my cock spread and stretched her pussy before sinking all the way in. Her warm pussy felt like heaven to me as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long slow thrusts.

She hugged me as she humped up and I slowly fucked her and gave her a kiss. I kept up with the long deep thrusts and it was not long before she was shuddering while her pussy became slippery. I continued to kiss her and enjoy the way her pussy felt around my cock. It was several minutes before I thrust all the way into her quickly and began to gush cum.

Holly clutched me as her pussy tightened to grip my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I humped and pushed as I kept spurting cum into her. I sighed when I stopped cumming and Holly humped up as her cummy pussy squeezed, “you need to inject Kayla now.”

I grinned as I looked at Kayla laid back naked with her legs spread. I pulled out of Holly before moving over and between Kayla’s legs. I rubbed the head of my cock in her slit before humping and slowly forcing it into her. Like her sister her pussy was extremely tight and hot. I pushed deeper and kissed her as I began to fuck her with long thrusts.

She hugged me as my cock kept stretching her pussy and started hitting her cervix. I kept kissing her as I continued to fuck her slowly. She squirmed and moaned and humped and her tight pussy was grasping my cock almost constantly. I started pushing all the way in and holding her as her pussy tightened around my cock before I pulled back.

I humped and began to jab into her and grind as she thrashed and clung to me while yelling. I fucked her firmly as she wiggled and jerked in spasms. It was a couple of minutes before I thrust all the way into her. I kissed her passionately while I gushed and spewed sperm. She hugged me tight as her pussy squeezed my cock repeatedly and milked the cum into her.

She jerked and shook as I flooded her and when I was done I sighed and gave her a soft kiss. She let me go and I pulled out to hear mom and Dianne chuckle and close the door. I looked at Holly and she grinned before rolling over and going to her knees. I fucked the two all afternoon until we were exhausted and fell asleep together.

I woke to Dianne shaking us and helping us out of bed and into the bathroom. She showed me how to give the girls a douche and then pushed us into the shower because she said we smelled like cum. After the shower the girls went to the guest bedroom and I went to mine to get dressed.

When we came out for dinner mom and Dianne were all kissy and kept touching each other. I helped the girls clean up after and then sat with them to watch a movie. Mom and Dianne had gone to mom’s bedroom so we were left alone. When the movie ended Kayla shut everything off as Holly pulled me up.

They pulled me back to the guest bedroom and striped as I undressed. I did not want to admit my cock was more than a little sensitive. Holly climbed into bed and her sister pushed me in before shutting off the light and following. They snuggled against me with their heads on my shoulder. I looked at them and then smiled as I closed my eyes.

Mom woke us early the next day and then I was helping the girls and Dianne carry stuff from their house to ours. It was noon before we took a break and ate lunch. After lunch mom and Dianne went out shopping and the girls pulled me to the guest bedroom where all their things were now.

Kayla stripped as she backed to the bed with Holly undressing me. She pushed me towards the bed, “we need a few injections doctor.”

Kayla grinned as she laid back, “yeah we are hoping something starts swelling.”

I grinned as I moved onto the bed and between her legs, “something is already swollen.”

I pushed into Kayla as she put her arms around me, “we were hoping our swelling would last another nine months.”

I looked at her and then at Holly, “does your mom know?”

They laughed and Kayla humped, “Yeah. Aunt Denise is going to be our doctor.”

That was another friend of mom and Dianne. I pulled back before starting to fuck her with long thrusts as I thought about getting the two pregnant. I continued to fuck her and she began to hump and thrust up while her pussy grasped and tightened. I kissed her and buried my cock, “I think this procedure is going to require several months before we begin to see results.”

Kayla grinned and shook me, “and constant injections?”

Holly laughed and gave my butt a swat, “so make sure you deposit the medicine in her nice and deep.”

I laughed as I began to fuck Kayla with long deep thrusts. She sighed and humped up as she hugged me and shuddered. Her pussy grasped and constantly squeezed each time I buried my cock. She was almost hot and her pussy was velvety as it gripped my cock. A couple of minutes and she began to shudder and moan louder.

I buried my cock to hump and grind and she clutched me a minute later. She wailed and spasmed while her pussy gripped my cock tight. I kept fucking her firmly with deep strokes as she wiggled and bucked and wailed. It was awhile before I buried my cock as I kissed her. She clung to me as my cock gushed strong spurts of warm sperm against her cervix.

She jerked and spasmed as I pumped cum into her fertile belly. When I stopped cumming I sighed and kissed her before pulling out. Holly was on her stomach and went to her knees but kept her head and shoulders on the bed. I grinned and rubbed through her slit before moving behind her and pushing into her tight pussy.

She pushed back as my cock sank into her and moaned while shivering. I held her hips with my cock buried to enjoy her hot pussy as it squeezed my cock. She pushed back a minute later and I pulled back before I began to fuck her with long thrusts. I paused with each deep stroke to feel her warm pussy around my cock.

It was not long before she was shuddering and pushing back constantly. I began to fuck her harder with deep thrusts and she wailed and started jerking. I slowed a few minutes later as I felt my balls begin to churn. I kept using long deep strokes and Holly continued to jerk back and forth as she howled and yelled.

Her pussy was constantly squeezing and grasping my cock as it became wetter and slipperier. I groaned as I felt myself getting close and started fucking her firmly and began to bury my cock and push. A minute and I was shoving all the way into her as she jerked and spasmed.

She gasped and screamed when she felt the warm sperm suddenly pumping into her, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I held her hips as I continued to spew and spurt until I was done. I let her go to slip off my cock and drop to the bed panting. I laid between her and Kayla who giggled and turned to stroke my cummy cock, “do me again?”

I did them both again before we got dressed. Mom and Dianne were home but did not say anything as we started chores and helped with dinner. After dinner I pulled the girls into my bedroom and stripped them before turning my TV on and changing the channel to one the girls wanted. We laid on the bed to watch and I felt them the whole time.

Mom and Dianne came in a little later and grinned as they sat on the bed. As they left they shut the lights off and I grinned as I fingered Holly until she shuddered and closed her legs. She grinned at me and Kayla pulled on me, “fuck me.”

It was awhile before we went to sleep and both of them had their heads on my shoulder. I woke to my alarm and mom beside the bed. I washed the girls in the shower before we had breakfast. All I could think about was fucking the two girls. Mom told me we were going camping and I went to check the three plastic boxes with the camping supplies.

By the time we left mom and Dianne had me remove my and the girls sleeping bags and our air mattress since they were old and small. We had to stop for food and ice and they bought a large double sleeping bag and king size air mattress. The whole way to the campground the two girls were clinging to me.

Our site was way in the back and I ended up setting up the two air mattresses and two double sleeping bags in the tent. I did not think we would be able to have sex but Holly barely waited before stripping. I looked at the open tent door and Kayla grinned, “we need our pregnancy injection.”

I grinned as I undressed and followed Holly onto the air mattress as she laid back. I felt and caressed her pelvis and then her pussy mound before fingering her clit. She shuddered and grinned as she humped up. I ignored Kayla and then mom and Dianne when they knelt beside the air mattress.

I moved over Holly and kissed her, “I need to give you an oral exam before giving you an injection.”

She grinned as the others laughed and I moved down her body. I opened her pussy before licking through it and wiggling my tongue on her clit. I sucked and teased it and began licking her and pushing my tongue into her. I kept it up for what seemed like a long time before I moved up and kissed and lifted, “now you can have your injection.”

She grinned as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her slowly to start with. It was not long before she was shuddering as her pussy tightened and then she was moaning and jerking around. I fucked her a little harder with long deep thrusts and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me.

I continued to kiss her as I fucked her firmly and she started struggling and then thrashing around, “aaaahhhh!”

She wet me as her pussy clenched and kept grasping my cock. I smiled as I buried my cock to hump and jab and press. Holly wailed as her pussy gripped my cock and she spasmed, “yyyeeeessss!”

I pulled back to fuck her firmly as I tried to cum and she continued to jerk while her tight pussy constantly clenched around my cock. I finally pushed into her and held her as I gushed and spewed. She jerked and pulled me down for a long hard kiss as I kept pumping spurts of cum. When I was done she sighed and I slowly pulled out.

I laid back to catch my breath and mom moved onto the bed and laid on me, “baby?”

I put my arms around her and smiled, “mom?”

She bit her lip, “could you get Dianne and me pregnant?”

I blinked and looked from her to Dianne, “but I thought...”

Mom gave me a kiss, “we are but we want to have another baby.”

I looked at Holly and Kayla, “so you need injections to get pregnant.”

The girls grinned as mom giggled, “just until we get pregnant.”

I nodded, “okay.”

Kayla pulled on her, “he needs to give one to me first.”

Mom smiled as she let Kayla pull her off me. I shook my head, “first you need an oral exam.”

Holly giggled, “mom can give it to her.”

I grinned as I looked over my mother who laughed as she pushed Kayla onto her back and Dianne crawled over us to join her. While mom began sucking on her nipples Dianne moved down and started licking her pussy. Kayla wiggle and moaned and humped and Holly giggled as she started sucking on my nipples.

I shivered and pulled her up to kiss her as she grinned. A few minutes later Kayla was jerking and twisting and her mother moved. Mom turned to move over me as Holly gave me a push, “she passed her oral exam.”

They laughed and I grinned as I moved over Kayla. I kissed her and lifted and pushed into her tight pussy. I did it slowly while she wiggled and thrust up and sighed. I settled on her and started to fuck her slowly with deep strokes. She put her arms around me and kept humping up as we kissed. Her pussy constantly squeezed as she started to pant and shudder.

Each time I pushed into her I would rub or grind while my cock throbbed against her cervix. It was not long before she was clutching me while jerking. Her pussy clenched around my cock as I tried to pull it out and she began to howl and wail. I kissed her and began to fuck her harder and she started bucking and writhing around, “aaaahhhh!”

Mom was moaning and both Holly and Dianne were between her legs licking her pussy. I continued to fuck Kayla hard and deep and she kept clutching me and shaking while her tight pussy was constantly squeezing. She howled and began to buck and writhe around, “yyyeeessss!”

It was a few more minutes before I kissed her as I buried my cock and began pumping cum. She jerked and shuddered while her pussy massaged every drop of sperm into her. I relaxed when I was done and Kayla sighed and sagged to the sleeping bag, “yummy.”

Everyone laughed as I gave her a kiss and humped before pulling out. Holly pulled on me, “we gave your mom an oral exam.”

I laughed as mom and Dianne grinned and moved over and between my mother’s legs. I kissed her and lifted to push into her in one slow thrust. I buried my cock and settled to wait as I kept kissing her. She sighed and shivered before her pussy squeezed and she humped, “oh!”

I grinned and pulled back before I began to fuck her slowly with long deep strokes. Mom put her arms around me and wiggled as I kept fucking her. She wiggled and kept humping while her pussy began to constantly grasp and clench. I was still kissing her and a few minutes later she stiffened before suddenly screaming as she thrashed around and bucked, “BABY!”

I fucked her with deep grinding thrusts as she clutched me and continued to shake. The thought that I was fucking my mother and would get her pregnant kept me going and planting my cock. It was several minutes before I kissed her as I shoved into her and pressed. My balls were churning and my cock throbbing before I began to gush and spew.

Mom yelled when she felt the warm cum spurting and pumping into her. She hugged me tight as her pussy massaged and milked my cock. When I was done I relaxed and gave her a kiss. I pulled out and laid back and Dianne moved over between mom’s spread legs, “how was the medicine?”

She grinned and hugged her, “the doctor made it feel very nice.”

The girls giggled and Dianne grinned as she looked at me. Holly pulled her mother off mom and I moved as she was laid back. Kayla and Holly moved down to start licking her pussy. I grinned as I laid beside her and bent to lick one of her breasts and suck on the nipple. She shuddered and held my head as I kept sucking on the nipple and she spasmed and began jerking.

Holly pulled on me and I shifted and moved over Dianne before pushing into her. She groaned and wiggled as her very warm pussy tightened, “mmm!”

I began slowly with long strokes and buried my cock each time. She put her arms around me and wiggled and shuddered. It was a few minutes before she humped and grinned as her pussy squeezed, “hard?”

I kissed her before I began to fuck her firmly with deep, grinding strokes. She was thrusting up and shaking while her pussy constantly massaged my cock. I began to rub and grind each time and soon she was wiggling and thrashing around as she clutched me and screamed. She squirted and her pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock.

I kissed her as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. She was thrusting up and bucking while hugging me and tossing her head. When I finally shoved into her and grunted she screamed again and lifted her hips, “YES!”

I spurted and spewed and pumped until I was done and settled to wait for her to get her breath back. I pulled out and moved and mom took my place and kissed her. Dianne giggled, “I might have to ask for regular injections.”

Mom laughed and kissed her before looking at me as I pulled Holly and Kayla out of the bed, “maybe we both will.”

By the time we came home from camping everything had changed again. Mom and Dianne still slept together and made love to each other but usually once everyday I would get to love them with the girls. The girls did not really get pregnant for another two years but mom and Dianne did.

When I got the girls pregnant mom and Dianne got pregnant again too. The girls still like to pull me to the bedroom to play doctor.
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