I learned most of the beginning later. My mother became addicted on the a mutanegic drug before I was born. Several things happened that brought me to where I am now. One month after I was conceived my mother went into a coma and that was when two things happened. My grandfather entered the picture and they found out my mother was pregnant.

She was my grandfather’s only child and her mother had died so I was the only grandchild he would ever see. They knew it was a matter of hours or maybe a day before my mother would die. I was removed and placed in an artificial womb and six hours later she died. Simple tests the doctors ran brought another crisis.

There were sever mutations that meant I would be born blind and deaf and the spine was fused. I was not terminated because my grandfather had an idea. He was a specialist in artificial intelligence and was willing to break any and every rule or law to save his grandson. I was taken to term and when I was born he was there and took me away.

He worked on a huge station for a company that specialized in virtual reality game worlds. He hooked me up to a computer and transferred my mind into a new but empty AI sphere. In the virtual world, time is different and being in an AI sphere it was much more so. I lived in the nanosecond which meant for every second in the real world it was over thirty years in mine.

The realm I was in was called Warrior’s Realm. I was raised by an AI in the game called Mentor. From incoherent thoughts to speech and walking. He taught me to read, write and speak the hundred languages that made up the wizards language. That was what I became, well an apprentice.

After a hundred years I became a journeyman and finally five hundred years later I was a full wizard. I spent several hundred years learning the ways of war after that. I traveled with elves and learned to hunt or track from them. I spent a couple of hundred years learning to work metal from dwarves.

I traveled the realm many times and did and became many things. I was an alchemist and a farmer and a ranger and well many many things. It was another thousand years before my grandfather interfered. I lived on the edge of a great city and had become an artificer. I created objects and sometimes potions I imbued spells into.

The world went dark and there was pain that seem to go on for a long time before I opened my eyes. I was in a white room made of metal. A man I recognized as a soldier pointed a weapon at another man trying to cover me. There was a loud cracking sound and his body jerked and twisted as he fell.

The soldier spit as he walked towards me. I gestured weakly but the magic did not come. I concentrated as I reached around me and gestured as I murmured and pulled. A bolt of lightning lashed out and struck the soldier as he pointed the weapon at me. He jerked and spasmed while screaming before falling and I tried to move.

It was as if my body was weak and I struggled as I pulled in power from around me and whispered a spell that strengthen me. I slid off the table and a net slipped off my head. I looked down at my body before frowning. The man that had been shot was gasping and I knelt beside him. He caught my hand, “you are alive.”

I looked at the wounds in his chest and knew he was dying. He squeezed my hand, “I... wish... you... knew...”

He was gasping as blood bubbled out of his mouth. I hesitated before pulling on the power and touching his temple while murmuring a spell. I got images and erratic thoughts but one pulled on me. This man, whoever he is, was my grandfather. He exhaled and then he was gone and I looked at the other man.

I moved towards him and looked at him carefully before looking down at my naked body. I glanced around before removing the weapon harness and fitting it to me. I looked at the hand weapon before placing it into the sheath on my right thigh. I stood and moved to a stand beside the door where a long white over tunic hung.

I slipped it on and looked around once more before placing my hand on the wall and closing my eyes. I reached for the power and followed it and was amazed at what I found. I moved to the door and it slid open so I stepped out. Another soldier turned and lifted his rifle and I gestured. Lightning struck him from the wall closest to him.

I heading toward what I now knew was a type of door. I stepped out and gestured towards another soldier again before continuing to walk. After awhile I walked out into a wide corridor with a dozen soldiers at the other end. I touched the wall and whispered and lightning flared as they jerked and spasmed before dropping.

My stomach growled but I had learned in a hard school. I ignored it as I touched a screen and let my magic search for other soldiers and put them to sleep. I found their vessels... their ships and because they were attached to the station (which I now knew it was)I was able to slip into them.

I shut their machines and vessels off as I put them to sleep. I glanced around at the few people hiding before turning. I used the memories from the one that had been my grandfather and went looking for his home. I stopped to look at one of the soldiers a few moments later. He was better dressed and the hand weapon beside him was different.

It was engraved and I knelt to take it before looking at his weapon belt. He had a long knife which was familiar even if it was encrusted with gems. I took the weapon harness and stood before continuing. When I reached the plain door hatch where my grandfather lived I pulled at the station power and murmured an unlocking spell.

The door slid open and I walked in and looked around. If it was not for the room AI I would have had a lot more trouble. Besides telling me how to find the meal pack it taught me about the fresher which was very strange. Do you have any idea what living a couple of thousand years is like and never going to the bathroom?

In some things I was a babe and in others very advanced. I did find my grandfather’s journals which is where I found most of what I know now. He grew the body to a teenager’s before I was born because he miscalculated my growth in the other world and the soldiers had come.

I learned about the hand weapons and the soldiers and the station before laying in his bed to sleep. I woke to an uncomfortable feeling in my gut and moved off the bed. It was almost like cramps but was different and then I remembered what the AI had said about the fresher. After I went I felt better and took a shower for the first time in my life.

I was in the kitchen when the outer door opened and the men rushed in holding weapons. I knew they were different from the other soldiers but gestured as I pulled in power and whispered a spell. They fell to the floor as I looked at them and then another man came in. He held one of the hand weapons and kept it pointed at me while telling me not to move.

I murmured and he froze and I walked to the door and looked out. I came back and took his weapon as he stood frozen and went back to set it on the counter. I went back to looking for food as I gestured. He shifted and licked his lips before speaking, “did you kill them?”

I glanced at the four men on the floor and then at him, “no. You are not like the other soldiers.”

He moved closer to the counter and the weapon and I absently gestured and the weapon slid away. He stopped and looked at me, “you can not escape.”

I blinked as I held up a meal pack, “from what?”

He kept looking at me, “you were part of the raiders that attacked the station.”

I looked at the other men, “raiders. That explains their actions.”

I turned and put the meal pack in the warmer, “do you know how to work this machine? The last time it did not work right.”

He looked at it and then back at me, “yes.”

I stepped back, “would you mind?”

He hesitated before coming around the counter, “you look very young to be a raider.”

I shrugged, “I am not. I awoke in a room with a man trying to protect me while one of the raiders pointed his weapon.”

I watched as he set a dial and the warmer started. I smiled, “simple.”

He frowned, “you do not know how to use this?”

I shook my head, “not yet.”

He smiled, “everyone knows how... what room did you say you woke up in?”

I looked at the other men and gestured and they groaned, “it was all metal with one wall of many lights. The man lived here, he was my grandfather.”

He looked at me strangely, “Mr Christopher’s grandson was only born yesterday morning.”

I ignored the men as the heater beeped and opened it to bring out the hot meal. He snorted, “you were supposed to remove the top.”

I looked at him and he sighed before taking it and opening a cabinet and tossing it into a hole that flashed. I frowned as he turned and opened another and pulled out a meal pack, “you really do not know how...”

He doing something to the heater and turned to the men as they stood, “wait outside.”

He pulled a device and touched it before speaking, “I need a doctor and... and a physiologist.”

He touched it and put it away and I gestured, “what is that?”

He hesitated before pulling it out, “a comm. A communicator.”

I looked at it and wanted to touch it and use my power to find out how it worked. I did not and he put it away before removing the top of the meal pack and putting it in the heater. I sighed, “it is strange here. My body is different and does funny things it has never done before. The air smells and there is no world. Even touch has changed and I see more.”

He was looking at me and turned to open the heater and pulled out the meal. I took it to the counter and started eating and he sighed before opening a drawer and handing me a spoon. I looked at it and him before I took it and checked it and I went back to eating. I glanced at the entrance hall as a man stuck his head in the door.

He came in and the man in the suit gestured to me, “I need a physical scan done.”

The other man shifted, “we have injured and you had me brought here for a scan?”

I looked back and forth but the second man pulled a devise out of a bag and moved towards me. I pulled in power and gestured and he frozen, “what is it he would do?”

The man in the suit shifted and went to look at him, “how did you do that?”

I shrugged as I finished my meal, “a simple muscle stiffening spell.”

I opened the cabinet he had thrown the other meal in and tossed everything in. He sighed as he shook his head, “you do not put spoons... never mind. Would you please let the doctor touch you and let him scan you? It will not hurt and it will not take long.”

I gestured and the doctor straightened, “how... what...”

The other man snorted, “yes, now scan him.”

I watched closely as he touched me with the device and pulled it back a moment later. He frowned, “strange.”

I reached out and took the device and he shifted as if to grab it before stopping. I sent my power into it and looked and searched before blinking, “it says I am Michael Edward Christopher. My genes... whatever that is are adjusted to correct mutations... cellular age is four months. Physical condition excellent with unusual brain activity.”

I looked at the doctor and handed the device back, “strange device.”

He nodded and looked at the other man who gestured to the door. I walked into the other room, “AI?”

The man followed as the room spoke, “sir?”

I sat on the wide couch seat, “display the journals I read last night.”

The man was listening to them with me and when it shut off a women cleared her throat. I turned to see a beautiful woman who was frowning, “I heard the last. If he did what he said he broke several imperial laws.”

The man with me stood, “but it does not explain how this boy can do what he does or...”

The woman waved her hand, “I am amazed he is sane. Each second in a AI sphere is like thirty years to us. He could have learned how to use his mind...”

I cleared my throat, “first I am right here and do not like people talking over me. Second I use more than my mind and third I am over two thousand years old and do not need...”

I looked down at the white over tunic as I peed. I frowned and headed towards the hall, “why am I leaking?”

I walked into the fresher and stripped the tunic off before looking at my body. I ignored the woman as she followed me and stood in the doorway. I pulled in power as I concentrated and murmured a spell. I shook my head when it did not work, “why is this body not working correctly?”

The woman walked in and turned to push me towards the shower, “because you never learned to control all its functions.”

I looked at her and she gestured, “shower.”

I turned the water on and rubbed my hands to clean myself. She shook her head and leaned in to touch the control and the water became warm. She pointed to a bottle and I picked it up and smelled it before looking at her. She sighed and began undressing, “what do you call yourself?”

I watched her and cleared my throat, “Mentor named me Ashton Storm.”

She stepped into the shower and took the bottle, “this is shampoo. It is for your hair.”

She washed me and taught me as I looked at her body. She wrapped her hand around my thick hard cock as I frowned at it, “this is a normal body reaction to a woman.”

I looked at her, “why?”

She blushed, “sex?”

I blinked, “as in rape or...”

She smiled and shook her head, “I see we are going to have a lot of things to teach you.”

She used a scratchy ball of something soft and began to wash me, “first what you experienced in the... game or world you were in was not real. It did not have complete human data like normal body functions. Your thoughts may have lived and experienced thousands of years of life. Your body did not and your mind has not learned what or how to control this body.”

I nodded as she finished and shut the water off. She got out and I followed and used the power to dry myself. She turned from reaching for a towel and stopped before smiling and starting to dry herself. She showed me where to find some of my grandfather’s clothes and dressed me.

I murmured a spell to alter the clothes while she was looking for shoes and grinned when it worked. I put the weapon harness on with the fancy hand weapon and knife as she packed a bag with some of my grandfather’s clothes. I left the shoes and just wore socks as I accepted the bag, “we are going someplace?”

She smiled, “with me to my home.”

I glanced around, “I am already missing my own things.”

I followed as she walked out and the man was missing. I sighed as we headed towards the door, “where is your home?”

She glanced back and slowed so I was walking beside her, “the planet. I was brought up here by a mistake.”

I looked around as we walked into a lift that dropped down several levels. She caught my hand and squeezed, “I will not let anything happen to you.”

I shook my head, “is there anyway to look into my world or bring my things out?”

She smiled and pulled a devise out, “I might be able to get an address and we can look for it. What was the name of the world?”

I glanced at the device, “Warrior’s Realm.”

She touched a screen and then continued to do it before looking at me, “um...”

She stopped and moved to a wall comp and put in Warrior’s Realm. The screen blinked and then was filled with images. I reached out and put my hand on the screen as I pulled in power and went seeking. It felt like I was flying over the world and I shouted, “MENTOR!”


I stopped, “I need help.”

“I am not permitted to help players.”

I growled, “I do not play.”

I took a breath, “I wish to find my things.”

I was suddenly in the home I had lived in and turned to look at the shelves of books. I was still aware of the woman and reached out to the devise she held as she stood frozen and shifted everything as I vanished and appeared beside her. She blinked and opened her mouth as I reached for the device.

I could feel within and nodded, “good.”

She looked at me, “did you just enter the game... the world and bring the data out?”

I looked around, “it was not hard.”

She touched my arm, “this comp is not compatible and my comp is not set to uplink...”

She shook her head and started walking, “never mind.”

I looked around as we walked, “how and where can I get one of these comp things?”

She grinned, “we will get one once we are down.”

She looked at me and blushed, “my name is Katia Ellen Glenn.”

I smiled, “a beautiful name.”

The few times soldiers started for me I murmured and they turned away and frowned as if trying to remember something. The vessel we took was strange and frightening as it streaked away at great speed. When it finally stopped at a building on what looked like real ground I relaxed. Katia squeezed my hand and led me off with the other people, most injured.

We walked through a busy building and out into a huge open building with many metal things that zoomed around. The air stank and I growled as I reached for the power only to not find it. I stopped walking as I reached out around me. There were many places I could draw power from but not like the station.

Katia touch me and I look at her as I tried to reach into the earth. The power was there but buried and very far away. I murmured and gestured and the thick air around us shimmered and cleared as it was changed. Katia looked at me, “what did you just do?”

I smiled as I took her hand, “cleaned the air.”

Her eyes widened before she pulled me after her. We went to one of the metal vehicles and she waited as I climbed in. The vehicle lifted and backed before zooming away. I clutched the seat when we lifted as soon as we left the building. She whispered to herself as we sped over buildings with other vehicles going past us.

It was awhile before we were out of the city. She slowed as she reached a thick looking forest and the vehicle suddenly dropped down. I panicked and reached out and gestured as I murmured. The vehicle stopped and hung in the air and Katia looked at me before reaching out and touching my hand, “relax.”

I looked at her with wide eyes and hesitated before releasing the spell and the vehicle slowly lowered until it was barely off the ground. We started moving forward and a couple of minutes later pulled into a small building and the door closed behind us. Katie got out and waited for me and led me into the house.

I could feel my stomach cramping and looked around, “I think I need the bathroom fresher.”

She looked at me before pulling me through the house and past a surprised girl. I found myself in a fresher and frantically began stripping. Katia helped and I sat on the toilet before I had to go. I groaned at the feel and she caressed my face before glancing at the girl when she walked in.

She smiled, “Micha this is Ashton Storm.”

The girl looked at me, “what is wrong with him?”

Katie looked at me quickly as I groaned and went to the bathroom. I looked at the girl, “besides being both over a couple of thousand years old and just a couple of days?”

She looked at her mother and grinned, “that is strange.”

I looked around, “the shower?”

Katia sighed and shook her head before opening a panel and showing me paper. I looked at it and she took some off and made me stand to use it. She finished stripping me and looked at the girl before undressing. She pulled me into another room where there was a large shower. She turned on the water and started washing me, “that was my daughter Micha.”

I nodded as I reached out to touch her breasts. She smiled but did not stop me and I looked at the door as a naked Micha walked in. She grinned as she walked under the water, “so you are doing what with him?”

Katia looked at her, “helping him learn and adjust.”

I reached for Micha and pulled her over beside her mother, “you look the same but Micha does not have hair on her bottom.”

They grinned and then laughed and Micha reached out to stroke my hard cock, “because I removed it.”

I shuddered as my hips moved and Katia pulled her hand away, “he does not know about sex.”

Micha almost purred, “can I teach him?”

I looked at her as her mother laughed and then pushed her daughter towards me, “I think you are going to be his private teacher.”

Micha pulled me out and we used large soft towels to dry. She pulled me through the house to a pink room with a wide bed. She grinned as she pushed me down and followed before straddling me. She laid on me and looked into my eyes, “sex is the way we make babies. It can also just be a way to enjoy great pleasure.”

She sat up and rubbed her bald pussy on my cock before shivering as I humped. She lifted and positioned her pussy before slowly pushing down. I groaned as my cock was pushed into her tight warm pussy. Micha wiggled and grinned as she started thrusting back and forth, “you will produce semen and sperm from your testicles.”

She pressed down and I humped up which made her shudder and her pussy clench. She grinned, “at the back of my pussy where the head of your cock is rubbing is my cervix. When you cum it goes through the cervix and into the womb. My egg is on the side of the womb so when your sperm meets the egg it makes a baby.”

I caught her and held her while her pussy kept grasping my cock, “then you will get pregnant if I spend myself in you?”

She laid on me with a grin and gave me a kiss, “I have a implant.”

I held her and kept looking into her eyes before murmuring as I reached into her to feel. She shuddered, “what...”

Katia was suddenly bending over to touch my shoulder, “do not remove the implant in her.”

I looked at her as Micha turned her head to look at her mother. I finished checking the tiny device and looked at Micha, “what does it do?”

She wiggled and hugged me before pulling as she rolled. I went with her and ended on top and between her legs. She humped and I thrust into her as her pussy squeezed. She put her arms around me, “it keeps sperm from joining with the egg. It is a method of birth control to keep a girl from getting pregnant.”

I had continued to thrust into her and grind. Several minutes later she began to spasm as her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I could feel my balls churning and fucked her firmly. She thrashed around as I kept pushing all the way into her. I finally shoved and tried to push deeper as I groaned and grunted. Micha thrust up while her pussy tightened and I gushed cum. I jerked and shook as I kept pumping sperm into her while she clung to me and cried out, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

When I finished cumming I slowly relaxed and waited while Micha shuddered and her pussy kept squeezing. I humped and pulled back as I started to fuck her again and she clutched me, “ooohhhh!”

Her mother laughed as she laid beside us, “fuck me now Ashton.”

I buried my cock and looked at her and Micha hugged me and then pushed me away. I reluctantly pulled out and moved to Katia. I move between her legs and lifted to look down as I pushed against and then into her pussy. She sighed and pulled me down and I settled before I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep strokes.

She shook and her pussy tightened as I continued to fuck her slowly. Her warm pussy kept tightening each time I buried my cock. It was not long before she shook and then spasmed as she began to wail, “oooohhhh!”

Her daughter laughed as she turned on her side, “you can say that again.”

I kept fucking Katia with deep strokes and began to press and rub each time I pushed into her. Several minutes and she was thrashing around and bucking, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Her pussy was a lot slipperier as I continued to fuck her. She spasmed as her pussy constantly squeezed and I looked at her as her eyes rolled up. She began to convulse while clinging to me and I fucked her hard before shoving into her. I held and kissed her as I began to spew and pump cum.

Katia jerked while I spurted sperm deep inside her and then lay holding her. Micha rubbed my shoulder, “go ahead and pull out.”

I looked at Katia’s face before I pulled out and laid beside her. I caressed her tummy and pelvis as I watched her peaceful expression. Micha giggled, “you did not hurt her.”

I glanced at her as she bent to suck on one of her mother’s nipples. Katia shuddered and opened her eyes before looking at her daughter and then at me. I caressed her again, “are you okay?”

She grinned, “never better.”

Micha rolled onto her stomach and went to her knees, “do me this way.”

Katia laughed and turned to pull on me until I moved over her daughter. I fucked both of them several times and reached into the earth several times to renew myself and cause my body to replace what I spent in them. I left them both asleep on the bed as I walked through the house. I walked outside and reached out and around me.

I felt the life in the planet like I had never felt it before. Over the next few days I explored and learned and at least once a day I fucked Katia and Micha until they were exhausted. In one day I brought rocks up out of the earth and recreated my old house with new technologies built into it.

Katia stood beside me with several others who had wide eyes as I used raw material to recreate my books. At first they wanted me to teach others to be a wizard until they found out it would take over six hundred years. I had another plan but kept it quiet as I began creating and learning.

I sealed a room in my house and created AI spheres and data storage racks and a mainframe comp. I was able to contact the station in the system and copy the game Warrior’s Realm. The hard part was copying the AI’s that ran the world into the new AI spheres. I walked into Katia’s home and smiled as she turned from the wall comm.

I crossed to her and caressed her hips and she wiggled before finishing and shutting the comm off. I turned her and she pressed against me, “are you horny?”

I grinned as I turned her and put my hand over her pelvis. She looked into my face and sucked in a breath, “what are you going to do?”

I smiled and murmured and she gasped and shivered as I looked at the tiny devise that appeared by my hand. I let her go and touched it and felt how it worked. She caressed my face as I whispered and it turned to dust. I turned her and pulled her against me, “would you like to learn how to do magic?”

She grinned as she wiggled and humped, “it would take too...”

I turned to pull her through the house and to our bed. She stripped along the way and yelled for her daughter. I laid her back on the edge of the bed and began undressing as Micha came in. She grinned, “are we starting early?”

I used my magic and reached out to pull her to the bed as Katia wiggled, “he removed my implant.”

Micha gasped and looked as me as her clothes fell away. I pushed her into bed before moving between her mother’s legs to feel her pussy and murmur a spell. She humped as I positioned my cock and pushed into her and slowly buried my cock. I bent and reached out to tug on one of Micha’s nipples, “may I remove your implant?”

She looked at her mother before grinning, “sure.”

I sighed at the warm feel of Katia’s pussy as it massaged my cock, “after I finish I will take you to my house and teach you to be a wizard.”

Katia shuddered and humped, “less talk and more fucking.”

Micha laughed and turned to start sucking on her mother’s nipples. I smiled and pulled back before I began to fuck her with long strokes. She kept lifting her hips and humping as she shivered and shook. Her slick pussy began to squeeze and clench as I kept fucking her. Each time I planted my cock I pressed to get deeper and rubbed against her.

It was not long before Katia began to wail and buck as she wet me and struggled. I started to fuck her with long, deep, firm thrusts and she twisted and shook as she continued to howl and jerk. She spasmed and screamed as I shoved into her and began spewing cum through her open cervix. She shuddered and looked at me as I kept pumping cum into her until I was finished.

I bent over her while my cock throbbed and her pussy answered it by pulsing and clenching. I kissed her and stood to pull out before moving her on the bed. I reached for Micha and she grinned as she stopped rubbing her pussy. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and turned her as she lifted and spread her legs.

I placed my hand on her pelvis and felt within. I murmured and pulled and caught the tiny device before tossing it away. She grinned as I felt and rubbed her pussy while I murmured a spell. I shifted and forced my cock into her slowly. She groaned as my cock stretched her and sank all the way in to press against her cervix.

I used a thumb and began to gently rub her clit as I pulled back and started to fuck her. She sighed and lifted her hips and her tight pussy kept grasping at my cock, “what else did you do to me?”

I smiled as I continued to fuck her, “prepared your womb and moved one egg so you would be fertile.”

She shuddered and her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

Katia laughed and turned to kiss her daughter, “pregnant together.”

They looked at each other before giggling and I began to fuck Micha a little harder. I used deep thrusts that buried my cock each time and her tight pussy kept squeezing. She humped and wiggled and when her pussy became slick she began to wail and writhe around. I continued to fuck her and push into her open cervix while rubbing her clit.

She spasmed and jerked several minutes later, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept planting my cock and squeezing her clit and she began to thrash and scream. It was awhile before I shoved into her and held her waist as I spurted cum through her cervix. Micha jerked as her pussy constantly clenched and milked the sperm out of my cock. When I was done I pulled out and turned her on the bed.

Her mother caught her hand as I dressed and sat on the edge of the bed. I caressed Micha’s pelvis, “what is going to happen will only take a few minutes but...”

I looked at each of them, “to you it will be centuries or even a millennium.”

I looked down, “people and relationships do not always last. I and my master will teach you and when you are ready you will return here.”

Micha caught my hand, “that was why you wanted us to get pregnant?”

I looked at her before I nodded, “when you return there will still be time to stop it from happening.”

I helped them out of bed and led them out and across to my house. Three chairs sat together with neural head nets. Once I made the adjustments and closed my eyes our time changed as we entered Warrior’s Realm. Like with me they had to learn to read and write and speak the hundred languages.

We fought and drifted apart and came together many times over the centuries. Once they were masters I began to take them into the world to teach them other crafts. They had many lovers and paramours before I once more brought them together. I held their hands and looked at each of them, “now it is time to decide the fate of our children.”

The world vanished and I reached up to remove the head net. I sat up and looked at Micha and Katia as they looked around. Micha frowned and then stood and grinned as a book lifted and floated to her. Katie grinned as she stood, “it is different and harder but the same.”

I nodded and waited and Micha reached for my hand and pulled me towards the door, “my pussy is still full of sperm and I am moving another egg so I have twins.”

Katia laughed as she followed us, “we have artificial wombs here so I am going to have triplets.”

I glanced at her and then at Micha, “you still want me?”

Micha squeezed my hand as she pulled me into her mother’s bedroom and looked around, “you are our master and our lover. You have given us a whole new world and a new life.”

Katia began to strip me, “now we are going to show you the real world with lots of children.”


2014-03-28 09:35:54
You know what LordNightSlayer if you don't like the sex parts then don't read the stories. Ka Hmnd is a great writer, I have read all of his stories and they are awesome.


2014-03-28 09:34:23
You know what LordNightSlayer if you don't like the sex parts then don't read the stories. Ka Hmnd is a great writer, I have read all of his stories and they are awesome.


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Yo make another but get rid of the sex and focus on the god dam story and action an fighting
tired of your stories doing with mostly all sex TO MUCH SEX RUINS THE GOD DAM STORY


2013-12-18 03:19:55
Good story next one add body swap and Dick growth


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Good story next one add body swap and Dick growth

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