Further adventures with the girl next door
I had a lot more fun that summer. This continues my adventures with the girl next door.

I could not go inside at Susie’s house if no one was at home. If Susie could not ride her bike to see me, then we would play at her Grandmother’s house. Susie lived just across the road from her Grandmother. We would play board games and cards, or just watch television. Susie had become quite bold. As we played games at the kitchen table she would reach under the table and grab my pecker, or bend over to pick up something she “dropped by accident” and show me her boobs. Once when her Grandmother had nodded off while watching soap operas, Susie made an excuse to go to the bathroom. After a minute, she came out in the hallway and went “Psst.” I looked up from the game we had been playing and saw her standing naked. Susie did a couple of slow turns, making sure I saw everything, then went back in the bathroom. In a minute she came back out dressed, to the kitchen table where we were playing. She said “Now it’s your turn.” I said, “Ok,” got up and went down the hall. I checked it out and saw that from that vantage you could see the kitchen and the living room television but not the chair where her Grandmother sat. I went in the bathroom and took off my t-shirt, shorts and underwear. The thought of standing naked in front of Susie had given me a raging hard-on. I eased the door open and peeped at the living room to make sure Granny was still asleep, the stepped out in to the hall. Susie had stood up at the doorway to the kitchen anticipating my arrival. She whispered, “Nice,” as I did my turns.

As I said before Susie had become bolder in our explorations. Often at my house, especially when we played pool, as I would be lining up a shot she would grab me through my shorts. Sometimes she would stick her hand down the waistband or even up the leg opening and caress my dick. A few times she would call my name, and when I looked up, Susie would have her shirt open, exposing her boobs. Needless to say these distractions helped her win a few games. Susie enjoyed making me cum. She had learned how to tease me and make an encounter last longer. Susie could feel me starting to tense up and would stop stroking me until the urge to cum had subsided. Sometimes Susie would make me cum multiple times during our “play dates.”

One of the most memorable occasions happened just a couple of weeks after the first time Susie made me cum. She had ridden her bike to my house. My parents both worked 8am to 5pm, and were not there that day. Susie and I had decided to play a board game upstairs in my room. We were halfway thru a game when Susie declared she had something to tell me. My ears perked up and I asked “What?” Susie blushed, then after a moment said, “You know hhh… how when we fool around… and my coochie starts jjj… jumping?” I answered “Yes… go on.” Susie breathed in, and then continued, “Well… I get to feeling tingly down there. Like butterflies in my stomach, and now it will even do it when I’m at home and I think about messing with you.” Susie hesitated a second and went on, “I was thinking about it the other night and…. I’m so embarrassed.” I said, “It’s ok, just tell me I won’t think it’s weird or anything, we’ve done too much together for that.” Susie continued, “I… I started thinking about rubbing your pecker, and… then I thought about rubbing myself… down there… and I did it… and something happened.” “What happened?” I asked. Susie thought a second, blushed again, and then said, “I came, kind of like you do… except I didn’t spurt anything.” My breath was shallow when I answered. “I’d… I’d like to see that.”

Susie looked at me with her big blue eyes and said, “Ok… but I want you to help me… I want you to do it.” I gulped and said, “Just show… or tell… me what to do.” Susie got up from the floor where we had been playing and went and sat on the corner of my bed. She smiled at me, and then very quickly took off her top, a bra, her shorts and panties. Susie held out her hand to me and said, “Come sit beside me.” I got up and went over, then sat down. Susie spread her legs then said, “See… see my little nub sticking up… just rub light little circles around it… then sometimes rub up and down and across my slit.” Susie then lay down with her head on my pillow. She spread her legs to allow access to her pussy, and then pulled her feet in toward her butt, putting her knees in the air. I had touched and brushed Susie’s pussy through her shorts before, and now I was about to touch her directly. I got up beside Susie on the bed and reached over and touched her light wisp of light brown pubic hair. I moved my hand down into the edge of her slit and brushed her clit. Susie flinched and said, “That’s it… now be easy.” I could feel her moistness, and I smelled her sweet musk as I followed her instructions. I rubbed light, slow circles, alternating with up and down then across her puffy pussy lips. After 3 or 4 minutes I was rewarded by Susie starting to tremble. The tremble worked its way into a spasm as Susie lifted her hips and then started to buck. I could barely keep my hand and finger in the right place when Susie clamped her legs on my hand. Once as she bucked my finger slid up in her wet tunnel for a second. Susie’s climax was very intense and strong. When she started to spasm all she could say was,” Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Susie lay still for a minute or so after her climax subsided. Finally as she caught her breath, Susie rolled over toward me and said, “Your… Your turn.” I could not get my clothes off fast enough. I snatched off my t-shirt, shorts and underwear. I rolled over to face Susie and my hard-on poked her in the stomach just below the navel. I had been hard for a while. I think the only reason I had not blown my load spontaneously was because I had been concentrating on Susie’s instructions. I had leaked a lot of pre-cum and when Susie took hold of me, the head of my dick skated across her stomach on its lubrication. Susie just looked at me and smiled as she started to stroke up and down. Each down stroke brushed her belly. I did not last long. I exploded what seemed like a quart of cum on both our stomachs. Susie just giggled and said, “Stay there I’ll get a towel.” Susie hopped up and went in to the upstairs bath, just across the hall. When she walked back in I saw a pool of my cum over her navel, had drooled to the edge of her pubic hair. Susie reached down with a towel and dried up the cum that had spilled on my belly. Then Susie folded the goop on itself to give her a fresh surface and cleaned off herself. Susie had gotten a glob of cum on her hand. She spread her fingers and studied how it formed strings between them, then idly wiped her hand clean on the towel. Finally Susie spoke again, “I liked that. I really liked that. We need to do that more. I felt so much better when you got me off than when I’ve done it by myself.” Weakly I spoke, “That was intense… I’m sorry I got cum on you.” Susie smiled and said, “That’s ok… I kinda liked it… how you could not control yourself… maybe next time… maybe next time we can mess with each other at the same time… see who cums first?” I caught my breath and said, “Yes... that sounds like a great idea."

More will follow.

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