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My sexy sister-the early years Pt3

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The glossy pictures and my experiments with Linda were my first real introduction to adult sex. The things the guys in the photos did to each other had my teenage cock screaming within a matter of 3 days and my fevered imagination was whirling with the possibilities of where me and my adventurous sister could go with our new found games. I just couldn't wait to get some time alone with her to try them out.

We were separated for those few days by a series of ordinary domestic sequences where you pass each other at home and there’s always lots of family around, so getting time alone just didn't happen. That is until the third night when Linda suddenly managed to get me all to herself upstairs when everyone else was watching TV downstairs.

I was passing the bathroom when the door opened and Lin was just walking out. She changed direction and pulled me into the bathroom and wrapping her arms around me.

“I missed you lover” she said and kissed me passionately. Her lips were wet and soft and her tongue was probing into my mouth. Her kisses and the sheer audacity of where we were ignited me; we could get caught so easily. My cock responded quickly and within second I was fully painfully erect.

Her lower body was pressed firmly against me and she could feel the hardness against her. She pushed her mound into me, and then her hand snaked down into my shorts and wrapped around the hard shaft, squeezing and stroking.

“Hello darling” she giggled.

“Oh god” I gasped into her mouth, breaking away for air.

“Shhhhh, everyone will hear you” she countered returning her mouth to mine and sliding her tongue into my willing mouth. I grasped her pumping hand and pressed it into my groin, she responded by pumping down harder and more forcefully.

My hand went to her small firm breasts and she groaned as I cupped them upwards and pinched her nipples through her top. The tips hardened and our kisses became more urgent.

I quickly started fucking her fist with short hard strokes, the rhythm building until my short teenage fuse burned out and seconds later 3 days of pent up frustration and anticipation erupted and I spurted into my shorts.

“Uuuuuhhhhhh fuck” I moaned as jet after jet of sperm squirted from the tip of my swollen cock as she kept the rhythm going, covering her hand and wrist with hot cum. My orgasm soon passed and my cockhead quickly became too sensitive and gently pulled her hand away. She raised her hand up and as I watched, she licked my fluid from her fingers.

“Mmmmmmm….I’m really starting to like the taste of this” she smiled at me licking her wet lips.

We had already spent too much time in the only bathroom in the house. So we started to get jumpy.

“Ok, after everyone’s gone to bed, come to my room, it’s my turn” she said as she kissed me and skipped off down the stairs.

I returned to my own room and stripped off my soaked shorts, cleaned myself up and reviewed the last ten minutes of my life. I felt that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

I had a beautiful sexy, horny sister who was as curious as me and probably a bit more daring. And she had just asked me to go to play with her later. My mind was in a whirl. I pulled out the porn mag and started looking for ideas to try out with her later. All were hugely interesting but some were too advanced, like full on fucking, a scary prospect at best.

The evening passed in slow motion, time acted like treacle slowly ticking away while carefully hidden glances kept passing between us. At one point I looked over at her and she was sitting sideways on the sofa, her hands between her thighs, and I swear she was furtively rubbing her clit. She caught me looking and gave me her most cheeky grin and turned away.

My pulse was racing, my heart pounding and my mouth was dry as a bone. The excitement was building to the point where I could barely contain it. I had to do something so I went for a short walk to cool off. Thankfully it worked and I calmed down enough to go home.

Around eleven or so the rest of the family retired to their various rooms muttering sleepy “G’nights”

I waited until my parents went to bed before I switched off the lights and went to my own room. I waited nervously for another half hour or so until all sounds had ceased and all lights were off. It felt like I was about to attempt an escape from a POW camp.

I silently opened my door, checked that all was quite and tip-toed across the carpeted hall. Her door was open a crack and quietly, I slipped in closing it behind me. My pulse was racing, I whispered “Sis, you awake?”

“Of course I am dummy, I’m lying here counting the minutes, what took you so long?”

“Just being careful” I replied and reaching out, I found her warm hand in the darkness. She pulled me towards her guiding me into her bed.

Seconds later I was naked in the arms of a woman (girl) for the first time in my life and the feeling was electric. Her hands were all over me, nails running down my back, fingers digging into my skin in passion. Our lips met, almost savagely, tongues locked in a wet fiery duel.

“Oh god” she whimpered as my fingers found her pert breasts squeezing the nipples. She had the most amazing breasts for a girl of her age. Fully firm, upstanding and yet soft with nipples to die for.

“Like that, just like that” she encouraged me holding my hand in place.

“I love you Brian” she breathed into my ear, making me feel closer to her. “Love you too Sis” I replied hugging her tighter and then kissing her passionately. The nice part is we really meant it. It was a real teenage love affair.

After a few minutes, we settled down to kissing and caressing each others bodies, a new and delightful adventure we hadn't had the luxury of before. I discovered her tight bum and its hidden treasure.

“Don’t” she said, squirming away from me “That’s dirty” she complained

(Years later it became her favorite pastime)

“We’re dirty” I giggled and directed my hand between her legs softly seeking entry into her beautiful cunt.

Her legs parted as she allowed me entry and my probing fingers parted her wet lips, sliding upwards along her warm, softness. I had no trouble finding her clit, even as inexperienced as I was. It was fully erect, standing out at the top of her cleft, hard, throbbing and begging to be touched.

“OOOhhhh yesss…..” she whispered “There, just there…..rub me harder” and so with youthful enthusiasm, I complied. She must have been playing with her pussy before I got there because aside from being dripping wet, it took her 10 seconds to cum in a blaze of hot breath, clenched thighs and dripping cunt.

After her spasms subsided her grip relaxed and she settled into me, hugging and kissing my face and neck.

“Oh Brian that was gorgeous, give me a minute” she requested, while her hand wrapped itself around my rock solid cock and she started slowly stroking me.

“I want us to make love like in the magazine” she said hesitantly.

I was blown away, from novices to full on fucking within a few short sessions was a bit more than my confidence was prepared for. I have to honestly admit that I was scared and not a little worried about the ‘pregnancy risk’ stuff, about which I didn’t know a lot.

Up until now, kissing Veronica, my first ‘girlfriend’ was all of my experience with real girls. I had heard lots of stuff from the older guys about what they did with girls but had no first hand experience. After my new adventures with my Sister, Veronica had faded from my life, as much from kids moving to new experiences as to my new focus on Linda.

“Are you sure Sis” I asked, very unsure of myself.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want my first time to be with someone who loves me and won’t tell everyone” she whispered, her eyes meeting mine in the gloom.

Her sense of fun around sex was exciting and a great reliever of doubt.

“What about you getting pregnant?” I asked nervously.

“Its OK, I’m on the pill to regulate my periods since last year, so don’t worry” she followed as she wrapped her leg over mine and her tongue into my mouth. All hesitation was gone and I responded with equal energy.

The only sexual positions I knew were missionary and from reading the porn mag, doggy from behind.

Lin took control and guided me up and between her wide opened legs. She grasped the hard shaft and using my cock like a wand, slid the inflamed head into her soaking wetness, up and down between her sopping lips.

“OOOhhh that’s nice “ she coo’ed,

“Push in a little” and she positioned the throbbing head at her entrance.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday, the feel of her heat as my cockhead slipped into her, her hand around the base and the searing bolt of sexual energy that raced through my body. I rose up a fraction as she removed her hand and gently but firmly, I thrust forward fully slowly, entered her to the core.

She stiffened and I froze fully seated inside her tight cunt. Her fingernails clutched painfully into my back and her breath came in gasps into my ear.

“UUUhhhhhhhhh Brian, OOohhh my god Brian” she cried in breathless gasps. And she came right then and there, shuddering in spasms as her first internal orgasm hit her full on.

How I held from blowing my balls at that moment will forever be a mystery to me. Having already cum earlier was a help. I held her tight, kissing her and feeling the clenching of her tight walls around my cock.

I was afraid to move, not wanting to ruin the moment and whatever I had already achieved. I was also afraid I would shoot and ruin it for us both. She was less reserved.

“Fuck me” she commanded, and started to grind her pelvis upwards against me. I started to thrust into her but within seconds she became frantic, gripping my hips and slamming her mound against me, burying my to the hilt and crushing her clit between us.

“Harder, fuck me harder” she demanded.

I calmed myself down and started to drive my cock as deep into my horny Sister as her tight cunt could take. After a few thrusts I could feel myself bottomed out inside her.

“Oooooohhhhh Cumming” she growled and again her body did that wonderful spasm thing that she did at orgasm, clenching and vibrating like a live wire.

The intensity of her orgasm drove me over the edge, and for the first time in my life I came inside a woman. Lights flashed in my head, my vision dimmed to black and a bolt of pure electricity shot upwards from my balls. I erupted and pulsed cum into her waiting cunt.

She felt me lose it and wrapped her thighs around my hips squeezing down hard on me and held me as I pumped my love into her.

“Oh Brian, I can feel you gushing inside me” she giggled fascinated, “I want to do this forever” I couldn't reply or move. I just stayed inside her savoring the heat and the warm fuzzy feeling that her closeness gave me.

Eventually, I softened and slipped out of my sisters’ lovely wetness. I held her to me as we kissed, cuddled and caressed each others nakedness coming down from the dizzy heights of pleasure.

Eventually, as is usual in this type of situation, après orgasm brings reality back with a bang and I was suddenly acutely aware that we were in her bed, at home with parents a few rooms away.

“You’d better go Bro” she said disengaging from me.

I lovingly kissed her one last time, and having done my James Bond stuff, slipped soundlessly back to my own room.

We were each others first, although Linda had lost her virginity during gymnastics training a year earlier which accounts for the ease of which she took me. It was a milestone for us from which our adventures only got better. She was constantly dreaming up new things to try and I was her willing accomplice.

Our adventures did involve other people, strange places and everything our fertile imagination could think up, and we did some great thinking.

I will write My sexy sister, the later years, another 3 part series if you’d like, just let me know.


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