Coed's gangbang fantasy comes true.
Schoolgirl Gangbang

By billy69boy

My name is Loren. I am in my first year of college, and I want to tell you my kinky story:

I was new to my school, and didn't know anyone there. I was pretty lonely at first. I'm fairly shy, and rather nervous in social situations, even though I'm attractive and I'm always catching guys staring at me.

So, I was very happy when a couple girls in my English class invited me to check out their sorority. I guess it was my lucky day, because the entire sorority house got invited to a frat party across the street on the very night I was visiting. I hit the keg pretty heavily, as I sought to ease the anxiety of being the newcomer in a group of strangers.

As I got tipsier with each new beer, I began to loosen up, and found myself flirting with two of the frat boys. Austin was a fine specimen, and in great shape. He was a star quarterback in high school, but apparently not quite talented enough to make it at the college level. Wade was a country boy, and grew up on a farm, and to be honest, he seemed a little slow for college. But both boys were in great shape, with well-developed muscles and tight behinds.
I suppose my enthusiasm was kind of obvious to them, and I began to get rather daring. I could sense their interest in me, as I would imagine most college boys dream of meeting loose, tipsy, horny co-eds. I flashed my panties at them in a subtle manner, and I could see their eyes light up in response. This amused me to no end, and as each beer went down, I got more brazen. I sat down on a couch, and I slowly slid my hand up my thigh and down between my legs. I knew that my short black skirt was hiked up to the point where my two admirers could see what was happening. I began to finger myself under my skirt, knowing full well that my actions didn't go unnoticed. I twirled my finger around my clit, and then I slid two fingers into my juicy cunt. My boy toys were mesmerized, and they nodded approvingly as they watched me play with myself in their full view. In turn, I was getting quite aroused performing for them.

I could see that they were rubbing their crotches, and it turned me on even more. But things changed when they decided to try to join in. I wasn't ready for that; I was content to give them a show, and nothing more, at least for now. I was a newbie, and I wasn't prepared to get involved with anyone. They seemed to respect my firm "NO!" when they went to touch me, and they sat back and decided to continue to enjoy my performance.

Convinced that they were harmless, I relaxed, and gave them a fantastic show: I slid down on the couch, opened my legs, and teasingly slid my silver thong down my legs until I held it up and twirled it around my index finger. I delighted in the looks on their faces, as I held my thong close to my face and breathed in my musky scent, all the while finger fucking myself for their visual pleasure.

The two guys were obviously in a state of near hysteria, and squirmed around uncomfortably. I knew they couldn't look away, as I slid my thong down my body and between legs, rubbing my wet pussy up and down with it. Wade actually gasped out loud when I started pushing the thong little by little between my steaming hot labia. I thought their eyes would pop out when the whole thong disappeared, while I continued to rub my clit feverishly. It turned me on so much that I had no trouble achieving an electric, scorching, shuddering orgasm right in front of their eyes.

After I climaxed, I delicately retrieved my soaking wet thong, stood up, and adjusted my skirt. I giggled as I sashayed past the stunned frat boys, and I dropped it at their feet as I left the room.


Fast forward a few weeks later. Midterms were just getting over, and the campus was abuzz with talk of a mega celebration party. By then, I was a lot more comfortable and self-assured around my fellow students. I had been accepted into the sorority that had invited me, mainly because Alex took a shine to me. She was the senior member of the sorority, and rumor had it that she was a closet lesbian. I didn't care, really. That was her business. I was just happy to belong to their group, or any group that would have me, for that matter.

The upcoming party was hosted by our sorority house for a change, and all the girls worked together to make the place presentable. We got the kegs and the food all arranged, and then went about dressing to kill for the frat boys who would be coming, all horned up with their stiffies begging for some action.

All week I had been thinking very naughty thoughts. I was preparing for a major fuck fest in my mind, but I wasn't quite sure how it would turn out. All I knew was I would be prepared for whatever happened. I had been carefully putting my outfit together: I wore my tight pink strapless mini dress, no bra, with just my black thong, black nylons, garter, and matching black "fuck me" pumps. I felt so sexy, as I looked in the mirror, and I had a feeling that other party goers might have the same reaction.

As I sauntered down the stairs, I was surprised the place was already overflowing with partiers. There were long lines waiting at each keg, and the beer flowed freely. The music was loud, and the lights were low, as I waded into the action. Someone smiled and handed me a beer right away. It was Austin, and he had a huge grin on his face.

"Good evening, Loren, you look ravishing tonight," he said over the din.

I thanked him, and turned towards the kitchen to see if I could help, and I ran right into Wade. The enthusiastic look in his eyes matched his friend's, and it was obvious they wouldn't be leaving me alone anytime soon. I understood the root of their attention right away, but if I had any question at all, it was answered when Wade pulled my discarded silver thong out of his pocket, and dangled it in front my face. He and Austin could hardly contain themselves, as I blushed appropriately for their pleasure.

"We were wondering if you were in a playful mood tonight, Loren," Austin hinted, winking at me knowingly, "we kind of feel like maybe you owe us."

"Well, the night is young, guys, so you never know what might happen later," I told him teasingly. "If you're good boys, I may invite you upstairs. Now, which one of you handsome gentlemen will get me another beer?"

They both sped off in different directions, anxious to please. As I mingled among the energized crowd, I caught Alex staring at me out of the corner of my eye. I smiled and waved at her, but she quickly looked away, and seemed rather embarrassed at my acknowledgement. The boys were back, each carrying a beer for me, and I didn't pay Alex any mind. I was working on a plan that didn't include her, or so I thought at the time.

The crowd in the living room continued to grow, allowing my manservants to stand closer and closer, until I felt a warm hand on my bare back. I didn't pull away. In fact, I was already supercharged, and I encouraged the attention. The hand slid discreetly down until it was cupping my ass, and I felt a tingle up my spine, as I subtly leaned back against it. I saw Austin make eye contact with Wade, and they nodded at each other. Immediately, another hand was rubbing against my thigh, and fingering the hem of my skirt. I reached behind, and gave a little squeeze of approval to each boy's upper leg.

"This is your house, Loren, where can we go for a little privacy?" Austin spoke close to my ear, as the music and talk was getting louder by the minute.

"I don't know," I said. "My room is upstairs, but I've got three roommates."

As if on cue Alex's voice chimed in. I wasn't even aware that she had moved so close.

"My room is on the third floor," she announced, "you can take her up there."

As the senior sorority house member, Alex had a private bedroom. As much as I appreciated her generosity, something told me she might have ulterior motives, but I couldn't think about that right now. I had two frat boys who were anxious for some action, and I had a plan to hatch. Austin and Wade followed closely as I led them up the stairs, grabbing and pawing me without reservation.

As we burst into Alex's room they wasted no time, and their hands were all over me. They grabbed and tugged at my body parts, and kissed my neck, as they laid me down on the bed, pushed my skirt up, and slipped my silky black thong down my legs and over my heels. I feigned indignation, and made some attempt to push them away.

"Hey guys, take it easy! Calm down a little, we've got all night," I said, rather sternly, but to no avail. They were beyond restraint by then, and that was part of my plan. I played up my "discomfort" by attempting to resist their advances, but it just made them more determined…and I didn't tell them "no", not did I demand that they stop.

By now, they had pulled my dress up over my head, and flung it on a chair. They left my garter, nylons, and heels on, which is what I had counted on. I felt vulnerable and sexy, and I wanted them to ravish me, but I kept my real feelings to myself. I whined a little and acted like I didn't approve of their boldness, but deep down, I loved it.

As they attacked my bald pussy with their fingers, and squeezed my firm tits and sucked my erect nipples, Austin looked at Wade and spoke the words I yearned to hear: "Do you think maybe she can't handle two of us?" They both grinned at each other, talking over me like I wasn't even part of the conversation.

And then, I dropped my bomb on them:

"Oh is it going to be just the two of you then?" I asked, as calmly as possible.

That stopped them dead in their tracks. They both looked at me like they couldn't believe what they had just heard. Austin sat up and reached for his cell phone.

"Say no more, Loren, but remember this is your idea," he warned, as he busied himself composing a text message that he blasted to all his frat boys: BOOTY CALL _ THIRD FLOOR.

And so it began: as both guys stripped off their clothes, they wasted no time getting their cocks serviced. Austin was instantly on his knees, straddling my chest, as he fed his throbbing cock into my mouth, while Wade spread my legs and pushed his considerable girth deep into my eager pussy. I was in heaven. This plan of mine was working smoother than I could have hoped. I had been fantasizing about being the subject (or object) of a gang bang for quite a long time, and now it was going to happen. As I took on the both hunks at once, I could only imagine what might happen next. I wasn't even sure what I expected, as my plan was only to make my fantasy possible. I didn't have the rest of the details worked out.

It didn't take long to find out. Someone tapped on the bedroom door and walked right in, not waiting for a response. I was rather preoccupied with swallowing Austin's hot cum down my throat to notice that three more frat boys stood inside the room, gawking at the scene before them. I would have welcomed them personally, except that I was holding onto the bed for dear life, as Wade held my hips and pounded my cunt mercilessly. I thought he'd never climax, and I was aware of the other guys shifting around nervously. Finally, Wade pulled out, crawled up my body and pointed his spastic cock at my face. I opened my mouth instinctively, just in time to receive several spurts of his sticky semen. I heard a gasp from one of the new guys as they witnessed me gulping down his load.

By now, the three newcomers had their penises out of their pants, and were stroking them shamelessly. They gathered around me and in no time, I had six strange hands molesting every inch of my obviously willing body. I had not yet reached orgasm, but I was close. The sensation of being mauled by these three horny studs was a little scary, but exhilarating at the same time. I knew right then, that my gangbang fantasy was beginning to take shape, and it was no longer just a fantasy. This was real, and I shuddered at the thought of perhaps biting off more than I could chew, so to speak: was this really what I wanted? What I longed for? I was in a state of shock, but I didn't panic. I thought I would just go with it for now, and see where it took me.

More and more revelers slipped into Alex's room to watch and/or partake of my naked offering. I struggled to accommodate as many as possible with my pussy and mouth, and some of the horny young men just jerked themselves off and came all over my tits and face as I was being fucked relentlessly. In all the commotion, I hadn't noticed that Alex had taken a seat at her desk, and her hand was buried beneath her mini dress as she took in the scene.

For my part, I loved feeling all the hot cum being pumped constantly into my cunt, and I enjoyed swallowing every load that spurted deep into the back of my throat. But something was still missing. That's when I heard Alex's voice, demanding that one of the boys lie on the bed and pull me on top of him. She pulled my knees up and had me straddle his formidable erection, and she guided his manhood into my sopping wet pussy. It felt good to be in another position, and I got an extra thrill, knowing that my ass was on full display for all to admire. As my anonymous cock master kept my interest, plunging deep into my pussy, I became aware of two hands rubbing my ass, and spreading my cheeks. The cool air on my exposed anus was exhilarating, but nothing compared to the hot, wet tongue that began to circle around my most intimate and tender area. I felt my body jerk forward, as the silky sensation of gentle tongue action enveloped me with a feeling of delicately sensual pleasure.

I couldn't deny the thrill of realizing that the tongue I was enjoying belonged to Alex, and her dainty fingers spreading my ass for all to see thrust me into an incredible orgasm. Alex held on tight, and continued to pleasure my anus with deep penetrations of her rigid tongue, until I squirmed helplessly in her grasp. All of a sudden, she pulled back, stood up, and commanded the next hot cock to step up behind me.

"You: now fuck her ass but good!" she barked. The boy nodded and complied, as he awkwardly took his position behind me. I groaned as he attempted to enter my willing, but tight, ass. I hadn't had too much experience with anal sex so far in my life, but lately, I was beginning to enjoy it. I was willing to have my ass filled up with a nice hard cock, but he was having trouble penetrating me. Alex could see him having difficulties, so she came forward and assisted him. She grabbed hold of his shaft, spread my cheeks, and jammed the head into my ass with little finesse. I winched in pain, but once his shaft passed by my sphincter muscle, I began to loosen up, and accept his intrusion.

My very first DP was now taking place, and I had a roomful of gawkers and starers admiring the scene. By this time, Alex was beside herself with lust, and she maneuvered her body into a kneeling position in front of me, with her pussy inches from my face. She had already removed her thong, and she pulled her dress up to her waist, so her bare ass was on full display. I'm not really into girls, but considering the amount of lustful debauchery on display, I had no problem making her wish come true. I managed to lean forward, and stick my tongue out until it flicked her clit. She jumped in response, and then pushed back into my face. Soon, I was sucking her juicy cunt with all my might, even as I was being DP'd by two hot young studs, and they were getting off watching me suck my senior sorority leader's wanton cunt to a writhing orgasm.

The smell of sex permeated the thick air in the room, and soon everyone was cumming, some inside my body, and others all over my body. Furthermore, I made Alex cum with my tongue and mouth, which was a first for me, but far from my last time with a sweet, sexy member of my own sex.

I continued to take on all comers (pun intended) and as many times as they wanted that night. I drank so much cum I thought I might burst. My holes were sore for a few days but it was all worth it. I got to satisfy one of my hottest fantasies, and now, I get invited to a lot of campus parties.

Life is good! I wonder what fantasy I might want to satisfy next: lately I've been thinking of hosting a deep throat party. I had my tonsils removed when I was younger, and I don't have a gag syndrome as a result. So, I'm wondering how much fun it might be to swallow cock after cock, as deep as can be, and take all that hot cum down my throat. I think it's called something like "Gang Throating". What do you think?

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