Fine Brown Flesh
By Perry Jones


There was no doubt about it as morning came soon enough.

Belle was depressed, and knew why. No word from her black lover.


Is that what she was calling him now? She noticed that for the first time, she was actually thinking of him in those terms. It sent a chill down her spine and a tingle in her clitoris. What she wouldn't give to fuck him now. Right now. Right this second.

And of course, she knew that was part of his plan. To make her literally beg to want to be fucked there.

What a man.

Breakfast, off to work.

Another routine day. Could it be possible, would she have to learn to live without him? The phone rang. like clock work.

She picked it up, her breath almost short from anticipation. She was hoping, against hope. It had to be him. It had to be ...

"How are you darling?"


"Fine. I missed you yesterday."

"Too bad. I never said it would be everyday."

"Yes, master."

"But it is today. There is a limousine waiting for you downstairs. You are to be there in fifteen minutes, ready to come to me."

"But...." she stammered, "I can't. I'm not ready. I have too much ... work to do. I can't just...."

"Yes you can. And you will. Those are my terms. Remember our agreement. You don't have to obey me, but the first time you don't...."

"All right. I'll get out of my work. Somehow."

She heard the phone go dead at the other end.

What was she going to do.

She looked at her desk, piled with paper. Fuck it, she thought.

She got up and walked out, wearing another knockout outfit, and past Jamie, telling her that she had some important personal business she had to attend to, and that she'd be back soon.

"Of course," Jamie said, smirking.

Belle made a mental note of that smirk. What the hell was so funny, she'd like to know.

Jamie had been listening in on the switchboard, that's all. Important personal business. Yeah, sure.

The limo was there. Belle enjoyed getting into it in broad daylight, in front of the people teeming by her on either side. She was made for limos, she decided.

A few minutes later she was up the elevator and in front of her door, which opened before she knocked.

Only it wasn't George on the other end. It was Honey.

"Come in, please," the woman said.

It was clear she intimidated Belle by her presence. And she didn't look like she was leaving.

"Sit over there, darling," The woman said. Belle was about to protest, to ask where George was, but something inside of her told her she should listen to this woman and take any and all orders from her. It was, after all, still George's place.

So Belle sat down on the sofa, and immediately felt herself sink in.

No sooner was she trapped by the cushions, than she felt Honey, who'd walked around behind her, taking her hands and securing them to the hidden red cords.

No, Belle thought to herself, not this. Not a woman.

It was only when her hands were tightly secured, that George emerged from the bedroom, wearing nothing but his leather underwear.

Her eyes went immediately to his bulge. He pulled up a chair about ten feet in front of Belle, and sat down, crossing his legs and lighting a cigarette.

He was going to watch! He was going to watch Honey ravish her!

The thought made her go wet.

Still from behind, without being able to see her, Belle felt Honey's fingers start to play with her hair, letting the strands flow through her fingers. She enjoyed the woman's light touch, and loved the gardenia scent she wore. Then, without warning, she felt a rubber band being put around her hair as it was pulled back behind her head.

Now that that was accomplished, Honey undid the buttons in the back of Belle's dress. Having them opened, she loosened the front, so that with one pull down, she was able to expose Belle's tits.

Which she did.

Carefully, slowly, and from behind, she began to massage them, working her fingers delicately into the thick, pliant white skin, until the nipples responded and stood up.

"That's right...." Honey cooed into her ears.

Then she reached down lower and started hiking up Belle's skirt. Belle, in spite of the fact that it was a woman, in spite of the fact that George was watching, and that everything inside of her told her she should not help, she spread her legs.

"Good girl," Honey whispered. Now she had the dress well above the tip of Belle's stockings and began stroking her naked thighs

"That's ... that's so good...." Belle said, as she let her head go back.

"Yes," Honey said.

Now for the first time she came around to the front, and sat next to Belle. Her fingers went immediately to work on the bound slave, working on her shaved pussy, stroking it and petting it, and causing Belle to involuntarily jump and jerk at her ropes, cooing and sobbing and losing her breath. She'd never had a woman's hand anywhere near her private parts before, and although she'd heard about the mysterious tugs of the Lesbos within all women, she had no idea that it could anything this terrific!

And of course, with George scrutinizing every movement, everything was heightened ten-fold. Honey was spreading the lips of Belle's pussy, as if to show the inside to George. Then, when George shook his head yes, Honey came off the sofa and got on her knees in front of Belle. She put her hands on the insides of Belle's thighs and spread them as far as she could, and then.sticking her tongue far out, so that Belle, whose eyes were wide and staring, watched in fascination as the woman moved her head slowly toward her pussy.

Honey's tongue started to slowly start licking, up and down, from bottom to top, leaving a trail of wet heat.

"Oohhh...." Belle cooed, wanting to spread herself even further.

"Yes...." Honey said. Then, snaking her hand around her thighs, so that she could now open up Belle's pussy from the top, Honey stuck her unusually long tongue far up into Belle's box, causing the woman to jerk spasmodically with delight.

"Mmmmm" Honey hummed as she expertly ate Belle out, increasing her tonguing action and being totally unrelenting until at last, with a final plunge, working her head up and down and all around, she extracted a long, sobbing, dripping orgasm from the woman.

"Yes," Honey said again. She stood up, and began to take her clothes off. Belle, who was reeling, without benefit even of one of the special potions that George was so good at conjuring, watched until the woman was down to her panties. What was going on, Belle wondered? What was going to be next.

She didn't have to wait long.

Honey went behind the sofa again, and when she returned, she was holding a huge dildo, attached to a belt, a dildo that was easily fifteen inches.

"You're not ... going to use that ... on me...." she said, watching in fear as Honey tied it around her waist.

"Oh, yes, darling ... I'm going to fuck you so good now...."

"No...." Belle moaned, but it was useless to protest. With George still watching, Honey put her knees onto the edge of the sofa, so that her own thighs pushed Belle's still further back, opening her pussy lips, to accept anything anybody wanted to put in.

Honey put one hand on Belle's shoulder, and another on the head of the huge dick. Nestling it between her lips, she felt the woman jiggle herself beneath the ministrations. Then, with a forward thrust of her hips, she was able to get about seven inches into Belle, who yelped with passion as she felt the thing entering her.

Then Honey put both hands on either of Belle's shoulders, and began the rhythmic fuck-thrusting, methodically opening Belle deeper than she'd ever been opened before.

As the inches disappeared into her pussy, Belle could feel them entering where she'd never felt anything go before. Deep, deeper into her womb than any cock, she felt as if it was going to reach up and come out of her mouth! It felt like nothing she'd ever dreamed of. It was so good. So good ...

She strained at her bonds, trying with every ounce of her energy to get free, but it was useless. All she could do was sit back, her hands spread apart, and bound, her legs trapped between the Honey's, pushed back by the woman's knees, and accept the fucking she was getting.

Honey took her hands off Belle's shoulders and put them on her face.

"Suck them," she said, softly, surely, as she forced Belle to take her tits in her mouth. Belle went from one of Honey's tits to the other, hungrily sucking them, giving up all resistance, as the woman continued her actions, until at last, a full forty-five minutes later, Belle felt herself coming, over and over and over again.

"aaah . ... that's . ... so ... oh, God, thank ... thank you ... soooo much...." she moaned, as slowly, Honey pulled the dick, inch by inch, out of Belle's pussy.

When she was finished, she turned and smiled as George, her hand on Belle's shoulder, as if to pet her captive.

And still she wasn't through. Now she undid Belle's bonds, but instead of letting her get up, she forced her over and moved her legs so that now she was lying along the length of the sofa. There were new hidden cords revealed now, and in a flash, Honey had meticulously bound Belle's hands above her head. Satisfied that she was helpless, Honey raised one leg and brought it around to Belle's chest, and sat down on it, so that she was on her tits.

"Mmmmm. Very soft," Honey, as she bounced easily up and down. Then she put her hands on Belle's head, and moved herself up, so that he pussy was hovering over Belle's mouth.

"Open it," Honey commanded.

"Please...." Belle said, begging not to have to be made to suck.

"I said open it," Honey repeated, grabbing Belle by the hair. , Having no choice, Belle opened her mouth, and for the first time in her life, felt the delicate, delicious warmth of a real pussy on her mouth.

At first she started tentatively, taking little licks and trying not to breathe. Now, though, in a very short time, she found herself getting into it, more and more and she started chewing on the lips, and licking and sucking and lapping up Honey's flow.

"Right ... that's right ... good, baby ... so good...." Honey said, urging her on, until, when she was about to come, she grabbed Belle by the back of the head and forced her mouth to stay glued to her pussy while she came, all over Belle's face.

Thick, creamy streams of discharge ran all over her cheeks, down to her neck. Honey, all fired now and lusty, bent down and licked the face of Belle clean, getting every drop of her own cum, and then, when she finished, kissed her heavily on the mouth, pushing her own tongue deep down inside of her.

When they were finished, she rolled off and looked at George, smiling at the man responsible for this wonderful afternoon.

"Untie her," he commanded, and Honey immediately set Belle free.

"That's all for today. Get dressed and go back to work."

Belle did as she was told. Honey was gone, into one of the other rooms. George said nothing to Belle as she went to the door, and a moment later she was out.

As she rode down the elevator, she wondered if this meant she was a lesbian as well as a slut and a whore.

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Belle was able to get back to the office before five. Refreshed, having just eaten her first pussy, she plunged herself into her work.

No one seemed to have noticed she was gone. No one except that girl at the desk who was still smirking, just as she was when Belle left.

There was something wrong there.

"Did you have ... enough time to take care of your personal business?" she asked.

"As a matter-of-fact I did."

Belle made a mental note to take more care around the office. If she didn't know better, she would swear that this one knew everything that was going in.

Well, there were ways of finding out.

And maybe ... Jesus, she thought to herself, what was she thinking?

Well, was it so bad? For that matter, she wouldn't mind seeing her stripped naked, bound at the wrists and made to take some deep fucking. Maybe she could bring her along some time and give her to George as a gift.

She could be so generous at times.

But she couldn't think about any of that now. She had to run off to a meeting. Hurriedly, she gathered her papers and went to the advertising committee, to present her analysis of all the work.

The meeting didn't end until well after seven, unusual for these clods, Belle thought, who normally were out the door the second the clock struck five.

It was just her luck to have been fucked, ravished eaten and forced to suck black pussy and black cock, and then have to work late that night.

Wasn't there any rest for the weary.

That night, after she got home, she figured it was safe to go out. After all, she'd already done service to her master there she was again, calling him that so why not go and have a little fun on her own.

She wanted something to drink. She went to a bar, not the same one she met George in, for no particular reason, but she just didn't think it was such a good idea, had a martini, and then another.

Several people came in, and a couple of guys even made tentative moves toward her. Why not? She was good-looking, she knew that, and she was this day looking like a woman who'd just had the shit fucked out of her, that was kind of obvious, so why shouldn't she look good.

The trouble was, none of these ass-holes who came on to her had anything going for them. No kind of moves at all. Ever since she'd met George, things had turned around so drastically. Did she ever dream she could make Steve jerk off so often?

It was nice to do a little table turning in life.

She was no longer hungry. She decided to take a walk instead.

As the martinis went to her head, she thought about George and Honey, and decided that yes, she was going to have to get some more pussy. Now who did she know who would let her have their quim? She let her mind race, and of course it came up on the logical name.

Why hadn't she thought of it before? The one woman she'd bet anything on she could seduce.

The receptionist outside.

Lovely. Belle decided to go home and see what she could do about this situation.

She hailed a cab and a few seconds later she was back in her house.

She went to the phone machine and was stopped dead in her tracks. The call light was blinking!

No, she told herself. It couldn't be.

She retrieved the message, and indeed, it was George!

"Well, I'm sorry you're not home. I was going to invite you over for some after-dinner follies. My friend, the lady with the red hair, wanted to have dessert with you. Or rather, wanted you for dessert. Next time, I'm sure."

With that the phone went dead.

Belle was beside herself. How could she have messed this up so badly. Why waste time going to a bar when she could have been dessert for the Honey.

She made herself a drink and took her clothes off, preferring to roam her apartment totally nude.

Then, after her third martini, she remembered that she was a woman with a mission. She was going to turn that other girl!

She got her address book out and looked up the home phone number of her secretary. With trembling fingers, she dialed her number.

The phone rang. Once. Twice. Three times. On the fourth ring, someone picked up.


It was the girl. Jamie. Belle recognized her voice.



"It's Belle."

"Belle!" There was a noticible change in Jamie's voice. "Well, this is a surprise."

"I bet. What can I do for you?"

Belle was tempted to tell her.

"Well, I was doing some late work here, and, well, you know I could really use some help."

"At home? Tonight?"

"That is if you aren't busy...."

The phone was silent for a long time. Belle didn't say anything, letting instead the implications of her words sink in. When Jamie began talking in a quite different tone once more.

"Well, this is most unusual ... and I was thinking about watching the baseball game tonight ... it's a must game for the Yankees...."

What? Belle didn't know anything about baseball, but she knew that this was only May, and there was no such thing as a May must game.

"Well, I'll put it on in the background for you. How's that."

"You really want me to come."

Oh, yes, Belle thought to herself.

"I'll make it worth your while."


"Promise. Cross my heart." And your tits.

"Okay. I'll be over in fifteen minutes.

"That's wonderful. You have my address?"

"Why don't you give it to me."

Belle told Jamie were to go, and then, after she hung up the phone, decided the place needed a little straightening up. She took some perfume from the bathroom and sprayed it all around the house, making the place smell luxuriously decadent, like an elegant east side townhouse whorehouse.

Next, she sprinkled the bed with her finest bath talc.

And finally, she changed into something obviously seductive; her see-through nylon negligee, under which she wore her garter belt, stockings, and on her feet high heels.

She made herself still another drink and sat down, waiting patiently for her downstairs buzzer to go off.

It didn't take long.

About fifteen minutes later she heard the buzzer. She got up, pressed back, and in another minute there was a soft knock on the door.

"Jamie," Belle said when she opened the door.

Jamie was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. She smiled as she came in.

"Well," she said. "I see that you're dressed for work." She smiled and smirked.

"Well, it was late, and I thought...."

"Who are you trying to kid?"

Belle was surprised at Jamie's words.

"Whatever do you mean."

"You must think I was born yesterday. You have no evening work to do. I take care of all your scheduling, remember? And what kind of work do you think you're going to doing that get-up?"

Belle blushed. Fuck it, she thought. I'm going to come right out with it.

"Pussy work, darling. I'm going to work on your pussy."

"Really," Jamie said, smiling. "And what makes you so sure that I'm going to let you?"

"I'm sure," Belle said. With that, she put her hands on either side of Jamie's face and brought her mouth on to hers, forcing her tongue deep into Jamie's throat. She kissed her long and hard, and when she was finished, she smiled at her visitor, and turned her head a little to the side.

"Let's go in the bedroom, Jamie," Belle said.

Jamie made no move to resist as she was led by the hand inside.

She knew it! Belle knew this young one was hot!

Now, all she'd learned from her black lover and teacher was about to be put to some really good use! epilogue

NOW, it Was time! Belle led Jamie into the bedroom by the hand. She could feel the perspiration beading up in her friend's hand.

She's always thought Jamie attractive, and at times daydreamed about who the woman must be fucking, what type of man, what profession, how tall, how much money he made.

Who could possibly know, by looking, that there was the definite streak of the Lesbos within her, and that in addition to liking other women, that she was going to allow herself to be turned into a sex slave. Oh, Belle had no doubts about that last decision. There was no way Jamie would consent to come over if she didn't want to, long to, need to be dominated. Even by a woman. Especially by a woman.

So much had changed in Belle's life these last few days. Never, in her wildest fantasies, daytime or night, could she ever have dreamed that she'd be so dominated and abused by a man such as Carl, who, ironically, by tying her down and restricting her movements had at the same time liberated something much more divine, something much more in need of freedom.

Belle's right to be a slut.

God bless America!

Belle's room had the classic scent of sex floating through it, as the perfume and talc that she had so carefully laid down now clung to the air like so many lapping tongues.

Jamie still had that same smirk on her face, and it only made her sexier in Belle's eyes. She always thought Jamie one of the more attractive potential sluts in the office.

"Now, Jamie, why don't you sit down on the side of the bed, and just relax."

"All right. If you think you know what you're doing."

"Don't worry, darling...." There was that same word again. Funny how domination had it's own dialogue...."I know exactly what I'm doing, and I know exactly what you'll be doing. To the very last movement, bitch."

Those last words bit into Jamie, sending a flurry of heat waves down her spine. She'd never heard her boss talk in that manner, in that tone of voice, with that type of language.

She loved it.

Jamie sat where she was told. Belle, with a wicked smile on her face that said more about her intentions than perhaps anyone might have wanted to know, went to her dresser drawer and retrieved a length of clothesline that she'd put there earlier. It was purchased originally for hanging clothes up in her bathroom, to let them dry naturally, but now she had a much better use for it.

"Put your hands behind your back, Jamie," Belle said, in a soothing, seductive, stroking tone of voice. Jamie did as she was told.

In a flash, Belle had put seven turns of the rope around the girl's wrists, so that they formed a neatly wrapped restraint, finished off with a double hitch knot, making it virtually impossible to escape. The more struggling against this type of bond, the tighter it usually got.

Belle then went into the bathroom and filled a large quart container with warm watet. She returned and began to pour the water over Jamie's bonds. Belle knew that as the water evaporated, the bonds would automatically become tighter, and even more restrictive. She was out to make Jamie; to turn her and reduce her to a total, whimpering slave, before the night was out.

"Comfortable?" Belle asked, with a soft, mocking tone in her voice. Jamie, whose smile was now starting to recede, shook her head yes.

"Good," Belle said. "Stand up."

Jamie did as she was told. She was led to the other side of the bedroom, where Belle produced a wood stool. The stool was kept in the closet, and used by Belle for things like changing light bulbs. Now, though it was to take on a much more interesting, and useful role.

She commanded Jamie to stand in front of it.

Jamie did, and Belle went behind her, moved the stool a little to the side-these actions designed to keep Jamie a little confused and less-well oriented-and undid the buttons at the back of Jamie's dress.

Jamie said nothing, as, once the garment was loosened, Belle pushed it over the front of her the girl's arms and, down, so that it hung like a loose frock, held up by the bound wrists from behind.

Next, Belle squatted down and picked up the skirt from the bottom, so that it was tucked up around the waist. Belle was thrilled to see that Jamie had worn no underwear of any kind. There was no doubt now that this was exactly what Jamie was hoping for when she ran over to meet Belle.

"Sit,". Belle said, sounding as if she were commanding her French Poodle to go down on it's haunches.

Jamie moved back slightly, and found the stool which Belle had moved back into place.

Once on the chair, Belle went swiftly and assuredly to work on the woman. She looped the rope around Jamie's neck a couple of times, so that the girl would understand that she wasn't to move very much later on, when she would most-likely not be able to contain herself very well. She brought the end of the loop down behind, to meet the wrists, bound still under the expense of red dress. There, she secured that length of rope, forcing Jamie to sit up tall. Any slumping would put pressure on her neck. Belle wanted her beauty slave to be erect!

Now, she came around the front, and gently lifted one of Jamie's legs, pushing it wide to the side and around one of the legs of the stool, so that she could tie the ankle in such a position as to make sure it was wide and immobile. Then she did the same to the other side.

When she was finished, she surveyed her work.

"Very fine," she said, putting a couple of fingers under Jamie's very pretty chin, and moving them back and forth. "So, darling, how do you feel now?"

"Lovely," Jamie said, more softly than Belle had ever heard her sound before. "Just ... lovely...."

Belle surveyed her work. It made her pussy wet to see her friend, the same woman who sat day after day in her office, so efficiently answering the phones, sitting here in her bedroom nude and bound, made to sit erect, with her legs spread apart and her very bushy pussy wide open for any and all comers.

"Now, darling, I just want you to relax," Belle said, moving up close to the girl, and putting her arms around her waist, she looked deeply into the eyes of her captive, and without saying anything else, planted a long, deep kiss into the mouth of Jamie.

She liked the feel of the girl's thick, lush lips on her own, and enjoyed the feel of her body as she pressed her own into it. Belle was still in her robe, and intended to keep it on for awhile. Seeing her nude, she decided, was a privilege Jamie was going to have to earn.

When she took her mouth away from the girl, she looked again into her eyes, and noticed that now, Jamie's face was turned a deep crimson. Belle wondered if she'd ever been kissed by a woman before. She was sure she'd never been tied up. There are some things you can just tell about women. Especially other women.

Slowly, keeping her eyes fixed on Jamie's, so much so that the woman tried to turn away, feeling too intensely Belle's gaze, Belle began to run her hands over the other woman's breasts. When she saw Jamie turn away, she sternly moved her face back to hers, and gave the woman a hard, unexpected slap across her cheek.

"OH!" Jamie said, not expecting that. Belle's fingers left a huge imprint on the girl's face. This was followed by a stern warning. "If you take your eyes off me again, it won't go well for you, my dear," Belle said. "Understand?"

Jamie slowly shook her head yes.

Belle was delighted. This was going to be an excellent student for her to train. Just excellent!

Belle now returned to her breast massage tactics that she was about to begin in earnest. When her hands finally went to Jamie's lovely, full and yawning breasts, she could hear the audible sigh let out by her captive.

"Aaaahh...." Jamie said, slowly, with her mouth dropping open, and her eyes obediently fixed on Belle's.

"There ... there, now ... doesn't that feel wonderful?" Belle asked, and Jamie, her voice hoarse now from lust, tried her best to answer.


"Yes, what?" Belle herself had learned her lessons well, and was delighting in passing them on. "Yes ... mistress...."

Belle smiled. "Very good, darling. For that you deserve a special reward."

Belle now stepped up the actions of her fingers on Jamie's very sensitive breasts, causing the woman to squirm and move about in her chair, all the while keeping her eyes where they were supposed to be. Now, she began to work on the nipples exclusively, squeezing and pinching them, working them up and pulling on them, delighting in their immediate and eager response. Each of them perked up hard and straight, like loaded .22 calibre bullets.

Belle seemed please at their enthusiasm, and still keeping her eyes on Jamie, lowered her wet mouth onto one of them, slowly letting her tongue push up against the tip of the nipple, then brushing it lightly, sending spasm of delight to the trussed Jamie.

"Ooohhh...." Sheila cooed, as she twisted against her restraints; not for anything like wanting to be freed, just from the sheer delight of how delicious Belle's mouth felt on her tits.

Belle went hungrily from one to the other, licking and sucking and eating them, until, within a matter of minutes, she had Jamie effectively undulating in a sitting position, trying, if it was at all possible, to spread her legs even farther than she was already forced to do.

Belle lightly dropped the fingers of one hand to Jamie's ample bush, and began to easily stroke her pussy.

"Jesus," Jamie hissed, as if she were not expecting to wonderful a sensation to coarse through her.

"What is it, Jamie?" Belle asked, a smile on her face and a leer in her voice.

"That feels so ... goood...." Jamie dripped out of her mouth.

"I know...." Belle said.

And then she stopped.

This caused Jamie to snap to attention. She wasn't prepared for this sudden withdrawal of pleasure.

She didn't understand that Belle had something else in mind, than simple stroking. Belle wanted to see Jamie squirm in her seat, and to come with an orgasm so intense she wouldn't know what hit her.

Leaving her captive erect and naked on the stool, Belle went to her drawer and took out her favorite private toy, a very expensive, black vibrator in the shape of a twelve inch cock. It was one of those custom jobs, where the sheath actually looks and feels like human dick, and the vibration is as intense as anything on the market today.

"Jesus," Jamie said, her eyes widening, her mouth watering when she saw the thing. "You're not going to ... mmmffff...." She wasn't able to finish her sentence, because Belle, holding the woman's face in one strong hand, forced the tip of it into her mouth.

"Suck it," Belle commanded. Jamie did as she was told.

Belle loved the way the girl went at it, having to suck on, the vibrating dildo that she knew in a few minutes was going to make her squirm and bounce with joy.

When Belle pulled it out of her mouth, saliva had run down the side of her face, as she had been overwhelmed with the pleasure of sucking Belle's dildo. She could taste the warm, tangy flavor of Belle's pussy on the thing, and knew that it must have lived inside of her love channel for hours on end.

Just like her own did back home.

However, she'd never let anyone see hers, let alone use it on her. She was now panting in anticipation of what promised to be a most delicious experience.

Slowly, Belle tracked the thing down Jamie's stomach, between her tits and on to the small triangle of hair just above her pussy. Jamie's body went into a series of minute mini-spasm, as each movement cause ripples of thrills to rip through her.

Then, quite efficiently, with a smirk of real joy on her face, Belle took the thing away and holding it up to Jamie's face, switched it on.

Jamie could hear the loud ZZZZZ of the vibrator, and watched, in fascination as it moved back and forth in a blur in Belle's hand, it was obviously much more powerful than her own vibrator, and she swallowed hard when she realized she was going to get worked over by this instrument.

Belle, now satisfied that she'd set up Jamie for the final payoff, put a hand down to the girl's pussy, to spread open the waiting, eager lips. She didn't have to probe very deeply to be met with a warm, sticky flow. She liked that. She spread the lips open, and with one deep thrust, pushed the whirring device as far up into the woman's glistening love cunt, causing Jamie to buckle and kick into her restraints, and let out with a very loud, piercing scream.

"AAAAAIIIIII...." It was like nothing she'd ever, ever experienced. Belle quickly withdrew the thing and slapped Jamie once more, hard across the face.

"How dare you make such a noise in my house" Belle said. She went to the drawer and took out a long kerchief, whirling it about a couple of times so it was tight and long, and without saying a word, came around behind the captive girl and gagged her. Jamie tried to move her head to avoid the silken gag, but it was no use. She was now effectively silenced. The shock of the vibrator's power was still reverberating through her. She was afraid she was going to be made to feel it again, and really didn't know if she'd be able to take it. it felt like nothing else in the world. Certainly like no man could ever make her feel. She watched with wide, frightened eyes, as Belle slowly brought the thing home again.

Why, she thought to herself, why did I ever consent to letting myself be tied up in such a disgraceful manner. This woman, she thought now, this woman is going to kill me with pleasure!

A not altogether unpleasant thought.

Belle pushed the humming vibrator back up inside Jamie, this time all twelve inches, causing Jamie's pussy lips to cling to it, like it had glue on it's ends, as the vibrations caused Jamie to shake and kick, and now to start crying, as the tears dripped out of her eyes. Belle had to put one hand on the small of the girl's back as she began to manipulate the vibrator, moving it around, in and out and up and down, from side to side fast, then slow, then fast again, as she slowly worked up her captive into an hysterical frenzy.

It was a good thing she'd secured her as tightly as she had to the stool, otherwise the woman would have been over on the floor long before now.

Then it happened. Jamie lost her voice, threw her head back as far as she could, and even though she was gagged, it was evident that she was experiencing the most intense, the wettest and the longest orgasm she'd ever have in her life.

Seeing this, Belle pushed the vibrator up as far as she could get it, so that just the very end was still visible. Then, holding it in there with her thumb, she lowered her lips to Jamie's outstanding clitoris, and putting her lips on it, sucked it hard and brutally. This was all too much for Jamie, who with one final, muffled shriek of abandoned lust, suddenly went turgid and sweaty all over, with beads of cold sweat pocking her body, just before her head fell forward and slumped in a dead faint.

What a feeling, Belle thought. Fainting from coming. A most delightful, rare experience.

Now that Jamie was out cold, there was no sense in going on. She turned off the vibrator and removed it.

Next, she got a couple of warm towels from the bathroom and toweled down her captive, until slowly, the girl started to come around.

When she did, Belle removed her gag, and kissed her on the mouth.

As if to show her intense, eternal gratitude, Jamie returned the kiss with an eagerness that surprised Belle. She knew the woman had enjoyed this, but she had no idea how much so.

There, there, darling," Belle said. "Are you all right now?"

"All right?" Jamie echoed. "That was the most ... oh, thank you, Belle ... thank you so much...."

Belle petted her face.

"That's all right, darling. This was only the beginning."

She slowly untied her charge, who slumped forward into her arms when she was free.

Belle caressed her for another hour or so, until Jamie felt strong enough to put her clothes back on properly, and get ready to leave, promising that she would always be available, anytime of the day or night, for something as wonderful as this.

By the time they said goodnight, Belle knew they were now more than friends, and would be for a good long time.

Alone now, Belle made herself a drink, and stared out her window. It was a lovely night, she told herself, and one where she knew that both girls would sleep well, each in her own bed, each more than sated.

Belle now knew what it was like to be in charge. She longed now for her phone to ring again, for Carl, to whom she knew she owed so much, to call her for another debasement. She hoped that when he did, the redhead would be there. There was something about a beautiful woman working over another woman that was, well, just about the most exciting thing than one could imagine.

Belle fell quickly and contentedly to sleep.

The next morning was lovely, and Belle decided to wear another of her knockout outfits to work. A black leather skirt, a white top, and of course the garter belt and stockings. She knew that the leather outfit would cause some talk about the office, but she really didn't care. What was important was that if Carl called, she knew that he would appreciate what she was wearing, that he would recognize the true devotion of the slave!

She got to the office on time, and when she walked by Jamie's office, she smiled at her sexy little friend, whose face blushed a deep crimson.

"Would you come into my office, please?"

Jamie shook her head, and, still blushing deeply, followed her boss inside the executive cubicle.

"So, how are you this morning?" she asked.

In response, Jamie, now smirking once more, came over to her boss and put her arms around her, kissing her long and lovingly, pushing her tongue as far down into her throat as she could get it.

"Well, this is delightful," Belle said.

"Mistress," Jamie whispered, "Can I do something?"

"Now, what is that," Belle asked, smiling and stroking Jamie's hair. "Can I ... can I...."

"Come now, darling, don't be afraid, come right out and say it. I won't hurt you."

"I want to ... kiss you ... there...." she said, furiously blushing and burying her face.

"Aawww...." Belle said. "You're so sweet. Of course darling."

Belle lifted herself up on the desk and leaned back on her elbows. She saw Jamie's mouth water as the friend slowly pushed up the leather skirt, the smell of the material acting as an addition aphrodisiac, as if one were needed.

Jamie loved the fact that Belle wore no panties. Her white thighs, contrasted by the blackness of her stockings and garter belt, sent her into a frenzy. She put her mouth on Belle's pussy, and with loud, smacking noises, began to eat her out.

Belle watched in a glazed delight as she saw the girl's head moving around in eager enthusiasm as she sucked and licked her mistress' pussy.

"That's ... right ... lick it, you little slave slut ... lick it all around...."

"Mmmmm ... ffrmmmmmffff...." Jamie said, the animal sounds coarsing through her lips, sending a pleasant buzz into Belle's pussy, until, under the inexperienced but enthusiastic sucking of Jamie, she soon was brought to the edge of orgasm. Then, thrusting a finger up into her mistress' soaking pussy, Jamie brought Belle off in the most delicious way.

All that was needed now was some good hot black cock!

And Belle knew there was an easy solution to that.

Just a phone call away.

Eagerly, she reached for the receiver, her finger trembling as she began to dial. ...


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