Fine Brown Flesh
By Perry Jones


The next time they got together was even better than the last!

George was in a mood to watch, participate and have fun with his two babes, one black and one white and pretty. Now, Belle was getting the shit fucked out of her by Honey, a black girl dressed only in leather with the white dildo strapped to her hips.

It was outrageous and incredible, and she had to admit that she was loving it. She'd never been fucked like this before, and the very thought of it, only a day earlier, would have sent her screaming with fear. But now, as Honey effectively stretched and opened her pussy, moving the thing around inside of her, up, down, to the left and to the right, only served to make her even hotter and homier than she already was.

It was an interesting phenomenon, the more she was fucked and fucked over by Ray and Honey, the more she wan ted ... more!

"Are you going to come ... bitch," Honey said, as she moved her hips forcefully, in and out, almost to the limit before speeding up and then slowing down and then speeding up again.

"Yyess ... yyess...." Belle moaned, knowing that she was going to be forced to spend, under the strict sexual tutelage of this hot black couple.

Finally, after it seemed that she was never going to have the white dildo out of her pussy, it was removed, and Honey inched up, so that she could sit on the girl's tits.

She held the thing in her hand, waving it in front of Belle's face.

Belle had never seen one of these things be fore, and marveled at the way it was exactly shaped, to look like a very big male cock.

She knew what she was to do next, even without being told. She was becoming a very good student, and wanted more than anything to please her captives.

She opened her mouth, and let Honey slide the thing in, so that now she was being mouth-fucked by the very bi-sexual Honey.

She was forced to do this until with her mouth and tongue she had completely cleaned off the thing.

Once again she had tasted her own juices, feeling the thick remnants of her own spending down her throat.

"I think she's had enough," George said, helping Honey to her feet. "You better get cleaned up."

It was obvious that he wanted some time for himself with her.

"How do you feel," he asked, when he surveyed the spread-eagled Belle on the bed. His eyes took in the feast. She was a golden, bronzed, teen beauty, the best looking Wasp in the class, and he was a working-class black boy, and here he was totally in charge of her!

It was the kind of social vengeance that did George's heart good.

"I'm ... okay, I think...." Belle finally answered.

"I guess you're a little pissed off at me...."

She looked at him for a long time. She didn't know how to react to a statement like that.

"What do you mean...."

"Well, I've tied you up on the bed, and forced you to have sex with another woman, and...."

"I liked it," Belle said, suddenly, surprised at her own speed of saying such a thing.

"You did?"

"Yes ... oh, yes."

"Well, what did you like about it?"

"Well ... do I really have to tell you?"

"Yes," George said, smiling, and sitting back down on his chair, crossing his naked legs.

"I love to be fucked ... by black men and women ... and when your friend did it to me ... it was like being fucked by a really big black guy with a gorgeous white prick...."

There. She'd said it. She'd given him exactly what he'd wanted.

"Will you let me loose now," she asked.

George stared at her, wondering if that was the thing to do.

"All right," he said, quickly. "If that's what you want."

"I really do," she said. "I need to be let go. You've had me in bondage for most of the day ... and I need to be able to roam free now...."

George could understand something as simple as that. It was the kind of statement that was free of any pretense, a refreshing change from the earlier haughtiness that had driven him to decide that this woman had to be taught a lesson.

Now, he went over to the bed and began to undo her bonds.

In another instant she was free.

As she sat up on the bed, she slunk her hands around his neck and brought her mouth close to his.

"I need to kiss you," she said, just before she glued her lips to his.

He could taste her like that, and he could taste the vague remains of sex inside her mouth.

He'd had her in every part, or almost every part, and he still wasn't through. But he knew enough to let her alone for awhile. So, even as they kissed, he was planning the next stage of his takeover of her white, middle-class sexuality.

"I have to go now," he said, and he could see the hurt in her face.

"Oh...." she said, gathering her sheets over her body, suddenly covering up.

"But I'll be back."


"Tomorrow night, I think. Why?"

"Because I want to come back. Tomorrow. Early in the day. I want to come back and do things ... to you. Is it all right? May I return?"

He waited for her to answer.

"I ... I guess so...."

"Well, if you don't want me back, I won't come."

"I do," she said quickly. "I want you back very much. You know that. You must know that by now...."

He smiled. It was the first time she'd seen him smile in a long time.

"That's better," she said. "Tomorrow, then."

At this point, Honey came back into the room.

"I see that the bitch has gotten you to untie her."

"That's okay. We're leaving anyway."

George took Honey by the arm, and without saying another word, the two of them went down the stairs and out the door.

Belle took a deep breath and flopped back on her bed.

She couldn't believe what was happening to her. She'd been taken utterly against her will, and she had to admit that it had been glorious!

She could only hope that the next day would come, as fast as time would allow, and that George would once again have something special in store for her much-eager body to experience.

Saturday night. She had no idea what to do. She'd lost all sense of time and proportion, as she sat flicking the TV stations around with the remote control.

The phone rang.



It was her friend, Sally, from the office typing pool. The office that seemed today so much duller than it ever had before, and that was pretty dull!


"What have you been up to...."

Belle giggled. If she only knew ...

"Not too much. What are you doing tonight...."

"Not much ... I thought you might want to come over and keep me company...."

That sounded like a good idea. And not only because studying was something safe and that she should be doing, but also because she'd always wanted to see Sally's cunny, and with her new, emboldened sexuality, she might just get the chance.

"I'll be over in about an hour, okay? Unless you want to come here...."

"I would! But my car isn't working. A dead battery I think."

Belle laughed. She knew the feeling. "Okay, then, I'll be over in about an hour. See you then."


Belle hung the phone and went into the bathroom to take a nice, long shower, making sure that her entire body was squeaky clean, and totally rid of any sign of the sexuality that she had just been exposed to.

Satisfied that she was completely clean, she then went to her closet and picked out, with extreme care, her clothes for the evening.

She chose a short suede blue skirt, something that would be easy to manipulate, and a pullover sweater with a turtle neck.

She slipped into a pair of black shoes with medium lifts, and was ready to go out.

She took a jacket with her, slung over her shoulders, and went for the fifteen minute walk over to Sally's.

She got there and knocked on the door and in a couple of seconds, Sally opened it.

Belle was surprised to see that Sally was dressed in nothing more than a teddy nightie, the kind of thing that girls wear at pajama parties, instead of social calls.

"Cute," Belle said as she came in the door.

"You like it? I got it for my birthday and I thought I'd put it on."

Belle couldn't help but notice that in that outfit, Sally's high, sweet tits were clearly visible, including the nipples, and that the whole thing only came down to her thighs. She could also see that Sally wasn't wearing any panties and wondered if this was some sort of invitation on the girl's part.

"Now, let's see, do you want some hot cocoa? I'm going to have some...."

"Sure," Belle said, amused at the way her girlfriend was nervously flitting around the house.

Sally was the second best looking girl in the office, so the general consensus went, and there wasn't that much difference between first and second place. Both girls were blondes, and both were in great shape, with those perfect noses and shapely bodies, and high-society snooty attitudes toward most of the men.

And both were exceptionally hot when it came to petting.

And both masturbated frequently, and told each other about all the new techniques they discovered in doing so.

And now, both were alone in the house, so why, Belle wondered, did she have the distinct feeling that there was another purpose to the invitation that found her over here on this Saturday night.

And there was one more thing. The house smelled like the best perfume that money can buy.

Belle liked that. A lot.

And, she decided, she was up for anything. All that Sally had to do was give her the right sign, and she'd show her something that she'd never forget.

There was still a lot of unused sexuality tingling around in her body, from the severe tying up and domination that she'd experienced back at her house, and it had served to generally raise her temperature. Now, she wanted only to please her friend, and to have a good time doing it.

"Let's see," Sally said, fumbling with her cups at the kitchen table, as she put her cocoa down beside her. "What should we do...."

They talked this way for sometime, until it became rather boring.


"Why don't we move up to my bedroom," Sally said. "At least there we can stretch out on the bed while we chat. It'll be so much more comfortable than being on this hard table. What do you say?"

Belle shrugged her shoulders, trying to look and sound blase, although she knew that this was the sign she'd been waiting for.

A couple of minutes later they were upstairs, in Sally's bedroom.

They talked yet, again, this time stretched out on Sally's big bed, their legs dangling over the edge as they lay crosswise.

It was now that Belle decided to make her move.

Keeping her head buried in her own cup, she casually let her hand come out and caress the backside of her girlfriend.

She began by letting her fingers easily graze the back thigh skin, and when she saw that Sally was not going to stop her, she gently prodded her friend to spread her legs so she could get her hand up in there.

"What ... what are you doing...." Sally said, as she turned her deeply blushed face in the direction of Belle.

"I'm just feeling your pussy," Belle said, as she started to stroke the soft, hot slit that was peeking through the back thighs.

"Do you like it...." she asked her girlfriend, as she carefully inserted a single finger only about an inch inside.

"Yes ... I do...." Sally said, closing her eyes and taking a bite out of the top sheet.

"You wanted me to do this all along, didn't you," Belle said, as she continued to stroke and massage pussy.

"Yyyes ... I did ... I've wanted it ... for so ... long...."

With that, Belle plunged her finger the rest of the way up the girl, until it was buried to the knuckle.

"What am I doing to you...."

"Feeling ... up ... OH GOD! ... my pussy...."

"That's right...." Belle said.

Next, she put her hands on the girl's shoulders, and still taking possession of her pussy, she rolled her over and kept her on her back, while she put a second finger up her snatch and leaned over her to give her a big, hot kiss on her lips.

"There," she said, as she finally took her mouth away...."How was that...."

"Wonderful...." Sally said, who returned the first kiss with a second, burying her mouth on her girlfriend's, making sure that her tongue went in as deep as she could get it.

"I want to ... I want to see it...." Belle said, as she made Sally stretch out on the bed, and slowly lifted the flimsy material, all that was between her cunt and her gaze.

When Belle saw it, she took a deep breath of air.

The lips were so soft and thick, and pink, with not a trace of the ugly brownish lips that a lot of the girls in the gym had.

And the hair was thin and wispy, so that it served only to illuminate, rather than bury, the gorgeous crinkles and shape of the lovely, private cunny that she was so fastidiously examining with her eyes and hands.

"I want to kiss it," Belle said softly. "Yes...."

"Do you want me to...."

"Oh, yes ... I do ... I really do...."

"Spread your legs, Sally...."

Sally immediately did as she was told, kicking back strong and hard, making sure that she was open and wet for her friend.

Belle licked her own lips in anticipation of sucking her girlfriend.

Using two fingers of one hand, she gently prodded the outer lips open, revealing the inner, pink ones, already soaking with the juices of sexual heat.

She put her mouth down, and began, while still holding the girl open, to kiss the inner thighs, making sure that her tongue left a hot trail behind them.

She worked her way slowly up, toward the garden of delight which she was holding firmly with her fingers. Then, when she knew that the girl couldn't wait any longer, by the moaning and the groaning she was listening to, she stuck her tongue out of her mouth and gingerly gave one clean lick to Sally's pussy.

"Jesus...." Sally sighed, as she felt the soft, probing stab go inside of her, right to the very innards of her pussy. "I can't ... stand ... it...." she cried, as she felt Belle's tongue continue to stab at her, making some sort of inroad each time, until, by bucking and kicking, she though she was going to go crazy!

There was no way she wasn't going to come now, and she reached down and grabbed the head of her friend, trying to hold her there until she went off.

But Belle had other ideas.

In spite of the strong hold on her, she managed to get her mouth off the girl's pussy, and looked into it, with half-closed, humid eyes, as she took three full fingers of her hand and slowly began to work them into Sally's pussy.

"No...." Sally cried...."It's too much ... too big...."

But Belle wasn't having any of it. She knew that as she pushed and probed ,and worked her fingers, that she was eventually going to be able to open up this tight little wasp pussy in front of her and make her take all that she had to give.

"Come on...." Belle said.

"It's too big...." Sally moaned, as she tried to keep her legs as wide apart as possible. "You can take it...."

"I can't ... I really can't...."

"Yes you can...." And with that, Belle pushed her hand even further up, until now, it was almost buried in her girlfriend's cunt.

"There ... you see ... you see how much you've opened...."

"Oh, God ... it's ... oh, Jesus ... I can't...."

But there was no stopping Belle now. She took the hand and kept it shoved as far into the girl's glistening pussy, while with her lips she sought out Sally's clitoris. She put her mouth around it and shaped it so that she could take it just behind her teeth and give it a good sucking.

She moved it in and out and up and back, and all around, and it all was too, too much for Sally, who was kicking and screaming, and going out of her mind, wanting so much to come, and feeling now her own juices starting to spend, down the side of Belle's arm, and into her eager, waiting mouth.

It was a delicious spend, and it kept up for a long time, until finally, she was able to subside for a couple off seconds, allowing for Belle to remove her fingers.

"Did you like that," Belle asked, and Sally eagerly shook her head yes.

"It was soo good," Belle said, licking her own fingers, which had so recently been up her girlfriend's cunt.

They were so into what they were doing to each other, that neither of them realized they'd awakened

Sally's younger sister.

There, in the hallway, stood Meg, the fifteen year old blonde little beauty, rubbing her eyes in disbelief.

"I was sleeping ... you guys woke me up ... and I saw what you did...."

"Oh, my God," Sally cried, as she realized that Meg had seen everything!

"What are we going to do?"

"Don't worry," Belle said. "I can be very persuasive."

She turned to Meg.

"Well, don't just stand there, little girl. Come on in."

"I don't think I better. I'm going to tell mother...."

"Now why would you want to do something like that? Come over here, we just want to talk to you."

"If you promise not to touch me...."

"Oh, come on," Belle said, pretending to sound annoyed.

Meg walked slowly over to the bed.

"Grab her," Belle said, and Sally sprung for her sister, getting her around the arms.

"Now put her on the bed."

The two girls got Meg on the bed, and in a flash, Belle and Sally were tying her down, using nylon stockings from Sally's drawer to bind her legs and feet to the bed.

It didn't take long, and they had the girl spread-eagled, face down, so that her lovely ass was sticking up in their faces.

She was nude, except for the robe she'd had on, which Belle now threw over the top part of her back, covering her back, neck and face.

"What are you ... going to do to me...." Meg cried out from under the robe.

"Teach you not to threaten your sister, "Belle said.

"I think we need something to drink," Sally said, "Before we do anything serious here."

"Good idea," Belle said. "Let's make ourselves some thing, and come back for her later. It'll do her good to think about it for a while."

So while they went downstairs, Meg was left trussed and stripped on the bed.

The girls had themselves some whiskey sours, made with the rye and drink mix that Sally's parents had left in the cabinet, and that served to loosen them up even more.

"I think I'm ready now," Sally said, and Belle eagerly agreed.

"Let's do it to her!"

It was the kind of idea that either had instant appeal, or no appeal at all.

In this case, the answer was obvious.

They lost time in ravishing the little sister and bringing her into their very real world.

To Be Continued
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