Des and I had grown up together, Des was Destiny. We had been friends since we could walk. She had two half sisters, Zoe who was four years younger and Leah who was six years younger. We had always told each other everything. I had even confessed to her about wanting to have a harem with them being the obedient slave girls, of course she had laughed at that.

We were married straight out of high school and I had gone straight into a trade school. I made good money as she went to the local college. Two years later she graduated and got a job. We still spent almost all our time together and I thought we were happy. That was when our life changed and came crashing down.

I did home inspections and it was a Friday. I left the apartment and went straight to my first house for the day. I had just finished my second when the office called and said the next two had canceled. It was Des’s day off and since I had a couple of hours to kill I went home to spend them with her.

I frowned at the loud music coming from our apartment before opening the door. I heard voices from the bedroom and walked back. At least a dozen guys were in the room with Des and she was fucking two. I backed out as my world crashed and spun to leave. When I came home later in the afternoon she had left a note saying she had gone shopping.

I went straight to the bedroom, I knew I would never sleep there again. I packed all my clothes and the few things in the apartment that were mine. I left a note on the table where hers had been. It was simple and only had five words, “I saw what you did.”

The old thirty foot boat had been my mother’s parents until they retired and gave it to me. I brought everything to the boat and ignored the cell when Des started trying to call. I even moved the boat away from the dock and anchored it. I saw her on the dock later when she yelled for me, she was crying but it was to late for that.

I was up early and moved the boat back to the dock before going to my first house inspection. I spent my day depressed and sad as I went through the motions. I ate lunch but it almost made me choke and gag. I listened to the dozen messages from Des begging and pleading for me to forgive her.

When my mother called to get me to talk to Des I hung up and ignored her when she called again. One of the newer massage from Des tried to explain why she had done it, basically it was a fantasy. I knew she was at work and called her. It went to her voice mail, “I told you my fantasy but I never tried to cheat or betray you.”

I hung up and left for my next inspection early. For the next month she called and left messages constantly. I hurt so bad and was so depressed I had thought about killing myself several times. Beside messages from her, I got a lot from mom and then my dad and finally my grandparents and Destiny’s parents.

I was just going through the motions and living day to day. It was Friday afternoon and I was just returning from my last inspection. I had stocked up on canned goods the day before so I could take the boat out to someplace to be alone. I came down into the cabin to change and Des was there with her two sisters.

She was naked and on her knees with a collar around her throat. I froze when I saw her and the hurt of what she had done was back. I looked at her as tears fell down her face, “please Alex.”

I looked at Zoe and Leah, they grinned and Zoe touched a collar around her neck, “actually I am a sub already but I do not have a master.”

Leah touched a new looking collar, “mom said I can do this but you have to fuck me a lot.”

I looked at Des, “you think this changes what you did?”

She looked down, “no.”

I took a step and bent to grab her collar and lift her, “if I take you back and catch you...”

She nodded, “I will not do it again.”

I snorted, “we will see.”

I let her go and looked at the girls, “strip. Harem slaves do not need clothes.”

I went to the bedroom and changed into loose shorts before going back onto the deck. I brought the anchor up and started the boat. I glanced at Des and her sisters when they came out but continued to drive. Zoe almost strutted as she walked to the chair next to me and sat. Des and Leah blushed but came forward to see where we were going.

I reached over and rubbed Leah’s butt, “your mother said I have to fuck you a lot?”

Zoe laughed and Des smiled as Leah grinned, “she was getting tired of catching me fingering my pussy.”

I laughed and relaxed a little before looking at my wife, “have you been checked for STDs?”

She looked down but nodded, “yes. Mom made me go in when I told her what happened. She said if I ever did it again she would beat me and kick me out.”

I had been thinking about it and glanced at her, “oh you are going to do it again.”

I looked ahead as she looked at me but I ignored her before looking at Zoe, “how long have you been having sex?”

She smiled as she spread her legs and started fingering her slit, “my first master took me when I was twelve and I have had three. I have also had a checkup.”

I nodded and looked at Des, “lick her pussy.”

She looked at me before turning and kneeling as her sister spread her legs wider. She smiled as Des started licking her pussy and then she began telling her where to lick or suck and what to do. It was not long before Zoe was shuddering and humping as she moaned. She finally tried to close her legs and Des looked up with a grin.

I looked at Leah to see her fingering her slit and shook my head. I reached out and turned her before bending her over. I fingered her slit and glanced ahead before opening my shorts and pushing them down. I sat and pulled her onto my lap, “take the wheel Des.”

I reached around Leah as she shivered and lifted her enough to position my cock. She sat and wiggled almost desperately as my thick cock spread and stretched her pussy while sinking into her. She gasped and stiffened as she tried to spread her legs and tilt her hips, “ooohhh!”

Des whispered, “hold her Alex she has never had sex for real.”

I glanced at her and then at her little sister, “relax.”

She groaned, “damn your cock feels huge.”

I shook my head and used one hand to finger and rub her clit while the other cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple. She shuddered and her tight pussy clenched, “aaahhhh!”

Zoe laughed, “back and forth sugar.”

Leah rocked and thrust and shuddered before letting a moan escape, “mmmm!”

I continued to finger her clit and rub and tug on her nipple. She shuddered as her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

She bounced and wiggled and twisted and rolled her hips. Her tight pussy was a lot slipperier and my cock slid in and out easily. She was incoherent as she spasmed and her pussy rippled and kept squeezing as it milked my cock. I held her down and thrust up while my cock throbbed.

Leah jerked and her pussy clenched as warm sperm gushed against her cervix, “YES!”

She shook and wiggled as I pumped thick spurts into her before finally relaxing when I stopped, “that was very nice Leah.”

She shuddered and bounced, “yeah.”

Des giggled and Zoe laughed and I shook her, “go take Zoe’s seat and let her lick your pussy.”

I stood and put an arm around Des and gestured to the cove far ahead, “we are anchoring in that cove.”

I glanced at Leah with her legs spread while her sister licked her pussy. I smiled and looked at Des, “I will pick a group of men and you will fuck them like a whore until they stop.”

She looked down, “Alex...”

I rubbed her butt, “you will fuck them until you tire of your fantasy.”

She looked at me and I rubbed a nipple, “and then I will fuck the hell out of you.”

She grinned and nodded, “okay.”

I turned and bent to pull Zoe up and away from a shaking Leah, “Slave.”

Zoe looked at me and grinned as she pressed against me, “yes?”

I smiled, “ever fuck in the water?”

She grinned, “in a bathtub.”

I gestured to the water around the boat, “or I will take you to bed and fuck you hard and deep.”

She almost purred, “I like it deep.”

I laughed as Des giggled and just felt and caressed her until we got to the spot I wanted. I let Zoe go and shut the engine off before dropping the anchor. I turned and pushed Des towards the hatch down and then Zoe. I pulled Leah up and after me as I followed them. I kept nudging them and kept moving Des and Zoe forward to the cabin and the bed.

I let Leah go and turned Zoe and sat her down before pushing her back. Leah and Des crawled onto the bed as Zoe spread her legs and I knelt to lick her pussy and nibble on her clit. She shuddered and humped and I grinned before moving up and over her and sinking my cock into her. I buried it and kissed her as I started to fuck her with long deep thrusts.

She moaned and shifted as she lifted her legs into the air. I continued to fuck her with long strokes and she clutched me a few minutes later and wailed, “aaaaahhhhh!”

She twisted and jerked as I kept fucking her and planting my cock. I kissed her before fucking her firmly and started grinding each time I pushed into her. She wiggled and then began to thrash around, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I buried my cock and began to grind and hump and jab before suddenly fucking her with long strokes. She screamed and kicked her feet while clutching me as she squirted, “YES!”

Several minutes later I pushed all the way into her and kissed her while spewing and pumping strong spurts of cum. Her pussy clenched and she spasmed, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I pulled out, “your turn to lick up the cream Leah.”

She laughed as she helped turn Zoe and moved down between her legs. I looked at my wife before reaching for her. I turned her and laid her back and knelt between her legs. I opened and licked through her pussy before wiggling my tongue on her clit as she humped and squirmed. I sucked on it while continuing to tease it and she began to shudder.

It took awhile before she twisted as she cried out and I moved up and over her. I pushed all the way into her in one thrust. She grunted and clutched me as I settled on her and pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. I did it slowly and she wrapped her legs around me while her pussy tightened.

Each time I buried my cock I would try to push into her cervix. Des wailed a few minutes later before thrashing around as she clung to me. Her pussy was very wet and slippery as I continued to fuck her and felt something give. She began bucking as her pussy constantly clenched and tightened, “ALEX!”

I watched her eyes roll up as I kept fucking her. It was several minutes before I fucked her hard and then buried my cock and whispered in her ear as I pumped spurts of cum, “no more birth control.”

She clutched me as her pussy gripped my cock while it gushed sperm through her open cervix, “YYYEEESSSS!”

She twisted and spasmed as I held my cock buried and finished flooding her. I pulled out when I finished and smiled at her sisters, “more cream.”

I turned and went to the galley before starting dinner. They came out a few minutes later and Des sat on the edge of a seat while her sisters sat across from her, “no birth control?”

I glanced at her, “no. After you are pregnant I will find the men to fuck you.”

She smiled and then grinned, “okay.”

I glanced at Zoe and Leah, “tomorrow is supposed to be hot so we are going fuck in the water a lot.”

They grinned and Zoe slipped her arm around her little sister, “yes master.”

She bumped Leah who grinned, “yes master.”

Des laughed, “yes master.”

I grinned as I turned back to making dinner. After we ate they cleaned up and I went up onto the deck. I sat looking out at the water and they came up a minute later. I caught Leah and pulled her onto my lap and started to finger her while she shivered and spread her legs. I fucked the three of them for over two hours before taking them to bed.

I woke early and went to the tiny bathroom. I went out to make coffee and sat out on the deck to drink it. It was peaceful here as the world slowly woke up. I went to filter water into the tanks as the three girls got up. I glanced at them as they made breakfast, “did you bring a douche?”

Des nodded and I gestured, “all three of you?”

An hour later it was hot outside and I dove into the lake for a swim. I grinned as the girls appeared and jumped in. I caught Leah as she trend water and rubbed her pussy before letting her go and diving. I came up by Zoe as she held the back of the boat and looked around. I moved between her legs and kissed her as I put my arms around her, “do not swim very well?”

She shook her head as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I reached between us to position my cock before pushing into her. She sighed as her pussy tightened and I moved my hands to the boat to hold us up. I started to fuck her and she humped into me each time I pushed into her.

Des and Leah swam to the back beside us as I kept fucking Zoe and she put her arms around me and hung on. Her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed as she began to pant. Several minutes later she spasmed and jerked while her pussy clenched and tightened, “aaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard while she kept shuddering and her pussy constantly tightened. She finally sighed and shivered as she relaxed and I buried my cock and started rubbing and grinding. She shuddered again and grinned as she hugged me tight and kissed me. Her sisters laughed as I pulled out and moved back before I turned her.

She held the boat ladder as I moved back against her and reached down to lift her hips and spread her legs. I pushed back into her and she groaned as I let her go and shoved while reaching for the ladder. I humped and began to fuck her as she held her hips tilted. Her pussy started clenching each time I shoved into her.

I let one hand go to reach around and down to rub and finger her clit. She jerked and wailed as I continued to fuck her, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I took my time and after each time she came I changed position. She was facing me with her legs wrapped around me when I was finally ready to cum. I shoved into her and pushed hard as I grunted and started to pump cum. Zoe jerked and howled when she felt the sperm spurting into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I gave her a kiss and she grinned and let me go. I pulled out and turned her before rubbing her butt, “out and up on deck.”

She climbed out and I turned to pull Leah close before giving her a kiss and sent her out. Des was last and I felt her before sending her out. I had them lay out on the front deck and put lotion on them. It was an hour before watching them had my cock drooling. I rolled my wife over onto her stomach and she grinned back at me as she spread her legs and tilted her hips.

I moved over her before sinking my cock into her. She moaned and wiggled as I buried my cock and began to hump and jab. She tried to tilt her hips more and spread her legs as I continued to fuck her with short jabs before pulling almost out and fucking her with deep strokes. She jerked and shuddered hard as she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkk... mmmeeee!”

Her sisters laughed as she struggled while her slick pussy tried to clench and squeeze my cock. I kept fucking her and she continued to howl and writhe around. Her pussy was wet and constantly squeezing as I planted my cock and tried to push deeper. She wiggled and began spasming as I started to fuck her hard and deep.

She twisted and squirted and tried to shove back, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and pushed as I began to spew and pump cum. Her pussy gripped my cock and kept squeezing while I spurted and gushed sperm. When I was done she sighed and slowly relaxed and I pulled out. I moved away as I looked towards shore and grinned. I pulled the three up and after me as I went to the back of the boat.

Des and Leah jumped in but Zoe came in slower. I helped her and then grinned and laid her on her back. I began swimming towards shore and pulling her after me and before I was halfway there stood up. I grinned and turned her and made her stand. She grinned and pressed against me before I turned to Des and Leah, “come here little slave girl.”

Leah grinned as she swam to me and stood and I pulled her close and lifted her. Des laughed as she reached under her and positioned my cock and I lowered her while she wiggled. She wrapped her legs around me and humped as she grinned and I gave her a kiss. Her pussy was warm and tight as she wiggled and bounced.

I caressed her hips and felt Des as she reached between us to finger her sister’s clit. Zoe laughed and started pulling us towards the shore. Leah closed her eyes and started to shudder as her pussy tightened and gripped my cock. She jerked and spasmed and yelled before I kissed her. I held her butt as we reached shallower water and walked out.

I went to a shaded spot under a tree and knelt before laying Leah back. I moved with her as she clung to me while her tight pussy squeezed. I laid on her and gave her another kiss before I began to slowly jab and hump and thrust in and out. She sighed and kept lifting her hips as she wiggled and began moaning.

Her tight pussy kept grasping each time I tried to pull back. She writhed around and began to spasm as I fucked her with deep strokes. Before long she was clinging to me and bucking as I kissed her. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and pushed as I spewed and spurted.

Leah jerked and her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I pumped and gushed until I was done and settled to wait until she relaxed and sighed. I grinned and gave her a kiss before I pulled out. We played in the shallow water until we started to burn and then we went back to the boat. I fucked the girls off and on all day, sometimes one after another.

It was like that all weekend and when we returned to the dock they stayed. Of course Zoe and Leah had school but slept on the boat with me every night. I ended up buying a house on an isolated section of the lakefront. Des did get pregnant and I did find a dozen guys to fuck her. She enjoyed the first day but after a week it was not fun and after a month she had enough.

They still wear collars and even now that Zoe and Leah have finished school they are my slave girls and happy.
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