It started with the pre game season. I was eighteen and had worked hard all summer to buy the large tv and a couple of used couches I put in the basement. I even had a wet bar in the corner, of course it only had sodas and snacks. If the game was on during the day I recorded it and my friends and I sat and watched it in the afternoon or evening.

With the sports package there was at least one game everyday. It was just me, mom and my younger sister that lived at home. I had five friends and we spent a lot of time together. It was the first week of the season and we were watching a game. Up until this year we had watched the games upstairs or at one of the other houses.

All through the first half I had seen mom and my sister peeking or coming downstairs to look at us. We jumped up as soon as the halftime whistle blew and headed upstairs to use the bathroom before coming back. I was first and came down and stopped when I saw mom naked with one of the couches opened out into a bed.

My sister Tracy was naked behind the bar and grinned, “it is half time.”

I walked towards the couch, “mom?”

She has always been a milf and smiled as she fingered her pussy, “want to be first honey?”

I started stripping and glanced at the stairs, “the guys will be back anytime.”

She grinned and pushed a finger into her pussy, “I hope so.”

I moved onto the bed and she pulled me between her legs. I pushed into her hot slippery pussy and started to fuck deeper. She hugged me as she spread her legs wider, “I am really horny baby.”

I buried my cock to look at her before kissing her and starting to fuck her hard and deep. It was not long before she was humping back as her pussy grasped and squeezed. She was hugging me as I continued to fuck her while the guys returned and my sister told them to strip for the half time whore.

It took me five minutes before I shoved into my mother and pushed her cervix open. She jerked and then wailed as I began to gush a torrent of sperm through and into her womb. She twisted and shuddered as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. When I was done she sighed and whispered, “you sleep with me from now on.”

I grinned and humped before pulling out and moving back and off the bed. Tracy had come around the bar and pushed one of the guys, “fuck her from behind like a proper bitch.”

Mom laughed and rolled over before going to her knees and spreading her legs. I could see my cum leaking out of her before the next guy moved behind her and held her hips while pushing into her. I looked at my sister and reached out and grab her hand and pulled her after me and to a couch.

I sat and pulled her onto my lap before cupping a bare breast, “tell me?”

She wiggled and grinned as she watched mom getting fucked, “mom has been feeling... not pretty. She was getting really horny too and seeing you and the guys got her going. Me too for that matter and we decided to fuck you.”

I was playing and feeling both her breasts, “and when are you going to...”

She grinned and looked at me, “for your half time tomorrow. I might even bring Lisa and Deb to join us so we can take turns everyday.”

I watched as another guy took a turn with mom and looked at my sister, “and are you sleeping with me and mom?”

She grinned, “mom and I agreed that if we did this you get to fuck us whenever you want.”

I reached between her legs to feel her fuzzy pussy, “you two are going to get a lot of cum.”

She wiggled and laughed, “that was what we were hoping.”

She stood, “before you get ideas it is mom you need to fuck for half time.”

I grinned and stood before rubbing her butt, “you better hide this or we might start taking turns with you too.”

I moved toward the couch bed and after waiting fucked mom’s slimy pussy again and then again before the halftime was over. When the game started she sighed and let Roger finish before moving off the bed. I held her for a minute and she pressed against me, “I really needed that honey.”

I rubbed her bare butt, “you are getting more tonight.”

She grinned and kissed me before heading towards the stairs and Tracy. It took a little to get back into the game and we kept grinning at each other. I cleaned up after the guys left and went upstairs. Mom and Tracy were wearing aprons as they made dinner and I sat at the kitchen table to watch their bare butts.

Mom still had cum smeared and running down her legs. I caught Tracy a few minutes later and pulled her onto my lap, “have you had sex yet?”

She grinned and shook her head, “you get to sperm me first.”

I looked at mom as she grinned back at us, “right in your baby factory.”

Tracy laughed and kissed me, “yeah.”

I felt her young woman’s body and she let me before standing and going back to helping mom. I almost did not want to wait but fucking mom three times had helped. After dinner I cleaned up while they watched and then I reached for my sister as I headed for the hall. Mom laughed as Tracy giggled while I pulled her after me and into mom’s bedroom.

The covers were already turned back as I turned my sister and pushed her in. I caught mom and fingered her cummy slit before pushing her after Tracy. I shut the light out before stripping and moving around the bed. I climbed in beside my sister and started feeling her as she shuddered.

I sucked on her nipples and rubbed her clit and pussy until she moaned and spasmed, “ooohhh!”

I turned and moved over her before pushing my cock into her tight pussy. She jerked and humped up as I worked it deeper and kissed her. Mom was rubbing my back as I settled and then pulled back to fuck Tracy slowly but with deep thrusts. She hugged me and shuddered each time I sank my cock into her.

She kissed me when I buried my cock and kept pressing and humping, “I love fucking.”

Mom laughed and I grinned as I kissed Tracy before pulling back to fuck her hard and deep. She bucked and jerked as her pussy grasped my cock. She clutched me as I buried my cock and began to hump and grind while pushing into her. A couple of minutes and I pulled back and started to fuck my her with deep thrusts.

She grunted and a minute later began wailing and howling as she spasmed and jerked. I continued to fuck her and bury my cock in her each time and Tracy clutched me as her tight pussy clenched and she squirted, “DAN!”

She clung to me as she bucked and thrashed around while lifting her legs. I kept fucking her and trying to hump into her even deeper. It was a few minutes before I shoved all the way into her and kissed her as she writhed around under me. She jerked and held her hips up as my cock jerked and throbbed before gushing large spurts of cum.

She shuddered as her tight pussy started milking my cock. It was several moments before I was done and pulled out and looked at mom who had turned onto her stomach. I gave Tracy another kiss and moved behind mom and straddled her legs. I laid on her and humped and pushed my cock into her slimy pussy and began to fuck her.

I fucked mom once more and then Tracy again before we went to sleep. When I came home the next afternoon mom, Tracy and her two friends, Lisa and Deb were in the kitchen. I grinned as I went to change into loose shorts before heading downstairs. I set up the TV as the guys started arriving and sat back to watch as they joked and kept looking at the stairs.

Once the game started their attention was on it but I notice mom and the girls peeking several times. This time we took turns going to the bathroom before the half time and when the whistle blew I turned to the stairs. Tracy walked down the stairs naked and I saw that she was nervous.

Mom, Lisa and Deb followed as the guys stood and I pushed them out of the way as I opened the couch. As Tracy crawled on I rubbed her butt, “you look beautiful.”

She rolled and grinned at me, “thanks.”

She took a breath and looked at the guys, “all of us are here to be fucked so...”

Those were magic words and one of the guys started moving onto the bed as mom laughed and pushed Deb towards me, “get her cummy.”

I grinned and caught her as she pressed against me. I gave her a kiss and pulled her towards the other couch as I started stripping out of my shorts. I sat her down and knelt between her legs as she whispered, “I am really wet.”

I rubbed her pussy before moving closer and slowly pushing my cock into her tight pussy. She shuddered and lay back as I fucked into her deeper. It was a few minutes before she shuddered again and her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

She humped and bucked slightly as I kept fucking her and began to do it harder. She twisted and jerked as she wailed and reached for me. I fucked her hard and leaned forward to kiss her as she held my shoulders. A few minutes and I shoved all the way into her and pushed as I grunted and gushed huge spurts of cum.

Deb spasmed as her tight pussy clenched and I kept spurting into her. When I was done she was panting and grinned. I kissed her and pulled out before standing. One of the guys that was waiting moved to kneel between Deb’s legs before pushing into her cummy pussy. I moved to Lisa as the guys switched with mom.

As soon as the guy fucking Lisa was done and pulled out I stood her up. I laid her down on the back of the couch. She grinned as she lifted and spread her legs to show her slimy pussy. I held her waist and pushed into her slick pussy before I began to fuck her. I buried my cock with each thrusts and her tight pussy grasp it each time.

It was a minute before she was shuddering and yelling and I started fucking her harder. Soon she began to wail and buck as her pussy spasmed around my cock. I slowed down and just fucked her with long, deep strokes and enjoyed her slimy pussy working its magic on my cock. Several minutes later Lisa had her legs in the air and spread wide as she howled.

I fucked her firmly as I tried to cum and finally shoved into her and held her as I spurted and pumped. She jerked and shook as I poured my cum into her and relaxed when I stopped with a smile. I pulled out and she moved off before turning and bending over for the next guy. I moved towards my sister as one of the guys moved off her.

I crawled onto the bed and between her legs. She was really slimy and my cock slid into her easily as she sighed and held her hips up. I buried my cock and kissed her and whispered, “enjoying it?”

She hugged me and humped as her pussy squeezed, “yeah.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She lifted her hips to meet each one and it was not long before she shuddered hard while her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I kept fucking her nice and deep and she humped and began to wiggle and squirm while clinging to me. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and she started to wail and buck, “yyyeeessss!”

It was awhile before I shoved into her and kissed her as I spewed another load of cum. She jerked her hips up as her pussy grasped and milked my cock, “DAN!”

When I stopped cumming she was still shaking. I glanced at the TV to see the game on and kissed Tracy, “fuck you later.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed as mom and the other girls waited for my sister and climbed the stairs. I helped put the bed away and we sat on the couch. The guys grinned, “I like your half time entertainment.”

I sat back, “me too.”

After the game they helped me clean up before leaving. I walked into the kitchen and caught mom as she was making dinner, “what happened to Tracy and her friends?”

Mom turned to kiss me, “the girls had to go home and Tracy is in her room.”

I glanced at the hall, “did she like it?”

She grinned, “yes and so did Lisa and Deb.”

I smiled, “the guys sure liked it too.”

I helped her with dinner and my sister came out in time to set the table. She sat on my lap and hugged me as I fed us. After dinner we cleaned up and I sat with them to watch one of their shows. When it was over mom pulled me back to her room with Tracy following. After we brushed teeth I followed mom into bed and laid beside her to caress her hips.

She grinned and pulled me over her and between her legs. I pushed into her cummy pussy and she sighed as I began to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and humped and began grinding. She shuddered as I kept kissing her and her pussy grasped and tightened. Soon she was thrusting up and wiggling while her pussy clenched.

She wailed and began bucking so I fucked her firmly. She squirmed and struggled as I kept fucking her while her pussy became slick and tried to milk my cock. She howled and began to thrash around long before I buried my cock. I humped and pressed into her as I began to spew thick spurts of cum.

Mom jerked and spasmed as she clutched me while I kept pumping cum into her until I was done. I kissed her and pulled out and laid beside her. My sister straddled me and slowly sat on my cummy cock. She wiggled and began to rock and rub her pussy on me. I went back and forth as I fucked them a couple more times.

They snuggled against me as we went to sleep. I helped them douche and shower before leaving the next morning. When I got home in the afternoon the guys were already waiting. I went to change as they went downstairs. I found mom, Tracy, Lisa and Deb in my mother’s bedroom and waved before going downstairs.

I started the recording of the game and went to get something to drink before sitting on one of the couches. I saw mom or one of the girls several times. When halftime came I paused the recorder as the four walked down the stairs in robes. We pulled out the couch bed as they dropped the robes and split up.

Lisa pulled me to the bed and crawled on before she laid back. I moved after her and caressed her body and she grinned and shivered before pulling me over her. I kissed her and lifted before pushing into her. She groaned and wiggled as my cock spread her pussy and I began to fuck her.

I used long slow strokes that kept pushing my cock deeper. A few minutes and I was fucking her firmly with deep thrusts. She shuddered and hugged me while her pussy tightened and kept grasping my cock. A couple of minutes and I buried my cock and began to hump, jab and grind.

She shuddered and jerked while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed. I kept kissing her and finally pulled back and began to fuck her hard. She lifted and spread her legs as I fucked her and pressed and rubbed against her. She bucked and wailed as she wet me and her pussy rippled and tightened and I continued to fuck her as she thrashed around.

It was awhile before I shoved into her and buried my cock. Lisa clutched me and spasmed as I started gushing spurts of cum, “yyyyeeeeesssss!”

Mom, Tracy and Deb were wailing or moaning as the other guys fucked them. Lisa shuddered while her pussy milked my cock and when I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I gave her a kiss before pulling out, “thanks Lisa.”

She grinned as I moved off the bed and one of the guys moved on and over her. I went to wait my turn with mom and a few minutes later the guy grunted as he spewed cum into her. When he pulled out she grinned and turned on the couch and went to her knees. I straddled her legs as I looked at her leaking slit and then pushed into her slimy pussy.

She pushed back and my cock sank into her until it was buried. I held her hips and pulled back before I began to fuck her with long deep strokes. She continued to push back as she moaned and her pussy kept squeezing. I kept fucking her nice and deep and she began to shudder while her cummy pussy tightened.

She began to shove back and started to wail as she spasmed, “yyyeeeessss!”

I held her hips and fucked her hard and deep and she began to jerk and wiggled while her pussy kept clenching. She stiffened and then began to spasm while she wet me and howled, “Dan!”

I continued to fuck her slimy pussy a few more minutes as she shook and struggled. I finally shoved into her and pressed against her cervix as I gushed spurts of cum. Mom shoved back and screamed when she felt me pumping sperm into her, “YES!”

I held her while I finished filling her and then I pulled out and let her slide to the couch on her stomach. I grinned and rubbed her butt before moving off and looking around for Deb. She was bent over the bed Lisa was in and I walked towards her as she was filled. She grinned and stood when I reached her and turned to lay back on the edge and lift her legs.

I grinned as I felt her slimy pussy before bending and pushing into her. I held her waist as I began to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. She humped up and her cummy pussy tried to grasp my cock. She shuddered as I kept fucking her and enjoyed her warm pussy. After a couple of minutes I started to fuck her firmly and she began to jerk while her pussy clenched.

She wailed and howled as I fucked her hard and deep. Her slimy hole was constantly clenching and she began to buck and struggle. I buried my cock to rub and press and grind as I tried to push deeper. Deb jerked and spasmed and it was a couple of minutes before I fucked her hard and then planted my cock.

I shivered as I began to spew and gush and pump spurts of cum. She shook and shuddered while her pussy milked my cock and when I was done I pulled out. She grinned and sagged to the bed as she panted and I rubbed her mound before I moved so one of the others could fuck her. I went around to a chair where my sister was bent over while being fucked.

I waited and when he pulled out and moved I sank my cock into her. She groaned and shuddered while her slimy cunt tightened. I fucked her with deep strokes and planted my cock each time. She was struggling and shaking after a few minutes and started to wail. I kept fucking her and enjoyed her pussy as it massaged my cock.

She started to spasm and scream a little later as her pussy clenched. I fucked her hard and deep and buried my cock at the last moment to spew and spurt. She jerked and gasped as she tilted her hips and I continued to pump more sperm into her cummy hole. When I finished I rubbed her asshole before I pulled out.

It was not much longer before we were done and mom and the girls left. It was like that almost everyday. Most of the time Lisa and Deb managed to come over for the halftime fuck party. They slept over on the weekends and I would fuck all of them during the night. After the season ended the guys would still come by a few times a week.

I got mom pregnant for Christmas and Tracy for spring break. Lisa and Deb ended up moving in at the start of the new year. The guys are married now but still come over a lot, especially during football season. Sometimes their wives come with them and cheer the girls and mom on.
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