I was born into a large family with little or nothing. Thanks to public education I learned about engineering. I was sixteen when my father had an offer he brought to me. If he sold me the rest of the family would be able to move to a colony world. I was silent when I boarded the small freighter. I stayed to myself during the trip out and then the ship came out of jump.

We were in the middle of nowhere with no system close. I carried my bag of belongs off the ship and then helped the crew move the supplies for the isolated station. They closed the outer hatch before leaving and I turned to the inner hatch as it opened. I had imagined a thousand things but not the three women that stood there looking at me.

They were nervous but smiled as they came in and began to move the supplies into the station. I helped and followed when we finished. They were all in their early twenties. Holly was the red head, Geneva had black hair and Allie was blonde. They showed me to my quarters which had a huge wide bed.

I turned after looking around and Holly walked to me. She rubbed my chest, “it gets very lonely out here. We wanted someone to love us and to... get us pregnant if we liked him.”

I swallowed as I looked at her and then at Geneva and Allie, “I have never...”

Holly smiled as she turned to look at them before turning back, “we can teach you.”

Geneva and Allie moved forward and pressed against her. Holly took a breath, “this is a deep space research station. We have a lone planet we are monitoring. We are not always up at the same time so...”

Geneva reached out to caress my face, “so we might wake you for company at different hours.”

Allie caught my hand, “come on, we will show you around.”

I was pulled by one or another as they led me through the station. After the tour we ate and Geneva and Allie left. Holly pulled me back to my quarters and blushed as she began undressing. I watched and stripped as she sat and then moved into the middle of the bed. I followed her onto the bed and laid beside her and hesitantly reached out to feel her.

She smiled as I cupped a breast and bent to lick and then suck on the nipple. She shuddered as I continued to suck on her nipple while my hand caressed down her body. She was breathing a little harder as I started feeling her warm pussy. When I slipped a finger through her slit she shuddered and moaned as she lifted her hips.

I moved up to kiss her as I continued to feel and finger her pussy. I moved down to look at her pussy before moving over and between her legs as she spread them wider. I licked through her slit and pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her inner lips. She humped and shook as I continued to lick her and finally covered her clit.

She held my head to her pussy and humped harder as I began to wiggle my tongue and suck hard. It was a couple of minutes before she writhed around and then twisted as she tried to push me away and close her legs. I grinned as I moved up and over her and she guided my cock to her wet pussy. I pushed and shuddered as my cock sank into her.

Her pussy was warm and tight and kept squeezing as I began to fuck her slowly to push my cock deeper. It was a few moments before I had my cock buried and pressing against her cervix. She clung to me and shuddered as her pussy tightened, “ooohhh!”

I kissed her and began to fuck her firmly with long strokes. She jerked and humped before shuddering and then giggling as she hugged me and her pussy squeezed. Several minutes later she was writhing around and thrusting up as she wailed. I buried my cock when Geneva and Allie sat on the bed and Holly wrapped her legs around me and pulled.

Geneva grinned, “well you are not hurting her.”

I kissed Holly and pulled back to start fucking her with deep thrusts. Her pussy constantly tightened as it became slick. It was awhile before she started thrashing around and bucking. I wanted to cum so bad as I continued to fuck her and finally could not hold back. I pushed into her and buried my cock and tried to push deeper into her cervix before it erupted.

Holly clutched me and screamed as we both jerked and shuddered while I pumped and gushed cum. I grunted and groaned as I spurted and spewed until I was done. She spasmed and hugged me while her pussy milked my cock and then she sighed and let me go, “you... it was... I want....”

She finally relaxed on the bed as my cock kept throbbing inside her, “mmmm.”

Geneva and Allie laughed as they stood and I looked at Holly, “um... can we do that again?”

She grinned as the other two began laughing again and walked out. It was awhile before we slept and when we did Holly’s pussy was cummy and leaking. I held her as we slept and woke to a touch. I looked back as Geneva gestured and pulled on me. I slipped off the bed and she caught my hand and pulled me out.

She pulled me away from my robe and then out of the room. We stopped in the small dinning area and she had me drink a small glass of white substance. She waited and then pulled me to another bedroom. She pushed me towards the bed and began to undress. I watched as she climbed onto the bed and turn and laid back.

I moved over her and gave her a kiss before sliding down. I stopped to lick and suck on her nipples and she moaned and shuddered. I finally continued down her body until I was between her legs. I licked through her pussy and captured her clit. She shuddered and humped and I began sucking and wiggling my tongue.

I pressed against her clit and squeezed it between my lips and she jerked and arched her back, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to lick her and push my tongue into her between teasing her clit and sucking on it. It was several minutes of her shaking and humping as she moaned loudly before she pushed me away. She shuddered and held out her arms and I moved up and slowly pushed into her. She groaned and wiggled as she tilted her hips.

I settled and gave her a kiss before I pulled back and started to fuck her. I used slow thrusts but pushed into her nice and deep with each stroke. It was not long before she was thrusting up each time I pushed into her. I kept it up until she wailed and began to jerk and then I fucked her long, hard and deep.

Each time I buried my cock I rubbed against her and she began to spasm and thrash around while clinging to me. She was lifting her hips and bucking as I continued to fuck her with deep strokes. I loved the way her warm pussy kept massaging my cock each time I pushed into her. She clutched me and hung on as she constantly spasmed and wailed.

It was several minutes before I shoved into her and held her as I started to gush thick spurts of cum. She screamed when she felt the warm sperm suddenly pumping into her and jerked while her pussy clenched around my cock. She shuddered and shook while I spewed and spurted until I was finished.

I slowly relaxed and gave her a kiss and pulled out. I grinned and rolled her over before moving back between her legs and lifting her hips. I pushed back into her leaking pussy and began to fuck her slowly once more. It was awhile before we stopped and I fell asleep holding her. I woke to Allie shaking me and then helping me out of bed.

She led me out and back to my room to shower and dress before we went to the dinning area. She had me eat and drink another glass of the white substance. This time she took me with her as she made a check of the systems on the station. She sighed when we finished and she sat in a comfortable seat in a room full of displays.

I was looking around at all the displays and she smiled before standing again and stripping me. She pushed me down in her seat and stripped and then turned to straddle me as she faced away. She reached under her and slowly guided my cock to her pussy. She pushed down and wiggled as my cock impaled her and she settled.

She leaned back as I put my arms around her and began explaining what she was studying. I kissed her bare shoulder while her tight pussy constantly grasped and squeezed my cock. I gestured to the displays for the engineering section and moved it to the side so I could check and watch it.

Allie began to thrust back and forth and sigh. A couple of minutes and she was rolling her hips and twisting. Her sighs had turned to moans and her pussy was a lot wetter and very slick. It constantly tightened and squeezed my cock as she began pressing down harder. My cock was pressing firmly against the back of her pussy and her cervix.

She twisted and spasmed a couple of minutes later when I reached around to rub and finger her pussy and clit. She wailed and thrust back and forth frantically while her pussy clenched around my cock, “oooohhhhh!”

She jerked and bounced and rolled her hips and then screamed when her cervix opened and the head of my cock pushed deeper, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I loved her tight pussy as it squeezed and milked my cock and began to hump and thrust up. She started to thrash around and convulse a little later and I pulled her down suddenly as my cock throbbed before I gushed large spurts of cum. She jerked and screamed again when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

I held her while she shuddered and her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done she sighed and slumped back against me. I held and caressed her and she turned her head and kissed me. It was awhile before she started to thrust back and forth again and I grinned and humped. We fucked four times with her on my lap.

After the last time she just leaned back against me while I held her. I began to carefully go through the engineering displays and make notes. Allie glanced at me as she relaxed but went through her own displays, “find something?”

I rubbed and caressed her pelvis, “yes. Your primary reactor needs maintenance and your secondary keeps dropping the feed which means you either have something blocking the line or a faulty pump. The back up looks good and its systems checks out.”

She turned to look at me and grinned, “you know how to do all that?”

I rubbed a nipple and she shuddered while her pussy clenched. She wiggled, “do that again and your cock will never come out.”

I laughed and hugged her, “yes I know how to do engineering.”

She stood and turned to pull me up, “go eat and then you can play engineer.”

I hesitated and then gave her a kiss before leaving. Holly was up and eating when I walked in and she blushed. I smiled and went to get a light meal pack before leaving. I was working in the engineering section on the secondary reactor feed lines. I had the back up running to take the place of the secondary while I worked.

I felt someone rubbing my cock and looked down my body at Geneva. She grinned and straddled me before slowly impaling her pussy. I shivered and went back to what I was doing as she began to rock back and forth while rubbing her pussy on me. I cleared the feed line and hooked it back up as Geneva started twisting and rolling her hips.

I checked the connections before reaching for her hips and wiggling out. I grinned and reached up to feel and knead her breasts as she rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy on me. She twisted and turned while her pussy constantly contracted. She shuddered and moaned as she pushed down and my cock pressed against her cervix, “oooohhhhh!”

I humped and pushed up and she jerked while her pussy clenched. She spasmed and shook as she leaned on my chest, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I gave her nipples a tug and she jerked and spasmed while her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I groaned as her pussy kept massaging my cock and she fell on me. I rolled and started to fuck her with deep strokes. She began to spasm and convulse as I kept planting my cock and started kissing her. She threw her legs into the air and wailed as I finally shoved into her and began spurting cum.

She jerked while her slippery pussy tightened and kept squeezing, “aaahhhh!”

When I was done I grinned and kissed her and waited as she panted. She dropped her legs and grinned and I pulled out and stood before helping her up. I moved to switch the secondary reactor over to replace the primary and shut it down. I turned as Geneva looked over my shoulder and held her hips, “want to take this to a bed?”

She grinned and pressed against me, “yeah.”

She turned and grabbed my hand and pulled me after her and back to her room. I backed her to the bed and she laid back and spread her legs. I pushed into her and held her hips before I started to fuck her with deep strokes. It was a couple of hours before she fell asleep. I went back to finish what I was doing.

I managed to get the maintenance on the primary done and it back up and running smoothly a couple of hours later. I ate a meal and drank what had been left for me to drink before going to bed. I woke when Allie slipped into bed but she just snuggled and we fell asleep. I woke to moaning and the bed moving as she had a nightmare and started struggling.

I turned and moved over between her legs and settled as I began to kiss her, “Allie?”

She jerked and her arms went to push on me as I looked into her face, “it was a nightmare.”

She slowly relaxed, “yeah.”

She wiggled and then smiled and humped, “want something?”

I smiled and lifted before slowly pushing into her, “only if I can go slow and tire you out.”

She grinned and hugged me while I buried my cock. I gave her a kiss and started to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She sighed and humped and after a minute shuddered and began to moan. I continued to fuck her slowly and kiss her and she began to writhe around and shake. Her pussy kept grasping my cock as it became slick.

She kept lifting her hips and shaking as I began to rub and grind each time I pushed into her. Several minutes later she was thrashing around and bucking as I kept fucking her. She clutched me and wailed and spasmed, “aaaahhhhh!”

She twisted and wiggled and bucked and jerked while she wet me and her pussy worked on my cock. I kept fucking her slowly but with long firm thrusts and she began to convulse and scream. I ignored Holly and Geneva when they came in and sat on the bed and kissed Allie while I fucked her.

She struggled and shook and her eyes rolled up as her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

She was completely incoherent as I kept fucking her and finally pushed all the way into her and grunted as I spurted cum. She jerked and grunted but only shuddered and laid there as I gushed spurts of cum into her. When I was done I smiled and kissed her before holding her and rolling.

I rubbed her back and held her as she relaxed on me and smiled at Holly and Geneva, “I had to chase a nightmare away.”

They grinned and then laughed as they stood and walked out. I tried to relax and ignored my cock still throbbing inside Allie while her slimy pussy squeezed and massaged it. I woke when she lifted and moved off me and turned to watch her climb out of bed, “no more nightmares?”

She grinned at me, “I slept like a baby.”

I rolled out of bed and reached for her hand, “wash with me?”

I took my time and caressed her wonderful body as much or more than just washing it. She smiled and gave me a kiss when we finished. Of course there was a drink waiting for me with our breakfast. I gave her another kiss before she left and I began to look around the station and started doing routine maintenance that had not been done in way to long.

It was a couple of hours before Holly found me. She grinned as I closed the access panel for one of the artificial gravity generators, “working hard?”

I grinned as I straightened, “I could use a break. Want to watch a vid with me?”

She blinked and then smiled, “sure.”

She took my hand as we walked back to the large common area. I started to sit on the couch and she stopped me and stripped me before pushing me down. She undressed and turned around before straddling my legs and slowly sitting on my cock. She wiggled and leaned back against me while pulling my hands around to cup her breasts.

I grinned as her warm pussy squeezed, “comfortable?”

She grinned back at me and nodded before reaching for the vid controls. She selected a vid and leaned back as she wiggled and her pussy clenched. I hugged her and kept caressing her hips and sides and every once in awhile reached around to cup her breasts. She moved slowly at first and then began to breath harder.

Her pussy became very slippery and kept squeezing. She thrust back and forth slowly and then started rocking harder. I glanced at Geneva and Allie when they walked in but continued to hold, caress and feel Holly. She twisted and shook and spasmed while her warm pussy began to clench.

She howled and yelled and began to bounce and I smiled before standing and turning her. I laid her down on the couch and moved over her. I pushed back into her and gave her a kiss. I started to fuck her with long strokes and she wrapped her legs around me. She humped and jerked as her pussy constantly squeezed, “aaaahhhh!”

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her while she clung to me. My cock throbbed and began to pump strong spurts of cum and she screamed, “YES!”

I shivered as I gushed sperm into and through her cervix. When I was done I waited as she sagged and tried to catch her breath. I gave her a kiss and pulled out and lifted her feet before sitting and holding them in my lap. She grinned and turned to look at the other ladies, “everyone up together?”

They grinned and looked at me before they started talking. It was more in the way of gossip on their research. I softly caressed Holly’s legs and then her inner thighs. Allie finally chuckled as I reached out to rub Holly’s mound, “Tyler wants to fuck some more.”

Holly smiled at me as Geneva laughed and Allie stood, “I could use a nice deep fuck.”

We stayed on the research station another six years before they finished their work. By then they each had three children that I take care of. I also do the station maintenance and any other odd job. Now we live in a huge biosphere not to far from a busy space station. I am still their breeder and lover and care giver and teacher for the children.
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