The adventure continues
My sexy sister-The early years Pt 2

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The adventure continues………………………..

After our initial clumsy start to our sexual discovery of each other, I was a bit embarrassed and shy around Linda. I avoided eye contact and found the silences between us a bit awkward. Linda, on the other hand was totally blasé, relaxed and acted as if nothing untoward had happened.

About a week after our first night together, I was alone in my room when Lin suddenly opened the door and slipped quietly into my room.

“Can I talk to you for a minute” she whispered.

We weren’t alone in the house and as our prior relationship together had been a bit fiery at best, if we were caught together we would have had to drum up a good excuse. I was a bit anxious but the adrenaline had started to flow.

“Sure, what’s on your mind” I replied.

Lin responded by sitting down beside me, placing her arm around me and kissing me full on. Within seconds the touch of her hand on my neck the feel of her lips and the taste of her had me erect, sweating and incredibly horny, all at once.

“I want us to do some more” she said as we broke the kiss. “What we did last week is on my mind all the time and I want to try some other stuff”.

I was both excited and scared, but willing to hear her ideas. (remember we were kids and this was before the ‘net)

“Ok” I agreed, “Like what stuff?” I asked naively.

“Give me five minutes and come over to my room” she said and kissing me, left without another word.

I sweated for the whole long, agonising five minutes and then, having checked that the coast was clear, slipped quietly across the landing and into her room.

Lin was waiting, sitting up in bed in her nightie with a huge smile lighting up her mischievous face.

“Guess what I’ve got ?” she enquired grinning.

“ I’m not a mind reader sis, give me a hint” I replied exasperated.

“Ok, what’s pink, wet and wants to be tickled?” she enquired.

I was nervous, but she just laughed, “I’m only kidding, look at what Margaret (her best friend) gave me today” she added.

With that she pulled a magazine from under the covers. It was small, colourful and glossy.

“Margaret nicked this from her Dad, wait ‘till you see this” she teased.

It was the first porn mag I’d ever seen, she opened the cover and in seconds we were in a whole new world of sexual exploration.

“Margaret said there’s stuff in here that will blow your mind” she gushed.

On the first page was a picture of a guy licking a babe’s wide open pussy, on the second there was several pics of the same babe sucking the guys’ huge erect cock and on the third page was the babe’s face and mouth covered with the guys cum.

Now the whole oral concept was new to both of us but somehow familiar, call it cellular memory or whatever but it was hot, hot, hot.

“ I wanna try some of these” Lin announced, “you on?”

Now what could a red blooded wannabe man say to such an invite ?

I locked lips with my lovely aroused sister and the tongue duelling soon had us very hot and very, very horny.

Lin put her hand down onto my obviously erect cock and started squeezing him through my sweats.

“Would you like to see how big my tits are?” she invited proudly.

“Please” I gasped, eagerly eyeing the erect nipple bumps in her nightie

She pulled her nightie up and off and exposed her small firm tits tipped with pink, almost translucent nipples. They were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my short life. I was mesmerised.

Slowly, and with a lot of trembling, I cupped her soft tits and instinctively squeezed the nipples. Lin closed her eyes and groaned, and her hand squeezed my teenage cock tightly causing me to get even more painfully hard.

“Ohhh, that’s nice, do it again” she asked. So I squeezed them firmly again. But I was also looking at the mag, and copying a photo of the guy biting on a nipple, I decided to get a bit more adventurous. I leaned over and sucked her nipple into my mouth. The effect was electric to her. She clamped her hand on the back of my head and pulled me into her.

“Touch my button” she whispered, guiding my hand between her opened legs.

My fingers slid up along her smooth thighs and into the softness of her downy hair, then parted the lips and into the soaking wetness beyond. Her reaction was erotic. She bucked against my hand, groaning and whispered, “OH GOD, do my button”.

I started a slow circular rhythm between her lips and up around her clit, delving deeper every few strokes to the entrance to her still virgin pussy, picking up more moisture each time. She was positively flowing. My fingers occasionally slipped just inside her entrance causing her to clamp her thighs, a sure sign she was enjoying my efforts.

I wasn’t far behind, the precum was now dripping down the side of my throbbing cock as the ministrations of her hand had become more and more frenzied.

“Slow down Sis, or I’ll blow” I warned her as I felt the familiar tingle.

At that she jumped up, pushing me away and onto my back.

“I told you I want try some things” she said and in one move she pulled my sweats down, grabbed my dripping cock and with a devilish grin engulfed him with her hot mouth.

Talk about taking the bull by the horns?

I can’t explain how powerful my first time in her mouth felt but I was swept away with the sensations. I melted into her and at that exact moment, fell totally in love with my sexy Sister. ( Still am to this day)

We had not had the best relationship up until then, always sniping and fighting over stupid shit. But now we had something really big, really naughty and really exciting in common. We were both horny teenagers and we each had a new playmate.

There’s no such thing as a bad blowjob, an old adage but a true one.

Lin sucked, pulled, scraped her teeth over my sensitive knob and licked up my precum with an inexperienced passion. It didn’t matter, it was fantastic, the feel of her hand sliding up to her mouth and then down to my balls was heaven on earth.

“Oh sis, that’s fucking awesome, just like that………” I moaned as she sucked the head of my cock and her hand kept up its slow sliding pace.

She danced her tongue around the head of my cock until inevitably, I felt the now familiar pulse deep in my balls that said I was no longer in control.

“I’m gonna cum sis” I hissed through clenched teeth, trying as hard as I could to hold back and stretch out the pleasure.

“MMMMM……………………” was all I heard in return as she continued sucking and pumping her fist on my throbbing shaft. I held on as long as I could but the sensations were just too overwhelming. I shuddered and with a flash of light before my eyes, exploded into her mouth, pulsing my sperm deep into her throat. Her hand milked me as I pushed into her as deep as she could take me. And take me she did, like a seasoned pro.

“Ohhhhh fucking hellllll” I groaned as the spasms subsided, Lin was not in the least fazed. She swallowed every drop and licked my cockhead for more.

“That was fucking awesome” she said grinning like a cat, licking her wet lips. Her first blowjob and a virtuoso performance it was.

“ I want to do that again, but now me” she demanded lying back and opening her gorgeous slim thighs.

It’s a sight I’ll never forget, that first time looking at her open inviting pussy glistening in the low light. Her lips were swollen, engorged and covered in a clear, wetness. Her inner lips were a very much lighter pink than her outer lips and were very slim, fine even.

Never having been there before I hadn’t much of a clue what I should do once I got there but I was an enthusiastic learner and decided that I’d let her lead me.

I kissed my way down her mound inhaling the aroma of her arousal, the musky scent that had so captivated me that first night. Little did I know then that I would become addicted to her scent and taste for life, no one before or since tastes or smells like her. She intoxicated me.

I opened her lips with a gentle probe of my tongue and the taste was fucking gorgeous, I intended to be gentle with her but within seconds I was lapping at her pussy like a man possessed. If there were medals for wet pussy, Lin would win them all, she flowed and I lapped her up, never getting enough. I flicked her clit at the top of each tongue stroke and she moaned her approval humping my face as her orgasm got nearer.

“Oh God bro, that’s fucking gorgeous, yeah, just there.. ohh yeah…………. .there…don’t stop, just there”, she growled.

Then, with my mouth full into her dripping cunt, she stopped, convulsed and with amazing strength for such a small girl, she clamped my face to her and gushed her cum into my open mouth, over my tongue and across my face.

Her Orgasm lasted for a good twenty seconds, rising and falling until with a shudder and moan, she was finally spent. She gently pushed me away, as her clit had become too sensitive which was welcome as I was gasping for breath.

Lin wrapped her arms around me, hugging me to her with tears in her eyes.

Alarmed, I asked “ what’s wrong babe?”

“Nothing silly, I’m just so happy” she replied, confusing the hell out of me.

“We were always fighting and now I feel so close to you and feel that I really love you” she continued.

I kissed her mouth, tasting my own salty cum taste from her lips.
Her lips parted and her tongue snaked into my mouth finding my tongue and wrapping around it. We kissed with a fervent passion that only happens post coital, a kiss that says “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I love you.”

Before we got into trouble, I kissed her g’night, and having done a quick check, slipped back across into my room, taking the porn mag with me, I figured I had some studying to do.

Pt 3 to follow if you want………………………… me.


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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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omg this reminds me of a story i read on are you the same girl from there?

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