I am Ranger and the oldest of a set of triplets, Dan was next and then Mike. We were sixteen when mom married Edward. He had a daughter named Samantha that was fourteen. Mom had us when she was only thirteen so she was still young and beautiful. Edward was a farmer and a little crude but he seemed like a nice guy.

Me, Dan and Mike were in an advanced class at school but in some things we were slow. It was the start of summer and we had given mom our report cards after dinner. She and Edward talked while we went outside to look around because we had just moved here. I knew mom was disappointed because we had not done well in biology.

When I walked into the house later it was to see Sam naked. She had been a little reluctant until we had shared our porn and then she was like our best friend. Edward was watching some nature show and glanced back, “take Sam to bed.”

Sam was blushing as I looked at her but she held out her hand. I did not need to think about it and crossed to take her hand. She pulled me back to her room and closed the door, “dad and your mom said you guys get to feel me and do whatever you want.”

I was looking at her body, “why?”

She began undressing me as she backed to her bed, “to teach you biology.”

I grinned, “that is dumb.”

I pushed her onto the bed and sat beside her as she laid back in the middle, “we got Ds because we did not like dissecting things and refused to do it.”

She looked at me as I began feeling her, “of course you do not have to tell mom or your dad.”

She grinned and caught my hand and pulled it to her pussy. I felt how warm it was and slipped a finger through it and then pushed one into her. She wiggled and lifted her hips and her pussy squeezed my finger. I grinned as I turned to move over her and then kissed down her body, “so you are going to let all three of us fuck you?”

Sam spread her legs as I reached her pussy, “yeah. I love to jill and play with my kitty.”

I grinned as I opened her fuzzy pussy to look at it before I licked through it and pushed my tongue into her. I glanced at the door when it opened and my brothers stood looking at us. I grinned, “get in here, close the door and strip.”

They grinned as I turned and went back to licking through her pussy. I nibbled and sucked on her clit and used my tongue on it. I wanted to do everything I had seen in the porn videos. I shifted and slipped two fingers into her as I continued to suck on her clit. I began fucking my fingers into and up behind her pelvic bone.

It was only moments before she was shaking and bucking as she screamed and kept squirting. Dan and Mike laughed as they climbed onto the bed and I finally stopped and moved up while Sam panted and shuddered. I lifted and forced my thick cock into her very tight but now very slimy pussy.

She groaned as she spread her legs more, tilted her hips and wiggled, “damn!”

I kissed her as I worked my cock deeper until it was pressed against her cervix. She humped and I looked at her before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. She sighed at first as her tight hole grasp at my cock. I kept fucking her and she began thrusting up and her pussy started to clench.

She was breathing harder and shaking as her moans turned to wails. The feel of her warm pussy was the best thing I had ever felt and I lasted a few minutes more before I shoved into her. I pushed against her cervix and grunted as I gushed cum. She jerked and screamed when she felt the flood of warm sperm erupting inside her.

She shuddered while her pussy constantly squeezed my cock to milk the cum out. When I was done I sighed and relaxed before pulling out. I moved and Dan took my place and pushed into her now slimy cunt. She groaned and shuddered as she lifted her hips and hugged him. I laid beside them and watched as my brother fucked her hard.

She was shaking and jerking as she howled and bucked. He ignored her as he kept fucking her until he finally buried his cock and grunted. He gushed and pumped until his cum was leaking around his cock. He pulled out and moved and Mike grinned as he climbed on and buried his cock into her slimy hole.

He fucked her with short grinding strokes and she wiggled and squirmed while holding him tight. It was not long before she was humping and thrusting up while moaning. He pulled back and started to fuck her firmly with long plunging thrusts. She spread her legs as she lifted them into the air, “aaaahhhh!”

We could hear the squelching sound they made as Mike continued to fuck her hard and deep. It was a few minutes before he shoved into her and grunted. He held her while she wiggled and he spewed more sperm into her already slimy pussy. When he was done she was shivering and still panting and he pulled out and moved off her.

I grinned as I reached out and turned her onto her stomach before straddling her legs and pushing into her sloppy cunt. She groaned and tilted her hips as I fucked her with long strokes. We fucked her almost a dozen times before we stopped. Dan and Mike rolled off the bed and headed for the door as Sam turned and snuggled against me.

A minute later I heard mom as she said good night to my brothers. She peeked in a minute after that and then crossed to the bed and smiled as she bent over it to give me a kiss good night. I stared into her open robe at her firm breasts and caught her and pulled her back. She looked down as I reached into her robe to feel her breasts.

Sam giggled, “they love feeling mine.”

Mom grinned, “I bet.”

I looked at my mother before shifting and opening her robe more and reaching down to feel her shaven and bald pussy. She spread her legs as if to give me room and I slipped a finger into her slit. She was very warm and wet and slippery and when I pushed my middle finger into her hole it tightened and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

She grinned, “still have sperm baby?”

I looked at her and then at Sam who grinned and pulled my mother into bed. She shifted and rolled onto her back as her robe opened and I moved over and between her legs. I pushed into her very wet and warm pussy and buried my cock. She grunted as it pressed into her cervix and I kissed her, “that is your cervix I feel. When I pump my sperm into it the cum will pass through it and into your womb.”

I pulled back and began to fuck her with long deep strokes, “the lining of your womb is filled with rich blood and there is an egg. It is released once every twenty eight days or so.”

She had her legs up and spread as she held me and I kept fucking her. Each time I pushed into her I would press and shove and try to force my cock deeper. I kissed her as I continued to fuck her firmly, “my sperm will slip into your womb and begin searching until it finds your egg. The sperm will surround it and struggle until one...”

I kissed as I shoved into her open cervix, “or three push through and you conceive.”

She was breathing hard and humping as I kept fucking her. Her warm pussy was constantly tightening and grasping my cock. She thrashed and bucked as she began to wail, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was awhile before I needed to cum and mom was struggling and jerking as I buried my cock. I held her as I began to pump weak spurts of cum and she shuddered and hugged me tight, “ooohhh!”

Her pussy rippled as it milked my cock and she slowly relaxed. When I was done I gave her a kiss, “I think I may need to go over that lesson again tomorrow.”

She grinned and humped, “sure honey.”

I pulled out and grinned at Samantha as I moved over her and pushed my semi hard cock into her. She sighed and wiggled as I settled and mom moved off the bed. I rolled and hugged Samantha as mom closed her robe and walked out. I loved holding a naked girl while we slept and woke up hard and horny.

She was moving off me and out of bed but I caught her. She grinned as I pushed her down and straddled her legs before pushing into her hot puffy cunt. I fucked her firmly with deep strokes and she groaned and pushed back as her pussy tightened. I kept shoving into her while she shuddered and grunted.

Her pussy constantly squeezed as I fucked her with deep strokes. She kicked the bed and spasmed while wailing, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard for another couple of minutes before I buried my cock and pushed as I gushed sperm. Samantha jerked and her cunt kept clenching, “yyyeeesssss!”

I relaxed and pulled out and she giggled before quickly moving off the bed and running out. I followed slower and stood waiting as she peed and then took my turn. I gestured to the shower, “start it and I will go wake Dan and Mike.”

She nodded and I walked across the hall and into our room. I shook Dan and slapped Mike on the shoulder, “get up and come help me wash the cum out of Samantha.”

Magic words never made them move faster and I was shoved aside as they headed for the door. It was more like fingering and groping time but we washed her until she could barely stand. I went to get towels and dried her as my brothers quickly dried off. Mike pulled Samantha to the sink and bent her over as he used his feet to spread her legs.

He shoved into her and held her hips while fucking her with deep thrusts. Dan was shifting on his feet and rubbing his cock as he waited for his turn. Samantha wailed and kept shoving back as my brother plunged in and out. I grinned and headed for the door and went to get dressed. I was in the kitchen cooking eggs when they came in dressed.

Samantha grinned as she came to hug me and watch while my brothers sat. I glanced at Edward when he appeared and he started a pot of coffee. He turned as it started and glanced at us, “Samantha can show you boys the chores you need to do.”

I looked at my brothers and grinned, “sure. We can follow her around.”

They grinned and he laughed, “I bet.”

He looked at her before turning to the counter. Mom came in as we were cleaning up and smiled as she crossed to the coffee pot. The morning was spent with Samantha showing us how to collect and check eggs. How to feed the chickens and the other animals. I was almost sorry we did not have a cow to milk.

The way Samantha was rubbing on us I knew she was going to get fucked soon. When she showed us the garden and explained about watering and weeding Dan pulled her dress up and off. She went to her hands and knees as he opened his pants and went to his knees behind her. He shoved into her and held her hips as he began to fuck her.

Mike pushed his pants down and moved around before she began sucking his cock. I was thinking of mom, Edward had left and she was in the house cleaning. I grinned as I headed for the back door. I walked in and heard mom in the laundry room. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, “ready for me to practice making you conceive?”

Mom looked back and grinned as she turned in my arms, “sure honey.”

I caressed her hips before I knelt and reached up under her skirt to pull her panties down and off. I pulled her out and back to my bedroom and bed. I laid her back on the edge and lifted the skirt out of the way. I felt her pussy before pushing my pants down and moving closer. I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock as I held her hip with one hand.

I used the other to rub her clit as I pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her warm pussy began to grasp and squeeze as she lifted her hips. She shivered and shuddered and a couple of minutes later began to moan. She started bucking as her slippery pussy clenched around my cock and then she was wailing and thrashing.

I fucked her firmly and each time I buried my cock I tried to push deeper. She twisted and jerked and howled and struggled. Her pussy was constantly massaging my cock as she spasmed, “YES!”

I rubbed her clit hard and grinned, “the more aroused you are the more your cervix opens to allow sperm to enter.”

She arched her back and yelled as her whole body shook, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep for several minutes before I shoved into her and held her hips. I gushed and pumped a huge stream of cum while her pussy tightened and milked my cock. Mom jerked and shuddered while I continued to spurt sperm into her cervix. When I was done she grinned and sagged to the bed.

I caressed her pelvis, “if you are fertile and if my sperm enters one of your eggs it will be at least a week before we know.”

I bent and gave her a kiss, “I will have to practice everyday to make sure.”

She laughed, “okay honey.”

I pulled out and turned her on the bed before I fixed my pants and left. For the rest of the day we fucked Samantha, bent over a bale of hay, in the hay loft, on the feed boxes and even bent over the porch rail. She was extremely slimy before dinner and after mom had us give her a bath. Of course that led to us fucking her on the bathroom floor.

She loved having a cock in her cunt. She could not seem to get enough sperm in her greedy hole. We fucked her on her bed for a couple of hours before my brothers went to bed. I held her after they left and she sighed and put her head on my shoulder. I smiled, “having fun?”

She nodded and rubbed my chest, “this is the best summer ever.”

I woke up early and glanced at the faint hint of light in the window. I shifted until Sam was under me and used my knees to spread her legs. I slowly pushed into her and began to fuck her. She wiggled and shifted and tilted her hips as she put her arms around me and opened her eyes. She smiled and humped as I buried my cock and kissed her.

Mom was not the only one pregnant before the month was over, she had triplets and Sam had twins. Edward did not seem to care but mom told me he could not have more children. Of course we got Sam and mom pregnant a couple of years later and Sam had triplets while mom had twins.

My brothers went to college and have only come back a few times since. I stayed and took over running the farm and even got mom and Sam pregnant a couple more times.
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