I'm a triplet, and the other two are my sisters, Emily and Morgan. Emily was a blonde, freckled one. With small breasts and glasses. While Morgan was a Brunette, still freckled, but with massive boobs for her age. Emily was cuter, but Morgan was hotter.

It was around 8th grade, we were all 14 years old. I was still devolping, and was rather awkward. But like any other male middle-schooler, I was horny as fuck.

Earlier that day, both my parents were leaving on a 3 day trip, and left us alone with money and food. After saying bye, I told the girls I was spending the night at a friends house. Since us being siblings, Morgan said "Later, dorkweed." Emily was silent, with a small smirk on her face.

I left to go to my friends and it was getting late, so we decided to crash. But, all of a sudden my friend was feeling sick, and threw up all over the futon. His mom said it would be best for me to go home, so I sighed and got a car ride home. As I got home I realized the door was unlocked, which was rather strange, because it was 2:00 AM. Thinking one of my bonehead sisters left the door unlocked, I walked in and locked it behind me.

Entering, I decided to be quiet, since it was dark and everyone was asleep, or so I thought. After walking up the the living room, I heard a faint moaning noise. I panicked. Is there a murderer in my house? Is that why the door is unlocked? Oh God, what do I do. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the sharpest thing I could find and headed upstairs. Slowly and silently making it up the stairs, I heard Morgan moan "Oh Emily, you're the best sister ever!"

Shit. It was just Emily and Morgan Screwing around. I put the knife back where it belonged and went and got ready for bed. Before going into my room, I decided to tell the girls that I was home. Opening the door I yelled "Hey, Im home because my friend thew up and it got all over the-"

Into the wide open door was Morgan lying down, naked, with Emily's face deep into her pussy. I stood there in shock, and Morgan screamed, which caused Emily to look up and scream too. "Wh-Wh-What the hell?" I said. "No, no, its not what It looks like, it-its-" stuttered Emily. I quickly shut the door and ran to my room, with a massive hard on of course.

I actually have thought dirty of my sisters, but It was never serious. Of course I pictured them naked and stuff, but that was just my teenaged brain. Sitting in my bead thinking "Was Emily just eating Morgan out? Are they still doing it? Should I go and check?"

An hour later, still with the picture in my mind, I started pumping my 6 inch cock. Just as I was about to jizz, I heard a knock on my bedroom door.
"Y-Yeah?" "Stevie, its Morgan. Come into our room, I have to ask you something."

Dammit. Well, atleast she didn't come barging in on my whacking it like I did to her and Emily. Pulling myself out of bed I put some pajama pants on and tucked my boner into the waste band. With no shirt on, I walked down the hall and knocked on the door. When it opened I walked in and sat on the couch between both their beds. "What do you want, I'm tired." I groaned. "Stevie, do you know what were were doing when you walked in?" asked Emily, in a serious tone. "Uh, yeah. Kinda." I said slightly quieter. "Well, we were thinking, and..." "And what?"
"Did you like what we were doing, because it seemed that you had a boner just as you walked away?" "Yeah, obviously. I'm a teenaged boy, we get horny and shit." "Are you still horny?" Asked Morgan "Yes." I said blaintly.

Getting straight to it, Emily and Morgan both stripped of their clothes, and my dick was bulging through my pajama pants. Since they were both naked, I awkwardly took of my clothes one by one, and they both looked at each other in amazement. "Th- Thats big" they both sputtered.

Emily got down on one knee and grabbed it by the head. She licked in and it was the best feeling I could imagine. She did it perfectly. Cupping my balls and gently licking my shaft. But, Morgan had a different plan. She pushed Emily to the side and said, "My turn". She took her huge tits and put them around my dick, and gave my a boobjob, reaching the climax, I jizzed all over her tits and face.

"Damn Stevie, nice load." Weirdly, my dick was still rock hard and I still felt horny. Round 2, I guess. Emily and Morgan were giving me a double blowjob at the point, and I couldn't believe it was happening. I then picked morgan up and threw her on the bed, and threw Emily right beside her. Getting on top of them, I asked "Who's first?" "Me!" Shouted Emily. I took my cock and shoved it down Ems pussy. "ooohhh myyy" she said and I started to thrust. Morgan decided to make things better by licking the hairy part that wasn't completly penetrating Emily. "Ah- I'm coming!" I shouted. I pulled it out, and jizzed all over both my gourgeous sisters faces

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