I was sixteen and new in town. My dad had been transferred and mom had gotten a job with a company here. The house next door seemed to have a lot of guys going into the garage. It made me curious to say the least, a few days later I saw the son come out. He was a couple of years older than me and nodded as I finished cutting the grass in the front yard.

I glanced at the garage as he checked the mail, “what is with all the guys?”

He glanced back as two walked out before grinning, “a milk farm.”

I blinked, “milk?”

He laughed as he walked closer, “my older sister gets off on sucking cock and swallowing cum. She found three girls and we have them in small stalls. They each do five or six guys twice a day.”

I looked at the garage, “only blowjobs?”

He grinned, “no. The thing they want is a guy’s cum. Mostly it is blow jobs but Dana insists they take sperm in their cunts at least twice each time.”

He turned to follow my look, “want to see if one will let you drain your balls?”

I blushed but nodded, “yeah.”

I left everything as I followed him to the side garage door. When I walked in I looked around, there were four stalls with mats on the floor like in a gym. Each stall had a tall padded bench on one side and a girl kneeling on the side. He grinned at me, “I am Pete.”

I nodded, “Kyle.”

He bent over the side of a stall we were standing beside and tugged on the nipple of a woman, “hey.”

She continued to bob her head and suck the cock in her mouth but glanced at him. He smiled, “our neighbor wants to know if he can get one of you to milk his cock.”

She continued to suck the cock but pointed across the garage at another stall. Pete pulled me after him, “Dana is twenty and the girl in the stall next to her is Amber, she is eighteen.”

We stopped beside a guy and Pete gestured to our left at another girl, “Pat is sixteen and Ginger here is fourteen.”

I looked at the fourteen year old shuddering as the guy she was sucking spurted cum in her mouth. She was a pretty girl with short red hair, firm looking breasts and a bald pussy. The guy stepped back, “thanks Ginger.”

He was closing his pants as he walked toward the door and Pete pushed me over, “hey Ginger. I do not think Kyle has done it before.”

She grinned as she stood, “than he should sperm my pussy.”

She laid back on the bench and lifted and spread her legs so I was staring at her pussy. I opened my pants and moved over and between her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing into her. She shuddered as I pushed deeper until I was against the back of her pussy.

She was warm and tight and her pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock like it was trying to milk it. I held still with my cock buried just to enjoy her pussy and she grinned, “nice thick cock Kyle.”

I felt her pelvis before holding her hips and pulling almost out. I fucked her with long thrusts and it was not long before she was shuddering. Dana slipped up beside me and put her arm around my waist, “hey stud.”

I groaned as I buried my cock and looked at her. She grinned, “most of the guys we milk want to pound us to nut.”

I caressed Ginger’s pelvis, “I like feeling her pussy around my cock and wanted to take my time.”

Dana kissed my cheek, “do it your way and enjoy.”

She left as Ginger shuddered and her pussy tightened. I started fucking her with long thrusts again and she tried to hump while her pussy squeezed. She began to moan and shake as I kept fucking her steadily. She was tossing her head and spasming much later when I could not hold back anymore.

I buried my cock to push her cervix open before I gushed a torrent of cum. She screamed as I flooded her with warm sperm and twisted and shook. When I stopped I held still until she stopped twitching. I bent to kiss her before I pulled out and helped her off the bench, “thank you Ginger.”

She grinned, “that was a lot of stuff.”

I blushed but she went to her toes to kiss me softly, “you can fuck me anytime.”

She looked past me, “I have another stud to milk.”

I turned and she pushed me, “do Dana since she does not have anyone.”

I held my pants as I crossed to the other stall and Dana stood. She smiled as she laid back on her bench and spread her legs like Ginger had done. I could see cum leaking out of her as I moved between her legs and pushed all the way into her slowly. I held her hips as I felt her pussy grasp and keep squeezing my cock. She smiled at me but did not say anything.

It was a minute before I pulled back to fuck her with long thrusts. She sighed at first and shuddered after a couple of minutes. Another couple of minutes and she was moaning and humping as her pussy squeezed and clenched around my cock. I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and planted my cock firmly each time.

A few more minutes and I started grinding as I fucked her long and hard. She howled and spasmed as she squirted and her pussy tightened, “oooohhhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she began to thrash and buck. Her pussy was constantly contracting and squeezing as I kept fucking her. It was another ten minutes before I thrust into her and pushed against the back of her pussy hard. She was kicking in the air and screamed when I gushed cum into her.

She jerked and shuddered violently as her pussy milked the cum into her. I held her on my cock as I flooded her with sperm. When I was done I bent over her and smiled before kissing her, “thanks Dana.”

She grinned and pulled me back to kiss me, “you are something else.”

I stood and slowly pulled out before helping her up. She grinned and rubbed my chest, “the next milking is at four. You can do Amber and Pat then and I will let them know you prefer intercourse.”

I looked at Ginger and she grinned, “Ginger?”

She looked at us and Dana gestured, “I think Kyle would like to get to know you.”

I kissed Dana again before walking towards Ginger as she pulled her skirt up without panties. I rubbed one of her nipples, “you will leak.”

She grinned as she grabbed her blouse, “yeah but I will not make a mess of my panties.”

She finished buttoning her blouse as the last of the guys left and took my hand. I headed for the door, “your mom know about this?”

She giggled, “yeah.”

We went back to my house and I put everything away. I walked down to the park with Ginger and held her hand as I told her about myself. She listened as I talked and did not interrupt, when I was done she started talking. She told me about herself and why she joined the other girls in the milk farm. She smiled at that but I could see her watching me.

She loved the taste of cum and the feel of it inside her pussy or even in her ass. She got off when a guy would cum in her. When she finished she took a breath, “sex is just sex. Love is something else.”

I smiled, “so after you finish this afternoon can we go see a movie?”

She grinned, “sure.”

She squeezed my hand, “maybe Pat can come with us.”

I looked at her and she sighed, “guys only want one thing and she has been used a few times.”

I smiled, “I am supposed to use her later but I would take any of you girls to a movie or just spend time with you.”

She grinned, “in that case how about all four of us?”

I laughed and turned her and gave her a kiss. She looked into my eyes, “I swallowed cum...”

I kissed her again and turned to walk across the grass, “have you ever...”

She laughed and squeezed my hand, “what?”

I smiled at her, “been flying?”

She shook her head and I told her about the twin engine plane I had inherited from my grandfather. I had not flown it here yet and would have to take a train to fly it back. It was close to four before we returned to the house and Ginger kissed me before walking into the garage. Several guys were waiting but she told me they had to wait until the tiny green tile square was put out before they could go in.

Pete stepped out with the square but looked towards me, “Kyle? They want you to come in and do Pat first.”

I started for the door and when I walked in the four girls were naked and together. Ginger grinned, “Pat is really horny.”

The other girl blushed and bumped her. I smiled as I walked toward her, “I am sorry but I am almost always horny too.”

Pat grinned as Dana and Amber chuckled. Ginger rubbed my chest, “see you after we are done?”

I nodded as the men started coming in with Pete. Pat turned to pull me to her... stall and laid back on the bench. I pushed my pants down as I moved between her legs to feel her before slowly pushing into her. I fucked her slowly but with long thrusts. She sighed and wiggled as her pussy tightened and I pushed against the back of it.

She grinned and humped, “a little deeper.”

I grinned back as I planted my cock and pushed her cervix open. She jerked and shuddered, “ooohhh... yeah!”

I reached down to feel her pussy around my cock and started to rub her clit. She jerked and spasmed while her pussy tightened and grasped my cock, “fffuuuccccckkkkk!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I kept fucking her. I continued and she kept jerking and spasming while her pussy grasped constantly squeezed my cock. It was several minutes before I pushed open her cervix and spewed and pumped large spurts of cum. Pat wailed as she jerked while sperm gushed into her.

I sighed when I was done and caressed her pelvis as she panted, “thanks Pat.”

She grinned as she wiggled back and off my cock, “oh believe me, it was my pleasure.”

I helped her off her bench and she gave me a soft kiss, “wait for Amber to finish.”

I glanced back and saw her sucking a man and nodded before giving Pat a kiss and stepping back. I turned as I adjusted my pants and moved to the side of Amber’s stall. The guy was thrusting into her mouth and she was shuddering and jerking as she knelt and fingered her pussy.

When he grunted she pulled back while he spewed cum into her mouth and she swallowed. When he finished it was with a sigh as he pulled his cock out. He turned to leave and Amber grinned as she stood and moved to press against me, “hey stud.”

I caressed her hips, “you coming with Ginger to watch a movie?”

She grinned and backed to her bench, “yeah.”

I kissed her and her eyes widened before she grinned and turned to lay on the bench on her stomach. I rubbed her slit as I opened my pants and pushed into her. She spread her legs as my cock sank into her and she sighed. I held her hips and began to fuck her with long thrusts. Her pussy tightened and squeezed a few moments later and she shuddered, “mmmm!”

I continued to fuck her slowly but with long strokes. Her pussy kept clenching as she wiggled and pushed back. I kept fucking her and enjoyed the way her warm pussy constantly squeezed and tightened. It was several minutes before she began to spasm and jerk. Her pussy was a lot slicker as it grasped my cock.

I smiled as I rubbed her warm asshole and held her hips to fuck her hard and deep. She wailed and howled as she began to convulse and I used firm thrusts. I was not going to last much longer as she pushed back and shook while her pussy clenched around my slick cock. I finally sighed in regret and buried my cock.

Amber jerked and her pussy clamped down as I spewed and spurted. She pushed back as I filled her pussy before stopping. I kept my cock in her as I bent over and kissed her bare shoulder, “thank you.”

She sighed as her pussy squeezed and I pulled out before stepping back. She stood and turned with a soft smile, “thank you.”

I closed my pants and looked around at the guys fucking the other girls or getting blow jobs, “see you when you are done.”

I walked out and went home as I thought abought Ginger and then each of the girls. They might let men use them but it was like they were lonely. I might have had to come here with dad and mom but my grandparents on both sides had pretty much set me up for life. Do you know how much one hundred dollars times four each month is in high interest stocks where the dividends just rolled over into more stocks?

Well that was what they gave me each month since I was born. I set clothes out and went to leave a note and sat on the front porch. It was over an hour before the four came out and headed towards me. They looked nervous as I stood and smiled, “want to wash first?”

They nodded and I led them in and to my room. I led them into my bathroom before turning and reaching for Ginger, “we have plenty of time before the movie. In fact I was thinking of taking all of you to dinner first.”

I was stripping Ginger and turned her and gave her butt a pat, “take a shower.”

She grinned at me and opened the door before I reached for Amber. I stripped all of them and left them to shower but left the door open. I stripped and came back and they quieted but I grinned, “as much as I loved fucking you it left me smelling a little cummy so when you finish I will wash.”

Ginger climbed out and Dana grinned and stroked my cock, “okay stud.”

Pat pulled her away and into the shower as I shivered and pulled a towel out to dry Ginger. After they finished I washed and got out before dressing. We crowded into my Jeep and I drove to a restaurant I had seen. The girls relaxed as we talked and ate. I kept holding Ginger’s hand and when we went to the movie I bought a couple of sodas to share.

I felt relaxed and did not try anything during the movie but as soon as it ended I kissed Ginger and just because Pat was on my other side I kissed her and then while we were walking out I kissed Amber and Dana. They talked and whispered all the way home. I was a little surprised when they wanted to come in.

I was not sure what my mom or dad would say but they surprised me. I let the girls in and mom turned from watching TV, “Hi.”

Dad looked up and I blushed, “these are my friends. This is Ginger, Dana, Amber and Pat.”

Mom stood, “it is nice to meet you girls.”

Dana cleared her throat, “would you mind if we... spent the night?”

I looked at her and knew my mouth was open. Mom blinked, “all of you?”

Dana nodded, “we...”

She took a breath, “Kyle has been really nice. Twice a day we service five or six guys each. That is sex and we like doing it but we like Kyle and...”

Ginger squeezed my hand and I cleared my throat, “we just want to spend time together.”

Dad was grinning as mom looked at the girls, “you each fuck five or six guys twice a day?”

She was a little red faced and Amber shook her head, “actually it is normally just one or two. Mostly we give blowjobs.”

Mom grinned, “you like that or do they pay you.”

Pat wiggled, “we like it.”

Mom looked at my dad and laughed throatily, “have a nice night girls.”

I was pulled after Ginger and heard mom, “time for bed honey.”

I grinned as I pushed the girls into my room and closed the door. We talked mostly but I fucked them all again and came in Ginger and Amber. I woke to the bed moving and turned to see Dana moaning and squirming. I shifted out from under Ginger and Pat and moved over her. I settled between her legs and began kissing her.

She put her arms around me and opened her eyes and I smiled, “bad dream?”

She hesitated and then nodded, “I have them almost every night.”

I gave her another kiss, “nothing to hurt you here.”

I moved off the bed and waited as she sat up, “you do not want...”

I took her hand and pulled her off the bed, “later.”

After going to the bathroom I showered with her. She smiled and gave me a soft kiss after I dried her, “thanks Kyle.”

The other girls walked in and I grinned as I pulled each of them into the shower. I washed them and then we went to the kitchen and mom smiled, “breakfast?”

The girls blushed as Dana answered, “we get enough protein when we swallow the cum.”

Mom blinked and then grinned, “I did not think of that.”

I started warming a pot of milk and made glasses of chocolate milk. I passed them out and the girls grinned before sipping. I glanced at mom, “after they finish this morning they are coming back so we can see how much it will cost to go get my plane.”

She grinned, “I will buy train tickets if you want to get a sleeper cabin.”

The girls grinned at that and Dana sighed as she stood, “want to be first Kyle?”

I smiled, “after you are done I will do each of you in a proper bed.”

Ginger grinned as she stood and came to kiss me and press against me, “you sure?”

I held her hips, “yeah. I want to take my time and cum nice and deep.”

Pat came to kiss me, “I will hold my legs up and spread.”

Amber laughed as she came to kiss me, “we can hold each others legs up and spread.”

I walked them out and next door where they had several guys waiting. I did chores and finished what I had started the day before. I thought about Ginger and the other girls a lot. I cleaned my room and changed the sheets before sitting at my desk. I was looking at the train schedule when mom walked in with the girls.

I caught Ginger’s hand and pulled her onto my lap and turned the monitor so everyone could see. They pressed against me as they looked and I touched the monitor, “we could take a train tomorrow morning and be there tomorrow night. We could even sleep at the airport hotel before flying back the next day.”

Dana rubbed my shoulder, “I will let Pete know we will be closed for a couple of days starting tomorrow morning.”

Ginger wiggled and mom laughed as she gestured, “I think you are wanted at the bed. I will buy the train tickets for you.”

The girls laughed as Ginger jumped up and pulled me to my feet, “Dana needs it first.”

They all began stripping me while Dana undressed and climbed onto the bed. I kissed each of them before moving onto the bed and between Dana’s spread legs. I slowly pushed into her as I kissed her and she put her arms around me. I fucked her slowly with short jabs and kept rubbing and grinding each time I buried my cock in her cummy pussy.

She sighed and humped and wiggled while her pussy began grasping my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and thrust up harder, “ooohhhh!”

The other girls laughed as I kissed her passionately while she bucked and squirmed. I kept fucking her but began to use long strokes. She started writhing around while clinging to me and wailing, “aaaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts as she began to thrash around and jerk her hips up. She was panting and shuddering when I finally kissed her as I began to fuck her hard. She screamed a minute later and started spasming, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I lasted another couple of minutes before I buried my cock while kissing her. She clutched me as her pussy gripped my cock before I began to gush cum. That made her jerk and shudder harder while she kept kissing me. It was several moments before I was done and she slowly relaxed on the bed.

She grinned and rubbed my sides and hips, “very nice.”

The girls laughed as I gave her another kiss before pulling out of her. I turned as Pat rubbed my butt and they laughed. I caught her and pulled as I laid back and helped her straddle me. She grinned and lifted to position her slimy pussy before sitting. She started thrusting back and forth and slowly turning and rolling her hips.

I began kneading her breasts as I enjoyed her pussy pulsing around my cock. I smiled as she began to shake and breath harder. She twisted and jerked back and forth erratically as she moaned and then wailed, “oooohhhh!”

Amber and Ginger laid beside me and put their heads on my shoulder. Pat was panting as she started to rock and grind while her cummy pussy constantly tightened. It was several minutes before she spasmed and Dana moved to straddle me behind her and hold her up. Pat howled and jerked as her slick pussy continued to massage my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I was lifting my hips and shivering and a few more minutes was all I needed. Pat shoved down as my cock throbbed and my balls churned. Amber and Ginger kissed me as I pumped a geyser up into Pat while Dana held her. She jerked and shook while her pussy milked my cock. When I was done I began to relax and she laid on me.

I caressed her hips and looked at Amber and Ginger, “did you want it next or do you want to wait?”

They grinned and Ginger kissed me, “what did you have in mind?”

I rubbed Pat’s butt, “I was thinking you could go pack a bag for the trip and come back. We could lay out and sunbathe in the backyard to get a tan. Tonight I was thinking of going out to eat again.”

They grinned and Pat wiggled as her pussy squeezed. She gave me a kiss and lifted her hips, “I could use a tan.”

Dana gave her a swat on the butt, “we are all pale bitches.”

They laughed before we moved off the bed and I pushed them to the bathroom where I washed each of them. I spent the extra minute on each caressing and kissing them before I dried them off. I helped them dress and watched as they left. I packed a bag and went to help my mother around the house.

She grinned when I told her the girls were coming back to sunbathe. It was not long before they came back and I grabbed a couple of large blankets and spread them out in the backyard. I stripped each of them and put lotion on before they laid down. I stripped and laid between Ginger and Amber.

A couple of minutes later my mother walked out of the house naked and laid out beside Dana as if she did it all the time. The girls were quiet for a few minutes before they began talking. Even mom talked and I listened, at least until Amber rolled and straddled me, “I need...”

Ginger giggled and turned, “lift up so I can hold his cock.”

I looked back and forth as Amber lifted and sat up. She slowly wiggled down my cock and sighed as she settled, “thanks Kyle.”

I smiled and reached up to cup her breasts and rub the nipples, “my pleasure.”

They laughed and she grinned before she began to rock back and forth while rolling her hips. That was when the other girls and mom began talking about sex and how they milked the men. They talked about why and how it felt, mostly I think mom was curious. I felt and caressed Amber as she sighed and wiggled and rubbed.

Her slippery pussy kept squeezing and grasping my cock. She began to breath harder and then pant as she started to become erratic. I pulled her down and shifted until she was under me. I gave her a kiss as she put her arms around me and began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She shivered and humped while her pussy clenched, “mmmm!”

I smiled but continued to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She lifted her legs and shuddered hard as I kept fucking her. It was not long before she clutched me and wailed. I began to fuck her firmly and planted my cock each time to rub and grind. She writhed around and spasmed while her pussy constantly tightened, “ooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and kissed her as I began to gush cum. She jerked and clutched me as I kept kissing her while pumping one spurt after another until I was done. I held her and waited as she panted and shuddered with her pussy massaging my cock. I pulled out and moved to one side and softly caressed her.

I laid back and she sighed and wiggled, “that was nice.”

The others laughed and I grinned as I caught her hand and gave it a squeeze, “thanks.”

It was a minute before they started talking again and I glanced at the back door to see my father. He was staring at the girls and mom and I cleared my throat. Mom laughed when she followed my look, “oh goody. Come here and strip buster.”

Dad walked out grinning as he undressed and mom stood and laid him down before she straddled him and sat on his cock, “Kyle gets his nice cock from his father.”

She wiggled and started rubbing her pussy back and forth and he reached up to cup her breasts. The girls laughed and Ginger snickered, “and his love of breasts.”

I grinned as mom laughed with dad and turned to roll onto Ginger and slid down. I sucked on her nipples and looked up as everyone laughed, “my love of breasts came from mom.”

They laughed again as I went back to sucking while Ginger shivered and held my head. She humped and shuddered hard a minute later as she moaned. Mom was moaning and when I looked she was jerking back and forth and spasming. I grinned as I moved up and gave Ginger a kiss before I lifted and pushed into her.

She tilted her hips and lifted her legs to wrap them around me. I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes and she hugged me and wiggled. I kept kissing her as we fucked and she sighed and humped while her tight pussy kept grasping. A few minutes and she was thrusting up and shaking as she wailed and shook.

I continued to fuck her slowly but buried my cock each time. She spasmed and jerked before I began to fuck her hard. She kissed me as she screamed and thrashed around. When I was ready I shoved into her. She had her legs up and spread wide as she struggled. I kissed her and pushed into her while pumping spurts of cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched before she gasped, “yyyeeessss!”

I spewed and gushed until I was done and settled as she sagged and panted. I gave her another kiss and pulled out and laid beside her, “thanks Ginger.”

She had a smile on her face and grinned, “anytime.”

Things changed over the next few months. The girls gradually stopped milking the men and spent all the their time with me. Dana still sucks her brother sometimes and mom surprised me when she had me fuck her. The girls do fuck dad but only if mom says it is okay. All four love to fly so we have weekend trips where we go somewhere and we take turns as the pilot.

They took turns getting pregnant too, first Dana and then Amber, Pat and Ginger. Their parents were what surprised me the most. They acted like I was a hero and had saved the girls. I did not tell them the milk farm was in our home now.
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