a new story line- as usual i would be very interested in your thoughts
Cocoa Pops!

It all started innocently enough, and to be fair I had the best of intentions right from the beginning, not that anyone will believe me now.
So, here’s the whole story- tell me what you think……

I’m a newly single man, aged 35 with a good job and reasonable prospects. My wife had divorced me after running off with a kitchen installer who turned out to have been fitting more than just a new kitchen. I was a bit bruised by the whole thing to say the least, but after a while I decided to get back into the game and see if I could meet someone nice.

After a few false starts, I met up with Julie via an internet dating site. We had a few dates, hit it off really well and soon I began to stay over.
This was a big deal for Julie, because she was a single mother, and very protective of her young daughter Kylie.

Our sex life was great, and Julie was pleasantly surprised when she discovered that the stories she had heard about black men were true. She couldn’t get enough of my long black cock, and was very inventive. The only problem was that she didn’t really like to suck dick. She would give me the occasional blow job, but you could tell that her heart wasn’t really in it. This wasn’t a showstopper for me though, because although like any man I love getting head, everything else was rosy in the garden so I could accept the situation.

That is, until the morning of 23rd April. I had stayed over the night before and, as usual Julie and I had had great sex. That morning, Julie got up early to go to work and I agreed to make sure that Kylie had breakfast and then take her up to school before I went to the office. I had a late start scheduled that day, so it was no problem.

As I lay in bed, I heard Kylie moving about in the kitchen downstairs, and the clatter of china as she got her bowl ready for her breakfast. She was a huge fan of a cocoa puffed rice and would happily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if allowed.
I decided to check on her, so I slipped on a pair of boxers and padded down into the kitchen. Kylie was sitting at the table with a huge bowl of her favourite breakfast in front of her.
‘morning Kylie’ I said, as she turned to look at me.

‘Hi Pops!” she said, through a mouthful of breakfast. She had started calling me Pops as a joke, but it seemed to stick.
I decided to have a coffee and made a brew up. I went to the fridge to get some milk and, to my frustration found an empty carton in the rack. Grumbling, I turned round to see Kylie giggling as she spooned milk into her mouth.
I have to say, she looked cute as a button as she smiled at me. Blond hair, tied up in pigtails ready for school, blue eyes all innocent and sparkly. She would be gorgeous when she grew up I could tell.
As she smiled up at me, a dribble of milk escaped from her mouth and ran down her chin. Without really thinking, I leant down and wiped the dribble off with my finger.

She giggled again, and more milk escaped so again I wiped it off. But this time, as I did so Kylie stuck her tongue out, intending to lick the milk off my finger.
I obliged, and her little pink tongue ran up the side of my finger and lapped up the milk.

She took another spoonful of breakfast, and again allowed some milk to dribble out. I could see this was becoming a game, so again I wiped up the milk and presented her with my finger. She duly licked the milk off, and took another spoonful of food.
This happened several times, until the innocent little girl escalated the game. This time, instead of just licking my finger, she leaned forward and put her whole mouth around my finger. I could feel her little teeth gently scrape my finger, and her tongue running around it to get the milk.

God help me, but that felt good.

Another mouthful of milk, another dribble, another wipe, and again my finger slipped gently into her mouth.
I was beginning to get into this, and decided to skip with the spoonfuls of food. I picked up the bowl, dipped my finger into the chocolate milk and slipped it into her mouth.
She giggled as time after time I fed my finger between her lips and she sucked it.
I knew it was getting into very dangerous territory, but this was turning me on, and I could feel myself hardening rapidly as my finger dipped into the cold milk, then slipped into her warm mouth. Splashes of milk dropped on to her nightie, so I put down the bowl, leaned down and wiped them off. I felt her warm firm little body underneath and found myself stroking her chest as I pretended to wipe up the milk. She didn’t have any boobs yet, but this didn’t matter to me as I began to molest her little body.

‘I think maybe we should get rid of this nightie’ I croaked, as I continued to feed her my finger.
She smiled, giggled and said “ok Pops- I don’t suppose Mummy will be very happy if you make a mess over it”
Without further ado, she slid her hands down to the hem, pulled it up and slipped her nightie off over her head.
She sat before me in just her panties, complete with little daisies around the top. Blond hair, blue eyes and mouth ready for the next taste of milk.

I dipped my finger in again and as I moved to slip it into her pretty little mouth, a drop fell onto her chest. Again I leaned forward with my other hand and, as I slipped my finger into her mouth began to stroke her firm little body.
She arched her back, as if to push her chest forward and I realized how much she was enjoying this.

“I think you like this new game Kylie, don’t you?” I whispered, and she smiled and nodded enthusiastically.
‘lets make it a little bit more fun’ I said as my finger gently played with her little nipple.
She may have been young, but her nipple responded as it started to harden. Pretty soon, she had a firm little nipple sticking up from that flat chest. I knelt down beside her, stuck my finger into the milk, and dropped a droplet onto her nipple. She gasped at the feel of the cold milk, and then again as I put my warm mouth around and gently sucked the milk off her nipple.

I did it again, this time taking a little longer to suck her hard little nipple, and was rewarded with a gasp as she pushed herself forward. I moved to her other nipple and this time took it straight into my mouth without wasting time on the milk.
My hands roamed over her lithe little body as I sucked her nipples alternately. My cock was pushing against the fabric of my boxers, so I stood up and slipped my hand under the waistband. Kylie’s eyes widened as I slipped off the shorts and allowed all nine inches of hard black cock to hang free before her.

“time for some new rules “ I smiled.
I picked up the bowl again, and this time dipped my cock into the chocolate milk. There was a big droplet of brown milk on the end of my dick, as I presented it to her. She looked up at me with a quizzical look in her blue eyes, then smiled as I nodded to her. Her little tongue slipped out and gently ran across the top of my dick, gathering up the milk.

Again I dipped my cock into her milk, and again she licked it off. Next time I took care to make sure my cock was well coated with milk, and like a good little girl she took equal care to lick right up and down my full length to get every bit of it.

A dribble ran down to the bottom of my cock and onto my balls. Without prompting this little blond angel started to lick my balls clean as I placed the bowl down on the table and put a hand onto her head.
With one hand I grasped my dick, and with the other I gently moved her head into position.
“open wide” I ordered, as she looked up at me.

As her mouth opened I gently slipped the tip of my dick between her lips. She looked alarmed at first, but as she realized I wasn’t going to hurt her she began to relax and go with it. Slowly I slipped my cock in a little more, then pulled it back. She seemed a natural as I gently began to fuck her little mouth.
Deeper and deeper my cock went into her childlike little mouth, as I began to give her gentle instruction on how I wanted her to suck my cock.
‘That’s right Kylie, put it in as deep as you can. Suck my dick little girl.”
My cock slipped in and out of her mouth as I grasped her pigtails.
“this is a special kind of breakfast just for good little girls. I think I’ll feed you like this every morning”
she nodded, and looked up at me. She slipped my cock from between her lips and said, “this is yummy, I like this breakfast”
“so do I honey” I gasped as I began to face fuck her again.
“would you like this for breakfast every time I come over?”
she nodded again, and tried to talk but with nine inches of black cock between her lips, she was a little muffled.

“yeah baby, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to feed you my own special way every day I’m over, and if you’re really good, it doesn’t just have to be at breakfast. We could do this any time you like, just as long as you don’t tell your Mummy. She might get upset if she knew”
again she nodded, as she sucked cock like a pro! I could feel the surge begin in my balls and knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Pops going to give you some special milk now” I gasped as I felt the tingling increase.
Holding her head I began to come, as spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her little mouth.
It was way too much for her to take for the first time, and I slipped my cock out of her mouth.
She looked on stunned as I continued to spurt hot cum over her body.

Droplets of white semen landed on her chest as I grasped my cock and milked every last drop out.
My knees were shaky with the intensity of my orgasm, so I sat down on the chair beside Kylie while I caught my breath.
I looked at her, cute little blue eyes, pigtails and full of innocence as a dribble of cum ran down her face.
I looked over at the bowl of milk and cocoa krispies and smiled.
“do you think you might want to play again tomorrow Kylie?” I asked.
She smiled, and nodded enthusiastically and it was then that I realized I was lost.
I would be doing this again and again because it felt so good to dip my cock into the bowl and then feed it into her mouth.
With that, the realization sank in. if I was going to do this again, did that make me a cereal offender?

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