incest sex when family is camping
My family went away for a week to go camping , I couldn't go because I had to study for tests and "Didn't want distractions". But the real reason I'm staying is a little girl called Tahlia she had to stay home because she was too sick, so being the gentleman I am I offered to look after her. I was only 16 and she was 7, she was tall for her age and had pale white skin with brown eyes and long beautiful blonde hair.

The first day was normal I did some studying and I let her play around, but as she got hotter from running she was heaps warm so I told her to just wear her undies, at first she was shy but then she giggled and took off all her clothes except her undies, she giggled and ran away. About half an hour later of hearing her laughing outside I went to check up on her, and as I looked through the mesh door I saw she naked and squaring on the sprinkler system, I got hard but controlled myself. I opened the door but she continued she didn't know what was happening but as she realised she was naked she ran away and hid, I found her straight away and she threw a bucket of water all over me. I playfully chased after her around the backyard until she was too tired. I told her that she needed to take a bath, she didn't want to but she liked me so she did.

We went into the bathroom and I was still amazed every time I went in there that the bath was 2 metres long and a metre wide the height was normal like any other bath. She felt the bath and wanted it cold because of how hot she had got from the running around, I felt it and it was pretty warm but cool enough for her. I said its ready but she just looked at me with a smile and said you first, I looked at myself and thought yeah I need to have a bath but it would be weird to have a bath with her, I finally thought what the hell no ones here, so I hopped in first, then she quickly followed. We sat at opposite ends for a bit but then she started moving around to me then back to her spot continuously about 5 times before she stopped, she looked at me and smiled and moved closer she wrapped her arms around me and moved her legs to the outside of mine she kissed me on the lips then lay her head on my shoulder I got hard quickly and I could tell she could feel my pubes and dick on her little pussy, she lifted up and looked at my crotch but the water blurred her vision so she shoved her hand in the direction and grabbed my cock she tried pulling but it didnt work, I told her to stop and I stood up and showed her it was connected to me she then stood up with my cock pointing right to her mouth and asked what it is, I explained that when two people love each other the boy gets hard on his thing and he puts it in a girls vagina and that makes babies. She looked down and touched her bold pussy and opened it she said is this vagina, I told her yes. We both got out of the bath dried off and went to the lounge room.

I was hard as a rock and still naked the heat was too intense and they only had a fan that worked. Tahlia came in and looked at my cock and said Do boys get hard when they love another girl? I thought I knew where this was going and said yes, she snuggled up to me sat on my lap with my cock between us and landed a huge kiss and poked her tongue in my mouth, I pulled back and she looked so upset her eyes started watering, she burst out crying so cutely and said Don't you love me? I said of course I do, and before I could say anything else she kissed me again, I kept my mouth closed so she couldn't put her tongue in again she told me to open my mouth and say ahhhhhh so I did and she put her hole tongue in my mouth, I couldn't help it any more I started kissing back with my tongue, I held her in my arms and told her I loved her. She told me to close my eyes so I did and I stated feeling lips on my dick I thought how dies she know about blow jobs but when I opened my eyes her pussy lips were around my cock. She held onto my shoulders for support to go down slow but she was still wet and slipped were legs went straight and her pussy consumed 5 inches of my 8 inch dick she started crying and slipping down more she slipped to 7 inches and stopped she was bursting out with teats and a little blood dribbled down from her hymen, I quickly held her head onto my shoulders and caressed her back with my hands she slowed down crying and started shaking uncontrollably and humming letting and occasion oh slip. After a while of her on my dick she wanted to try again so I pushed the last inch in and pulled out, as I pulled out she lent over backwards and I could see my bulging penis in her stomach. I pulled all the way out then all the way back in I was about to cum straight away as I heard her hyperventilating and saying ah oh I love you so much I couldn't hold it in any longer I came once in her pussy then quickly pulled out and came in her mouth then all over her face I was in ecstasy and say there watching the cum dribble from her pussy and she played with it and scooped if out and into her mouth. With her face and mouth full of cum I couldn't help but full on make out with her and lick all the semen on her.

I sat there admiring the gaping hole I had created and her still shaking a bit, I had just got relaxed when the bell rang.

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