"No, no," she said, suddenly sounding a little alarmed, "we need to find out for sure. She leapt off of the bed commanding, "Don't move, I'll be right back." Then she rushed out of the room, and I had no idea what she was on about. In the lazy afterglow of having more orgasms than I'd ever had in my life, I didn't really care either. I sat up, scotched over, and leaned against the wall, spreading my legs, and placed my hand over my tender, swollen vagina. As I massaged myself, I thought about how great it was to finally have a lover. I'd never imagined that it would be a girl, but as it turned out, that was just my first surprise.
When Tammy burst back into the room, dragging her brother Rusty in behind her, he only seemed mildly surprised that I was sitting there naked with my legs spread, and my hand on my pussy.

"Ooo!" I whimpered, closing my legs, and throwing an arm across my ripe melons.
I could feel my cheeks flushing as Rusty arched an eyebrow, and then turned to look at Tammy.

"Okay," he said sardonically, "now that your friend here is thoroughly freaked out, what's this all about?"

"Pull out your cock." she demanded.

"WHAT!?" Rusty, and I both exclaimed.

"Look," she said nervously, "I'm afraid I may have turned her lez, and I wanna make sure that she still likes cock."

Rusty chuckled at this, and then furrowing his brow, he said, "Yeah Tammy, I don't really think that's how gay works."

"Well maybe not," she said impatiently, "but I'm not taking any chances. Now whip out that cock."

Rusty tried to protest. "Yeah, but..." he began, but Tammy was having none of that.

"COCK!" she demanded, cutting him off.
He looked over at me apologetically, then looked back at Tammy, rolled his eyes, and unzipped his trousers.
"Whatever." he sighed, pulling his dick out. It was semi-stiff, and pointing down a little.

"Well, come on," she said snapping her fingers, "Stroke it, or something. She needs to see a hard cock."

He rolled his eyes again. "Okay," he groaned, "Jeez."
He grabbed the shaft, and started moving his hand up, and down, but it didn't seem to be getting much harder.

"Oh, I know." Tammy yelped, jumping up on the bed next to me, and spreading my legs wide.
"Here," she said seductively, spreading my pussy lips with one hand, and rubbing my little clit with the other. "Look at that tender, pink flesh Rusty. What do you think of that?"
"Yeah," he said, his cock suddenly becoming rock hard. "Yeah, that's uh, that's nice."

"Nice?" Tammy scoffed, "That's not just nice," she said, rubbing my now wet pussy for him to see. "That’s some sweet, young vagina. Imagine your hard cock slipping into some of that."
Before he could answer she turned to me, and asked, "How's that sound? Rusty's hard cock penetrating you little pink pussy? Sounds good right?"

"Uh-Hum," I said, clearing my throat, "Yeah, um sure, I guess." I felt so embarrassed that I was lucky to be able to say that much.

"You guess?" she exclaimed.
She looked back, and forth at the two of us in disgust.
"Okay," she sighed, "I can see that I'm gonna to have to knock this up a notch."

When Tammy let go of me to grab a pillow, I quickly closed my legs, and pulled my knees into my chest, pulling my feet in to cover my vagina.
My arms were wrapped around my legs, my knees covering my ample breasts, but I still felt exposed.
My cheeks felt hot, and I knew I must have been nine different shades of red, as I tried hard not to stare at Rusty's erect penis.
Tammy threw the pillow on the floor in front of him, and then got down on her knees, grabbed his throbbing manhood, and licked smoothly up the shaft, before taking the head of his cock into her mouth.
Before my brain could even register what I was looking at, she was bobbing her head up, and down on his thick meat, making loud sucking sounds.
I was stunned into silence for a moment, but finally managed to blurt out, "Tammy! He's your brother!"

They looked at me blankly, then looked at each other, then started laughing.
"No," Tammy snorted, "He's my step brother. He's John's son"

Now I was confused.
"But, the red hair." I stammered.

Rusty shook his head.
"No," he said good naturedly, "My mother is a red head too. Apparently dad has a thing for red heads."

"He sure does." Tammy said knowingly.

Rusty looked down at her quickly, his brow knitting. It looked as if he were about to say "what?", but before he could get the word out, Tammy started sucking his cock again, and really going at it.
She must have been doing something right, because what came out instead was, "Whaaaaaooohhh shit! Sssssss, ah, damn Tammy!"
He grasped a hold of her head, running his fingers through her hair, cradling her head in his hands.

As I watched Tammy giving her step-brother head, I could feel my pussy getting all moist, and tingly.
As a strange, and unexpected as all this was, it was equally hot.
Tammy suddenly pulled her mouth off of Rusty's dick with a loud slurp, and then turned to me, still stroking his hard shaft.
"Come on down here Emma." she said sweetly, patting the pillow in front of Rusty with her other hand.

I climbed down off of the bed to stand on my knees next to Tammy, but I was still feeling a little shy, so I held my breasts in my arm, and covered my pubes with my other hand.
Rusty's throbbing manhood was so close to my face that I could smell it, but I averted my eyes as my cheeks flushed even hotter.

"Oh come on Emma," she cooed, placing her fingers under my chin, and guiding my face toward Rusty's cock. "Don’t be shy."

I watched as Tammy slowly stroked his thick penis, still glistening with her saliva, and then her tongue snaked out, licking up his shaft before she turned to me, and said seductively, "Why don't you give it a little kiss."

I looked up at Rusty sheepishly, and I must have looked embarrassed, and scared because his expression suddenly changed from one of pure lust, to one of genuine concern as he said, "Jeeze Emma, I'm sorry. Look, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do, and don't let her pressure you into anything." hitching his thumb towards Tammy.

At that Tammy's brow furrowed. "But..." she started to protest, but Rusty cut her off.

"But nothing." he snapped, "Has it ever occurred to you that sometimes you go too far?"

“Whatever.” Tammy huffed.

She started licking his cock again, but he stopped her saying, “Knock it off, if you want to fuck we can go back to my room, but Emma's obviously not into this, and I'm not trying to force it on her.”
As he spoke I found myself becoming very attracted to him.
He suddenly seemed so sweet, and sensitive.
My eyes had drifted back down to his hard penis emerging from his flaming red pubic hair, and my pussy began to really tingle.
I felt his hand under my chin, guiding my face back up to his, and I looked into his deep green eyes as he said, “Just because you don't want my cock, that doesn't mean you're gay.”
He smiled tenderly, and went on, “Tammy can be kind of pushy sometimes, but she means well.”
Then he turned too Tammy, and said, “Come on, let's finish in my room, and leave Emma alo-oh-oh-oooooo.” his last word transforming into a sexy moan as I took his penis into my mouth, sucking him off like a demon.

“Emma!” he exclaimed in surprise. “You don't have to do this.”

I pulled my mouth off of his cock with a loud pop. “But I want to.” I said with a smile as I stroked his hard shaft with my hand.

“Really?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

I nodded my head vigorously, biting my bottom lip, before adding, “Yes, please.”

He looked at Tammy who gave him a wry smile as if to say, “See, she is into it.”
He looked back at me, seemingly flabbergasted, but finally he said, “Yeah, I mean sure, I'd love it, if you really want to.”

“Nnnggghhh.” I cooed as I playfully flicked the head of his cock with my tongue. “Yes, thank you.” I panted, and then took his meat back into my mouth.

As I sucked on Rusty's throbbing member I heard Tammy say, “You've got to give it to her. She may be slow to start, but once she gets going, she's a little sex fiend.”
Then she got behind me, putting one of her knees between my legs on the pillow so the she could pull her body in close to mine, fondling my tits, and rubbing my belly as she leaned in, kissing my neck, and saying, “And she's so polite.” with a little giggle.

Then Rusty chuckled, “Well, she is polite.”
I looked up at him as I continued sucking on his cock, and he looked right into my eyes, and said, “Yes, please?” with a big grin on his face.

Then Tammy whispered, “Yes, thank you?” in my ear, and I stated feeling kind of self-conscious.

I pulled my mouth off of Rusty's cock, and whined, “Are you guys making fun of me?”

“No, not at all.” Tammy laughed, squeezing me tight. “I think it's adorable.”

I looked up at Rusty with a pout as I stroked his wet, hard cock with my hand, and he nodded in agreement before saying, “She's right Emma, it is pretty fucking adorable.”

Well what could I say to that?
So I shrugged, and went back to sucking the yummy penis in my hand.

“Mmmmm.” Tammy cooed as she watched me give her brother head, fondling my breasts, and sliding her hand down to rub my pussy.
It felt so good that after a while I had to pull my mouth off of Rusty's dick, slurping, and then moaning loudly.
Tammy craned her head over my shoulder, opening her mouth, and I instantly knew what she wanted.
So I moved Rusty's wet, hard cock over allowing her to take it into her mouth.
I was still stroking the shaft, and with my face so close to hers it was impossible not to notice the way she rubbed the underside of his dick with her tongue as she took the head into her mouth.
I closed my eyes, grunting as she gave one of my tits a good squeeze, and slipped a finger into my pussy simultaneously.
She started finger fucking me real good as she continued to suck on Rusty's cock inches from my face, and I remember thinking, 'Damn! This girl's a porn star.'

I could feel the pressure in my loins beginning to build again, and I knew exactly what I needed to drive me over the edge.
I pulled on Rusty's cock, and it emerged from Tammy's mouth with a loud, wet smack, and as I took the bulbous head of his penis back into my mouth, I could feel him bury his hands in my hair, gently rubbing my scalp as he moaned, and hissed softly.
I looked up at him, and as I began bobbing my head, taking his cock as deep into my mouth as I could, I felt Tammy fondling my breasts as she fingered my wet pussy like a demon.
I was still hanging just on the edge of my orgasm when Rusty suddenly grunted, “Oh shit Emma, I’m gonna cum!”

That did it.
I had to take my mouth off of his dick as I started getting off really hard, but I kept stroking his shaft, and before I knew it he throbbed in my hand, the first blast of cum striking me on the nose, and trailing down to my chin.
I quickly opened my mouth, laying my tongue out flat, and my orgasm seemed to get even more intense as I felt his warm, gooey fluid squirt into me.
I could feel my own juices running down the insides of my thighs as he filled my mouth with his yummy sperm.
Tammy pinched one of my nipples, giggling, “Way to go girl.”

I couldn’t help but feel oddly proud of myself, as if Tammy’s approval were something I’d been seeking.
Rusty’s orgasm was coming to an end, and so was mine so I gulped down the cum in my mouth, and then took the head of his cock in, sucking out the last of his fluids.
I opened my eyes again, looking up at him with his cock in my mouth, and he smiled down at me saying, “Wow, that was amazing.”

I pulled my mouth off of him with a little sucking pop, and I felt my cheeks flushing as I replied, “Glad you like it.”

Then his knees wobbled a little bit, and he said, “I think I need to sit down.” Before plopping down on Tammy’s bed.

I crawled up onto the bed with him, and laid my head against his chest while he wrapped his arm around me, squeezing me tight against him.
“Well, I gotta say,” Rusty said to Tammy as she hopped up onto her bed next to us. “You have really good taste.”

“Of course I have good taste.” Tammy responded with a wry smile before adding with a little wink. “I fucked you didn’t I?”

That got Rusty and I both laughing, and Tammy herself even giggled a little at her own joke, or maybe it was just our mirth that she found amusing, hard to say.
In any case once we’d finished laughing Tammy lit up a smoke, and after a few moments of silence Rusty suddenly spoke up, and asked, “So what was all that about my dad being into red heads?”

Tammy looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and after a moment she stuttered, “Wha-what?, Oh, I mean, you know, it, ah, it wsn’t, rea-realy anything.”

I hadn’t known Tammy very long, but I was still surprised to see her suddenly blush such a bright red.
Apparently Rusty was surprised as well because he arched an eyebrow, and after an awkward silence he said, “You’re a terrible liar. Just come clean, you know you can tell me anything.”

“Weeell.” Tammy began, her cheeks getting even redder as she admitted, I kiiiinda fucked your dad.”

“What!?” Rusty and I blurted out in unison.

Then after another awkward silence Rusty burst out laughing.
I didn’t know what to do so I let out a giggled nervously, looking between the two of them, and wondering what would happen next.
Finally Rusty got his laughter under control and choked out, “Oh shit, you gotta tell me about it.”

“Really?” she asked dubiously.

“Totally!” he confirmed. “I want every detail, and I’m sure Emma wouldn’t mind hearing a sexy story.”

They both looked at me, and it took me a second to realize that they were waiting for me to say something.
I had caught a glimpse of Rusty’s dad, John, and I had to admit that he was pretty hot so the prospect of hearing a story about him fucking his teen step daughter was more than a little intriguing.
“Yeah,” I spoke up. “I’m down with that. Tell us all about it.”

After looking at our expectant faces for a moment she sighed, “Okay, you asked for it.”

So she told us the story, and I can tell you, I was not at all disappointed.

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