Every Thanksgiving family and friends came over for a couple of days. I would always give up my room and make up a large airbed out in a shed I had made. At one end it had an old roll top desk where I had my computer. The shed had electricity so I had a heater and stayed warm. The large airbed took up most of the shed and was one of the double mattress types.

This year mom came out as I was zipping the two cloth sleeping bags together. I looked at her as she looked around the shed. She smiled, “my sister Sasha and her daughter are coming this year. There is not room inside and the airbed is large enough for all three of you.”

I groaned and she smiled as she turned to head back to the house, “you will live.”

Actually the thought of aunt Sasha or Sassy as mom and dad called her made my cock hard. She was as stunning and beautiful as mom. Her daughter Anita was fourteen and from the few pictures she looked good too. I looked around in the shed before going to get two saw horses.

I added three wide planks so we had a counter between the desk and the other wall. It was early afternoon when everyone began to arrive. I tried to stay away from all the hugging and kissing and slaps on the back and... well it only worked half the time. Since I was sixteen and had my license I got to run to the store for the thousand and one things.

When I got back Sasha had arrived and she was as gorgeous as I remembered. We had another day before Thanksgiving but no one seemed to mind. After dinner I helped clean up before I went to shower and slip out to the shed. I stripped and looked at the two suitcases on the counter I had made. I turned on the heater and put on pajama bottoms.

I turned as the door opened and Sasha and Anita came in. My aunt smiled and gestured to my pajamas, “you should not sleep with clothes on William.”

Anita grinned as she began undressing on her way to their suitcases and I blushed, “I...”

Sasha rubbed my chest and then reached out to push my pajamas down. She stroked my hard cock before turning to her suitcase. I stepped out of my pajamas and climbed onto the bed. I scooted over against the wall as I watched the two get naked. Anita climbed in and her mother stopped to shut the shed light off.

When she climbed in it was between Anita and I. She turned on her side towards me and reached out in the dark to rub my hip, “have you had sex William?”

I groaned, “no.”

Her hand moved and began to rub and caress my cock, “think you have enough for me and Anita while we are here?”

I reached out to cup a breast before I pushed her onto her back. If she was going to play I was too. I moved over her and gave her a kiss as I used my knees to spread her legs. I pushed into her warm pussy and buried my cock. She moaned and tilted her hips as Anita pressed against us and rubbed my back.

I pulled back and started to fuck Sasha with deep grinding thrusts. Each time I buried my cock I was pressing against the back of her pussy. She would grunt and shudder as her pussy kept squeezing. I continued to fuck her and began to kiss her as I went a little faster. I used firm strokes and began to grind.

She covered her mouth to quiet her wails as she began to struggle and then buck. Her slippery pussy kept squeezing and she began to spasm. It was several minutes before she screamed into her hand and began convulsing. I shoved into her and pressed as I began pumping sperm into her.

She jerked and writhed around and squirmed as I kept spewing. When I was done I pulled out while she panted and kept shuddering. I moved over Anita as she grinned and gave her a kiss before I started kissing down her body. She wiggled and spread her legs when I reached her pussy.

I licked through it and pushed my tongue into her. She moaned and lifted her hips as I went back to licking her. I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue before gently nibbling and then sucking. She jerked and gasped as she thrust up, “ooohhh!”

After a few minutes she was thrusting up and shaking while moaning. She finally tried to close her legs and I moved up and kissed her while she panted. I slowly pushed and forced my cock into her and she shifted and tilted her hips. I humped and jabbed slowly and kept kissing her. She put her arms around me and her tight pussy clenched as she shivered.

I pulled back after a minute and began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She lifted her hips when I sank my cock back into her, “mmmm!”

Sasha laughed as Anita shuddered and hugged me. I began to fuck her firmly and rub against her each time I buried my cock. She wiggled and squirmed at first and then after several minutes she howled and struggled, “aaaahhhh!”

I kept fucking her and planting my cock as deep as I could. Anita writhed around and began to buck while her slippery pussy kept clenching and grasping my cock. It was not much longer before I shoved into her and kissed her. Her body had stiffened and my cock was throbbing and then it spewed and gushed.

She screamed into my mouth as she went wild. She bucked and shoved her hips up while twisting and jerking, “YES!”

I finished pumping spurts of cum into her but kept my cock buried as I continued to kiss her. She sighed and shuddered for awhile and then sagged to the bed panting. I gave her another kiss before I pulled out and grinned as I moved towards Sasha. It was awhile before we stopped and they went to sleep.

We were up early and I helped them with robes as they collected clean clothes. We went into the house and to the bathroom and then I took a shower with them. I fingered them and helped clean their pussies. Before we were done they were both shuddering and moaning. I dried them and helped them dress.

All day I did chores and helped or ran back and forth to the store. By the time they started dinner a lot more people had arrived. After dinner Anita caught me and pulled me out the back door and across to the shed. She grinned as I closed the door and reached under her dress to push her panties down, “fuck me.”

I opened my pants as I moved around and she climbed onto the edge of the bed. I lifted her dress up and over her butt as she put her head down. I moved and pushed into her and slowly buried my cock as she pushed back. I held her hips as her warm pussy squeezed my cock and pulled back.

I started to fuck her slowly but sank my cock all the way into her with each thrust. She pushed back and her pussy clenched as she shuddered. I kept fucking her and she began to moan and wiggle. It was not long before I had to hold her as I planted my cock harder. She shoved back and grabbed the sleeping bag, “aaaahhhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed as I continued to use deep strokes. I began to fuck her hard and she jerked and spasmed while her tight pussy clenched. She slammed back on my cock hard, “FUCK!”

I grinned as I kept fucking her and a few minutes later buried my cock. She gasped and shuddered as I grunted and began pumping spurts of cum. I jerked when Sasha put her arms around me, “I am next.”

I held Anita as she jerked and shuddered while I pumped spurts into her. When I was done I let her go and she laid forward. Sasha moved onto the edge of the bed on her knees and spread them wide before putting her head down with her dress over her ass. I moved and felt her before pushing my cock into her.

I held her as she pushed back and then began to fuck her. Anita giggled as she moved off the bed and left her panties as she walked out. I held Sasha and continued to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She kept pushing back each time I buried my cock. A couple of minutes and she was shaking and shuddering.

Her pussy was slippery and constantly grasping my cock. I fucked her hard and deep suddenly and she grabbed the sleeping bag and spasmed while her pussy clenched, “YES!”

I kept fucking her hard and she continued to struggle as I shoved into her and jerked when mom put her arm around me. Sasha jerked and spasmed and mom gave me a push, “kept going.”

I hesitated before I went back to fucking Sasha. She kept jerking and shuddering as she moaned into the bed. It was awhile before I shoved into her and began to pump sperm. She gasped and shoved back, “FUCK YES!”

Mom giggled as Sasha shook and I filled her with cum. When I stopped she slowly sagged forward off my cock and onto the bed. Mom climbed onto the bed on her knees and put her head and shoulders down as she reached back to lift her dress over her butt. Like Sasha she did not have panties.

I grinned as I moved over and rubbed her wet pussy before I sank my cock into her. Sasha sighed as she rolled out of bed and stopped to kiss me before leaving. I fucked my mother with long deep strokes and she started pushing back. Her warm pussy squeezed and kept grasping at my cock and it was not long before she shuddered and jerked.

She grabbed the bed and spasmed while her pussy clenched, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I fucked her hard for several minutes and ended up having to hold her hips up. I was planting my cock all the way in her as she spread her knees more and began to convulse, “YES!”

It was not much longer before I was ready to cum. I jerked when my dad’s sister, aunt Jean put her arms around me and shoved into mom hard. She screamed into the bed as I began to pump sperm into her, “YYYEEEESSSSS!”

When I was done I relaxed as mom sagged to the bed panting and shivering. I looked at my aunt as she moved onto the bed beside my mom and lifted her skirt over her ass. I moved behind her and pulled her panties down before slowly pushing into her. Every woman that was here came out and took a turn.

My cock was very sensitive and my balls empty before Anita and Sasha pulled me into bed. I woke to Anita giggling and opened my eyes to see Sasha fingering her pussy beside me. I shifted and rolled until I was between her legs and sank my cock into her. I kissed her before I started to fuck her with deep grinding strokes, “happy Thanksgiving.”

She grinned as she hugged me and her pussy tightened, “it is now.”

She humped as I kept sinking my cock into her and pressing against the back of her pussy. Anita snuggled against her mother as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. Sasha shuddered and hugged me while her slippery pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I began to use harder strokes and grind and she jerked and spasmed while wailing, “aaaahhhh!”

Anita giggled, “keep that up and the other women will come out for their turn.”

Sasha bucked and thrashed around while her pussy massaged and kept grasping my cock. I was fucking her hard and deep and started kissing her to quiet her yells. She wiggled and squirmed and shook and then began to convulse. I shoved into her and kissed her hard as I gushed and spewed.

She jerked and tilted her hips as she clutched me, “YES!”

When I stopped she sighed and sagged to the bed, “I love a morning fuck.”

I grinned as her daughter giggled and pulled out before moving off the bed, “bathroom?”

They nodded and I helped them up and into their robes and they grabbed clean clothes. We left the shed and went into the house and only a few people were up as we used the bathroom and took a shower. I slipped into my room for clean clothes and then we went to the kitchen. It was like a warm party all day as the woman cooked and laughed while the men watched a game.

We had thanksgiving dinner early and as soon as it was over the men headed back to the other room and the TV. I went out for a walk and when I came back they were yelling at a referee. The women shook their heads when I walked into the kitchen. Mom stood and caught my hand as she pulled me towards the back door, “how about some thanksgiving pussy?”

I grinned as started moving faster, “I would love some.”

I opened the shed door for her and followed and closed the door. The heater had kept the shed warm and I turned her and started to undress her. She grinned and when I was done she stripped me and laid back on the edge of the bed and held out her arms. I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed my hard cock into her warm pussy.

She sighed and lifted her hips as I buried my cock and began to hump and press and grind. After a minute I pulled back and gave her another kiss as I began to fuck her. Aunt Jean closed the door and began to undress as I continued to fuck mom. I used deep thrusts and kept rubbing and pressing.

A few minutes later she clutched me and started to shake and jerk. Her pussy was slippery and kept grasping and squeezing. I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock to grind. She struggled and thrust up and shuddered, “mmmm!”

She was thrashing and bucking when I shoved into her and kissed her to keep her quiet while I pumped and gushed and spewed. She spasmed and clung to me when she felt the warm sperm and her pussy gripped my cock. When I was done she slowly relaxed and panted and grinned.

I looked at my aunt and she giggled and held out her arms, “come have some more thanksgiving pussy.”

Mom laughed and I grinned before giving her a kiss and pulling out. I moved to the side and over Jean before pushing into her. She groaned and wiggled as I settled and started to press and hump. I began to use short strokes and rub and jab and press. She sighed and humped and I grinned before I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She gasped and shuddered, “ooohhhh!”

Mom laughed as she moved off the bed and got dressed. I did not even hear her leave as I continued to kiss my aunt and fuck her warm pussy. She wiggled and squirmed and kept lifting her hips. After a few minutes she stiffened before starting to struggle and buck, “YES!”

I was using firm thrusts and trying to shove into her deeper. Anita rubbed my back as she slipped onto the bed naked and aunt Jean wailed in my mouth, “fffuuuccccckkkkk!”

I was shoving into her and pressing and finally tried to hold her as my balls tightened. She shuddered and looked at me before she gasped as warm cum gushed deep inside her, “yyyeeesssss!”

She wiggled and shook while I held her and her pussy massaged the sperm into her. When I was done I gave her another kiss while she panted and I pulled out. Anita grinned and laid back, “I am here to give you more thanksgiving pussy.”

Jean giggled and rolled and moved off the bed as I moved towards Anita. I pushed my slimy cock into her and gave her a kiss. I humped and rubbed as I continued to kiss her before I finally began to fuck her with short grinding strokes. She lifted her hips and began to moan and wiggle as I kept sinking my cock all the way into her.

After several minutes she was clinging to me as I pulled back and started fucking her long hard and deep. Her tight pussy was clenching and squeezing my cock as she struggled and began to buck. She twisted and spasmed a couple of minutes later, “yyyeeessss!”

I kissed her and held it while I kept fucking her. I was grinding and pressing into her and ignored a naked cousin laying down beside us. It was a little while before I shoved into Anita and held her as I spurted cum. She shivered and shuddered and held her hips up while her pussy massaged my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done she sighed, “I love Thanksgiving cream.”

I grinned and gave her another kiss before I pulled out and moved towards my cousin. Like the night before I did every woman before Sasha and Anita returned and snuggled as I fell asleep. They stayed an extra couple of days after everyone else left. By Christmas they were back and living just down the street.

By spring I was living with them and sleeping with both of them every night. When Thanksgiving came the next year Sasha and Anita both helped me set up the bed in the shed. They grinned and said that I was going to get to stuff all the Thanksgiving pussy. Of course I have done it every year since and both my ladies seem to enjoy it.
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