My early intro to family love
My sexy sister-The early years.

This is the true story of how I got my sexual initiation, learned about good sex and discovered the best form of intimacy on the planet, Incest.

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I grew up in a strictly Roman Catholic family, every evening we were called into the house at 6pm put on our knees and made to recite ‘the Rosary' a particularly long prayer recital session. So to say my upbringing was strict was an understatement. It bordered on insanity.

Being a very rebellious kid, avoiding the religious zealotry of my mother was my earliest pursuit but soon afterwards, around 13 years old, I discovered girls, a far more enjoyable pursuit.

It all started innocently enough with me being a smart kid and very organised, getting all the kids to play hide and seek. I was the kid who ended up ‘hiding’ with the best looking girl on my street, Veronica, a tall thin 14 year old who was a bit wild like me. I quickly introduced her to the delights of kissing, a wicked thing to do back then. We loved it and kissed the faces off each other and hugged each other at every opportunity that is until the day I got busted by my own sister.

It was a normal summers afternoon and all the kids were playing on the street, we were playing ‘hide and smooch’, with me and Veronica hanging back so as we could ‘hide’ together. The game started off as usual and we headed to our usual hidey hole, out back of my house where I had erected a large tent, an improvement on our usual hideout, the shed.

On arrival, Veronica was duly impressed with the effort expended on her behalf in erecting a tent, and squealed with glee. I pulled her inside and into an embrace and within seconds we were locked in a fierce tongue dueling session. It all began innocently enough until Veronica, who was a bit older and a lot wiser, decided to up the ante and place her hand on my cock. I was rock hard as usual, but not knowing anything about sex, I was stunned that she would touch me ‘there’ and I was mystified but interested.

She moaned into my mouth and pushed her hips tight into me at the same time as squeezing my erection. All I knew was that it felt good, very good and our usual game went up a huge notch.

Veronica pushed her mound against me, moaning and kissing me ferociously while rhythmically squeezing my cock through my pants, all delightfully new to me but I was learning fast. I decided to get a bit more daring and slid my hand upwards, softly cupping her small firm tit in my trembling hand. I was in teenage heaven, and about to blow my load in my pants when suddenly the tent flap was pulled aside and a voice that I recognised as that of my 13 year old sister Linda yelled, “they’re over here” followed by “ what are you guys doing” in a knowing voice.

“Oh shit” I thought, “busted”…….

Luckily, we were fully dressed and although caught kissing it could have been much worse had we been given a few minutes longer.

“Get lost Sis” I yelled at Linda, but she had me cold and was going to make the most of it. “Brian and Veronica were kissing” she sang to the rest of the curious kids, who were amused for all of ten seconds and then off they went to do something else. We were shy, embarrassed and afraid of what was going to happen next but to our eternal gratitude they had all buggered off, except Linda who taunted us some more.

“Brian and Veronica are smoochers” she teased, as all horrible sisters do.

Veronica recovered first, avoiding Linda’s eyes and making her goodbyes’, she was quickly gone home. I was gutted. My first girl, the first one to touch me and ignite the flames and my bitch of a sister had fucked it up for me. I was hell-bent on revenge.

That night I was reading a book when I heard my sister leave her room to go to the bathroom, I quickly slipped into her bedroom and under her bed, waiting until she returned. I was rewarded 10 minutes later when she entered the room and started to undress.

This was very unexpected, I could see her as she slipped her panties off and her pussy was displayed in all it’s glory, the first one I’d ever seen. My cock went up faster than a rocket and I almost forgot my original mission. However, I quickly remembered, and reaching out, I grabbed both her ankles and shook her.

To say she screamed would be an understatement, she went off like a fire alarm, so loud that I thought she’d wake the neighbourhood. Luckily, my folks were out or I’d have been toast. I scooted out from under the bed and tried to calm her but she was hysterical.

I was scared that I had really hurt her and was instantly sorry for frightening her so badly. I hugged her to me, talking softly to her to help her calm down.

Slowly, and with much sniffing, the tears diminished and she started to hug me back tighter. My erection had subsided with all the drama but now her heat and the feel of her tits against me brought him back to life again, and my cock started to swell and throb against my sister’s belly.

She was quick on the uptake and continued to press her body against me. I felt her firm braless tits through her thin nightie. She slowly raised her face up to look at me “Kiss me like you kissed Veronica” she said and without thinking I complied.

Her wet lips and musky taste were electric to me and she returned the kiss with surprising passion. I was in shock, kissing my own sister? ‘WOW’.

The kiss lasted for several minutes, her tongue broke through my lips and danced around mine, we latched onto each other in a newly awakened frenzy of lust and passion. Finally, we came up for air, and I saw my sexy sister in a whole new light.

“I can feel him pumping against me, can I see him”? She asked.

I would have done anything or given her anything at that moment as much out of guilt as well as my new felt rampant desire to be touched. I pulled my sweatpants down and my cock popped out, swollen and wet at the tip.

Linda sniffed, wiped her eyes and went down for a closer look. This was a first for her too. She had never seen an erect cock let alone touched one. (Remember this was in the days before the ‘web’ and porn wasn’t available.)

She wrapped her small fist around the swollen shaft and pulled down on my foreskin, the purple head visibly throbbed and the pre-cum was now dripping down the side.

“He’s huge and gorgeous” she announced and then she took my hand and placed it on the soft downy hair between her legs. In the suddenness of the few minutes I had forgotten that she was naked from the waist down. My hand touched her virgin pussy and was coated in wetness as she pressed my fingers into her parted lips.

I have to explain at this point that Linda knew much more about sex and all the mechanics than I did so I was very much being led, willingly, but led nonetheless.

Linda shivered and said, “I’m cold can we get into bed” ? “Sure babe” I replied pulling aside the duvet.

We slipped into bed and hugged each other, “I’m sorry Sis, I didn’t mean to scare you so badly “ I started, “Shhhhhhhh” she replied, locking her lips against mine, her hot tongue sliding into and around my mouth, all thoughts of being scared forgotten.

Whatever I’d felt when I was with Veronica, this was 10 times more powerful and the excitement quickly grew, her hand began pumping up and down the shaft of my cock until suddenly and without warning, I exploded and jetted spurt after spurt of hot cum all over our bellies and up over her small firm tits. I was shaking and gripping her tightly to me and she held me, kissing me and telling me how much she loved me.

I was in heaven, my first ever teenage Orgasm with someone else. I recovered quickly enough and left the bed for a few seconds returning with a box of tissues to clean up the mess. Having done so, Linda grabbed my hand and forcibly rammed it between her legs.

“Now me” she said and it was now that I started to comprehend that horniness ran in the family and she was one hot, wet and horny bitch.

I again parted her soaking wet swollen lips but being a novice, blundered around the slick hole. She grabbed my fingers and guided them to her clit.

“There” she said, “Rub me there” and so I learned what a clit was. I circled my fingers around the tiny hard button and her hips pushed harder and harder against my hand. I then found that if I angled it just right, I could slip one finger inside her wet cunt. That did it and suddenly she stiffened, her thighs locked and her hand pressed down hard on mine,

She went into convulsions, squealing and bucking against me gasping for breath. I held her tight as wetness seeped all over my hand and leg from her huge orgasm.

“ Oh my god” she whispered into my chest, “that was the biggest ever, I love you Brian”

“I love you too babe” I said as I removed my hand from her dripping pussy. I kissed her softly and slipped from her bed, she was asleep almost instantly with an angelic smile on her lovely face.

I raised my wet fingers to my nose and sniffed her musky aroma for the first time and was instantly hooked.

This is how we started, shall I continue ? Feel free to PM me.


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Oops, sorry for the double comment.


2014-02-20 22:16:06
I agree with Drusilla: a good story, although I find it quite hard to believe that she fell asleep instantly after an orgasm, as I know I wouldn't, and my sister definitely didn't.


2014-02-20 22:15:41
I agree with Drusilla: a good story, although I find it quite hard to believe that she fell asleep instantly after an orgasm, as I know I wouldn't, and my sister definitely didn't.


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I do love this story series, despite not being able to give it a positive rating. Keep posting them please!

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