I had known Sandy, Jess and Abby since I was five and they were three. My name is William and I am sixteen now and the girls are fourteen. I guess it started because we lived close to each other out in the country and were always together. I was the one to teach all three of them to ride and almost everyday we rode horses to one of our houses.

Because my dad had died and mom did not have anyone to help with the ranch I was home schooled. Do not get me wrong, at sixteen I had finished high school and was taking college courses online. The girls rode the bus to school and back each school day. It was the start of summer and I was cleaning out a hay barn.

Sandy, Jess and Abby walked in and I grinned, “out of bed early.”

They grinned back and sat on a bale of hay until I finished. I walked towards them, “where to today?”

Abby grinned, “have you had sex?”

I blushed because I did masturbate a lot and sometimes while imagining them, “no.”

Jess stood and rubbed my chest, “have you heard of friends with benefits?”

I shook my head and looked at the other two, “benefits for what?”

Sandy laughed as she stood and came to press against me, “sex.”

I looked at her and then at Jess and Abby as I blushed even more, “I would be a problem.”

Abby followed the other two, “why?”

I looked at Jess as she rubbed my cock through my pants, “I would want it ten times a day, everyday.”

Jess grinned as she looked at the others, “we could take turns.”

Sandy pressed against me and kissed me on the lips, “would you lick us?”

I grinned and looked at each of them, “I would love to.”

Abby stepped back and started undressing as I watched. She backed to the bale of hay and sat as she spread her legs, “lick me.”

I was staring at her shaved pussy and grinned as I looked up into her face before moving forward and kneeling. I leaned down and smelled before licking through her slit. I caught her clit between my lips and squeezed and then sucked it in and used my tongue. She shuddered as a naked Jess and Sandy sat on each side on her.

I pushed my tongue into her and licked her again and went back to teasing her clit. She was moaning constantly and shaking as I licked and sucked and squeezed her clit until finally she jerked away, “aaaahhhhh!”

I looked up and Jess grinned, “want him to fuck you now?”

Abby shuddered as she turned and knelt while leaning forward over the bale, “nice and deep.”

I grinned as I stripped and then rubbed her pussy before fitting my drooling cock and pushed. My cock stretched her as I sank into her and we both groaned when I kept pushing until I was all the way inside her. Sandy laughed as she rubbed Abby’s asshole, “we need to start stretching our ass so when we have a period he can fuck our ass.”

I pulled back and started to fuck Abby with long, deep thrusts. Jess pressed against me, “sometimes I use a candle for that.”

I grinned as I looked at her and Sandy giggled, “I just do my pussy with one.”

I shook my head and kept fucking Abby but started planting my cock and pushing. It was not much longer before I felt my balls churning. Abby was spasming and jerking as her slippery pussy grasped at my cock. I shoved into her at the last second and held her as I grunted and started gushing and spewing.

She jerked and tilted her hips as she screamed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped thick spurts into her until I was done and she continued to shudder while her pussy milked my cock. I waited until she sighed and pushed back. Jess pulled me back and out of Abby, “okay stud, that should curb you for an hour.”

I grinned and turned to pull her against me, “and are you going to help me in an hour?”

She grinned, “sure. Sandy gets you for lunch.”

I looked at a smiling Sandy and let Jess go, “in that case we need to take a ride to the pond at the back of Abby’s ranch.”

We dressed and rode across to Abby’s ranch and around to the large pond. I took the reins and moved the horses to the side where I put them on long leads in the tall grass. I turned to see the girls naked and wading in the water. I stripped and dropped my clothes with theirs before walking in and joining them.

It was ten minutes before we reached the log half in the water. It was smooth and reached out to the roots on shore. Jess grinned and wrapped her hand around my cock before giving it a stroke. She turned and straddled the smooth tree and looked at me, “fuck me.”

Abby and Sandy laughed and I grinned as I straddled the tree behind her when she lay down. I felt and rubbed her pussy before moving and pushing into her. It was almost hot and squeezed my cock as I forced it deeper while she shuddered and moaned. I held her waist as I began to fuck her with long thrusts.

I tried to keep going slowly but she started grunting and pushing back. Her tight pussy was gripping my cock as I used long thrusts that sank my cock into her completely. A couple of minutes and she was howling and jerking as I fucked her harder. Abby and Sandy were chanting, “faster... harder... deeper...”

Jess laughed and I fucked her hard and deep before slowing. She shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock and stiffened before suddenly spasming and thrashing around, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I fucked her with deep, firm strokes and a couple of minutes later buried my cock. I held her tight as my cock erupted and I began pumping gushing spurts against her cervix. Jess screamed when she felt the warm sperm squirting into her. It was a minute before I finished and she shuddered.

Abby pulled me back and my cock came out. She bent over and started licking my cummy cock while Sandy grinned. A minute later she stood and grinned, “yummy.”

I shook my head and moved off the log and helped Jess and we went back to wading and talking. We laid back in the grass an hour later and Abby turned to rub my chest, “when school starts up we will date and fuck boys.”

I looked at her as I felt jealous and Sandy slapped my shoulder, “friends with benefits.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “we may date or have sex with a boy but you can fuck us whenever you want. We need to experience other men so we know and not think or dream.”

I laid back as I thought about it and Jess moved over Abby to straddle me and rub her slimy pussy on my cock, “we know and trust you but other guys are different.”

I sighed and nodded, “okay.”

I tugged on a nipple, “you girls are going to be leaking cum a lot.”

They laughed as Jess bent to kiss me before standing, “lets walk around to the stream and follow it up to Sandy’s.”

I put our clothes on the horses and led them behind us as we walked. When we saw the roof of the barn Sandy grinned, “come fuck me in the barn William.”

Abby and Jess laughed and Abby took the reins as Jess pushed me, “breed the horny bitch.”

Sandy took my hand and pulled me after her, “you can lick my pussy first.”

I grinned as I moved up and rubbed her butt, “that sounds good.”

She laughed and we walked in the back door to the barn. She led me to the ladder up to the loft and when we were up there she laid back on a bale of hay by the rear loft window. I knelt between her legs and licked through her pussy before starting to nibble and then suck on her clit. She shuddered and humped as I pushing my tongue into her and kept licking her.

I finally covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue and she spasmed and twisted away, “ooohhhh!”

I grinned as she twisted off the bale and onto her knees. I caught her hips and pulled her up against me as I cupped her breasts, “you want it from behind?”

She grinned and nodded as she laid forward on the bale while Abby and Jess who had found us laughed. I laughed as I rubbed her pussy before positioning my cock and pushing into her. She groaned as my thick cock spread her pussy and sank into her. I waited a moment before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She pushed back as her slippery pussy tightened. I kept fucking her and it was a couple of minutes before she was moaning louder as she jerked and shoved back. I buried my cock to enjoy the feel of her squeezing pussy. I finally started fucking her again with long strokes that sank my cock all the way into her.

She moaned and pushed back as I began to use deeper thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed and wet me, “Will!”

I fucked her hard as I tried to cum while she jerked and shook. I finally held her hips and buried my cock and began spurting and pumping large spurts of cum. Sandy shuddered as her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhhh!”

I spewed and spurted until I was finished and pulled out. I leaned over her and hugged her as she continued to twitch and shudder and a minute later she sighed. Abby and Jess laughed and pulled me off her and then pulled her up. They fingered her cummy slit before laughing as she shuddered and headed for the ladder.

I followed and helped Sandy climb down before dressing with the girls. We went into Sandy’s house and her mom made lunch. She sniffed and looked at us as she sat and drank a soda, “you three smell like pussy and cum.”

We looked at each other and Sandy cleared her throat, “we are friends with benefits and...”

Her mother laughed, “and William is your stud.”

Abby grinned, “yeah.”

I smiled as Sandy rubbed my leg under the table. After lunch I had to go home to do chores and knew the girls would follow like they always had. I had to move the cattle into another pasture and started herding them. I grinned when the girls were suddenly there and helping. Every few days I moved the cattle so they would not over graze on one of the fields.

As soon as I closed the gate Jess rode to my horse and climbed across to show her bare pussy under her skirt. I grinned as she faced the rear of the horse and gestured to me. I pulled my pants down and off before handing them to Abby and swinging up. Jess stroked my cock as she lifted up and slowly impaled her pussy and wrapping her legs around me.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened. I took the reins and turned the horse before starting for the barn, “who is driving the wagon today?”

Jess bounced and kissed me as Abby answered, “me. Sandy wanted you to fuck her while we take the hay out to feed to cows.”

I looked at Sandy and she grinned, “Abby is spending the night with you.”

I grinned, “I do not think I will get much sleep.”

Jess shuddered as her pussy squeezed, “we will drain you before you go to bed.”

I slipped my hand under her blouse, “it is the thought of sleeping with a naked girl that will keep me awake.”

They laughed and Abby rode closer, “we could all sleep over.”

I shivered as Jess bounced a few times and then rubbed her pussy on me. Abby and Sandy giggled and I finally looked at Abby, “how are we going to sneak you in?”

Sandy came closer, “we are not sneaking, by now mom has told Jess’s and yours. We are just going to ask her if we can spend the night.”

Jess was spasming and twisting as I tried to hold her while my cock throbbed, “what about your moms?”

Abby laughed as Jess arched her back and howled, which made the horse hop and buck a little which had her bouncing again. I grunted and held her while she kissed me and I began spurting cum. She twisted and jerked while I pumped fresh cum into her and then she sighed, “mom and dad think I should be fucking you anyway.”

Abby laughed as she caught up, “dad wanted me to ask your mom if she might need a friend with benefits too.”

I grinned, “I am sure she does.”

When I rode into the barn mom was waiting so she must have been called. Jess hugged me before lifting and then swinging off. She grinned as the other girls climbed down and then me. I was a little red faced as Abby caught mom’s hand and pulled her to her horse. I started unsaddling the horses and kept glancing at mom as she whispered and giggled with the girls.

She kissed me and stroked my cummy cock, “have fun with the girls. I am going to call Abby’s mom and see if she minds if I borrow her husband.”

I grinned, “keep playing with mine and you will not make it out of the barn.”

She laughed as she turned to walk out with a new spring to her step. I looked at the girls before shaking my head and going to harness the wagon team. I put my pants on before I loaded the bales of hay and then Jess was driving the wagon towards the gate into the pasture. Sandy started pulling my pants down, “we called home and are spending the night.”

Abby laughed, “I think all our parents are planing an orgy.”

I grinned as I stepped out of my pants, “you girls will have me worn out before we even go to bed.”

Sandy stood and rubbed my chest before turning to bend over a bale of hay and exposed her bare pussy under her skirt, “we hope so.”

Jess laughed as she looked back and Abby moved me behind Sandy, “if you are fucked out we can sleep.”

I pushed into her cummy pussy and sank all the way into her before stopping. She shuddered and pushed back as I held still to enjoy her warm pussy. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts, “tell you what, I will fuck Abby once more and then wait until morning to start over.”

They laughed as Sandy pushed back, “friends with benefits Will, if you need it fuck one of us.”

I continued to fuck her as her pussy grasped and squeezed. She moaned and her pussy tightened so I fucked her hard and started planting my cock. She howled and wailed which had the cows moving away and Jess and Abby laughing. I continued to fuck her as she laid on the hay bale and spasmed while yelling.

She wet me and started convulsing as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock constantly. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her shaking body as I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was finished. Sandy sighed and shuddered with each load of cum and slowly relaxed.

I pulled out and bent to kiss her shoulder, “thanks.”

She grinned and stood up as I turned and put my pants on before I started cutting the bales and tossing hay. After we got back to the barn I unharnessed the team as the girls headed to the house. I brushed the horses and put them out and followed the girls. When I walked into the kitchen they were making dinner and I sat to watch.

I woke up early and glanced at the light in the window and then at my door as mom peeked in. I smiled, “just getting home?”

She blushed and nodded and I looked at the girls in bed with me, “well I hope you enjoyed yourself because we did.”

She giggled, “we did too.”

She closed the door and Abby lifted her head to look over Jess, “she just got home?”

I nodded and she grinned, “mom and dad must have really had fun.”

Sandy giggled as she lifted her head, “I bet all our parents were there.”

I smiled and shifted before climbing out of bed, “bathroom and shower...”

The girls rolled and chased me and pushed me out of the way. I grinned as I followed them into the bathroom, “I will just wait my turn.”

They laughed as Sandy peed and Jess hugged me, “make Abby straddle you and sit on your cock before she goes.”

Mom laughed as she walked by the door, “no water sports in the house.”

Abby and Jess giggled as Sandy stood and moved to the shower. I went after the girls and then joined them in the shower. When we got out I dried and went to grab pants while the girls headed for the kitchen and my mother for all the gossip. I came in as they were laughing and mom stood to make my cereal.

I caught her and held her against me, “so did they do wonderful things to and with you?”

She pressed against me, “yes and I am going to let them do it again.”

I grinned as the girls laughed and kissed her before letting her go. After breakfast they came to help me with my morning chores. After that we took a long ride before returning to my place. I sighed as I headed to the other hay barn, “time to clean the other barn.”

Abby caught me and pulled me towards the old carriage shed, “not until you pump cum into me.”

Jess and Sandy laughed and I grinned, “well I am a little horny.”

We had an old carriage in the shed but it had sheets over the seats and had not been used in a couple of years. Jess pulled the sheets off and we saw the leather seats still in good shape. Abby sat in the middle of the back seat and spread her legs as she leaned back. I stripped out of my pants before climbing into the carriage and kneeling between her legs.

I felt her almost hot pussy before bending to lick her. I pushed my tongue into her and then went after her clit. She shuddered and humped as she began to moan. I sucked on her clit before squeezing it between my lips. Abby jerked and thrust up hard, “fuck!”

I covered her clit and kept sucking as I teased it with my tongue. She twisted and moaned louder as I kept wiggling my tongue and her humping turned into small bucks. She shook and then wailed as she spasmed and twisted. I straightened and pushed all the way into her and she gasped and arched her back, “YES!”

Her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock as I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. She humped up each time I pushed into her and her pussy clenched to grab my cock. I used my thumb and started rubbing her clit while I continued to fuck her with long strokes.

She twisted and jerked as she humped and thrusts up, “ooohhh... fffuuucccckkkk!”

The other girls laughed as Abby spasmed and shook while I kept fucking her. Her wet, slick pussy was constantly grasping my cock each time I buried it. Several minutes went by and she began to howl and scream. I heard mom chuckling and turned to look at the door. She shook her head, “fuck her and cum.”

I grinned as I turned and bent to kiss Abby and she clutched me while her pussy gripped my cock. I held her hips and began to fuck her long, hard and deep. Each time I pushed into her I would pause to rub against her while my cock pushed against and into her cervix. She lifted and spread her legs a minute later.

I shoved into her and held her as my cock throbbed before gushing spurts of cum. She screamed and jerked as her pussy started squeezing and milking my cock, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Jess and Sandy laughed again and shook the carriage. When I stopped cumming I sighed and gave Abby a kiss before pulling out. She groaned and shuddered as she sat up, “damn that felt good.”

I grinned as I helped her up and started looking for my pants. Jess held them up and I pulled them on and helped Abby down before Sandy grabbed my hand and pulled me out. The girls helped me clean the hay barn before we went into my house. I looked at the note mom left and grinned as I passed it to Abby.

They all looked and giggled, mom had gone over to see Sandy’s mom and dad. The girls stripped as I began making sandwiches. Sandy held me still while Abby and Jess pulled my pants down and off. I grinned and lifted a foot when they tapped my leg, “we are going riding after lunch.”

Jess pulled me to the table as Sandy took over making the sandwiches. She sat me and then straddled me and slowly sat on my cock with a sigh and wiggle. I held her hips as she began to wiggle and rub her pussy on me. She leaned against me and gave me a kiss before bouncing and giggling.

Sandy and Abby laughed and I grinned as I felt her pussy clench and grasp my cock. I caressed her sides and hips as she began to breath hard and shudder. Her tight pussy was almost pulsing as it tightened and massaged my cock. I leaned back and sighed as I closed my eyes. The girls laughed as Jess began rocking and twisting.

She wailed and started spasming a few minutes later and I straightened. I put my hands under her butt and stood. She gasped as she was fully impaled and I turned and set her on the table and then laid her back. She lifted and spread her legs as I held her hips and began to fuck her with deep strokes.

She writhed around and yelled as I fucked her firmly for a couple minutes. She was kicking in the air as her pussy constantly squeezed when I buried my cock. I tried to push deeper as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She shuddered and jerked as I continued to spew, “yyyeeesss!”

When I was done I sighed and pulled her to me and lifted her before sitting again. Sandy and Abby laughed as Jess fell against me and clutched me. A couple of minutes and she gave me a kiss before standing. They put the sandwiches on the table and sat to talk about where to ride too. After lunch we cleaned up and the girls grinned as they found an old blanket.

We stripped and rode out but I glanced up at the dark clouds. I shook my head as the girls grinned and in the back corner of one field it began to rain. I kicked the horse into a trot, in the very corner was a large ancient shed covered in moss and vines. The door was open and I swung down and caught Abby and handed her my reins.

She hurried in as Sandy swung down and then Jess. She grabbed the reins for both horses and followed Abby as I took Sandy’s hand. She pulled me back as I started in and laughed as she pressed against me, “do me in the rain.”

I looked out before I began pulling her out and into the rain. She laughed and turned a moment later to kiss me and press against me. I grinned and sat and then laid back and she straddled me and slowly sat on my cock. I reached up to feel her breasts as she began rocking and looking up. She twisted and rolled her hips while her tight pussy constantly squeezed.

It was a couple of minutes before she became erratic and began rubbing and grinding. She was panting and squirming before she began to bounce and shove onto my cock hard. Her slippery pussy was clenching and she was twisting and spasming as she wailed. I began tugging on her nipples and she jerked back and forth and screamed as she squirted, “fffuuuccccckkk!”

I groaned as her pussy constantly grasped and clenched around my cock. I shuddered as her eyes rolled up and held her hips while pumping spurts of cum into her. She shook and wiggled and squirmed until I was done and then she fell and kissed me passionately. It was a couple of minutes before she sat up and then stood.

I stood and pulled her into the old shed, “wild witch.”

The girls laughed and Abby handed me a rag from her saddle bag. I used it to dry Sandy first and then myself. The years only made our friendship better and mom and the girls parents seemed to enjoy sex as much as us. The girls never did fuck any other guy or even date. I have tried to make it up by doing what they ask.

All three moved in with me after they graduated and mom seemed to know it was coming. She even brought home the three cribs which had Abby, Jess and Sandy pulling me straight back to our bed.
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