Kate wants her son Jason to have the best first sex ever.
*This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living in the past or present is purely coincidental.*

Sliding Sideways

An Incest Story

Sometimes we do good things for the right reasons. Sometimes we do bad things, but for good reasons. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. We do what we think we have to do. But sometimes it’s not the kind of thing we could ever tell anyone, except maybe a psychiatrist.

My name is Kate. I’ve been pretty happily married, for a long time now. When I first met my husband he was a nuclear chemistry professor. I know what you’re thinking, but I wasn’t one of his students. We sort of met by accident.

Colleges frequently try to squeeze a nickel till it bleeds. Even though the one I attended made millions on research for defense, aerospace and medicine, they still tried every legal way they could think of to save money.

That’s where some of us girls came in. We would work for a little spending money and they could save the skyrocketing pension and benefit costs they’d have had with regular employees.

It was the 70’s. At least a half dozen of the girls lined up for interviews were rebelling against the suggested dress guidelines and making their “personal statements,” by showing up in the same hippie getups they wore every day. Several others looked like they’d been up way too late the night before doing God only knows what.

This was a job, so I intended to take it seriously. I was dressed very sensibly in a slim skirt, with a tucked in blouse and some pumps that had heels, but not too high.

My hair was a bit of a problem. I love my hair. Its’ dark brown, nearly black, and back then it fell to the middle of my back. It’s so thick it takes hours to air dry. I guess I’d just wear it in a ponytail to keep it out of my eyes.

My outfit must have impressed some of the ladies in charge, because I was one of the first to be assigned.

We weren’t exactly asked to do rocket science. We’d generally be helping the senior professor’s secretaries and help lighten their work load a little bit. Since I had a strong chemistry background, that’s where they sent me, to the chemistry department.

Some of the professors worked on all kinds of hush hush projects in big buildings away from the main campus. There was a small fleet of golf carts always parked outside the office building so they could easily get back and forth.

Even back then certain types of academics had the reputation of being, well, you know, nerds. A joke even went around the building that our temp jobs were a secret university project to help some of these guys meet girls. Most of them were really nice though.

I floated around doing odd jobs for about a week when a semi-permanent place opened up doing the simple stuff for one of the professor’s secretaries while she helped him on a special project.

When I met my new boss I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, even a little shocked. I guess I’d expected someone completely different, purely from pre-conceived prejudice.

Dylan, that’s his name, was surprisingly nice looking. Not super tall, slim but not skinny. He had light brown, longish hair, the way a lot of men were wearing it then. Even though he wore glasses most of the time, they didn’t really seem to detract from his looks. When he took them off it was a real treat though because he had lovely hazel eyes and the kind of long lashes women would kill for.

I was intrigued, but our relations were purely professional for the first few weeks. Soon he began spending more time around the office, asking me out for coffee and bringing me snacks from the lounge. I was attracted to him too. He was a fast mover once he got started. Within six months we were married and we’ve been together ever since.

The next year we had a beautiful baby boy, but he was the only child we ever had.

We’re a pretty close family, I think partially because we’ve traveled so much with my husband’s work. We spent eighteen months in Amsterdam, almost a year in Japan and a few months in Sweden all before our son Jason was ten years old.

We encountered some very permissive attitudes, in Amsterdam especially. My husband often joked that he would save Jason all the angst and misery young boys go through trying to gain their first sexual experience by hiring one of the perfectly legal prostitutes for him when he was fourteen or fifteen.

I know it sounds kind of shocking, but I sympathized in a way. The age when boys start to think about sex can be an awkward time for them anyway. Growing up isn’t easy for boys, it sure isn’t for girls.

I sort of understood the idea that maybe you could help a boy be more comfortable and confident with other girls if he learned a few things from someone experienced. I really couldn’t argue that it was entirely a bad idea.

Then came the AID’s epidemic and my husband realized his little idea of a social experiment was, at least for now, out of the question. I was scared to death too, what mother wouldn’t be?

I don’t know about you, but most of us know when our little boys start thinking about sex because we usually catch them looking at us. Around the time he turned twelve I began to notice Jason looking at my legs in a different way. We live in a warm climate, so I wear shorts a lot. I also wore tennis dresses pretty often as I played several times a week to stay in shape.

I didn’t really think much about it until one night a few years later when I got up in the middle of the night to get some water. I usually wear pretty little nightgowns to sleep in when it’s warm and I don’t wear any panties, it’s just not comfortable to me. Besides Dylan snuggles better the more naked I am.

I went into the kitchen to get some juice. I opened the fridge and looked around for a few seconds. When I turned to go and get a glass I saw Jason was sitting at the bar eating a sandwich. He had to have seen everything, my ass, my pussy. My heart started racing. He looked flustered and then moved his eyes away quickly, too quickly.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just tried to act as if everything was normal. When I got to the sink I glanced at him. All he was wearing was a loose pair of boxer shorts. Under the flimsy cotton I could see he was getting a hard on. I didn’t really know what to do, so I mumbled something, got my drink and high tailed it out of there.

When I got back to bed I lay there a long time thinking about what just happened. I told myself Jason was having a purely biological response to seeing a nearly naked woman. Well that might be true, but I wasn’t prepared for how aroused and flustered it was making me feel.

Jason was almost fifteen. He looks more like his dad than me, except for his hair which is thick and dark like mine. We always joked that he was going to be a heartbreaker, which seemed highly possible since he was so good looking. He only had one problem; he was extraordinarily shy around girls.

He was fine with my friends and men of all ages, but girls his own age left him flustered and tongue tied, and at the edge of turning fifteen, frustrated and miserable I’m sure.

One night that summer Jason was staying with a friend down the street, so Dylan and I were spending a little naked time in the hot tub. Hot tubs make me extra thirsty so I got out to refresh our drinks when there stood Jason coming in the back way through the garage. He startled me so much I nearly dropped our glasses, but I saw his eyes travel straight down to my pussy and they lingered there for a second until he broke away.

He turned around fast when he realized what he was doing. “Well you caught us Son,” his dad joked. I was really embarrassed and confused though because seeing Jason’s eyes travel over me that way was making my pussy tremble in a way it hadn’t in a fairly long time.

He mumbled something about coming home to fetch a game. I guess out of embarrassment he hollered goodbye from the kitchen and went back out the other way. I’d thrown on a robe by then just in case, but I was beginning to realize that I wanted him to see me naked and to look to his hearts content.

I got back in the hot tub, but my mind stayed in the same place. “I saw the way he was looking at you.” Dylan had turned sideways and he had begun to stroke my pussy as he whispered in my ear. “I understand, you’re a beautiful woman. You needn’t worry I know you like it.”

I turned and looked at him with what I’m sure was a shocked look on my face. I began to say something, but by then he was kissing me with way more passion than he had in a long time. Oh God it felt good. He flipped over on top of me, pinning me to the walls of the tub. My breathing was increasing and despite the heat of the tub I was getting wet.

His fingers entered me, touching me and rubbing me with far more heat than he’d shown me in a while. I grabbed his cock, which was rock hard by now. Without even thinking I pushed him back against the wall and straddled him grabbing him to get his cock in me. I can’t lie, for a brief instant when I put his cock inside me, I saw Jason. It took some effort, but I banished his image from my mind.

I put my hands on his shoulders to rear up higher out of the water. Before I knew it I was fucking him fast and hard. Oh my God it felt so good, the hot water slapping at my ass as I reared up and then onto my back as I came down harder and harder on his dick with every thrust. By now I wasn’t thinking, just fucking and the wicked feelings I had were at least being channeled into giving my husband a good fuck.

He was rubbing my cheeks and then suddenly he took his finger and plunged it straight into my ass. I don’t know what came over me, because that’s when I came all over him.

As I trembled, he came in me too. As we lay there, the warm water jetting over our spent bodies, he looked at me and said, “It’s ok if you were thinking about Jason.” I hadn’t been. Maybe the thought of him had made me more aroused, but I’d fucked my husband, not my son. I’m ashamed to admit it but around the same time that’s what I began dreaming of doing.

Jason must have been thinking about seeing me naked too because several times in the next few weeks he managed to find ways to walk in on me in various stages of undress. When he came into the bathroom once, while I was taking a bath, his excuse was so contrived that it was obvious to me exactly what he was doing.

I was conflicted, but I was also becoming more aroused and spending more time thinking about him every day. I told myself that when he got a girlfriend his interest would pass, but would mine? I could see when he was in the pool that his chest and arms were gaining some muscle. The problem was I had become sort of obsessed with seeing what was under his shorts.

One morning after Jason had gone off to school Dylan and I were sitting out by the pool drinking our coffee and talking. You know regular breakfast table conversation, when out of the blue he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Dylan certainly is growing into a fine young man.” I couldn’t argue, he was. “I have a question to ask you.” I might have blushed because I was afraid he was going to ask me about the sexual thoughts I was having about our son.

It took him a minute, then he just came right out with it. “Have you ever cheated on me?” I was horrified, what could make him think such a thing. Before I could stammer my indignant response he put his hand over mine before I could pull it away. “I’m not asking for me. I trust you one hundred percent, I’m asking as a formality for Jason.”

I was even more confused now. What on earth would my faithfulness have to do with Jason unless we were getting a divorce?

“I’ve never cheated on you,” I said with a little edge in my voice because now I was getting mad. “I guess you’re about to make me a confession.” That was really the only thing that occurred to me at that moment. I’d pretty much always trusted Dylan, but God knows professors get lots of cute young girls throwing themselves at them.

“Oh God no. How could you even think such a thing?” He looked genuinely hurt. So what was he up to and why was he asking me if I’d been faithful?”

“I’ve seen the way Jason looks at you now.” I started to protest, but I didn’t know what to say. “It’s ok. You’re a beautiful woman you know it.” I smiled in spite of myself. It’s always nice to be appreciated.

“Jason wants to sleep with you and I think you should let him. There I’ve said it.” It was as if he’d read my mind. Partly out of guilt I flared up. “Have you gone crazy,” I asked partly defensively because I didn’t know if I had betrayed in some way the thoughts I’d been having. Oh my God, what if I’d been talking in my sleep?

“Look,” he went on, “the kid’s suffering I can tell, and the way I see it it’s up to us to come to his rescue.” I knew he was right in a way. Jason seemed all of a sudden filled with that teenage angst that usually just means sexual frustration. “I couldn’t. It would be wrong.” My excuses sounded hollow, even to me and in the back of my mind I knew he could persuade me to do what I’d wanted to for some time now.

“I think you should give him the best birthday present a boy could ask for. Just think about it, I think you’ll see I’m right.” Damn him. He could always calm me down with his damn logic and I knew that one day, sooner or later I might act on my feelings anyway.

We laid out some ground rules. I insisted he at least be out of the house; at least Jason had to believe he was. Other than that, it was largely a matter of timing and opportunity. Dylan didn’t like this at all, for he then admitted to me that he wanted to watch.

This kind of creeped me out. So the professor wanted to watch. He’d obviously thought through all the details. Why not set up a small spy camera like the ones the university was working on he asked? I could signal him with a beeper when it was time to turn the camera on.

I protested every part of his idea, but I was just going through the motions. I might as well make him think he had to work for me to agree to this, even though I was growing more aroused and impatient with every suggestion. Part of me was more sexually excited than I’d been in a while, but part of me was also scared to death.

Dylan arranged to be “out of town” for a few days. He was really just down the street at my friend Patty’s place. She traveled for business a lot and I kept an eye on her house and had all her keys. I agreed that if something was going to happen, I’d page him and he could use a remote to turn the cameras on. I thought to myself it would serve him right if I never beeped him, but I knew I surely would.

It was a school night, so the latest Jason was supposed to stay out was around 9:00. For some reason, he never left the house, but he did stay in his room for a while. I hoped he was doing his homework.

Jason played basketball and ran track. I knew he’d sit down and watch a game with me, but he might get so into the game that it would spoil the mood.

His favorite movies were horror movies. Then there were two major types, zombies, vampires and such and also what we called slasher films. You know, where a bunch of good looking kids go somewhere and the next thing you know some of them, mainly the pretty girls, are getting hacked to death. I decided a movie would be better than sports.

I didn’t know what to wear; a nightie would be too obvious. I opted for a very short pair of jogging shorts that were just loose enough that they would ride way up if I bent over and a tight tank top.

I walked by and knocked on his door, I hoped casually. “Hey Jason, it’s early. I’ve got that new slasher movie, the one that just came out. Why don’t we watch it?”
That was all I could do. If he stayed in his room, what could I do, go in and rape him? The idea was tempting, but within a little less than two minutes he came into the family room, stretched in a way I found very sexy and sat down on the couch next to me.

I’d made a small pitcher of Sangria. I poured him a glass and nodded that he could drink it. It wasn’t long before the first expendable girl in the movie got slashed. I buried my head in his chest as if I was afraid to look, but my eyes were wide open and they were staring at his cock. It was bulging under his tight cut offs and I don’t think it was from the movie.

He rubbed my back gently. “It’s ok Mom, the gory parts over,” he reassured me. I looked up at him and our eyes met. Even though I had played this scene out in my mind many times, my next move was completely spontaneous. I reached over and kissed him.

Instead of rebuffing me as I was afraid he might do, his tongue penetrated my lips as he twisted me back against the couch. God, I wanted to touch his cock so much as he kissed me. It was all I could think of.

It was as if he could read my mind for as I took his hand he placed it firmly against his bulging pants. It felt so hard swelling underneath the tight material I knew I had to see it.

I got off the couch and knelt down in front of him, looking up at him as I did. I unzipped him. He was quick to respond, standing up and sliding his pants down and stepping out of them and then pulling his shirt off so I could see his magnificent chest.

I’d waited so long to see him naked, yearning to see what his young cock looked like and there it was, hard and ready. Oh my God it was beautiful to me, so young and strong and as a bonus, it was big.

He spread his legs slightly as I took his balls and cupped them in my hands. I didn’t just want to touch him, I wanted to taste him. I looked up and he nodded. I licked the end first marveling at his sweet yet salty taste.

Then I licked the whole length before I took him in my mouth. I clutched his ass in my hands so I could pull him as deep in me as I wanted.

His breathing grew harder as he began hunching my mouth. I sucked harder and harder looking up at his handsome face as I did. “Oh God yeah, oh yeah,” he moaned. As he came in my mouth for the first time. I swallowed all his cum. I was proud that I could swallow all of it, but I’d had a lot of practice with his dad.

My pussy had been wet ever since he sat next to me, but by now it was leaking. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head to reveal a lacy little black bra beneath and then I slid my shorts down as seductively as I could. As he looked down at me I could see he was beginning to grow hard again. Ah, the wonders of youth.

I had to stand on tip toes to put my arms around his neck. He pulled me to him and kissed my neck. He rubbed my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and stroking all along the inside of my cheeks. I could feel his cock growing bigger and harder against me. Oh God, I wanted him to take me and fuck me so badly. I wanted to be his first, the one fuck he would remember for the rest of his life.

His fingers seemed eager to explore so I took his hand and put it between my legs so he could feel how wet he’d made me. “I want you,” I said breathlessly, but he must have already known that. He nodded. “Are you sure,” he asked? For a second he was my little boy again asking permission sweetly for something he was surely going to get. “Yes,” I panted. I wanted his cock inside me so bad I didn’t think I could wait another minute.

As he led me to my bedroom, I excused myself for just a second. I’d almost forgotten to signal Dylan so he could turn the bedroom camera on.

He was standing by the bed waiting for me. He looked so handsome standing there, his cock hard and ready. He watched me take off my panties and bra with a look of lust I’d never seen in his eyes before, but I was sure no more than mine. I wanted him inside me, I couldn’t wait much longer.

He took my hand and pulled me onto the bed, determined to be the one in charge. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he moaned. Part of me had always known, but as he started kissing my breasts and exploring my pussy with his fingers that was all I could think about.

“Mom, you’re so beautiful,” he moaned as he plunged two fingers into me. I rose up off the bed to take them deeper. My boy’s a fast learner because very quickly he was getting the hang of finger fucking me just the way I liked it. “Oh that feels so good, oh yes baby finger fuck me just like that,” I moaned.

His tongue had made my nipples so hard they almost hurt, but by now his full attention was on my pussy. He turned around and pulled me to his lips. “I want to lick it and eat it.” I nodded eagerly. “Oh my God my son’s going to eat my pussy. The thought got me so excited I almost came.

I took my hand and pulled my leg up almost to my head so he could see me spread wide. “Mom, your ass is so beautiful and your asshole is so beautiful,” he panted just before giving my waiting pussy its’ first lick. My son was licking me and plunging his tongue into my pussy and it had never felt so good. His tongue pushed deeper. My clit had swollen so much that when he gave it the slightest touch it felt like it was on fire. “Oh Jason yes, play with my clit some more,” I moaned.

He rubbed it a few strokes and then gave it a little pinch and when he did I came all over his face. He could feel me tremble and taste my cum on his lips, but he had to be sure. “Did I make you cum Mom?” He sounded so sweet. “Oh yes Jason, you made me feel so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I begged just before blurting out, “Jason fuck me, oh please, I want you to fuck me so bad.”

He smiled up at me, “Gee mom, I thought you’d never ask.” We both laughed. I was finally going to get the fucking I’d wanted for so long.

Jason’s Side of the Story

I guess most guys look at their moms, if their mom’s are hot. Most guys at least sneak a peek once in a while, but by the time I was in the seventh grade, I was jacking off to mine. I know, pretty weird, but I’d tried pictures in magazines and thinking about hot girls I went to school with. None of them could make me blow my wad like she could.

Sure I felt kind of bad at first, but I figured most ways I was a pretty average guy, so if I was doing it I probably wasn’t the only one.

I had a few friends that had nice looking moms, but I didn’t think any of em was as hot as mine. She’s not very tall, but she’s curvy. To keep those curves she plays tennis a lot and even goes to the gym once in a while. I think what first gave me the hots for her was probably those short little tennis skirts. Her hair is dark brown like mine and she wears it just below her shoulders.

She’s a good mom, don’t get me wrong, but by the time I was in Middle school I got the impression that she actually liked me looking at her the way I did. Even when she caught me a couple of times I could see she wasn’t shocked or mad or anything and she still wore lots of short tight stuff.

One night she came into the kitchen while I was having a snack. She had on a little night gown I could see right through. It was so short I could see every bit of her pussy, because she wasn’t wearing any panties! She must have been kind of sleepy, because she didn’t even see me sitting at the bar before she opened the refrigerator door. With the light I could see everything. She bent over to get some juice and the cheeks of her ass came open just enough that I got a quick look at her little brown asshole. Damn I got hard.

I guess I should have said something because she looked kind of startled when she turned around and saw me. But the weird thing was she stood there for a couple of minutes, asking me if she could get me anything and if I wanted anything special for breakfast. The whole time I couldn’t take my eyes off her sweet pussy. She had the hair cut real short right over her lips and she was shaved everywhere else except for a thin little strip of hair running right up her pussy lips. Oh God I wanted to fuck her so bad.

It was the first time I’d ever seen her pussy, or any pussy for that matter. I just couldn’t tear my eyes away. Way too quick she got her juice and went back to bed. I had to wonder, why had she pretended not to notice? I thought that was kind of strange. She had to have noticed. I guess she was just being understanding.

Now that I’d seen how hot she looked naked, that’s about all I could think about. I practically ran back to my room to jack off and whenever I thought about how good her pussy and ass looked, which was all the time, I’d get a hard on.

One night I caught her getting out of the hot tub completely naked. Even though I knew I’d come up on her purely by chance, I began to get the idea she liked it. That’s when I started getting a little out of control, walking in on her when I knew she’s be taking a bath or changing her clothes or whatever. She didn’t stop me though. I was sure going to keep looking until she made me stop.

By then I generally jacked off at least twice a day, sometimes more if I had the time. Sure I looked at pictures too, but I never could stop thinking of Mom for very long, especially once I’d seen her and convinced myself she sort of liked it.

Sometime when I was fourteen one of my buddies found a box of videos in his garage. They were porn and whenever we could get our folks out of the house, we watched them.

The porn just made me want to jack off more, but hardly ever to the porn chicks. I jacked off to Mom.

One night my Dad was out of town for a couple of days. I was in my bedroom jacking off as usual when Mom startled the shit out of me by knocking on my door and asking me if I wanted to watch a movie.

Sure why not. I went into the den and there she was setting a pitcher of her favorite Sangria on the table. As she bent over her tiny little jogging shorts rode up to where I could almost see the crack of her ass.

“Down boy,” I told myself, but I knew I was going to have a hard time concentrating on the movie. I sat next to her as she turned it on. It didn’t take long for the first girl to get slashed. Mom scares easy, so she hid her face on my chest as the bloody part started. She smelled so sweet and she looked so hot I barely noticed what was on TV.

“It’s ok Mom, the gory parts over,” I told her, but she didn’t look up right away. Then she looked up at me and did what I’d always wanted her to do. She kissed me. God, I wanted to fuck her so bad I guess I sort of pinned her against the couch and kissed her as hard and as rough as I wanted for a minute. She took my hand and I put it on my cock before I even realized what I was doing.

Holy fuck, the next thing I knew she was kneeling in front of me. The look on her face I recognize now, but when she started to unzip my pants, I was in complete shock.

I stood up and took my clothes off, I couldn’t help myself. “Oh my God, I thought to myself. I could barely believe it, my Mom wanted to blow me. She held my balls in her hands as she started to lick my cock. When she took me in her mouth and started sucking my dick, I thought I’d cum all over myself, but at least I held out for a little while.

Fuck, it felt so good, better than I even dreamed. Sometimes doing something isn’t anywhere near as fun as dreaming about it, but not this. My mom can really suck a dick. She sucked me in harder and deeper until I couldn’t take it anymore. I shot my whole load in her mouth. It was amazing. She swallowed it all and then she licked her lips in the cutest way.

She still had her shorts and top on. She pulled her top off, in a sexy way, posing for me. She had on a black lace bra so sheer I could see her hard nipples through the lace. Then she took her shorts off and I could see her pussy lips through her lacy panties. God I wanted to rip them off and eat her. She stood up and I pulled her ass to me rubbing it and feeling all inside her cheeks. Then she took my hand and put it inside her panties.

I could feel she was wet and sticky. This got me even hotter. I could barely believe it. I’d made my Mom hot, hot enough for her pussy to get wet. My head was kind of spinning. This had to mean that she wanted me to fuck her. “I want you,” she looked up at me and whispered. Oh my God, could this really be happening? I’d dreamed of hearing her say this to me so many times, but now it looked like I was really going to get to fuck my Mom.

I don’t even remember how I got to the bedroom, but when she came in I was ready and waiting by the bed. She unhooked her bra and took off her panties. She looked so hot standing there naked I wanted to throw her down on the bed and fuck her right then, but I didn’t want to jinx my good fortune. Maybe I should take it kind of slow so I didn’t spook her.

I was getting real impatient. I pulled her onto the bed and licked her nipples. Her tits aren’t super big, but they’re full and her nipples always look hard. I got up the nerve to stroke her pussy and then I just had to put my fingers in it. “Oh that feels so good, oh yes baby finger fuck me just like that,” she moaned.
She was so warm and wet I wanted to taste her now.

I wanted to eat her pussy so much I turned and pulled her to me. She must have wanted it too, because she pulled her leg up to spread her cunt lips wider. I just wanted to bury my face in it.
When I saw her spread wide, especially when I saw her little brown asshole, I must have blurted out how beautiful I thought she was. God, I wanted to plunge my tongue straight into her ass, but I wanted to lick her pussy and finger fuck her too. I licked it and then I put my fingers in her and plunged into her hard, the way I’d imagined doing so many times. When she started moaning I almost came again, but I was saving it.

I wanted to make her feel good, but I really wanted to fuck her. I brushed her clit with my fingers and she begged me for more.

I knew women were supposed to cum when you played with their clits just right, so when she asked me, that’s what I did. Soon she was trembling and I was pretty sure she was cuming in my mouth.

“Did I make you cum Mom?” I asked. By now I was sure I had, but I wanted to hear it. She told me I had, but the next things she said were the words I’d dreamed of hearing for years now. “Jason fuck me, oh please I want you to fuck me so bad.”

She lay there looking so beautiful with her hair framing her face. She was breathing hard and she’d spread her legs and started to stroke her pussy. She took my hand and pulled it down so I could feel all her sticky juices. Right then I didn’t think any guy in the world was as lucky as me.

“Put it in me baby, please put it in me.” She spread her legs wide so I could see every bit of her. For a second I couldn’t take my eyes off her sweet round ass laying there spread open. God, I wanted it too.

I straddled her. She looked so small lying there. I took my cock in my hand and began to enter her. She squirmed almost whimpering. “Now baby, oh please fuck me now.”

I put the tip of my cock in her and I could feel her stiffen as she grabbed my ass and pulled me as deep as I could go into her pussy.

I couldn’t control myself. I pinned her back against the bed and pounded into her as hard as I’d always wanted to. “Yeah baby, oh fuck me hard. I want you to fuck me hard.”

She was getting me even hotter, if that was possible. I hated to admit it, but it was my first time so I was pumping cum into her before I even realized it was going to happen. But, she’s very understanding. She was more than willing to give me a second chance.

What Dylan Saw.

By now I was beginning to think I must have gone crazy as I paced back in forth in my neighbor’s house waiting for a beeper call that might never come. Part of me couldn’t wait to see what happened, if something did happen, but part of me had begun to dread it.

It all began innocently enough. When I was a teenager I couldn’t get a girl to pay attention to me to save my life. I began joking with my wife that I’d just hire our son a hooker when he got old enough, so he wouldn’t have to go through the same thing I did. I wasn’t joking either, believe me I’d have loved it if my dad had helped me out that way.

By the time Jason started to grow up that idea wasn’t so good anymore. Everybody was scared because of the AID’s epidemic. When I began to notice him giving long, lingering and lustful looks at my wife I wasn’t bothered. “That’s my boy,” I thought to myself.

Now my wife’s a beautiful woman , sometimes I even get a little jealous when I see how men look at her. Even though we were pretty happy, about the same time Jason hit puberty, some of the heat seemed to go missing from my relationship with my wife. I know a lot of men who’d be lucky to have her, hell I even knew some of my friends felt that way, so maybe I got a little crazy.

She’s never indicated by any word or deed that she might cheat on me, but I knew her pretty well and I sensed she was beginning to get a little restless.

Like I said, I know her pretty well, and I’m in research so I’m pretty observant. I began to notice that she seemed to like the way Jason looked at her. She even seemed to dress a little more provocatively around the house. I’d have liked for it to have been for my benefit, but by then I was getting the distinct impression it was for Jason.

Well, she’d never dressed slutty in front of our friends, so I rationalized that if she was getting some kind of fun out of teasing our son, where’s the harm?

A few months before Jason’s fifteenth birthday he saw Kate naked when she was getting out of the hot tub. Well, I thought to myself, no big deal. Hell, it probably made his week. But then something surprising happened. When she got back in the tub and I started romancing her she climbed on top of me and fucked me like she hadn’t done in months. I didn’t make too much of it. It probably just excited her being admired.

I don’t sleep all that well. Sometimes I get up and work, but sometimes I just lie there and think out ideas. Kate sleeps fine, but she can make a lot of noise doing it. I don’t mean she snores, but sometimes she talks. Once in a while she even shouts. She began to toss and turn one night, even though she was sound asleep. “Jason, oh baby,” she moaned.

I was thunderstruck. This wasn’t “Jason, oh baby,” like she was trying to pull him out of a burning building, the end of this dream sentence was “fuck me,” I just knew it.

When I got up in the morning I looked for any tell tale signs that something was going on between them, but there was nothing I could see.

I began taking a critical look at my son. He was turning into a handsome young man, no doubt about it. Kate likes to say he looks like me. I wish. He’s taller than me and all the sports he’s played have given him some nice muscles. He has my wife’s hair and green eyes. Even though it was weird, I could kind of see how she might be subconsciously attracted to him.

The poor kid was shy around girls though. I felt bad because at this rate unless a girl just threw herself at him, he might be in the same miserable boat I’d been in at his age.

My crazy idea didn’t hit me until one day when I was touring the new products testing facility with some of the other professor’s. It had been decided that surveillance was going to be one of the next big things. Various types of remote control cameras were being worked on and improved immeasurably.

While one of the cameras was being demonstrated, I had a crazy idea, “what if I could watch Jason and Kate?” “No, that’s insane,” I told myself, but the more I thought about it the better I liked it.

Jason could have a beautiful first time with a woman of some sexual experience who already loved him and wouldn’t break his heart like some girls would. Also Kate would get to do something she clearly wanted to do, at least subconsciously. I’d been worried about our marriage a little bit. If she fucked our son, it might just scratch the itch I was beginning to think she had.

Come to think of it, it was way too easy to talk her into it.

Now I found myself in the peculiar position of waiting for a signal so I could watch my son fuck my wife.

The light came on and the beeper made its sound. I turned the camera on. I can’t lie; my hands were shaking a little.

There was our bedroom. Jason was naked standing by the bed like he couldn’t wait. Kate came into the room. God she looked hot in little black, lacy see through bra and panties. She stripped for him and by the time she was naked his tongue was practically hanging out.

He pulled her onto the bed and started kissing her breasts. There was no sound, but I could see by the way she was breathing and the look on her face that Kate wanted to fuck Jason as much as he wanted to fuck her.

I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe some awkward first time mistakes, but Jason jumped down on her pussy like he’d been doing this for years.

Part of me was proud of him for going for it, but part of me was getting pissed. “Look at that little fucker, “ I thought as I watched him stick his tongue in my wife’s twat. He was lapping at her like a kitten with a bowl of milk, but the next thing I saw really drove me up the wall.

My wife grabbed her leg and pulled it practically up to her head. What she wanted couldn’t have been clearer. She may as well have been yelling, “eat me.” And he did, just before he got up the nerve to start finger fucking her. The little mother fucker, well I sort of had to chuckle at that one, was going at it full force. Well it was my idea so I couldn’t really blame him.

Seeing my wife spread so wide getting finger fucked by our son was getting my dick hard by now. No one could see me, so I took it out and began to stroke it. What else did I have to do?

My wife began to tremble. Oh my God, she was cuming in our son’s mouth. They were saying things, but that didn’t matter. Part of me was getting very jealous, but part of me wanted to cum too. I stroked faster and faster as I saw Kate mouth something that definitely looked like “fuck me”.

The little bastard didn’t waste any time he climbed on top of her like he’d been doing it for years and she arched up to take him with a look of desire on her face that I hadn’t seen in a while.

As he started to pound into her, I began jacking off. I couldn’t help myself they just looked so good fucking in my bed.

I was concentrating on the screen and trying to take it slow and not cum before the incredible scene I was watching played itself out.

I realized my son was one lucky little fucker. He was pounding the hell out of her pussy. As I watched I could feel the cum rising up in my dick. Soon I could see he was cuming in her. As he came, I saw her clawing at his ass and rubbing her finger across his asshole the way she sometimes did with me. The minute I saw her do it I couldn’t hold it any longer I shot cum all over Patty’s coffee table.

I knew eventually I was going to have to deal with the fallout from my crazy plan, but just then all I wanted to do was sit down and think. Just as my breathing was returning to normal I looked up at the screen. Oh my God she was kneeling beside him sucking his cock. She wanted to get him hard so she could fuck him again!

At his age it didn’t take all that long. In just a few minutes she was on top of him fucking him the way every man dreams of being fucked. I admit watching her got me hard again too, but by then I was also beginning to wonder if my little plan might have been a big mistake.

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Next: Kate wants to be with Jason all the time, but there are consequences as she also wants to do something special for Dylan.

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