Sierra's initiation into the Nymph Sisterhood becomes a night she'll never forget!
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. The novella consists of adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- - -

Rick could scarcely believe he had won the dice-rolling outcome.

“But, let’s start from the top,” Nancy started, returning with a massage bed.

Jiz looked at her in surprise. “Where’d you get that!?”

Nicole, walking over to join her twin sister, remarked, “What, have you forgotten? Our parents are spa owners. We have access to all kinds of things like this. We just stash it by the door over there so it’s not in the way of everything else we’re doing.”

“Ah...” replied Jiz, not knowing what else to say.

So that’s what was over there, figured Rick, watching the sixteen-year-old twins set the bed up. With all the time he had spent upstairs and here on these couches with the six beautiful, horny teens he was surrounded by, he had never even thought to explore that part of the cabin.

With the bed set up, Nancy covered it in a long, white towel. “C’mon,” she ushered Jiz. “Up here.”

“Oooh! Me first?” he exclaimed, standing to his feet and hurrying over for his complimentary massage.

Nancy giggled. “Of course!” she emphasized. “You rolled lower, so you get your less exciting treatment first. Rick rolled higher, so he gets the best part last.”

“Oh,” scoffed Jiz in jest. “So I’m less important, am I?”

“Only for tonight,” Nicole promised him.

Jiz climbed onto the portable table, lying down comfortably on his stomach. He nestled his face into the specialized pillow and rested his arms at his side. Taking a deep breath, he announced, “Alright. Ready.”

“Not just yet, mister,” corrected Nancy. “Let’s get these off you.” With that, she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down off his legs. Walking back towards his head, she trailed her fingers sensually over Jiz’s naked, sculpted body from head to toe. “Mm-mm-mm!” she admired, running her fingers through the twenty-eight-year-old’s hair. “You are one sexy man.”

“Certainly can’t complain about any of you girls, either,” Jiz complimented through the pillow ring. Nancy scratched his head lightly as a tease and walked away.

“Alright, Sierra,” directed Nicole, “this is your project. Get over here.” Sierra, simultaneously acting both hesitant and bold, stepped forward. “Now, first thing,” the sixteen-year-old told her student, “always remember to take off your clothes – that’s what makes it a really sensual massage.”

Jiz tried to lift his head up to observe Sierra’s clothes coming off, but Nancy held his head to the table.

“Uh-uh,” Nancy denied him. “Not yet. Not being able to see her is a part of this massage tease.”

In a muffled voice, the man complained, “And Rick gets to watch her? So not fair!”

Hesitantly, the blonde thirteen-year-old grabbed her shirt, giving Nicole an unsure look. The older teen urged her on and Sierra complied. The young woman’s petite young breasts came into view once again. She hugged her arms around the A-sized globes, evidently a little uncomfortable with what was happening.

“No need for that,” Nicole told her. “Everyone here’s already seen you naked – including these two gents.” Adelle’s younger cousin smiled, and slowly lowered her arms. “There’s no need to be modest anymore. We’re all sex-craving human being here.” Finally, Sierra dropped her arms completely, giggling softly at Nicole’s assessment of the group. “Now, come on,” the sixteen-year-old brunette prodded with some urgency, “get those panties off, too. Men like to see what they have to look forward to.”

With slightly less reluctance than before, Sierra stripped herself of her hip-hugging underwear. As they hit the floor, Sierra stepped out of them. Standing naked as the man she was about to massage, the golden-haired beauty rocked back and forth on her feet. She looked comfortable enough in only her skin, but a little self-conscious in front of the entire crowd.

Rick admired her, both for her physical appeal and the courage she was showing. For thirteen, Sierra’s body was already stunning. Her soft, feminine features were marvellously defining themselves at her young age. She had certainly left childhood behind, in favour of embracing adulthood. Womanly curves were growing on her hips and her legs were already strong and toned. Though they were yet small, Sierra’s young breasts was filling out, taking the shape that would attract so many men to her in the future.

Confidence, bolstered by what she would learn here and practice on other men later, was already being nurtured in her character. Rick could see on her face that Sierra didn’t want to shrink from the opportunity before her. She embraced all these new and intimate encounters. Although it was all very new for her, the young woman displayed absolute certainty that this was truly what she wanted to experience.

In that moment of pure appreciation for the young woman, Rick’s final, personal doubts about removing her virginity vanished.

Nancy and Nicole helped Sierra learn several massage techniques, leading her every step of the way. She rubbed Jiz’s muscles and pampered his body. The other three girls chimed in every now and again with a trick or tip they had found to be effective.

Sierra’s final conquest was at the head of the massage table. While she rubbed Jiz’s shoulders, the twenty-eight-year-old began to clench his fists. Rick could tell his friend was frustrated. Jiz wanted to feel Sierra’s body, but wasn’t sure if he was allowed yet.

Apparently, Rick wasn’t the only one to notice.

“Feel free to touch her, Jiz,” permitted Nicole. “You’re alright with that, aren’t you, Sierra?”

The blonde teen nodded and sweetly hummed, “Mm-hm.”

“Seriously?” he asked excitedly.

Nancy reasoned, “Well, she’s going to have to get used to it some time, isn’t she?”

With a chuckle, Jiz agreed. His hands reached around his head – still buried in the ringed cushion – and blindly took Sierra’s petite frame in his hands, feeling her youthful body up and down.

“Wow,” mused Jiz, “Babe, you have an absolutely sexy body. It feels so fit and tight. Wish I could see it, too.”

Rick had forgotten that Jiz’s face had been buried in the table before Sierra had undressed. He smiled, watching his friend run his palms and fingers up and down the beautiful thirteen-year-old. Though they were just out of reach, Jiz fondled Sierra’s small breasts as well as he could. When he thumbed her nipples, Sierra breathed in sharply and let out a soft coo.

“What, did you like that?” snickered Nancy.

“Mm...” the girl answered with trepidation. “Mm-hm.”

“Then you’ll love this,” Jiz predicted, moving his hands down her thin frame. He reached around her legs, caressing her soft, curvy bum for a few seconds before moving his hands to the other side of her body. There, he ran his thumbs along her youthful womanhood, touching the supple lips gently and tenderly.

“Mmmm!” Sierra moaned softly, her legs buckling for an instant. As she regained her balance, she leaned on him for support. “Nmmm...Jiz...”

The brunette twins let the petting go on for a moment. Just as Jiz was moving his fingers inside Sierra’s body, Nancy intervened. “Alright, buster, turn over.” Jiz huffed in frustration at the new command, but removed his hands from Sierra’s lithe figure. “Hey, no need to get her to cum right now. This is supposed to be for your enjoyment.”

“Yeah,” grumbled Jiz as he turned to lay face-up, glaring at Nancy in playful anger, “and I enjoy watching and feeling a girl cum on my fingers.”

“Hm, well, right now consider yourself denied.”

As Jiz laid back down, Sierra walked around to his side. When he caught sight of her, his jaw dropped. His eyes were transfixed. Again and again, he looked over the thirteen-year-old’s naked body as she bowed her head and flushed slightly in embarrassment.

“Wow...!” he gasped at the young teenager, shaking his head in total awe. “Sierra, I know you’re only thirteen, but you are seriously just sexy as hell.”

Rick couldn’t help but join in complimenting her. “Couldn’t agree with you more, my friend. She’s absolutely beautiful and her figure is a perfect ten!”

Sierra blushed further. “Thanks...” she whispered, grinning uncontrollably.

After another moment of the two men devouring her with their eyes, Nicole urged the naughty ceremony along. “Are you ready to learn how to massage the front of a man?” she invited.

“Yeah,” Sierra giggled. “Ok, show me what to do.”

Again, Nicole and Nancy led the way, teaching Sierra what to do with her hands. Rick noted during both the back and front massage there were a number of techniques he recognized. He reflected back to the past Wednesday – six days ago now, though it felt like a lifetime – when Adelle had given him a similar massage to erase his tension, fears and doubts. The motions were the same. He knew without a second guess where his sweet young lover had learned to be so adept.

Several minutes of massage went by, Sierra working her hands on Jiz’s muscular body to alleviate any tension in his body. All the while, Jiz stole opportunities to reach out and touch her barely-pubescent figure, revelling in the feeling of such a young female’s body in his hands.

“Alright,” Nancy announced, concluding the massage, “it’s time to finish things up.” She smiled meaningfully at Sierra. “I think you know what that means.” Her eyes shifted to look Jiz in the face. He smiled knowingly. She winked in agreement.

“Yeah,” giggled the young teen. “I think I’m ready.”

Jiz’s penis had been erect for some time now. It jutted out from his loins, anxious for attention. It probably was, Rick guessed, at least partially stiff when he was still on his stomach. Rick watched as the two older teens gave Sierra a few pointers on the exciting new adventure she was about to undertake.

Tuning them out somewhat, Rick really looked at his friend’s manhood for the first time he could recall. In all the years they’d been friends, it was something he’d never really done, nor actually had cared or had interest to do. It came as a bit of a shock to Rick that Jiz’s male digit only appeared to be about six and a half inches long, maybe seven at the very most. Rick smiled to himself. He never would have pegged Jiz for being ‘just average down there.’ His friend had pleased so many women that Rick expected something a little more remarkable.

What Jiz did have, Rick noted, was girth. The thickness of Jiz’s erection was impressively formidable. Rick had often heard that it was more often girth and not necessarily length that did the job – and, of course, how it was used. He silently gave into the notion, figuring Jiz’s sexual history gave the idea credence.

The adolescent twins finished explaining things to Sierra. She nodded in understanding at everything they said and took a deep breath in preparation for the first hand job she had ever performed. Slathering her hands with massage oil, Sierra gingerly took Jiz’s hard phallus in her hands. Her thirteen-year-old fingers slid along the turgid flesh, rubbing Jiz’s penis with careful pressure.

The man jumped as her hand slid over the head of his manliness. Jiz groaned, the digit between his legs visibly twitching in response to her learning movement.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized quickly. “Did I hurt you?”

“Not at all!” gasped Jiz. “That feels great!”

Sierra bit her top lip with uncertainty. “So, I should keep going, then?”

“Oh, yeah...” Jiz vented in pleasure, guiding Sierra’s hand back to the manly club extending from his loins. “Keep going, baby. You’re doing awesome.”

With a slow stroke, Sierra started rubbing Jiz’s hard pole again. He groaned deeply as the youngest member of the Sisterhood created a deep satisfaction that filled his senses entirely. Jiz brought his hands up, touching the young woman’s slender body. Finally he half sat up and, bringing a hand around the back of her head, kissed her hard and aggressively.

With surprising force, Sierra kissed him back, letting her instinct control both her mouth and hands. With palms and fingers still circled around Jiz’s thick manhood, she stroked and rubbed him hard. Each movement was harder and faster, making Jiz’s entire body tremble under her efforts.

Jiz broke the kiss with an unexpected gasp as he began to breathe rapidly. “Oh, baby! Oh, baby...” he whispered quickly, bracing himself for his climax. “I’m gonna cum...! Sierra...I’m gonna cum, baby...!” He stopped breathing, barely able to speak as his orgasm took over. “Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah...damn it...! Oh...oh...! OHHH!”

There wasn’t a lot of fluid that Jiz spilled onto Sierra’s hands. Rick expected as much; if these little Nymphs had been working Jiz as much as they had been working him, he was surprised there was anything at all. Jiz breathed heavily, recovering from the ecstasy in his body the thirteen-year-old had just caused.

“Well done, Sierra,” complimented Nancy, handing the other young woman a handful of tissues.

The young blonde looked down, observing the sticky mess. “Wow,” she mused quietly, “did I really do that?”

“Yup,” Nicole told her. “Your first hand job – and what a success it was!” They let the two clean up for a moment before Nicole began to pull the towels off the bed. “And now, it’s time for you to do it again. Go on,” she ordered, shooing Jiz away from the massage table. “It’s Rick’s turn now.”

“Seriously, what the hell?” laughed Jiz as he stood up and the twins replaced the towels. “You’d think you girls were on a schedule or something.”

“Something like that,” Nancy giggled.

The men traded places. Rick stripped off his boxers and laid down on the massage table, face-down, placing his head into the round pillow. “So, do I get everything he got?”

“Of course!” the twins assured him. Immediately they gave Sierra the green light and Rick felt her well-oiled hands start rubbing his muscles.

“Now that she’s doing that,” Nicole conducted, “which two of you girls are going to help Jiz get ready for his next part?”

Rick heard two girls shout, “ME!” and heard them scramble over to the couch Jiz was resting on.

“There’s more?” Rick heard his friend as in surprise.

“Absolutely!” continued Nicole. “Sierra needs to learn how to give a blowjob, right? We need to get you ready for that.”

“Nice!” came Jiz’s satisfied voice. “Alright, girls; get me ready.”

A moment later, Nancy asked Adelle, “So, you didn’t even want to try to get over there to help Jiz out, Addy?”

“Nah,” Rick heard Adelle say. “I’m too interested in watching what Sierra does to my boyfriend.” Rick smiled at her comment. So, it had been Lexi and Lindsey who volunteered to ‘help’ Jiz. Rick found that no surprise.

“Fair enough,” the sixteen-year-old told her.

As she massaged him, Rick had to admit that Sierra had learned quickly what the effective techniques were. Maybe it was just because he was so exhausted from all the sex the last few days, but each press she made into his muscles was relaxing and soothing. She was inexperienced, he had to admit, but Adelle’s cousin was certainly giving it her all. It felt amazing.

Sierra had no sooner laid her hands on him than he felt the familiar growth of his phallus. Damn, that thing just doesn’t know when to quit, he laughed to himself. It was all the better, though, he figured. It needed to make its debut again in a few moments at the latest. Why not sooner rather than later?

Rick didn’t hesitate to reach out and touch the maiden pampering his body either. He wasn’t as aggressive as Jiz was, and left her delicate womanhood alone; he knew he’d experience that later. Jiz was right, Rick told himself, her body does feel so very young and tender – but so athletically fit and tight. Damn, I can’t wait to get inside her. Still, he considered her breasts fair game, and took every chance that was available to caress Sierra’s supple globes.

“Alright, time to turn over,” Nicole told him.

He did so, allowing Sierra’s hands to begin wandering over his chest. Nicole and Nancy patrolled about, making sure she performed correctly. Rick watched Sierra intently, again admiring the physique of her naked, young body with both his eyes and hands. Being as beautiful and alluring as she was already, Rick could only imagine what the young woman would be like in a few years. The toll that nature would take on Sierra’s figure was going to be remarkable. She was going to be a knockout!

Secretly, Rick hoped he would be close enough to her to watch her figure transform and, what’s more, experience her maturing body first-hand from time to time.

While Sierra massaged him, Rick glanced over from time to time at his friend. Jiz was well occupied. Lexi had her fifteen-year-old lips wrapped around Jiz’s flaccid manhood, urging it back to full size. Meanwhile, Lindsey and Jiz were making out furiously, touching one another’s bodies with all the heat of passionate lovers. A moment later when Rick looked back, the two young women had switched roles. Rick could tell that his friend was in absolute heaven.

At one point, Rick looked over at Adelle. Again, his teenage girlfriend was dressed in nothing but her panties. One hand was caressing her own breasts and nipples, visibly exciting her. She smiled lovingly at him, her other hand perched neatly inside of her sexy underwear. Rick could see her fingers working over her womanly flower. She was clearly enjoying watching her younger cousin learn the magic that she had mastered.

Adelle blew him a kiss, mouthing the words, “I love you.” He returned the token of affection.

An unexpected voice called Rick’s attention. “Alright, Sierra,” urged Nancy with that same meaningful tone she had used when Jiz was on the table, “it’s time. Show Rick what you’ve got.”

His focus shifted to the young, pubescent woman standing naked beside him. She grinned at him contentedly. “Ok,” she agreed, moving her hands to Rick’s loins.

The grip of her thirteen-year-old fingers around his manly shaft was calm and reassuring. Rick moaned deeply as Sierra’s fast-learning hands began caressing and rubbing his manhood, giving him a whole new appreciation for these forbidden sexual relationships. These adolescent Nymphs could ‘practice’ their new skills on him whenever they wanted to. There was no way in hell he would ever get enough of their sultry, young bodies!

“Ohhh...Sierra...” groaned Rick in ecstasy. The words sounded strange coming from his mouth. He had fantasized about this moment over the past day or so, but to have it actually happen was something surreal. “Oh...yeah...! Ohhh!”

Breathing in shallow, slow gasps, Rick allowed his head to roll back onto the table. The pleasure this innocent young woman drew out of his body was incredible. If he hadn’t been here tonight and experienced all he had, he would have found it impossible to believe that Sierra was only a novice in things pertaining to sex and lovemaking.

Sierra continued to stroke him, using only a single hand to rub his genitals. The feeling was delicious. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. There built in Rick a sudden urge to reciprocate the gratification she was giving him. As Jiz had done, Rick raised himself up. Cupping her head affectionately, Rick kissed her deeply and passionately. She melted into the embrace, even bringing up her other hand to hold his head in place as their lips danced together.

Pressure built between Rick’s legs. His orgasm was imminent any second now. “Sierra...! Mmmm...Sierra...! Oh, my sweet...little Nymph...” moaned Rick, breaking their kiss. His every muscle trembled. He looked at her, almost disbelieving that it was truly this young, lithe vixen that was bringing him to a climax.

She pulled his forehead against hers and held him there, looking deeply into his eyes. Her hand was still stroking his hard digit fervently. The blue sapphires sparkling back at him said it all: she wanted Rick to feel her passion for him. She appreciated him in a way that she had felt for no other man.

Neither one blinked. Rick knew that something emotional was building between them, but he didn’t quite understand it. While it was playful excitement she had found with Jiz, it was a far deeper connection Sierra experienced with the man she new pleasured. He could feel it radiating from her through her bright, crystal eyes.

“Cum for me, Rick,” she pled with no reservation in her words. “Cum on my hand. I want you to cum!” She moved around his face, placing their cheeks together, and hugged him tightly. “I want you to feel good, Rick. I want you to feel so good!”

One last breath was all Rick had time for as a faint whisper only he was close enough to hear echoed in his ear.

“I love you, Rick...”

Rick jumped as a sexual explosion took him instantly. “Oh, Sierra!” he seethed as an orgasm rattled his nerves, holding the young woman tightly. His groin muscles pumped and pumped, expelling any white juice that they may have still contained. For several seconds, the thirteen-year-old’s hand kept gripping him, emptying the softening male pipe as she stroked gently. The smooth motion prolonged the blissful feeling and Rick basked in the delightful afterglow.

Finally his breathing returned to normal. Sierra let go of his shrinking penis and wiped her hands and his body with some more tissue papers.

“Wow,” admired Nicole. “I think that’s the most cum I’ve ever seen from a guy at this stage in the camping trip.” Rick huffed a laugh, watching Sierra clean him. “Either your little cum factory in there makes it at an incredible rate, Rick, or Sierra, here, did an amazing job. I’m thinking both.”

Rick chuckled nervously. Briefly looking around the room, it appeared that everyone had stopped to watch his and Sierra’s little display. Lindsey and Lexi were eyeing him in awe. Even Jiz looked at him admiringly.

“Nice work, Sierra!” Adelle praised from the couch a few feet away. Rick looked at her, hiding his concern that perhaps she may have heard her cousin’s words. “That was so hot I came twice, and I’m still not satisfied! I so want more!”

“Well, not right now, Adelle,” Nancy shot down. “We’ve got more work to do. Sierra needs to learn how to give a blowjob – and it’s your responsibility to teach her how.”

“Ugh!” complained Adelle in mock dismay, pulling her fingers out of her panties. “Alright, if I have to.”

“You have to.”

Rick got up off the massage table, catching Sierra’s eye as he stood up. She looked back, that slight twinkle of mischievousness persisting. It made him suddenly a little apprehensive about tonight.

Sitting on the couch, he started pondering over what had happened. What did she mean, she ‘loved’ him? That wasn’t supposed to happen. They obviously had more of an emotional connection than she and Jiz did. He cared for her, sure, and wanted her to have an enjoyable time the first time she had sex. He had a similar care for all the girls here. He felt the same infatuation for each of them.

It was certainly exciting to have so many sexual partners. Rick hadn’t been this sexually satisfied in years. He knew how to treat a woman, and would treat them all the same, making sure their bodies were ravaged with unbelievable pleasure, then they’d all go their separate ways. That was the beauty of this arrangement.

The only exception was Adelle. She was the woman he loved, and he knew that. That would never change. No amount of sex with these other teenage girls could ever alter that – could it? If the answer was no, why, then, was his orgasm so intense? He didn’t have feelings that extended beyond the non-committal sexual encounters they were all enjoying, did he?

In any case, Rick feared that Sierra was somehow falling for him. Being this early in her sexual experience, that had serious consequences. It truly concerned him. Rick was completely taken aback.

He resolved to nip this in the bud before it got out of hand. Unfortunately, now was not the time to do it.

Adelle’s voice brought him out of his mangled thoughts. “Alright, Sierra; you got it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, go ahead, then!”

Rick blinked. He took a quick, deep breath. Slowly, reality set back in. Apparently he had missed Adelle’s entire lecture to Sierra on oral sex while lost in his alternate reality of consciousness.

“Ahhh...yeah...” Jiz enjoyed while Sierra’s lips began to glide along the man’s renewed erection, holding it in place with her hand. “That’s it, baby... Give me head...just like that...! Oh, damn it! That feels so good...” Jiz brushed the thirteen-year-old’s hair away so he could watch her better. “Mmmm...Sierra...! You’re a natural at this, baby...!”

Patiently, Rick sat there, observing the trainee anxiously learning how to suck expertly on a man’s penis, experimenting with her technique on his friend. He was happy for Jiz, and not only because his friend was getting some sexual pleasure from the young teen. Mainly, though, Rick thought snidely, because the man didn’t have the girl thinking she was falling in love with him when he already had a teen girlfriend.

Seriously, contemplated Rick, what would Sierra know about love anyways? She’s only thirteen! Suddenly, Rick laughed at himself in his mind. Adelle was only a year older.

Adelle had experience with relationships, though, he reasoned. She knew when sex was part of a relationship and when it was used solely for short-term gratification between two people. That, plus she was also mature and wise for her years. Just talking to her, Rick could tell that Sierra wasn’t at that level of maturity or understanding as yet. Unlike her cousin only a year older, Sierra was still very naive about what falling in love was all about.

It took a few minutes, but Jiz had an orgasm once again. Abandoning himself to the surging pleasure, he groaned and released hardly a trickle of his reproductive juices.

“Was that good?” Sierra asked, wiping off her lips with a tissue.

Jiz stroked her hair. “Baby, that was awesome! You give great head.” The young blonde grinned appreciatively. “A little practice,” he complimented as his breathing slowed, “and you’ll be just as good – if not better – than any of the girls here.”

“Hey!” objected Lindsey from another couch. “What the hell are you talking about!? I think she has some room for improvement before that ever happens!”

Jiz laughed.

“Ok,” announced Nicole, taking charge and ushering Sierra to her feet. “You’ve done a great job so far, Sierra. Here, you can put these back on.” She gestured to the young maiden’s clothes still lying on the floor. “Rick, Adelle? You, too.” Playfully, she winked at Jiz. “You, too, buster.”

Slightly confused, Rick complied.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Nicole reassured. “They’ll all be right back off soon enough. I just want there to be a degree of mystery and intrigue when you get to the bedroom – a tease of sorts. Won’t that be exciting?”

Rick chuckled, remembering that he had been given that argument earlier by Lindsey and Adelle. These girls sure knew how to tantalize a man’s sexual appetite. Still, he was a bit grumpy about having to remove clothing again. “Sure,” he agreed half-heartedly, “if you say so.”

“Ok, some instructions for tonight,” Nancy declared, pressing on to the next order of business. Rick paid attention as he replaced his boxers, pulling them up over his legs. Jiz, Adelle and Sierra all did the same, the girls including their shirts. “Now, we all know what’s going to happen with Sierra here in a bit.”

There were cheers and encouragement from the other girls towards Sierra, promoting her choice.

“That means that Rick will be occupied with her and, of course, Adelle will be there along with them as moral support for her cousin,” continued Nancy over the voices of the other girls. “So, Jiz here is fair game – for two girls that is.” She looked at her twin sister. “You ready to show him what the twins can do?”

“Wait a sec!” Lindsey interrupted. “There’s no debating this?”

“What do you think this is, a democracy?” countered Nicole. “You and Lexi had some fun with him this evening while Nancy and I were helping Sierra. I’d say it’s our turn with that juicy cock of his.”

Lindsey looked a little put off, but she relented. “Alright – but I get it next! I don’t care which girl I’m with, I’m one of the ones who gets it next.”

Eyeing Lindsey suspiciously, Jiz commented, “What, you can’t get enough of Jiz’s lovin’? Did I get you hooked the other day at Rick’s place?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” she admitted freely, giving him a flirtatious wink.

“In any case,” Nancy interjected, “Nikki and I will show Jiz a good time, giving him our double-team effort. I trust you and Lexi can take care of yourselves?” She looked at Lindsey, an expression of triumphant defiance on her face.

Glancing over at the fifteen-year-old redhead, who stared back at her wickedly, Lindsey gave her just as naughty a smile. “Oh, I think we can handle ourselves – and each other – just fine.”

“Alright, then,” finalized Nicole, pulling Jiz to his feet. “We’ll see you all in the morning, then.” Running her fingers over Jiz’s boxers, scratching lightly at the fabric concealing his manhood, she murmured softly, “Let’s set this guy free again. You wouldn’t believe what a couple of well-practiced twin sisters can do to him.”

“I’m anxious to find out,” Jiz replied seductively. The two sixteen-year-old brunette sisters began leading and pushing him towards the stairs. Quickly turning his head, Jiz gestured to Sierra with his head and said to his friend, “Have fun tonight!”

Rick chuckled lightly, nodding at the twins. “You, too!”

As the other trio reached the top of the stairs, Adelle started insisting their group get going as well. “C’mon, Rick,” she urged. “Let’s get up there and show Sierra what sex is all about.”

“Yeah,” Sierra agreed, opening up dramatically to the impending event compared to before. “I’m getting really excited to see what it’s all about.”

Complying, Rick stood and walked to the stairs with his two partners for the night. As he began climbing up to the second level, he couldn’t help but look back. The two fifteen-year-olds – Lexi and Lindsey – were already in their own little world. Passionately, they kissed one another, making out to stimulate their innermost sexual desires. Their hands ran over each other intimately, invading the other’s clothing to heighten the degree of lust between them. Clothes began coming off and landing on the floor.

Smiling, Rick couldn’t help but think of just what Lexi’s parents – whom he knew quite well, being his employers – would think of the situation. Being quite conservative, he knew they would be appalled. If this were ever discovered, there would be absolute hell for her to pay. Lindsey’s mother, Gina, whom he had met only once, would also likely be revolted at her daughter’s behaviour. Rick wondered just what she would do to counter her daughter’s wild desires.

Imagine their shock if they learned I was up here with them, he dreaded silently. My life would absolutely be snuffed out in an instant by all three of them; no mercy would be shown whatsoever.

Reaching the bedroom he had been in several times now, the three of them entered and closed the door, shutting the world out behind them.

Sierra walked to the foot of the bed and sat on the edge. Adelle sat on a chair, looking expectantly at Rick.

A strange emotion filled him. He wanted this, to share this moment with Sierra. It was her first time and he wanted it to be particularly wonderful and enjoyable for her. Rick wanted to pleasure her body, showing Sierra all the wonders that physical gratification could bring – and yet, he hesitated.

Her words still rung in his ear: I love you, Rick... What would this do to her emotionally in the long-term?

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Adelle asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Go on; make love to her.”

Maybe any crisis could still be avoided? “You’re sure you’re alright with this?” asked Rick his fourteen-year-old girlfriend in turn, looking back and forth between her and her thirteen-year-old cousin.

Adelle cocked her head, looking at him sideways. “Rick, if I wasn’t alright with this, I wouldn’t be sharing you with all my friends!”

“Yeah, but this is Sierra’s virginity we’re talking about here,” added Rick. “Don’t you think this would be better with someone closer to her own age?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to have sex with me,” Sierra pled, looking at him longingly.

Shaking his head in all seriousness, Rick denied that was the case. “No, that’s not it at all, Sierra.” He gave her a look of compassion. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” Rick considered whether he should include the words ‘physically or emotionally’, but he left the sentence how it was. He glanced at Adelle.

“Go,” she told him.

He took a sharp breath, readying his mind. He smiled at the youngster he was about to make a woman. She smiled back contentedly. “Alright,” he agreed.

Crossing the room to the bed, Rick kneeled down in front of the young blonde. He could tell she was anxious. Sierra was already breathing rapidly in hard, shallow breaths. She trembled as any woman does when entering this unknown stage of her life.

“I know it’s going to hurt a little, Rick,” she whispered, “but, I’m ready. I’m so ready for you to be my first.”

Rick took her head in his hands and leaned towards her, kissing her gently. She grabbed him around the back of the neck, pressing her lips desperately against hers. She moaned quietly into his mouth as the tokens of love and affection poured between them. As she pressed her young, nubile body against his, he could feel her heart beating fast, the rush of blood feeding her consciousness with everything needed to remember this experience with clarity.

Gradually, their kissing slowed until their lips only brushed one another’s one last time.

“I want this so badly.”

So, do I, Sierra, Rick replied to her in his mind. You have no idea how much – and I don’t know why! “I know,” he answered instead, gripping the hem of her panties with his fingers, “and I’ll make sure it’s worth it, pain and all.” She watched him with rapt interest as he pulled the clothing off her lithe, teenage legs and tossed it aside.

“I know.”

He placed his hands gently on her young, maturing thighs, tenderly urging them apart. As her legs opened, there, in front of him and within his grasp, was her tender, youthful womanhood. Undefiled by any man, Sierra’s sacred cove was pure and ripe. True, Jiz had touched her here, but that moment had only been fleeting. The true experience of a lifetime was here and now. The small slit glistened with a hint of moisture. Sierra was ready to become a woman.

Rick encouraged her to lean back slightly, allowing him full access to her magical trove. He bowed his head between her legs and pressed his lips against this most sensitive part of her body. There was a tuft of light-coloured hair, but Rick didn’t mind in the least. The downy feel of it reinforced to him just how young she truly was.

With quick motions, Rick darted his tongue over and into the petite crevice. She gasped and shuddered as she tried to breathe. Rick pursued his goal, enjoying every sound the young woman made.

“Oh, Rick... Oooh... Ohhh...” the teenager whimpered, letting the pleasurable treatment of a man engulf her.

Sierra’s youthful body was absolutely delicious on his tongue. Never had a man tasted her. Never had a man pressed his lips against the tender flower he now beheld. Never had any man drawn his tongue across her sweet, virgin flesh. With a great feeling of personal pride and appreciation, Rick let these facts sink in.

She was his, entirely his!

The realization that he was this gorgeous thirteen-year-old’s first experience with a man spurred him on. He increased his pressure and efforts, driving the young girl wild. He gently sucked on the small jewel over her feminine crack, rubbing it between his lips. She fell back on the bed as he stimulated her clitoris, the relentless pleasure making her unable to hold herself up any longer. Sierra grabbed at his hair with both hands, unwilling to let him move from his current post between her legs.

Suddenly, her body tensed violently. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders, driving him on. Sierra’s muscles shuddered with furious spasms. Her first orgasm from a man was underway.

“Rick...! Yes...! YES...! I’M...CUM...MING...! UNGH...!” she cried, her voice croaking labouriously. Immediately, a small trickle of liquid flowed from between Sierra’s pleasured labia. Rick lapped at the nectar, keeping the intense feeling in Sierra’s adolescent body from fading.

Eventually, she melted into the bed as the rush ended. The petite young woman’s body went limp as she panted her way to recovery. Rick backed up from his position at her reproductive entrance and looked at her beautiful face. Sierra was smiling widely, her eyes closed tightly as her body still tingled with the aftershock from the climax.

“Looks like you enjoy being eaten out by a man,” he remarked matter-of-factly. A wide smirk crossed the man’s face. “Better than a woman?”

“That felt so good,” was her only stuttered reply, her body still trembling. Elated tears of joy fell from her eyes as she begged, “More! I want more!”

Glancing out of the corner of his eye, he caught Adelle’s attention. Watching her cousin’s intense pleasure had driven Adelle to drive her fingers into her panties yet again. The fourteen-year-old blonde bit her bottom lip and smiled at her boyfriend. She nodded intently as if to say, “Keep going.”

It was time.

Rick watched Adelle a brief moment longer as her fingers spun tight circles inside the scanty underwear. Focusing his attention back to the young pubescent woman lying on the bed, he started kissing her thighs, and worked his way up her body. When he reached the shirt she was still wearing, he grasped it and pulled it up and off of her.

Sierra’s sexy, teenage body was again entirely viewable – and Rick drank in the glorious sight of her athletic figure liberally. Crawling over her, he ran his hands up and down the teenager’s body, touching every inch of her nubile skin. She breathed heavily at his touch, revelling in the feeling of a man’s strong, warm hands on her. It was what she wanted – what she had wanted so badly for a long time; and now, Rick was here to attend to those wants.

Rick returned to laying kiss after kiss on her smooth figure, working his way up her body again, starting from her waistline. Sierra moaned quietly at the delicate contact of his manly lips on her stomach. Her coos then turned into gasps as Rick’s mouth found her small, developing breasts. Sierra’s mind was caught up into a heavenly feeling of bliss as the man worked his lips and tongue on her petite nipples. She never knew her body could feel such excitement.

“Hum...hmmm...oh, Rick...” she sighed, crying out a word softly with each shallow breath. The young woman wrapped her arms around his head, keeping him close, unwilling to allow the pleasure to end.

Hearing and feeling her enjoy every touch he made on her tender, youthful body, Rick understood her unspoken encouragement and permission to keep going. He transferred to the other small, supple breast. Enveloping her tender areola in his lips, Rick sucked the soft flesh with tender care. His tongue set to work, massaging and caressing the welcomed visitor in his mouth, driving Sierra nearly mad with pent-up sexual tension.

She was positively charged with the desire to mate, and Rick could feel her muscles vibrate and tremble accordingly. Beneath another series of passionate, forbidden kisses on her teenage body, Sierra yielded herself willingly to Rick’s expert touch and treatment. The man’s lips climbed her collarbone, then her neck, finally wandering across her beautiful, rosy cheek, leaving fires of desire and wanton lust in their wake wherever they searched.

When their mouths found one another, an electrifying jolt of sexual energy was released in Sierra, bringing her to the brink of an orgasm. She gasped in desperate need as she kissed her grown lover. After several seconds of sharing passion with their lips, Sierra pulled back slightly and looked into the man’s eyes, pushing him away from her with meaningful licentious intent.

Sitting up, Sierra encouraged him to stand. As he got to his feet, the blue-eyed beauty removed the boxers from his loins. Rick let them drop to the floor and stepped out of them. They looked at one another with no shame in either’s expression for their nudity. There was only confidence in their own appearance and appreciation for the amazing body the other had.

Wrapping her fingers around his manhood, Sierra rubbed the solid shaft with meaningful precision. Rick closed his eyes, leaned his head back and groaned. His lust for the thirteen-year-old was being agitated yet again. He looked back just in time to see the blonde girl lean forward – and take the precipice of his manly shaft into her mouth.

The feeling of being inside the young teenager’s mouth was exquisite. Part instinct, part Adelle’s teaching, it was as if Sierra had been doing this her whole life. Her mouth sucked on him with a soothing pressure while her lips and tongue glided along the privy member with a smooth pace.

“Oh, Sierra...” he encouraged the young, learning temptress. “Damn, girl...! Oh, that feels really good...”

Bringing her lips up and over the bulbous head of his manhood, she released the digit slowly. She looked up at him with pure, unadulterated lust in her eyes. “Maybe we should find out where else it feels really good.”

Sierra climbed backwards up the bed and laid her head down on the pillows. Rick crawled along to meet her, moving between her legs, preparing to fill her body with rapturous bliss.

Still, he knew there was a choice he should offer her. “Sierra,” he addressed soberly, “do you want the top or the bottom at first?”

The young woman considered the question for a second, returning promptly with her answer. “The bottom,” she decided. “I want you to pop my cherry. If I try to do it, I might chicken out.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. Rick squared himself up to Sierra’s body, suspending himself over her anxious, young body. He moved his rigid penis to her waiting pubic entrance. As he was about to enter her, she called out to her cousin. “Addy?”

Adelle looked up from her self-indulgence. “Hm?”

“Can you hold my hand? I think I’m going to need some support on this part.”

“Sure,” Adelle agreed with a little giggle, taking Sierra’s hand in hers. “It’s going to be ok.”

“I know,” replied Sierra, looking at Adelle. “I just want your hand to crush when he pops me. After all, you got me into this mess.”

“Oh,” mocked Adelle, “you’re so hard done by.”

The three chuckled together.

“Ok, Rick,” Sierra encouraged him. “I’m ready.”

Being careful not to cause too much discomfort in the young woman’s body, Rick slowly eased his large member into the folds of pubescent skin between Sierra’s legs. Suddenly, the round head was surrounded by delectable warmth. Rick breathed out slowly. He was inside her.

With a careful rocking motion, he pushed his solid rod marginally deeper and deeper into the thirteen-year-old Nymph with every push. She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling him enter her warm vagina. Sierra breathed slowly, enjoying the moment for all it was worth. Rick knew, though, that it was only the calm before the storm.

“Mmmm... Oh, that feels good already.”

The walls of her velvety interior were superbly tight. Rick could scarcely believe the constriction. Consolation for him lay in the fact that she was so wet from his treatment to her body in the preceding moments. Otherwise, his entrance into her small vessel, he feared, may have been nigh impossible.

Rick was only an inch or so inside of Sierra’s sexual interior when she winced.

She gasped. “Ow...” she complained softly.

He was there. Rick felt the barrier. Any further and Sierra’s innocence would be totally gone forever.

“This is it,” he told her softly, though the statement was evidently irrelevant. She looked up into his eyes. A conflicting mixture of trepidation and desire shone in those bright, blue windows to her soul.

“I know,” she whispered, swallowing nervously.


Sierra took a nervous breath. “Yes.”

Rick nodded, and gave a determined shove with his pelvis. Inside of the young woman, Rick felt Sierra’s hymen give way with the same familiar pop he had felt in a few other women he had shared this moment with.

Sierra grimaced. “Ow!” she sobbed, tears welling in her eyes. This time, however, they were not from intense pleasure. In fact, the cause was obviously quite the opposite. She hit the bed as she cried out, “Damn it! Ow, ow, ow!”

With a feeling of remorse for the pain he had caused her, Rick moved to pull himself from her womanly depths. Sierra’s eyes immediately shot open with alarm. Letting go of Adelle’s hand, she brought both of them around behind Rick and held onto his butt, urging him back forwards.

“Don’t you dare!” Sierra scolded him forcefully, her nails digging into his butt cheeks. Rick stared at her in surprise. “I am losing my virginity tonight, Rick, fully and completely – and I expect to get an orgasm out of it. You’re not pulling out now!”

Stealing a glance up at Adelle, Rick was about to ask for her opinion. Adelle beat him to it. “Better give the girl what she wants, Rick,” she advised with a shrug of her shoulders.

Reluctantly, he nodded in accord and pushed back into the young woman’s sweet, young flower as far as he dared. Sierra moved her hands to her lover’s back, holding onto him affectionately as he moved back, preparing to enter her again..

Sierra moaned in half pleasure, half pain as the man’s stiff rod penetrated deeply into her, then retreated to repeat the process. “Yeah, it hurt, but that’s all part of it,” she reconciled with a strained groan. “That’s the cost of fun.”

A grand smile crossed Rick’s face as he heard her say that. He began thrusting into the beautiful young teenager with greater force and depth. She sighed in delight, flinching only on occasion if Rick happened to push the wrong way. At one point, he felt the end of his long pole push on Sierra’s cervix. The impact made her cringe, so Rick backed off.

Gradually, Rick began to breathe deeper. Sierra’s young womanhood felt like heaven as it gripped and pulsed around the bulging organ he held inside her. With every thrust, he watched the thirteen-year-old’s expressions. She was insanely beautiful, even as her face contorted in intense expressions of pleasure and pain – and deep affinity for her grown lover. Rick always enjoyed watching a woman in pleasure, particularly if he was the cause.

Continuing to watch her, Rick found her lips absolutely irresistible. Keeping his thrusting rhythm steady, Rick leaned down and kissed her mouth with every illicit passion for her that was welling inside of him. Sierra broke the kiss with a desperate gasp.

“Oh...! Ohhh...! That hurts...’re so big...! But it feels so good...!” Sierra whispered in ecstasy into his ear. “Please, Rick...don’t stop! This feels way too good to stop...!”

There was no intention in Rick’s mind to halt his efforts now. Pushing into the petite young woman, Rick adjusted his angle to stimulate her clitoris, as he had done with so many women before her. The pubescent young woman, barely having reached puberty herself, moaned harder and louder. Sierra’s breathing was coming in short, erratic gasps as her mind struggled to process all the stimulation.

“Oh, Rick!” she cried out, feeling her body surge with elated bliss. “I’m going to cum again...Rick...! MMMM! YES...!!!”

The petite woman’s hands clasped onto his strong back. Rick pumped her full of his love, thrust after thrust, as she achieved her climax. It served only to augment the pleasure ravaging her body. Sierra’s eyes shut tightly as he mouth hung open in a voiceless yell of pure thrill. She abandoned herself completely to her natural desires, feeling her every nerve scream in the sheer fulfillment.

Her first orgasm with a man inside her was obviously far more intense than she had ever been anticipating.

Watching his newest intimate partner reach such an intense sexual height had an overwhelming effect on Rick. The familiar pressure gathered in his loins as a euphoric climax engulfed him as well. The girl’s young body, so unaccustomed to sex, grabbed him with every muscle available. Between them, Sierra’s feminine canal gripped him more tightly than he could imagine as he repeatedly pushed his manly column deeply inside her.

Only a single result was possible.

“Mmmm...Sierra...! I’m gonna cum, too, baby...!” he groaned loudly. “I’m gonna cum...too...! Oh...! OH, YEAH...! OHHH!!!”

The explosion burst from the base of Rick’s penis, though he knew there was nothing but a trickle left for him launch into Sierra’s waiting vagina. The intense power of his orgasm was unexpected. Perhaps it was the fact that his partner was a virgin; perhaps it was because she was only thirteen years old. Perhaps it was both those reasons and more. Whatever it was, Rick felt his body shudder in a wave of pleasure like never before.

As he finished, he opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful, young lover. To his overwhelming surprise, her face was still as he had last seen it.

“Keep...going...Rick...!” she seethed desperately. “Still...cumming...!”

Rick looked at her incredulously, but started thrusting again intensely into the sexually-intoxicated teen. Only a few seconds later, though, it was over.

“Oh... Oh, Rick...” gasped Sierra in pure astonishment. “That was...incredible...!” She took a few breaths to gain some composure in her slender, thirteen-year-old body. “I’ve never...never cummed...that hard that before...!”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone cum like that before,” Rick agreed.

“Me either,” admitted Adelle beside them.

Moving off of Sierra, Rick asked Adelle, “Did she cum twice, or was it all just one giant one?”

Even Adelle looked bewildered. “Only once, I think. That was amazing!”

“Yes, well...” Sierra pitched in her breathing mostly under control, “when you have a guy as amazing as Rick making love to you, I guess that can happen.”

“I guess,” giggled Adelle, who jumped onto the bed with the two of them. “Actually, I know.” She planted a loving kiss on Rick’s lips.

The three laid down together with Rick in the middle and one of his teenage beauties on either side. Rick gave them each a kiss as they cuddled up next to him.

“I guess it’s your turn now, huh?” Sierra asked Adelle.

Looking from Sierra to Adelle, Rick added, “I think that only sounds fair.”

Adelle’s wandering fingers searched Rick’s body until they found his limp penis. “As soon as this guy gets ready again,” she promised, touching him only very lightly. “ soon as he gets cleaned up.”

While Rick chuckled, knowing what she meant, Sierra looked at the man’s loins. “What...?” she gasped, seeing the thick smear of blood. “Is...that all mine?”

“Well, it’s certainly not Adelle’s,” explained Rick, adding, “or mine.”

The thirteen-year-old dabbed at the small hole between her legs. Bringing her fingers up, blinked a couple times, staring in disbelief at the crimson liquid on them. “I didn’t know there’d be that much blood.”

“Mm-hm,” Rick soothed. “That’s the cost of fun, right?”

Sierra smiled, hearing her own words repeated.

“You were very brave with your cherry being popped, cuz,” Adelle told her. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks for being there for me.”

Adelle giggled. “You hardly needed any encouragement at all! Looks like you’ve got quite the sex drive.”

“Well, I just kinda let my instincts take over,” Sierra explained. “I just, like, did whatever was natural.”

“Seemed to work,” laughed Rick. “Come on, let’s go get cleaned up.”

As they made for the bathroom, Adelle suggested, “Be sure to spray yourself out with the shower head, Sierra. It’s not likely that Rick had very much left in him after all the sexercise we’ve put him through the last couple days, but you never know. Better safe than sorry.”

Sierra thanked her for the advice as she and Rick left to wash up. Rick was done sooner, Sierra wincing as she flushed her internal womanhood with water, and soon rejoined Adelle in the bedroom.

All the while as he cleaned up, he watched the young beauty. Seeing her beautiful figure, the memory of Sierra’s earlier comment returned and haunted him.

I love you, Rick...

How seriously did she actually mean that? Did he have a legitimate cause for concern?

“Looked like you cummed quite hard inside Sierra, too,” Adelle mentioned to him, breaking him out of his thoughts as he walked back to the king-sized bed. Rick didn’t respond immediately. Seeing his hesitation, Adelle asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Rick shook his head. “Nothing,” he waved. “Just something Sierra said to me earlier this evening.”

“What was that?”

“Um...” started Rick as he sighed heavily, not sure how to proceed. “I’ll tell you later; don’t want her walking in on the conversation.”

“Ok...” Adelle agreed warily.

They could both hear the water in the shower still running. It would evidently be a few minutes before Sierra joined them, but Rick was hesitant to discuss details of his encounter here and now. He loved Adelle – more deeply than he could ever remember loving any woman. He’d be fully honest with her and explain everything later.

“Alright,” relinquished Adelle, smiling at him lovingly, “Sierra will be back soon I guess.” His teenage girlfriend hesitated a moment. “Why don’t we give her something exciting to join when she gets back in here?” Rick grinned, catching his girlfriend’s meaning.

Adelle eyed him slyly, taking off her shirt.

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