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Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


The rest of the week was really busy. Everyone scheduled to compete in the big swimming and diving tournament passed the drug tests. I hired two off-duty EMT guys with advanced lifesaving training to work around the diving tank and by the time they arrived on Friday afternoon, everything else was set. I had about an hour to relax.

Or so I thought.

Right at that moment, Coach Martin arrived and was accepting congratulations about the new job from everyone when he caught my eye.

He pointed back to my office and I arrived first, propping my door open until we were both inside.

The first thing he did was to kiss me. Then he described the new university and the job they offered him. He said that everything was set, except for one very important detail.

"It sounds lovely.” I said. "I hate to see you go, but I'm happy for you, Doug. You deserve it."

"I'm not going to take the job.” he said.

"What?" I gasped. "Why? It sounds perfect for you."

"It is.” he admitted.

"Then why not?" I asked. "What's keeping you here?"

"You.” he said, shocking me.

We talked and I realized he was serious.

"The only way I'll leave is if you go with me, Jessica.” he said.

"I can't just run off with you, Doug.” I protested.

"I'm not asking you to run off.” he said. "Marry me, Jessica. We can start a new life together."

"I don't know what to say.” I stammered.

"Take your time.” he said. "Just remember one thing, honey."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I love you."

I was in my office 15 minutes later, still mulling over Doug's offer when Todd knocked on the door. I was still warm from Doug's kiss when Todd kissed me and told me about the deal his father was setting up in California. Todd would be a vice-president in a public relations firm. It was a real cushy job and Todd would be producing public-service commercials and short spots on TV. I was picturing him hobnobbing with celebrities when I got my second shock of the day.

"Come out to California with me.” he said. "We make a good team, Jessica."

"Are you asking me to marry you?" I gasped.

"Well.” he said smoothing. "Not right away. I thought I'd set you up in a nice condo by the bay. I'll cover all expenses of course."

The shy young man I'd fucked a week ago seemed different-much more assured and confident. He was no longer the same swimmer I'd fucked, but then I wasn't the same either.

"Think about it.” he said, convincingly. "We're great in bed together. Come on out with me. Give it a shot. Shit. I'll put you in some of our commercials. As pretty as you are, you'll probably be discovered in no time."

"Jesus, Todd.” I said, confused by all that was happening to me. "I've got to run.” he said, looking up the clock.

"I'm in the second race. Watch me. You don't have to decide right now. Tell me later."

"Good luck.” I said.

"You'll think about it?"


"I'll check back with you in about an hour.” he said. "I'll let you know how I did."

Alone in my office, I tried to think. I liked Todd. After all, he was my first, but I really liked Doug too.

I was going to have to make a choice, between a life here with Doug and one with Todd in California.

Todd was young and on his way to being rich, I thought. He was tall, built like a Greek god and real handsome. With his daddy's influence, I could probably make the right connections and meet the right people.

Doug, on the other hand, was a middle-aged swimming and diving coach who would probably never make more money than he was being offered right now. He was balding on top and a little flabby around the middle. But, Doug loved me. Once I made myself accept this fact, I realized that I loved him, too.

I made my decision and went out to watch the first races. When Todd came out, he waved at me as they introduced him. As he leaped into the pool, I could see the athletic grace that made him such a good swimmer. His backstroke was much stronger than the others in the pool and he eased ahead at the first turn. By the third pass in the water, Todd was in control. He won easily, just missing the university record by three-tenths of a second.

As the next race began, I watched Doug as he talked to the diving coach at the diving end.

I went back to my office, leaving the door propped open again. Todd came to me less than two minutes later, fresh from a shower.

"How about a kiss for the winner?" he said, kicking the door shout behind him.

I came into his arms, opening my mouth as his soft lips touched mine. As our tongues rolled together, Todd pushed his crotch tightly against me and I felt his hard cock.

"Todd.” I said, breaking the kiss.

"What?" he whispered back, his fingers pulling down on the ring attached to front zipper of my dress.

"I need to tell you something.” I groaned as he cupped my naked titties. Todd's fingers rolled my nipples, bringing on a little shiver of passion up inside my belly.

"Mmm, baby.” I tried again. "We need to talk."

Todd picked me up, putting my ass on the empty desktop and rocked me back, picking up my dress. His hands found my panties and he shoved his fingers deeply up into the gushing slit of my cunt. "What did you want to say?" he said.

"It's about what you said.” I panted. "California."

Todd found my clitty and rubbed it firmly.

"What did I ask you again?" he teased.

"Ooh, you bastard.” I groaned as a shiver ran through my hot cunt. "I can't remember."

I fell back, spreading my legs. Todd stripped off his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He stared down at me, looking at my widely open cunt.

"Can I?" he asked.

I knew what he meant as his face came down toward my hot pussy.

"Sure, baby.” I whispered. "I don't know any girl who'd turn down getting her pussy licked."

Todd dove right in, sliding his stiff tongue into my steaming fuck hole. He worked his greedy tongue up and down through my hot cuntlips and wrapped his lips around my swollen button. I groaned loudly as he sucked and when his tongue flicked out over the very tip, I nearly died.

But, as he started licking, I felt myself pulling back. I was so horny that his tongue only irritated me, holding me back from what I really wanted.

"Ooooh!" I groaned. "I'm sorry. I can't stand that, Todd. No, honey. Bring that big thing up here. I'm too horny."

"What should I do?" he groaned.

"Fuck me" I whispered. "Fuck me with that big thing, Todd."

I reached down, wrapping my hand around Todd's stiffened prick and I rippled my fingers, checking to make sure it was firm and ready. My hand turned, guiding his hard prick into my pussy.

He slammed home, filling me with his pulsing prick meat.

"Ooh, Todd.” I groaned. "I'm sure glad you fucked me, baby. Do it to me again. Fuck me nice."

I had a lot to show Todd. Since our first fuck, I'd learned quite a bit. As he pumped his prick hard and fast into my slippery love-channel, I squeezed down and rolled my hips to delight him. His powerful cock eager and throbbing, slammed into my dripping cunt.

"Slowly.” I urged him, using him hands to slow his frantic strokes. "Let me work my pussy for you, honey. Let me milk your pretty prick with my cunt. Feel that? Yes. Just like that, baby. Nice and deep."

I rippled my inner magic, slamming my hips up with each stroke, my groin raising to meet Todd's as we fucked on top of my desk.

"Let me get on top.” I whispered, knowing that I could control the fuck better if I was riding Todd.

The desk was too hard, so I quickly rolled Todd over onto the carpeted floor. I stripped out of my dress, leaving my nursing hat and stockings on.

I shivered with total joy as I slowly raised and lowered my small frame over Todd's muscular body, sliding my cream-coated pussy down over his steel-hard cock. I trembled from the heavenly pleasure of having his prick back inside me.

"Mmmm.” I purred. "I'm so glad you took my cherry, baby. You were my first. My first cock."

When his big throbbing boner was fully buried, I sat upright and looked down at Todd, seeing the hungry look on his face. I sat perfectly still for a few seconds, pushing down on his flat tummy to stop him from stroking up into me. The glorious sensations grew as I concentrated on the rippling grip I'd practiced for two weeks.

"Ooooh.” he groaned, trying to drive his cock up into me as my talented cunt came alive around him, all tight and lurching over his prick.

"No.” I whispered. "Let me."

I rode his cock shaft slowly, using everything I'd learned and I carefully didn't let him cum when I felt a hard jerking.

"Jesus, Jessica!" Todd hissed. His face twisted with lust as my milking wetness stroked all the way up to the very tip of his throbbing hard-on and then fell back in one swooping, rippling drop.

"Here.” I whispered. "Do something with your hands."

I drew his shaking hands back to my naked titties and picked up the beat a little, giving an extra grind at the bottom of each stroke as I swirled my hot cunt around his pretty prick. Todd answered with hard thrusts of his own.

"You like the way I'm fucking you, Todd?" I moaned.

"Oooh.” he groaned as that deep throbbing started once more. "God, you fuck nice, Jessica."

"You started me.” I whispered. "This pretty prick did it to me. God, I love this. I love fucking."

Todd was getting close again. I milked down, easing my external motion until he was back under control again. Inside, I rippled just enough to drive him absolutely wild. Each time he was about to explode, I kept him from cumming.

The long, thrilling fuck went on and on. Both of us were getting more excited. I'd cum three times and Todd was so close to getting off that his face turned blue. I slowed just enough to keep the blast of hot cum inside his balls and he pinched down hard on my nipples, bringing on another quick cum that rocked through me.

As I recovered, I pushed up to his chest, wriggling until I'd relaxed enough to slide up.

"Where are you going?" he groaned. I pulled off, not wanting him to cum too quickly and his wet cock slapped up on his belly.

"Don't worry.” I giggled. "You're gonna love it."

My mouth was salivating and I dove down, licking up my own juices as I slurped over Todd's raging boner.

"Aaaah.” I groaned, keeping my lips to the head of his jerking prick as I naughtily teased him. "He's so big and hard for me, baby. Your cock's like a rock, Todd. Like a fucking rock."

"God! "he panted.

"I just want a little taste of him.” I whispered. "You're gonna get to fuck more, baby. Don't worry. I'm not going to let you cum, though. Not yet. Not 'til I'm ready."

"Please?" he begged.

"Fuck me doggie-style.” I whispered lewdly, running my fist up over the entire length of my lover's cock. "One more kiss then get behind me, baby. Put your pretty prick up me from behind."

I picked up Todd's pretty prick, tightening my fingers into a fist as I ran my moist tongue all over the glistening length of his meaty cock. Clear liquid trickled out of his piss-slit as I squeezed and I licked off his cock honey and looked into his eyes.

"Fuck me from the rear.” I said. "Now."

Quickly spinning around, I pushed my naked ass up to Todd and his hands gripped my hips. I felt the head of his prick bumping into my thigh then centering as I shifted. He shoved again, this time sinking right up into my wet fuck hole. The thick head of Todd's boner pushed between my sucking cunt lips.

"Ooooh, that's the spot.” I groaned.

"I've never done it like this.” he admitted, panting wildly behind me as I squirmed back tightly. "You're doing great honey. Just fucking great!"

"I am?" he asked.

"Is that all you're gonna give me?" I groaned, circling my hips seductively. "I need more than just the head, honey."

Todd answered by ramming his lovely hard cock up into my cunt. Deeper and deeper he drove and I twisted my ass, swirling my hot cunt over his dick.

"Yes!" I hissed. "Oooh, I love it like this. I can feel him. Nice and deep. Fuck it to me, baby. Go real deep in me. Fuck me nice, Todd."

Todd was panting wildly and I reached around and placed his hand on my tit. As I moaned with desire, I felt his heavy balls swinging back and forth against my cunt.

"You're so wet, Jessica.” he groaned.

"All for you.” I panted back, the tightness of my cunt making his thick prick force its way through my pussy-lips each time he pulled all the way out of my sucking heat. "Keep fucking me. Oooh, God. I'm gonna cum. Keep fucking me!"

Todd feverishly lunged back and forth, his flat belly slapping against my asscheeks as he fucked me right through an awesome climax. As his hand cupped my titties and then moved to my cuntal slit, I felt another throbbing. Todd's prick was getting too close again.

"Easy.” I groaned. "Don't cum yet, baby. I wanna suck it. I want you pretty prick in my mouth when you cum, Todd."

"Jesus!" he gasped again.

"Yes.” I cooed, torturing him. "You'd like that. Cumming in my mouth. But don't cum until I can taste it."

I reached back, catching his balls on the next stroke, squeezed over his hairy globes and rolled Todd's nuts, feeling them sliding around inside my fingers.

"You've got to stop.” he panted hoarsely.

"Why?" I teased. "I'm gonna cum if you don't!" he gasped.

"I think it's time for me to suck cock.” I said, sliding forward to unhook us as Todd stood. I shoved him into my chair, knowing that he was too weak to stand and I dropped to my knees in front of him. His shiny prick was jerking and bobbing up and down.

I slid my hands under his squirming globes and raised my mouth, flicking and licking across the smooth surface of his cock. I tasted my cunt all over him and with a low moan, I opened my mouth and let my lips slide along the dripping, purple head of Todd's cock.

"Ooooh, Jessie!" he groaned.

"I'm gonna suck you off now.” I whispered, looking right up into Todd's eyes as I spoke. "Cum for me, baby. Fuck my mouth. Fill me up with your sweet cum."

I kissed the fiery head of his cock, feeling a jerking throb in response. Then I swirled my tongue slowly, ringing the sensitive flesh of the crown.

"Suck it.” he groaned.

I opened my mouth, taking the bulb-like head between my lips and scraping my teeth gently over the spongy flesh.

He throbbed against my lips and I knew he was going to cum. I didn't want to stop him this time and I bobbed down, letting the thick head of Todd's jerking boner slide down into the depths of my clutching throat and then I rode back up until I was holding about half of his meaty thickness inside my moist mouth.

"Christ!" he was panting. "What a cock-sucker."

I was so turned on by blowing Todd that I started to cum. I licked around the crown, feeling the deeply centered jerking getting stronger. My face twisted, as I sucked in his bulging cock.

"I'm cumming!" he groaned.

Wild spurts filled my mouth. I didn't swallow and Todd shot out again, another wad of his love juice, coating my tongue.

"Mmmm.” I moaned again.

As Todd's prick started to droop, I turned my face up, letting his prick slip away from my gripping lips. I looked up into Todd's eyes, my mouth full of his cum, I tilted my face and swallowed the whole mouthful.

"Now we need to talk.” I said several minutes later.

"Can I assume that you're going with me?" he said, dressing.

"No.” I said. "I'm sorry, Todd. I'm not going to California with you. I've got a better offer.

"Well.” he asked again. "What was this then?"

"This was our good-bye fuck.” I said sadly.

We won the meet and everyone from the 183 school cheered and screamed when the scores were read. Finally, the crowd left and Doug called all of our teams together. He talked to the male and female member on our team and congratulated them on the big win.

When he finished speaking the team and the assistant coaches remained. No one really wanted to leave until they found out what Doug was going to do. He kept saying he had to wait for more information and at that I walked up to him. He wouldn't look at me and just hung his face, certain that I would turn him down.

"Will you marry me?" he asked again, the words so soft that I knew they directed only to my ears.

"How do you feel about letting your wife work?" I asked loudly so my words rang out in the big swimming facility.W

"I think it's up to her.” he said.

"I should be able to get on as the team's nurse.” I said, grinning. "After all, I'm going to know the new head coach and assistant athletic director pretty well after we get married."

Doug laughed. "I love you.” he said, wrapping his arms around me tightly. "I love you so much, Jessica.

I know, I thought, smiling into his loving eyes.

-=The End=-

Special Thanks to my editor and proofreader, Peppergarden. She has been my editor since she entered college and needed part-time work. She has since moved on to write her own novels under a new name. My apologies for neglecting to give her the praise due while she was an undergrad in Journalism. Honey, I love you and your work very much. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Always remember I am here anytime you want to visit me. PJ
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