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Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


The sound of the shower woke me. This wasn't my room at the dorm, I thought, looking around sleepily. Then I remembered what had happened between the four of us last night.

My body remembered, too. It was sore all over.

Blinking away sleep, I saw that I was in the middle of the big bed with a naked man on either side. Pam was in the shower and as I glanced at the clock, I could see I had about an hour and a half before I was due at work.

Plenty of time, I thought as I snuggled against the body behind me. I felt a hard-cock sticking into my ass and I reached around in front of me until I found the softness of another cock. I fondled Bill's dick, which wasn't soft for long, and wriggled my ass, clenching my tight buns over Rob's hard-on. Slowly, they awoke-we hadn't killed them, after all, I thought.

I rolled over onto my back, one hand on each hard cock and stroked them both, feeling my pussy grow all wet and slick inside.

"Wake up, sleepy head.” I whispered, using my thumbs to rub pre-cum into the sensitive spots just under each guy's piss-slit.

Rob's cock twitched in my hand and Billy's grew even stiffer, poking out of my fingers as I ran them up and down his long, thin shaft.

"What do you want?" asked Rob.

"I've got what I want.” I joked, gripping tightly around both rock-hard cock. "I just need to find somewhere to put 'em."

"I think we created a monster.” said Billy.

"That's right.” I said, "and if you two don't wake up and do something, I'm gonna bite both of you on the neck."

I kissed them both awake, spending more time on the two upright pricks than anywhere else. Then I scooted away from the groping hands, rolling Rob over beside Billy. Hip to hip, I pointed a prick toward the center.

"Yeah.” I said in triumph.

They just reached. With a cock in each hand, I pushed the twin towers of prick-flesh close together and lashed my moist tongue over both of these wonderful tubes. Two hard-ons dribbled sweet honey into my taste buds.

The breakfast of champions. This beats the shit out of orange juice, I thought as I milked over each prick to get more of my special treat.

That seemed to get their attention, so I slipped up over Rob's narrow waist. I quickly swallowed his huge hard-on with my slick pussy, right down to the hilt. My mouth had wet his dick nicely and the slippery juices soaking my pussy walls did the rest. I stretched out over him.

"Didn't you get enough last night?" he asked.

"Never.” I said.

"That's not what you were moaning last night.” added Billy.

"That was yesterday.” I said with a laugh. "It's time for today's fuck, Billy and you're next."

I kissed Billy full on the mouth, trembling as my insides molded around Rob's lovely hard prick. Billy pulled back, giving us room to fuck and Rob raised his legs, pushing up my hips in a way that trapped them in place. The move separated our crotches and Rob filled the gap as he slowly stroked his huge hard-on up into me.

Rob's gentle fucking was so stimulating. I soaked his deeply thrusting cock with the molten cream from inside my hot cunt. I pushed up enough to raise my aching nipples over his face and he caught one, chewing it with his teeth as he kept up that steady, rocking rhythm. Rob fucked me in a deep, slow, sensual pattern-a if he had no plans to cum. He was just sliding that beautiful hard-on into me for my own pleasure.

I thrust my hips against him, pushing up just enough to get the steaming knob of my clitty over his sawing cock shaft. I was fully aware of what was happening to me. The muscles in my thighs and ass and inside my hot pussy hardened and gripped in time with Rob's stroking.

"Yes, baby.” I whispered. "Just a little more. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum so nice."

"Here it is, Jessie.” he panted back, fucking my gyrating cunt.

Billy rolled over on his side and watched seemingly content, as Rob rolled my nipples and worked that huge cock of his in and out. He humped me in little inch-long strokes until I was begging for it and then slammed up a full-length stroke that split me in two. As he shoved all the way up into me, I blasted off in a glorious cum and my scalding pussy rippled over Rob's deeply embedded prick.

"You done?" he asked, his voice revealing that he wanted me to keep going.

"No.” I purred.

"How about me?" called Billy, stroking up my thigh seductively. "You said I was next."

I looked over. Billy had his prick in his hand and was stroking the long, thin boner while he watched me fucking Rob.

"You don't have to wait.” I said, looking back over my shoulder. "I think we can find some place for you. Get something to lube me up and stick that pretty prick up my ass, Billy."

I'd never seen a man move so fast as he reached for the tube of K-Y Jelly in a drawer in the nightstand. I knew that I wasn't the only girl to figure out that Billy's lovely, thin prick was just about perfect for ass-fucking.

"Yeah, baby.” I groaned as his hand pulled apart the cheeks of my ass. "Get in me. Put your cock up my ass, Billy."

Billy massaged and opened my back-door hole, my butt sucking and squishing as he finger-fucked me into action.

It didn't take me long. With a prick already throbbing inside my dripping cunt, Billy found my ass-rings relaxed and supple.

"Do it.” I whispered.

Billy's cockhead slipped between my asscheeks, pressing in then pulling back. I pulled up off the cock buried in my tight cunt, holding it just inside cunt-lips and the second hard-on nudged up into my asshole.

Both men were soft and gentle with me. As Billy's long hard-on pushed in, I felt his balls hanging down over the bottom of my cunt. He pulled back this time all the way and slid into me deeply as I undulated over Rob's hard body. I was being fucked by two men at the same time and I loved feeling sot full, so totally full of prick flesh.

With a low groan, I squeezed down and ground my cunt over Rob's thick hard-on. Then I pulled back, forcing Billy's prick into my churning asshole, trapping my body with a bone-hard cock at both ends.

Seeing my spasming delight, the two men picked up the next stroke of my hips, working in perfect rhythm. I rocked my hips to swallow up Rob's huge hard-on, long and deep inside me and then I pulled back to suck in the prick between the cheeks of my trembling ass. Billy stroked his thin cock up into my asshole as Rob pulled out of my cunt.

Both men were long-cocking me. They were pulling out until just the jerking head of their prick was being sucked by my cunt or ass. The only time I had them both inside me was when they passed inside my shuddering body and a thin membrane of tissue separated their two throbbing cock.

"Oooooh, my God!" I moaned, smoldering from this wild double-penetrating fuck.

I rocked back and forth, pushing up on Rob's chest. But as I tried to move up, my timing got all messed up.

"Noo.” I groaned.

The guys tried to pick it up again, but unfortunately, both of them tried at the same time. They both drove a surging prick into me and instead of that steady in-and-out prick stretching, everything changed. They both fucked into me at the same instant and I was stretched between two raging cocks, banging into each other and tearing through my tender flesh.

"Oooooh, yes!" I screamed.

Billy and Rob pulled back as one, leaving me with only the tips of two lovely pricks teasing my asshole and pussy. Then again, slamming into me together, they magnificently attacked my defenseless body and fucked me to rapture.

At some point in this rocking rhythm, they paused. They felt me squirming between them, but neither man slammed his prick back into me. I waited, whimpering, my pussy and asshole begging for cock.

"Fuck me!" I screamed, "Please. Someone fuck me!"

My young body arched into a bow. I wanted to fuck each of them, to ripple my tight cunt and tighter butt over each hard prick that was thrilling me. But if moved toward one, I would be pulling back from the other. All I could do was undulate between them, letting them fuck me at their pace.

I squeezed with everything I had as Billy and Rob dual-dicked me and it seemed as if all I did was cum and cum and cum.

"Don't stop.” I groaned. "Both of you keep fucking me like that. Fuck me hard!"

Both men bottomed out against each other, the two knobby cockheads tearing me in two as they hammered into me together. Rob's hands were on my ribs, holding me upright, locked between the two cocks. Billy's chest was pressing heavily on my back, his arms circling my waist and there were hands everywhere on my tits.

"Nice of y'all to wait.” said Pam, bringing me out of my orgasmic daze.

Never one to be left out of the action, Pam unwrapped a blue, damp towel from her wet hair and started towards us.

As I closed my eyes again, I felt Pam crawl up over Rob's face. She straddled the big coach's head, playfully grinding over his face and sliding her cunt over his upraised tongue.

"Hi.” I said.

"Are we having fun yet?" she asked, shoving her big soft tits into my face.

With Pam suddenly here, it seemed our fucking pace picked up. Billy's thin boner slapped between my asscheeks, driving fully into my gripping asshole and Rob's huge hard-on was stretching my cunt so far I knew I couldn't take another fraction of an inch.

As Pam fondled my breasts, I looked down. She smiled at me, her eyes filled with lust.

"Yes.” she whispered. "We are. We havin' fun, ain't we?"

I couldn't agree more.

I reached for Pam's tits and as I caught one inch-long bud with my soft lips, the man reaming out my asshole groaned.

"Ooooh, sweet Jesus.” moaned Pam, as she bucked up against Rob's face.

"I can't hold it.” yelled Billy.

We were all so close and I sucked Pam's nipple even harder. Suddenly, she squirmed out of control against my face and slipped up, bringing her hot cunt off Rob's face. I looked straight down, seeing all of her dripping cuntal slash as Rob tongue-fucked her, driving his stiffened tongue faster up into her asshole.

"Sweet Jesus! "Pam screamed. "Fmcummin'. Oooh, tongue it. Tongue my hot little ass, darling. Make me cum hard."

Like some uncontrollable force, it hit. Pam's cumming set us all off. The cock in my burning asshole throbbed and plowed my butt harder. Then I screamed, biting down hard on Pam's super-sensitive nipple.

"Jesus, Jessie!" wailed Pam. My face came up and Pam's lips mashed into mine. We kissed, sucking and tonguing and her arms went around me, holding me upright as the two men drove for the final few strokes that would bring them off.

"Cum!" Pam groaned. "Both of y'all. Cum!"

Rob's cock slammed up and down in me like a runaway freight train as he feverishly ate out Pam's dripping pussy.

In seconds, both cocks buried in my climaxing young body twitched and shot out hot cum. Nothing could compare to what I was feeling at that moment. Lightning bolts of sexual electricity flashed through all four of us as our bodies writhed and shook on the bed.

"Yes!" I screamed and my body seemed to float.

I guess I passed out a little and I know I was on fire. The desire that had been building ever since I'd discovered the joys of sex burst into a burning cone of fire right in the center of my belly. I'd been turned into a fucking, sucking, cock-loving beast. Wave after wonderful wave of pleasure surged through me. All I needed now was a third prick for my mouth, I suddenly thought. That would make everything perfect. A cock burning in my ass, a cock in my pussy and one more sliding deeply into my throat.

That amazingly wicked thought swirled around in my numb brain and then it all faded. I felt light-headed.

"Jessica, honey?" I heard Pam say. "You okay, sweetie?"

I was only out for a few seconds. But when my eyes opened again, my cunt and asshole were still undulating in climactic twitches around two slowly drooping pricks. Cum was dripping out of both my holes and I smiled into Pam's pretty face.

"Mmmm.” I groaned, raising up to kiss her lips gently. "I'm fine, baby. Just fine."

By the time we all could manage to struggle up from the big bed, we realized the morning had slipped away from us. I was the only one who had to work today, but I knew I wouldn't make it. It took all three of them just to drag me off the bed.

Pam and I stood under the warm water of the shower and she soaped my naked body. Feeling her soapy skin against mine brought me back to life.

Pam dried my hair as Rob ran over to my dorm to get a clean white jumpsuit for me. After Pam brought me back to life, it looked as if I'd be able to make it to work after all.

To be Continued
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