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Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


I left my office and went straight to Pam's place. Her roommate said she was out on a date, so I left a message to call me. We had to talk. Even though I enjoyed Dr. Young and his kinky cock, I didn't want Pam setting me up with any other men-at least before she checked with me first.

Pam wasn't at her dorm room when I checked later on that evening and I was going to leave a message with her class advisor the next day, but I suddenly got real busy. The swimming complex was like a zoo with people running in and out. Coach Martin was still away and the athletic director was using Doug's office to set up appointments for a replacement for him.

Doug sent word that he would be back for the swim meet on Friday and from what I could tell, he was in for a rather sweet deal at this new university. He did tell the secretary who took his call that he had one more thing to check on before making his decision.

There wasn't a practice schedule for Tuesday afternoon, so I left early and walked over to Pam's dorm again. She was still out and I thought of one more place I could try: Billy Robertson's place, of course.

I rode the bus to the north side of town and found Coach Robertson's apartment right away. He was on the top floor, with a private entrance that wound up a set of stairs.

When I knocked, I heard a stereo playing inside the apartment and moments later Pam looked out of the curtains in a window about I0 feet from where I was standing. Then she opened the door, keeping it open about a foot and sticking her head out to talk.

"Hi, Jessie.” she said.

"Don't 'Hi' me, Pam.” I said.

"I didn't think you'd be all that mad at me.” she said in a low voice. "Didn't you just love that rascal's cock? Hot damn! Like suckin' on a snake, wasn't it? Talk about radical."

"Yes.” I admitted with a smile. "I liked it. But you can't keep on doing that to me, Pam."

"Doing what?" she asked.

"Telling some man that I want to fuck.” I said. "Telling that smug doctor that I wanted it up my ass wasn't very nice."

"How was it?" giggled Pam.

It was hard to stay mad at her. "Fantastic.” I gushed out. "I thought it was going to come out my mouth."

"Yeah.” she said. "I know the feeling. I love it up my backside, when the mood is right."

"That doesn't matter right now.” I said, trying to be serious again. "You were bad, Pam. I don't ever want you setting me up again. I don't want you assuming that I'll let any man fuck me."

"I'm sorry.” she said.

"I'll decide if and when I get fucked. I'm serious.” I said, suddenly wondering what Pam was doing in the coach's apartment.

"I promise.” she said. "I'll never set you up again."

"That's better.” I said.

Pam then opened the door the rest of the way and stood behind the door until I was inside. She was naked-and not alone. I could see Billy Robertson and Rob Dunn standing in the hallway leading to the bedroom. The two coaches were laughing and they were as naked as she.

I stopped midway into the room and stared at the two big hard-ons stick up in the air.

"I lied.” Pam giggled. "I told the guys you'd be over to join us in bed. Pick your cock and let's get fucked."

Suddenly the two coaches lifted me up and carried me to the bedroom, planting my body in the middle of the king-sized bed. They smothered me with kisses and caresses and in record time, my nurse's uniform was off.

Something thick, very hard and leaking pushed into my hand and I knew at once that it wasn't Billy's cock that my fingers were touching. I couldn't even close my fist around the base of the thickness of this amazing prick.

"What y'all think of that one, Jessie?" I heard Pam snicker as she rolled over to give us room. "That's 10-I/2 inches of prime, Texas tube-steak, sweetie." I turned to look down at Coach Dunn's monster hard-on. I remembered how big it had looked when I peeked through the vent to the storage room and right now it was still huge.

No way, I thought. There's no way I could ever stretch enough to get this king-sized cock up inside me. My pussy was too tight to fuck the handsome diving coach.

"Ever see anything like that in your life?" giggled Pam. "Go for it, honey. Jump on that big ol' horse-cock."

"How?" I gasped. "It'll tear me in two."

"Get on top.” Rob suggested. He was rubbing his middle finger up through my puffy cunt lips, making my mind all fuzzy. "That way you can control it. Take as much as you want."

Rob rolled over and his eager cock pointed up in the air, twitching for my pussy.

As I straddled his hips, Rob reached for my breasts with both hands, drawing me down for a quick kiss on each nipple before pushing me back upright.

"You want to give it a try?" Rob asked.

"Yes.” I whispered.

I wanted to dive down and swallow this huge thing up in one swooping thrust, but I was afraid. As Rob urged me on, his hands all over my tits, I reached down and tightly gripped that tower of cock meat, guiding it to my oozing pussy lips.

"Oooh.” I groaned.

It felt like the fat end of a baseball bat throbbing against the sensitive outer lips of my eager cunt. I wrapped my fingers firmly around his thick prick about halfway up and slowly rubbed his heavy prick head back and forth along my dripping slash. I had to reach between us with my other hand to part my swollen cunt lips so his throbbing cockhead could slide between them.

When I looked down, I saw my hot fuck hole gaping open, sucking over his huge cock. And I wasn't the only one watching either. Pam was moving her hand slowly over Billy's long, thin prick and both of them were eyeing me, waiting to see if I could get this overwhelming fuck-muscle up into my hot cunt.

My pussy juice oozed out all over his blunt tip and I curled my fingers, letting my flowering outer lips surround Rob's cockhead. He was cupping the cheeks of my ass and I sat upright, my feet under me and pulled up over his prick, moving my hands out of the way.

"Go, Jessie.” urged Pam and Billy.

I lowered my fur lined cunt and his cock slid its way up into my tight pussy. I slowly sank and I was so wet I didn't need to move back and forth to keep his prick lubricated. I'd oozed enough cunt-cream over that thick hardness to let it slide smoothly into my clenching pussy.

I closed my eyes, throwing back my head. Things like this didn't happen to me, I thought. It had only been a little over a week since my first sexual encounter and now everything was happening so fast. Yet, I wanted more. It was hard for me to believe I was a shy virgin when I took the nursing job with this college. And now I was being impaled by the biggest prick I'd ever seen.

I rested my hands on Rob's chest and felt his cock about halfway inside me. I moved one hand to my flat tummy and as I pushed in gently, I could feel the sliding and pumping of that tremendously hard cock as it advanced another inch into depths no man had ever probed before. I rolled my hips, sinking down further and felt my insides moving and adjusting to take more of Rob inside me.

As the others watched, I felt my ass touching Rob's balls. "Yes!" I hissed, raising myself up and settling down once more to assure myself that I really was totally around Rob's beautiful boner. "I did it. He's in me. The whole fucking thing's in me!"

The sound of Pam and Billy cheering and clapping me on came to me in the fog my mind was thrashing through. I wasn't even aware of them any longer. My every thought was on the log-like cock I was going to fuck.

"Now.” Rob said.

I wanted to feel my tight cunt fucking over his stiff hard-on as much as Rob did. I rode him like that, with my feet tucked up under me to control how much cock I was letting him feed into my hungry pussyhole. I surged up, sliding my wet heat over his meaty thickness. Up and down, sliding my tight, newly educated cunt.

It was heavenly. Long, smooth strokes. Rob let me do all the fucking, just working his fingers over my nipples occasionally to give me added stimulation. I gripped with the slippery, contracting walls of my hot pussy, using my inner fuck muscles and opened my eyes, looking down into Rob's. He smiled, pointing with his chin over to Pam and Billy.

Pam was on her back and Billy was astride her chest, his long, thin cock sliding back and forth between the tightly squeezed mounds of Pam's creamy breasts. He was fucking her tits and as I watched, I could see the purple head of his prick slipping out of her gripping softness. He held it there, pushing up high toward her face and Pam bent her neck, licking across the tip with her moist tongue. She left a glistening smear of her spit on the swollen cockhead.

"That's wild, isn't it?" Rob whispered.

And getting better, I thought. Pam had both of her hands pushing in on the big, soft pillows of her boobs and Billy was pushing in tighter over her hands, driving that long prick of his through her tit-pussy. Her hot blue eyes were locked on the head of his cock as it peeked out on each stroke. Billy's head was upright and he looked as if he was on the verge of a wonderful climax.

"Cum, baby.” she said. "Cum for little Pam."

My eyes were locked on the sight of Billy's long hard-on splitting between Pam's massive tits. I saw Pam pinch her own nipples and I heard her urging him to cum. To shower her face with his hot cum. Her eyes, too, were glazed with lust.

Suddenly, that long prick jerked and shoved as far forward as Billy could get it. He groaned and Pam moaned with him, arching her neck to get her face in front of Billy's stiff prick.

Billy's hot juice spilled out in gut-wrenching spurts and splashed up over Pam's upturned face. In seconds, she had a ring of hot cum circling her throat, the pooling cock-cream looking like a necklace of pearls.

"Oooh, God.” I panted again.

We both watched as Billy climaxed between Pam's quivering tits. I don't know why, but what Pam did next shocked me. She scooped up a little of the spent cum with her fingers, slurping and sucking them. Then she rubbed the rest of Billy's cum over her tits and belly. I groaned at the sight of her as Rob's big boner throbbed up inside me.

Watching Pam and Billy had made my pussy melt so that now I could fully accept his huge size. My pussy was moving over him easily now and I decided to try something else.

"Fuck me like you did Pam.” I said. "Do it the way you did in the storage room."

"How did you see me fuck Pam?" he asked.

"I peeked from my office.” I groaned, just wanting him to do it.

Without breaking our body connection, Rob wrapped his arms around me and rolled me over on my back. His arms pushed up and squirming, he wriggled one arm under each of my legs as I pulled them up.

"Just like you fucked her.” I moaned, my body wrenching in anticipation. "Hard and fast and dirty, baby. Fuck the shit out of me!"

Rob shoved his arms under my spread legs, leaving my pussy totally exposed for his huge, hard cock. He wiggled, getting the thick weapon exactly where he wanted it and then drove it into my belly. All in one attack thrust, his prick hit bottom and I cried out through my clenched teeth.

"Okay?" Rob asked.

"Deeper.” I answered.

"You've got it all, Jessica."

"Then harder.” I pleaded.

I could tell that he wanted to hammer his thick cock into my sexy young body, so I screwed myself up over his hard-on, begging him to do just that. Rob pushed up higher, his hands slipped under my trembling ass and my legs slipped up his arms and then over his shoulders. My ankles were against his neck and my legs were stretched in a wide bow, allowing him all the room he needed to fuck me hard and deep and fast.

"Ooooh, yes!" I wailed as his deep lunging thrusts pounded the air out of my lungs.

Hot blasts of pure delight ran through my body as Rob threw this body-rocking fuck into me. My orange-size titties were dancing rhythmically on my chest from the force of his steel-stiff cock and suddenly I felt hands covering my aching tits. Billy chewed at the nipple on my right side, as Pam's teasing tongue flicked over the swollen bud on the other side.

Without opening my eyes, I reached out with both hands, finding a soft, flaccid prick on one side and a slippery, hot pussy on the other.

I played with both.

Rob was fucking me just the way I'd dreamed. Deep, hard and quick. Hands were all over me, my nipples were being sucked and my hot pussy was being voraciously pounded. Rob stretched it wide open, as his huge hard-on brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

As the cock in my hand hardened, Pam slipped to that side and took the prick from my fingers. She and Billy rose up over me, his prick right above my face. I watched as she sucked and licked over the long, thin rod and my cunt tightened, grasping around Rob's throbbing cock. I knew he was going to cum.

"Pull out.” I groaned. "Oooh, God, Robbie. Pull that beautiful cock out when you cum. Squirt it up on my belly. I wanna see you cum, baby. I want you to cum all over my body."

"Is that what you want?" he panted, pushing up higher.

"Yes!" I screamed.

Pam had bragged about how fast she could make a guy cum, even if she had just fucked him and now was a good time to find out if she could get Billy to shoot his hot cum again quickly.

"Get him off for me.” I begged her. "Please, Pam. Make him shoot off on me. Make him cum all over me!"

I slowed my frantic humping over Rob's prick and Pam sucked faster. We were in a race and I wanted both Rob and Billy to cover my hot young body with cum at the same instant.

"Hurry.” gasped Rob.

I watched, unable to stop the muscles clenching spasmodically inside my silky pussy. Pam's face was twisted with lust and she sucked madly, her tight fist pumping up and down over the long shaft of Billy's prick.

"Put a finger up his ass!" I screamed.

Pam's fingers found the crack in Billy's ass, she pushed in deeply and Billy arched his back, screaming out. Pam jerked her mouth free, pumping frantically with her slippery fist.

"He's gonna cum.” she groaned.

"Now.” I screamed. "Both at the same time!"

I got my wish. Rob's huge hard-on plopped out of my orgasmic cunt and spewed hot cum upon my stomach and tits. It bobbed for an eternally long time, slapping between his belly and mine then it shook one final time and erupted. Before Rob's big boner spasmed again, Billy was cumming too. Pam's hand directed his long prick toward me and it jetted, splattering his fiery love-juice from my tits up to my neck. "Yes!" I screamed, as Billy collapsed. Cum was still quivering on my belly when Rob rolled off me and Pam and I didn't let it go to waste. While the two guys rested, we 69'd. The hot cum from the two men was sliding between us naughtily, thrilling us as we tongued each other through orgasm after orgasm.

To be Continued
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