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Wet & Ready
By Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


No one likes Mondays, but this particular one started off terribly. My alarm died during the night, I got up late and was late for work. Luckily, thought, the diving and swimming teams were even later than me.

Doug was out of town today and by the time anyone arrived at the pool, I had my paperwork all caught up. For the first time, I had nothing to do.

But that changed quickly. I got a phone call from Dr. Matthew Young, the young sports medicine specialist, who was supposed to be my boss, even though I'd never met him.

Dr. Young was from a rich local family and it seems he spent most of his time accepting awards at banquets. When his office called, I was shocked. But there was no time to wonder as I had to go to his office at the Administration Building as soon as possible and meet him there.

Before I stepped out of my door, though, Todd called California. His father decided that Todd should immediately start working for the family firm and Todd has arranged, somehow, to take all of his finals at a later date. He was going to officially leave after the swim met on Friday and he said that he had something serious to ask me before he left.

I told Todd I'd been summoned to Dr. Young's office and I really had to go. As I walked over to the Administration Building, I straightened my uniform and hat. Even though I rushed, Dr. Young made me wait when I arrived in his private waiting room, a dark, small room filled with plush furniture and paintings. It was quiet and I squirmed in an armchair, anxious to know what had prompted this strange meeting.

When he finally came in. Dr. Young took me by complete surprise. He looked like an actor or a model, about 30 with dirty-blond short hair that was spiked a little. He was well-groomed and nicely attired.

I tried to stand up, but he waved me back into the seat and sat across from me, while I tried to look more serious than impressed.

After a few minutes of small talk, he straightened his jacket and hopped up on the arm of the chair.

"You're probably wondering why I called you.” he said, grinning.

"Yes, Doctor.” I said.

"I was told to call you.” he said.

"You were?" I said politely.

"Not really told.” he explained. "But a mutual friend said that we have a lot in common and suggested that we might enjoy, uh, getting together. Closely together."

"Who was the friend?" I asked.

"Pam.” he said.

"Pam.” I asked.

"Pam.” he laughed, putting both hands in front of his chest to show me exactly which Pam he meant.

Then Doctor Young told me about him and Pam. About how she'd teased him during a physical examination and then fucked him on his examination table.

"You know her pretty well.” I said, wondering what Pam had told Dr. Young about me.

"Well enough for her to tell me all about your little love session.” he said. "She also told me about how you've been wanting it up the ass."

"That little bitch needs to mind her own business.” I said.

"Pam said you would appreciate the introduction.” he said.


"Because of this.” he said, standing right in front of me.

Dr. Young reached inside his pants. At first, I thought this must be a joke, but when he dragged out his enormous cock, I knew we were in for some serious fun. At first, I couldn't take my eyes off Dr. Young's prick. It was almost as big soft as it was when half-erect. There was one other thing about I couldn't help but notice. The purple tip of his prick came sliding out of the foreskin hiding it and then I realized Dr. Young hadn't been circumcised.

Pam was right, damn her. I wanted to walk away, but that animal-like prick called to me. I dropped to my knees and my tongue flicked out over his hairy balls, riding up the long shaft. When my hand circled his half-hard cock, the extra skin felt so sinful. My hand moved and the sheath surrounding that shaft of prick meat moved with my rippling fingers.

I couldn't stop staring at Dr. Young's boner. It jerked and jumped, stretching further as my hand pumped this nasty-looking fuck-club.

"I know what you want.” he said. "Go ahead. Put it in my mouth."

If I wasn't so horny I'd have been pissed at this smart-assed young doctor for being so right. He knew that I was awed by his uncut cock and that I was dying to feel it inside my sucking mouth.

I opened my mouth and put my lips around just the tip of the doctor's prick. It was unlike any other cock I'd sucked. He moved his hand and I took over. I pulled back with my tight fist and the foreskin slid down, showing me the shiny head of his prick.

My tongue slipped through the small opening at the tip of his prick and inside I found the stiffening head of his cock. My tongue quickly circled the dripping tip of Dr. Young's boner, slipping between his pulsing, smooth cock-head and that nasty foreskin. I twirled my sensitive t tongue, working it in broad circles that made his cock stiffen even more. As I licked it, it came rising up out of the foreskin, the sleek prick head hardening up into the shape of a plum.

"Ooooh, God.” I groaned softly, bringing my mouth up from the glistening prick-head to look into his face.

"Are you still pissed at Pam?" he laughed.

"No.” I panted.

"How old are you, Nurse Perry?"

"Twenty next month.” I shuddered, nuzzling my cheek softly.

"Have you ever seen a cock like mine?" he teased, moving his hand over that foreskin again to draw out his prick head.

I grabbed the heavy shaft of his erect cock and started jacking my hand over it, massaging up and down and sliding that silky outer skin back and forth over the head. Each time I peeled back his foreskin, my tongue swirled madly around the smooth, purple ball capping this nasty looking thing.

"Yeah, Nurse.” he groaned. "Suck it. Get my prick nice and hard so I can fuck your hot little ass with it."

As I dove down over Dr. Young's big hard-on, he dipped into the top of my dress. He started fucking my mouth, slowly and gently arching his hips in time with my bobbing mouth. Then he found both my nipples and with one between each thumb and forefinger, he pinched hard.

My body shook as a grinding jolt devoured what was left of my resistance. I moaned over the cock buried in my mouth, thrilled by the way he was squeezing and rolling my nipples. As my cunt oozed out cream over my thighs, I sunk down deeper over Dr. Young's uncut prick.

My mouth softened as my pussy's juices gushed out strongly. The hard, hot surface of his cockhead touched the back of my throat. When he fucked forward the next time, I took it into my gulping throat. Another wave hit my hot cunt, blasting me into orgasm. The only sound I could make to celebrate my frantic cumming was a little squeal that gurgled out around his embedded cockhead.

"That's it, Nurse.” he groaned. "Take it. Swallow my prick right down your throat."

The top of my dress was down around my waist now. Dr. Young had my bar off and was fondling my naked breasts and rolling my aching buds then pulling them out u until I thought my nipples were going to snap right off. He tweaked my tits awhile then raised his hands and dug harshly into my hair, guiding my mouth back and forth as he fucked my throat with his throbbing prick. He pulled it all the way out, letting my lips and tongue thrill his cockhead before sliding the mighty bonder right back into my tight, gulping throat.

It jerked. The throbbing center of his hard-on quivered rhythmically. I rolled my tongue, groaning as I prepared myself for the hot rush of his orgasm. But just as I thought he was going to cum, Dr. Young pulled his prick totally out of my mouth. He took my hand, jerking me upright.

"I want you ass, Nurse, Perry.” he panted, turning me and bending me over one of those soft chairs.

"Jesus!" I hissed. "You're serious."

"Yes.” he said. "Doctor's orders, Nurse. An internal anal massage."

He pinned me over the top of one chair and my white uniform dress flipped up over my hips. I felt his hands on my panties, as one finger slipped under the elastic and glided right up into the sloppy wetness of my dripping fuck hole. He ripped off my panties, kissing and rubbing over my trembling ass. I felt him shudder as he drew in my scent.

"God, your ass is just the way Pam described it.” he sighed. "Perfect. Beautiful. An angel's ass."

He rubbed his hands over my creaming cunt and up between my thighs and then he reached into his jacket and took out a small bottle of oil. I moaned as the oil trickled down the crack of my ass, melting into the crinkled opening to my soul.

He moved steadily and expertly, sliding his fingers over my slick ass, probing in and out of my hairless crack until my muscles stopped clenching against his prodding. He rubbed firmly right over the winking bud until I could feel the rings guarding my butthole actually relaxing.

Soon, one finger was inside me. He pushed in, drawing it out slowly and then glided two fingers inside my churning butt hole. He worked slowly, not rushing me and as I shuddered, he flicked over my climaxing clitty and inserted a third finger into my shitter.

He knew I was ready. I felt his invading fingers pull out and more warm oil drip onto my asshole. As his hands moved at my hips, twisting my body slightly, I felt his cock close behind me.

Suddenly the thick head of his prick pushed between the cheeks of my ass. I tried not to tighten and didn't as the young doctor reached around and flicked over my clitty again.

I groaned into another wave of hot cumming as he hunched forward, sliding his slippery prick into my ass.

"Qoooooh!" I groaned.

Several inches of hot fuck meat slithered up into my asshole as Dr. Young put one hand on my breasts and one down on my dripping cunt. His hands kept me cumming as he slowly eased more and more of his cock into my gripping asshole. Slowly, inch by wonderful inch, Dr. Young stretched out my tight little ass and filled me with his hard cock.

"Can you take it?" he grunted.

I knew this was my first time, but I could tell from how far his belly was away from the cheeks of my ass that only a tiny portion of that meaty hard-on was up inside my slithering back door.

I'd thought we were already butt-fucking, but it turned out that we were playing a game. It was all part of an act he was playing out. The handsome young doctor fucking the innocent young nurse up the ass. He had me spread out across a chair, my uniform bunched across my belly, my tits exposed and my bottom up, leaving my hot cunt and ass all bare. But, I was still wearing my little nursing cap, shoes and white stockings. I was still very much a nurse.

"Can you take it, Nurse?" he grunted again.

"Yes.” I hissed, clenching my teeth. "Yes, Doctor."

He spread the trembling cheeks of my ass and pulled back. My cunt was on fire and my ass was voraciously nipping at the head of his wonderful cock. I was ready for him to start fucking my tight little ass and I held my breath. My back was arched to its fullest and I could feel the head of his prick just inside my asshole. I was working my muscles, sucking at his invading hardness, urging him to fuck me and to drive his cock all the way up into my wanton asshole. But he wouldn't move. I waited, my face turning blue from the lack of air.

"Jesus!" the pent-up air came out in a hissing moan. "Please. Put him in me. Fuck me. Fuck me up the ass, Doctor!"

The prick flesh just inside my trembling butt jerked again, but he still wouldn't move. I groaned, wriggling back and an inch of meaty cock slipped into me. Another groaning shove and I took more.

"Butt fuck me, Doctor.” I begged.

That was exactly what he'd been waiting for me to do. He wanted me to beg, grind and worm my way back over his sword-like cock. I did and finally he started ass-fucking me.

My tight asshole gripped all around Dr. Young's stiff prick. He fucked his cock forward, pumping his throbbing thickness into my welcoming butt-hole until his hair belly was tightly against my muscular ass-cheeks. He was all the way in my asshole, pumping all of his rigid prick into me.

"How is it?" he moaned loudly.

"Ooooh, Doctor.” I groaned.

"Is it starting to feel good, Nurse?" he asked.

"It feels fantastic!" I hissed, almost screaming out loud for this conceited doctor to shut up and butt fuck me. "Fuck me. Yes. Fuck me up the ass, Doctor."

With his hands digging into my hips, I started to sway in time with his ass-stretching strokes. My eager asshole pinched down around the base of his driving hard-on and he started fucking faster. I grunted, squeezing down around the entire length of his prick and trapping him in my butt-hole.

"Yes!" I wailed.

I rammed my naked ass back, gripping all around. Dr. Young's meaty prick. My hand slipped down past my quivering belly. I was cumming again and I cupped my hot cunt, pushing two fingers up into the sopping wetness.

The back of my hand brushed his swinging balls.

"Oooh, Nurse.” he groaned.

I turned my hand and squeezed his balls tightly, the tips of my fingers touching the base of his throbbing boner.

"Yes, Nurse.” he said. "Play with my balls."

The strokes pounding my ass were tiny now and I dug my other hand into my hot pussy. Deep, pulsing waves of passion were shimmering through my naked frame, filling me with a quivering joy that I'd never felt before.

"I hope you're ready, Nurse.” he said.

"Yes, baby.” I gushed. "Do it, Doctor. Cum in my hot ass!"

"I'm cumming!" he gasped.

The first spurting jet of cum shot out into my ass and his balls swelled, riding up until I almost lost them in the hairy sac. I gripped his balls tighter as the throbbing core of his prick slammed into my ass, pumping hot jism right up into my soul.

"Ooooh!" I screamed. "It burns. It burns so fucking nice!"

I fell over the chair and Dr. Young held his wonderfully exploding cock deep in my body, grinding in tight circles as he strained for the last thrill of his wonderful ass fuck.

When the final twitches stopped in my asshole, I slowly released the grip I had on his balls. He fell away, leaning against the wall and his prick drooped, sinking back up into the sheath of foreskin.

"What are you going to tell Pam?" he asked, still panting heavily.

He was still playing his little game-the big, important doctor and the little nurses.

"I'm going to tell her that you're not a very nice man.” I said, reaching out and wrapping my fingers around his slimy, soft prick. "Basically, that you're an asshole who just happens to have a fantastic cock."

"Nurse!" he protested.

"Oh.” I went on. "Don't worry. Pam is a pretty smart woman. I'm sure she already knows."

"I'll have you know that I'm also your boss.” he shouted.

"Look, Doctor.” I said. "You're just a piece of meat. If you didn't have that cock, you'd be nothing. You don't really think women let you fuck them because of your sparkling personally, do you?"

He just sputtered, not believing that any woman would talk to him like this. After all, he was a wealthy and prominent man in this small college town.

"I might be back.” I said, still hold his deflated prick. "You might get lucky again, unless I can find some other guy with an uncut prick as pretty as this. If I do come back, Doctor, it'll be to suck this nasty cock. And do us both a favor and don't try to talk to me while I'm busy next time?"

To be Continued
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