Though the next practice wasn't until Wednesday, I came to work anyway
Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


Though the next practice wasn't until Wednesday, I came to work anyway. There's always paperwork to catch up on.

As I unlocked the front door, I saw that the door to Coach Martin's office was open. As I passed, he looked up.

"Good morning.” I called, willing to give him another chance.

"Hello, Miss Perry.” he said.

"You said that you wanted to talk to me about the next series of drug tests, Coach.” I reminded him.

"Right.” he said.

"Well?" I said, exasperated. "You want to come to my office?"

"You mean now?"

"Are you that busy?" I asked, my voice again becoming sharp.

I couldn't figure what Coach Martin had against me. He didn't even seem eager to talk to me.

I went to my office. He followed. We were the only ones in this early morning and he handed me a list of swimmers and divers who were scheduled for drug testing.

"There's one problem.” he said. "One kid, Todd Harrison, can't be here until the day before the next meet. He's scheduled to graduate midterm, but he wants to swim for us until the state championship meet."

Todd Harrison was my Todd, my special Todd who had changed me for the better only a few days ago.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"I told him to come in later this morning, so you could give him the test early.” he explained.

"No problem.” I said.

We talked a little longer about my duties and about this year's competition. I noticed that the coach was calming down, not seeming to be so afraid to look into my eyes.

"Let me see that list again.” I said, standing up and leaning over my desk to act as if I was checking out the names closely.

What I was really doing was giving the coach another look at my body. I had on a short white dress, zippered in front. The big ring holding up the zipper, though, wasn't up at the top. In fact, it was down just below the curves of my titties. My sensitive boobs were pushed up in a lacy bra and as I leaned over, Coach Martin had a free glimpse down into my dress.

He looked and I could tell that he liked what he saw. But, as soon as I looked up, he jerked his eyes away and turned all red again.

"Coach?" I said.

"Yes, Miss Perry.” he answered formally.

"Don't you like me?"

"Of course, I like you.” he said.

"You don't act like it.” I said, pouting as I leaned further over the desk and pushing my arms in around my chest.

"I'm, uuh.” he stammered, finally getting the words out. "I-I'm not always comfortable talking to members of the staff."

"Bull shit!!" I said harshly.

"What?" he gasped, shocked to hear this once-quiet nurse using words like that.

"I said bull shit, Coach Martin.” I said. "I've seen you looking at me. I even heard you joking with the other guys about my body."

"Well.” he said, blushing again. "I guess."

"I didn't mean to flash my pussy at you yesterday. It just happened. But you looked. I saw you. I saw you get a hard-on, too."

"Miss Perry!" he gasped again.

"So why do you act as if you're afraid of me?" I asked. At first, he wouldn't answer me. I waited, seeing his eyes flashing up to peek at my boobs once again.

"If I minded you looking.” I whispered, pulling the ring down another inch. "I'd cover up. I like you looking, coach. Talk to me."

"I don't think a beautiful, young woman like you would be interested in having some bald old man hitting on her.” he said, hanging his head.

"I like you, Coach Martin.” I said, understanding the problem now. "You're nice.”

He smiled, this time looking up at me and then he dropped his eyes to look at my exposed titties. When his eyes came back up to mine, he wasn't trying to hide what he'd seen.

"I think you're kinda cute, too.” I giggled.

"Really?" he said.

"And I know you like looking at girls.” I said. "Go ahead. Look I don't mind. I like having a man look at me. I love it when a guy gets hard over me. My pussy was all wet when you saw it, wasn't it?"

"Jesus.” he moaned softly as I pulled down the zipper on the front of my dress.

My door was locked and I let the dress fall to the floor. His eyes followed my hands as I found the front clasp to my new bra. He leaned forward, anticipating what I was going to show him.

"You wanna see my tits?" I asked, teasing him as my fingers toyed with the clasp.'

He nodded, unable to speak.

I flipped, letting my nicely shaped boobs come into view.

My nipples were crinkled up and hard. I rolled them between my fingers, naughtily licking my lips as that warm feeling I loved started to heat up in my belly. My hands went down to my panties. Today, I had on a pair of French-cut, bikini style panties. I hooked my thumbs in the top and waited, teasing Coach Martin.

"Ask me.” I said. "Ask to see my hot, little pussy, baby."

My hand slipped down inside my panties. I watched his eyes as I opened my cunt, flicking into the wet pool inside my creaming fuck hole. I stroked up to my clitty, groaning as the feelings got hotter.

"God, Jessica.” he panted. "Please. Let me see your pussy again."

I dragged off the damp panties. I was all wet inside and I wanted to show my wet cunt to the coach; to really show it to him. I hopped up on my empty desk, opening my legs wide.

"Take a good look, Coach.” I whispered, spreading my legs for him.

I closed my eyes. The naughty thrill of exposing myself so openly to this man was almost enough to bring on an orgasm without even being touched. I heard the chair Coach Martin was sitting in roll closer to the desk. His strong hands touched my knees.

Then something incredible touched the folds of my furry pussy. A moist, warm, wriggling mass separated my swollen cunt lips, sliding right up to the stiff tip of my clitty.

"Ooooh, my God.” I groaned. "What are you doing to me?"

"I'm just licking your pretty pussy.” he said.

"Jesus, that's so wonderful.” I gasped.

"No one has ever gone down on you?" he asked, amazed again by my lack of sexual experience.

"No.” I said. "Never. But don't stop. Please, Coach. Do that again."

My body writhed and squirmed on the hard desktop as he leaned in close again. His fingers rubbed over my hot pussy, spreading my cuntlips wide open again. A singer finger penetrated my juicy depths, sliding inside and swirling excitedly up to my aching clitty.

"Mmmm.” I moaned in protest, pinching my own nipples, knowing fully well that he was watching me slide feverishly over the top of my own desk. "No. Lick me. Do that nasty thing with your tongue again, Coach. Oooh, please?"

Coach Martin was holding my cunt open and torturing me with his fingers. I could feel his warm breath. I groaned, humping up until my bare pussy touched his chin. That got him started. That marvelous moist tongue flicked out again. He licked me between my oozing cuntlips and flicked around in a tight little circle around the tip of my joy-button.

"Yes!" I hissed. "That's it. More of that."

My senses filled with utter delight. I was being eaten by a man and eaten so nicely. And as he licked on my hot little cunt, I pinched down hard on my sensitive nipples. Coach Martin shoved a finger back up into my clutching cunt-hole. I was dripping all over his hands and face, as he sucked my clit, gently.

"Oooh, that's nice.” I managed. "S-So nice."

"Your pussy tastes sweet, Jessica.” he moaned, the words, almost lost as my thighs closed around his head.

"I like hearing you say that.” I whispered, spreading my thighs so he could look up at me. "My pussy. It makes me hot to hear that. Talk dirty to me. Eat me and talk dirty to me, Coach."

"I'm licking your snatch, you prick-teasing, little bitch.” he said, his eyes locked on the winking, wet hole that was squirming only inches form his mouth. "God, your pussy is so beautiful. I haven't seen anything like this in years. So young and wet and hot. Let me lick it. Let me eat your hot cunt, Jessica."

He dove back in, unable to stop himself. I didn't care. Those wonderful feelings were back again. He wormed his tongue up between my cuntlips, making one long, wet slurping motion and covering every inch of my naked cunt. His tongue twisted across my clitty. I clamped again with my moist thighs to show him exactly where I wanted him to lick.

All I could see was that bald spot on the back of his head. I was crushing that head, not caring if I was cutting off his air. Surging with lust, I wanted more I wanted to do it all. I wanted Coach Martin's cock. I wanted to try what he was doing. I wanted to use my mouth on his angrily swollen cock. To let him put it in my mouth, my cunt, even my ass.

But most of all, I wanted more of his hot tongue.

"Eat me.” I ordered as he sucked at my hard joy-button. "Oooh, baby. Suck it. Suck my pussy!"

His face was buried in my hairy cunt, Coach Martin started rocking his head back and forth. He was driving his tongue up into me and my pussy sucked at it, gripping around the slimy mass. I was breathless, over this first-time oral orgy and I could feel my wetness smearing on his cheeks now as I humped up and down against his driving tongue.

As he was stabbing me with his tongue, our timing got off a little. I humped up as he was licking and pushing down. His eager tongue slipped out of my hot pussy and landed right in the center of my puckering asshole.

"Ooooh, Coach.” I groaned, mewling as his tongue swirled across the crinkled rings of my ass.

"You like that?" he asked, pulling away for just as second.

"It's so naughty.” I groaned, "but I loved it."

Placing his hands high on my thighs, Coach Martin pushed me up, exposing my trembling asshole and then kissed my puckered hole, slobbering over the crack of my ass.

"Ooooh, baby.” I sobbed.

His tongue stiffened again. He pushed forward, driving that absolutely amazing thing up my ass. I held my breath, willing him not to stop. His tongue slipped up past the tight rings guarding my shitter and he fucked my virgin asshole as I mewled and squirmed toward his slick face.

"That's so nasty, Coach.” I grunted, pushing up on my heels to give him all the room I could. "Tongue me. Oooh, yes! Fuck me in the ass with that hot tongue, baby."

He stabbed his tongue in and out of my trembling asshole, his chin pressed tightly to my hot crotch. I sobbed, drenching his face with the cunt oils that were pouring from my tight pussy and I felt my flowering cunt lips sucking at his nose.

I humped up, pushing my throbbing clitty against the tip of his nose and he slid up and down, stroking his nose over my aching bud.

Here I cum, I thought to myself.

He must have known I was right on the verge of cumming because he pulled his sweet tongue out of my wriggling ass and quickly wrapped his lips around my aching clitty. He sucked with the tip of his tongue feverishly flicking across the length of my distended clit.

He moaned something unintelligible and rammed two fingers up into my quaking cunt.

I climaxed, grinding and bucking against the face between my legs. I know I screamed, but I was too far gone to realize what I was yelling. My juices flowed into his mouth and as I twisted my nipples, Coach Martin sucked me through the wonderful moment, overpowering me with his tender mouth and tongue. He eased the pressure on my clitty, licking and kissing over my hot cunt as I came back to my senses.

"That was fantastic, Coach.” I whispered.

I looked down, seeing my flat tummy rippling from the sensations he gave me and I wanted to return the thrills. I wanted him to cum, too-just as nice as I had.

He looked up at me, his juice-covered face peeking up form between my quivering thighs. I lifted my knees up against my tits, opened my legs and hooked my heels back on the edge of the desk.

"I want you.” I purred, wriggling my finger for him to come closer. "I want you to fuck me."

"Jesus!" he gasped.

"Yes.” I told him again to make sure he believed me. "I want to do something nice for you, too. I'm gonna let you fuck me, Coach. Right now. Right on top of this desk."

He stood, ripping off his belt and fighting with the hooks on his pants. He pulled them down then stripped down his huge boxer shorts. He was hard. His cock was swollen up tightly, pointing right at me.

I reached down, running my hand over my cunt and Coach Martin came closer. I put my soft hand over his jerking prick, caressing his cock to full hardness and working my slimy fingers around his mature hard-on until he was steaming hot and as anxious as I was for our first fuck.

"See how wet you made me, Coach.” I sighed. "When you put your naughty tongue up my asshole, I just about died."

"Me, too.” he groaned.

"Put your finger in me.” I ordered.

He did as I asked. I squeezed down, milking my inner muscles over his slippery middle finger as he stroked in and out of my cock-loving cunt.

"Feel how tight my pussy is?" I asked.

"God! "he groaned.

The cock in my hand jerked. I squeezed down then slid my slippery hand under his balls. I rolled them, watching his eyes and he slipped his finger in me deeper, finding a spot way up inside me that drove me wild. As he rubbed, my hand slid down under his balls and I placed one finger up into the crack of his ass.

I wanted to finger-fuck his butt, but I wasn't quite ready for that yet.

"Fuck me.” I said softly. "Fuck me right now."

He stood up in front of my spread legs. I watched him take his cock in his hand, sliding it up until the tip was bumping against my wanton pussy-lips. Then he nudged the head of his cock up against the slippery opening of my juicy cunt.

I sucked in my belly, watching with delight as the coach fucked forward. That stiff, thick prick slipped up into the moist warmth of my slippery pussy. When the entire length of his cock had disappeared up into my body, I locked my legs around his hips, screwing up around the base of his boner.

The more I used my body sexually, the more I was able to enjoy the feelings my sexy young body was capable of bringing me. I humped up, squeezing my legs around his ass to make sure I had every inch of Coach Martin's magnificent prick in the smoldering grip of my pulsing pussy.

"Fuck.” I said.

His hands locked on the edge of the desk. Pushing up, he started pumping his prick into me. My earlier toying had his prick fully hard now and his steel-hard shaft rippled along my clitty. Each stroke seemed to take forever, but I didn't hurry him, loving each stimulating second of the steady, slow-motion thrusts.

"Deep.” I gasped. "Nice and deep, Coach."

I twisted my head back and forth, loving the way this older man fucked. The way his pounding, steady rhythm beat into my hot cunt. He didn't seem to be int he same hurry to shoot me full of cum that the younger guys had been. He was enjoying all of me, watching my tits swaying, feeling my young body responding to his, listening to my groaning cries, making me beg for him to keep fucking my melting cunt. And his balls were swinging back and forth, nuzzling against my still slippery asshole.

"Jessica.” he whispered, as if he still wasn't sure it was me.

"God, I love this.” I answered. "Having you lick my pussy was nice, but there's nothing like the feel of a nice cock in me. Fuck me, Coach. Fuck me just like that. Oooh, yeah. Just like that."

Coach Martin's beautiful cock pumped in and out of my hot, slippery pussy, stretching my cunt so wide. I timed his strokes, squeezing down with my fuck muscles, holding over his sliding prick as it slithered inside me and making my pussy explode as I increased my internal pressure at just the right time.

"Harder.” I screamed.

Coach Martin fucked in and out of my pussy, gathering speed and intensity with each stroke. He hammered me, driving his prick deeper into my trembling pussy. My nerves awakened at this change. Without realizing it, I was moving with him, fucking my hips upward as hard as he was fucking down into me. I slammed my groin up to his, forcing as much of that now-throbbing cock as I could into my cunt.

"Are you close, baby?" I asked. "Harder. Oooh. I felt that! He's really throbbing now. You're gonna cum for me."

"Yes.” he panted. "Don't worry. I'll pull out."

"No.” I sobbed. "Cum in me."

Coach Martin stiffened as I gobbled up his hard cock with the velvety prison of my sweet cunt. My hands went around his waist, locking him close to me. There was no way I was going to let him pull out. I wasn't going to let his load of cum go to waste. I wanted to feel his hot cum spilling into my belly.

"Now you can cum.” I gasped.

I held on tightly, grinding my cunt over his jerking prick. I fought, holding off my own climax until he was there. His strokes slowed. He pushed in hard and deep, letting me tighten all around him before pulling back. I worked my inner magic, voraciously sucking at his cock with my writhing pussy. My hands went down to my ass and I clutched tightly, pulling in time with his slow strokes.

"Feel it, baby.” I groaned, the erotic spasms of his prick plugging into me. "Feel how wet my pussy is for you, Coach. I'm gonna make you cum. I'm gonna make you cum so nice, honey."

He was close. I looked into his eyes. I could see that he was almost there.

"Stay inside me.” I whispered. "Let me feel your cum, baby. Let me feel that big cock spurting up inside my hot pussy."

It jerked and I waited until I felt a deep throbbing inside his sliding hard-on. I waited until that first hot, wet, thrilling jet of cock cream squirted up into my milking depths.

By waiting, I got to feel it all.

Coach Martin kept moving, slowly fucking his big prick deep into me even as he shot me full of cum. The burning of that hot cock juice triggered a wild orgasm that shook my whole body. His face buried in my tits. I held him tightly, letting him know that I was cumming right along with him. I hugged him tightly, loving the luscious tingling inside my well-fucked body.

"Coach Martin?" I said.

"What, honey?"

"Do you have a first name?" I asked. "I've never heard anyone call you anything but coach."

"Yes.” he said, nuzzling against my naked tits with his lips.

"Well.” I laughed. "What is it?"

"Doug.” he said.

"Do you think I know you well enough now to call you by your first name?" I asked, feeling his lovely cock softening quickly inside my cum-filled pussy.

"Yes.” he answered.

"Well, Doug.” I whispered into his ear. "I want you to know something."


"I still think you're a nice guy and you're cute. But now I also know that you're one hell of a good fuck.” I said, turning his head so I could give him a big, wet kiss right on the bare spot on top. "A girl could do a lot worse than having this bald old man hitting on her." I fell into a sound sleep.

To be Continued
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