Then I remembered that I'd tossed my panties under the desk before running out to the pool.
Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


I ran with the young man to the pool and saw Coach Martin in the water, holding up another guy. Coach Robertson was directing the others to the shallow end and he was swimming across the pool.

"I'm sorry, Coach.” the young man in the water was saying. "I don't believe this. My leg just cramped up."

"We're going to do it my way, Carter.” the head coach said sternly. "You wait until we're ready then we'll lift you out of the water. Once we're sure you're ok then you can try the leg."

I saw what they were going to do, so I squatted at the edge of the pool to help. I reached across Coach Robertson, pulling the young man up as the two men pushed. Together, we guided him up onto the smooth tiles at the side of the pool.

"Go ahead and dismiss the rest of them.” Coach Martin said. "We'll call it a day."

I was checking Carter out, making sure that there wasn't a real injury masking itself as a cramp, when I noticed that Coach Martin hadn't moved yet. The younger coach was halfway across the pool, swimming steadily and smoothly toward the rest of the team, but the head coach was still in the water below me. Then I looked over at him. The bald spot on the top of his head was as red as the rest of his face. His eyes didn't meet mine. He was looking lower, much lower. At first, I couldn't figure out what was holding his attention so fervently.

Then I remembered that I'd tossed my panties under the desk before running out to the pool.

Coach Martin was staring right up under my nursing uniform. My legs were parted to hold my balance as I squatted at the side of the pool and he was staring right up into the slippery gash of my wide-open, wet pussy. I knew my pussy was probably as hot and wet and feverish as my orgasm was only seconds earlier.

Coach Martin was staring right at my swollen, wet pussy and there was absolutely nothing I could say or do. Finally, he looked up, locking onto my eyes. I saw immediately that he was embarrassed and also embarrassed myself, I started to cover up. Then I changed my mind. I'd liked it when the three men were looking at me earlier and this was an even better look. It was up close and personal and it made me feel sexy and bold.

I squatted a little deeper, opening my thighs further apart. His eyes dropped between my legs again, not moving a muscle.

"What do you think, Coach?" I asked.

"I, uh.” he stammered, tearing his eyes from my snatch. "Let's uuuh, yeah. Let's see if he can stand."

The coach came up out of the pool in one rush. He stood at my side and together, we got the young man upright. As he put weight on his right side, the muscle cramped up again tightly.

"Whirlpool.” said Coach Martin.

He pointed at two of the younger swimmers and told them to help Carter into the training room. Just before he walked away, I got a good look at Coach Martin's crotch and saw that his prick was making a tent in his long swimming trunks.

"Make sure that he checks with me before you let him go, Coach.” I said. "I want to examine him, just in case."

"He needs 20 minutes in the whirlpool, first.” he said, his eyes avoiding mine.

"Fine.” I said, wondering why he looked away. "I'll wait in my office. You come get me when you're ready."

I went back to my office and by the time the younger coach came in and told me that they were ready to leave, I was furious. I didn't know why Coach Martin had acted like that. I didn't flash my pussy on purpose and he didn't have to look as if he found it so disgusting.

"Fine.” I told Billy Robertson. "I'll be right in the training room."

Carter was still sitting in the whirlpool when I arrived. The timer said that he had five minutes to go. We were alone and I got up and locked the outside door because whenever staff was at the swimming facility after hours, that's what I was supposed to do.

The young man talked to me as we waited. Carter was the long-distance specialist on the swimming team and seemed embarrassed about during practice. We talked about it until the timer went off. He wanted to go back to the dorm, but I insisted on checking out his leg first.

"Out.” I ordered. "I'm not going to release you for practice until I'm sure you're all right."

"I don't have anything on.” he finally said.

I handed him a towel, turning my back as he climbed out and covered his waist. He toweled off quickly and wrapped the damp towel around him certain he was safe from my gaze. But I had cheated. I watched his reflection in one of the mirrors over the sinks. When he crawled out of the whirlpool, his prick was stiff as a board. He tried to hide it from me, but I got a look when he turned to wrap the towel. Yes. I'd been right; BIG and hard, just as I was learning to appreciate.

It was as if I'd developed a radar for hard-ons now that I was no longer a virgin. Everywhere I turned, I saw men with boners. I waited until he was covered then turned and walked out of the training room.

Carter followed me back to the nurse's station. I closed my door securely behind us, making sure that we wouldn't be disturbed and he hopped up on the examination table. When I started checking out his leg, I felt my pussy start to dampen again.

"Where does it hurt?" I asked.

"Up high on the inside.” he said.

I checked, already knowing what was wrong. I pushed in on the area of his groin tendon and he jerked. When his leg cramped, he'd pulled the tendon too far. It was a fairly common injury and I didn't really need to explore further, but I didn't tell him that.

"Let's see.” I said, trying to sound medical.

I moved the towel up higher over his belly. As I felt the inside of his thigh, I moved his legs apart. His hairy balls rolled down as his thighs parted. My hand ran along his inner thigh. His balls moved as I touched them, squirming and sliding as my fingers wormed their way underneath. Under the towel, I saw a bulge throbbing.

"Well.” I said, "it's either a groin pull or something in your lower abdomen causing the pain. Let's check it out."

I pulled the towel up higher and it came unhooked. His cock fell out in my view and Carter blushed again. I pushed on his lower abdomen, knowing nothing was wrong. I really wanted to get a good look at that pretty thing sticking up from his crotch. Of course, I wasn't a connoisseur of cocks yet, only having seen two hard ones, but his balls amazed me. They were as big as lemons and his cock was nice too.

My mind was definitely not at my work. All I could think of when I saw Carter's big balls and stiff cock was how much cum would shoot out of nuts that big.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your belly.” I said. "But we're going to have to do something about that swelling."

"My leg?" he asked, seeming a little concerned about something really being wrong.

"Yeah.” I said, wrapping my fingers around his throbbing cock. "Your middle one."

I reached up with my free hand, unbuttoning my nursing uniform and with my other hand I rippled my fingers up and down over that stiff length of cock meat. I went slowly, giving Carter plenty of time to stop me if he objected. He didn't, so I jacked up and down over his cock.

"I don't believe this.” he said.

"I'm a trained nurse.” I said with a smile. "You're going to have to trust me on this, Mr. Carter. I know just what to do in cases like this. It's simple therapy that won't hurt you a bit."

He just gawked up at me, his prick twitching nicely against my palm. Then I released one of my firm tits and his eyes locked on my nipple. I let go of his prick, stripping off my white dress and tossing it over onto my desk. I left my bra and stockings on, knowing how naughty I looked.

I came closer. Carter started to sit up, reaching for me.

"No.” I said. "Rest. That's an order, Mr. Carter. You really did pull your groin, honey. You're going to have to take it real easy for a couple of weeks. Starting now. Relax. Let me do all the work."

Pushing him onto his back, I crawled up over the prone swimmer. I'd never done this before, but the position seemed natural. I threw one leg across his hips, settling down over his rock-hard prick.

"I don't believe this.” he moaned again, but I noticed that he was pointing his prick up for me.

I held still, not sure what to do. Carter must have done this before. The young man moved his prick, sliding that thick head back and forth through my puffy cunt lips. It sank in just enough to pick up my wetness and by the time I started to drop down, he was slick and ready.

My pussy was so hot. I pushed up, feeling Carter's fingers pointing his hard-on up into my pussy. As I felt back down, I sank slowly around his twitching cock.

"Mmmm.” I moaned softly.

Fine, I thought as his prick filled my hot pussy. If Coach Martin doesn't want me, I can find other men who do. I knew I'd seduced this young man to prove that point, but right then I didn't care. All I wanted was the feel of this stiff boner inside my steamy cunt.

I eased down farther. That hard tube of cock filled me and I took it all. I was so horny for cock-especially after my view of the fucking couple in the supply room. The shaft of his prick sawed back and forth against my inflamed clit.

"Ooooh, yeah.” I moaned softly, loving this new feeling of being in control.

There wasn't any room on the examination table for me to rest on my knees, so I raised up on the balls of my feet and flexed my thighs. My hot pussy dragged up over the long-distance swimmer's cock until just the head remained between my oozing cunt lips.

I watched Carter's face, eager to see if he was enjoying what I was doing. He didn't say a word, but his eyes were half closed when I sank down again, this time squeezing the head of his prick inside my gripping pussy as I lowered myself, Carter's eyes rolled up into his head.

Obvious approval, I thought as I moved the wet heat of my pussy up and down over his cock. The cock of a man whose first name I didn't even know. It was so depraved and so naughty, the nuns would be scandalized.

The young swimmer finally moved. His hand came up, folding down the cups of my demi-bra to expose my aching nipples and he tweaked once. Quickly he lowered his hand down to where his prick as fully embedded in my soaking wet snatch.

"Ooooh.” I groaned with delight as his thumb found my swollen clitty and flicked over the slippery tip.

I could feel his huge balls squished under my ass. As he tortured my clitty, I opened wider and sank down a little more. His hand went behind my shoulders and pulled me forward.

As I moved my hands past his head, I figured out what Carter was after. My titties hung right over his face, which was held high by the covered pillow on the examination table. As I scooted up, my ass rose up, dragging some of that wonderful hardness from my overheated cunt, but putting more pressure from his cock across my hard little joy-button. My naked nipples were only inches from his lips.

I tried moving again, this time lifting my ass and cunt back and forth instead of up and down. This was much nicer. And as Carter bucked under me, he drove his hard-on up into my slippery cunt-hole.

"Yes.” I panted.

Instinctively, I guess that I learned how to fuck a man from the top. I plunged my cunt back and forth, dragging that hunk of twitching cock meat in and out between my pussy lips. I could feel it so well this way. Every bump and ridge of his prick rippled across my fiery flesh and my entire body quivered with excitement.

Carter still said nothing but that didn't keep me quiet.

"God, I love doing this.” I groaned, enthralled by the delicious feelings washing over my body. "I love fucking! I should have started years ago."

Trembling with pleasure, I fucked this quiet, young man long and hard. As he humped up, I sank down around him and every now and then, I looked down. Between my legs and hunk of cock was sliding in and out of my grinding cunt-hole. And as his prick came out of my juicy hole, my outer pussy-lips stretched and spread as if my passion-slickened cunt didn't want to let the luscious hard prick out of its grip. And where he fucked back into my sucking wetness, I was wide open, totally defenseless for his relentless upward thrusts. My legs flailed as I sank down another fraction of an inch, impaled on the thick pole of his throbbing hard-on.

Carter's hands urged me to move, lifting up on my ass and I pushed up, resting my hands on his smooth chest.

"Yes.” I moaned again.

I raised up, keeping just the plum-like head of the young man's boner inside my gripping pussy-lips. Then I sank down again, feeling as if I was stuffed with hard prick meat. The next time I pulled my trembling body up and back, I squeezed inside all around Carter's thick rod. To my surprise, I was discovering fuck muscles that I didn't know existed. I tightened and held him, milking all around the jerking length of heavenly cock inside my hungry pussy.

"I really don't believe that!" he grunted, his smoky brown eyes again rolling back into his head.

"You mean this?" I purred.

I moved again, sliding my cunt up and down, back and forth, quickly learning to control my inner charms as I rocked thrillingly over Carter's steel-like prick. A smile crossed my face. I'd been worried about not doing it right and here I was pleasing the young swimmer.

"Is this what you like, baby?" I teased, stimulating both of us with my naughty words and rhythmically grinding body. "You like my tight, little pussy?"

I turned my head, catching the reflection of the two of us in the mirror behind the locked door. For just a split-second, I didn't recognize myself. The woman in the mirror was beautiful. Her sexy body glistened with a sheen of sweat and her face glowed with sexual fulfillment.

That's me, I thought. I've turned into a cock-loving, sinful woman.

"Do it.” I urged him. "Fuck up into me, baby. Slide that big hard cock into me, Carter. Harder. Oooh, yes. That's it. Fuck it to me! Fuck me with that big cock."

I felt an orgasm starting deep in my belly. As he fucked up into me, pounding relentlessly into my cock-hungry cunt and I started to cum.

"Oooh, baby.” I groaned. "Your cock feels so nice up in me. Fuck me. Make me cum, Carter. Please! Make me cum hard!"

Carter leaned up, sucking at my titties. His hands drifted behind me. He spread the cheeks of my ass, probing into the crack between those tight buns. One finger dipped into the back of my grinding pussy then moved wetly to my asshole.

"What are you doing?" I groaned.

Without answering, Carter kept searching for the center of my backdoor. He found it. His finger circled, getting me wet and again he went to my gushing cunt, transferring more of my slick juices. The slimy feel made me shiver.

I knew what was coming. I just didn't believe it.

"Mmmmmm.” I signed as a brand-new, delightful thrill overwhelmed my senses.

He did it. He pushed his fingers slowly up into my crinkled asshole. One smooth, steady push and he was in me. With his finger inside my butt, he pushed his cock deep into my eager cunt. He fucked his finger in and out in time with that heavenly hard cock, slipping deeper and deeper up inside me at both ends.

"Ooooh, you naughty boy.” I gasped, grinding my quivering butt-hole back until his penetrating finger sank up palm-deep into my asshole.

His huge balls were squirming under me and I knew he was getting close to filling me with cream. My moans echoed in the small room as he worked his wriggling finger around and around inside me, stretching the hot flesh of my asshole.

I loved it. His pulsating hard prick stroking deep inside my quivering cunt and his naughty finger up inside my tightly clutching asshole and his mouth over my rock-hard nipples.

"Oooh, here comes a nice one.” I squealed, riding up and down over both his long hard cock and that rigid middle finger. "I'm gonna make it again!"

The young swimmer's mouth sucked my nipples harder and faster and his hard fucking strokes jabbed up into me, rocking my entire body. I responded, arching my back and swirling my smoldering cunt. I moved too quickly, though.

The finger in my ass came out with a plopping sound.

"Nooo.” I complained, but it was too late.

Now, both of his hands were on my ass, making me ride him faster and faster. His strong fingers dug into my tender flesh, cupping both cheeks of my creamy butt. I fell forward, my mouth finding Carter's. My lips opened as his slippery tongue snaked between them and his lips closed around my mouth sucking so seductively over my pink tongue. As I undulated over Carter and his beautiful boner, I tongue-fucked his lips. My cunt was ablaze and nothing mattered any longer except making that incredible cock inside me explode.

Suddenly, his cock swelled larger and his pounding strokes ended. Carter pushed up so high, his ass arched off the examination table. I milked my cunt once more, keeping him right on the edge and then started a frantic fucking motion as a choking cry passed his lips.

"Yes!" I screamed, jerking my mouth from his. "Oooh, God. That's it. Fuck me, baby. Cum. Cum for me."

He climaxed with me. I felt his prick bucking inside my hot cunt. Thick cum shot out, boiling up from those huge balls. He kept his back arched up, letting me use my inner muscles to bring him through the body-shaking seconds of his orgasm.

As he screamed, wave after wave of hot jism splattered up into my climaxing fuck-hole. The slippery cum filled my tight pussy and seeped back out around his deeply embedded cock. I didn't have to wonder any longer about those huge balls.

Carter's muscles all seemed to relax at once. I sank down and our skin slipped together, both of us covered with sweat. Cum trickled back out over his balls.

"How did you like my treatment?" I asked after we'd both recovered enough breath to speak.

"Nice.” he whispered, kissing me gently along my neck. "Did you?"

"Did I what?" I purred, enjoying the tickling feel.

"Did you cum?"

"God, yes!" I laughed, looking into his eyes, realizing at that moment that my sexual desires were growing with each passing day. I was going to need others, hopefully others who fucked like this young swimmer.

"How's the leg?" I asked, squirming to let him know I wanted up.

"Okay.” he said, surprised.

"See.” I said. "I told you I was a trained nurse."

We dressed. I told him how to treat his leg, advising him to see the doctor in the morning. By the time he was up and dressed, I was back in my nursing mode. I ushered him out the door, locked up and walked back to my dorm room.

For a Monday, this had turned out to be a really great day!

To be Continued
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