When I woke, my whole outlook on life had changed. Whenever I walked from the dorm toward the swimming and diving facility, I felt eyes clicking to check me out.
Wet & Ready
by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved


After Todd left, I slept like a baby. When I woke, my whole outlook on life had changed. Whenever I walked from the dorm toward the swimming and diving facility, I felt eyes clicking to check me out.

I still was properly dressed as a nurse, but my old, oversized dresses were gone forever. I had replaced them all! Now, I was wearing a size 7, white mini-dress and white thigh-high stockings. The top elastic on the stockings were lace. On top, a new 34B demi-cup bra was pushing up my titties so they would show nicely through the gap I left in the top of the dress. I left the top three buttons opened on the dress just enough to show the inner curves of my tits.

I was a new woman indeed. I even had my hair frosted and styled at a beauty shop near the campus.

When I walked into the front offices on the Monday morning, after my weekend with Todd, Coach Martin, the head coach, stopped talking to the other coaches as I passed. His jaw hung open and the other two coaches-Bill Robertson the swimming coach and Rob Dunn the diving coach-turned around in their chairs to watch my wiggling ass as I passed.

"Good morning, guys.” I called.

"Jesus!" I heard the head coach say.

"Is that Nurse Perry?" gasped one of the other men.

"If it is, I'm going to find a way of getting sick real quick.” answered Coach Martin.

I went straight to my office. This was so new to me. It had taken all of my willpower to totally change my look and attitude. I felt so wicked, yet the sexy way this dress made me feel was too horny to stop. I liked having them look at me. I liked being sexy.

I was so wet inside I could hear myself squishing as I closed the door behind my quivering ass. The way the three men had talked about me was so exciting. Just knowing that I could turn on three guys who were so much different from each other was a wild experience.

Coach Martin was over 40 and balding a little on top, but he was such a nice man. Robert Dunn was younger, but still in his early 30s. He was a hairy-chested, cocky, handsome man in great shape. Once, they told me, he was the best diver in the country. The third man, Billy Robertson, was the best looking of the three. He was on the Olympic water-polo team only a few years ago. At 26, he was in the prime of his life. All the girls on the team were in love with the shy Coach Robertson.

After I made it inside my office, I was able to relax and go to work. I got men out of my mind--at least for a while-as I lost myself in my work. No one was going to walk in and disturb me because the door to the nurse's station locks automatically. I have to carry my copy of the electronic key attached to my identification badge. The only other copy of the key is locked in a safe in the athletic director's office, along with every other department nurse's key.

This tight security was not unusual and like other colleges stemmed from drug testing, which incidentally was my main function here. When I hired, I was told that drug testing would be my main job at the college. Yes, I had to be near the pool during practices, to take care of any injury or water accident, but my main job was to monitor, give and record the various drug-testing programs.

I did have a young doctor above me who was in charge of the nursing staff, but I hadn't seen him yet.

The athletic director here is serious about keeping his department clean. No drug use is allowed by anyone on the team. I even have a long list of prescription and over-the-counter medicines that are banned by one organization or another. Any athlete who is on one of these medicines has to be on record in my office and in most cases, he or she has to take the medicine in my presence before a competition.

The morning practice for divers was over before I caught up on the paperwork from the last series of drug tests. As usual, the swimming and diving team had a perfect testing result. All negative. I went out to tell Coach Martin the good news, but the pool area was filled with swimmers. Coaches Martin and Robertson were busy getting the new kids ready for the team trials.

I stood for a few seconds, looking out over the huge expanse of blue water and then figured the good news could wait. I had plenty of filing to do so I returned to my office.

I settled down in my chair and suddenly heard this strange sound. I looked around, not sure what the noises were and decided they were coming from next door.

"Aaauugh.” the sound came again.

It was a low, squealing cry, like an animal in pain. The cries got louder then they faded. The next thing I heard was a giggle, quickly followed by a deeper groaning that had to be coming from a man.

I turned completely around to the air vent in the wall that connected to the storage room next door. Curious, I figured if I stood on the table, I could get my eye up to the vent.

I did and was shocked at what I saw.

"Yeah, baby.” Coach Dunn, moaned. "Suck me. Yes! Suck on my cock, Pam."

The hairy-chested diving coach was stretched out on another table like the one I was standing on. He was naked and sticking up from his waist from my eyes to see was his huge prick. I could tell it was bigger than Todd's, as the woman he was with interrupted my gaze.

"You licked my pussy real nice, Coach.” the young woman said. "I'm gonna suck your big ol' cock just as nice."

The blonde leaned over the coach's beautiful prick, raised her face and smiled at him. I knew Pam, but I couldn't believe she had the coach's prick in her hands and was slowly jacking up and down over his rock-hard shaft. And from the way the good ol' coach was groaning, I knew he was enjoying the hand-job.

Pam was a freshman, just I8 years old who was trying for one of the openings on the diving team. She'd been a great diver in high-school, but in the last two years her figure had changed. Her slim-diver body was different now-as I could plainly see.

She was about as tall as I was, but while I was thin and nicely shaped, Pam was full-figured and voluptuous. Her tits had to be a size D, her hips were wide, her tummy, small and she had these big tits, which at the moment were swaying and brushing up and down over the coach's bare thighs. As Pam squirmed up on the table and crawled between his open legs, she opened her legs and I noticed her lightly furred cunt was blonde, too.

I was very interested in what she was going to do.

"You ready, baby?" she teased, her hand moving up and down over the pretty prick. "Are you ready for a nice blowjob?"

As I watched in awe, Pam lowered her pretty face and blew lightly over Rob's naked, twitching boner. Her lips parted and her pink tongue flicked over the head of his prick.

"Mmmm.” he groaned.

She was actually licking Coach Dunn's cock!

I was about to fall through the vent. I'd heard girls giggling about this but I'd always thought they were just making it up. Pam had said something earlier about the coach licking her sweet pussy, but I thought I'd heard wrong. I guess I heard right, though. Not only was she slobbering all over his pretty cock, but it looked as if little Pam was having as much fun sucking his big prick as the coach was in receiving the blonde diver's naughty kisses. She was grinning and panting as she kissed the thick tip of his hard cock and he was smiling back at her.

"It's too bad we don't have a cock sucking team.” he said, teasing Pam who was between his open legs. "Damn. You'd make that team for sure, honey! I guarantee it."

Pam's soft-looking lips parted. She centered the tip of his prick between her lips and moaned softly. As I watched, Pam started to suck Rob's prick into her mouth. She took about half of the thick hardness then started swirling her mouth around in little, tight, wet circles.

"Oooooh, God.” he groaned.

He mouth came up again. She kept her moist lips right against his jerking prick, vibrating them so close to his thick hard-on as she spoke.

"I wish you did, too.” she purred. "I truly love sucking on a guy's prick, Coach; your prick especially. It's almost too big for me to take, though. You're gonna have to get me real hot before I'm gonna get him all down my throat."

Pam's fist pumped again. She forced up a glistening drop of pre-cum just as I had on Saturday night. But, instead of using it to lubricate his prick, this wild little woman licked her sweet tongue out and slurped up the gooey drop.

"Mmmmm.” she moaned.

As the clear fluid oozed from her lower lip, Pam moved her angelic face back away from his cock, slowly stretching the rope of pre-cum still attached to the head of his prick. Finally, it broke. Pam licked up the fluid from his hairy belly and then went back to working her mouth over his jerking hard-on.

I stood on the table, watching the naughty show little Pam was putting on for me. My legs were open now and my panties were down around my knees. I had one hand buried between my thighs, frigging wildly over my dripping pussy as I watched the blonde diver sucking over the magnificent hunk of cock meat she was holding in both hands.

Pam was taking it. I gasped as another inch of his meaty thickness disappeared into her mouth. As she moaned steadily, the coach pinched both of her heavy nipples, rolling the slightly darker-pink flesh sticking out from her soft tits and encouraging her to even wilder mouth action.

The harder he rolled her nipples, the more Pam moaned. And the more she moaned, the deeper that big prick sank between her sucking lips. Pam was working her jaws like a snake swallowing a meal after a long fast, slowly working her mouth and throat around the shaft of Coach Dunn's swollen prick.

"Yes, Pam.” he groaned. "That's it. Take it all. Ooooh, God, yes! Use that sweet tongue, baby."

I fought to keep my eyes open, wanting to see every naughty thing that Pam did to Rob Dunn.

My fingers had my hot pussy spread open and I had both hands in action now. I held the furry outer lips of my throbbing cunt open with the fingers of my left hand, while the middle finger of my right hand flicked up and down over the shaft of my quivering clitty. I could feel my own nipples all hard and swollen inside my new demi-bra.

Pam pulled his prick from her mouth. She started licking it, working her way from the crinkly sac holding his balls and sliding ever so sexily up to the dripping tip of his purple monster. She bathed it all, licking over every inch of that pretty thing.

"God, I love watching you do that.” he groaned. "You're a dream come true for a dirty old man like me."

"It's fun sucking your cock, honey.” she agreed. "You moan so nice when I do something naughty like this."

Pam bobbed her mouth again, dropping down swiftly to take the head of his prick back down into her throat once more. I could see her gulping over the head, milking it somehow inside her mouth and throat. The little sounds she had been making didn't stop, but they were muffled by the mouthful of cock meat she swallowed.

And she sure got the moaning she was looking for. Coach Dunn grabbed her long blonde hair, fucking his hard cock into her mouth. After a few strokes, he released his grip she could come back up and start that sexy licking all around his prick once more.

Her groaning didn't stop as she changed techniques. She ran her thumb up the thick tube buried in the front of his cock and licked up the sweet drops as they appeared. After each lick, the coach would groan, place his hands back on Pam's nipples again and bring on some higher-pitched groans from her.

"You gonna cum in my mouth this time, Coach?" she asked, the words making him shudder. "I know you wanted to last time, but I needed to feel it shooting up in me." "Sure, honey.” she purred. "I owe you a nice blowjob for trying to help me with my diving."

I flicked harder over my clitty. I felt that heavy sensation starting deep in my guts. I eased up just a fraction then rolled my finger over the entire length of my clitty to get myself off. For a second, my eyes closed as I shuddered through a nice climax. The thought of a man shooting his cum into my mouth brought on my own cunt-spasming orgasm. I'd never dreamed about doing something this wicked, but now the idea was enticing. Pam obviously loved it. Maybe I would, too.

I opened my eyes as the last quivers of my orgasm passed. But I hadn't missed that much. Pam was still working her sweet tongue around the head of the coach's throbbing boner. She was moving it back and forth, flicking her tongue over an inch or so just under his piss-slit. She looked up into his eyes and smiled.

"I know I promised you a blowjob this time, honey.” she said coyly, "but I've got to feel this big thing inside me again. Do you mind if we fuck a little?"

"Shit, no!" he laughed.

"Goodie.” she giggled.

In seconds, they changed places. Pam was on her back on a mat. Coach Dunn was over her. But then got into a weird position. I moved to the other side of the bent and watched as he reached under her legs, propping the big-titted woman up as his elbows fit into the bends of her knees. He pushed forward and his big prick slipped up into the hot, wet gash I could clearly see beneath that thin covering of blonde cunt fur.

I straightened my middle finger, sliding it up into my own tight pussy. As Coach Dunn stroked into little Pam's cunt-hole, I finger-fucked myself in perfect timing with the panting couple.

"God, you're wet.” he whispered.

"Stick that big ol' horse cock in me.” she was groaning, fighting to keep her voice low. "This has got to be the biggest prick I've ever seen, Coach. Fuck me with it. Ram him in me. You know how I like it, Rob. Fuck me hard and fast.

"I still want to cum in your mouth.” he groaned.

"Just tell me in time.” she answered in a low, growling moan. "If you pull it out, I'll take your cum, baby."

Coach Dunn started fucking. This was nothing like the gentle screw that I had enjoyed so much on Saturday night. She begged him to fuck her hard and fast and that's exactly what he started to do. He leaned forward, his chest over her huge pair of creamy tits and as he fucked into her this time, he rammed his big boner all the way inside her hot cunt. Instantly, he pulled back and slammed it home repeatedly.

The soft mat they were fucking on was bouncing Pam's ass back after each hard thrust. The coach timed it out perfectly, bouncing Pam's hot body between his hips and the springy mat. She slammed back and forth, her squirming wetness sliding up and down, taking Rob's thick prick fully into her body on each stroke.

I had two fingers in my creaming cunt now, trying to keep up with their wild pace. Soon my own panting cries echoed in the closed office, but Pam and Rob were too busy to hear my pants. I reached up a little higher to get a better view of them but from my angle, I couldn't see the spot where his cock was riding in and out of her tight pussy. Yet, I could certainly see what that wicked junction was doing to both of them.

Rob had his head thrown back, his beautiful body arched as he drove harder and faster and deeper into little Pam. He fucked on and on and on and seemed capable of keeping up his driving pace for hours.

"Ooooh.” I moaned, trying to keep my own lust sounds low.

Suddenly, though, Pam's cry matched mine. The big-titted blonde diver was right in the middle of cumming. She bit back screams of pure delight as the coach trapped her arms now, pinning her to the mat. There was nothing Pam could do to stop this amazing ravaging, even is she wanted to. But I could plainly see that Pam was enjoying every wild stroke.

"I'm getting close.” he groaned, his face twisted with lust. "Can I pull him out, Pam?"

"Jesus, baby!" she cried. "Don't stop now. Just a little more. Fuck me a little more. I'm cumming so nice."

She wasn't the only one. I was rubbing the pad of my middle finger directly on the tip of my hard little joy-button. I'd been cumming steadily ever since I started watching these two. My knees were quivering and weakening as I stood in this cramped position, but I didn't want to stop watching. I'd never seen anything like this before in my life and I wanted to see what they'd do next.

The coach leaned forward, hunching his hips faster. Only about half of his cock was inside her now. His face was buried in the sweaty valley between her huge tits as he chewed at her nipples savagely. Her nipples grew as the coach chewed and pulled on them with his teeth.

"Oooh, that's it!" Pam screamed. "Bite 'em. Bite my nipples hard."

His mouth came free as he switched to the other side and Pam moaned, "Fuck me, Coach. Just a little more. Oooh, baby. I'm gonna cum again!"

I raised one hand, pushing down into my bar to capture one of my own aching nipples. I twisted and pinched the hot little bud, remembering how Todd had thrilled me that way during my own first fuck. My right hand dug between my clenched thighs and my middle finger slid between my puffy cuntlips. I bunched my forefinger with it and I could feel the suction drawing my fingers in deeper. I needed more and I added my ring finger to the bunched fingers inside my fiery cunt, but what I really needed inside me was that big prick I watched down below. I needed it up inside my horny little fuck-hole.

"Now!" Pam suddenly groaned. And I realized that Coach Dunn must have been right on the edge of cumming, too. He jerked out his throbbing prick and for just a second, I got a good look at the long, hard thing. His prick was all shiny with the cunt juices from little Pam's cunt, the head was almost purple. As he tried to crawl up over her, his long shaft bobbing up and down, I could even see the slit in the tip gaping open spastically.

Coach Dunn stumbled as he tried to get his cock up to Pam's face before his orgasm hit. But he didn't make it.

"Ooooh.” grunted Coach Dunn, his warning just a split second too late to do any good.

His prick opened up, spewing an arching jet of hot cum. Pam was sitting half upright, propping herself up on one elbow as she fought to get her mouth back over his cock. Rob was crouching over her chest, his bails resting on those big tits as he shoved his cock out as far as he could. But, despite both their efforts, there was a gap of about four inches between her soft lips and the rubbery head of his cock.

As I watched, my eyes wide with amazement, hot cock-cream flew out and hit Pam right in the face. She moaned, grabbing for his exploding prick. She opened her mouth, getting some of the next spurt before finally closing her lips around his still-belching boner.

"Mmm.” she yelled.

Pam sucked the rest of his orgasm into her mouth, gulping as she swallowed his cream. She nursed on the big hard-on and when she finally let his empty prick escape her sucking mouth, it was soft again.

Pam looked up at Coach Dunn and grinned, when she turned her face, I could see cum dripping from her chin. The white cream was all over her tits and neck. Rob had cum a gallon and most of it was on Pam's face and skin.

"I think I missed.” he laughed.

"I guess so, honey.” big-titted Pam giggled, wiping up his cum with her fingers and then seductively licking off the pearls of jism as she sucked at her slimy fingers.

"God, you turn me on.” he said. "I really wish there was some way for you to make the diving team."

"I know.” she said a little sadly. "I'm gonna try, but I don't think I'm gonna make it, either."

Coach Dunn took Pam in his arms, cum and all and kissed her sweetly on her open lips.

I wanted to watch more, but I heard footsteps approaching my office. Then someone knocked at the door.

I hopped down quickly, ripping off my soaking wet panties. I wiped some of the pussy juice from my hands and threw the panties under my desk. I took a quick look in the mirror, straightening my dress and composure before I answered the door.

"Nurse Perry!" an excited young man said. "Come quick. Carter has a bad cramp in his leg."

To be Continued

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