An accidental mixing of lab chemicals results in defeating the effects of the Pill.
Population Surges in County
Written by Perry Jones

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved

Dateline: Morosia County, MI

++++++NEWS HEADLINE++++++++

There has been a surge in population recently and it has not been welcomed. More than 70 young women have been victimized and impregnated by their boyfriends, significant others, husbands and acquaintances in recent months. At first it seemed to be just a normal surge of pregnancies since the past winter was unusually cold and dreary. But the trend continued into the spring and summer.

Now authorities are looking into the matter, investigating every newly report case to determine if there is a medical or criminal aspect to this growing problem.

The county Health department is asking all expectant persons to contact them so they can determine what is causing this unusual surge in pregnancies. The phone number to call is 877-IMP RGNT that is 877-467-7468.

The above was taken from the front page of the local weekly newspaper. It also was posted on the city website and every public bulletin board. It was announced in churches, PTA, schools and grocery store; virtually every place a woman would go on a regular basis.

The health department was swarmed with pregnant and/or scared women, even young girls who were sexually active came in. The health department was not prepared for the influx of concerned women. However, they quickly began gathering information and developed a questionnaire that would help them narrow down the root cause.

Two months into the information gathering produced no conclusive results. There were still as many questions as before. Finally, the health department issued a statement to the county. "Any woman who is sexually active should come by the health office, school, church or local pharmacy and be issued a dozen free condoms. DO NOT RELY on your present birth control method as it may be at fault. The CDC and FDA is also investigating this matter."

~ ~ ~ End of News Article ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My name is Bart Jones. I recently moved into Morosia County, MI from another state. My wife is now 22 and we have two kids, a boy Matthew who is 2 and a little girl Marie Lynn who is 4 months old. My wife and I met while I was attending University. She was in middle school at the time, sixth grade, and I was a Sophomore in college. My field of study was molecular biology. My goal in life at the time was to become a doctor specializing in pediatrics. But that all changed quite by accident.

Lynn was the daughter of a professor I studied under in several courses. She and I hit it off from the first time we met. She clung onto me like a leach. I even nicknamed her `Leach' much to her parents chagrin. Her dad was a noted medical scientist and lecturer. He had developed several new processes and tests to determine cancer strains and such especially in children.

It was during a lab session that I inadvertently mixed the wrong combination of chemicals and the result was an abnormal growth pattern occurred in the petri dish. Under the microscope I determined that a mice ovum rapidly matured and when impregnated with sperm began the process of making a new mouse. Further tests also determined that the mice who had been given the pill serum to prevent pregnancy became pregnant. I determined that I had hit upon something very important but could not report my findings due to the implications that were outside my studies.

I ultimately tossed the experiment and then carefully got back on track with my lab work. I had wasted almost two weeks and was significantly behind my peers. My lab partner was a big help since she had followed the correct procedures and with her help I was back on track.

However, I kept my notes and put them in my computer and encrypted them to prevent other eyes from getting them. For two years I feared someone would make a similar mistake and announce their findings. My fears went unrealized. I graduated at the top of my class and entered medical school. I completed my studies there in record time by working through the summers.

Meanwhile, I always seemed to spend time with my favorite professor at his home. His daughter had a definite crush on me and about 6 months after she and I met, Dan, her dad the professor called me into his office for a conversation.

"Bart.” he said, "have a seat and a drink." He offered me a light rum and coke that I accepted. "I asked you here today to find out your feelings about something I am unable to control at home."

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's Lynn, my 11 year-old daughter. It seems she has a big crush on you. She is always asking about you and what you are doing; how you are doing and really being obnoxious. She has begun dressing to look much older than her age and has been stuffing tissues into her training bra to show some breasts. Now I must tell you she is a `daddy's girl' in every sense of the word. Nancy, her mom, is constantly trying to keep her dressed and made up like a girl her age but it is becoming more and more difficult."

I sat there listening wondering where this all was leading.

"Bart, Nancy and I have come to a possible solution to this problem. I know there is a large gap in ages between Lynn and you, nearly 15 years I figure. And your interest in women is being abated by your studies, but Nancy and I want you to think about coming over on the weekend for a cookout. You can bring whatever you want in the way of food or drink. We want you to seek out Lynn and treat her like a date. She is having a birthday in a couple of weeks and I think it would be good for you `to do something nice' for her. I won't lead you any further. I and Nancy are giving you permission to do what's necessary to get Lynn's crush on you gone."

"Sir, do you want me to treat her like a woman? You know with... fondling or petting? I don't know if I can do that since she is so young and innocent." I said.

"Bart, I am not giving you permission to do anything illegal or immoral but her studies are suffering because of her crush on you. Do what you think is necessary to get her studying again. Nancy and I will be eternally grateful. We think you are the only one to get through to her." He said.

"Well sir, I will think about it and yes I will come to the cookout. I'll bring some wine coolers and brats for the grill."

He replied his thanks and I left his office bewildered.

That night as I was studying, Lynn came to mind. My memory flashed to the few times I had seen her. She has bright blue eyes, blondish hair in pigtails, naturally pink lips and a few dots of freckles across her nose. She stands all of 4' 10" and still has the shape of a boy, kinda. She is very pretty and if I were closer in age would definitely be interested in her. What did she see in me?

I pondered that question as I fixed a snack and drink. I looked at me in the mirror and what I saw wasn't anything to write home about. I had a normal looking face with a 5 o'clock shadow of beard. My head was full of hair and I kept it styled in current fashion. I shampoo it every day when I shower.

I took off my shirt and there saw a chest full of hair and my pecs were pronounced. I needed to work out some to tighten up. My belly was still flat, sort of but needs some tightening up. I couldn't see anything that would be attractive to a prepubescent girl.

I enjoyed my snack and finished my homework. It was nearing 10 p.m. when I turned down my bed and prepared to shower and get some sleep. As I stripped down I saw my reflection in the full length mirror. I looked a mess to me. I was heavily covered in dark hair. My pubes were a forest with my (to my eyes) normal sized penis somewhat thick but hidden in the thatch of hair.

I climbed into the shower and soaped up liberally. I could not get Lynn's image out of my mind. I rinsed off with the hand shower carefully spraying my pubic area and buttocks to remove all traces of soap. I liberally sprinkled my favorite cologne over my wet body and began toweling off dry.

I combed and brushed my hair using the hair dryer. (I hate having damp hair before going to sleep) I slipped on my red silk sleep shorts and go into bed. I turned off the light and fell asleep. Sometime during the night I awoke suddenly. My penis was fully hard and the foreskin drawn down exposing my flared helmet. I was leaking fluid too. I must have had a wet dream though I couldn't recall it.

As I sat there an image of Lynn came into my mind. She was sitting up in her bed. The moonlight was filtering into her room illuminating her is soft light. She was wearing a spaghetti strap teddy. Her little nipples were hard and perky on the hillocks that one day would be breasts. She had a slight smile on her lips and she seemed deep in thought. She was, in a word, gorgeous in my mind. I knew right then that I had to make every effort to become her prince in shining armor. I smiled as I lay back down and fell asleep holding my very hard penis.

I awoke to sunshine beginning to stream into my bedroom. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my boxers (I don't wear briefs) and trapsed off to the bathroom. I quickly showered and toweled off dry. I finished my morning ritual brushing my teeth, gargling my Listerine and brushing my hair. I am very fastidious about my hair. I get a haircut every two weeks just to keep it in shape.

I found my slacks and shirt then dressed and put on my socks and shoes. I always wear NewBalance walking shoes but today I put on my dress Rockport's. All of my shoes are black and shiny because I like them shiny.

The day was wonderful. All classes were instructive and I was well prepared for the questions and my labs were way ahead of the others. My lab partner, Sally, has always been an inspiration to me. She looked especially beautiful today. I wanted to ask her out but that would interfere with our professional student relationship. We kidded and joked with each other but that was all.

Today being Friday I had little homework so I went to town to get needed groceries and supplies for the weekend cookout. Dan had told me that their guest room would available should I decide to use it. I didn't yet know what I would do about that.

I slept fitfully that night. I woke up a couple of times, each time my cock was hard as steel. I decided that I should just get up and do what I had planned on doing. I drove to the all night WalMart and bought a Wahl beard trimmer with all of the attachments. I also bought a new pair of swimming trunks. I hate those board shorts but I did find something that was more suitable for me. I got them one size too small on purpose. If she (Lynn) saw me nearly naked maybe she would have second thoughts. I also chose a leopard skin pattern since it sort of matched my complexion.

When I got back home I put with wine in the refrigerator and then stripped naked. I took my beard trimmer and found the right attachment and began trimming all of my chest hair. I liked the look now and then lay down in the tub and trimmed my thatch of pubic hair shorter. I kept doing it until I had only about ¼ inch remaining around my cock. My ball sac was still very hairy though so I cleaned out the tub of hair and filled the tub with very warm water.

I took my new Fusion razor and shave gel for sensitive skin and lathered my cock and balls. I carefully stroked the hair from my sac and then saw that I was very white there. I shaved an area around my cock about an inch wide and then up the area between my thigh and belly. This look sort of like an inverted pyramid. I liked the new look. Of course I didn't expect to be showing it to anyone but my vanity is now very important to me.

After the shaving I went back to bed and slept peacefully. It was nearly noon when I woke up. I saw my phone was flashing that I had received a call or message. I saw it was from Dan.

"Bart you can come over any time you wish. Lynn is all beside herself. I hope you have a working plan for her." The message said.

I had bought new shorts and a nice polo shirt to match and new white tennis type walking shoes with the short socks. I showered and put on my `get the girls' cologne in strategic places knowing this little girl would go nuts when she smelled it. My shorts fit me nicely and there was still plenty of easement for me to sit comfortably. My cock was half erect and showed nicely, if one was to look down there.

I arrived an hour later. I had stopped and bought a bouquet of flowers for the Mrs. and hoped Lynn wouldn't be too disappointed. I didn't want her to think I was there for her even though I really was.

Lynn greeted me at the door and her face fell when I gave the flowers to her mom. I could see the disappointment and knew I had just broken her little heart. Nancy gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for them as Dan appeared around the corner. His smile told it all to me. He was happy that Lynn had gotten her come uppance and I hadn't even touched her.

After we put the food and drink away, I called Lynn over to me. I was sitting on a chaise lounge. She came over as I handed her a small box of Whitman's Sampler chocolates. Her face beamed brightly as I gave them to her with a slight peck on the cheek.

It was then I noticed how she was dressed. She was wearing shorts that were really short and I could tell that her mom had picked them out. They had an inner liner that was snug and hugged her pussy very nicely. Her little camel toe showed to perfection. The legs were mid-thigh however and snug on her thighs.

Dan and I carried on a conversation as Lynn stayed as close to me as she possibly could. During our conversation Dan suggested I take Lynn out to the riding stables and take a trail ride with her. I knew she was an avid horsewoman but I wasn't too fond of riding horses. I gave it a thought and agreed to take her. She was elated. I told her I didn't have riding clothes with me but could stop at my apartment on the way if she didn't mind.

She was tickled to death, I could tell. She said she had to change too so she ran up to her room to change. Nancy came over and said, "Be good to her and don't hurt her. She is just a little girl even though she thinks she is a woman. She hasn't had a period yet so just be careful."

"Oh Nancy, I hadn't even planned on such an event like that. Whatever happens happens but it will be Lynn who does the instigating. I might scare her if I push too fast." I told her.

"Well, just so you know, she has been masturbating. I found traces of fluid on her sheet and panty. She loves you or thinks she does." Nancy added.

By that time Lynn was running to the kitchen. She had changed into riding boots and a skirt and blouse. The skirt was semi full and the blouse was thin and full too. She looked like a little lady.

I helped her in the car and even buckled her seatbelt. I copped a feel as I made sure the belt was adjusted correctly. She sighed and smiled as I touched her breastlets.

She came with me to my apartment. I held the door for her and gently guided her into the living area. I excused myself to go to the bedroom to change. I purposely left the door open as I took off my shirt and shorts. I knew she could see my tight boxers but only from the rear. I knew I was giving her a show and I knew a better way was coming. I had brand new freshly washed Wrangler jeans that were extremely soft. I took them off their hangar and lay them on the bed. I then took off my boxers. If she was looking and I was certain she was, she would see my naked butt. I wondered how I could let her see the goods without purposely displaying them to her.

I turned as I put one leg into the jeans and then turned back to put the other leg in. She would have glimpsed my penis and pubes, if she was looking, but not realize I knew I was showing her. After I arranged myself I zipped up careful not to catch myself in the zipper. I found a western style shirt and put it on as I walked back to the living area.

I could tell she had seen me as she was trying to hide her face from my gaze. "Lynn, sorry I'm taking so long. I just need to get my boots on and then we can go." I told her.

She smiled as I pulled on my cowboy boots that I hadn't worn in many years. Thankfully they still fit. I took her hand as we left the apartment, gave it a squeeze and walked to the car. I could see a new spring in her step.

We got to the stables and our horses were already saddled. Dan had called ahead. I boosted her up into the saddle and saw she was wearing modesty shorts built-in to her skirt. Her pudenda still showed some as I looked. She didn't notice that I saw her though. We talked as we rode and I discovered she had definite plans for high school and then college. She wanted to be a nurse-practioner but she most wanted to marry a handsome man and have lots of his kids.

I knew if she was any way like her mom she would be a great mom. A couple of hours later and a rest stop we returned the horses and went back to my apartment. I needed to shower and dress back into my shorts. She went with me into the apartment. I flipped on the TV for her as I went to strip and shower.

I had stepped into the shower and was soaping up when she pulled back the curtain. It was too late to do anything but turn away from her. "OhhhhH!!!" she gasped as she saw me fully naked and covered in soap. "I ...I want to join you." She finally said.

All sorts of things went through my mind just then. I remembered what Nancy had said. I even remembered what Dan had said. I took her hand and helped her in. There wasn't a lot of room there for two of us. I rubbed up against her soaping her chest with my body. I then stooped down and transferred the soap from me to her. I washed her from the neck down with my bare hands all the while talking to her. "Is this as much fun as you thought, sweety?" I asked.

She blushed as I gently washed her. I made sure she felt my fingers in her butt cheeks and along her girly split. I managed to get my little finger into her tight vagina but only barely as she moaned a bit with my touch. I didn't want to scare her or take her virginity that way. I then washed my own body and she tried to help reaching to my penis and touching me. My cock instantly erected to its full 8 inches and thickness as she washed it. "Careful honey.” I said, "touch it softly. It's sensitive and I might shoot my stuff all over you and then have to wash you again."

"Its so big and ... hard and soft too.. Does it really go into a woman's pee place? I'm too little for such a large thing." Lynn said.

"Oh honey, I wouldn't try to put it in you. You are still a little girl but when you get bigger then I can assure you it will fit. You see a woman has to pass a baby through that opening. Hasn't your mom ever told you about that?" I asked.

"No, not really, but I've seen hers when we bathe together and we never talk about that. I do know its bigger than mine and has lips on it." She said.

"Well honey that all comes as you get older and grow. Don't try to be something you aren't ready for. Just be the sweet little girl you are." I told her as I rinsed her with the hand shower making sure to get all the soap from her nooks and crannies.

We got back to her house and she took my hand as we walked up to the house. We went to the backyard where her brothers and sisters were playing on the swingset. She ran over to join them as Dan and Nancy looked at me questioningly. "We had a great time riding." I told them. "Afterward I took her back to my apartment and we showered. She showered while I changed clothes." I added.

There was a look of relief when I said that. "It looks like she enjoyed her outing with you. I hope she has lost her crush on you." Nancy said.

"Well, I don't know about that. She's a pretty smart little girl. I think she'll be just fine. I like her very much." I told them.

The cookout was a roaring success. It ended up I fed Lynn a bratwurst with real German mustard and let her have one wine cooler. I knew it would relax her but more importantly let her feel somewhat like an adult. I could tell the alcohol affected her but she was far from being drunk. I wondered what would happen when she found out I was spending the night in the guest room. I was sort of looking forward to her possible visit since I now had a slight crush on her too.

When we got things cleaned up, Nancy came over and reminded me to be careful with her daughter. "I don't plan on hurting her in any way." I told her. "She is an inquisitive young lady and if anything happens it will be of her own doing. You can rest assured she won't do anything to hurt herself."

"Well, you have a good night." Nancy said as she took Dan's hand and went toward their room.

I went into the guest room and was pleased to see I had my own bathroom. That would make things so much nicer. I made sure the door was closed but not without checking to see if it squeaked or anything. It was quiet as could be. I then stripped down to my boxers and hung up my shorts and shirt. I would wear them in the morning.

I then went to the bathroom and did my normal bedtime ritual of brushing teeth and gargling. I decided I might need to shower one more time. I had smoke from the grill on me and was sweaty too. The shower was very refreshing. I really liked my shorter hair on my chest and pubic area. I felt better and it seemed to make me look bigger too.

As I was drying I thought of Sally, my lab partner. She has tried off and on to go out with me but I refused. She is certainly attractive enough and I do like her a lot. I bet she is a tiger in bed too if the red hair is any indication. I finished and climbed into bed. I watched the late news on TV as I heard or rather saw the door move. Lynn slipped in followed by her little sister, Lisa. Lisa is about 7 and cute as can be.

"Bart, may we come in?" Lynn asked.

"Sure honey, who's that with you?"

"Oh it’s Lisa, my little sister. She wanted to come say good night to you."

"Well, Lisa come on up here and give me a hug and kiss." I said sort of jokingly.

Lisa jumped onto the bed and into my arms. She hugged me tight and kissed me... on the lips. "Thanks Bart, I love you. You're fun and nice." She said as she climbed down.

She quietly ran off to her room leaving Lynn and I alone with the door closed. "Mom said I could be with you if I wanted. May I stay here with you Bart?" She asked.

"Do you think it’s ok being in bed with me?" I asked.

"Oh I won't take your covers." She said.

"I wasn't thinking about that. You're a girl and I'm a man. Usually men and women don't sleep with each other until they are married."

"Yeah, I know... that's what daddy said. But I just want to be close to you." She went on.

"OK honey, but if anything happens it's your fault. OK?" I added.

"Yes... but don't hurt me." She said.

She crawled up into the queen bed with me. She was wearing one of dad's old tee shirts that had been modified to fit her. I guessed she wasn't wearing any panty under it. She was trying so hard to be grown up. I opened my arms to her and she fell into them. I hugged and kissed her lovingly. I didn't waste any time trying to feel her up.

I had a soft butt cheek in my hand and was squeezing it gently as I hen pecked her lips and nose and then her ears. If she wanted to act grown up then she would have to take my kisses and squeezing seriously. I continued to kiss her and pinch and squeeze her little butt cheeks. Pretty soon I saw my door open quietly. I could see Nancy's eye peeking the action on the bed.

The bed stand light was still on so she could see exactly what I was doing with her precocious daughter. I winked at her as I gently slid my hand under her sleep shirt. I was right she was naked under it. As I slowly brought my hand up her leg she spread them giving me full access to her most intimate place.

I gently began stroking my forefinger along her inner thigh. She was murmuring her acceptance of my love play with her. I kissed her full on the lips gently sucking her lower lip to wake up her passion side. My cock was now as hard as it would ever be began poking her belly. She began squirming on my bare chest now her little girl emotions beginning to overtake her immature mind.

As my finger found her vagina moistening, I began doing the `come here' with my finger. I knew that if she got any wetter I would be able to get my fingertip inside her and then who knows what would happen. I also raised her up a bit so I could reach her hard nipples. I did and then kissed one through her tee shirt. By this time Nancy saw that I was putting her little girl through the paces of soon losing her virginity.

I held her tight as I rolled over on top of her. I purposely let my weight hold her tight to the bed. I raised up enough to remove her sleep shirt. She didn't resist me undressing her. As I lay back down on her my cock found her mons and rested its head against her little opening. I the distinct `click' of a camera shutter followed by another then another. Dan had slipped in with the digital camera and had recorded the possible deflowering of his daughter.

I felt the air change as the door closed quietly. I was now alone with my little lover. My cock was leaking pre-come onto her bare vulva. I would only need a little push and could possibly be against her hymen.

"Are you gonna put it in me?" She whispered.

"Is that what you want, honey?" I answered.

"Yes but I'm scared it will hurt `cause it's so big. Mommy says it's how a man shows his love for his lover."

I kissed her and the rolled her back over so she was on top again. "Sit up honey." I said.

She sat up. I could see tears in her eyes and puckered lips as though she would soon begin crying again. I raised my knees up to let her sit between my now very hard, thick dripping cock. She was now straddling it seated there. I pointed down to the juncture and said, "Look! See how big I am compared to you. If it was inside you do you see how far it would be inside your body?"

"Un Huh." She answered.

"Do you think it would feet good in there for you?" I asked.


"Well I agree with you. I'm not going to put it inside you even if it would fit you. You are too scared and too young to yet experience mating with an adult. I love you and can show you many things that you, as a young girl, can do to show love to your man. Do you want me to show you some things?" I asked.

"Yes..." She answered coyly.

I picked her up from her position and lay her on her back beside me on the bed. I then kissed her mouth and slipped my tongue between her lips. I then whispered, "I love you peanut."

I then traced a fingertip down her little body toward her belly button and then to her slit. I found her little clitty and dropped some spit on it to moisten it as I started drawing circles around it. In a couple of minutes it was too much for her and she orgasmed hard. Her hips thrust up to meet my finger as it engaged her sensitive nerve bundle there in her clit.

I slowly let my finger just rest there. I leaned over and kissed her lips. This time she sucked my lower lip into her mouth. She was mine now ready to be taught many more love moves. We lay like that for some time until I heard her breathing become slow and regular. She was asleep.

As I leaned over to turn off the light I saw a beautiful little smile on her face. The light went out and I lay with her falling asleep beside her.

When daylight came on Saturday, she awoke first and sneaked out of bed to empty her bladder. I was still sound asleep when she returned to the bed. My penis was now soft and lying against my thigh, my foreskin covering the helmet. She gathered her courage and gently touched it then picked it up and leaned over and kissed it. When I slowly woke up to the sensation of wetness around my cock she had begun licking the head now exposed. I knew I wouldn't last long but I lay there and let her continue.

She managed the courage to put her mouth over my crown and though it filled her mouth she licked it anyway. It was too much. I shot a load of semen into her mouth. It gagged her as it caught her by surprise but she held onto me and lifted her lips to let it continue shooting. Several spurts splashed onto her face as my cock continued to empty my balls.

I wiped her eyes so she could see then guided some of my semen into her mouth for her to taste and swallow. She had already swallowed part of the initial spurt. She looked a mess as I kissed her and tasted me along with her morning taste.

"I love you Lynn." I said as I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and let it warm before stepping in with her in my arms. She was not heavy. She was my girlfriend. She clung to me with her arms around my neck as I soaped her and washed all of the sperm from her. I let her hang until she put her legs around me then I unclasped her arms and lay her out letting the water shower her little breasts and vulva. "I won't drop you sweety." I said as she looked scared. "I won't let anything hurt you ever. I love you." I said softly.

I found the soap and began soaping her with one hand as I held her with the other. Her hair was now soaked so I put her down and shampooed her hair. She took that time to learn how to jack me since I was still very hard.

She giggled as I would take swipes in her pussy with my little finger. She even kissed the head as I rinsed her head free of shampoo. "Someday, I will put you inside my body." She said to my cock.

I had no doubt she meant that. After we got fully rinsed I grabbed a towel and wrapped her in it as I finished rinsing myself. I stood her on the commode lid and dried her taking liberties with my tongue on her slit as I did so. I then used the hair dryer to dry her hair and blew dry her complete body as I brushed and dried her hair.

She stood there and let me have my way with her hair. I remembered braiding my sister's hair when I lived at home. I carried her to the bedroom and sat her on a chair backwards as I began dividing and braiding her hair. When I finished she had three nice clean braids topped off with one small braid down the middle of her head. I put her panty on her and then her little dress. I put on my shorts though I stayed commando. She watched me as I arranged my still semi-hard cock before zipping up.

She giggled as I kissed her and then we went to join the rest of the family. Nothing more was said between us. We already knew our feelings towards each other.

"Good morning everyone." I said as we entered the kitchen.

"Hi Lynn, did you have fun with your boyfriend?" a brother asked.

"Yes thank you, Mike. I slept very well too."

"Your hair looks nice." Nancy said to change the subject.

"Thanks mom. Bart did a nice job. He helped me with my shower too." She added.

The day was relaxed as the family did their Saturday stuff. I had some things to do and didn't want to overstay my welcome so I said my good byes and left.

Lynn walked with me to the car and kissed me.

The following week Professor Dan never spoke of our weekend. It was classes as usual and labs. I finally got up the courage to have a dinner date with Sally. She was elated and we had a good time. We remained platonic throughout our date. Oh she tried to entice me to kiss her and do more with her but I refused. I had a girlfriend who was growing up for me and no other. After school I interned at an Eastern hospital in pediatrics. During all this time, Lynn stayed in touch with me. She would write me letters, send me a card and pictures of her. My bedroom wall was covered with her pictures. I never had a female visitor to my bedroom. I did have some liaisons with nurses and aids from time to time but nothing serious.

Meanwhile Lynn maintained her grades and won a full 4 year scholarship to a university near me. She and I married a week after she graduated from High School. I received an appointment for a fellowship in my chosen field and accepted since it would further my career.

Lynn moved with me to Chicago where I would study for one year. During that year I recovered my original experiment and decided to redo it to be sure it was originally correct. Meanwhile Lynn was pregnant with our first child. She had discovered that my large cock would fit in her still small body but she was mature now and once she found out that she needs it in her more now.

My new experiments proved correct. I needed to test it on some known human subjects so I chose some homeless women who had been given the pill to prevent pregnancy. Some six months and all of the test subjects became pregnant. None of those who used a placebo got pregnant. Of course I couldn't publish these findings. I would have to make the stuff on my own and find a way to administer it widely should I choose to do so.

My fellowship was completed and I had an offer to join a prestigious medical firm as a researcher and physician. Lynn and I moved again and this time we bought a large home in a gated community. The people who lived there were all executive types similar in age to us and with varying family structures. Lynn was very happy and well suited to this neighborhood. She was invited to many coffees and teas and garden clubs. Our family grew too. As soon as the youngest was a year old we began working on the next.

Lynn never took birth control pills and I didn't give her the antidote for birth control pills. I knew it worked but what wasn't known was that it also was a fertility enhancer. A woman who received it had an enhanced fertility that could result in multiple births by causing the body to release more than one ovum at a time. This was something that was learned over time.

We lived there for nearly 5 years and every woman or girl who received the drug became pregnant during that cycle. Now I was doing speaking engagements for my company and flew in and out of many cities and towns. I discovered that many of the groups I spoke to were young women executives many were still single. I began working on a method of delivery to target this group and hopefully increase the population of their towns and cities.

After much experimentation I finally arrived at a solution. It resided in online ads for herbs. Many people will buy herbs as supplements for better health and if those herbs are enhanced with my formula then it virtually was untraceable.

Now that I had a delivery system I could offer these herbs through a third party without ever being involved personally.

5 years later...

Lynn and I have moved again. We are now in a large city in middle America. I have a private plane now and three kids with one on the way. Lynn went back to school and got a teaching certificate and is now licensed to teach in our state. She is home school teaching elementary and middle school kids.

The headline at the beginning of this story tells it all. Law enforcement everywhere and medical authorities are stymied as to how such an increase in fertility and population is occurring. It is not relegated to any particular group of society. It is affecting any woman who is sexually active. They have not discovered that it renders the pill ineffective as yet. That may be years away.

I no longer make the formula but I have nearly a year supply in storage and am introducing it to new areas that I may travel in in the future. My last city saw a 14 fold increase in pregnancies and births. At that location I concentrated on newlyweds and high school senior girls. They love to party after graduation and newlyweds often forget their pill in the emotion of the time. Every case had an explanation and since it was untraceable I was freely able to travel and introduce it to their normal lifestyle.

-=The End=-

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