Continuation of Story
Caught in Bed by My Wife's Sister
By Perry Jones & zonner11

Copyright (C) 2012, by Perry Jones <>

This is a revision and continuation of a story written by zonner11. It is said that using another author's story and embellishing it is a compliment to that author. I hope this author approves. Otherwise, my apologies. I attempted to write this author and received no response. I can only assume the email was junk filed or never read or the address defunct.


Chapter 2

This incident happened a few years ago. As far as I know Mary has never told anyone in the family. She is still quite sullen in my presence and we rarely speak. This isn't an issue for me as we live in different counties so rarely see each other. It isn't the only time that I was almost caught cheating but it is one of the more memorable.

A few weeks later after my wife, Beverly, and baby John came home she was talking with Mary on the phone. I couldn't hear the conversation but I feared the worst. I puttered around in the garage straightening up some tools and put up some shelves near the washing machine.

"Doug I just had a lovely conversation with Mary." Bev said. "She and Mark are going to see a fertility specialist since she can't seem to get pregnant. She wants a baby so badly and feels like she is inadequate as a wife especially since her baby sister has a baby and it happened pretty fast."

Bev got pregnant within 6 months of our marriage having tossed the birth control pills the month we were married. I smiled as she told me about Mary's inability to have kids. I decided that Barry, Mary's husband, whom I liked might like to spend some time fishing or hunting with me. I knew he hadn't been in a while and deer season was coming.

I called him and invited him. He quickly accepted telling me he had to get away from Mary for a while. She was being difficult to live with especially after visiting her sister in the hospital. I pretended to not know anything as to why but I knew it was because I was cheating on Bev.

We made plans for hunting and we each got our licenses and tags for a buck each. In our town there is a butcher who maintains a freezer locker plant and rents space for those who don't have large freezers. He also butchers deer for hunters.

Mary came to visit Bev often. She loved baby John and was a wonderful aunt to him. She let Bev shop or just get away while she babysat. She even bathed him and played with him. He adored being spoiled by her. I knew she would be a wonderful mom and it was too bad she was unable to get pregnant.

When hunting season opened, Barry and I scouted some locations that were public land in our area and discovered some trails and bedding areas for deer. We chose a couple of sites and put our marks on trees and the hung our portable deer stands trimming away branches for clear shooting lanes. I even put out two cameras to see what I might have an opportunity to hunt.

It was during one of our scouting trips that he told me that when he was a little boy he got a disease that rendered him with a low sperm count. He suspected that it was affecting his marriage even though he and Mary had a wonderful sex life. I humored him and made some remark that maybe I could help out in that regard. "My fertility is proved," I said jokingly.

"That's true Mark but how could we get Mary to go along?" he asked.

We had several ideas but my mind kept going back to that time she had caught me with my mistress while Bev was delivering our first born.

Nothing more was said on that subject for a month or so until one day Mary was visiting and I came home from work. "Hi Mary," I said as I put my coat on the hook.

"Hi Mark, Bev's shopping and she said she would be home about 7. Johnny and I have been having some fun. He just woke up from his nap." She said.

"Has he had his bath yet?" I asked.

"No, I was just getting ready to do that. Do you want to help?"

"Sure. I love giving him his bath. I love the way he kicks and laughs when I tickle and blow kisses on him."

"Yeah, I like that too." She added.

I was sort of surprised at her outgoing manner towards me. She had seemed sickened the time she caught me with Emily. Maybe she got over that. I thought.

We bathed Johnny and he spouted off once hitting her in the face and wetting her shirt. She just took it off and continued as if nothing happened. I was surprised since she always made sure she didn't show any of her body to me or in public.

After his bath she confided in me that Barry couldn't seem to make her pregnant and it depressed her. She said she really loved him and wanted to give him a child but they couldn't afford the procedure to get her pregnant.

About that time Beverly returned from shopping and I helped carry in the groceries and bags. Dinner was a roasted chicken from the grocery and with a veggie and baked potatoes we all sat and enjoyed dinner. It was during dinner that Mary said, "Bev, I was talking with Mark here before you came home. I told him about Barry's low sperm count and that we couldn't afford the in vitro fertilization procedure. You and I have talked before about this and you agreed that if Mark was agreeable then he could provide the sperm to impregnate me." She said.

I nearly swallowed my tongue and choked when I heard this. Here I thought she was disgusted with me for cheating on her sister and now... she wanted me to impregnate her? It seemed too good to be true.

Bev said, "Mary I already told you that it was OK with me and that I love him very much. I don't consider it cheating if he impregnates you as long as you don't steal him away from me." <laughing>

"Mark, what do you say? Do you... Will you help me out? I promise not to steal you away from Beverly. You know I love you like a brother anyway.

"What would Barry say?" I asked.

"Oh we have already talked about this and he is fine with it. In fact he said that if our baby looks, acts like Johnny he would be very happy. He loves you like a brother anyway."

We had more discussion and finally it was agreed that I would donate my sperm to my sister-in-law. The only matter was how and when since Beverly wanted another baby soon anyway, a girl she hoped. Bev and she discussed it and decided that their next cycle would be the best time since their cycles were about a week apart. Plans were made for Mary to take a week off from work. She teaches at a private school.

I had to plan vacation time too but that was no problem. We set a date that would ensure the timing was correct and I made reservations at a distant hotel where we weren't known. I used an old credit card to hold the room since Bev didn't know about it and it was empty anyway. I keep two cards for that purpose. I would pay cash on check-in.

Beverly and I have a very active, adventuresome sex life. She now insisted that we not engage in sex until I get with her sister. I was going to be disappointed in not being able to sink my cock into my wife nightly as I had done since we got married. The most we ever abstained was when she was in her period, then we did anal, or the month we waited after Johnny was born.

She kept me on edge every day though, telling me all sorts of things about her sister. Every day I learned something new even to her favorite positions and where her most erogenous zones are. The more she told me about Mary the more anxious I got and the more I wanted her. It reflected in our own lovemaking too. She suddenly insisted that instead of just being trimmed short we would now shave each other since it is more personal and appealing. Bev got my beard trimmer, I have a short beard and mustache, and trimmed be close. Then she took my Fusion razor and put a new blade in it and using the ultra-sensitive gel lathered me up.

She grasped my very hard cock and held it variously to shave my entire pubic area and shaft. She gingerly shaved my sac and anus, cheeks too. After she rinsed me she applied her favorite vitamin E cream to the shaved area. It was soothing and felt wonderful.

It was my turn now. "WAAAAAAA" Johhny cried.

"I have to go to him and change him, honey... be right back." She said.

A few minutes later she returned. I could see that he had nursed since one breast was sagging a bit. "Did he drain you? I asked.

"No, you can drain it and the other one when you finish shaving me." She answered.

I had a microwaved flannel washcloth that was steamy hot. I put that on her pussy area covering all the hair she had there. She winced when the heat touched her but left it lay. I leaned up and kissed a nipple then began sucking and draining her breast. I love doing this for her. It brings her off and puts her in an amorous mood. She orgasms easily when I do it a certain way. As I suckled I played with her hot pussy.

Sensing her hair was soft now, I removed the cloth and applied the gel to her entire pubic region. I could easily get her to orgasm this way but I had plans for her later. I used the same razor she used on me since it was still good. I gently stroked away every little hair humming all the time. I knew I would be licking her bare skin soon.

After rinsing her thoroughly I put her lotion on her as she had done me. Then I continued kissing her and suckling her breast dry. She was totally relaxed now as I kissed my way down to her clit. One lap and she orgasmed loudly. Since I couldn't have sex with her until after my week with her sister, I rolled over and fell asleep.

Everyday I became more anxious to be with her sister. I had decided I would make it like a date and woo her and dine her. We would have some wine or wine coolers but nothing heavy. I abstained from beer too. I made a trip to the barbershop and got a haircut and had them trim my beard professionally. I even had a manicure and clear nail polish applied. I have a goodly amount of chest hair, unlike Barry who is almost bare. I decided I would keep that and see how she reacted to it.

Finally the day came for our `vacation'. She met me at the front door just after Barry left for work. I trundled her suitcase to the rented car and we were off. I buckled her into her seat and kissed her using a little tongue. She tasted wonderful.

We chatted along the way. She kept asking all sorts of questions about where we were going, what we were going to do and all of that. I kept her in the dark on some things since I wanted her to be mine for this week. She did confide in me that Barry and she had fucked most of the night and he deposited several loads in her. She was wearing a diaphragm to keep it inside her hoping that his sperm might find her fertile egg. She was due to ovulate in a couple of days anyway.

I wouldn't mind having sloppy seconds knowing that my sperm is virile and proven. After our two-hour drive we checked into the hotel. I had asked for a suite and was treated to a three room suite with an oversize bathroom and a Jaccuzzi with appropriate additives. The suite looked out over the landscape with rolling hills and farmland. It face west so we would have a lovely sunset viewing.

Upon entering the room she found a lovely bouquet of yellow roses and large daisies along with baby-breath filler. There was a card attached. It read: `To my lovely, beautiful sister whom I have loved since meeting. May this adventure be a new love for both and may you be fruitful. I will do my part so you can multiply. Love, Mark.'

I saw tears in her eyes as she read the card. She came into my arms and kissed me like a passionate lover. "I'm sorry about my attitude with you and your mistress. I promise not to be jealous. I want to us to be lovers for life, brother." She said lovingly

"I would love nothing more. Now, I suggest we change out of our travel clothes into something a bit more casual as I have plans for the rest of the day. Put on some shorts and a top. I hope you don't wear a bra or panties for the rest of the week." I told her.

"Mmmmmmm... A man after my own heart. I bet you don't wear undies either."

"Nope. I've not worn briefs since high school and I seldom wear any with jeans. Today, I am commando in my shorts too."

She was not shy undressing in front of me. For the first time I saw my sister-in-law naked. She puts Beverly to shame. Her breasts are a full C cup and with her flat tummy, a small waist and hips just made for birthing, she was the perfect specimen of womanhood.

My cock instantly hardened revealing to her my full 7 plus inches. I am circumsized with a flared helmet that is much wider than my shaft. My shaft does taper to a large base ensuring a tight fit in any channel. She grasped it and stroked it as she told me that it is much larger than Barry's. She loves his but she thinks mine is much nicer. I didn't want to shoot into space so I suggested we either get in the bed and do this thing we came to do or dress and make this a romantic event, which is what I had planned.

"I think I like the romantic event idea," she said as she let loose of my cock.

I kissed her and we got dressed. We left the hotel and walked the nearby street looking into various shops and boutiques. There was no rhyme or reason since we were enjoying each other's company and holding hands. Passersby took note of our dress since it was a workday and we were obviously not wearing work clothes. She had on a pair of white mid thigh shorts with a girly tank top. Her breasts were obviously unencumbered as they were bouncy and free moving. She was completely covered but there was no doubt she was braless. Also there was no panty line so she must have been wearing a thong or sans panty.

We both loved the attention we were getting. My shorts were on the small side and my package was semi-hard and showing under my light blue bermuda's. After about an hour of walking I found the cozy little Italian place I had made reservations at and we went in and shown to our table. A strolling violinist played some wonderful love music. I tipped him lavishly. A waiter in a tux with tails appeared with a bottle of wine. It was properly chilled and had an excellent bouquet. I tasted and approved. He poured each of us a glass and took our order for appetizers.

Dinner was wonderful. We enjoyed a Veal Parmesan over pasta and more wine. We continued to chat and I learned so much about her that I never knew before. She told me how she so much wanted a boy first and that she had studied all of the information medically known from the internet and Planned Parenthood that when she found out her husband was basically infertile she was devastated. "When I saw you with your mistress that day, I was really sick. How could you treat my sister that way? I asked myself," she said. "I was physically sick and right then I didn't want any more to do with you. It was days later that I woke up in the middle of the night. I was sweating profusely and my pussy was soaked. I must have had a hell of a wet dream. I remembered then, I saw you making love... really making love to her. She was not just a fuck to you. She was someone you cared deeply about. I remembered seeing your cock, long and thick gushing your sperm all over her. I lay there thinking to myself, `how can I get him in my bed? Get me pregnant? Make love to me like he did her." She went on.

I was holding her hand as she told me this. I knew she and I would be long term lovers and this would be a life-long event and she now wanted this more than anything. The waiter brought the check and I paid, leaving a generous tip. We left hand-in-hand back to our love nest in the hotel.

As we arrived, a bellman came and gave me a card. It was a gift card to an adult store just across town. He assumed we were newly-weds and trying to be incognito. I gave him a tenner and thanked him then we went to our suite. We wasted no time leaving our shoes and clothes at the door. She beat me to the bed, but just barely. She threw off the spread and blanket leaving only the top sheet. She sprawled face-up and spread-eagled in the middle of that king-sized bed.

I saw she was bare just like Beverly and I wasted no time falling on top of her. Our lips met in a frenzy of passion and groping. My hands were all over her breasts and at times around her neck as I overwhelmed her with passionate kissing. It wasn't long that I was suck kissing her neck leaving my love bites all over her. I never gave any thought to what the appearances would be in a couple of days as a result.

She was just as passionate as I. She locked her legs over mine and kept trying to get my now hard cock inside her baby channel to do the task we were here to do. I decided as we were locked in our passionate embrace that lovemaking was out. This was time for babymaking and baby make we would do.

I reached for her pussy with my free hand as I gently raised up my body from hers. She found my hardness and guided it home. It was mutually accepted at that moment. She raised her hip just as I slammed my hips down to try and massage that nub. She was clinging to me, her fingernails clutching my back. She hadn't trimmed hers short. They hurt as she hunched up to me. My hips were now in frenetic motion as I screwed her. My extreme thickness at my cock's base combined with my pubic bone attacking her clit put her over the edge.

"AhhhhHHHH ... OOOOHHHHHHH..." she sceamed in my ear as her first orgasm came over her.

"Hmmmph" "Hmmmph" "Hmmmph" "Hmmmph" "Hmmmph" our bodies sounded as we came together in fluid motion. My cock was driving against her cervix. I couldn't hold out any longer. "ARRRRGH" "ARRRRGH" "ARRRRGH" I groaned as my cock swelled with the passage of my semen through my cock tube. I slammed her into the bed hard. My cock spewed forth my seed in hot jets bathing her cervix and even shooting into her cervix.

She screamed back at me with her moans of pleasure and words of love as our lust and passion overwhelmed us. I was now on autopilot. My body was responding only to nature's call to procreate and deliver my love seed into my lover's welcoming cunt. She had her legs locked around my legs squeezing me and not letting go.

Fifteen minutes is not a long time, generally, but lovemaking or babymaking like we were doing, fifteen minutes is a long, long time to be locked in a passionate embrace with a long hard cock fully seated in a hot steamy pussy. I could feel her velvetly walls clinging, clasping and releasing as though massaging my cock, a feeling felt only in rare situations. There was no doubt her body was accepting my offering to her.

I collapsed on top of her. I was totally exhausted, dead weight lying on her heavily breathing as my cock continued to involuntarily flex and flip and shake and squirt the last few drops of my sperm inside her. She must have passed out too as she just lay there, her arms were now relaxed though still around me. It was as if she would never let me go.

We awoke a few minutes later. My cock was wilted and beginning to slip out of her. I was aware at that moment that I must be suffocating her. I rolled off of her but she just held onto me tighter and rolled with me. My cock slipped out of her pussy and fell to the sheets.

She locked onto my lips with hers and peck kissed me a hundred times at least. I returned each and every one similarly. I now lay on my back and she over me. I was too exhausted, sexually overworked to continue being the lover I wanted to be. She lay on me now holding my pussy soaked cock trying to coax life back into it.

"Honey, that was the best I ever had. I've never come so much in my entire life." She whispered to me. "Rest now my love. Take a nap. This night is young and this cock is mine for the next week." She continued.

I fell asleep with her on top of me. Our week of baby making and loving was certainly fruitful. Every day at least twice a day we joined in matrimonial fashion to breed her. It was a never-to-be-forgotten week, whatever the outcome. I loved her as much as my own wife and I'm sure she felt the same with me and Barry.

We did something new an exciting each day after breakfast (brunch) that would be memorable for us.

As we drove slowly back to our homes we talked about the past week and made plans to do something at least once a quarter with each other alone. "Next time, we take pictures and video's just for us." She said.

We were each welcomed by our spouse with loving kisses and our marital bed awaited each of us with our real mates. Beverly was her normal passionate self and we made love vigorously twice that first night. Johnny slept through the night without crying.

It was a month later that Beverly informed me she was pregnant and I learned from Barry that Mary was expecting too. Both families were extremely happy.

-=The End=-

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