The tramp laughs, and I am panic-stricken as he orders me not to make any noise. I am afraid to scream.
The Tramp's Ecstasy
By Perry Jones (

Copyright (c) 2011, By Perry Jones <>, ALL Rights Reserved

I work in an advertising agency and I just got off of the bus in the neighborhood where I live. I had to work pretty late tonight, but I fixed myself up as pretty as possible before I left the office. In my type of work, I have to be careful of my appearance and the company I keep.

I am wearing a very feminine dress and my perfume makes me feel soft and delicate. I try to keep that delicate appearance with everything I wear, and it's not difficult, because I am not really very strong.

My footsteps echo on the concrete of the sidewalk, and my breasts bounce with each step. My beautiful figure could not help but attract attention on a crowded street, but this place is deserted at this time of night. Some of the old houses are also deserted and haven't been lived in for years.

As I pass by one of the ancient places, I hear the sound of a voice. I glance in that direction. The front of the building I am passing is close to the sidewalk, and I can see a figure standing in the doorway. It is a dirty tramp and he asks me if I have a match. I hesitate for a moment, but he doesn't look very dangerous.

Shrugging my shoulders, I open my purse and pull out a pack of matches. He reaches for it and steps out of the doorway a little way. I am suddenly bewildered as I find that he has me trapped between himself and the doorway. Before I can decide what to do, he moves forward and pushes me into the entry.

The tramp laughs, and I am panic-stricken as he orders me not to make any noise. I am afraid to scream. I draw in my breath sharply as I feel his hand touch my breast through the thin cloth of my dress. I don't dare move, and I stand here quietly as he cups my breasts and feels them with crude groping.

His fingers press into the soft flesh and squeeze my luxurious mounds as I make little sounds of protest. I feel my nipples beginning to rise to stiff points, and a blush suffuses my cheeks at my reaction to these unwelcome caresses. As he slides a finger into the neck of my dress and pushes it into my soft cleavage, I begin to breathe heavily. I can feel the rough wood of the building through my dress as I press backward against the unyielding structure.

My knees are shaking as I realize how completely I am trapped, I shudder as I feel his hand drop down to my belly and rub me through the fragile fabric.

The tramp drops his hands from my quivering body and pushes open the door that is next to us. It creaks on rusty hinges as it swings wide to reveal a long, dusty hall. The tramp places his hand against my back and pushes me inside.

Dropping my purse, I stumble forward and shiver at the feeling of cold air that drifts up under my dress. The door slams shut and blocks off the world. The old house is devoid of furniture and musty odors come from long abandoned rooms that are covered with dust. The windows are boarded up and only a little light comes through to reveal my delicate form cringing before the tramp.

He orders me to strip naked, and I blush with shame as I raise my hands to work at the fastenings behind my neck. As my dress loosens around my shoulders, I bend over to grasp the hem and pull the garment upward.

Stripping the dress over my head, I drop it onto the dusty floor, and it falls into a rumpled heap. I hesitate, begging the tramp not to make me take off all of my clothes, but he slaps my face and I stumble backward. Frightened, I reach quickly behind me and unfasten my brassiere. I pull the straps from my soft shoulders, and my breasts hang naked as the cups are slipped off of them.

I am shivering with the cold of the hall as I reach my fingers into the waist of my panties and slide the garment over the lush curves of my hips. Stepping out of the panties, I drop them onto the floor and remove my shoes. I unfasten my garters and slide my nylon stockings down over my beautiful legs. Removing my garter belt, I cower nakedly in the hall and try to cover myself with my hands.

As he watches me cringing in front of him, the tramp laughs evilly. With fright-widened eyes, I notice that he is removing his belt. I suspect what he is about to do, and I plead with him not to hurt me. He gives me an order, and I back away from him with a sound of dismay. My bare feet leave footprints in the dust as I turn and stumble toward the wall.

Raising my arms, I place the palms of my hands against the wall. Then I spread my legs apart and brace myself for the whipping. My naked young body is completely at his mercy, and I shiver as I feel his hand sliding over the soft skin of my lovely back.

His hand comes around to the front of me and cups my full hanging breast, squeezing it and bringing the nipple to a rigid erection as I blush with shame. He steps away from me and raises the belt, then slashes downward with it.

I shriek in pain as I feel the brutal leather striking against my unprotected body. Panting, I wait for the next blow and it comes quickly as my figure begins to glisten with perspiration.

He begins to concentrate on whipping my buttocks, and I gradually acquire a feeling of pleasure from each of the painful strokes. Writhing my hips slowly, I arch my ass outward to meet the belt as a pleasure sensation grows in my loins. Uninhibited cries of pain and pleasure begin to come from my lips. The whipping finally stops and I lean against the wall, panting and sweating. Glancing over my shoulder, I see him grinning at me, and I am humiliated by his discovery that I enjoyed the beating of my delicate body.

He slaps me on the ass with the belt and I turn away from the wall. At his order, I precede him down the hall under the prodding slashes of the belt. My breasts are jiggling with the movements as I trot ahead of him and the floor is cold against my bare feet.

We go through a doorway into an old kitchen and I step carefully to avoid the sharp edges of the peeling linoleum. Against one wall is a rusted old stove that is covered with cobwebs.

I am bewildered by what is happening to me and I cower in the center of the shadowed room as I await his next order. Pushing his hand against my bare back, he shoves me toward a door. He reaches around me and grasps the knob, then forces the door open on creaking hinges.

I can hear the faint sound of male voices and I hesitate. The belt slashes across my buttocks, and I whimper as I take a tentative step toward the rough wooden stairs and clutch my hands to my full breasts in a gesture of fear. Shivering with the cold, I reach the bottom of the stairs. Across the basement I can see a small light and a group of male figures. They turn in our direction as I am urged across the dirt floor that is littered with discarded planks of wood.

I am standing in front of the men, and the tramp who captured me forces me to drop my arms to my sides to expose my entire body to the callous scrutiny of his comrades. Flushed with humiliation, I stand obediently as their eyes feast on my beautiful breasts and visually devour my naked body.

I am forced to turn around so they can get a good look at my feminine contours. The things they are saying about me are shocking, and my breasts rise and fall rapidly with my terrified breathing. They finally draw lots to see who will fuck me first, and a brutal, unshaven lout rises to his feet. He grabs my arm and I am led away from the others, pleading with him not to treat me too rough.

In a far corner of the basement, he stops me near an old and soiled mattress. My knees feel Weak as I sink down onto the mattress and look up at him. I watch him undressing and shudder as his filthy body is revealed. It will be revolting to have him on top of me, but I am not strong enough to resist him.

Getting down onto the mattress beside me, the tramp reaches out and pulls me into his arms as I tremble at the cruelty of his embrace. His breath smells awful as he jams his mouth down onto mine, and I almost gag as he forces his tongue between my lips. I whimper as his tongue explores the inside of my mouth. His hands are roving coarsely over my bare back as he grips my body so tightly against him that my soft breasts are flattened to his chest.

I am panting as he jams his belly firmly against mine. He thrusts his long, hard cock between my thighs. Against my will, I am responding to his brutality with a tingle of interest. His large prick rubs steadily against my slit and my passions are slowly becoming aroused.

The tramp abruptly pulls his tongue out of my mouth and I gasp for air. His stiff penis stops rubbing against my thrilled cunt, and I wonder what he is going to do to me now. Pushing me over onto my stomach, he shoves his hand between my legs, forcing me to spread them apart.

I suddenly realize his intentions and I plead with him not to do it. I know that he is going to hurt me, but I lie here meekly as he climbs on top of my back. He is very heavy, and I grunt as he presses me down into the dirty mattress.

His hips settle between my legs and I feel the blunt end of his hard prick pressing between the cheeks of my ass as his arms slip around my nude body and hold me in a crushing embrace. The head of the hard cock presses against my anus and I grit my teeth in anticipation of the pain.

At first there is only the pressure, then my hole begins to rebel as I automatically tighten to prevent his entry. He keeps forcing himself harder against me, and I suddenly cry out at the pain that lances through my anus. I try to resist, but I know that it is useless and I abruptly drop my defenses.

Sweat gleams on my white skin as I surrender to his overpowering strength, and feel the rigid penis spreading my asshole wider. The pain is excruciating as my muscles give up the fight and admit his organ into my rectum. I am crying and pleading with him to stop, but he continues to ram his huge cock into my body and I feel it filling my hole like a monster turd.

He finally has it all of the way into me, and I am surprised that my asshole can take such a long and thick penis. Grunting and sweating like an animal, he begins to pound his cock in and out of my rectum. It hurts like hell at first, but my body gradually becomes accustomed to its presence and I find myself beginning to enjoy having him inside of me.

Breathing heavily, I begin to arch my hips upward to meet his inward thrusts. Our naked bodies slap wetly together as we struggle like two animals in heat. Now I really want him to come inside of me, and I thrill to the hardness of his huge prick as it pounds in my rectum. I grunt like a pig as he suddenly rams the flesh pole deep into me and strains to cram my ass with it. It begins to jerk and I feel hot ejaculations of semen slamming rhythmically inside of my rectum as I sigh with pleasure.

When the tramp finally pulls his cock out of me, I am lying weakly on the sweat soaked mattress. The realization of how much I enjoyed having him fuck me in the ass fills me with self-loathing and I shudder with humiliation.

Reaching over to his clothing, the tramp gets a penknife and opens the blade. I look at him in fear as he orders me to raise my buttocks. I get up on my hands and knees and thrust my ass upwards, understanding his intentions. He is going to carve his initials into my butt to prove that he has fucked me.

I hold my breath as I feel the tip of the blade touch my soft flesh. Then it sinks in and I cry out in pain as it begins to move through the white Skin, leaving a thin red line. When he is finished, his initials are permanently carved into my delicate body, and I am trembling from the experience.

The first tramp leaves and another comes across the basement toward the corner where I am trapped as their private whore. He steps onto the mattress and opens his pants, dropping them down his legs. Lying down on the mattress, he points at his semi-rigid cock and gives me an order. I shrink away from him and shake my head.

Angry at my refusal to do what he wants, he slaps my face and tears spring into my eyes. Sobbing my own helplessness, I get onto my knees beside him and reach for his male organ. My small hand grasps the limp flesh and I begin to fondle it. As I massage his cock, it begins to get harder and longer. It is finally so big that my hand cannot get all of the way around it, and I wonder how I will ever be able to get it into my mouth.

Holding his throbbing penis with both hands, I bend over and moisten my lips with my tongue. Rubbing my hands up and down the cock to keep it hard, I part my lips and spread them over the blunt head of the prick. The male flesh is warm with his pulsating blood as it enters my mouth, and I am breathing rapidly as it touches my tongue.

I open my mouth wider until the whole diameter of the stiff penis is inside of me. Moving carefully, I begin to lower my head. The cock slides smoothly into the hot wetness of my mouth until I can feel the head touching the back of my throat. Raising my head, I slide the cock almost all of the way out and it glistens with my saliva. I start to move my head up and down, taking the cock all of the way into my mouth and then letting it slide out. I become so absorbed in my movements that all I can think of is sucking on this hard cock until I can make the tramp come.

I am panting and perspiring, and my nipples are standing out stiffly from my dangling breasts. Feeling a trembling in the huge penis, I know that the tramp is about to shoot his juice. Quickly sliding my mouth all of the way down onto the throbbing organ, I caress it with my tongue as I wait for the ejaculation.

With a spasmodic jerk it begins to spurt male liquid into my mouth and I swallow hurriedly as the hot, salty semen slams against the back of my throat. When I have sucked all of the come from his cock, I let it slide out of my mouth and gasp for air.

Knowing what the man wants to do next, I obediently get down on my hands and knees and raise my buttocks. He opens his knife and I feel a stab of pain in the cheek of my ass. I tighten my lips and emit muffled sounds of pain as the blade slowly carves his initials into my delicate flesh. Sweating and quivering, I collapse onto the mattress. I know that I will never be able to go back to the advertising agency after this humiliation.

A tramp gets up from the group and walks over to my side of the basement. He is smoking a cigarette and eyeing me contemplatively. He orders me to lie on my back and spread out my arms and legs. Bewildered, I do as he tells me and stretch out my limbs toward the four corners of the mattress. I watch him disrobing.

When he is naked, he sits down beside me and puffs the cigarette for a moment. I suddenly know what he is going to do! I stay in my spread-eagled position, but I am shaking with fright as he extends the cigarette toward me. He lowers the glowing tip toward my heaving breast as I beg him not to burn my tittie. The cigarette suddenly touches the soft white flesh of my lush mound and I scream in agony, writhing under the burning contact. I don't dare move or he might do something worse. Sweat streams from my naked young body as he lifts the cigarette and touches it to my other breast. I shriek as pain streaks out from where he has placed it under my pink nipple. Moving the cigarette again, he lowers it toward my belly as I moan and squirm.

I feel the heat of the glowing coal getting nearer to my navel and I whimper in anticipation of the contact. As the coal enters my navel, I scream at the unbearable pain that shoots through my belly and convulse my abdominal muscles spasmodically.

Dropping the cigarette onto the ground, the tramp climbs on top of my shuddering body. His cock is long and hard as he settles between my legs. Grunting, I feel his weight lowering onto my tormented form. His arms slide under me and grip my torso firmly as the head of his prick presses between the lips of my cunt.

I groan as his weight crushes me down against the mattress and flattens my tortured breasts His lips touch mine and I obediently open to receive his tongue as my arms curl around his neck. The head of his prick is pressing harder against my vulva and my body begins to open for its entrance.

Suddenly, I find myself returning his tongue kiss with wild passion. I make sounds of pleasure as his cock spreads my fuck hole wider and begins to enter my vagina. It feels so good when I am finally surrounding it that I wriggle my hips with delight and make little movements to help him get it deeper.

Hard and long, it slides smoothly into my love channel, and I squeeze him between my thighs as I feel him filling my belly. The wonderful penis begins to move in and out of me with a pleasant rhythm and I feel a delightful warmth inside of my vagina from the abrasion of the solid male stag against my delicate tissues.

Our lips part and I rub my sweating cheek against his as I plead with him to fuck me harder with his beautiful cock.

My god, it's so big and solid! He pounds his prick inside of me like a powerful battering ram and I squeal with rapture as I feel myself rising higher toward a climax.

I know I am going to come and I beg him to hurry up and fill me with his manliness. Without warning, he rams his stiff cock all of the way into my belly, and I squeal excitedly as he grips my body more tightly. I've never felt so GOOD! Jerking savagely, his cock slams a river of semen into me and fills my vagina with rapture.

Feeling the tramp's hot sperm ramming into my belly I wrap my legs tightly around his waist. I kiss him madly as I reach my climax in a burst of ecstasy.. I'm coming! I'M COMING!

-=The End=-

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