Mom was single after fifteen years of marriage to dad who just left us. At least mom got what she wanted in the divorce. With her job she always got home around six so I was the one to take care of my sister Lynn. Sometimes it was with her friend and our neighbor Takara who was a year older than her. I was sixteen and my sister was thirteen when things changed.

The evening before Lynn and Takara had been whispering and giggling with mom and Takara’s mother. I walked my sister and Takara home from school and went to make Lynn a snack. She and Takara were giggling and whispering while they ate and then my sister looked at me, “want to play house?”

I frowned because what I wanted to do was go jack off like I normally do. Lynn gave me her sad eyes and I sighed, “okay but only for a little while.”

They grinned and started whispering again until they were done and I cleaned up. They pulled me back to Lynn’s bedroom and closed the door. Takara slipped out as my sister went to her closet and began undressing. I almost left but any chance to see a naked girl... when she was naked she put on the long tee shirt she wears to bed.

I turned as Takara slipped into the room wearing one of my shirts and nothing else. She was fourteen and with curves in the right places. She walked to me with a sway to her hips and kissed me. I put my arms around her and she pressed against me before pulling back, “you are in time for your little girl’s bath.”

I looked at her and then at Lynn when she slipped her hand in mine. She pulled me towards the door, “come on dad you have to give me a bath.”

She pulled me out and down to the bathroom while Takara followed. In the bathroom Takara went around us and knelt before bending over to start the water in the tub. I stared at her slightly fuzzy pussy slit and then at my sister as she pulled her tee shirt off and hung it up. She pressed against me before starting to undress me.

I tried to stop her but she slapped my hand, “you have to get in and wash me.”

I sighed and let her undress me and when my pants dropped she stared at my hard drooling cock. She giggled before bending and covering the head with her mouth and I felt her tongue. She stood and looked at Takara, “yummy.”

I shook myself and stepped out of my pants before pushing her towards the tub, “get in so I can wash you little girl.”

She grinned and turned to climb into the bath tub. She stood as I stepped in and sat and she sat between my legs with hers around me so I could see her slit. I hesitated before beginning to feel and pretend to wash her. Takara knelt beside the tub to feel me and kept stroking my cock. She fingered Lynn, “you need to wash your little girls bottom honey.”

I looked down and reached between Lynn’s legs to feel her pussy and slipped a finger into her, “she doesn’t have her cher... hymen.”

Takara and Lynn both giggled and Lynn lifted and shifted forward as Takara held my cock. My sister sat and my cock was forced into her as she wiggled. I shuddered at the feel of her extremely tight pussy and held her butt as she humped and rubbed on me. She wiggled a lot and squirmed as her breathing changed and she shuddered before jerking erratically.

I groaned as her wonderful pussy grasped, squeezed and kept clenching around my cock. Lynn bounced and rubbed her pussy on me as I leaned back. She wailed and spasmed while her pussy tightened almost painfully. I grunted several minutes later as my balls churned and knew what was coming but held my sister in place.

She jerked and grunted as my cock erupted and a fountain of cum gushed into her. I kept holding her as she howled and spasmed while continuing to pump sperm and flood her. When I stopped cumming Takara was rubbing Lynn’s breasts and telling her she was a good girl. I grinned and humped before my sister wiggled and stood, “I am all clean now daddy.”

She got out and I stood slowly as Takara dried her and put her tee shirt on. I got out and dried off before Lynn slipped her hand in mine and Takara put her arm around my waist. They pulled me out and back to Lynn’s bedroom. She went around as Takara waited for me to climb in and then she pulled the shirt off and climbed in beside me, “I am horny tonight honey.”

She pressed against me and rubbed my chest and I grinned and turned to kiss her as my hand felt her breasts. I rubbed the nipples and then slid down in bed as she lifted her head, “what are you doing?”

I grinned as I kissed her tummy before moving over and down between her legs as I pushed them open. I licked through her pussy and she shivered as her hips lifted slightly. I pushed my tongue into her and like my sister her cherry was missing. I nibbled on her small inner lips before covering her clit and sucking while using my tongue.

She humped and shuddered while moaning and I attacked her clit, nibbling, sucking and teasing it with my tongue. It was not long before she was thrusting up and shaking while wailing. I finally moved up and over her before fitting my cock to her pussy and forcing it into her slowly. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I started to fuck into her deeper.

She hugged me tight, “ooohhh!”

I continued to fuck her with long strokes and began to grind against her each time I buried my cock. She writhed and wiggled and howled while her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing. I began to fuck her harder and she started bucking and thrashing around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was only a few minutes before I pushed all the way into her while she jerked and spasmed. She clutched me as I gushed sperm into her belly and kept pumping in more and more. When I stopped she sighed at the same time as me and we grinned. I slowly pulled out and Lynn shifted as she laid back, “I need you daddy.”

I grinned as I gave Takara a kiss and moved over my sister and pushed into her tight but slimy pussy. She shuddered when my cock slid into her and then grinned and humped while her pussy squeezed. I fucked them each twice before I stopped and left to get dressed. I went to check and clean the bathroom before mom got home and then started dinner.

Lynn and Takara came out to help and then mom came home. She went to change before coming to help us and as Julia, Takara’s mom arrived. They whispered together as I set the table and then we were eating. After dinner Mom helped me clean up and put her arms around me when we finished, “have fun playing house with the girls?”

I turned and looked her, “they told you?”

She pressed against me, “they said they wanted to and by the way they were acting when I got home I knew you had.”

I did not know what to say and looked around. Julia and the girls were in the other room watching a movie and mom gave me a kiss, “want to play house with me?”

I grinned, “now?”

She nodded and I stepped back to grab her hand and pull her after me. I pulled her back to her room and turned to kiss her beside her bed. She was grinning as I caressed her hips before undressing her. I let her move onto the bed as I undressed and followed her into her bed. I laid beside her and caressed her hip and pelvis while leaning over to suck on a nipple.

I moved up to kiss her softly as my hand felt her warm pussy and a finger slipped into her slit, “want to have another baby honey?”

She shuddered and grinned as she humped up and spread her legs, “yes my love.”

I kept kissing her as I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. She sighed and squirmed as I continued to finger and kiss her before she pulling on me, “fuck me honey.”

I moved over and between her legs but kept kissing her as I lifted and pushing into her. She was tight and my thick cock spread her pussy as I pushed into her. She groaned as she tilted her hips and spread her legs more. I buried my cock and kissed her as her pussy squeezed. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts and she sighed and shuddered.

I continued to fuck her as her pussy constantly tightened and grasped my cock. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and thrust up as she wailed. She began to thrash around and bucked as her pussy griped and grasped at my cock. I started to grind each time I buried my cock and mom howled and clutched me.

She lifted her legs into the air as I kept fucking her and started grunting each time her pussy tightened and squeezed. It was several minutes before I fucked her hard and deep as she jerked and spasmed. I thrust into her and even tried to push deeper before suddenly spewing and spurting thick ropes of cum.

Mom tilted her hips as she wrapped her legs around me and pulled on my butt to keep me in her nice and deep. I pumped and spurted until I was finished and she shuddered and dropped to the bed, “damn baby that was so good.”

I pulled out and laid beside her and caressed her pelvis, “I hope it is a girl.”

She laughed and turned to kiss me passionately before Julia cleared her throat from the door. Mom grinned and whispered loud enough to be heard, “play house with Julia. She is a naughty girl you caught playing with her kitty.”

I laughed as I turned and Julia grinned and walked to the bed, “well my kitty was wet and it just felt so good.”

I reached for her as I sat up and started to undress her, “but little girls should not play with their own kitty. Want me to rub it and make it feel all better?”

She grinned as she moved onto the bed and straddled me as I laid back, “I think you need to play pony with me.”

I grinned and reached up to cup her breasts before pulling her down to feel her body on me. She kissed me and lifted to position my cock before pushing back and down. I humped at the right moment to pushed my cock into her. She shuddered as she began to rock while her pussy kept grasping my cock.

I kept humping up while she twisted and rolled her hips. She bounced and shuddered before grinning at mom. She shifted until she was almost squatting and started fucking my cock with long strokes that almost pulled it out before she sat. A couple of minutes and she was twisting and wailing while her tight pussy grasped at my cock.

She almost fell and sat before rubbing her pussy back and forth desperately. Her pussy was slick and kept squeezing my cock constantly. She was jerking and spasming and I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her long, hard and deep. She lifted her legs into the air as she screamed and a minute later I thrust into her while spurting and pumping cum.

Her pussy worked to milk it into her as she clutched me while I continued to fill her. When I was done she was panting and had a smile and pulled my face to her for a kiss. I pulled out and moved off the bed, “I will be right back with my other wives after I turn everything off.”

They laughed as I walked out to go get Lynn and Takara. I woke to Lynn on me and looked at Mom and Julia holding Takara. I felt my sister’s bare butt and she wiggled before lifting her head. She smiled and kissed me before wiggling away and off the bed. The morning started with mom and Julia teaching me how to give a douche to the girls.

I noticed they did not use a douche and when we showered they did not try to wash the cum out. I walked the girls to school before going to mine. School seemed to drag out before the last bell rang. I walked to the other school and sat to wait until it got out, the thought of the two had my cock hard. They hugged my arms and talked all the way home.

As soon as the door closed Takara pulled me after her, “come play house.”

I grinned as I let her pull me to my room and bed and started undressing, “and what are we doing today?”

She grinned, “you have to play dad and fuck the mom.”

Lynn giggled as she undressed and climbed onto the bed, “and the little girl.”

I moved to Takara and laid her back in the bed before bending to suck on a nipple. I knelt to lick through her pussy as she shuddered. I sucked on her clit and used my tongue to tease it. She humped and wiggled and squirmed as she moaned and then yelled. I finally stood as she moved back onto the bed with Lynn.

I moved onto the bed and over her before kissing her and then lifting to push my cock into her. She groaned as I sank my cock all the way into her before grinding and humping. She shuddered as her pussy squeezed and lifted her hips. I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts while her pussy became slippery.

She hugged me and thrust up while her pussy began to grasp and tighten. Her pussy felt very good so I buried my cock to feel it gripping my cock. I humped and jabbed and pressed as Takara spasmed and bucked, “fffuuuccckkk!”

I finally had to move and began to fuck her again with long strokes. She clutched me as she bucked and wiggled while wailing. I kept fucking her for several minutes before I thrust all the way into her again. I kissed her as I began to spurt and spew and gush cum. She shuddered and lifted her hips when she felt my throbbing cock flooding her with warm sperm.

When I was done she sighed, “that felt wonderful honey.”

Lynn giggled and spanked my butt, “now you have to molest the daughter.”

I growled as I pulled out of Takara and stalked after my sister, “I will molest you alright.”

She laughed as she fell back and spread her legs. I moved over her and kissed her as I felt her hand guiding my cock. I humped and then pushed when I felt her pussy and slowly forced my cock into her. She wiggled and tilted her hips as I buried my cock. I kissed her as she hugged me before I pulled back and began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

She lifted her hips and her pussy started to grasp and squeeze as she moaned. I continued to fuck her as she shuddered and humped and began to bury my cock and rub or grind. It was not long before Lynn was shaking and wailing while her pussy became slick. It was constantly tightening and clenching around my cock as I kept fucking her.

Several minutes later, she stiffened and then howled as she began to thrash around and buck. I fucked her firmly with grinding strokes as she clutched me and spasmed, “TERRY!”

She jerked and twisted as I fucked her hard and deep while trying to cum. It took a couple of minutes and she was still struggling under me as I shoved all the way into her and tried to push deeper. She screamed as I grunted and started to gush and spew and then spurt. She tilted her hips and thrust up when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her, “YES!”

I shuddered with her as I put a half dozen thick loads of cum into her before stopping. I sighed and relaxed and Takara rubbed my back, “bad daddy.”

I grinned as my sister laughed, “good daddy.”

I gave her a kiss before reluctantly pulling out. Takara laid on me, “you have to wait for our moms to get home for more.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “they want to fuck their boy.”

I laughed as I rolled until she was under me, “and then I can fuck you and Lynn again.”

She hugged me, “yeah.”

I kissed her, “or I could just fuck all four of you together.”

Lynn giggled as she pressed against us, “that sounds fun.”

We were cleaning up when our mothers came home. They barely waited for the door to close before stripping. Lynn grinned as she pushed me out of the kitchen, “feeding time.”

I grinned back at her before I caught Julia’s hand and she started pulling me towards mom’s bedroom. I was only wearing a robe that mom pulled off before we even reached the door. I turned Julia and sat her on the bed before I started to kneel. Mom caught me and pulled me up.

Julia wiggled back on the bed, “fuck her nice and deep. Pretend she is your patient and needs a deep injection.”

I laughed as I stalked onto the bed and between Julia’s legs, “a sperm injection for her upcoming pregnancy test.”

They grinned as I settled and slowly pushed into her almost hot pussy. Julia pulled my face down and kissed me, “exactly.”

I started to fuck her with long strokes as I kissed her and she sighed and humped. Her pussy was slick and began to tighten and squeeze as she shuddered. I fucked her hard suddenly and she clutched me and spasmed while her pussy tightened. She writhed around and began to wail, “Terry!”

After a couple of minutes I buried my cock and began to press, jab and rub. Julia shuddered and jerked as her slick pussy constantly squeezed, “oooohhhh!”

I loved the way her pussy massaged and squeezed and pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts. I fucked her firmly as she thrashed and bucked while screaming. Mom was giggling as I kept fucking Julia and a few minutes later I pushed into her and kissed her while I pumped cum. She jerked and spasmed when she felt the sperm spurting into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I wiggled and humped and she jerked and shuddered as her pussy clenched, “FUCK!”

Mom laughed as I pulled out and laid beside Julia and started sucking on one of her nipples. She shuddered and held my head. When she let me go Lynn and Takara were naked and sitting on the edge of the bed. I turned to push mom onto her back and moved down to lick through her pussy.

She humped and wiggled as she moaned and I caught her clit and sucked. I teased it while she shook and licked her again before pushing my tongue into her and then nibbling. She shuddered and humped and moaned and it was several minutes before she tried to cover her pussy. I looked up and grinned before I moved over her and gave her a kiss.

I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock and pressed as she humped and sighed. She hugged me and I pulled back before I began to fuck her. I used deep grinding strokes and she lifted her hips and thrust up for each one. It was not long before her warm pussy was very slippery and kept clenching around my cock.

She moaned and wiggled and humped as I kept fucking her with long thrusts that buried my cock against her cervix each time. Several minutes and she was wailing and thrashing around while thrusting up. I kissed her and began to fuck her hard and deep and she clutched me and howled, “oooohhhh!”

I fucked her like that for a few minutes before I buried my cock and began to hump and grind and jab. I was trying to push deeper and cum and she writhed around while clinging to me. Her pussy constantly squeezed and I could feel her cervix when it opened. It was not much longer before I shoved and pushed and held her as she struggled and screamed.

My cock erupted and I gushed large spurts of cum. Mom hugged me and jerked and spasmed while her pussy milked the sperm out and into her, “yyyeeessss!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and shuddered and slowly sagged to the bed. I pulled out and laid beside her, “how about movies or shopping at the mall?”

Mom grinned and turned to look at Julie, “for baby things.”

Mom and Julia both ended up pregnant and a year after they had our sons I got them pregnant again. They are working on their third set now. I work from home after going to a tech school while Lynn and Takara are graduating and going to college. Of course they are pregnant now and will have the babies over the summer.
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