We’re pillow talking as my virile sperm swam through her body seeking that fertile egg that was recently released.
Coming of Age
Written by Perry Jones

Copyright © 2013 by Perry Jones

This story is fictional though based on true life. It begins after my wife and I have made love and we’re pillow talking as my virile sperm swam through her body seeking that fertile egg that was recently released. We have seven children already and our goal is an even dozen but numbers don’t count. She wants an even amount of boys and girls. Our first was a boy and second was a girl. We planned to have one each year but that really meant one every other year since they all seem to be spaced 14 to 16 months apart.

We held off a couple of years somewhere after number 4 on the advice of our doctor, her brother. He said her body needed time to recuperate from so many pregnancies so quickly. We were married when she turned 18 and I had graduated from college with my MBA in Finance. I was 24 then.

Connie and I grew up next door to each other and my mom babysat her. I was in first grade when she was born and mom let me help take care of her when she babysat Connie. I came to love that little girl from the first time I saw her naked. Mom had to teach me to be gentle with her and not do anything to hurt her. “Make her feel good but never hurt.” She always told me.

Over the years our families grew close. Connie had siblings come along as did my mom have more babies. We all grew together. I was about 9 when I really learned how babies are made and where they come from. I watched mom and dad make my youngest sister though they didn’t know I was watching them.

When I was in 7th grade I told mom and dad that I loved Connie and was going to marry her one day. “Of course, you love her.” Mom said. “You helped raise her to lovely girl she is today.” Dad just smiled and said I would have many girlfriends before I really chose my life mate.

Well, Connie and I dated when she turned 15 and I was 21. I was accused of ‘robbing the cradle’ by my friends. I didn’t care though. Connie and I were like brother and sister or cousins I guess. We knew everything about each other and our personalities were mutually compatible. I helped her with her high school studies and she graduated with high honors. Graduation night was a big party at our house.

I had called our minister and asked him to come over to marry us secretly. We had our license and rings. All we needed was her answer and then the ceremony.

Pastor George rang the doorbell at precisely 8 pm, like we planned. Connie was unaware as to when we would get married, only that we would. Dad answered the door and invited him in. Connie came alongside me and took my hand. It was hot and clammy. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek.

I relaxed called everyone into the living room. My brother was in on the plan. He changed the music on the C-D player to something soft and romantic. Out of the blue I pulled a bouquet out, got on my knees and proposed to Connie. She acted surprised as did our parents.

As soon as she said “Yes!” we kissed and held hands. My brother then brought out mom’s white bible and Pastor George began as the wedding march began. Five minutes later we said our “I do’s” and the rings were exchanged. We were married.

Our parents were happy though in tears because it was so sudden and they didn’t get a chance to help plan the marriage. Our kiss was long, wet, with lots of tongue.

“Get a room!” my little sister said.

We did just that. I picked Connie up and carried her to my bedroom, kicked the door closed and began stripping her. We were both virgins though we had fooled around feeling each other up and masturbating each other. I took her hymen with my finger when she was 13 or so and we had made oral love but never conjugal joined each other.

We were both naked in seconds and she was on my bed spread with me lying all over her. My cock was at full hardness and seeking her love chamber. During this time our lips never parted. No words were spoken between us. My cock was dripping my pre-cum as it now lay in her split. I could feel her arousal and wetness.

I just raised up and she took charge and aimed me for her passage. My cock just slid right into her tightness as she yelped with its sudden filling of her tightness. “OH GOD!!!!” she yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear. “It HURTS!”

It didn’t stop me from burying myself into her as deep as possible though. Her legs squeezed around me as we lay locked together. I didn’t even get to stroke in and out. My body responded and I spurted my love juice deep inside that tight vagina. She never knew I did that just then. All she did was squeeze me tighter and kiss me deeper.

Our tongues fought as we lay there making love, truly making love for the first time.

They say the act only takes seconds to three minutes. I must say that is probably correct. It was hardly any time at all that I wilted to my normal 3 inches or so and slipped out of her now soaked pussy.

We still lay there breathing hard. Our hearts were beating in concert with each other as our kissing waned and we hugged as we had never hugged before. “Darling, what did you do to me?” she asked. “I am wet and the bed is soaked.”

“Honey, that is the first time but it won’t be the last time you feel that way. I plan to keep you wet as often as I can.” I told her.

We laid there in each other’s arms for quite some time. My cock hardened and naturally went back into her vagina, her sweet love chamber. We slowly made love. My cock now slid effortlessly in and out of her and she soon found our rhythm and we kissed, stroked and then she took my hand put it on her vulva and showed me what she liked.

I let her guide my fingers as I learned what she wanted and soon she was writhing in lust with me. My cock swelled as her still tight vagina grasped and stroked me. “Don’t fill me again love. I could be fertile. Unless you want me pregnant so soon I think you should pull out.” She whispered.

“No chance Connie. We are married. When we make love there won’t be any holding back by either of us. We will just let nature take its course. We love each other so let’s not be afraid of showing it. I will never deny you and you should never deny me. OK?”

“Yes my love. I am yours to do with as you choose. Just don’t ever hurt me.”

Her body continued to milk me and pull all of my sperm from me. I was now sore as I knew she must be. We kissed once more then got up. We then saw the results of our lovemaking on the bed. My spread was soaked with pinkness. Thankfully we were naked so her clothes were none the worse for wear.

We showered together for the first time as man and wife and though we both wanted to play more we still had a house full of party goers that we needed to rejoin.

We dressed. I noticed she slipped a mini-pad inside her panty as she let her skirt fall into place. I put on my jock strap since I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of others.

As we entered the living room everyone began applauding. Both of us turned many shades of red. “Dan, Connie, Congratulations on your wedding and graduation.” Dad said.

Someone hand me a glass of wine and toasts began. Two hours later, someone handed Connie $500 cash with instructions to “Get outta here… NOW!”

We got.

First we stopped at her house and got some clothes for her. I had already packed a suitcase the day before and put in the trunk. While she was getting packed I went into her bathroom and got her lotions, perfumes and other personal items. I also found her sex toys that I was unaware she owned. It gave me an idea.

We left a half-hour later and drove to the next city and found a hotel with a honeymoon suite that was reasonable. As soon as we were in the room I stripped her of her panties and bra and she stripped my shirt off and my pants along with my boxers.

“Honey, we need to go buy some things.” I told her.

She had no idea what we would need to buy. I pulled on my dress shorts sans boxers and handed her her dress. “You want me to just wear this?” She asked.

“Yes, you look lovely. Besides I don’t want anything between us as we walk down the street. Now let’s go.”

We strolled along the street window shopping and talking about how that item might look on her or that item on me. Soon we came to a mini-mall that had sex toys and lingerie. I picked out some unmentionables and I got a few toys for us. One the way back to the hotel we stopped at a Walgreens.

There we bought a cordless beard trimmer, shaving gel, Gillette Pro-Glide razors and extra blades, after shave cream and other items. I even sneaked several pregnancy kits and ovulation predictors. I didn’t know about women’s cycles and all of that. I really didn’t care but I wanted to up my chances of getting her pregnant as soon as possible and with as much fun as possible.

Back at the hotel, we got into the hot tub and played with some of the toys. Oh we made love but we just had fun. A hour later I had her spread wide on the bed as I took the beard trimmer and clipped all of her pubic hair off. I loved the new look but I wanted her bare, like a little girl.

I lathered her up with the shaving gel and began stroking the remaining hair from her. There was no place left unshaved below her waist. All she kept saying was, “Your turn is next.”

I didn’t care since no one would ever see me naked down there except her. When I finished I began licking her. I especially liked licking her clitty. She responded with every lick. I was now learning what tripped her trigger and brought her off. I brought her off several times before she, out of breath said, “Stop… No more!”

We lay there together doing nothing while she regained her composure. A few minutes later she lay across my chest and began kissing and licking my nipples. They were sure sensitive. She had never done that before and I had to let her have her way since I had had my way with her.

My cock was hard too, as she reached for the beard trimmer. She turned it on and began clipping my chest hair. I don’t have a lot but she was enjoying herself. She was very careful around my nipples too. She trimmed down to my belly button and then she lathered me up and shaved my chest and underarms too. Everywhere she had clipped she shaved. The whole time she told me how much she loved me and wanted me bare like the boy she used to play with.

I told her she could have her way with me but my legs were off limits to shaving. That gave her permission to clip my forest of pubic hair. Oh, I did keep it trimmed by never short except around the base of my cock.

It took her an hour to finish baring my cock and balls. She lathered and shaved me carefully then we showered off and she finished me in the shower. Needless to say I was white from lack of sun exposure there. She then sucked me off for the very first time.

We spent three days at the hotel. We were truly in love and the world knew it. We constantly were holding hands or showing other acts of intimacy. Neither she or I wore undies after we were married. Our final night at the hotel I had her pee on the pregnancy stick just for fun. Guess what? It said ‘PREGNANT’ in blue letters.

We both then read the literature and found out that blue letters meant boy and pink meant girl. We did it again the next day and it said the same thing. Connie was pregnant, probably from our first time.

Back home, we made plans to move to my apartment that would be our first home. We kept her condition a secret until confirmed by a doctor. I called my brother who had graduated from Medical school and he said he was going to specialize in Obstetrics. I chose him immediately.

Our son, David, was born. We decided to name our kids after people in the bible. We made a list of boys and girls names to choose from. Twelve months later, Connie gave birth to Sarah, then 13 months later, Ruth came into the world. She was a redhead and screamer when she cried.

During our marriage we studied lifestyles and ways of disciplining our kids. We chose never to spank unless absolutely necessary and to let them be themselves in the house. Clothing was always optional inside the house.

Our parents had to get over that since the kids would often be naked when they came over. We gave our parents the keys to the house so there was always an open door policy and it only happened once that we got caught making love on the couch when then came in. That was when Seth was conceived, we think. We were in doggy position when the door opened and my cock fired my sperm deep inside Connie. She was having a giant orgasm just then too. She always had orgasms when we made love.

Mom and dad were embarrassed but dad later confided that mom gave him the best lovin’ in years that night.

It’s now Sarah’s twelfth birthday and Connie told me that she had just begun her periods. Connie and I were making out when she told me. My cock responded to that announcement. “Does that turn you on, Dan?” she asked.

“Well, yes I guess it does. She is growing up into a fine young lady.” I answered.

“You know you promised her a new bedroom suite when she turned 12. I also noticed you looking at her boobs the other day in the family room. Would you like to be with her, your daughter?” She asked. “You know you can. All I have to do is tell her once. She loves you and has told me she wants you to be her first.”

That was astounding news to me. Daddies always love their daughters more than their sons so I responding to that announcement.

The next day we all went shopping for her bedroom suite. She chose a white canopy queen size bed and double dresser with a chest of drawers for her intimate things.

Our house was custom built with 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. We built a common family shower adjoining the recreation room. So it was only a matter of Sarah choosing the room she wanted as hers.

I couldn’t believe that she chose a room that had an adjoining bath that she would share with her older brother. I wondered if there was something going on there. She chose the paint and accessories for her room and helped paint it.

All during the painting Connie was giving Sarah lessons in lovemaking. What men like, what not to do and how to create interest in her. She also told her she could borrow some of her toys to help out since she was still very young.

I quietly listened hoping that Sarah would make her move. Connie never mentioned birth control or avoidance or anything along that line. Heck Connie was pregnant again with number 9 though she didn’t know it just yet.

The day of Sarah’s birthday was a Friday. She went to school as usual and then we had a family dinner in the backyard. She had invited her closest friends some were boys too. I could see a couple were very interested in her. I hoped she wasn’t enticing them but then she is a girl and that is what girls do. David was also very attentive to her.

I could see some intimate touching when he thought no one was looking. I could see his package was working going from soft to hard and back to soft. I knew he had gone through puberty but since he is only 13 still has some growing to do to achieve my seven inches and thick girth.

Our party broke up about 8 o’clock with all the guests going home and only the grandparents remaining. They were shown her new bedroom and gave me some side glances that they didn’t really approve. I didn’t really care. She is my daughter and my first daughter and favorite though I never show that to the others.

Bedtime preparation began for the younger kids and baths were a nightly event. The older kids bathed the younger ones with mom and I helping out. Tonight we would use the family bathroom with the huge tub and shower combination. All of the kids love it when mom and I bathe with them since there is much loose loving between everyone.

Sarah remained with us in the room after the other kids went off to bed. Connie whispered something to her and then departed the room. Sarah came over to me at the counter and looked up at me as I finished drying off.

“Daddy, will you come to my bed with me tonight? I really want you to.” She said.

“Of course, sweetheart. I would love to.” I said. My cock even bucked up a notch when she said that.

She took my hand and led me to her room. We went inside and the lights were already down low. There was a sweet scent in the air, no doubt sprayed by Connie. I knew there was an herbal product in it designed to stimulate and arouse the senses. Sarah would be at my mercy and her own passion.

I carried her across her threshold and placed her on her new bed. There were red sheets and pillows on the bed. I lay down beside her and kissed her on the lips. I introduced my tongue to her and she accepted that feverously. She was overcome with passion as my hand found a young breast and gently began caressing it as we kissed.

I heard a click and realized mom was taking some memory pictures of us. I only hoped they didn’t spoil the moment by alerting Sarah. She was very small under me, even though she is 5’ 3” tall. She is still a growing girl and will be a beautiful woman when she grows fully.

I whispered to her to just let things happen and enjoy what we were doing.

“I am daddy. I’ve wanted this for so long.” She said.

I continued my loving of her. I kissed and licked all around her neck and ears as I caressed the rest of her body. I laid my middle finger inside her slit and gently wiggled it drawing some moisture from her young body. I licked a nipple and circled it with my tongue as my pinky finger gently touched her vaginal entrance for the first time.

She gasped at my touch and moaned as my lips sucked a nipple. I gently bit it with my teeth not to hurt but to tantalize and raise her level of passion. Click.

Another picture was taken. I hoped that the camcorder was rolling too. We have two and hoping that Connie loved video hoped she had set it up on the tripod to capture this first-time event. My cock was fully hard now in anticipation of things to come.

I continued my loving assault on her young body as she now was moaning and answering my advances with her own pleasureful sounds. She now began to feel around my body seeking what she wanted but could not find. I was purposely avoiding her touches. I was reserving that until she was ranting and writhing uncontrollably.

Connie continued to click away with the camera. I noticed the light gradually got a bit brighter as I rolled Sarah over and tantalized and teased her back. I kissed her hair and then pulled it aside as I kissed the back of her neck sucking just a bit and nipping with my lips.

She tried to raise her butt hoping to feel my hard cock at her love entrance. It was not to be just yet. She moaned her displeasure at missing that touch. Connie sucked in her breath when she saw the attempt. Connie knew that Sarah was ready since her vulva was spread open and glistening with wetness.

I looked up once and saw in the mirror that Connie was now caressing her own breasts and that her nipples were a full ¾ of an inch erect just like when babies sucked on them. I also saw her lips say ‘Now Dan… Do it now.’

Gently I rolled Sarah over and kissed her as my knee got between her legs. She spread them wide and raised her knees naturally. My cock naturally found the place in her saddle now and I leaned in to let it touch her for the first time as I kissed her lips lovingly.

I hoped her hymen was still intact as my cock maneuvered and pressed into her love channel. I felt her wetness and then added slickness as Connie squirted warm Astro-Glide on my cock. The warmed fluid would help slicken her passage as I thrust into her.

Once I felt that, I put my hand under her neck and then thrust my hips hard as I kissed her hard. She screamed in my mouth as my cock pierced her and spread her open for the first time. I just held myself still as I let her body massage and accept the intrusion of this foreign object.

I was so sorry that I had hurt my baby. I always told her I would never hurt her and now I had lied. Our lips separated and I whispered, “I’m sorry, baby.”

I saw the big crocodile tears streaming down her cheeks as my manhood now arbitrarily began slowly stroking in and out of her. I felt the urge coming and could do nothing to stop it. It was just as I remembered the first time with Connie. My balls erupted and I filled my daughter with my virile sperm.

“Oh Yeah!” I exclaimed as my cock now jerked within her my sperm shooting forth bathing her immature cervix.

“You did it Dan!” Connie whispered. “You really did it. You spermed her really good. Click, Click, Click.

I raised up and held myself as deep in Sarah as I could a let my waning jerks complete. Sarah had a weak smile on her face now. The tears were still there but there was a love smile.

I leaned down and licked and kissed away her tears. “I love you, baby.” I told her.

“I love you daddy. Thank you for my birthday gift. I hope I catch.”

It took me a minute to really absorb what she had said. “What? Honey? What did you say?”

“I love you daddy. I hope you got me pregnant. Mom said this was the best time.”

My cock was still inserted and it thickened a bit. I pressed hard into her pussy. My cockhead rested on her cervix now. I felt another spurt of cum eject into her. She had her legs up as high and wide as she could. “AHHHHHH!” she moaned as my full weight was on her now.

Connie tapped my shoulder and I rolled over pulling Sarah with me. She was now on top and in control. I let her lie there catching her breath. My cock softened and soon escaped from her young vagina. She kissed me passionately.

Sunlight was streaming into the room as I awoke the next morning. Sarah was waking up still lying on me. Her legs were astride me and my morning woody was caressing her entrance. I pushed and went in.

She raised up and it went as deep as possible into her pussy. She ahhhhed and oooooed as she got some pleasure from our joining.

“Good Morning Sweetheart.” I said as she moaned.

“Morning daddy.. Thank you.”

“Sure sweety. You’re welcome. Let’s bathe. You’re a mess.” I said.

As we got up I could see darkness on her red sheets indicating her cherry blood had soaked the sheet. I knew it would wash out and the pad underneath was waterproof so no damage there. I worried about the damage to her pussy as I had slammed her hard on the initial thrust.

I carried her to the tub and drew the warmer than normal water.. I added Epsom salts to it to hopefully soothe her stretched muscles. Connie came in and handed me the nozzle for the water bottle that she used for douching. “Press the clip to flush her out.” She said.

I had done this with Connie many times. I enjoyed doing that. I could swish it all around inside her just to clean all traces of my semen from her. With Sarah I used the smaller nozzle due to her size. She seemed to enjoy me doing that with her too. I emptied the whole gallon bag in her and then refilled it with the special concoction Connie always used to keep her fresh and sweet.

After we finished our bath we retired to the bedroom once again and dressed. She was in a fabulous mood hanging onto me and telling me how good she felt. I knew some of that was the result of the soothing douche. Connie was often the same way. Sarah was dressed in mini dress sans panties now and I was wearing a pair of white linen tennis shorts. My cock was not well hidden since I had no undies on. The head showed nicely and drew looks from the younger kids. I didn’t care though since we were family.


It was now two weeks later. Connie advised me at breakfast that Sarah was staying home from school since she missed her period and was not feeling well. Her little pussy was no longer sore from our coupling so I agreed to stay with her and maybe cheer her up while everyone was away to work and school.

The End

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