The great plains
Ragorich was a little cool but exciting and just the place to spend the winter. Jason had a few men leave and hired new ones to replace them. One was a plainsman who got us a contract which meant leaving a month early. Of course that meant getting to the plains in the late spring which was beautiful.

We were to guard and protect the gathering place of all the plains clans. I had a special carriage made before we left so the girls could ride in it without all the rough bouncing. Mostly it was for Sara who was pregnant and showing. If anything it had made her hornier than Ash. Nancy was delighted and waiting for her turn.

The inside of the carriage was larger than the outside and had an area for infants that was sound proof. I made a second door in my tent and another tent that would attach to it. I had enjoyed walking around with the girls to look at cradles and a crib as well as standing closets and a large standing chest.

The other tent had thick cushioned rugs and cushioned rocking chairs. It also had room for more beds or cribs and lots and lots of pillows and cushions. What I was not sure about was the two dozen goats the girls talked me into buying. The cook had mentioned roast goat but when the girls had me milk the goats and then make cheese he had other ideas.

I was just glad the girls did not want a cow or chickens. We set our tents up beside one of the two rivers and I created an area for all the horses and another for goats. The walls were dirt that rose up to waist high before stopping. The insides had tall green grass that seemed to make the animals happy.

The clans had begun to come in and our patrols stopped each to let them know that weapons were not to be worn. Huge herds of horses and cattle were kept a day away with men constantly coming and going. I was sitting my horse beside Samuel as two clans of warriors headed towards each other.

He shook his head and gestured to his men who spurred their mounts forward, “would you believe they all want to fight over one woman?”

I smiled, “women have caused as many wars as greed and power.”

I chanted and gestured when the two clans began to charge. The earth shook and a wall grew up between them until it was taller than the riders heads. Samuel rode out and headed to one while I went to the other. They were angry and irate that we had interfered. I waited and only had to gestured once to burn a hand that touched a weapon.

Finally I leaned forward, “tell me, how many daughters do you have?”

The clan leader frowned, “that is not...”

I waved, “tell me.”

His face reddened, “six.”

I looked at the other men before looking at him, “and how many sons does the other clan leader have?”

He shifted, “five.”

I nodded, “and you wanted one of his mens daughter to replace your dead wife. What do your daughters think and how much arguing will there be?”

He grinned as several men muttered, “if they do not kill her.”

I smiled, “think a few of your daughters might like his sons? Or would your tent be to quiet?”

He blinked and glanced around as the other men laughed. He grinned again and then laughed, “perhaps I should speak to Jingus.”

I turned the horse and gestured for him to wait and rode around the wall. Samuel was still trying to calm the angry clan and I rode up. I cleared my throat, “clan leader?”

He glared, “we do not need...”

I waved and his mouth closed before I leaned forward, “tell me clan leader, how many sons do you have?”

Fifteen minutes later we were riding away while the two clans spoke together. The wall was gone and they were already talking about marriage and a celebration. The men were chuckling and Samuel shook his head as we reached our camp. I glanced at the cook tent and swung down and started unsaddling the horse.

I brushed it and turned it loose in the large area with the others. I walked to the bank of the river and climbed down the steps I had made. I undressed before I waded out into the water. The girls were half floating and relaxing in the chest deep water and Sara grinned when she saw me, “I was just thinking of you master.”

Ash and Nancy snickered as I grinned and pulled her against me, “we do not want to drown while I fuck you again.”

She giggled and kissed me before turning and reaching for Ash, “Ash could hold me and you could fuck me from behind?”

They laughed and I smiled as I held her waist while she spread her legs. I felt her pussy before pushing into her. She shivered and groaned as her pussy squeezed. I started to fuck her as Ash began to kiss her and she began to moan. It was not long before she was wiggling and jerking as her pussy clenched.

She yelled into Nancy’s mouth as they kissed and I continued to fuck her with long strokes. She started to shudder and then spasm as her pussy tightened and clenched. She wailed and jerked as I kept fucking her firmly and turned when Samuel waded out to us. He grinned as Sara howled and I held her to gush and spew a thick stream of sperm into her.

He stopped and reached under her to cup a breast, “how is our baby?”

She shivered while her pussy continued to massage my cock. Ash and Nancy laughed and Sara finally sighed and looked at him, “it must be a girl because she loves it when I get fucked.”

He grinned as I pulled out and helped her stand. Both Jason and Samuel had continued to fuck her with me until we knew she was pregnant. I did not tell them I knew it would be mine or that it would be a girl. Ash moved to Samuel and pressed against him, “I am horny.”

Sara grinned with Nancy as Samuel lifted Ash and she put her legs around him. She sighed as his cock sank into her and wiggled. I smiled and kissed Sara and then Nancy, “I need to go check with Jason.”

I walked out and gestured to dry myself and then dressed. I found Jason in his tent facing a clansman that was red faced. I sat as the man glared at me, “leave.”

I looked at Jason, “why would I do that?”

He touched his dagger, “because if you do not I will cut your manhood from your body.”

I gestured and his mouth fell open in a scream that we could not hear. I whispered and then looked at Jason, “who is this irritating person?”

He grinned as he leaned back, “the youngest son of the clan elder for the Crimson clan. He came to tell me we were not to interfere in his clan’s business. That they would wear weapons at the gathering and we were never to speak to them.”

I nodded and looked at the man frozen in extreme anguish. I gestured and he dropped to his knees, “first foolish human you do not speak to me unless I give you permission. Second when spoken to you will bow and speak softly and politely. Third you and your clan are subject to the laws of the clan gathering.”

I gestured and he lifted into the air to hang, “forth arrogant human. For insulting me you will bring to me a young woman. She is to be the most beautiful in your clan. If she is not beautiful enough, you and your clan will receive a plague of pox and blood locus that will last until you perish.”

I let him go, “now leave before I change my mind and send fire demons for your whole clan.”

He stumbled to his feet and glared and I stood and began to chant. His eyes went wide and he spun and ran out. I gestured and tiny flickering motes danced after him. Jason chuckled, “dramatic.”

I shrugged and sat, “how are the two man patrols though the gathering?”

He sighed, “I told the men to be very polite unless pushed and then to counter it with a firm hand.”

He grinned, “one in a steel gauntlet seems to work best.”

I laughed and he relaxed and gestured, “the Crimson clan is one of the warrior clans, their women are property to them. Supposedly they also hire out as assassins.”

I nodded, “I will put up protections.”

He looked at me, “how is Sara?”

I smiled, “horny.”

He laughed, “yeah.”

After awhile I stood and returned to my tent. I looked around before bending to lay hands on the ground. I chanted and when I finished I drew a set of runes and a glyph. I stood and walked into the tent to see the three girls on the bed. They were licking each other and I grinned as I undressed and moved to the bed.

I caught Nancy on the edge and slipped a finger into her warm pussy, “you may have a sister later.”

They stopped and looked at me and I pushed Nancy into the bed and laid down and reached for Ash, “she is tribute. Well... more like a lesson in courtesy.”

I caressed Ash’s hips and pelvis, “plus her clan sees their women as slaves and property. It might take her awhile to get used to asking for pleasure.”

Ash grinned and looked at Sara, “we can have her stay and watch Sara, she is always horny.”

They laughed and Sara grinned and rubbed her pregnant tummy, “my little girl is taking notes too.”

They laughed again and Nancy straddled me and rubbed her pussy on my cock. She shuddered and lifted and I smiled as I held my cock up and she slowly sat. She wiggled and then sighed before she began to thrust back and forth. Her pussy squeezed each time she sank down to impale herself. A few minutes and she was panting and constantly shaking.

She began to twist and roll her hips as she rubbed her pussy back and forth. She rocked and almost bounced before falling on me. I hugged her and rubbed her bare back before shifting around until she was under me. I began to fuck her with long strokes and she lifted her legs and spread them wide.

She shuddered and squirmed as I kept fucking her with deep thrusts. She began to wail and buck as her slippery pussy kept clenching. I fucked her hard and deep and began pressing into her to get deeper. It was not much longer before she screamed and spasmed as I buried my throbbing cock, “YES!”

I pumped and spewed cum into her while her warm pussy kept squeezing. When I was done I stayed in her and kissed her as she slowly caught her breath while her slimy pussy kept contracting. She sagged to the bed and sighed, “thank you master.”

I kissed her, “anytime.”

I pulled out and moved off the bed, “would you girls like to walk through the clan gathering? We could go to the central marketplace.”

I looked at the door and Samuel when he cleared his throat. He grinned, “you know there are several clansmen frozen beside your tent?”

I smiled as I gestured and began dressing, “they came to kill me.”

He hesitated, “um... do you want me to put a guard...”

I looked at him and he blushed, “never mind.”

I nodded and looked at the girls, “dress so we can go to the marketplace.”

I walked out and around to look at the five men holding daggers. I gestured and they staggered and one spun as he flipped his dagger to throw. He began screaming before he could finish and the others bent over vomiting.

I shook my head, “your clan has one hour to say their prayers and goodbyes. The pox and blood locus will come for you when the hour is up. Your clan is dead and no one will remember or morn.”

I gestured and they were lifted and shoved away. I returned to the tent door and the girls, Samuel walked with us and kept looking and I sighed, “they know they have gone to far. I expect their clan leader before the hour is up. He will try to bluff and then promise and finally give me gifts.”

He grinned, “and you will...”

I looked at him, “when he bluffs I will ignore him and perhaps scald his hands. When he promises I will make him prove them and when he offers gifts I will select one he does not really want to give. When I am done they will have a choice, remain unarmed during the gathering or leave.”

The marketplace or bazaar as they called it had the girls pulling me to every tent booth. Wares were normally spread out on blankets on the ground. I was right about the clan leader and what he would do. In the end he tried to offer me gems and then gold and reluctantly a girl. He acted as if she were nothing but I saw the way he watched her.

Honey was fourteen and had golden honey colored hair. I choose her and he had a set look until I gave him and his clan a choice, stay at the gathering or leave. To leave would humiliate the whole clan so he agreed his warriors would seal the swords under a bond of peace. I had given the girls my money pouch and sent Honey to them.

I watched the clan leader leave and glanced around as warriors from other clans moved away. I smiled and went to be with the girls as they bargained for everything from a few new very soft blankets to elaborate dresses the clan women wore. We returned to the company in time for dinner and the cook had special treats for the girls.

I grinned when the healer Charles strolled in looking exhausted, “fights?”

He sat in the chair beside me, he had just joined us and seemed to be very good and someone with humor. He smiled and thanked the cook when he accepted a plate, “actually I have had quite a few clan women with their midwives as well as children.”

I reached for his shoulder and whispered a spell to give him strength and restore him and he shivered and smiled as he nodded to me, “thanks.”

I lifted my hand, “for what?”

He grinned and started eating and I turned to look out the front of the shade tent. I smiled as I kept looking at the healer, “perhaps after you eat you could come visit?”

He looked at me and then at Sara, “to check your woman?”

I chuckled, “I was thinking you needed a little relaxing and relief. The girls enjoy fucking and Sara is very horny but so is Ash.”

He grinned, “the construct? Aren’t they trained to be that way?”

I stood, “not really. It is more the way they are raised and the freedom they are given.”

He looked at me as I headed out with the girls walking and whispering together. I followed them into the tent and caught Ash as they headed for the other door. She grinned as she turned to press against me, “I am horny if you need it master.”

Sara and Nancy laughed and Honey looked at them as I kissed her and backed her to the bed, “you are always horny.”

She was undressing as she went and I started to remove my clothes, “I told the healer Charles he may come and fuck you girls.”

Sara and Nancy pulled Honey to the bed and Ash laid back. She lifted and spread her legs, “he seems nice master.”

I felt and rubbed her wet slit, “like Jason and Samuel you girls may let him use you.”

I pushed into her warm pussy and Ash sighed and humped. I looked at Honey as she stared between Ash’s legs, “you girls makes sure Honey uses the herbs each morning.”

Ash thrust up as her pussy grasped my cock, “mmmm!”

Nancy laughed, “yes master.”

Honey grinned as she moved onto the bed and closer to watch my cock, “she enjoys it?”

Sara reached for her and rolled her onto her back as Nancy helped strip the dress off. I kept fucked into Ash with long deep strokes. She shuddered and wiggled as her slippery pussy constantly tightened, “aaahhh!”

I watched as Sara began kissing Honey and kneading her breasts and Nancy licked her pussy. She wiggled and squirmed and moaned as she lifted her hips. Ash began to buck and thrash around as her pussy became very wet and slippery. I started to fuck her firmly and she wailed and twisted, “yyyeeessss!”

I glanced at the door to see Jason and Charles. They grinned as they came in and Jason began to undress, “the horny girl needed it?”

I bent to kiss Ash, “of course.”

I looked at the bed, “I think Sara wants it and from the way Honey is wiggling she may like to try it.”

They laughed and Jason pushed Charles towards Sara. She had turned to pull her dress off while spreading her legs and lifting them. Nancy helped turn Honey who was panting and looked at Jason, “she does not have her maidenhead but has not had a man before.”

He smiled as he stood between her legs, “I will go slow and take my time.”

Sara groaned as Charles pushed into her and held her as she shivered. She wiggled and humped and he laughed before he began to fuck her, “need it sweet lady?”

She grinned and thrust up, “yeah.”

I looked at Ash and pulled back to fuck her hard and deep. She jerked as her pussy contracted and then she thrust up, “aaahhhh!”

I continued to fuck her using long strokes and she began to thrash around. She wailed and howled and it was a moment before Sara joined her and then Honey began to moan. Jason was licking her and she was humping and writhing around. Nancy giggled and bent to suck on her nipples.

I was fucking Ash hard and she began to buck and spasm before I shoved into her and buried my cock. She tilted her hips and screamed when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her, “YES!”

I held her in place while I pumped cum into her and she was constantly jerking while her pussy rippled and milked my cock. When I was done she sighed and sagged to the bed before I pulled out and turned her. Sara was thrashing around and wailing and Charles was grinning as he fucked her with long strokes.

Jason had finally stood and pushed into Honey and she was bucking and wiggling as she yelled. I grinned as Nancy crawled down between Ash’s legs to lick her leaking slit. I moved to a chair and sat as Charles finished in Sara and Nancy giggled as she pulled him into bed and straddled him.

Jason was taking his time with Honey and I had to smiled at her cute grunts and moans. I looked at the door when Samuel peeked in, “trouble?”

He shrugged, “we had a runner tell us several groups of warriors were gathering.”

I stood and summoned my clothes, “Crimson clan?”

He shook his head, “not so far.”

We waited for Jason and took a platoon through the gathering. On the far side we reached a set of clan tents as several groups of warriors arrived. I gestured as Jason sent the platoon forward between the groups and the tents. The ground rose in front of each group until it was waist high which made them pause.

I walked beside Jason and summoned the leaders forward. It was over another woman and I shook my head as Jason took charge. Several minutes later they had a reason to celebrate a double joining and we walked away. When I walked into the tent the girls were laid out holding each other and talking.

I stripped and stretched before climbing into bed, “how was Charles?”

They laughed and Ash pushed Honey onto me, “almost as horny as me or Sara.”

I pulled Honey onto me and caressed her hips before spreading her legs. I helped her position my cock and she pushed and wiggled her slimy pussy onto it. She sighed and laid on me, “I like fucking.”

The other girls laughed and Ash came to rub her back, “we all do sister.”

She grinned and her pussy tightened before she began to rock. She sat up and I cupped her breasts as she began to grind and rub her pussy on me. It was not long before she was panting and shuddering. Her slimy pussy was constantly clenching and she was moaning. She started rolling her hips and shaking and a couple of minutes later she wailed and began to spasm.

I smiled and pulled her down and shifted until she was under me before I began to fuck her. I used deep firm strokes and she lifted her legs as she clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

I kissed her and continued to fuck her and she started to struggle and thrust up. Her pussy kept grasping my cock each time I pulled back. It was several minutes before I pushed all the way into her and spurted and spewed and pumped cum. She jerked and spasmed as she screamed and her pussy tightened, “YES!”

When I was done I relaxed while she shuddered and panted. I moved her legs down and shifted until she was on me before relaxing. She put her head on my shoulder and sighed while her tight pussy kept massaging my cock. Honey seemed to make the girls complete. The two weeks on the plains were enjoyable.

Well except for the occasional job of calming one of the clans without resorting to weapons.
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