My life has been normal, at least it was until the accident. I was fourteen when we went on the field trip. A car was passing the bus on a turn and slammed into the front left side. There was a cliff on the right with a rail beside the road and the bus crashed into it and tilted. Everyone was screaming as it rolled over the rail and began to fall.

I flew across the bus and my head slammed into a window and everything slowed. I was falling towards the front windows with other kids and then the bus was bouncing on its wheels beside the stream. I crashed to the floor unconscious and woke up out of a coma three days later. That was when my life changed.

I was the only one hurt seriously and began having strange dreams. I went home after another day and even went to school the following day which was a Tuesday. They said it was a miracle the bus landed like it did, that we all should have been killed. Three girls in my home room sat with me to ask questions.

Molly, Nikki and Sasha were sympathetic and it was nice to have them around me. They met me for lunch and sat with me to eat. They wore short skirts and I could almost see all the way to their hips when they sat. Even after I got home I was remembering them and the last thing I was thinking before I fell asleep was Molly.

I looked around the dim bedroom that was a girl’s. I walked to the bed and saw Molly’s face and hesitated before lifting the sheet. I looked at the sheer nighty and then her bare pussy. I could not stop myself as I moved into the bed and laid beside her. I softly felt her hip and pelvis before touching her almost hot pussy.

She moaned and laid back as she spread her legs. I looked at her as I slipped a finger through her slit. I rubbed her clit with the side of a finger and pushed it into her. She shivered and I felt her pussy tighten around my finger as she moaned. I continued to finger her as she began to hump and shake.

It was a couple of minutes before I moved over her and lifted to push into her tight pussy. I groaned with her as my cock spread and stretched her pussy while it sank into her. I fucked her slowly, her pussy was velvety and slick as it kept grasping my cock. She shuddered and humped as I used long deep thrusts and hesitantly kissed her.

I continued to fuck her slowly as her breathing changed and she spasmed while her pussy became slick and tightened. I could not keep fucking her slowly and started using firm strokes. She shook and jerked as her pussy constantly clenched around my cock. It was a minute before I buried my cock and stiffened as I gushed cum.

Molly gasped and clutched at me while her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock. I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was done and opened my eyes. I frowned as I sat up in my own bed and looked around. I groaned as I thought it had all been a dream. I laid back and closed my eyes as I thought how it had felt.

I was drifting and then I was in Molly’s bedroom again. She had thrown the covers off and was laid back naked now. I stared at her body before slowly moving onto the bed and reached out to turn her. She was on her stomach and I moved her legs apart as she shifted and spoke, “slow and deep.”

I hesitated before I moved and she tilted her hips. I pushed into her slowly and sank my cock into her cummy pussy. I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. I humped and pressed each time I buried my cock to get deeper. It was not long before she shuddered and her pussy clenched. I fucked her hard and deep and she spasmed when I buried my cock.

Her pussy was constantly grasping my cock and I shoved and pushed. I jabbed and then pulled back to fuck her firmly with nice deep strokes. She was moaning out loud as I kept fucking her and enjoying her slimy pussy. She wailed and kicked the bed as she writhed around while her pussy tightened and squeezed.

It was awhile before I pushed all the way into her and began to pump and spew and spurt. Molly jerked as if the cum was hot and her pussy gripped and milked my cock as I came. I shuddered before opening my eyes and looking around, “the dreams were so real.”

I sat up and moved the covers to look at a drop of cum seeping out of my cock. Each time I closed my eyes I dreamed of Molly and fucked her and each time I finished I woke in my bed. I finally slept and did not dream and woke to the alarm. I went to wash and get dressed before I had breakfast with my mother.

She watched me and smiled before running her fingers through my hair. When I got to school I went straight to the home room. I was not sure what to do or say to Molly when she walked in whispering and giggling with Nikki and Sasha. They looked at me and it almost looked like they had predator smiles as they came to sit with me.

Molly looked around Sasha as grinned, “I had a visitor in the night.”

My heart beat faster as I cleared my throat, “visitor?”

She looked at the other girls, “I could almost swear it was Joseph. It was like he was not completely there.”

She giggled, “well his cock was and he did leave a lot of cum in me.”

I blinked and blushed as they looked at me, “Um... I did dream...”

Nikki rubbed my arm, “maybe in the coma you picked up the talent for going out of body.”

I looked at her, “out of body?”

Before she could answer the bell rang and the teacher began taking attendance. After the class ended I did not see them until lunch time and they sat with me. Nikki was beside me and gave me a kiss before looking down as she lifted her skirt until I was looking at her sheer panties. She used a finger to move the crotch aside, “try to visit me tonight and leave your sperm in it.”

I swallowed as I looked at her pussy before nodding, “okay.”

Molly and Sasha giggled and Nikki let her panties go but left her skirt lifted up. For the rest of the day her pussy was all I could think of. They met me after school and I walked them home and got three passionate kisses. I did chores at home and then my homework. I helped mom with dinner which made her look at me, “feeling okay?”

I hesitated before telling her about my experience the night before and what the girls had said. She smiled and then grinned and then giggled and finally laughed and ran her fingers through my hair, “fuck the horny bitches all you want baby.”

When I went to bed I laid awake and tried to think of and remember Nikki’s pussy. I finally closed my eyes and I seemed to be floating above the bed before I thought of Nikki. I was suddenly looked at her in bed and lifted the covers to see her naked. I slipped in and caressed her as her eyes opened. I moved down to kiss her pussy as she spread her legs.

I licked through her pussy and she lifted her hips. I pushed my tongue into her before licking her again and then nibbling on her labia. I covered her clit as she shuddered and humped and sucked while squeezing it with my lips. She thrust up and moaned as she began to shudder hard. I moved up as she panted and pushed into her.

She lifted and tilted her hips as she gasped, “yes!”

I started to fuck her slowly with long deep strokes and she smiled as she spread her legs and her pussy grasped my cock. A couple of minutes and I fucked her hard and deep as her heels kicked the bed. I slowed but continued to fuck her firmly for several minutes. I buried my cock and pressed against and into her cervix before I began pumping spurts of cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh... mmmm!”

I shuddered as I finished and began to fuck her again while still spurting. The dream or whatever this was did not end and I fucked her several times and in a couple of positions. I finally stopped and held her as she calmed and whispered, “it is your pussy now Joseph.”

I woke to my alarm and found myself in my own bed. I went to shower and then get dressed before walking to school. I sat in home room remembering last night and the three girls walked in. They grinned and Nikki strutted to me and bent to kiss me on the mouth. When she stopped Molly did it too and then Sasha. They sat and started talking about a movie.

During lunchtime Sasha sat next to me and rubbed my cock. I looked at her and she caught my hand before lifting her skirt. She pulled my hand to her bare pussy as Molly and Nikki whispered and giggled. I felt her warm slick pussy and fingered her until she shuddered and closed her legs on my hand.

She leaned against me, “come fuck me tonight.”

I rubbed her slit with my finger, “I would like to do this in person.”

She shivered as her pussy squeezed my finger and Molly hugged my other arm, “maybe we can sneak into your room this weekend.”

I pulled my finger out of Sasha and gave her a kiss before looking at Molly, “or I could ask my mother if you could spend the night or weekend.”

She grinned with Nikki, “think she would say yes?”

I nodded, “since the accident I think she would.”

After lunch I spent the afternoon remembering how Sasha’s pussy felt. I walked them home and kissed each one before they went into their house. I went home and did my homework and chores before helping my mom with dinner. She smiled, “have more dreams baby?”

I grinned, “Nikki said I left a lot of cum in her last night.”

She laughed and kissed my cheek and I took a breath, “I might visit Sasha tonight but... can they sleep over this weekend?”

Mom looked at me and smiled, “want to fuck them in person and for real?”

I nodded and she caressed my face, “sure honey.”

I smiled and went back to helping her. I cleaned up after dinner and mom gave me a kiss before she went out on a date to the movies. I watched a movie before shutting most of the lights off except the porch light and the dim hall vent light. I washed up and got ready for bed before laying back to stare at the ceiling.

This time I thought about leaving my body and suddenly I was floating. I thought of mom and was suddenly moving through the walls and flying. I slipped through the walls in an apartment and saw my mother naked and on a bed with a man. I smiled and moved back and out before remembering Sasha.

I appeared in a pink room and she was moaning and laying on a bed fingering her bare pussy. I moved towards her and she must have seen me or something because she removed her fingers, “I really need you Joseph.”

I licked her pussy and sucked on the clit before moving up as she bucked and jerked. I pushed into her tight pussy and slowly buried my cock. I kissed her as she wiggled and humped while her warm pussy grasped my cock. She was moaning as I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes.

She humped and began thrusting up as I fucked her steadily with deep thrusts. A few minutes and she put a pillow over her head while screaming. Her pussy rippled and constantly squeezed my cock as I kept fucking her. I buried my cock to grind and hump as I jabbed slowly and she started bucking and shaking as she wailed.

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes before pushing all the way into her and gushing cum. She jerked as her pussy clenched while I flooded her with warm sperm. I did not even wait until I was done before I started to fuck her slimy pussy. She shuddered and jerked as her pussy made a wet sound and then she giggled as she lifted her hips and began to meet each thrust.

It was awhile before I stopped and she was exhausted and fell asleep. I thought of my bed and then I was looking down at my own body. I reached out to touch it and sat up with a gasped. I sighed and lay back before closing my eyes and relaxing. When I reached school the three girls were already there and grinning.

Sasha kissed me and then Nikki and Molly before they pulled me into school and to our home room. I sat between Molly and Nikki while Sasha sat in front of me and turned around. I told them my mother had said they could sleep over and then looked at each of them, “think your parents will let you?”

They grinned and Molly blushed, “since the accident mom said I can have sex.”

Nikki and Sasha nodded and Sasha reached out to take my hand, “and our pussy belongs to you now.”

I blushed and grinned before squeezing her hand, “so you can come over after school and we can do something.”

She grinned and Molly hit my shoulder, “impatient.”

I blushed more, “I meant watch a movie or go somewhere.”

She blushed and then grinned, “I can bring a movie over.”

Nikki and Sasha laughed as we looked at the teacher. I did not see the girls until lunch time and they caught my hands and pulled me to our table. They did not show me anything and I did not feel them as we talked. After school I was waiting and walked them home and waited until they came out with small packs.

When we got to my house I was a little nervous as I let them in. They looked around before following me to my bedroom. I put my school stuff away and smiled as the girls sat on the big bed and bounced. We went into the family room which in my house was where the big TV was. Molly put the movie on and they sat on each side of me with Nikki on my lap.

When mom came home the girls blushed but she only smiled and waved. After the movie we went into the kitchen to help mom with dinner and she talked with the girls. She smiled a lot and looked at me as the girls giggled and laughed. After dinner I cleaned up while they vanished with mom and then we all watched another movie.

When it was over Sasha pulled me up and back to my room. They closed the door and blushed as they began undressing. I watched as I stripped and then followed them into bed. I laid beside Molly and felt her body before moving down to look at her pussy and then lick through it. She moan and shuddered and I lifted my head to see Nikki licking Sasha.

I grinned and started wiggling my tongue on Molly’s clit. I sucked on it and teased it as she humped and continued to shake. It was not long before both her and Sasha were moaning louder. Molly finally pulled me up and I moved over her. I looked between us and pushed into her warm slick pussy.

She moaned and wiggled as I buried my cock before I pulled back. I started to fuck her slowly with long strokes as I kept kissing her. She began lifting her hips and humping as I kept fucking her. It was not long before she shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “oooohhhhh!”

Nikki and Sasha both giggled as I continued to fuck Molly and she clutched me. Several minutes and she was jerking and shaking while her slick pussy constantly tightened, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I began to fuck her firmly with deep grinding thrusts and she clung to me while her slick pussy clenched and she wailed, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Every couple of minutes she would shudder while spasming and jerking. I finally pushed as far into her as I could and kissed her while pumping cum. She screamed into my mouth while I kept gushing and spewing. When I was done I relaxed while she panted and sagged to the bed. Nikki and Sasha giggled and I looked at them.

Molly grinned and hugged me before giving me a push, “do Nikki now.”

I pulled out as Nikki rolled and went to her knees. While I moved behind her Sasha moved down between Molly’s legs to lick her leaking pussy. I rubbed Nikki’s pussy as she spread her knees more and then pushed all the way into her. I buried my cock and waited while her pussy grasped my cock and massaged it.

She pushed back and grinned over her shoulder at me. I held her hips and pulled back before I began to fuck her with deep strokes. She kept pushing and shoving back as she moaned and wiggled. Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing as I continued to fuck her and she shuddered and started shaking.

She twisted as her pussy clenched and gripped my cock, “oooohhhh!”

I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly and plant my cock. She spasmed a couple of minutes later and yelled as she wet me and her slick pussy constantly tightened. She was jerking on and off my cock as I tried to keep fucking her. I shook my head and pushed her down on the bed and went with her.

She tilted her hips and howled as I kept fucking her firmly with deep thrusts, “aaaahhhh... fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I heard Molly and Sasha laughing but kissed Nikki’s bare shoulder while continuing to bury my cock. Her wet and slippier pussy massaged my cock as I started to fuck her harder. She kicked the bed and screamed a couple of minutes after that, “YES!”

I shoved into her and held her as she jerked and began gushing spurts of cum. Her pussy clenched and clamped down as I kept pumping more sperm into her. She shuddered and jerked until I was done and relaxed. She was still panting when I pulled out and rubbed her bare butt. She grinned back at me as Molly reached out to roll her over and Sasha stalked onto me.

She gave me a kiss before lifting to look at my slimy cock. She grinned and positioned her pussy, “just what I need, a slimy cock.”

She slowly sat and wiggled before beginning to rub her pussy on me. She thrust back and forth as her pussy pulsed and my cock continued to press against her cervix. She change to rocking and twisting as she began to breath harder, “ooohhh!”

She rolled her hips and wiggled as she started shoving down harder, “mmmm!”

It was not long before she was almost bouncing and thrusting back and forth. She twisted and turned and rolled her hips and each time she pulled up her pussy would grip my cock. She was very slippery and started to spasm and jerk a few minutes later as she howled, “oooohhhh!”

I pulled her down when she became erratic and shifted until she was under me. I kissed her and began to fuck her with deep grinding strokes. Her pussy clenched and kept squeezing as I fucked her and rubbed or pressed to get deeper. She thrashed and bucked as she screamed and her eyes rolled up when she clung to me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping spurts of cum. She jerked and shoved her pussy up while clutching me, “YES!”

I gushed and spewed until I was done and slowly relaxed as she panted and continued to shiver and shudder. She sagged to the bed and grinned, “awesome.”

Molly and Nikki laughed and she wiggled while her slimy pussy squeezed. I pulled out and Molly grinned and reached for me. The girls have stayed with me for many years now. Sure they have tried other guys but we always return to each other and when they do not sleep with me I still tend to visit them in the night.
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