To say I was disillusioned with women would be accurate. It started with a few old friends coming out to the farm to drink and talk about old times, they were all single. One, Ken was using his laptop as we talked about the girls or women we had known. He grinned and turned the laptop, “we should get together and bring one or two out and train her to be a whore.”

We laughed but we also watched the video of several men fucking and using one woman. After they left I cleaned up but the idea stuck in my head. I peeked into my teenage daughter’s room to see her asleep. Her mother had left us a year ago and from the way Jenna acted she was just as fridged and stuck up as her mother.

I tossed and turned most of the night as the video replayed in my mind. I had a few chores in the morning and came into the kitchen to my daughter still in her robe. She was complaining about nothing to do before she headed back to bed. It was the beginning of summer and her friends did not live close.

I knew right then what I was going to do and started making calls. I was up early the next day and made a large pot of coffee as the others arrived. I sighed before stripping as I headed towards the hall and my daughter’s bedroom. I grabbed her covers and yanked them down and off and reached for her.

She was just waking as I pulled her to me and rolled her onto her stomach on the edge of the bed. I pulled her panties down as she started to struggle and I moved before pushing my cock into her. I buried my cock as she stiffened, “NO!”

I pulled her night gown up and off as I held her impaled, “it is time you learned.”

I started to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts as she struggled. Her tight pussy began to squeeze as I kept fucking her and she stopped struggling, “ooohhh!”

I buried my cock and leaned down, “we are going to teach you that sex is something for you to enjoy. That pleasure is okay. You are not going to be a fridged bitch like your mother.”

She looked back, “I am not like her.”

I shook my head, “you have been exactly like her.”

I humped and began to fuck her and she sighed as she relaxed. I kept using long deep thrusts and she shuddered while her pussy squeezed. I pulled out and moved before turning her on the bed and rolling her onto her back. She looked at me as I moved over her and pushed back into her tight pussy.

I buried my cock, “how does it feel inside you?”

She wiggled, “I feel full and stretched.”

I humped and rubbed on her before I started to fuck her. I was back to using long strokes and a couple of minutes later she moaned and shook as her pussy grasped my cock. She was breathing hard and I kissed her, “like it?”

She shuddered and nodded as she put her arms around me, “yes.”

I smiled as I continued to fuck her and buried my cock to jab and grind and hump. She spasmed and wailed as she lifted her legs and spread them wide. I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts as I tried to cum. It was several minutes before I felt my full balls churning. Jenna was thrashing and bucking as I pushed all the way into her and began gushing cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched, “DAD!”

She clutched me as her tight pussy milked my cock. When I was done I pulled out, “did you like how that felt?”

She was panting but nodded and I helped her out of bed and after me. In the bathroom I sat her on the toilet, “this is your first day of training. You are going to learn to douche and give yourself an enema. The guys are back and we are going to fuck you off and on all day. We are also going to finger you and use vibrators to make you cum.”

She looked down, “mom would not do this.”

I tilted her head, “you mother barely let me touch her. Yes she liked sex once we started but refused to keep doing it or start it. I want you to learn that it feels good and that it is okay to enjoy it as much as you want.”

Jenna smiled, “okay.”

I helped her with the douche and then a couple of enemas before washing her and then leading her out and to the kitchen. Ken pulled her onto his lap as she blushed and opened her legs to feel and rub her pussy. Ray slipped a bowl of cereal onto the table and Mitch started to feed her as she wiggled and squirmed.

When she shuddered and jerked I looked into the other room to see the full size bed put together and ready. I touched Ken and he stood and lifted her and carried her into the other room and the bed. It was barely a minute before he was fucking her with long strokes and she was clinging to him.

She started to wail and howl a minute later while she bucked and shook. After he came in her she was panting as Ray sat and used a vibrator in her slit and on her clit. She wiggled and moaned and humped until Dale rolled her over and moved between her legs as she spread them. After him they used the vibrator again but start rubbing her asshole while fingering her.

By the time the last one had pumped cum in her she was taking the vibrator in her ass and cumming. She got a bathroom break and then we took her outside. She was nervous but we ignored it as we did the chores and played with her while we did them. I picked her up while we were in the front yard and slowly impaled her slimy cunt on my cock.

She groaned and started humping right away as her pussy tightened. I turned as Mitch put lube on his cock and he moved closer to press against her and thrust up into her gaping ass. Jenna jerked and hugged me tight as her pussy clenched, “oooohhhh!”

Mitch began to fuck her and helped hold her as I pulled back to stroke in and out. She jerked and howled a minute later, “I am cumming!”

She spasmed while her pussy and ass kept grasping our cocks, “YES! Do not stop!”

The guys chuckled as we continued to fuck my daughter while she twisted and spasmed. She screamed again a couple of minutes later as she peed and wet both of us, “fffuuucccckkk... mmmeeee!”

A minute later my cock was throbbing as Mitch grunted and started jabbing into her while pumping spurts of cum. Jenna clutched me and kissed me hard as I lowered her until she was completely impaled while I spurted my cum into her. Mitch pulled out and I lifted her and lowered her to the ground but had to hold her up.

She sighed and shivered before grinning as John and Bruce caught her hands and pulled her into the house. They washed her before pulling her to the bed. We made deli sandwiches as she straddle John and fucked him while Bruce slowly fucked her ass. After they finished Ray began to teach her how to suck cock.

She started off slowly and reluctantly but by the time Dale took a turn she was enjoying it. We took her out again after lunch and the guys had to leave a few hours later. When I finished working I returned to the house to make dinner. She laid in the bed with the vibrator and continued to masturbate until I walked in and pulled her to the edge.

I moved the vibrator and pushed into her slimy cunt before I started to fuck her. She shuddered while her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I smiled as I fingered and rubbed her clit while fucking her with long slow strokes, “enjoying it honey?”

She shuddered while her pussy tightened, “yeah.”

I continued to fuck her, “tomorrow you get the day off and the next day we start again.”

She jerked and began to buck and spasmed while she wet me and wailed, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I fucked her firmly, planting my cock all the way in her with each thrust. She wiggled and squirmed as her pussy constantly clenched around my cock. It was not long before she was erratic and incoherent. Her slimy pussy was still trying to squeeze and milk my cock as she thrashed around. I finally buried my cock as it erupted and I began spurting cum.

She jerked and her pussy clenched around my cock while I pumped sperm into her, “mmmm!”

When I finished I pulled out and bent over her to give her a kiss. I pulled her out of bed and into the kitchen where I kept an arm around her waist as I finished making dinner and set it on the table. I pulled her onto my lap and began feeding her and myself. After dinner we cleaned up and I took her into the bathroom for a douche and enema.

We took a shower together and she was constantly feeling and caressing me. After our shower I put her robe on and mine and sat watching tv with her on my lap. When we went to bed it was in mine and she snuggled against me and rubbed my chest, “I enjoyed having sex dad.”

I gave her a hug, “you will be a little sore tomorrow.”

I woke to the phone and Bruce who told me he was bringing his sister’s daughter out for training in the morning. I glanced at Jenna asleep in my bed, “make sure you have her birth control and bring a douche and enema for her.”

I hung up and slipped in beside my daughter. I woke to my alarm and rubbed Jenna’s bare butt. She lifted her head as I shut the alarm off and moved off the bed, “we are having company this morning. Bruce is bringing his niece out for training.”

She sat up and reached between her legs, “I hurt.”

I reached into the bed and pulled her out and after me as I headed towards the bathroom, “I told you that you would. Now I need to teach you what to do for that.”

After she had gone to the bathroom I gave her a warm douche and enema. I gave her two ibuprofen before washing her in the shower. I cupped her breasts, “after we have breakfast you need to start a bath with hot water.”

She looked up from her breasts and grinned, “okay.”

I caressed her hips, “before lunch you take two more ibuprofen and take another hot bath and then again after dinner.”

She nodded and I turned to shut the water off and help her out. Everyone began arriving while we were in the kitchen. I think Jenna was a little bemused as each one stopped and gave her a soft kiss and asked how she was. Bruce was the last one to arrive and had a girl a little older than my daughter with him. She almost looked eager as she set her suitcase down.

I gestured and he turned her and began stripping her beside the bed. She blushed and kept looking at us until he turned her and bent her over the bed. He stripped quickly and pushed her legs open before pushing into her. She stiffened and looked back as Bruce held her hips and pulled back to fuck her slowly with long deep thrusts.

I pulled Jenna onto my lap and hugged her as we watched. It was not long before the girl was shuddering and jerking as she moaned and then wailed. She spasmed a minute later and thrashed around as Bruce held her and continued to fuck her. When he finally buried his cock and groaned as he pumped cum she shuddered and shook.

When he was done he sighed and I gestured to the hall, “go teach her about a douche and enema.”

He blushed, “um... would you mind?”

The others laughed and I smiled as I stood with Jenna, “no.”

Bruce pulled out of the girl and she sighed before he helped her stand, “her name is Carla.”

I walked to her and took her hand before pulling her after me with my daughter following. I sat her on the toilet and like with my daughter began teaching her about using a douche and enema and why. Jenna helped and they smiled at each other and my daughter whispered, “yesterday was my first time. You are going to have fun.”

Carla grinned as I pulled her into the shower and washed her and Jenna. I dried them and myself before returning her to the living room and the bed. I laid her back on the edge and felt and caressed her pelvis. Jenna hugged me from behind and giggled, “fuck her.”

I smiled as I began to rub Carla’s pussy and then fingered her, “I will.”

She groaned as I rubbed her clit and her hips lifted. I shifted and bent my cock before slowly pushing all the way into her. She lifted and spread her legs as my cock sank into her and spread her open. I started to fuck her with long strokes and she wiggled while her pussy tightened, “mmmm!”

I smiled as my daughter giggled and continued to fuck Carla. It was not long before she was shuddering hard and jerking. Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing each time I pushed into her. I fucked her firmly with deep grinding strokes and she wailed and began bucking and thrashing around, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and squirmed as I kept fucking her slick pussy. By the time I was ready to cum she was incoherent and spasming. I buried my cock and held her hips as I gushed sperm against and into her cervix. She howled and shook while her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved as Ray took my place. He pushed into her cummy pussy and started using a small vibrator on her clit. I went to the kitchen as Jenna sat beside Carla and took her hand. When Ray finished he brought her in and Bruce pulled her onto his lap. He used another vibrator as she ate and then it was like the day before with Jenna.

By the time Mitch fucked her ass for the first time she was begging for it. She loved the taste of cum and kept wiping it from her pussy to lick it. We fucked her inside and outside while the guys came and went. Jenna even licked her pussy several times and Carla licked hers. By dinner time Mitch was saying he was bringing his fifteen year old Deb over.

Ken said he was going to bring his Jane and she was twenty five. Carla and Jenna slept in bed with me after everyone went home. I woke up early and looked at the girls and was tempted to fuck one. I rolled my daughter onto her back and moved over her and pushed into her. She put her arms around me as her eyes opened and her pussy tightened, “mmm?”

I humped and she shivered and smiled, “morning dad.”

I started to fuck her with long deep strokes and she put her legs around my waist. I kissed her as I continued to fuck her and Carla turned onto her side to watch. Jenna started wailing a minute later and kept thrusting up as her pussy tightened and squeezed, “aaaahhhhh!”

I buried my cock and began jabbing and rubbing against her as I looked at Carla, “morning.”

She grinned, “morning.”

I kissed my daughter before I began to fuck her firmly. She squeezed her legs and began to shudder harder, “ooohhhh!”

Several minutes later she spasmed and jerked while her pussy clenched. She bucked and thrashed around, “Dad!”

I buried my cock and kissed her as I began to spew and pump cum. Jenna jerked while her pussy continued to squeeze my cock. When I was done I pulled out and laid beside her, “sore?”

She was panting and grinned, “yeah but it still felt good.”

I rubbed her pelvis, “maybe a couple of days more before we do you again.”

I moved off the bed, “you and Carla can use a vibrator on each others clit today.”

They giggled as they followed me to the bathroom. I gave them both a douche and enema which Carla winched at. I gave her two ibuprofen and told her about taking a hot bath. I watched as they took their birth control and made warm cereal for them. I glanced at the door when Ken walked in with his frowning daughter.

She was a mess but he smiled as he headed for the kitchen, “everyone will be here in a few minutes. Would you show her...”

He blushed as he looked at Jenna and Carla, “you know.”

I smiled and started for the hall, “come with me Jenna. You too Carla.”

I took Jane’s hand and pulled her after me with the girls following. I left the door open as I turned her and stripped her. She bit her lip while looking at my daughter and Carla. I rubbed a nipple, “you take your birth control every morning.”

She nodded and I sat her on the toilet before I started teaching her about a douche and enema. I was a little surprised she did not know about them and since Jenna and Carla helped she paid attention. When I was done I pulled her up and washed her in the shower before bring her back to the front room.

Jenna and Carla followed as I sat Jane on the bed and pushed her back. Jenna grinned and hugged my arm, “can we lick her?”

The guys laughed and I grinned, “sure. Today is her day.”

The next thing I knew they both had vibrators and were licking her and she was wiggling and moaning while she humped. She wailed and tried to twist away but they pulled her back and moved while grinning at me. I moved between her legs and felt her pussy before I slowly buried my cock. I began to fuck her with deep strokes and she lifted her hips and shook.

The girls lifted and spread her legs and held them as I kept fucking her and Carla began using a vibrator on her clit. She bucked and struggled as she howled and her pussy tightened and clenched, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I fucked her firmly and she kept thrashing and bucked. Jenna giggled and bent to suck on one of her nipples and Jane screamed and began to convulse, “oooohhhh!”

She came several times and her eyes were rolled up when I buried my cock and grunted while pumping cum. She jerked and twisted and bucked while I continued to spurt and spew. When I was done she was panting and still shaking. The girls let her legs go and headed into the other room and I heard Carla, “next?”

I grinned as I rubbed her mound before pulling out. Mitch cleared his throat from the door and I turned. His daughter was blushing as she looked at Jane splayed out on the bed. I grinned, “your turn.”

He turned to strip his daughter before pushing her towards me, “she needs the hygiene class.”

I looked at her before crossing to take her hand, “she starts tomorrow?”

He nodded as he undressed, “she can watch and stay with Jenna and Carla today.”

I grinned and pulled her after me, “she is going to have fun.”

In the bathroom she blushed as I told her to take her birth control each morning. I showed her how to douche and give herself an enema before washing her in the shower. She was blushing when we returned to the kitchen. Jane looked a little used but was grinning as she sat on her father’s lap.

Jenna and Carla caught her hand and pulled her to the counter to whisper together. After breakfast I went to do chores and was not surprised when my daughter, Carla and Deb followed. Jane was pulled out by the guys with a vibrator in her and more than once she was bent over and leaned against a fence.

She wailed and shuddered and kept bowing her legs or spreading them wide. When we came back to the house the girls pulled her to the bed and laid her back before they licked her and teased her clit. Jenna was fingering her ass while Carla licked her and Deb rubbed her clit with a vibrator. One after another the guys took turns during the day as they came and went.

I fucked her four times, even on the tractor as I drove out to a field. Mitch and Deb slept in Jenna’s bed and Ken slept over that night with Jane snuggled against him. She had a soft happy smile on her face and was still leaking. When I woke the next morning Jenna had her head down by my cock and she and Carla were licking it.

I sighed and lifted my hips, “want a little cum this morning?”

They giggled and Carla put my cock in her mouth. Jenna moved up and kissed me, “can I fuck today?”

I hugged her and humped, “how about once from each of the guys?”

She grinned and rolled out of bed and strutted towards the door, “thanks dad.”

Carla laughed and I pulled her up and rolled her onto her back before moving over her. I pushed into her and buried my cock and kissed her, “hurt?”

She wiggled, “a little.”

I began to hump and rub, “tomorrow will be better.”

She hugged me as she thrust up while her pussy tightened, “yeah.”

I continued to slowly jab and press and she started to shudder and wiggle. A few minutes and she wailed and spasmed, “yyyeeesssss!”

I heard my daughter and a minute later Deb. Carla giggled as she humped, “hard and deep.”

I kissed her and pulled back before I began to fuck her firmly with deep thrusts as I tried to cum. She bucked and several minutes later began to howl and scream as she thrashed around. I kept fucking her as she struggled and screamed and finally buried my cock and kissed her while gushing cum into her.

She jerked and spasmed as her pussy pulsed and massaged my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved off the bed before helping her. I pulled her into the bathroom and helped her douche and use an enema. I looked at Jenna when she pulled Jane and Deb in and started the shower. After they finished I washed each of them and went to the kitchen. Jenna pushed me towards Deb who caught my hand and pulled me into the other room.

She laid back on the edge of the bed as Ken and Mitch walked in. I stood between her legs and felt her slit and rubbed her before pushing into her. I buried my cock and waited as I accepted a vibrator from Jane who sat on the bed. I began to use it on Deb’s clit and her pussy tightened and clenched as she wiggled and moaned, “oooohhhh!”

I smiled as I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes. She wiggled and humped and shuddered and bucked before she began to wail and then howl. I fucked her firmly, shoving into her and pressing and grinding and she twisted and kept thrusting up. It was several minutes before I fucked her hard and then buried my cock to pump thick spurts of cum.

She jerked as her tight pussy clenched, “YES!”

The girls laughed and when I pulled out Jane knelt to lick her pussy before Ken took my place. The house is huge now and all the guys live here. The four girls are our whores and fuck each of us everyday and some times more than once.
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