My name is Wayne. My wife Andrea and I had found the perfect place to get a foot massage. What Andrea didn't know was that I had gone back several times alone to get more than just my feet taken care of.
VIP Foot Massage 3 - Resolution

My name is Wayne. My wife Andrea and I had found the perfect place to get a foot massage. What Andrea didn't know was that I had gone back several times alone to get more than just my feet taken care of. I was now fucking the 54-year-old Ling who looked in her 30's as well as the 14-year-old Susie who seduced me, telling me she was 18. I would go to the massage parlor on Saturdays every other week while my wife was getting her nails done. At this point in the story I had just finished a enhanced massage session with Ling followed by Susie.

As I was about to leave the massage parlor, Ling's daughter Jia was talking with me, telling me that Ling would be gone when I returned in two weeks.

Jia continued, "Ling said that you and she have an understanding, and this is what she would like you to do, to let me be your masseuse in two weeks."

"Yes, I understand," I told her. "You tell Ling I am extremely pleased with her arrangement for when I return in two weeks. I will miss her but am sure that she has chosen wisely in planning for her absence. I'm sure you give a fine massage. You tell Ling that I will miss her and will see her the next time I am in after she returns." I then left.

I had my task set out for me. I had to get Susie on the pill as soon as possible. I couldn't keep fucking her without some protection and she didn't want me to use a condom.

In the two weeks before I returned I managed to get a fair supply of birth control pills over the internet, amazingly cheap. I got them to Susie a week before my routine massage appointment. Susie asked me if I was able to get alone at my house now and then, as she wanted to visit me. She wondered what it would be like to fuck me in my wife's bed. I told her that I would think about it and let her know. But I had a feeling that once Susie got an idea in her head she would probably see it through.

The Friday before my Saturday appointment I got a call from Jia. "Wayne, this is Jia from VIP. We have some reservations that have been made for Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come over this evening for your massage instead of tomorrow. I would be able to give you the extra time that I'm sure Ling would want for you. It would help us out a lot if you could. We don't quite have all the same staff we need for this weekend."

I remembered that Ling and her brother were gone for the weekend. "Uh well sure, why not," I replied. But I knew I had to do some fancy footwork to make it work with my wife. I told her that I wanted to go out with some guys from work and that she ought to grab one of her girlfriends and go see a chic flick. Andrea went for it.

That evening around 8:00 PM I arrived at VIP. As I walked in I realized I had forgotten to tell Susie I was coming a day early. Jia had just closed for the evening but let me in. Apparently she didn't want us to be disturbed by any walk-ins so she had me come at that hour. Her daughters were out for the night with friends so it was just Jia and myself.

"If you don't mind Wayne, I would like you to take a shower," she informed me. "You can use ours in the back." I hadn't realized that there was a complete apartment in the back connected to the business. They actually lived there.

Jia led me into the bathroom where she undressed me. I was a little surprised but she did it so matter-of-factly, so business like, that it didn't seem too awkward. Jia turned on the water and a minute later had me enter the shower.

I just let the warm water pour over me for a minute when the glass door opened and in walked Jia, completely nude. My mouth dropped when I saw her. She was beautiful. She had a full head of hair, as black as night of course. I guess I hadn't noticed how black before but seeing it against the white walls made it stand out. Her b-cup breasts had no sag in them at all, her nipples full and large, but her breasts not too large for her 5-foot frame. Her pussy was full of black hair. Her shapely body just made me drool.

Jia grabbed a bar of soap and began lathering it up. She then began washing me, first my chest, then arms, underarms, neck. She quickly did my legs before turning me around and repeating everything from the back side. She ran the bar of soap up and down my ass crack and then washed me good with her fingers. Rinsing her hands off she lathered them again and reached around to begin washing my balls. A half minute later she was stroking my now hard dick. But she only did this for a few seconds.

"Rinse off now," Jia instructed. When I turned around she had already gotten out of the shower.

Stepping out of the shower myself I saw that she had dried herself off and began drying me off too. Watching her do this kept me so hard she could have hung the towel on my dick.

"You are too tense," she announced.

"I can't help it seeing you naked in front of me," I explained.

"I can help you relax," she told me as she knelt down in front of me. "Spread your legs apart a bit."

I did and she leaned forward taking my cock into her mouth. "Oh Jia," I exclaimed. Her mouth on my dick felt wonderful, so warm and soft. She ran my shaft in and out a few times and then sank her mouth all the way to my balls. I was down her throat. She sucked a bit and then pulled all the way back to the tip.

"Oh God in heaven Jia, that was incredible," I told her.

She repeated this twice more before taking her right hand around my waist and began playing with my crack, running her fingers up and down between my ass cheeks.

When she deep-throated me again she slipped the tip of her long middle finger into my asshole. She held me deep for about 30 seconds, sucking me while she twisted her finger tip around in my hole. Jia pulled back for a few short strokes and then went deep on me again. This time she slid her middle finger all the way in.

The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced. I wanted to cum down her throat but I wasn't near ready yet. She pulled back off my shaft but kept her finger in my ass while she gave me a few more short strokes.

She pulled off of me long enough to say, "You will cum for me now."

As she took me back into her mouth and slowly drew me all the way back down her throat, I started to say, "I don't think I'm quite ready to…"

That's when she pressed her face up against my groin, my cock as deep down her throat as it ever was. She took her right hand and pressed the tip of her finger up against my insides so that it was touching something around the base of my shaft and balls.

She must have known the exact pressure point because I instantly climaxed. This was no normal climax either with a few quick pumps of cum. It was as if I was shooting out long streams of cum, a momentary pause, and then another long stream of cum, straight down her throat. I repeated this such that I had shot maybe four longs streams of cum into her before they became short spurts.

"That was the best climax I have ever had, Jia," I told her.

She pulled off of me and wiped the corner of her mouth with her finger, taking care of a bit of cum that was dripping. She said, "It's time for your massage," leading me out of the bathroom and into that same familiar room I had been with Ling so many times before.

The whole experience was so surreal, so business like for her, so sexually draining for me.

She had me up onto the table and gave me a wonderful massage. First face down and then face up.

"I want to fuck you, Jia," I confessed. "I want to fuck you so bad, right now."

"I know you do Wayne. That's expected, but you can't," she stated. "I promised Ling that I wouldn't fuck you. She would find out. Somehow she would know. So please, anything but that. I can do anything but fuck you."

I pulled her down to me and kissed her. She laid next to me while we simply made out for a while, our tongues dancing together. I then rolled her over onto her back and pulled her butt to the edge of the table. Placing her legs up onto my shoulders I leaned in and with my mouth began my gentle assault on her pussy.

Several minutes of licking and sucking brought her close to an orgasm. That's when I slipped a finger into her cunt and began to finger fuck her while I sucked on her clit. She lasted only a minute before thrusting her hips up into my face and going stiff. She let out a loud moan as her orgasm washed across her body.

"Oh Wayne, no. I can't lose control like this. I never lose control. But you make me feel so good," she exclaimed. "I haven't felt this alive in, forever it seems."

"Finally. I was about to call you the Ice Queen. You know, I could thrust into you right now and you wouldn't stop me would you?" I asked.

"No I wouldn't but I beg you, please don't," she pleaded. "I would be so ashamed in front of Ling. She is my mother. I must obey her."

"We will fuck one day, I promise," I swore to her.

"Ling will never give me permission," she said sadly. "Now get dressed. You better go before your wife gets suspicious, and before my daughters Rosie and Susie return." I did too and was home in 15 minutes.

The next day, Saturday, the day I had originally planned on going to VIP, I went ahead and drove over there, even though I had gotten my massage the night before. To be honest I just wanted to see Jia again.

When I walked in, Jia, and her daughter Rosie were both giving foot massages. I walked right by Jia and headed back to her apartment, as if I owned the place.

"Hey Wayne, here for your massage?" Susie asked as I walked into their living room. She walked over to me and teased my groin with her fingers. I heard Jia's voice yell out in Chinese. I realized Susie didn't know I had been there the night before and had already gotten a massage by her mother.

"Mom wants me, I'll see you later," she said as she left. A moment later Jia walked into the apartment and shut the door.

I stepped over to her and we just began kissing frantically. We were turning this way and that as we kissed and eventually she guided us into one of the bedrooms. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. I finished undressing while she removed all of her clothes.

"Quick, fuck me now before I change my mind," she said as she laid back onto the bed.

I climbed up between her legs and took only a moment to look at her pussy. Leaning down into her I thrust hard one time and buried myself deep inside. Pulling out slightly I thrust in again. Once more and I had all of my shaft deep inside her canal.

Sliding my hands up under her shoulders I held her tight while I thrust quick and hard, in and out. We were both grunting for several minutes when suddenly she clamped her legs tight around my mine and went stiff, thrusting her midsection up into me. I knew she was climaxing hard and it just sent me over the edge.

Spurt after spurt of cum shot into this woman more than half-again my age. Yes, I was fucking a woman who could have been my mother, a 37-year-old lady and here I was only 21.

I thought about that and how someone had gotten her pregnant at 15, if her oldest daughter was really 21 like me.

Then as quick as it started it was over. "Wayne, get dressed," Jia cried. "Rosie would be done with her customer by now."

I jumped off the bed and we both were dressed in under a minute. As we stepped back into the hallway the apartment door opened and in walked Rosie, Jia's oldest daughter.

"And this is Rosie's room," Jia said, pretending to be giving me a tour of the apartment. "Oh hi Rosie, have you met Wayne?"

Rosie was my age, 21, but I swear she looked 16. She had the traditional long black hair of the other women of her family. She was short too, about 5 foot 1 inch maybe, just slightly taller than Jia. She couldn't have weighed 100 pounds wet, as thin as she was. But she had the same beauty as her family.

"Hello Wayne, I'm Rosie," she introduced herself. "I've heard about you from my grandmother."

"Good things I hope," trying to get her to smile. It worked.

"All good," she added. "Susie wants to see you mom," Rosie said to her mother.

Jia went back out to the lobby, leaving Rosie and I to talk. "So this is really a family business?"

"It seems so, though I have a degree in the arts, I really don't know what to do with it," Rosie exclaimed. "So here I am massaging for a living. My aunt comes and helps once in a while when we get busy but generally it's just us."

"Is your Aunt as young looking as the rest of you?" I asked.

"She is the youngest of my mom's sisters. She is 28. She was here once a few weeks back," Rosie said. "You may have seen her. She's the pretty one of the family."

"Even though you have a degree in the Arts, there are a lot of people thankful that you do massages," I assured her. "Do you ever get one for yourself, a massage I mean?"

"By whom?" she asked. "I certainly don't want my family touching me. It would be too weird. No, I just give them, never get one."

"If you would let me I wouldn't mind giving you one someday," I told her. "You can tell me exactly what to do if you want and I'll do it. It will be fun. OK?"

"Well maybe it would be fun," she agreed. "At least different anyway. I'm sure you would do fine without any instructions though. But not here. I wouldn't want my family to know. Maybe your place."

Just then Jia stuck her head back in the door. "Rosie, one of my regular customers just came in that I need to take care of. Can you, I mean if Wayne doesn't mind, would you please give him his massage?" Jia didn't even wait for an answer, just turned and left. I thought to myself that Jia must be confused from our recent fuck, forgetting that I had gotten my massage yesterday. Or maybe she was just covering for herself.

Rosie opened the door and watched as her mother took an older gentleman into the body massage room that I had used so often. Closing the door she turned to me and said, "Well that sucks, mom is using the room."

"How about this," I suggested, "let me give you that massage today. I'll even pay you to let me give it to you. Then no one will know because you'll have the money I pay as proof you gave me a massage, only I will have given you one, if all that makes any sense."

"OK, but where?" she asked.

"How about your room?" I tipped my head slightly and shrugged innocently.

There was silence for a moment. Then Rosie said, "Why not, even if you do a crappy job it can't be that bad. But I'll have to get some oils first."

A minute later we went into her room. She turned to me and pushed me back out the door. "I'll call you when I'm ready."

A couple minutes later she did just that and I came on in, shutting the door behind me. On the bed was a completely nude girl on her stomach with a white towel across her ass. "The oil is there next to the bed."

"Just close your eyes and enjoy," I told her. Then quietly I took off my clothes, all but my underpants. I didn't want to scare her in case she opened her eyes and looked at me. But I also wanted to feel her body.

"Let me try it on my own first and if you think I need help then just tell me what you want me to do." I started with her back, oiling her up good. It made it easy for me to slide my hands up and down her body.

"Did you remove your clothes?" she asked, feeling my skin against hers.

"Well I didn't want to get oil all over my shirt and pants so I took them off," I explained.

"Just no funny business," she warned me.

"Giving someone a massage is erotic to me," I told her as I massaged her shoulders. I had to kneel on the bed, both legs straddling her waist, gently sitting on her ass. As I moved my hands I was lightly rocking my body on top of hers, the bed itself gently moving.

Eventually I moved down to her legs. But instead of climbing off the bed I simply turned myself around to that I straddled her back. At one point I reached around her waist and pulled her up long enough to push one of her large pillows under her hips. This had the effect of lifting her pussy several inched up off the bed.

As I continued to work her legs I was gradually separating them, spreading them apart. I worked the inner side of her legs moving my hands ever closer to her pussy.

Finally I said, "I have to remove this towel," and tossed it to the floor. I lifted her up again and stuffed her other pillow under her stomach. I worked some oils across her butt and ever closer to her pussy. Squirting more oil into my hands I finally worked down so that my fingertips were brushing across her pussy lips. Rosie let out a moan.

I took the fact that she didn't stop me as a green light. Dropping my head down between her spread legs I pressed my tongue up against her pussy. I began to lick and suck her. She didn't stop me but just moaned some more.

Reaching one hand under her leg I was able to get a finger on her clit while I continued to suck her pussy. She began wiggling her hips against my tongue, moaning even louder.

Suddenly she went stiff, her legs squeezing together tight against my head. She was climaxing.

I pulled my head out and climbed off the bed, stripping off my underpants as I did. She was still orgasming when I knelt between her legs. I lined my shaft up to her pulsating pussy and pushed in. She grunted as I began to fuck her from behind.

"Oh shit yes, oh fuck, oh fuck," she exclaimed. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me."

I did too. Laying down on top of her I rocked my hips forward and back, thrusting deep with each stroke. Rosie wasn't a virgin, too loose for that, but she felt wonderful. As I continued to fuck her I reached under her chest and began playing with her breasts, squeezing and pinching them.

I kept this up for several more minutes when she climaxed again. I could feel the walls of her canal squeeze down tight on my shaft, taking me to that familiar place, pulling me down into my own climax.

Once more I pushed into her body, deep, holding myself there while I pumped my seed into her, again and again. When I was completely empty I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried in her wonderful cunt.

"You don't know how badly I needed that," she said, as I pulled out of her to sit on the side of the bed.

"I can't believe you are my age," I told her. "Why couldn't I have met you three years ago instead of Andrea?"

"That's your wife?" Rosie asked.

"Yes," I answered.

"How's your sex life?" she asked.

"Oh the sex was good the first year, so so the next, and now hardly at all," I told her. I wish the sex with my wife was as good as this was."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she said with a smile. "The sex we just had, it would just get better each time, not worse, if I were Andrea. That's how we are brought up, to please our man more and more each day."

"I can't get over how young you look, maybe 16 at most," I said.

"Yep, 21 years old, born in March," she chimed.

"Heck, you're two months older than me," I stated. "I had better get out of her before I fall in love with you," I laughed.

"Well if you ever decide to divorce your wife, come look me up," she said. "I may still be single. Of course after today if may not even matter if I wasn't. I would love to have a repeat performance some day. How about you?"

"Definitely," I agreed.

I finished dressing and handed her five twenties. "That's for letting me massage you."

I then left. Susie gave me a dirty look as I walked out but I just couldn't hang around any longer. "Next time Susie," I called out as I walked through the door.

Two weeks later Ling was back and giving me the same wonderful massage as before, with the same happy ending.

"Wayne no fuck anyone but wife while Ling gone, right?" she asked. "Wayne no fuck Jia?"

"Absolutely not," I lied to her again. "In fact I didn't even fuck my wife since we fucked last time." That part was the truth. Andrea and I weren't really having much sex lately, or any for that matter.

"Good," Ling said. "Ling fuck Wayne, no condom. You obey Ling."

As it always seems to do with Ling, my body simply obeyed her. She kept me from cumming this time until she had her second orgasm. She didn't have to bite me or slap me either. I don't know how it was possible. She kept me on the verge of climax for about ten minutes. Then she told me to cum. My body instantly released and filled her with my hot seed.

But being so close for so long, when I climaxed my whole body tensed up from head to toe. It was as if that same feeling I get in my shaft as I cum when I climax, that same feeling was throughout my body. I felt like my whole body climaxed. It was nothing like I had ever experienced.

I didn't know what Ling was doing with me, doing to me, but I loved it, wanted more of it. When we were done I gave her $150. She didn't ask for any amount, always letting me decide what the massage was worth.

"Ling like Wayne. Wayne tip good. Wayne like fuck Ling?" she asked.

"Oh I love fucking you Ling, more than anything," I confessed with certainly.

"Wayne no fuck anyone else, promise," Ling said.

"I promise," I told her.

"No fuck wife. No fuck self with hand. No one. Two week no cum. Promise Ling," she ordered.

"I promise," I told her.

"Wayne no cum two week. Wayne like fuck Ling today. In two week Wayne love fuck Ling," she promised me. "You no cum, two week, promise Ling. Ling give you best fuck ever. Two week no cum."

"OK, I promise," I told her again. She had my curiosity up so bad I wanted to comply to just see what she had in store for me. After what she made me feel today I began to believe that she actually could make me feel better than today, if that was even possible.

Over the next two weeks I managed to have a headache the one time my wife wanted sex in the past month. I also managed to push off any connection with Susie telling her that we would get together soon enough, telling her we would do it in my bed. She could pretend she was my wife on the day we got married and fuck the hell out of me, if she wanted. That seemed to satisfy her.

Finally the end of the two weeks arrived and I went back over to VIP massage. The place was packed out, with people even waiting. I saw Ling's brother along with Jia, Rosie, and even Susie giving massages. But Ling was standing there as if waiting for me. I did tend to arrive at the same time on Saturdays. So she probably expected me.

She walked towards the massage room and I just followed her. One of the ladies waiting gave me a dirty look but I just ignored her.

Ling locked the door behind us and turned on the music, a little louder than normal. We undressed and she had me up on the table on my back. But instead of giving me a massage she immediately went down on me changing my limp member into a semi-hard state.

"Wayne man whore for Ling, right?" she asked pulling off of me.

"Yes," I chucked. "I'm your man whore."

"Wayne do exactly as Ling say," she ordered.

"Yes, I will follow your every word," I promised. "I'll do exactly as you say."

"Wayne no cum two week, right?" she asked.

"I have not had sex, or masturbated since we last fucked two weeks ago," I told her, and it was the truth.

"Good whore," she stated, reaching over to a table next to the massage bed. She opened a small drawer and pulled out a large gold ring. She put it next to my shaft and then put it back pulling out another one that to me looked the same size. She put the ring in her mouth covering it with her saliva. With her hand she then slipped it down over my shaft.

The gold colored ring was thick and solid. It fit snug but did go down easy enough all the way to the base of my shaft. Ling then went down on me again bringing me to a full erection. The harder I got the tighter the ring felt. When she had me good and hard the cock ring felt extremely tight. Looking down at it I could tell that it constricted the blood flow such that my dick pulsed.

It looked incredibly erotic and made me harder, or perhaps it just felt harder because it kept me that way. Ling mounted me and began fucking me. "Ling like Wayne," she said. "Ling make Wayne feel good."

I did feel good too.

"Wayne cum anytime, OK," she said. This was different than before. She was telling me I could cum whenever I wanted. Ling wasn't holding back on me either. She was rocking her hips at a quick pace that soon brought me to that cliff.

As Ling instructed I just let myself go and that's what happened. I came. My body convulsed. My shaft gave that familiar surge of growth, filling with blood, ready to shoot out my fluids. I felt my cum start its journey to my shaft and then it stopped. It couldn't make it past the ring. My cum was trapped. My shaft convulsed several times, following my body, but nothing came. In that moment of climax my cock had swelled up even more, completely pinching off the pathway for my cum.

Ling smiled at me. "Wayne cum for Ling again, OK" Then she seemed to rock her body even faster on my shaft. I watched as Ling climaxed, slowing her movements while she recovered. She then kept fucking me again, faster and faster.

A short time later I watched as she had another orgasm and my body followed suit. I climaxed a second time, my shaft swelling again. With the ring on it essentially cut off any chance of my cum escaping. The climax this time was more intense, my entire body spasming. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. The climax was simply wonderful and lasted longer than the first one, yet no cum.

Ling felt me climaxing and had another orgasm because of it. When she recovered she immediately continued fucking me.

"Wayne no have cum?" she teased me. "Oh poor Wayne. Maybe Wayne cum too much in Jia. No cum left for Ling."

When she said that I looked up at her startled.

"Yes, Ling know Wayne fuck Jia, when Ling gone," she said, looking right at me. "Wayne said no fuck Jia, but Wayne fuck Jia anyway. Ling show Wayne, Jia no good fuck like Ling."

Ling was rocking her hips forward and backward on my shaft. I had pseudo-cum twice now and the last time was just a few minutes ago but she was bringing me to another climax quickly. I needed to cum so bad.

Once again my shaft swelled as my body tried to shoot out cum but nothing came out. That didn't stop my climax though. This time more than either time before my body tensed up as if I was cumming. I felt light headed, but not so much that I knew Ling was having yet one more orgasm. Mine lasted at least a full minute this time. The feeling was incredible, like a normal climax always is, but just went on and on. It was mind blowing. I pulled Ling down to me, held her body tightly pressed against me while my muscles screamed with an intensity never felt before.

As I finally began to relax, and while Ling continued to fuck me, she shocked me even more. "Rosie no fuck Wayne this good. Susie no fuck Wayne this good. Only Ling fuck Wayne like this. Wayne is whore for Ling, not for Jia, not for Rosie, not for Susie. Wayne understand?"

"Yes, only for Ling," I gasped.

"When you want real fuck you fuck Ling." she stated. "OK?"

Ling reached over and pumped some oil into her hands. Then spreading it all over my dick and all around the ring she slowly worked it up off my shaft. A moment later she was going down on me again. Even though I had just had the most incredible cumless climax of my life my body wanted to cum again. Ling had her mouth working my shaft for only a minute before I climaxed. This time though I began shooting all the cum that had been blocked from exiting. I just kept shooting more and more cum into Ling's mouth. But she took it all in, swallowed it all.

To climax is an incredible feeling. But to have that climax last as long as this last one did, the entire time shooting cum up my shaft. It was beyond words.

When I was finally done Ling rose up and said, "Wayne fuck Ling family and not tell Ling. Wayne bad boy. Now Wayne Ling's fuck slave. Wayne only fuck Jia when Ling say OK to fuck Jia. Wayne only fuck Rosie and Susie when Ling say OK."

"If fucking you is going to be like this, I don't ever want to fuck anyone else the rest of my life," I told Ling.

"Good," Ling said. "Wayne divorce wife now, come live here with Ling. Fuck Ling everyday. Fuck Ling family too when Ling say OK. Fuck Ling more."

"As much as I would love that Ling," I assured her, "I don't think that's possible."

"Ling take care wife for Wayne," she told me. "Ling send picture movie to wife, how Wayne fuck Ling, and Jia, and Rosie, and little Susie. Ling tell wife, divorce Wayne, he no good. But Ling know Wayne good fuck slave."

"Shit Ling, you didn't," I declared. I quickly got dressed and raced out of there.

When I got home my wife had already moved out. Later that evening I was served with divorce papers. Fortunately it only said irreconcilable differences, not adultery. I didn't call or go back to VIP for a month. I let my wife dictate the divorce. She wanted to fast-track it so I just let her have whatever she wanted. I'm just glad I didn't have any kids.

After six weeks had gone by since my wife left me I got a call from Jia. She must have gotten the number from Susie. She was the only one I had given it to. "Wayne, I think you need to come over here. I have something to tell you."

"I'm afraid to," I said. "Ling wants to enslave me."

"There could be worse things," she laughed. "But really, please I need to see you, to talk with you. It's very important."

I conceded and went over to VIP. When I walked in Jia met me at the door and rushed me into the massage room. "What is it?" I asked.

"Rosie is pregnant," she told me. "She hasn't been with anyone but you. It's your baby."

"Fuck," I said. "What do you want me to do? I have to support her. I want to. But this. Is there any chance she can, you know, abort?" I guess I was just so in shock I was rambling on out loud with random thoughts.

"She could never do that," Jia said.

In walked Rosie. "Rosie, I'm…I…uh?" I gasped.

"I'm pregnant Wayne," Rosie declared. "It's traced back to that Saturday when you and I…"

"Your mom just told me. You know we only did it that one time," I cried.

"That's all it takes," she replied. "Ling thinks we should get married since I'm your age. That would look better and be better for the baby."

"What am I going to do?" I whimpered as Susie walked in.

Susie tried to calm me. "Ling says you can live here and help home school me. No one needs to know that we, you know, fuck sometimes."

"Where would I sleep?" I asked, not really believing the whole thing.

"You would sleep with me," Rosie answered. "But Ling said sometimes you can sleep with the rest of us. We could all share you."

"And Ling's brother?" I asked.

"He doesn't live here," Jia said. "He has his own place."

"I want you in my bed," Susie said, "I mean if that's OK with you Rosie, just sometimes, OK?"

"Sure sis," she said with a smile. "I'll share."

"I don't know Rosie," I muttered. "Maybe I should just run, leave the state. Go hide somewhere You all might be better off without me."

"Ling says you have to stay because I'm only 14, that you and Rosie's child should not have it's dad in prison," Susie said.

That's when Ling walked in. "Wayne make family very happy. Wayne be good to Ling babies. Wayne be good whore for Ling, make Ling very very happy. OK?"

What else could I say but "OK."

"Good Wayne," Ling said. "Ling close shop now. We all go Ling room, have good family fuck now. Wayne good fuck slave."

Maybe this won't be so bad after all, I thought. "OK," I said again, this time with a bit more gusto.

The End (until Rosie's Aunt shows up, you remember, the pretty one)


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2014-02-12 18:13:36
i think i seen this video before over at and it was in HD

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