My name is Wayne. My wife Andrea and I had found the perfect place to get a foot massage. What Andrea didn't know was that I had gone back several times alone to get more than just my feet taken care of.
VIP Foot Massage 2 - Discovered

My name is Wayne. My wife Andrea and I had found the perfect place to get a foot massage. What Andrea didn't know was that I had gone back several times alone to get more than just my feet taken care of.

Ling, my older lady masseuse, had just finished with my massage and a very happy ending. She had just fucked me. I gave her a good tip and she told me to take my time getting dressed, locking the door as she left.

With Ling gone the room was quiet. That is until I thought I heard someone in the closet to my left. The closet doors were louvered downward so that you couldn't see in but someone inside could see out. I quickly dressed and then went over to those doors. With one yank I opened them and there standing in front of me was this little girl.

I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her out. "Who are you? What are you doing in there?"

"I uh, I'm Susie, and I uh," she struggled at saying anything more.

"Were you watching us?" I asked.

"Uh huh," she said.

"You saw everything?" but I already knew the answer.

"Yes," Susie confessed. "I didn't mean anything by it. I was just curious."

"Is this the first time you have spied on us?" I grilled her.

"No," she said, dropping her head. I let go of her wrist and she walked over to the foot stool and sat down.

"I think you better start at the beginning," I told her, sitting back down into the recliner chair facing Susie. I really took the time to look at her now. She was a Chinese girl, looked maybe 12 or 13, kind of pretty. She had straight black hair to her waist. She was probably a little under 5 feet tall. She had on short shorts, white and tight. Her pink t-shirt top was a bit tight and showed off her small breasts, her nipples protruding. It was clear she did not have on a bra and I doubted she needed one.

"It was a few weeks ago. I just happened to be in here when my grams, grandma Ling, brought you in here for a massage. I'm not really supposed to be in here so I hid in the closet as I heard you guys approaching. I watched the whole thing, grams making you feel good with your pants on." She continued with her story while I stared at her, becoming more intrigued by the moment.

She leaned forward as she spoke, "Then when I saw you come in the front door that next time I quickly hid in the closet, hoping grams would bring you back here. She did and I watched as she pulled out your, uh your…"

"By then I'm sure it was my rock hard cock," I helped her. I sort of enjoyed teasing her.

"Yes, uh your cock," she smiled, touching my leg just above the knee. I felt a tingling but didn't move her hand away.

She went on with her story. "I watched as grams took your…cock into her mouth and started moving it in and out. I was getting excited, breathing hard. I started rubbing myself, you know, down here." As she said that she took her other hand and rubbed it up and down between her legs. Of course she had on her shorts but she made the movements anyway. I imagined what it would look like with her shorts off. There was no mistaking it, she was turning me on.

She slid forward towards me on the foot stool, pushing her legs between my knees and then opening her own knees, forcing mine apart at the same time. "It felt so good doing this, watching you two."

She was leaning into me even more, her left hand rubbing gently on the inner thigh of my right leg while she rubbed her pussy through her shorts. I let her continue, "I pretended I was grams, pretended it was me sucking you, my lips around your thick hard cock." She looked me in the eye as she licked her lips.

God, this little bitch of a girl was seducing me and I was letting her do it. I didn't want her to stop either. I wanted to see how far she would go. "And today? What did you see today?"

"I saw everything," she replied. "I saw myself sitting on your lap, your hard cock sliding into my wet hot cunt, my pussy lips opening up for your iron rod." When she said rod she had her hand on my groin, her small palm rubbing across my dick and I was as hard as I had ever been. She continued, "As I lifted my body up my pussy walls would grab onto your cock, trying to hold you inside. Then I would lower myself back down, pushing you ever deeper into my burning cunt."

I had a moment of clarity. "How old are you?" I demanded.

"I'm 18," she stated, as she continued to rub her pussy through her shorts and rubbed her other hand across my throbbing prick.

"You can't be," I argued. "You look maybe 13 at most."

"In my family all the females look younger than what we really are," she explained. "I bet you think my grams is in her 30's." I nodded my head yes. "She's 54 years old." I was floored, even older than I secretly thought.

"My mom, I know you've seen her out there," she continued, pointing towards the lobby where the massage chairs were, "she looks in her early 20's and she's 37. My older sister is 21 but looks about 15 and I'm 18, even though I barely look like a teenager."

She reached down and unzipped my bulging pants. "So you see," she assured me, "you have nothing to worry about."

She was right, at least legally. I wasn't going to go to jail for messing with an underage girl. But what did I think would happen here. She freed my rod and took it in her small little hands, gently stroking it. I leaned back in the chair and closed my eyes while she ran her hand up and down my shaft.

I'm not sure how she did it but she managed to get her shorts off without me knowing, continuing to stroke me all the while. But she had to stop to take off her top. She was gorgeous, her perfectly petite body was magnificent. She leaned down close and pulled at my jeans. I lifted up and let her remove them, unlike what Ling had done. I went ahead and pulled off my top.

Here I was completely naked in front of what looked like a nude 13-year-old girl. Thank goodness she was 18 because I was going to fuck her. I knew it as sure as my next breath.

She pushed me back into the chair and climbed up on it just like Ling had done but when she lined the head of my dick up to her pussy, she didn't bother with a condom. She rubbed it across her pussy lips a few times slowly working it into her channel. When I was barely inside I could tell she was going to be extremely tight. The thought of fucking this little girl made me throb with anticipation.

She forced herself down onto my shaft pushing me into her a couple inches at once before we stopped. She winced in pain and I realized I had just taken this girl's virginity. I had just broken through her hymen. For me it was the most incredibly awesome feeling I had ever had, but I'm sure it wasn't for her.

She didn't stop though. She began moving her lithe body up and down my rod, working me ever deeper inside of her. A couple times I thought I was at the end of her channel but she continued to force her body down, stretching her pussy walls to accommodate my length. Surprisingly she finally managed to get all of me into her. I'm not huge, maybe 7 inches if that, probably a little less to be honest, but she was small and still managed to completely engulf me.

Susie had the rhythm down good. She had her hands on my shoulders while she lifted her body up my shaft and back down again.

"Am I doing OK?" she asked.

"God, Susie, you are the best fuck I have ever had," I told her.

"Better than grams?" she asked.

"By far, better than your grandma," I assured her, and it was true. "I've never fucked anyone so tight."

She leaned in close and said, "Am I better than your wife?"

I looked up at her and knew the answer. Pulling her head to mine I kissed Susie hard on the lips. Breaking the kiss I told her, "I swear Susie, you are better than everyone I have ever fucked all rolled into one. I have never fucked anyone as tight as you. If I didn't know you were 18 I would swear I was fucking a preteen."

At that moment I knew it was time. "I'm about to cum Susie. You should get off."

"No," she said as she suddenly went into high gear, rocking her hips back and forth like a machine. Then she leaned forward and kissed me, sinking her tongue into my mouth. Her already tight pussy put a death grip on me as her orgasm spasmed around my cock, her cunt muscles gripping every inch of my shaft. I came harder than I had ever cum in my life. Cum juice shot up and out of me again and again. I couldn't move while my body was climaxing like never before, while I filled this young body with my seed.

When I thought I couldn't cum anymore, Susie's pussy walls were still gripping me, squeezing me, trying to pull every last drop out of me.

I stopped our kiss and gasped, "My God Susie, that was the best fuck I have ever had, ever, I swear."

Susie smiled at me and chuckled, "Me too, seeing how it was my first." She climbed off of me and added, "but I hope this won't be our last. Oh one more thing, I lied about my age. I'm not quite 18."

"How old are you?" I said with a twinge of fear in my voice.

"Well, you were close before," she told me. "I'm 14."

"Oh shit," I exclaimed, realizing that I had just been seduced by this little teen vixen. "Fuck, Susie."

"Exactly," she interrupted. "That's exactly what I want you to do, fuck Susie, as often as you want to for as long as you want to. You said I was the best you ever had. It was the truth wasn't it?"

"Yes," I sheepishly said as I got up and started getting dressed. I felt tricked and used, but I realized I couldn't wait until I could have sex with her again.

Susie had me exchange cell numbers with her so that I could alert her when I was coming over again for my massage with Ling. Susie at least didn't make me break out of my routine with my wife but wanted me over here no less than every other week. I told her I would try, that Ling wanted the same thing.

Two weeks later I was at VIP again for a massage. The man giving massages, Ling's brother I found out, was busy with a customer as was Ling. She called out to someone and a young girl I thought I had seen once before came in. She spoke Chinese to her and the young girl took Ling's place.

"Wayne want massage now," Ling stated flatly.

"Oh, I do?" I asked, jokingly. "Yes, that sounds good." Ling led me back to the same room as last time. 

I watched as Ling locked the door. She then turned on some soothing oriental music. Walking up to me she began to undress me. "Ling miss Wayne. You not come see me for long time. You no miss Ling?"

"I missed you plenty," I confessed. "It's just been two weeks like before. Remember I'm married. I have to find a time when my wife won't miss me and that's every other week it seems when she is dong her nails. Do you understand?"

"Ling understand. You like Ling a lot. You no want wife to know how much."

"That's right," I agreed. "I like you a lot. If my wife found out what we did she would kill me, or at least divorce me."

While we were talking I guess I lost track of what was going on. I just went through the motions as Ling undressed me and suddenly found myself standing in front of Ling completely nude. 

"Wayne get on table, look down," she directed. I did and Ling began what turned out to be an excellent body massage. She worked my muscles from head to toe. 

Ling had on an outfit similar to the one she had on a couple weeks earlier, very tight. She often used her body as well as her hands for the massage. When she was on top of me massaging my back it almost felt like she had nothing on at all.

"Wayne turn, OK," she said. 

I rolled over and found myself on my back with Ling sitting on my lap, directly over my groin. 

"Wayne like massage?" she asked. 

"Yes, very much so," I confessed. 

"Wayne feel good from Ling?" she asked me. 

"Oh yes Ling, your massage was wonderful," I told her. 

Ling began to slowly rock her hips forward and back. "Wayne like Ling massage here now?"

"Yes I love this part of your massage," I told her as I felt my member begin to stiffen under her movements. 

"Wayne no fuck since Ling last time?" she asked me.

"No, no one, not even my wife," I lied, remembering I had fucked 14-year-old Susie in this very room.

"Good Wayne. Ling make you feel good, OK? But you obey Ling, OK?" she asked. 

"I'll do whatever you say Ling. Just don't stop," I told her. 

"Wayne promise Ling, obey no question," she said again. 

I was hard now and would have promised Ling anything. "Yes, I promise."

She smiled at me and said, "Wayne no move," as she got down off the massage table. A moment later she was undressed and crawling up between my legs. 

She took my rod into her mouth and slid it halfway in. 

"Oh Ling that feels so good," I exclaimed. 

Pulling off me she said, "No talk. No sound. Wayne obey."

I tried to keep silent but had to grunt my pleasure occasionally to her stern looks. 

She must have known I was getting close as she pulled off and ordered, "No cum. Ling tell Wayne when OK."

She moved up on me, straddling my waist. She put her finger to her lips to remind me to be quiet. Taking my dick in her hand she rubbed the tip against her opening.

Slowly she pushed herself down onto my shaft. Without pulling back up she was able to slide herself all the way down onto me. 

She felt better than the last time. For being so small she wasn't very tight but oh so hot. Her pussy felt like a furnace. I wanted to cum before she even moved. I didn't know how I could hold on once she started fucking me. 

"I won't last long," I warned her. 

"No cum. Wayne obey," she warned. 

She fucked me with a gradually increasing rhythm. I looked up at her breasts, so small, her nipples so erect. 

I couldn't last and told her, "I can't take much more. This feels so fucking good."

She leaned down next to my ear. "Ling said no cum," she commanded. Then she bit down on my ear lobe. 

It shocked me and pulled me back from the brink. She knew it and doubled her efforts, fucking me like an animal in heat. 

It wasn't long before I was at that ledge again. But I held off afraid that she would do something worse to me than bite my ear. "Ling, please, I can't hold on," I pleaded. Her response was that she slapped me across the face as she fucked me even harder and faster than before.

A moment later she leaned backward and released me. "Ling say cum for me now," and I did. It was as if Ling controlled my body now. It obeyed her and did whatever she wanted it to do. She said cum so I climaxed. I released load after load up into her tiny little body. After three shots I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, squeezing more cum out of me.

I groaned as I pushed upward into her, the last spurts of cum shooting into her body.

After a minute or so she asked me, "Wayne like way Ling fuck?"

"More than anything," I told her.

"Ling like fuck Wayne too," she said. "Wayne good whore for Ling."

I realized then just what I was to her.

"Wayne come back soon, fuck Ling, cum in Ling," she stated. "Ling need good fuck. Wayne good fuck. Ling need Wayne come soon."

"Yes, I will," I promised.

"You no come out room soon. Stay here long time. Then Wayne come out. OK? Wayne rest now."

"Yes, I'll stay in here a while," I told her. "Lock the door on your way out."

"Wayne no fuck wife, no fuck anybody, just fuck Ling, Wayne promise?" she asked.

"No one but you Ling, I promise." She seemed satisfied.

As soon as she was gone, Susie came out of her hiding place in the closet. "So Wayne, you're my grandmother's whore," Susie laughed.

"Shut up, Susie," I said, laughing with her as I watched her undress. "I knew you were in there hiding."

"Well whore," Susie said, "get behind me on this table and fuck my brains out."

It was one thing to fuck her when I thought she was 18. But now I knew. I knew she was only 14 years old. I also knew her cunt was the tightest thing I had ever had wrapped around my prick and it was something I just couldn't give up right then.

I was glad I was young because I was already hard again with excitement about fucking Susie and she was wet after watching me fuck her grandmother. Though very tight, I was able to slide into her a bit easier than last time. As I began thrusting in and out of her she started shoving back into me, pounding her ass into my groin. I had to grab her hard around the waist to keep from being knocked backwards.

"Come on whore," she taunted, "is that all you've got?"

"I should fuck you in the ass like this," I said. "Then we'll see who the whore is."

Gripping her tighter with my fingers I began slamming my rod as deep and as hard as I could into that poor girl's cunt. If the music from the radio that Ling had turned on wasn't still playing I'm sure someone would have heard us.

I kept this up for a couple of minutes but was tiring out. Fortunately I finally climaxed. I rammed my rod one last time as deep as I could and held it there, shooting my cum into this little girl's body. It wasn't until that moment that I remembered I wasn't wearing a condom, not now and not two weeks ago when we first fucked. This girl was 14 years old, ripe for impregnating.

When I was done I pulled out and stepped off the table. "We can't keep doing this, not like this," I told her. "You're going to get pregnant."

"Then you need to fix this, because I'm not stopping and neither are you," she warned. "You're definitely not coming over here and fucking my grams and not me. You do whatever you need to do, get me pills or whatever to keep me from getting pregnant. But you're not wearing a fucking condom. Fix it."

I got dressed, went out to the lobby and paid Ling. This time I just gave her a hundred dollar bill. Fortunately her brother wasn't out there to see me pay her.

"Wayne good tipper," Ling said. Another lady was just leaving, having paid before me. Ling said something to the other young woman masseuse that I had seen a couple of times giving massages. Of course I didn't understand Chinese but then the woman spoke to me in English.

"Hello Wayne," she began. "My name is Jia. I am Ling's daughter."

"Pleased to meet you," I said, offering my hand out for a handshake.

She took it hesitantly but did give me a handshake. "Ling wants to know when you expect to return."

"In two weeks," I replied. "I can come every other week."

"That's what she was afraid of," Jia said. "Ling and her brother will be gone that weekend. She told me that you are a very special customer, very special."

"Thank you," I said and then turning to Ling, "Thank you Ling."

"Ling wants to make sure you continue to be a special customer, so when you arrive here in two weeks I will be giving you your massage," she informed me.

"That will be nice, thank you," I said.

Jia continued, "Ling said that you and she have an understanding, and this is what she would like you to do, to let me be your masseuse in two weeks."

"Yes, I understand," I told her. "You tell Ling I am extremely pleased with her arrangement for when I return in two weeks. I will miss her but am sure that she has chosen wisely in planning for her absence. I'm sure you will give a fine massage. You tell Ling that I will miss her and will see her the next time I am in after she returns." I then left.

It all seemed a little strange but I guess that's their culture, to make sure I was taken care of.

The End (until I returned in two weeks to see Jia)


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