Patty was the young girl next door that loved to play at my house when my granddaughter came to visit. But she also liked to play at my house when my granddaughter was not around too.
The Little Girl Next Door

Patty was the young girl next door that loved to play at my house when my granddaughter came to visit. But she also liked to play at my house when my granddaughter was not around too.

"Love you too," I yelled back waving as they drove off. That was my daughter Shelly and my granddaughter Silvia. The two of them had spent the night after a visit yesterday that ended up being longer than originally planned. They often spent the night as Silvia likes to play with a girl her age living next door to me.

It was late Saturday morning when they left so I just puttered around the garage for the next hour or so until lunchtime. 

Let me introduce myself. I'm Hank, a retired truck driver in my mid 60's. My wife works part time still at a local card shop, mostly on Saturday but a couple of hours at lunchtime during the week. This being Saturday I wouldn't expect her home for several hours yet. 

"Hello Mr. H," came a familiar voice. That's what they call me in the neighborhood. 

"Hi Patty," I said as I turned to the voice. Patty was in grade school just like my granddaughter. "Is Silvia around?" 

"No honey," I replied. "She and her mom had to go home this morning. But you can come in for cookies and milk if you want." Patty is that next door neighbor girl that my granddaughter Silvia likes to play with. Patty and Silvia played together until about 8 PM last night when my daughter sent her home and put Silvia to bed.

Patty was sort of the poor white trash kid of the neighborhood. She looked unkept and dirty. She was always hanging around and I kind of felt sorry for her. My wife and I had fed her on many occasion. Patty was always nice to us, never causing us any trouble. Oh and she adored Silvia. 

Though my wife didn't know about it, Patty had often come into the house when she was at work, just to hang around. I knew it probably wasn't proper but I kind of liked having Patty around. She may have been young but she knew the right things to say to make me feel good. I guess the girl was sort of a flirt and I ate it up. To be honest I flirted back, telling her how beautiful she was, how when she grew up she was going to make some guy awfully lucky. She would laugh and say how I was lucky then to have her around now.

After finishing her snack I invited her into the kids room. We had an extra bedroom that the grandkids always stayed in, loaded with toys of course. Patty didn't have a whole lot so enjoyed playing in there even when Silvia wasn't around. It gave me an excuse to keep Patty around me longer, just so I could watch her play, and maybe flirt a bit more too.

I sat on the futon bed in the room watching Patty while she eagerly looked through the toy box. "You know you sure are a pretty girl, Patty," I told her.

"You always say that Mr. H," she replied, continuing to pick through the toys.

"Well it's true," I continued. "If I was just a little bit younger I would probably make a move on you."

"I think you're young Mr. H," she told me, "and what does 'make a move' mean, that you want me to move in?"

Patty was about 4 feet 6 inches, maybe close to 90 pounds or so, sort of a chunky frame. As I looked at her face I realized she was really even prettier than I had previously thought. Her light blue sweat pants were dirty and hadn't been washed in a while. But it just made her looks stand out even more. 

She had medium long blond hair, blue eyes, and light freckles across her nose. I recalled her sticking her tongue out at me once and how long it was for a girl her age. I wondered what it would be like to have her put that tongue inside my mouth. It was selfish, and dangerous, but I liked having Patty around when no one else was there. Patty seemed to sense it too. She was always a bit more hands-on with me when no one else was around. She would never touch me when my wife was here but often did when we were alone.

Patty and I had spent a lot of time in this room alone and she had sometimes snuggled up to me for no reason, just lying there next to me with my arm around her. I don't think she got the attention she so desperately wanted and needed in her own home.

"Mr. H, I was wondering," she began. "I was wondering if you had room, I mean if maybe I could stay here with you. Is that what you meant by 'make a move' like you said?" 

"Oh I'd love that Dear," I told Patty. "But I'm sure your parents would miss you." Patty and I had played out this conversation several times in the past, about her living with us. Each time I said no. Yet each time she would add something new, some reason that would tip the scale and make me say yes. I often wanted to say yes, but knew that it just wasn't realistic. I had to admit I liked this conversation because every time we had it, Patty would get, well let's just say closer. She would touch me more, snuggle more, wrap her arms around me more, just more touchy-feely, and I liked it.

"It's just me and my mom now," Patty explained. "Her latest boyfriend is gone and my mom isn't even there half the time. When she is there she's either drunk or high on something." She's played the drunk and drug card on me before but I didn't know her mother's live-in boyfriend had left.

"I'm so sorry for you Patty," I told her. "I didn't know. Is that why you like to come over here?" I had said these same words to her the last time she told me about her mother's drinking and drug use. I didn't like her being around the drugs and thought about calling the police. But then Patty would be put into a foster home and I wouldn't see her again. OK, I was selfish.

"Yes and you're so nice," Patty added plopping down next to me on the futon. Here she goes again, touching me, working on ways to overcome my resistance. This is the part of our game that I liked.

"I know how to be real nice too. I've watched my mom lots of times. I know how to hump and everything," she bragged. She had never told me that one before.

I had been lying on my side but when she said that she rolled me on to my back and sat across my waist facing me. 

"I do know how," she pronounced. "Let me show you." Then she began grinding her hips back and forth on my groin and in a matter a seconds I was getting hard. I put my hands on her hips to stop her but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

What the hell am I doing, I thought. "Stop it Patty. You know you can't do this with me." She had never gone this far with me before and I suddenly got scared. What if someone found out? I would go to jail.

"My mom does it with older men. I've seen her," she explained. "Besides you're not older and I know you like it. I can feel you under me getting hard." Patty was now going way beyond anything she had ever done before. All the sexual tension I had felt in the past I figured was just what I fantasized about her. Nothing so overt was ever done by Patty before this. OK, yes, I told you we had flirted, but again nothing like this.

She suddenly stopped rocking and reached her right hand down between her legs. "You're big and hard Mr. H," she stated as she pressed her fingers into my shaft.

With a quick movement of her arms Patty pulled her shirt up over her head revealing her bare chest. I just stared at her small immature breasts and tiny nipples. Then lifting her body up she pulled her sweats and panties down over her knees to her ankles revealing her pussy to me for the first time. A small amount of light blond hair was growing down there. As she dropped back down onto her knees she pulled her clothes off her feet, leaving a nude girl sitting on my waist, pressing back down onto my now hard prick.

I couldn't move, frozen with the sight of it all. Patty took that moment to grab my own sweats and tugged at them. Without thinking I lifted my hips up slightly, enough for Patty to yank them half way down my legs and freeing my member.

I was a complete fool letting her do this but I couldn't stop helping her either. Patty laid down on top of me. Pushing my shirt up she began rubbing her upper body against mine. 

Now I don't really have a big dick, maybe six inches at most and not all that thick. But right then it was rock hard. 

Patty kept rubbing her skin up and down against me slowly moving up on my body until she was pressing the head of my dick against her pussy opening. 

"You can't do this Patty, please," I begged. But I was conflicted. I certainly didn't sound convincing, not even to myself. I knew it was wrong and she had to stop, I had to stop her. Yet my body didn't move. I didn't want her to stop. 

She continued sliding up and down on me. "Does that feel good Mr. H?" she asked.

"Oh God you know it does, Patty," I confessed. "But we have to stop. We can't do this."

Then it happened. On one of her downward movements my cock slipped into her pussy, just the head but in nevertheless. 

Patty stopped her movements as if she was checking how far in she could get me. It wasn't much deeper than just the head of my dick. "That's as far as you can poke me. I don't want you to break my hymen. I don't want anyone to know we fucked," she explained. She called it what it was, fucking. And how did she even know about a hymen, I thought.

She then moved her body about an inch up and down on my shaft. Though I wanted to grab her and drive my hard rod up inside of her, I let her control the action. Actually I think I was still in shock and couldn't have moved anyway.

The feeling was so incredible and within a minute I climaxed, shooting my load up into her. Most of it just squirted all around smearing between our bodies, blocked from entering her because of that damn hymen. 

"I made you cum didn't I" she announced with a proud smile on her face. 

"Oh God I'm so sorry," I exclaimed. "I should never have done this.'

"I made you cum," she repeated. "I made you cum. I made you cum. You fucked me and came inside me."

Patty was ecstatic. "You fucked me Mr. H, you fucked me, you fucked me and I made you cum inside me. Just think how much we will fuck when I move in."

"Patty that's not going to happen. Your mom would never allow that," I told her.

Then she suddenly sounded years older than what she was. With a very calm voice she said, "Mr. H, you just fucked me. I'm sure you can get in trouble for that. But I don't want to tell anyone. I really don't. I want this to be our secret. I want us to fuck all the time. It can be our really big secret forever. I think you'll figure out how to fix it with my mom so I can live here with you. You'll fix it so we can fuck any time we want, won't you Mr. H?"

That's when I realized I was being blackmailed by this little girl. But what choice did she leave me? "Of course I'll find a way," I assured her. 

"Promise?" she asked.

"Yes, I promise," I told her again.

"Pinky swear, cross your heart promise?" she insisted.

"Yes, I swear on a stack of Bibles," I stated firmly.

She sat upright on me, the head of my prick still wedged just inside of her pussy. As I looked at her I realized she had been squeezing my cock head with her pussy. "Where did you learn to do that?" I asked.

She smiled at me and said, "I told you I learned things from my mom. But her last boyfriend wanted to do stuff to me that I didn't want. I wanted you Mr. H. That's why I had to find out if you were going to fight for me. Now that I know you will I want to show you some of what you will get when I move in."

She suddenly dropped herself down onto my shaft. I was still fairly hard, especially since she had continued squeezing me. She lifted up once and dropped back down again. I was buried deep inside of her, her hymen gone forever.

"Oh Christ, Patty," I cried, "You are so incredibly tight. So hot. So wonderful."

"Just for you Mr. H," she pronounced. "Just for you." She was fucking me hard as if she had done this many times before but I knew I had just torn through that hymen. I took her virginity. This had to be her first real fuck. She must have watched her mother fuck guys in the past.

Without slowing down Patty leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. She had never done that before either though I had fantasized about it may times. Her long tongue dove into my mouth, reaching all parts as she sucked my breath away. This preteen vixen was giving me the best sex I had experienced in years, hell in decades. I sucked on her tongue and she began driving it in and out of my mouth as she continued to drive my cock in and out of her pussy.

As we were kissing she began to moan, her movements on my shaft starting to become a bit jerky. Suddenly she broke our kiss and sat upright with a scream. Her body was convulsing and I did the only thing I could. I climaxed again shooting my cum deep inside of her young body.

After a minute she collapsed on top of me, both of us out of breath. "How did you learn to work your pussy muscles like that," I asked, "when you had never fucked before?"

"A year ago my mom taught me, showed me what I had to do, to exercise every day. Did you like it?" she asked.

"Yes," I told her. "It was incredible."

"I have more things to show you," she promised. "But only after I move in. My mom taught me lots of stuff, even let me sneak and watch her fuck guys when they didn't know I was there. So when do I get to move in?"

"I will get working on that right away," I told her, and I did. I explained to her mother that she would have a better chance of keeping a boyfriend if she didn't have Patty around. I told her that Patty would be close by and she could see her whenever she wanted, that Patty would be well taken care of and it wouldn't cost her anything. But what finally tipped the scales was cash. I agreed to pay Patty's mother a weekly allowance. It didn't take much, just $50 a week. I told Patty's mother that it was a good deal because she could be sure the money would always be there, every week. I figured that wasn't much to pay to have a little girl around that would fuck you every day. I was just glad Patty knew how to keep a secret.

The End (until Silvia found out about our secret)


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