A dull evening gets hot after the dog's bath
*This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidentle.*

What Can Happen when you’re Really Bored

I was really bored waiting for my husband to get home one night. I was restless, pacing back and forth, drinking my rum and seven and mumbling to no one in particular but myself. I tried reading and turned on the television, but I was restless in that particular way I get sometimes.

I was half sitting, half lying on the couch absentmindedly drinking and stroking my pussy. I pinched my clit and brushed my fingers quickly across it watching it swell at my touch. I had just started to finger fuck myself when I heard the soft, deep sounds of my golden retriever whom we had cleverly, or so we thought, named Golden Boy, singing out on the porch. I pulled back the curtain and there he was. He’s a beautiful golden fawn with a coat that shines in the sun.

He’s kind of an unusual guy. We got really close when he was a puppy. He broke his leg and required a lot of one on one attention and he was still a little spoiled. Even though he only had one nut, he had the most enormous cock any of us had ever seen, and he had the attitude to back it up. He would almost swagger when he was around people or other dogs.

He would be plenty comfortable on the chaise on the porch, but, I was really bored and a little lonely, so I invited him in and decided it might be a good time to give him a bath. He never seemed to mind getting bathed; I think he even liked the extra attention. I led him into the shower and turned the water on warm. Rather than get my dress wet, I stripped down to my panties. Golden Boy’s tail began to wag as I led him into the shower took the nozzle and began to wet the boy and lather him up.

Now, I know what we’ve all heard about water and shrinkage, but it ain’t necessarily so, because as I soaped his belly, he started to grow. I swear his cock almost doubled in size. I bathed him pretty regularly, so I’m sure if this had ever happened before I would have noticed. I usually do a pretty thorough job, but I have to admit that this bath time I was giving way more attention to his one big part than to the rest of him.

He has the cutest way of nuzzling me with his head. He did that now, and though he’s not an ass wagging, face licking, fool, like some dogs are, he reached over and licked my cheek in the sweetest way. “Hey buddy, what’s up?” His cock definitely was; it hadn’t gone down a bit. It looked even bigger.

I don’t know what had come over me as I reached down between his legs and stroked him as he dug into my panties with his long hard nose. “Yikes, buddy,” I cried out, for when I didn’t push him away the first time, he poked at me so hard; he almost knocked me to the floor. I can’t explain it, but my pussy got so wet while he was poking at me that I must have blushed.

I figured I’d better settle him down a little bit, so I took some extra time to get out the blow dryer and get him nice and dry. By the time I was finished I was feeling more relaxed, so I got my drink and we went and curled up on the couch together.

It was a warm night, so I hadn’t put my dress back on. He crawled closer to me and buried his nose in my snatch. Without even thinking about it my legs began to spread. I don’t know what came over me because my pussy was beginning to get really wet.

Within a couple of minutes I was oozing so much that Golden Boy began to get visibly excited. He unfurled his long wet tongue and licked my panties and then tried to thrust his tongue inside me when he managed to push them aside with his nose. “Let me help you,” I said as I pulled them off and slung them to the floor.

There was no mistaking his mounting excitement because his cock had just about doubled in size from when I was drying him and it looked as hard as a rock. He acted like he was wanting nature to take its’ course and I have to admit, so did I.

I lay back and spread my legs. He climbed above me as I stroked his hard cock. I wanted it inside me bad. He looked confused for a second until I realized, talented as he might be, I was in the wrong position.

I flipped over, arched my back and spread myself apart. “Come on baby, get it, come and get it.” He licked my soaking wet pussy up and down, his tongue probing as he went, in and out like he was fucking me already. Then he surprised me by licking my ass with long wet strokes and pushing at me with his tongue. I was surprised by how good it felt. I was growing hotter and more impatient by the second. We damn near howled at the same time, for suddenly he was inside me.

His cock was so long it should have hurt, but, I was so wet and juicy that it didn’t. It felt so good I could barely stand it. My noises were making him even hotter, “fuck me baby, oh yeah.”

He began to fuck me with a strong pounding rhythm faster and faster until I was moaning like a bitch in heat. Well, I guess that’s what I was. I pressed my knees deep into the coach and arched my ass higher so I could get him as deep as I could. I’d never been fucked so hard or so deep before and I had a hard time keeping myself from cuming. All of a sudden he began to slow down and started to tremble a little.

I tried to jump because I thought I heard the door, but by then there was nothing I could do, because he’d knotted me and now we were hung up. Within a few seconds I could begin to feel the cum pumping into me. He might have bit me if I’d tried to pull him out.

“What the fuck?” I twisted around, terrified at what I would see, but my husband was laughing at the sight of me getting fucked doggy style by our dog. He practically ran over to me and whipped out his cock. I knew exactly what he wanted. After all if I was getting my pussy fucked he should get his dick sucked too. Seemed fair to me.

Soon Golden Boy’s cum was pumping into me again. There was so much of it I was grateful cross species breeding was impossible. It felt so good filling every last part of me. It was so warm and thick. It felt as if there was more cum in me than there’d ever been before. His cock throbbed inside me as he pumped. My ass arched higher and higher as I could feel myself starting to cum. I sucked my husband’s cock as hard as I could. I wanted him to feel as good as me. In what had to be a first, at least at our house, he came in my mouth while Golden Boy and I came on each other. As I was swallowing his cum and smiling up at him sheepishly, the knot came out and Golden Boy began to lick himself with what seemed like a satisfied look on his face.

I was exhausted. My husband laid down beside me as my furry partner gave my ass a couple of licks in between tending to himself. “Lucky fucking mutt, “my husband said as he smiled at me with a wicked twinkle in his eyes, “but I guess I’m a lucky mutt too.”

I took a lot of teasing about it, but, from that night on Golden Boy was sometimes allowed to sleep in the bed with us. Every now and again my husband likes to watch him fuck me, while of course I make sure I suck his cock.

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