Background: So now that I've ended the Amber series, I thought I might continue on with some of my other sexual encounters towards the end of High School, University and the brief period afterwards where I was single (Then Amber and I got back together). This will be a 2 part story taking place during a party at the end of my Senior year.

"Hey what's up" JW asked, punching me in the arm as he walked up.
"Nothing much, I haven't done anything all day in my classes" I shrugged, the last day of school was like that,"the last day sucks, it takes forever" I complained further.
"Ya.... but hey are you going to Cassie's party tonight." he probed
"Probably not, she invited me this morning but idk,"
"Oh c'mon", he pleaded "The girls' there are gonna be easy, you might score"
"Fine I'll go" I replied

The rest of the day dragged on and finally school let out, I headed over to my car to wait for my sister. While I was waiting, Cassie and some of her friends walked by. She stopped and walked over with her friends trailing behind. "Are you coming to my party later?", she was being flirty and it annoyed me but I played along, "Ya of course", I gave her a half smile which practically made her melt. By this time her friends had caught up and they were just standing around awkwardly so I decided to try to talk to them a little.

I only knew two of them, Alli and Erica but I Introduced myself to the rest of them, but when I introduced myself the girls just shyly giggled and looked away. I kept talking to Alli, Erica and Cassie. I knew Cassie was into me but so was Alli and it always caused a bit of friction between them. Cassie was about 5'6 long blonde hair skinny and a relatively small breasts, she had blue eyes and luscious lips, she was pretty but then again so was Alli. Alli had brown wavy hair and chocolate brown eyes which I found irresistibly hot, she was a little shorter than Cassie but only by about an inch. Alli was much more developed, she had noticeably sized breasts and some subtle curves. I talked to both of them and included Erica into the conversation but I don't think she liked me much, she was more into JW. My sister turned the corner and that was their que to leave. Cassie and her friends walked away and Alli hung back for a second before following, I watched as she walked away, along with her body she had a great ass, the kind you just wanted to smack, grab and squeeze. By the time my sister arrived the girls were long gone and we got in my car and went home.

I went home that night and took a quick nap before taking a shower and getting ready for the party. JW met me at my house at 8 and we drove to Cassie's house, getting there about a half hour later. When we got there the party had started but it wasn't nearly in full swing, I just went to find some friends to talk to while I waited for more people to arrive. About 9 o'clock most of the people had arrived and my friends began splintering off to try and score with some of the girls.

Once it was JW and I alone we went off to find Cassie and her friends. After wandering around the house for a while we eventually found them. I saw Cassie first and my god she looked incredible, she was wearing skinny jeans that showed off her slim legs and a thin long sleeve shirt that clung to her tight frame. She ran up to me and pulled me and wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her deeper into the hug.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her move,my eyes followed to him over to Erica, and standing behind Erica was Alli. She was nervously standing there, sheepishly watching Cassie and I hug. She was wearing black cutoff shorts that ended a mere 2 inches below her crotch. Her black long sleeve clung tightly to her curves and traced along her body to her ample breasts, cupping them firmly. I disentangled myself from Cassie and slowly walked over to Alli. She didn't wait a second before throwing her arms around me and burying her head into my chest. I wrapped one arm around the back of her shoulders and the other rested along her hips, right on the waist of her shorts. Slowly Alli pulled out of the hugs and Cassie strode over, looking none too pleased. We talked for a while and both girls got hit on a few times, and each time the guys were shot down.

I didn't know who to focus my attention on, both of the girls were obviously into me and I wanted both of them, but I couldn't get one without potentially losing the other. Now, I was more into Alli, personally I liked brunettes and she had gorgeous deep brown eyes. But just as I had made my decision to go for Alli a friend of hers came up and dragged her aside.

I focused my attention to a very pleased Cassie, moving in alot closer and taking a new tone to my voice I started flirting with her. It didn't take very long before she suggested we find someplace more private. I gladly let her pull me towards the stairs. While she dragged me behind her I had an idea, I quickly texted Alli,

"Hey can you meet me outside in an hour."

Once I had sent the text I
chased Cassie up the stairs. She fell onto her bed and I locked the door behind us before climbing in after her. As a horny 17 year old I hadn't really cared which of girls I hooked up with I just wanted to hook up with one of them and it looked like it would be Cassie, not that I minded.

I lay down next to Cassie and pulled her into a kiss. Her soft lips pressed hard against mine and I felt her tongue slip into her mouth. I complied and slid my tongue over hers and into her mouth. Her hands grasped at my shirt as she pulled herself on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her hips, pulling her down on top of me so her chest was pressed agaisnt mine. I slid my hands down her hips and under her to unbutton her pants. She squirmed until her jeans were at her ankles and kicked them off. I cupped my hand over her soaking panties and rubbed where I thought her clit was. Her hips jerked once I found it and she yelped, pulling out of the kiss. I looked down and saw a bright red soaking thong cupped in my hand, "Wow those are really hot" I breathed.
"I only wear sexy underwear when I want them pulled off of me." she smiled deviously.
I slipped my hand under her thong and rubbed her. Cassie closed her eyes and fell onto me, her hips grinding against my fingers as I felt her juices flow over my hand. Her moans grew higher and higher, she buried her head into my chest as her hips pumped harder. I slipped one finger in and massaged her clit with my thumb. As I thrust my finger harder into her she screamed into my chest and I felt her cream all over my hand, a flood of her cum running down my arm. I pulled my hand out of her panties as she lay against me shuddering and whimpering. I wiped my hand on my jeans and wrapped my arms around her until she stopped convulsing,
"That was amazing" she breathed
I pulled her into a kiss and slipped my tongue into her mouth, enjoying her warm body pressed against me, a dark spot on the leg of my jeans growing as her juices soaked onto me.

Cassie pulled out of the kiss and pulled my jeans off, she then pulled my boxers off and watched hungrily as my dick jumped up. She took it in her hands and stroked, long and even for a while before pumping harder. She took it in her mouth and sucked the length then licked the head, alternating styles and bringing me closer to climax. Finally after at least 5 minutes I felt it building, my balls surged and I came over her face, a huge load exploded over her chin and mouth, some globs dribbled down onto her shirt. I pulled it off and exposed her pink bra. And the small, ample breasts beneath. I pulled her bra down and played with her hard nipples, rubbing them until Cassie started moaning again. She pushed me off of her and back onto the bed, pulling my shirt off over my head and straddling me. I felt her warm slit pulsating against my cock, her juices spilling over me as she grinded the length of my shaft.

I cupped her crotch with my hand and pushed her up, allowing my penis to pop up. She grabbed it and guided it towards the entrance to her vagina, a moment later I felt the exquisite feel of her tight, slippery pussy engulf my penis. She must have only had sex a couple times before because she was tight, but seemed to know what she was doing. Cassie bounced up and down on my cock and threw her head back. A scream of pleasure escaped her lips as I grabbed her hips and slammed her down, her juices spraying across my pelvis. She leaned forward and tried to kiss me, but it was impossible with her constant yelps and wails as she approached orgasm. She grabbed the sheets above my head and I grabbed her by the butt and pushed her up so I could meet her strokes. Cassie churned her ass, whirling around my penis as I plunged deep into her tight tunnel. I slammed into her harder and harder until we could no longer contain it. Cassie shot up, sweaty and screaming as I felt her pussy gush, her juices flooding over me and onto my pelvis. As soon as I felt her gush I exploded, a jet of cum shooting up into her only made her wail even more. With her hips still churning, cum, hers and mine, swirled and spilled out of her warm creamy cunt, creating dark splotches on her sheets. Finally as Cassie rode out the last wave of her orgasm she collapsed on me. Sweaty and exhausted but thoroughly satisfied she smiled up at me before drifting off to sleep.

I quietly slipped out from under her, quickly got dressed and slipped out to the party. It was only 11 and the party was still in full swing, but I ignored this and headed to the back yard to find Alli.

I Finally found her and she looked as sexy as ever, and my penis stirred in my pants.

She took one look at me before concluding, "You fucked Cassie didn't you." it was more of a statement of fact than a question. Alli slapped me, hard,and once I recovered she pulled me into a deep kiss before quickly pulling back and punching me in the arm, hard.

"What the hell!" I gasped, completely shocked by what had just happened.

"Fuck!", she screamed, "I fucking hate you right now, but you make me so goddamn horny," she screamed as she ground the soaking crotch of her shorts against my leg. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into another kiss, "I'm with Cassie right now." which sounded none too permanent since our lips were less than an inch apart and I had my hands wrapped firmly around her waist.

Alli and I talked and flirted for a while before I snuck back upstairs around 11:30. Cassie was still naked and asleep so I stripped back down and crawled into bed with her, content to spend the night with her.

I drifted off to sleep, imagining all the things Alli and I might be doing soon. I woke up in the middle of a very erotic dream, and felt something on top of me. I found that my hands were holding soft, slim hips as they bounced on top of me. I looked up and made out Cassie's blonde hair hanging in a curtain over her face, soft moans escapes from behind. Her small breasts bounced slightly as she rode me. My grip tightened on her and I pulled her down harder, forcing moans and playful screams from her, "Oh good you're awake." she brushed her hair out of her face and churned her hips faster, "I woke up and saw you had a major hard on, so I thought I might have some fun."

"That's fine." I smiled, I thrust my hips up to meet her and brought a sharp yelp of pleasure from her. I flipped over and pulled her down onto the bed so she was the one on her back. She put her legs up on my shoulders and I used one hand to lift her hips up. I pounded her little pink slit, her juices spraying everywhere as I slammed in harder and harder. Cassie grabbed the sheets and wailed in ecstasy as I plunged my long shaft deep into her tight pussy. I loved the feel of her warm vagina engulf my massive cock. Cassie screamed with pleasure as I felt her pussy melt. She gushed over my penis as I continued to thrust, her hips convulsing and her legs wrapping around me. She slammed onto my penis intensifying her orgasm.

I still pounded as she rode put the last wave of ecstasy. I pulled out and my load shot onto her stomach. I collapsed next to her, both our chests heaving, and fell into the most restful sleep I'd had in weeks.

I woke up early the next morning, around 9 the summer sun spilled through the window and have the room a warm glow. I looked at the slender body laying on top of me and smiled as I remembered the past nights events. Cassie looked so peaceful laying there, her head pressed against my chest and her hair in a sprawled mess. She must have climbed on top of my while I drifted off into sleep because she was straddling me and my hand was cupping her firm little butt. I didn't want lift her off and risk waking her so I lay there for a few minutes before my penis began to stir.

Slowly, I stroked Cassie's clitoris. She moaned softly in her sleep but didn't move. I lifted her hips a little and slipped a finger into her. She was so soft and warm, my penis immediately sprang up, coming to rest against her butt. I fingered into Cassie slowly, bringing more soft moans from her. I knew I was really turned her on when she started squirming, her moans growing louder.
"hmmm" She was awake now, "aaahhh that feels good." Cassie wiggled her hips as I pushed knuckle deep. Cassie sat up and grinded against me. I was aroused again and when Cassie pushed back I removed my fingers and angled my penis. The head slipped in, "Ahh yess" Cassie purred.

I pushed further into Cassie, grabbing her hips as I plunged deep into her tight hole. Cassie started bouncing on top of me, her pussy making a sucking noise as she pulled up against my penis. She grabbed the sheets and jackhammered onto my penis, wailing in ecstasy as her hips churned over my cock. Cassie had her eyes shut and her knuckles turned white around the sheets, I knew she was close. I grabbed her hips and slammed up into her. Long Jarring strokes rammed into her little pink slit as she continued to scream with pleasure. My back arched and I shot up into Cassie.My hot cum filling her sent her over the edge. I felt everything gush back, our cum mixing in a soup of juices as it spilled out of her, over my penis and onto the sheets. Cassie collapsed back on the bed, her chest heaving and her hips still shuddering as the last sparks of her orgasm faded.

I climbed out of her bed and quickly got dressed. We spent most of the day cleaning the house, only having sex a couple more times. I left satisfied and didn't think about Alli until the next day.

-End of Cassie

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