After that day at Victoria’s house, I started hanging out with her a lot more. The school year ended, and I had finally graduated from high school. I was over at Victoria’s house again, and we were watching a movie in her living room with a few friends. After the movie ended, a few people headed home while me and a few others stayed and talked for a while. As I was leaving, she walked me out like she had done with everyone else. We started talking about what we should do over the summer and I suggested going to the beach that weekend as long as the weather was still good. She agreed and I told her she should buy something really sexy. She said she would think about it. Little did I know, but I was in for a huge surprise.

That Saturday, I picked her up and we headed to the beach. We listened to some of my music in the car on the way and talked about how I was going to be a college freshman that Fall. Finally, we got to the beach and laid down a big towel a ways away from the large group of other beach-goers. After everything was laid out, I started to take off my shirt and get ready to get in the water. When I got my shirt off over my head, I saw that Victoria was bent over, getting her shorts off. I was surprised to see that she was wearing a g string bikini that let me see her full, round ass. Immediately, I felt myself starting to get hard, and had to look around to see if anyone else could see. When I looked back, she had turned back around, standing up with her shirt in her hands. The front view was even better than from behind. The top was two triangles that were not only too small for her huge breasts, but also barely covered her nipples completely. I could see small areas of the dark brown of her nipples sticking out around the small triangles. When I looked down at her legs, which were slightly spread apart, I saw that the bottom part of her bikini was extremely low cut, just barely covering her freshly shaved pussy. I was so turned on that I thought my board shorts would rip. I realized that I had been staring for too long and immediately looked away and put some sunscreen on and asked if she wanted me to put some on her. She said yes and turned her back to me to let me put some on her.

I walked over and squirted some out onto my hand and made sure I got her back and neck and shoulders. Then, I got more and spread it all over her round ass, squeezing it as I rubbed the sunscreen in. She commented saying, “I see you really like my new bikini.” I really did like it, and when I finished rubbing her ass, I reached around and got her stomach, reaching all the way down to where the bottom of her bikini started, rubbing her smooth mound. Finally, I put some sunscreen on the front of her neck and collar bones, letting it run down to her large, barely covered tits. While still standing behind her, I grabbed her breasts with both hands and started rubbing in the sunscreen, sliding my hands under her suit and squeezing and twisting her nipples as I rubbed the sunscreen in, making her moan and attract attention from some other visitors.

When I finished, I slapped her ass and ran into the water, with her running a little way behind me.
When I got out to where the water was just below my chest, I looked back to see her standing with the water only up to slightly below her waist. She yelled that it was too cold and that she couldn’t go any farther. I responded, calling her a chicken and telling her it wasn’t that bad once she got out far enough. Eventually, I moved slightly closer as she made her way out because the water was too high for her where I had been standing. She said she was still freezing, so I picked her up and held on to her thighs as she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We stood out in the water, letting the waves rock us as we talked and relaxed. After a while, I decided I wanted to feel her ass again, so I moved my hands up until they were resting on her cheeks and started to squeeze them, while at the same time, I had brought her pussy closer to my already hard cock so I could grind against it.

“I was wondering how long it would take until you started this.” She said with a wicked grin.

Without responding, I started to untie the bottom of her bikini, which I put in the pocket of my shorts. I continued to grind my cock against her now completely naked pussy, causing her to moan and dig her nails into my back. Then, she let go of me and bent down so that the water went up to the bottom of her neck. Here, she undid my shorts and slid them down to my ankles. As she grabbed my cock and started to rub it, I undid the top of her bikini and put it away too. Once we were both completely naked, I picked her back up, with her face toward the shore and, without any warning, I shoved my cock up inside her tight, warm pussy. She screamed from pleasure and embarrassment that anyone that looked out this way would be able to see her tits bouncing up and down in the air with my thrusts. But I just kept fucking her, and eventually, I moved my hands up from her sides to grab her big tits and squeeze her hardening nipples as I continued to fuck her. She gave up in trying to turn around, and leaned her head back, enjoying me fucking her out in the middle of the water where anyone could see us, moaning louder and louder with each thrust.

Eventually I lifted her up and turned her around so that she could wrap her legs back around my waist. She started digging her nails into my back as I fucked her pussy faster and faster, until she reached her first orgasm, knocking her head back and causing her to scream louder than ever. I kept thrusting in and out as the waves of her orgasm passed through her. When I felt I was about to cum I warned her and continued to fuck her. She told me to pull out because she wasn’t on the pill and we weren’t using the condom. Finally, I pulled out and she told me to put her down so she could put my cock in her mouth, but instead I turned her back around to face the shore as I lined up my cock with her tight asshole. Quickly, I rammed my cock inside her, causing her to scream and tighten her ass around my cock, making me cum as soon as my balls hit her pussy. As she continued to scream, I shot string after string of hot cum deep inside her ass. Once my orgasm subsided, I slid my cock out of her ass and turned her around. She looked up at me with her mouth open wide. After a long pause, she slapped me and then said that she had had a second orgasm from me fucking her ass. I smiled at her, happy I was able to make her orgasm from her ass.

After that, I pulled up my shorts and headed out to where we had left our stuff. She stood out in the water as I walked away, yelling at me to give her back her bikini, but I kept walking. Eventually, she gave up and started walking out, trying to cover her extremely large breasts and bare pussy. Once she got out, she ran and wrapped a towel around herself and stuck her tongue out at me. We packed everything up and headed out to the car. As we were walking, I pulled her towel off and made slapped her ass, telling her to keep walking. She stuck her tongue out again, but went with it, knowing I was going to keep showing her off like that either way. She stayed naked in the car all the way home, where I finally let her put her clothes back on so that her parents wouldn’t think anything happened.

To be continued…

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