Let’s Play

By Blueheatt


…. Terry had told her to much without realizing it. Jan would get so hot without showing it as Terry told her how Ken (me) would ’play rape’ her and the sex was so hot in the end. Jan would just smile and say how neat that was.

As soon as Terry left, Jan would lay on her bed and masturbate and fantasize about me play raping her. It got worse, and one day when they were talking, Jan got bold and let it slip out that she would love to have me ’play rape’ her.

That night Terry and I were in bed talking naked and she told me how sad it was for Jan, not having someone to have sex with. She suddenly got an idea. She said…maybe…one time…she might have me go over and ’play rape’ Jan, just to make her best friend happy….BUT …just once. She knew I had no feelings for Jan, in fact she knew I really didn’t care for her. She felt is was safe, and it would make Jan so thrilled and happy. I laughed and said I didn’t know about that, Jan just doesn’t turn me on, I’d have to do a lot of acting, but that I would do it, but only once.

What she didn’t know was that I only acted like I didn’t like Jan, and really had wanted to fuck her for a long time, but figured she’d tell if I ever made a move on her and that would be the end of Terry and I.

My gut got a hot feeling in it, as now I could fuck pretty little Jan, and not get burned for it. I played it down to Terry as ’I’m only doing this for you, my dear...and poor ’no boyfriend’ Jan.
She said she would propose it to Jan the next day, and maybe go over to Jan’s that next night. My dick started to jump our of my hand, as I tried to hide it from Terry.

Jan was a tiny girl, 4’ something, she was 19, but looked 14, and very pretty, but small tits, not much shape yet, great legs and long blond hair.….but she had the look that if a guy fucked her, it would like fucking a 14 yr old, legally, and that’s the part I liked.

I would purposely stand close, or sit close to her, and she would always take a long look at me and smile. She would always smile but get nervous around me. I could read her body language. I stopped her in our hallway once, took her hand kissed it, and just looked at her. She began to blush as I whispered…(“ of these days..”) and smiled, She quickly walked away, but looked back smiling.

The next day Terry went over to Jan’s and said she had a surprise for her. “What?” Jan asked. “I talked to Ken and he said he would just love to come over and ‘play rape’ with you, if you want to.” Jan sat there trying to hold down her excitement and said she’d have to think about it. Terry said: “Ok, I think you would like it, and it’s ’just a game’, and no sex at the end, if you don’t want…ok?” Jan said let me call you in an hour and they went on talking about other stuff.

In about 5 minutes Jan called Terry on her cell and said in a stammering voice: “Ok…a…Terry , I I I would…a…like to do that, if it’s ok with you and Ken wants to…” Terry says: “Great!…you’ll love it , it’s just a fun little game, it’ll make you happy for sure. I’ll have Ken call you and you guys can set up a time. Then you can tell me all about it, I can’t wait!…ok?”…Jan gasp, and said ok. Terry called me and said it’s a ’go’ and to call Jan and set it up. I said: “I’m close to Jan’s now, I’ll just stop by and see her.”
I stopped by Jan’s and knocked. She came to the door and gasped! Ken, I…I…didn’t think you’d be this soon….oh my god…I need a shower..I…I…. I said: “Whoa Jan,… I was close by and stopped to set up a time. She said come on in, took a big breath…whew…she said. “Why Jan, you’re out of breath…come here.” I held her close to me and put her head on my chest. I felt her jump as I pushed my dick into her a little. Her heart was jumping, I could feel it. I told her today is Tuesday, and I would be by…say…Thursday evening about 9pm? She nodded her head on my chest. I said it’s just a fun game, we won’t have sex afterwards if you don’t want to...that’s what vibrating toys are for, ok? She giggled and then whispered very quietly….(“I haven’t had any sex in so long I probably wouldn’t know what to do...Ken.”) ( “…well I can fix all that, if…you really want to…Jan.” ) I pulled her pussy into me firm. She started quivering in her legs and held me tighter. (“…we may need to practice first though…”)

She began to smile and said …‘yes practice, we better do that‘…I picked her up and took her in the bedroom. I started lifting her skirt up and pulled her panties down and off. She was shaking with her eyes closed, I put her on the bed and got on top of her, pushing her legs apart. I unzipped and pulled my dick out. She put her arms around my neck as I pushed my dick in her wet pussy. She was really tight, and it took a bit to get in all the way. She still had her eyes closed and began to moan. She whispered..’you sure are a good rapist, ken’….I put my thumb right on her clit. “Oh my god…that feels so good Ken.” We started in fucking as she moaned loud and really started fucking me back hard. She thrust her pussy now deeper and faster. “Ken…I haven’t cum in a while but I’m…oh gad… cuming now Ken…..oh god now!..oh oh oh..YESSSS….and she hung on me and fucked as fast as I could….

….as I shot a big load of my cum in her, jolting us both, we squirmed and fucked her deep. She held me tight and shook a long time…soon I stood up as she lay there spent, smiling. “Just practice, that was just a quickie.”…I said. “Thursday it may take all night to rape you many times.” She shivered ….and jumped up and hugged me hard across my chest. She looked up and said: “ Do rapists kiss the pussy’s of their victims too, Ken? “….I whispered: (“I know one who does Jan.”) I peeled her off me, we kissed until she almost passed out. I whispered to her: (…”the game is on as of right now”

“I’ve been watching you lady, peeking in your windows, following you, I jack off in my car, thinking about you, I‘ve taken your picture when you didn‘t know it. You’re the hottest woman I‘ve ever seen, and I have to have you. You tease me, shaking your little ass, and looking so sexy, taunting me to rape you, ….don’t you!…I can’t take it anymore and I’m coming back and take what I want from you. I have to suck on your titties and I want to lick your pussy. I’ll be back soon, but when?….you’ll never know. Don’t call the cops or try and follow me. Your hot, and I’m coming to get some of you!”…..) and I left.
I wanted her to wait for a while to let the anticipation build up. She really knew how to fuck and fuck good. I wanted to get her so hot she would fuck me crazy on Thursday night.

Terry asked me if a time was set to ‘play rape’ Jan. I said yes, Thursday night, 9pm. “Was she nervous when you stopped by?” she asked. ….“I’d say a little but we discussed it and made an agreement. “Is she going for sex at the end?” Terry asked…I said, she said she would see at the end, and decide then. She said she has a vibrator to take care of that, if need be. Terry giggled and said I bet she won’t use it, and go for the real thing….. I said, we’ll see.

Thursday night, 9pm…

I knocked on Jan’s door….pause….”Who is it?” “Emergency mam, I have check your place for a gas leak.” She slowly opened the door. I rushed in and grabbed her around the chest from behind. She squeeled, as I put my hand over her mouth. “…don’t you make a sound, you little bitch!…I told you I was coming back.” She had on a sheer black night gown, no bra and a pink thong. I could feel her heart beating on my arms. Her eyes had the look of fear in them as she tried to get her breath. “I’ll take my hand away if you promious not to yell .…OK?” She nodded her head yes. I took my hand away and turned her around and kissed her, cramming my tongue in her mouth as she tried to pull away. She panted and said: “You dirty man, let me go, and don’t put your filthy hands on me!” I held her wrists back against the wall. I looked her up and down with my lustiest look, licking my lips. She was shaking, and tried to kick me. I whispered to her. (….”it’s no use lady, I’m going to fuck you good, you little prick teaser. “) She said: “I haven’t teased you, your deranged, go turn yourself in, and leave my hot body alone!”…I pulled her to me and started kissing her neck and face, as she tried to turn away. …..”oh,..,don’t do that mister, it makes me crazy to have my neck kissed…..what is it you want… ass, my titties, my pussy…or all of me?…tell me just what your going to do to me…if I please you, will you go away?…..oh don’t kiss my titties, it gives me chills so bad…

I said, “What I’m going to do to you lady is give you the best fuck of your life, before you die!”…and I pulled a scarf from my pocket and started wrapping around her neck.

Her eyes now went wide open and she started to beg in a panic. .…”oh my god, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t kill me“…I started taking off her sheer night gown slowly, let it drop to the floor. Now all she had on was a pink thong. I slipped my hand under it, and inched it down and off. I picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, and placed her face down on her bed. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t kill me!” I pulled the scarf a little tighter around her neck. “Fuck me if you have to, but leave me alive…please please.” She squirmed and panted, not knowing what was going to happen next. She heard my belt unbuckle. She shivered, next my zipper. She squirmed and said: “please don’t fuck me in the ass mister, It makes me so hot and over excites me so bad, please don’t…..I reached down and put a finger on her butt hole….she moaned long….oh god don’t put your dick in me back there…(gasp!)..I…I…oh something, don’t make me wait like this….I leaned over and whispered: (“…do you have a vibrating toy?”….) I watched her butt hole pucker when I said that. “oh no, don’t to that mister, you’ll force me to cum real hard…I’ll act real crazy if you do that…please…no“….

I turned her over, she was panting and I smiled at her. “Consider your self RAPED! Lady!”…she sighed a big sigh. I waited for to catch her breath..”Oh god , I thought you were really going to rape me in the butt, wow, that was so exciting“…
I said: “Now, it’s the vibrator… or me.” She kissed me hot and heavy and felt my hot boner in my pants and said: “ Vibrators are cold, and your warm dick isn’t.”…..

“How did it go Ken?” Terry asked. “She’s happy for now, you were right though…she said vibrators are cold, ….but my warm dick wasn’t.”…Terry laughed and said: (”told ya so…I….ohhhhh Ken“……)

….as I slipped my dick in her pussy…
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